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🎥 | "Clan of the Inugami Family" "Proof of Humanity" "Make it a slow boogie" "Reviving Golden Wolf" "Aimed School" "Early Spring ...


"Clan of the Inugami family" "Proof of humanity" "Make it a slow boogie" "Reviving golden wolf" "Aimed school" "Early spring ...

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In addition, there is also a memorial screening project for Sonny Chiba.

"Kadokawa Film Festival" will be held from November 45th (Friday) at Theater Shinjuku, EJ Anime Theater New ... → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Shinichi Chiba

Sonny Chiba[Annotation 3](Chiba Shinichi,JJ Sonny Chiba [Annotation 4], 1939 <Showa 14>May 1 - 2021 <Reiwa 3 years>May 8) IsJapan OfAn actor-Gymnast-Karate-singer-Entertainment promoter-Action director-Film director-Movie producer-Lyricist-作曲家-narrator-Voice actor.

As a leading movie star in JapanOverseasThen.Sonny chibaKnown as (Sunny Chiba)[16][17][18][19][20][21]..Special skillMechanical gymnastics,Kyokushin KarateFour steps[22]-Shorinji KempoSecond stagehorse riding-SkiUtilizedAcrobaticIStunt-Pseudo-to-SwordHad a good reputation in[16][19][21][23].dubbingIt was the originator of the action star who played himself without relying on[16][23][24][25][26][27]..Entertainment life has exceeded 60 years for more than half a century,movies-TV drama-theaterHe has appeared in more than 1,500 works in total, and is widely active as a director and producer.Japan Action Club (JAC), He also trained actors and stuntmen.

Nickname : Chiba-chan[Annotation 3].. Real name:Sadaho Maeda(Before Sadaho)[1].


Aiming for the Olympics

FukuokaFukuoka CityHakata WardMisoBorn as the eldest son (second child) of the second son and third daughter[2].. FatherOtoarai TownWas inArmy squadronBelongs tosoldierAnd my motherKumamotoOriginally from schoolAthleticsWas doing[2].. At the age of 4, the presentChibaKimitsuMove to[3].. (⇒ ⇒ #family)

From junior high schoolMechanical gymnasticsStart[28],OlympicでHinomaruI came to have a dream of wanting to raise[16][23],Chiba Prefectural Kisarazu IchitakaAfter enrolling in the school, he won the top prize in the national tournament in the first grade and won the national tournament in the third grade.[16][29].1957 ,Nippon Sport Science UniversityFaculty of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical EducationGo on to[10][27][30][31].. When in 2th grade[Annotation 5],VaultI failed in landing while practicing, and I hurt my waist and both knees[10][27][32][33]..It got worse due to the fact that he was overworking his body by practicing and working part-time, and the doctor declared that he was banned from exercising for a year.[10][31].. It will be difficult to continue as a player at this time when it makes a difference if you take a break from practice for a week[10][27][31].Drop out of schoolI also considered, but I was forced to drop out because I could not afford the tuition fee.[Annotation 6].

Chiba, who has begun to explore the future, is on his way homeYoyogi StationI happened to see a poster of "Toei 6th New Face Wanted!"[36]..I went back to my hometown and my best friend who consulted with me agreed[36]Once won the Mr. Sportswear Contest[37],Toei New FaceI applied because I was advised to take the exam[36][37]..Although he was rarely involved in gymnastics at Nippon Sport Science University, he passed the test with the highest grade from 2 applicants.[36].. (⇒ ⇒ # Gymnastics)

Action star

1959 ,UniversityTheDropoutdo it[Annotation 6],ToeiJoined the company.For 6 male and 14 female studentsSeiichiro Kameishi-Arai Shigeko-Narumi Kayashima-Kiwako Taiji-Tomoko Mayama-Katsuko TsuzukiRagaori,ActorReceived 6 months of training in[38].1960 May 1ToTV drama"New Seven Color MaskAs the second generation, Ran KotarostarringdebutThen, the TV drama "Messenger of Allah』Also starred. (⇒ ⇒ #Transformation Hero)

1961 ,Shoji NakayamaIn place of the movie "Police Agency Story Absence Proof (Alibi)After appearing in[39],Kinji FukasakuFirst director movie "Kazebo Detective The tragedy of the Red Valley』, Starring in the second term seniorHarumi SoneAnd "handgun combination"catch copyFor sale at[40].dubbingWithoutStuntFrom doing[41], He was a newcomer who was expected to "improve his acting skills to materials that can take action".[42].. (⇒ ⇒ #Action movie)

1962 Is a movieCase reporter seriesIn addition to starring in the first work ""1963 The movie "Hachishu Yuuden Otoko no Sakae"soHistorical dramaFirst appearance and the second work of "Case Reporter Series"Temptation of a murderer"When"Judo Ichidai Series] Starring in the first work.single"If one man lives"releasedo itsingerHe also made his debut. (⇒ ⇒ #musics)

1966 ,movies"Kamikaze bastard midday』(DaystationCollaboration), movie "In the Hunt"(DayRiceStarring in each of the collaborations), began to work internationally, and later "Tokyo-Seoul-Bangkok Real Drug Zone』(1973 ,DayIncenseThaiKoreaCollaboration), "Slaughter!』(1977 , Hika Yasushi collaboration), "Gorgo 13 Kowloon's neck(1977, Hika collaboration), etc.Foreign countriesIt became an opportunity to star in a joint work with.In the meantime, the previous year's TV drama "Kurayami XNUMXth Dan],Endo MinoruA movie adaptation of his autobiographyRun into the sun], [Lullaby series], [Kawachi Yuuden], [Army intelligence 33] And so on. (⇒ ⇒ #Action movie)

1968 From the TV drama "Key hunter』Starring.Popular with super action that no one has ever seen,Chiba-chanNicknamed as a national idol[16][43][44][45][Annotation 7].. (⇒ ⇒ #Key Hunter-#fan)

turning point

1969 ,All-star castmovies"Japan assassination secret"soTadashi OnumaDressed asstarring.. Same yearKyoto Civic Film FestivalWon the leading actor award[46].. (⇒ ⇒ #Key Hunter)

1970 ,action·Pseudo-toWho playsStuntmanSuffering from lack of[Annotation 8],American moviesLike playing an active part inAn actor・ Because I was interested in training stuntmen and educating young peopleJapan Action Club (JAC ) Established. (⇒ ⇒ #JAC)

1973 MovieThe Battle Without Religion: Hiroshima BattleKatsutoshi Otomo, who played in 』, is gaining popularity as a famous character competing for 1 and 2 in the series.[44][48][49],AfterYakuza moviebut""Battle without righteousnessIt's like the victory of Otomo that Sonny Chiba did, "and it has become a model for the role of a yakuza.[50].. Simultaneously with "Hiroshima Death Fight"Judo Ichidai Series』Since then, for the first time in 10 yearsFightingThe leading work that will be a movie "Body guard fang series(1973), followed by the starring movie "Murder fist series"AlsoCrank inBecause, "The Battle Series Without Religion』Re-appearance was not realized[51]..After that, the leading work in the fighting movieProductionSince I was a studentKyokushin KarateTo practiceBlack beltIt was decided that the skills allowed would be put to good use. (⇒ ⇒ #Yakuza movie-#Karate)

Sonny chiba

1973 Released onmovies"Body guard fang series[52]Starting withMurder fist series[20]』(1974 - 1976 ), "Hell fist series[20](1974),Shorinji Kempo』(1975 ), "Kenka Karate Series[53](1975- 1977 ), "Slaughter!"(1977) and before and after"Yakuza detective series[54]』(1970 - 1971 ), "Wolf Yakuza Series[52][55](1971- 1972 ), "Drug prostitution G-Men series[52](1972),Novel-DramasWas made into a movieWolfguy Burn the Wolf Man(1975), 1977 is "Karate stupid generation], [Doberman detective], [Gorgo 13 Kowloon's neck[24]] And many moremoviesTostarring.TV drama"Key hunter』Same asStuntTokarate-Boxing-Mechanical gymnasticsThe acrobatic, thrilling and sharp performance was well received.[16][20][23][24][52][53][54][55][56][57].

