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🎥 | "Inugami Family" 4K Digital Restoration Version Screened for the First Time

Photo "Kadokawa Film Festival" Poster – (C) KADOKAWA

"Inugami Family Clan" 4K Digital Restoration Version Screened for the First Time

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In addition, as a memorial project for Sonny Chiba, "Sengoku Self-Defense Force" (Director Mitsumasa Saito, 1979), in which Chiba starred and acted as an action director, will be screened specially.

"Kadokawa Film Festival" will be held from November 45th as a commemorative project for the 11th anniversary of Kadokawa Film, Theater Shinjuku, EJ Anime Theater Shinjuku, etc ... → Continue reading

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Action director

Action director(Action Kantoku) is a fighting scene in movies, dramas, etc.Camera workA profession that designs actions, including cuts and cuts, shoots, and edits the scene.Here, the role of the surroundings is also explained.


Action director

This is mainlyHong Kong OfKung fu movieIt is a role that has been developed in Hong Kong in the pastOperation design,Martial arts guidance,Operation guidanceAlso written as, in recent years "Motion guidance(Action director) " [1]..From ancient times in the history of Japanese cinemaSwordsman,Sword fight (sword fight / sword fight) staffThere are also job titles, but they have different responsibilities. (Detail is"Sword(See)

longHong Kong moviesIs a Japanese action director who has been involved inKenji TanigakiAccording to the book "Action Movie Stupid Ichidai" [2], Regarding the action scene as the stage where the action director is involved in the movielocation huntingAlso, training actors and designing actions (before shooting, we also produce a test version video called a video storyboard to convey ideas to actors and staff.[3]), Camera work instructions (sometimes I turn the camera myself because I know the movement best), shooting including judgment of OK take, editing of the shot scene, after editingSound effectIt handles up to the confirmation of.

In Hong Kong, where action is very important, there is no shortage of episodes in which when the action director starts shooting, all the directors of the main story are left to the scene and disappear from the scene. [4]..However, the final decision is often the director of the main story.

Surrounding staff

There are some differences depending on the shooting scale, such as concurrently serving roles, but a certain number of people are required to make an action, and under the action directorStunt coordinator(Operation guidance,Martial arts guidance/Action guidance/Action coordinator) AndSwordsman,Sword fight(Operation guidance,Martial arts guidance/action·Choreographer),Dubbing action(substitute/Stunt double. JapaneseSpecial effectsFor TV dramas and moviesSuit actor) AndStunt person(Samurai) And other staff members gather to form a team and shoot [2].

In Japan, there are few works that entrust the responsibility of action director, so most of the roles and credits are stunt coordinators.This action supervision system has been used for special effects TV dramas for a long time.[2].

AmericaHollywoodIn the union that the staff working in the field joins [5] Powerful[6][7] A system has been established to protect each job and right [8]..Therefore, it is considered to be in conflict with the regulations of the union.Camera work, Directing and editing the plays before and after,SEThere is no duty equivalent to an action director who has a lot of authority such as confirmation of, and the stunt coordinator is the closest positionSecond unit directorThere is a case that also serves as [9].

JapanHong KongAmerica
Action directorMotion guidance, motion design
Martial arts guidance, movement guidance[Note 1]
(English edition) Director
(Second Unit Director)
Stunt coordinator
Action coordinator
Action guidance
Motion guidance, martial arts guidance(English edition)[Link correction required]
(Stunt Coordinator)
Sword fight (sword fight / sword fight) staff
Motion guidance, martial arts guidanceStunt coordinator
Action choreographer
(Action choreographer)
Fight choreographer
(Fight choreographer)
Martial Arts choreographer
(Marshall Arts Choreographer)
Stunt double,dubbing
Suit actor
Skin actor
(English edition)
Stuntman, stuntwomanSamurai(English edition)[Link correction required]
(Stunt performer)
Stunt person

I used a wireWireworkIn Greater China and Japan, we mainly use guides operated by stuntmen, but in the United States, we mainly use machines that use compressed air. [10] With Japanese moviesWirework coordinatorThere are jobs with special credits such as (Wire work coordinator).


For stunts using cars and motorcyclesCar stunt(Rook feat), (Electric motorcycle special skill), And both Japan and Hong Kong are classified differently.In the United States, these are often in the category of stunt coordinators, and even in the United States, where the union is strong and the name of the stunt person is often written as a credit, the stunt driver is distinguished as a stunt driver or precision driver. Most of the movies are car stunts, and oftenStunt personIt is categorized as.

Also in Hong Kong, like the action director,Rook special skill guidance performanceThere is a role described as (Director Carstunt).

In the United States, simulated aerial warfareAerobatic flightStunts to undertakepilotThere are some, but there is little demand, so most of them have a side job with aerobatic flight.

JapanHong KongAmerica
Rook special skill guidance performance
(Car action director)
(Director Carstunt)
(English edition) Director
(Second Unit Director)
Car stunt coordinatorRook special skill guidance, rook guidance(English edition)[Link correction required]
(Stunt Coordinator)
Stunt driver
Stunt rider
Special skill carman
Motorcycle Specialist
Stunt driver, Precision driver
Stunt rider

Award for action

Currently, the award for action directors at the World Film Awards isHong Kong Film Gold Award OfBest Action Director AwardWhen,Gold Horse Award OfBest Action Director AwardThere is only.Others are voted by action expert professional stuntmen and members of stunt organizations.(English edition)"And, as a Japanese award launched in recent years," for action works, actors, and staff.Japan Action Award"and so on.

2016 years in AmericaStunt personOver 100 people from Beverly HillsAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesIn frontAcademy awardsThere was a report that a demonstration was held to appeal for the addition of a new "stunt coordinator section" and that 5 signatures had already been collected.[11].

Main action director

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注 釈

  1. ^ There have been various names for the notation of this role since ancient times, and it lacks unity depending on the times and works.Some names are still used in different ways, but this is an example that includes the past.


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