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📺 | Chutele "Hama Asahi no Liar Domoto" Best Commercial Broadcasters Award Drama Category

A scene from "Hama Asahi's Liar Domoto", which won the highest award in the photo

Chutele "Hama Asahi Liar Domoto" Best Private Broadcasting Award Drama Category

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He was also selected for the TV category and award at the 58th Galaxy Awards of the Broadcast Criticism Roundtable.

On the 16th, the Japan Private Broadcasting Federation, which is made up of private broadcasting companies nationwide, announced the 2021 Federation Award for outstanding programs ... → Continue reading

 Minami Fukushima Shimbun

A news site of the local newspaper "Fukushima Minyu Shimbun" that represents Fukushima Prefecture. Since it was first published in Meiji 28, we have been transmitting the latest community-based news as a “friend of the people of the prefecture”. The prefectural news covers a wide range of local news by connecting 25 news bases in Fukushima prefecture. We are also focusing on recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and articles related to TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. We will deliver a variety of articles such as gourmet, sightseeing, events, readable serials.

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Broadcast criticism conference

Specified non-profit corporation broadcasting criticism round-table conference(Hosohyohyokondankai, abbreviation: Advisory Panel) isbroadcastConduct criticism activitiesSpecified nonprofit corporation.


1963 (Showa 38), "broadcastIt originates from a voluntary organization established by broadcast critics, media researchers, etc. with the aim of "promoting broadcasting culture and contributing to the development of broadcasting through criticism activities on broadcasting."[1].critic,Writer,journalist, Media researchers, broadcasters, etc.There are about 200 regular members.As a maintenance memberBroadcaster,Production company,Advertising company, Media companies, etc. are participating.

Excellent in wishing to improve the quality of Japanese broadcasting culturetv set-radio-CMAward for discovering and honoring works, broadcasting activities and creators[2]AsGalaxy awardIn addition to commending, holding symposiums and seminars,Monthly magazine"GALAC』(1967 The main purpose of the activity is to publish, edit and publish (renewal of "Broadcasting Criticism"), which was first published in Japan, and to provide information on broadcasting and media such as symposiums, seminars, and events.

As of October 2005, 5,Specified nonprofit corporationNext to (NPO)[1], Establishing a viewer participation type Galaxy Award "My Best TV Award" and expanding activities.


  • April 1963, 4-Established.Established Galaxy Award.Broadcast criticism round-table conference news first issue.The first chairman, Hideo Shibusawa, and the first deputy chairman, Naoya Uchimura.
  • 1964 ―― 1st anniversary of foundation.Held the 1st Galaxy Awards Ceremony (Trophy Design / Glass Artist: Itoko Iwata).
  • 1967-The monthly "Broadcast Criticism" is launched.
  • 1980-Seminar and symposium business start.
  • 1989-The 27th Galaxy Awards.Independent radio division, two divisions of television and radio.
  • 1992-Local News National Organization.News research activities in Shizuoka, Sendai, and Osaka.
  • 1995-The 33rd Galaxy Awards. CM department newly established.
  • 1997 --Renamed monthly "Broadcast Criticism", "GALACRenewal first issue as.
  • 2002-Homepage opened.The 40th Galaxy Awards.Established a news activity department.
  • 2003 --Created a visual image of the meeting (design /Shin Matsunaga).
  • 2004-Published "Galaxy Award 40 Years History".
  • 2005-From a voluntary organization to a specified non-profit organization (NPO).Established "Galaxy Award My Best TV Award" with the participation of viewers.
  • 2010-Nobuo Shiga Award, founded.
  • 2013 --Redesigned Galaxy Award trophy and certificate (design / Shin Matsunaga). Published "50 Years of Broadcast Criticism". Published "Galaxy Awards 41st-50th".Galaxy Award database opened.
  • May 2016, 5 --Broadcast criticism round-table conference Online member G member launched.


  • Monthly "Broadcast Criticism" (1967-1997)
  • Monthly "GALAC(First published in June 1997-, continued)


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