Above allKarateThe main fighting movie was a big hit worldwide[17][58][59][60][61], Many overseas celebrity fans[20][62][63][64][65][66]..From around this time overseasSonny chiba Became recognized by the name (Sunny Chiba)[Annotation 4][13][14][20].The United States of AmericaThe most prestigious comprehensive information weekly magazine "Variety "of1974 May 12This event was also published in the appendix, and the magazine achieved the feat of taking up Japanese movies for the first time.[67][68].. (⇒ ⇒ # Fighting movie-#fan)

Movies other than the aboveTV drama"The Body Guard], [The ★ Gorilla 7], [Burning investigation network], [Great cordon, And was busy training young people, but in the 1976 movie "Okinawa Yakuza War] InKyoto Civic Film FestivalWon the Best Actor Award.1977 4ToHawaii"Japan National Team" held atKokushin Kaikan"Team vs. Hawaii National Team"Full contact karateParticipate in the rivalry[16][69].. "PreviousUS East CoastkaratechampionGreg Calfman "180cmThere is moreBlackIn the second roundDouble kickでKOWon[16][70][71].. (⇒ ⇒ #Karate)

Activities that transcend genres

In both name and realityJapanWas active as an action star representing[16][24][56][57],1978 In earnest fromHistorical dramaAdvance to.starringmovies"Conspiracy of the Yagyu clanIsperformance incomeA record-breaking hit of over 30 billion yen[72][73][74][75],1979 To2th Japan Academy AwardWon the Outstanding Supporting Actor Award.Yagyu Tajima Morunori(Tomisaburo Wakayama)・Musashi Miyamoto(Ogata fist) And brilliant and awesomeOne fightThe starring movie "Makai Reincarnation』(1981 ) Is the number of spectators mobilized 200 million ・Distribution incomeOver 10.5 billion yen[76][77],movies"The Fall of Ako Castle(1978),Satomi Hakkenden』(1983) and so on.Especially, "The Yagyu Clan's Conspiracy", "Makai Rebirth",TV drama"Yagyu Abare Journey Series』(1980 - 1983 )ofYagyu Jubei Sangenと[78][79][80][81][82], Which is evaluated as a masterpieceShadow Warriors Series[83](1980- 1985 )ofHattori Hanzo The[84][85],EighteenthIs[78][79][80][81][82][84][85].. (⇒ ⇒ #Jidaigeki)

1979 In the movie "20th Anniversary of Entertainment Life"Sengoku Self-Defense Force"so[86], StarringJapanese moviefirstAction directorAlso serves as[17],Distribution incomeMade a hit of 13.5 billion yen[87]. ThatShowWas evaluated in 1980Blue ribbon awardWon the staff award.1981 Starring movie "Adventurer Kamikaze -ADVENTURER KAMIKAZE- 』Planned by myself[88], The previous year's "Ninja Martial Arts Book Sandayu Hyakuchi"When"Roaring Fire(1981)An actorAlso as an action director, "Burning hero], Dedicated to action director.1989 of"Shogun Iemitsu's Conflict ClashIn 』, he was also an action director and an actor again, but this work39nd Berlin International Film FestivalWas invited to.1990 ToproducerAnd the firstdirected byThe movie "Remains Beautiful Heroes], And was leading the heyday of action movies. (⇒ ⇒ #Action movie)

These daystheaterFor 3 yearsFull thanksWith record successmusical"Fun Pirate Adventure』(1982 - 1984 )[89],Duke of Drunk』(1985), planning, directing and starring multiple works,JAC Performed regularly as a musical. (⇒ ⇒ #theater)

1970 eraから1980 eraOver the TV drama "Seven colors(1976) andcrossroads(1978),Welcome to midnight(1986),The days I dreamed about』(1989)Home dramaAlso starring.1982 ToSong""ofLyrics, 1985 for the first time in 10 yearssingerReleased as "Kusuno"ofCompositionAlso involved in film directors and film producers, not just actors and singers.Lyricist-作曲家The activity was wide-ranging across genres. (⇒ ⇒ #musics)

Overseas expansion

JapanとForeign countriesCollaboration withmovies"Kamikaze bastard midday], [In the Hunt], [Tokyo-Seoul-Bangkok Real Drug Zone], [Slaughter!], [Gorgo 13 Kowloon's neckTostarringThen, "Bushido blade』(1981 ,BritishRice(Collaboration), but as mentioned above, it is full-scaleOverseasI wasn't allowed to appear in the work, and the people involved thought I had given up.[26]..However, due to the underwater appeal and the reputation of the leading movie,1990 From aroundAmerican moviesAppearance request was beginning to arrive[26].. FoldingLos AngelesThen the movie "Clash! Murder Fist』(1974 ), "Child-friendly murder fist』(1976 ), Etc., 14 starring fighting moviesRevivalWas open to the public[90].. (⇒ ⇒ # Fighting movie)

1991 ,Japan Action Club (JAC ) After the sale1992 In the American movie "Aces / Oath of the Sky』Appeared.Taking this opportunity, I moved my base to Los Angeles andAmericaButAn actorBecame activeGreen cardAlso got[91].JapanThere are also unreleased action movies, but the action cultivated through many years of experience is highly evaluated.[19][92].. (⇒ ⇒ #Hollywood)

1998 Appeared inHong Kong movies"Fengyun Storm Riders』, Played the last boss" Yuha (Honpa / Honghwa) ".OriginalThe performance, which is reminiscent of the image of, became a hot topic, and the 18th of the following yearHong Kong Film Gold AwardThen,ForeignerFor the first time asExcellent Actor AwardWas also nominated.2001 ToTaiwanBut it was made into a serial drama.

2003 , Also a friendQuentin TarantinoAmerican movie ofKill BillIn the series, the legendary hitman / swordsmithHattori HanzoAppearance asYuma Thurman,Lucy LiuTo Hollywood starFencingGave guidance[93].30th Saturn AwardThen in "Kill Bill"Best Supporting ActorWas nominated for. (⇒ ⇒ #Hollywood)

2005 May 10Held inHawaii International Film FestivalThen, "MAVERICK AWARD Was awarded.2006 3,FukushimaAizuwakamatsuIt is inAizu Domain School NisshinkanBecame a director of the company that manages9The movie studio "Nisshinkan Aizu Studio Samurai Nojin" was opened in Japan.

2007 ToBritish Broadcasting Corporation (with the BBC )Of productionJapanThemedDocumentary program"Japanorama 』Appeared. "Densetsu (Legends )'' (Legend) Was taken up in the themeMay 4Was broadcast on.The same year's taiga drama "Fulin Volcano]Itagaki NobukataAppeared in a role. 11ToOverseasでPopular nameHadJJ Sonny Chiba (JJ Sunny Ciba) is now used in Japan[15][Annotation 4],Sonny ChibaIn the name of (Wachinaga Rindo)Movie director businessAnnounced advancement to[94]..It is derived from the "human path" by combining Chiba with the mother's maiden name, Wachinaga.[94].May 11ToMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareWas also appointed as a "health ambassador"[95].

2008 10から2009 Until MayKyoto University of Art and Design Of教授Served.

After 2010

2010 On May 10Tokyo-Grand Prince Hotel AkasakaSo, we held a ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the entertainment life, which also served as a wedding reception.Originallyア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木-Yukio Iketani-Junichi Ishida-Kamejiro Ichikawa-Masayuki Imai-Uchino Seiyo-Umemiya Tatsuo-Jiro Okazaki-Guts Ishimatsu-Tamio Kawachi-Shinobu Kamitori-Noble forest-North Lake Toshimitsu-Masaki Kyomoto-Gushiken High School-Yuzo Gouda-Sachiko Kobayashi-croquette-Hideki Takahashi-Naoichi Takemoto-Yoshiko Tanaka-Shinji Tanimura-Masahiko Tsugawa-Toyo Sachiyo-Natsu Yagi Isao-White dragon-Isao Harimoto-Akira Fuse-Jun Fubuki-Akira Kei Matsui-Keiko Matsuzaka-Kenichi Mikawa-Yoshiko Mita-Juzo Yamasaki-Yamamoto KID Norifumi-Ryoko Yokomine-Ramos RuiA ceremony to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the entertainment life was decided in advance, with a total of 50 people as the founders, but since there was no wedding or reception with the current wife, it was planned together with the commemorative ceremony at the request of Chiba.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]..At the reception in the first half, the family lit candles and the eldest daughterJuri MaseRespect and congratulatory greetings to my father[100](⇒ #personality),Entertainment worldThe eldest son who had not yet enteredNitta ShinkenAnd the second sonAtsushi MaedaThey also took the stage and blessed their parents by reading a letter.260 appearances at the commemorative ceremony in the second halfmovies-TV dramaEtc. are introduced in order, Chiba is with JuriSword, What is Mackenyu and Atsushi Go?karateIn the performance of型And of the cedar boardTrial splitWas shown by the whole family.Hiro Katsuno-Kosakai machine-Yoko NatsukiEtc.wreathWas presented to the attendees, including the above-mentioned founders, etc.Akihiro Ota-Kitajima Saburo-Tsutomu Sekine-Saki Takaoka-Kazuya Takahashi,Devi Soekarno,Torata Nanbu,Billy Blanks,Shinzo Hotta-Demon-Yasutaro MatsukiAnd manyentertainerApproximately 600 people from all walks of life gathered for the celebration.Chiba said, "It's been 50 years in a blink of an eye. I still have something left to do, so I'd like to devote myself.HollywoodI want to raise Japanese actors in Japan. "[96][97][98][99][100][101][102].

2011 After that, the stage name is only in JapanSonny ChibaReturn to, overseasJJ Sonny Chiba Is trying[6][Annotation 4].. same yearMay 9からMay 10Los AngelesWestwood OfBigfoot Crest TheaterAn international film festival celebrating Asian and American films held atSINGAFEST 2011 "(Bigfoot entertainmentOrganizer)LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Awarded and one of the masterpieces "Makai ReincarnationWas screened[58][103]..Juri, Mackenyu, and Go Atsushi also attended the award ceremony, Chiba and Juri performed sword fighting, and Mackenyu and Go Atsushi performed karate, and many fans gathered.[103]. July of the same year,TokushimaNarutoSupervised "Authentic Roasted Sweet Potato" Zan "" produced and sold at[104].. (⇒ ⇒ #Hollywood)

2013 May 3,Nippon Sport Science UniversityWas officially awarded a graduation from Nippon Sport Science University.Faculty of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical Educationgraduate", AndSchool education lawArticle 104 andDegree rulesAccording to the provisions of Article 2, "Bachelor(Physical education) ”degree was given[Annotation 6].

2014 OfTV drama"Owakon TV]starringAnd the famous president who knows all about the back of the TV industry[105], Played with a light touch while creating a presence[105][106].. The dramaWorks participating in the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art FestivalHas become[107].

In 2020, Reiwa 2nd year, saying that it showed excellent results in cultural activities and contributed to cultural promotion, overseas transmission of Japanese culture, and international cultural exchange.Agency for Cultural AffairsReceived the Secretary's Commendation[7][8][9].


2021 May 817:26,New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)bypneumoniaBecause of this, in Kisarazu City, Chiba PrefectureKimitsu Central HospitalDied in. 82 years old[108].

According to the announcement and reports of the affiliated office, he has been receiving medical treatment at home due to coughing symptoms since the end of July, and before dawn on August 7, he said, "The fever above 8 degrees does not go down for a long time. I will take a PCR test. I emailed several acquaintances.On the same dayNew coronavirusHe was found to be infected with the disease and continued to receive medical treatment at home, but due to worsening pneumonia, he called an ambulance himself and was hospitalized on the 8th of the same month.[109][110]..He continued to inhale oxygen, but became critically ill on the 18th of the same month and did not recover.[111]..Chiba informed the three children that he was hospitalized, but the end of his unconsciousness[112]The family could not be taken care of[110]..On the 20th, the day after his death, in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, his ex-wife and second sonAtsushi MaedaWas attached to the 荼 毘 in the presence of[109]..After the remains were placed at his home in Kimitsu City, his eldest daughterJuri MaseWill take over[110]..Three children who follow the path of an actor like Chiba say they will carry on their will[110].

Chiba is at his own willvaccineI was not vaccinated[111][112]..Of vaccinationSide reactionHe said he was worried about his junior actor, saying, "Don't just hit the vaccine. If you die from the vaccine, you won't have any children." Has been[110].


Makeover hero

debutThe work is1960 May 1Was broadcast fromNew Seven Color Mask, And the next "Messenger of Allah』, And first gained popularity in TV dramas[20].. "New Seven Color Mask" is "Seven color mask, And in "Seven Color Mask", Ran KotaroSusumu NamishimaBut the Seven Color MaskSuit actorWas playing in a shared manner[113] On the other hand, Chiba created a hero image different from the classic masked hero played by the first Namishima, and also served as a suit actor.[114][115]..That actingStunt-Pseudo-toWill be produced laterMakeover heroWas the subjectSpecial effects workHas a great influence on[114][116].. "Messenger of Allah" is also a swashbuckler for children, but the action is full-scale[117], The next year's starring movie "Space fast ship』I will connect to the action hero[118].. (⇒ ⇒ #Action star)

Action movie

1961 ToKinji FukasakuFirst director movie "Kazebo Detective The tragedy of the Red Valley』Starring.Dangerous scenesStuntmanIn an era when it was the mainstream to leave it todubbingYou can do it withoutス タ ッ フI said to him, "As expectedDaily lifeI'll do something amazing just for you. "[41]..Fukasaku prefers action to literary works, and he used to say, "The body is the actor's words."[Annotation 9], Second work "Kazeraibo Detective Black wind across the cape』But Chiba was set as the leading role, and even more dangerous stunts without dubbing were played.[119].New ToeiThe movie starring as Hope ofFunky hat fun boy series] In[120],Car chase, Left and rightSpread legsAnd defeat two enemies at the same timeFlying kick,Mechanical gymnasticsThe muscular physical beauty cultivated inLarge wheelShowing off at[16][25]..After this, Chiba and Fukasaku will form a combination in 17 movies and will continue to hit.[26].. (⇒ ⇒ #Key Hunter)

In contrast to Kinji Fukasaku's evaluationKen TakakuraIn the same year, he was advised that "action stars can only take action, so it is better not to have that image in the world", and I also wanted to do not only the swashbuckler of Donpachi but also youth.[119]..The person in charge of the promotion said, "With the body trained by gymnastics and outstanding motor nerves, there was a lot of noise about the birth of a new action actor.ToeiCouldn't keep him alive[54]Toei is still a movie / TV drama.GenreRegardless of, we will always ask Chiba to be an action star.[23].. After struggling for about three or four years, I decided to become an actor who can take full action like no other.[121].. (⇒ ⇒ # Fighting movie)

1966 MovieKamikaze bastard midday』(Daystation(Collaboration)TaiwanでLocation shootingBe and take offLight aircraftI did a stunt that jumped into my wings[16][122]..In a stunt chasing a sprinting car and jumping at an antenna, a bounced stone on the rear wheel pierces the shin, paying the price of being hospitalized in Taiwan for a week.[123]..I played a stunt while being full of scratches[122], "" (1964 ) Followed by an injury, so the father was the recipientAccident insurance-Life insuranceIs subscribed to[123].. (⇒ ⇒ #Key Hunter-# Fighting movie)

1979 In the movie "20th Anniversary of Entertainment Life"Sengoku Self-Defense Force"so[86], StarringJapanese moviefirstAction directorAlso served as[17].Speed100kmFly withhelicopterToropeHanging with one,horse ridingThen on the groundarrowとbowIn addition to playing a stunt that tilts left and right and picks up, the scene of hanging from a helicopter is his ownHigh speed cameraI tied it to my leg and took a picture[23], Wearing a helmet with a camera to capture the jockey's eyes, riding a horse, etc.[124][Annotation 10], I am shooting myself as an action director, and these dareス タ ッ フMade me very worried[23].(I.e.Horseback riding hidden on the side of the TV drama "Conspiracy of the Yagyu clan』Episode 27" Beauty and the Beast "what Chiba had already playedJapan Action Club (JAC ) Is reproduced by the members.In the production of this work, "Kelly's Heroes』Aware[20],1980 ToBlue ribbon awardWon the staff award.

ToeiAllowed me to "make my favorite movie" and planned it1981 Starring movie "Adventurer Kamikaze -ADVENTURER KAMIKAZE- IsFrench movie"Adventurers"TributeIn this work, he played a swashbuckler as a university employee who is no different from a master of karate / kenpo or a swordsman / ninja.[88]..The previous year's "Ninja Martial Arts Book Sandayu Hyakuchi] InWire actionFor the first time,Roaring Fire"alikeAn actorAlso as an action director, "Burning hero], Dedicated to action director.1989 of"Shogun Iemitsu's Conflict Clash』, Again, he was also an action director and an actor, but this work39nd Berlin International Film FestivalWas invited to.1990 ToproducerAnd the firstdirected byThe movie "Remains Beautiful Heroes』,Action movieWas leading the heyday of.

He has starred in many popular works so far, but contrary to that, "When shooting starts in the United States,"Ready camera. Action! ]. "Action" originally means "every act"[125], "Because my body moves, do an action actor" I played anything as requested, so in Japan, on the contrary, only the action preceded, and I got a bad image.[125][126]"I'm expressing a complicated feeling. (⇒ ⇒ #Action star-#Activity beyond genre)


1963 Tosingle"If one man lives"releasedo itsingerYou made your debut.1967 ToGroup soundsFormed an electric band called "The Satans"[127][128]..Sing at a music cafe at night as a leader[127], Kyushu tour and TokyoJazz cafeWas playing live at[128]..For membersdrummerAnd the host of the liveKenji Ushio, Another persondrum-Side guitar-Bass guitar-Electronic organ-Lead guitarThere are 7 members in total, and 5 are juniors from high school in Chiba.[128]..The origin of the band name is the manga "DevilNamed by Chiba, who likes[122]..In addition, he sings the theme songs of movies and dramas, and writes and composes songs. (⇒ ⇒ #Discography-#Activity beyond genre)

Fighting movie

1963 start from"Judo Ichidai SeriesThe first fighting movie starred in.Second work "" (1964 ) In the brawl sceneshoulderThefracturehave done[123][Annotation 8].

1973 MovieBody guard fang seriesAfter starring in1974 The movie "Clash! Murder FistIsYakuza movieWas downToeiFor, it became a work that skipped a big hit after a long time[20][129].The United States of America-Europe-Australia-カナダMovie company also came to buy "Crash! Murder Fist"[67]..Among them, AmericanNew Line CinemaAt first, he intended to buy a yakuza movie, but when he saw this movie, he changed his mind and said, "Bruce LeeThat's it.Great[67]I bought the box office right and said, "The street fighter With the title, ChibaSonny chiba (Sunny Chiba) and naming[13][14][20][Annotation 4].. same yearMay 11It was released mainly in 18 cities in the south central part of the United States, and jumped to the top 3 in 5 weeks and became a masterpiece of Chiba.[20][67][68]..America's most prestigious comprehensive information weekly magazine "Variety "ofMay 12This event was also published in the appendix, and the magazine achieved the feat of taking up Japanese movies for the first time.[67][68]..As a factor that became a big hit, "Lee's dance dramaticeffortUnlike, the tricks and powers are closer to the real thing and powerful, "and" the transistor-like dexterity using instrumental gymnastics is interesting. "[67]..Immediately made into a series, all four works "Murder fist series"It has become[130].NinjaThe same year's starring movie "Direct hit! Hell fist] Is a speedy action in ChibaTeruo IshiiThe work is a combination of humor and wit. 1974 million yen in 4Distribution incomeIn the same yearJapanese movieEntered the 5th place in the distribution income ranking, and in the United States, "The Executioner With the title1999 Currently, over 10 videos are sold[131].. (⇒ ⇒ #Sonny Chiba-#Overseas expansion)

OverseasMartial artsIs a big star of "Sonny chiba "The enthusiastic popularity is deep-rooted[Annotation 11][61],Quentin Tarantino,Keanu Reeves[65],Ryoo Seung Wan[132]There are enthusiastic fans of celebrities, etc.Sadaharu Tanikawa"Thanks to Chiba-san's movieFighting sportspopulationHas increased considerably and is a treasure in the martial arts world[133]"It has said. (⇒ ⇒ #fan)

Shigeru Okada"I was surprised at the fight with the cow (with the main character) in Europe, and I am very happy with it.[53].Shaw BrothersBuys Sonny Chiba'sSingaporeBut a big hit[134].Southeast Asian Film FestivalでJakartaEven when I went to, it was gaining outstanding mobilization power and popularity[134]..Chiba-kun's karate is included, and it hits all over Southeast Asia, and it is very popular.[135]..I'm number one in the Orient, so if I let him do that action, I think he wouldn't be in the world (other than Sonny Chiba).[135]", He talks about the popularity, business conditions, and reactions around the world.These daysFrancis Ford CoppolaIs "with Sonny Chibaア ル · パ チ ー ノA movie with the co-starring ofProductionI want to do it, "offered to Toei[53], Chiba also "OverseasPlease let me compete with you. "[136], "Not yet at that time" was not recognized[26].

"Kenka Karate SeriesAnd 'Child-friendly murder fist』And teamed up with ChibaKazuhiko Yamaguchi"I was always devoted to showing actions that only I could do. He was an enthusiastic man and came up with various ideas on the spot. I couldn't listen to all the ideas, but I myselfAction movieThe enthusiasm to change was amazing.That's how he got to the point where he couldn't replace him.An action star named Sonny Chiba will remain forever. "[137].. (⇒ ⇒ #Karate-#Sonny Chiba)

Key hunter

"Key hunterIn a blink of an eye, the audience rating exceeded 30%, and the one-year broadcast schedule was extended to five years.[43][138]..Departed from the mountaintop stationvalleyGo back and forthRopewayToWireThrow and hang, then climb and run列車,busJump down and wrestle with the enemy on the roof,AutomobileRun in parallel fromLight aircraftJump toYukieIt seems to fall and slip while rotating fromwaterfallHe has performed numerous stunts such as fighting in front of him, but he is constantly injured, and the big one is on the left.ankleFracturesJapanese swordでwristHave been cut[123][139][140][141]..Compared to the movie, the script of this work did not specify the action in detail, so Chiba actively came up with ideas with the desire to make good things, but there were also conflicts with the staff who care about expenses.[121]..However, the audience rating will increase, and Chiba's ideas will be adopted more and more.[121].

In Japan1969 (Showa 44)Modern movieIn the October issue extra edition, "Sonny Chiba Special Issue" was published,Weekly MargaretThen, "Sonny Chiba Monogatari" was serialized from No.17 of the same year, etc.PopularityWent up further[16][43].OverseasBut on the air,Bruce LeeBecame a big fan of Chiba[54], I have shown a deep interest in the activity and offered to co-star[16]Did not happen due to Lee's sudden death[16][54]..After watching Chiba's actions and stunts, I became an enthusiastic fanJackie ChanHad a dream of becoming an action star like Chiba[142].Hong Kong-Kingdom of Thailandでmovies"Tokyo-Seoul-Bangkok Real Drug Zone』(1973 ), "Slaughter!』(1977 ), "Gorgo 13 Kowloon's neck(1977), "" (1992 ), "Mine field A mine field.』(1992), etc. in Chibastarring-directed byWorksLocation shootingWhen it is done, it is welcomed locally.Nakajima SadaoWas able to locate "Tokyo-Seoul-Bancock Memoir Drug Zone" with capital participation from a Thai production company. "Key Hunter" was broadcast here, and Chiba was very popular. Citing that[143].. (⇒ ⇒ #fan)

Co-starYoko Nogiwa"Anyway, I have a lot of enthusiasm, and when I get injured, I usually get scared, but I try to do more than that and succeed."CactusI'm just scared[122]I testify.Compared to ChibaactorHowever, when it started to air, the guarantee was higher than that of Chiba, which has starred in many movies, so it was also a relationship that inspired me to "overtake".[Annotation 12].Hayato Tani"Mr. Chiba is" Key Hunter "DisabledThe number of fans has increased. He said, "Your action is our dream," and I was even more inspired if my action gave hope.Also donated to their facility[122]"Eiko Okawa"If I didn't become an actor, I would have been a PE teacher, and he often teaches me the basics.[145]"they said.Hiroshi MiyauchiWhen he was watching the scene of Chiba running through the explosion from a side angle, he was told to "watch through the camera", and for safety, Chiba was taking action at a distance from the gunpowder, but the lens Seen from the position, I was amazed at the difference in power, saying, "It was so powerful that I could be killed by gunpowder at any moment."[146].. 『Kamen Rider V3Miyauchi received the offer of "" to make acting.Kamen Rider"I thought that if I was taught by Mr. Sonny Chiba, who is the" god of action, "I could make the action scene before the transformation even more exciting," he admits.[146]..In addition to this, "I always wore gloves in the (V3) action scene to prevent injuries, but this is based on Mr. Chiba's idea.[147]"The action know-how was enjoyed from Chiba. (⇒ ⇒ #musics)

1969 (Showa 44),All-star castmovies"Japan assassination secret] InTadashi OnumaDressed asstarring.. Because I took a break from "Key Hunter"TBSAnd fans have been requesting a return,[46], I had a strong desire to bet on this work to break away from the image of the drama[46]..While discussing with Sadao Nakajima, he created Onuma, and the performance was also stamped by Onuma himself who had come to the shooting tour.[46]..With joy, "I have to not only become a popular person, but also appear in various works." Key Hunter "graduateTry[46]It was a turning point to decide.Get off the board as a bossTetsuro TambaOffer to[43][138], TambaToeiWanted to continue[138], Tamba showed the understanding that "'Key Hunter' would not be possible without Chiba. If so, let's end the program once", the drama that was a big hit1973 End to[43][138]..Chiba recalls, "I am very grateful for Mr. Tamba's decision."[138].


1970 ,action·Pseudo-toWho playsStuntmanSuffering from lack of[Annotation 8],American moviesLike playing an active part inAn actor・ Because I was interested in training stuntmen and educating young peopleJapan Action Club (JAC) Established.For the formation ceremonyTomisaburo WakayamaRushed to celebrate[148]..For the main studentsKenji Ohba-Osamu Kaneda・ Kazuyuki Saito ・ ・Junichi Haruta-Junji Yamaoka-Shiho Mietsuko-Hiroyuki Sanada-Sekine University-Hikaru Kurosaki-Ryusuke Sakizu-Yamada Kazuyoshi-Toru Yamamoto-History of travel-Junya Takaki-Takeshi Ihara-Shinichi Tsutsumi-Takeshi Maya-Ayumi Tsuchiya-Mika Muramatsu-Yoshiyuki YamaguchiRagaori, actorAction director・ Stuntman ・Suit actorProduce human resources who are active in[26]..Chiba's best friendNatsu Yagi Isao,[21][149],Kenichi Sakuragi[150], The actors who didn't belong also went to practice[21][149][150]..Despite being a top star, Etsuko Shihomi's "Woman deadly fist, Hiroyuki Sanada's "Ninja Martial Arts Book Sandayu Hyakuchi"Roaring Fire"Iga Ninja Scroll, Kenji Ohba's "Space Detective Gavan, Hikaru Kurosaki's "Igano Kabamaru"Kotaro Makari Toru, Mika Muramatsu's "", etc.Supporting actorOften appear as[151]..Both have made fighting movies (screenwriter / assistant director)Toei OfLarge room actorI couldn't make the best use of his sword fight by myselfJAC The quality of the fighting movie has improved by making[152].. (⇒ ⇒ #theater-#turning point)

Yakuza movie

Movie"Lullaby seriesWas a hit[54], The 1973 movie "The Battle Without Religion: Hiroshima Battle] Will change the image so far.

CastingYokarenFromYakuza・ It was decided by Shoji Yamanaka, and I remembered all the lines and was about to start shooting.[44][45][153]..But a gangster like a rabiesKatsutoshi OtomoWas decided to playKinoji KitaojiSaid, "Otomo is too rough and vulgar to play by himself. I want him to do Yamanaka."producer OfGoro KusakabeThe advertisers suddenly visited Chiba and asked, "Would you like to replace Yamanaka and Otomo?"[44][45][153].. 『Japan assassination secretFollowing "Hiroshima Death Fight"scriptWroteKasahara KazuoWas incorporating one side of Sho Onuma into Yamanaka's character, and Toei and Kasahara were casting, "Let's make Chiba, who won the award for Onuma's good performance, play Yamanaka."[153]..From such a background, Chiba also found something in common with Onuma and Yamanaka and made a role, so at first he was reluctant to take turns.[153]..SoonKinji FukasakuKnowing that he was the only one at the meeting to insist that it would be more interesting to have Chiba play Otomo, he reconsidered that playing a similar role again would be stagnant as an actor. I'll remake it, so I'd like you to shift the turn a little later. "[44][45][153]. At this time,Nakajima SadaoHe also convinced him that he should do Otomo, saying, "Chiba-chan was often associated with Saku-san (Kinji Fukasaku), but at the heart of it, he listened to my opinion."[154]..This is not the first time that the role has been handed over to Kitaoji.1963 MovieNavyIt was the second time following[Annotation 13].

bromideWas the No. 4 idol in the actor category for four consecutive years.[43][44][45][48][155], With the attitude of "throwing away everything that I thought was good" while suffering from radical linesSunglassesI devised acting and dressing suitable for the role, such as always wearing the clothes to hide the eyes, turning the lips inside out and gluing them.[45][156]..And the created Katsutoshi Otomo is gaining popularity as a famous character competing for 1 and 2 in the series.[44][48][49],AfterYakuza moviebut""Battle without righteousnessIt's like the victory of Otomo that Sonny Chiba did, "and it has become a model for the role of a yakuza.[50]..When it was released, the image change in Chiba became a hot topic.[20][44][45][126],ActorHe is a first-year student at a training school and has performed with Chiba several times.Kaneko IwasakiAcclaimed by[157]Chiba, who heard that, said, "I was very confident. It was a work that gave me a really big thing because I was able to know the villain's delicacy."[44][45]..Katsutoshi Otomo has only popular charactersheroThe plan was issued[44],Battle Without Honor and Crest OperationI was planning to appear as Otomo[158], "Hiroshima Death Fight" and "Judo Ichidai Series』Since then, for the first time in 10 yearsFightingIn the movieCrank inBecause, "The Battle Series Without Religion』Re-appearance was not realized[51].. (⇒ ⇒ #turning point)

manyYakuza movieHas worked onKoji Shundo"In terms of actorsKen TakakuraIs it a type? If you play an activist (in a yakuza movie), there is something that shines brightly. "[159].

Historical drama

1978 In earnest fromHistorical dramaTo advance to,1963 of"Hachishu Yuuden Otoko no SakaeIt was since.Wood swordでSwordPractice for 1 hours a daystarringmovies"Conspiracy of the Yagyu clan』In 20m OfcliffからriverJump intoStuntDid.This work is titled "Ura Yagyu" by ChibaKinji FukasakuSubmitted toPlanningIs the base[50][160][161][162][163]..Fukasaku wanted to make an action historical drama with a more tempo than the traditional historical drama, so I decided that there was only one actor, Sonny Chiba, who could meet that expectation.[164].

The swordsmen and ninjas played by Chiba arekarate,Mechanical gymnasticsAcrobatic that incorporates the techniques ofSwordWas gaining popularity in[84][85][165].

Professional golfer OfShoji OzakiIs from ChibaShadow Warriors Series, And interprets "Tenma Overthrow" chanted by the main character who plays Chiba before defeating the enemy as "Nothing", and "putterIf you say "Tenma overthrow" in front of you and hit it, the rhythm will come out. "[166].2012 OfHollywood movies"ア ベ ン ジ ャ ー ズ"ofSamuel L. JacksonDressed asNick furyAlso influenced later works, such as referring to Jubei Yagyu in Chiba.[63],Fukuoka Softbank HawksBeforedirected by-Koji Akiyama"For youSamuraiWhat is "Sonny Chiba's Yagyu Jyubei has a good image of living or dying or the ultimate serious game."[167], Persistently popular[63][167]..However, for a long time at Jubei, the left eyeEye patchChiba's right eye was overworked because he was doing it, he lost his eyesight, and he paid the price of inserting an artificial lens.[168].. (⇒ ⇒ #Activity beyond genre-#fan)

2007'sFulin Volcano"I had no wonder about the taiga drama so far, and I thought that (the offer to appear) had finally arrived."[169], Co-starredUchino Seiyo The

"The memorable scene is, of course, with Sonny Chiba.SwordI suppose.I also like sword fighting very much and practice regularly, but Mr. Chiba is famous all over the world and the action is amazing.I was so happy to be able to sword with such a person.Mr. Chiba is standing firmly with the feeling that "Please come from anywhere".I also borrowed this big breast and felt like I should do it to my heart's content.Mr. Chiba is a very passionate person, and even after the recording is over, he gathers young people and talks about acting while drinking alcohol.Even though I was asked to join the group and the lights went out and I was told "Please go out early", I just drank and talked (laughs).It was fun to hear about the secrets of the sword fight.I learned techniques that I couldn't teach to the viewers, and I learned in many ways (laughs).[170]'

He says.

Ichikawa Sarunosuke"Furin Kazan" was the first appearance in a TV drama, but he recalled the situation at the time of shooting, saying, "The scene was good. Mr. Sonny Chiba was always with me and taught me about the video."[171].


theaterFor 3 yearsFull thanksWith record successmusical"Fun Pirate Adventure』(1982 - 1984 )[89],Duke of Drunk』(1985), planning, directing and starring multiple works,JAC Performed regularly as a musical.JAC At the beginning of the establishment ofdubbingCan play the action withoutAn actorとStuntmanIt was a place to trainWest Side StoryImpressed by "SomedaymusicalI had a dream of "I want to do it"[172], We will raise students by adding "express emotions with five bodies" to the policy that "the body is the word of the actor"[126],actorI realized that musicals are the best way to grow[20]The musical performance was one of my long-cherished wishes.Tetsuro Takahira The1980 eraWhen the number of musical and show-related stages increased from the second half, "Most of the dancers and actors who set asideJAC Are you fromTroupe four seasonsWas a retired member of the group. "[20].. (⇒ ⇒ #JAC)


From high schoolHollywood moviesI'm a fan ofAlan Ruddof"Shane] OrGary Cooperof"Midday battle"Such,Western-American moviesI was crazy about watching[29].

Be a friendSamuel L. Jackson[63],Quentin TarantinoBesides[64],Stephen Seagal[173],Dennis Haysbert,Movie producer Of[174]Have a friendship with[63][64][173][174]..Segar is fluentOsaka DialentI often contacted him, saying, "Mr. Chiba, are you there?"[173], Puff is "Sonny chiba There is no more happiness to be able to team up with a legendary actor like (Sunny Chiba)[174]". (⇒ ⇒ # Fighting movie-#fan)

2003 , Quentin Tarantino's American movie "Kill Bill』In appearance andYuma Thurman,Lucy LiuTo Hollywood starFencingGave guidance[93]..Sirman saidSonny I love (Sunny).I think he's a big star and a great actor[175]"On the other hand, Liu said,"Sonny Taught me a lot[176]", Each said.

JuniorHiroki MatsukataIs the reason why Chiba is active overseas

"He is a crazy person who is enthusiastic about his work.Moreover, I have never heard of a soft sound.I'm not late at the movie scene, and I don't go home early from the scene.It's serious.I really feel like I'm going down.There is one more thing I can't do.I have a wide range of friendships, but Mr. Chiba has more friends than I do.You'll soon be friends with anyone.I really envy you.HollywoodI think it's because of his friendly personality and the breadth of this friendship that he can challenge himself.[26]'

Is described.

Touching the obituary of Chiba,Academy awardsA memorial message was published on Twitter[177].


Mechanical gymnastics

Kimitsu City Kimitsu Junior High SchoolWhen I go on to school, I meet Matsumoto, a physical education teacher who will affect the course of Chiba.[28]..Matsumoto in ChibaAthletics-volleyball-baseball(pitcher4th batter[32]), Etc.[28].. These daysHelsinki olympicWas held, and the JapaneseGymnasticsA big boom in gymnastics will occur by winning medals in[178]..Matsumoto took advantage of that time and invited Chiba to "become a member because he will create a gymnastics club", soSports DepartmentIt became a day to start practicing while holding[178]..It was a recommended gymnastics competition, but soonOlympicでHinomaruI came to have a dream of wanting to raise[16][23], When I consulted with Matsumoto, "If you do gymnasticsKisarazu IchitakaGo to[178]..When hesitating to go to school, Matsumoto arranged a teacher who would study after practice, and it was worth it to pass.[178]..After enrolling, he devoted himself to gymnastics and achieved the top prize in the national competition in the first grade and the championship in the national competition in the third grade.[16][29].

1957 ,Nippon Sport Science UniversityFaculty of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical EducationGo to school[10][27][30][31]..For classmatesTokyo Olympics OfVaultGold medalist OfHaruhiro YamashitaVault and vault for the Helsinki OlympicsSilver medalist-Masao TakemotoReceived guidance from[16][27]..I was devoted to practicing to participate in the Olympics, but I had to go to school on my own, so the hourly wage was high to earn tuition.EarthworkAnd movingPart-time jobWas in parallel as a physical training[179]..Summer in the second year of college[Annotation 5], I failed in landing while practicing vaulting, and I hurt my waist and both knees[10][27][32][33]..It got worse due to the fact that he was overworking his body by practicing and working part-time, and the doctor declared that he was banned from exercising for a year.[10][31].. It will be difficult to continue as a player at this time when it makes a difference if you take a break from practice for a week[10][27][31]..Yamashita says that his ability is "Japanese gymnasts are not good at it.Pommel horseBut he was good at it.But in the fall of my second year at university[Annotation 5], Failed to land while practicing vaultAchilles tendonI hurt my back ...If I continued to do gymnastics as it was, I would definitely have won a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, but I missed it. "[179].. (⇒ ⇒ #Aiming for the Olympics)


ToeiBefore enteringMt. Ooyama DojoI went toUniversityAt the time ofMt. Ooyama doubledknowKoreanIntroduced by receiving an introduction from[180].FightingPlayed the enemy role of Chiba in the movieMasashi Ishibashi TheKyokushin Karate OfSeniorHit[180][181].. Mt. Ooyama said, "Since I was a student, Chiba has been going to the dojo, and even if I haven't practiced in a cohesive manner because of my work, I'm quite old in the order of my students.[182]".ChibaHonorary rankInstead, they undergo a promotion examination like general students,1965 May 10ToBlack belt(First stage)[183],1977 May 2ToSecond stageIn a jump overParticipation[184],1984 May 1ToFour stepsPromoted to[22].

1977 May 3TokarateAnnounced to play a serious game by[185],4ToHawaii"Japan National Team" held atKokushin Kaikan"Team vs. Hawaii National Team"Full contact karateParticipated in the rivalry[16][69]..For other Japanese national team membersSatoru Oishi-Ninomiya castle light-Toko-Nakamura MakotoEtc.[Annotation 14], The opponent is "in frontUS East CoastKarate Champion Greg Calfman "180cmThere is moreBlackMet[70][71]..In addition to the usual karate technique, Chiba jumps to the rightBack swing kick,Rotating kickIn the second round, attacked by flipping forward and kicking with the heel, which was the source ofDouble kickでKOWon[16][70][71]..As a result, the same yearMay 5Released to the publicmovies"Karate stupid generationIt also became a promotion.Mt. Ooyama doubled"Sonny Chiba'sWesternIt has become a huge boom inKarateEt al.Sonny chiba There was a criticism that "(Sunny Chiba) karate is real".It is natural because it is Chiba, which is the black belt of Kyokushin Karate, and it is only good to say that it was good to participate in this competition and show its ability. "[186].. (⇒ ⇒ #Sonny Chiba)

1984 May 1 ――The 22rd event sponsored by the International Karate Organization held on the 3ndOpen Tournament World Karatedo ChampionshipThen.Shiho Mietsuko-Hiroyuki SanadaEt al.Japan Action Club (JAC ) Lead the members,Performanceとtv setI gave a guest commentary.August of the same year, Gokushin KaikanBrazilBranch chief·Seiji IsobeBy invitation of Shihomi, Sanada,Kenji OhbaWithSao PauloGo to the 25th-The 26st held on the 1thDayCount・ Performed at the 8th Brazilian Kyokushin Karatedo Championships[187].

Japan·America-Southeast Asiaと世界Fostering younger generations in each countrykarateWe are working to popularize the product, and every OctoberOld BoutokudenThere is a boys and girls open karate championship "Sonny Chiba Governor's Cup". "New Shadow Warriors Series』Makoto Takano"With Mr. Chiba in the last scene of the final chapterSwordChiba-san showed me a backward kick during the break, and I was really impressed.I was surprised again that the movement has not changed from the past.[188]"I'm talking about Chiba, who was 66 years old at the time. (⇒ ⇒ # Fighting movie)


Sports NipponThe deputy director of the Ministry of Culture said, "In everything, he is a hot-blooded man who is completely absorbed in everything and does not know that it is appropriate.[23]", And my daughter ’sJuri Mase"No matter what, the positive attitude and passion for movies is the best in the world. Dad is my pride.[100]".Tetsuro Takahira"When I was waiting for a meeting partner, Mr. Chiba was having a meal at the back table while talking about work with a woman. I instinctively said," I'm Takahira. I haven't seen you. " He stood up and answered with a smile, "How are you?". I think it is Chiba's seriousness and kindness that greets me properly, who I have met only twice.[20]".

Nikkan SportsReporter said, "Overwhelming presenceオ ー ラI called it, but I felt it[26]"Toei New FaceJuniorShinzo Hotta"It was a symbol of" coolness "as the word" cool! Chiba-chan! "[189]..Swept the countrycharismaAnd, as a genuine movie star, the atmosphere and presence it creates are completely different.[189]..Co-starring actorsToeiThe juniors also say that they are dignified and powerful and overwhelming, but they are bright and cool, and they make me feel a man who exudes.[190][191][192]"Samuel L. Jackson"When I play tough guys, I always refer to Mr. Chiba's acting. I think he is the coolest actor with a charismatic presence.[63]"Asami"It's too cool, the aura is amazing, and I'm fascinated.[193]"Oki"Anyway, he ’s a cool and passionate star.[194]"Kotaro Koizumi"I had such a tremendous presence that I could feel the atmosphere that I could understand even though I couldn't see it just by entering the shooting site.Soccer court d'ivoire representative OfDidier Drogbalike.When Mr. Chiba stands in front of the screen, something changes drastically at once.[Annotation 15][195]"(Mr. Chiba) has an aura and charisma," he said.

Maki Hisao"I remembered a faint liking where the creases were right.[196]","ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クWhen I had a drink at[Annotation 16]It was a wonderful liquor that did not collapse no matter how much I drank it.[197]"Shinji HiramatsuWhen his manga was made into a movie,Doberman detectiveI visited the filming site and met with Sonny Chiba, who plays the main character, Kano Koji.Yusaku MatsudaI wonder if you think that Kano is in Kano! !! "It was a star! Mr. Chiba was an honest and unfriendly person," he recalled with a laugh.[198].

Naho TodaIs the 1990 "15th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan, But he was selected for the Grand Prix from about 3 applicants, but when he was waiting behind the announcement just before the announcement, he said to Chiba, who was one of the judges, "Let's play together someday." He recalled that he swallowed the joy and surprise, saying, "Well, maybe ?!", "the very first memory in the entertainment world."[199].

フ ァ ン

JapanThen.#JidaigekiWritten inKoji Akiyama[167]-Shoji Ozaki[166] BesidesAyumi Ishida[200]-Masayuki Imai[201][202]-Naoto Takenaka[203]-Koji Yoshikawa[204][205]-Tsutomu Sekine[20]-Sonoko Onsen[206]-Tetsuro Takahira[20],Mayumi YoshimotoThere are fans such as.

Ayumi Ishida said, "I'm a big fan of Chiba-san," when I met him on the cover of a magazine.[200].TV drama"On a snowy morning』(1987 ), Ishida played the long-sought co-star in the role of Chiba's lover.movies"Dark hunter』(1979 ) And the TV drama starring ChibaOwakon TV』(2014 ) But co-starring.Masayuki Imai said, "When I was a kid, I said"Key hunter』\ When playing with pretend, enthusiastic fans dressed as Chiba[207]..Naoto Takenaka cites Chiba as a memorable action star as an admiration for action works.[203]..Koji Kikkawa had a longing for Chiba's success in his childhood.[204][205].. (⇒ ⇒ #Key Hunter-# 2010 or later)

Japan Action Club (JAC ) Most of the members who joined the group by the early 1980s were longing for the brave figure of Chiba.Kenji Ohba[208]-Junichi Haruta[209]-Shiho Mietsuko[210][211][212]-Sekine University[213]-Yamada Kazuyoshi[214]-History of travel[215],Such. (⇒ ⇒ #JAC)

For enthusiastic fans outside JapanKeanu Reeves[65][66],Quentin Tarantino[64][131],Samuel L. Jackson[62][63],Jackie Chan[142],Jared Fernandez[216],Jonathan Nolan[217][218],Bruce Lee[54],Mike Tyson[219],Ryoo Seung Wan[132],Indonesia OfFighter-An actor OfYayan Ruhian[59], Ragari,世界Influencing moviemakers and celebrities in Japan.

Keanu Reeves said, "ISonny chiba It's like growing up with a movie[65], ""The street fighter I learned action and play from.I'm for a movieKung fuYou can do it, but Sunny Chiba can actually make people bumpy.Feel passion[66]", And the movie starring Reeves,"John WickWhen I met Chiba in October 2015 when I came to Japan for the promotion of "Oh my God! "I shook hands firmly and greeted Chiba with" Hajime Mashite, Maestro (master)! "[66].. Reeves was happy to meet Chiba from beginning to end, gesturing and gesturing, "You not only played the character, but also incorporated the action into it. You can feel the heart when you play the strong character." I was laughing[66]..Quentin TarantinoAmerican movies"True romance"soheroBut"Clash! Murder Fist"Movie theaterIn the room,Kamikaze bastard midday], [Tokyo-Seoul-Bangkok Real Drug Zone』Posted, and depicts the hero who is an enthusiastic fan of Chiba.When Samuel L. Jackson first met Chiba, he was upright and immovable, asking "Please sign".[173]..Chiba says "パ ル プ ・ フ ィ ク シ ョ ンJackson, who was always confident and imposing when he visited the shooting site, couldn't hide his tension.[220]..When Jackie Chan was recognized as a starToei Kyoto StudioI went to Chiba and paid a courtesy visit to Chiba to realize the long-sought meeting.[142]..Jonathan Nolan replied, "I grew up watching Sonny Chiba's work."[217][218],Hiroshima Toyo Carp OfpitcherでMovie producerJared Fernandez, who has a dream of turning, says, "I've been watching movies (in Chiba) since I was in middle school. I want to make a good movie and call him."[216]..Bruce Lee knows Chiba in "Key Hunter"[16], Lee who became a big fan[54], Was offering to co-star[16]..Mike Tyson came to Japan for a match in 1990, during practiceIidabashi OfRental video shopI went to and accompanied "Which movie is Shinichi Ciba (Sonny Chiba)?"Nikkan SportsI asked Masanori Shuto, a reporter, and rented a total of 10 bottles in good mood and returned to the hotel, but Shuto stated that "(Tyson) was lie-like in his daily illness."[219]..Ryoo Seung Wan said,Kinema JunpoWhen we talked in the late December 2015 issue of "" from Chiba, "The Battle Without Religion: Hiroshima BattleI asked him to sign the DVD, "I couldn't bring the DVD today, but I really like Chiba-san's" Crash! Murder Fist. " Children can also sing the theme song. It's an honor to meet you. "[132]..Yayan Ruhian is the movie "The raid"ofpromotionで2012 ToVisit to JapanAt that time, he paid tribute to Japan's proud world action stars, saying, "Mr. Chiba's action is really learning."[59].. (⇒ ⇒ # Fighting movie-#Key Hunter-#Hollywood)

make friends

Kinji Fukasaku-Ken Takakura-Mt. Ooyama doubled"The most influential and special being in life and the most admired person[221]",RespectAn actor"James Dean,Jean-Paul Belmondo, Ken Takakura,Tomisaburo Wakayama,Gary Cooper[222]","Close friend TheNatsu Yagi Isao[21][223]Is mentioned.

1967 Ofmovies"Ah synchronous cherry blossomsIsao Natsuyagi, who has been co-starring the most since he got acquainted with Chiba[21][223],

"As a newcomer京都Chiba-chan took care of me because I just came to Japan and didn't know how to say hello. He told the people around him, "I don't know anything, so don't bully me too much."Thanks to that, it has become much easier to spend in a strange Kyoto, so I am really grateful.Of course, Chiba-chan has that kind of personality, but I was surprised that I was training so that I could manipulate my body to that extent.Chiba-chan asked me, "I'm practicing action at JAC, so why don't you come if you have time?", So when I have time, I go to the practice area and train together. I was doing it.[21]'

A person familiar with Chiba and Natsuyagi also said, "I have only heard words that praise Mr. Natsuyagi from Mr. Natsuyagi's mouth. Mr. Chiba also said that Mr. Natsuyagi was in my life. He admitted that he was the best actor in Chiba, and invited him to work every time. He was a good understanding of each other and an irreplaceable friend who could respect each other. "[223]..Chiba talked to Natsuyagi in his lifetime to do the third movie of the movie "Sengoku Self-Defense Force" together, and recalls that he got on the story after his death.[224].. At the celebration of the 2019th anniversary of the entertainment life in Chiba held on November 11, 7, Chiba is an ally in the "Sengoku Self-Defense Force"Keio NagaoShot by (Isao Natsuyagi) Yoshiaki IbaThird Class Lieutenant(Sonny Chiba) sang the ending theme song "Lullaby of You" that flows in the last scene where he died in the war[225]..Chiba continued to warm up the concept of the new "Sengoku Self-Defense Force" throughout his life[226].

Kinji Fukasaku said, "I was enthusiastic anyway. Especially when it comes to action scenes, I come up with ideas from myself and suddenly get excited.Steve McQueenIt was a habit to want to be like[227]"Toei New FaceKen Takakura, who is also a senior of the company, said, "It's strange that each other's reticence is strange. Normally, men talk to each other by drinking alcohol, but be careful of me who can't drink alcohol, or have coffee at a coffee shop. It was like a date between shy lovers, drinking and going out to eat coffee. It's still fun.[39], SynchronousSeiichiro KameishiIs "dialectIt was impressive that I was practicing pronunciation by myself even after the training was over because I couldn't get rid of it.[39]".

I have been consulting since my debutKenji UshioIs "Tokyo Olympics39 (Showa XNUMX)1964 ) I was most worried before and after.Nippon Sport Science UniversityFriend made a name for himself at the OlympicsAbashiri extra land], Ken Takakura became a star.I was leaking that I wanted to quit the movie[145]", The state of sufferingKoji Tsuruta"I'm losing the inflexible part. It's easy to be misunderstood because I never excuse[145]I'm thinking about each.

Akira Nakao TheChiba Prefectural Kisarazu Daiichi High SchoolSay "Mr. Maeda (Chiba's real name)" as a junior[228]..Chiba, who was a student at Nippon Sport Science UniversityTeaching practiceThe student who taught in was Nakao, who had a relationship between a teacher and a student, but he often rebelled and skipped classes for no reason.[228]..Nakao apologizes for disrespect when reunited in the entertainment world[228]..Nakao's drama "" (TBS) When Chiba says "I'm watching", Nakao says "I'm honored".[228].

As a special sponsorPiranha armyInvolved in the formation ceremony of the corps1975 ToOsaka OfMido HallHeld at Kinji FukasakuTsunehiko WataseWitnessed with[229]..Chiba did not go up to the stage,カメラHe called out to the members from the audience seats in one hand and worked behind the scenes to liven up the venue.In such ChibaTakuzo KawayaWas grateful and cried, "I was in such a flashy spotlight for the first time in my life.[229].

Hobbies / Health Law

Hobby水彩画[42]..I keep a diary[127].. My car isNissan Bluebird,Ford,WhiteVolkswagen 1200 (1963 model)とsedanStart riding[230],sports carでMazda Cosmo Sports (white)とFord Mustang Mach1[231],Mercury CougarI transferred to.Toyota CarinaWhen I appeared in the commercialToyotaMore Carina's new car was offered every year, so after riding for a year,Shiho Mietsuko,Hiroyuki SanadaEt al.Japan Action Club (JAC ) Was handed over to the members.

I try to eat one meal a day as a health method[232].


Sonny ChibafraternityGroupFreemasonryIf you are a member ofWeekly BunshunIt was published in the January 2021, 1 issue.Chiba started thinking about joining around July 14[233].. He participated in a Freemasonry dinner at a branch in Tokyo in January 2020 as a "candidate", actively trying to interact with members, but avoiding him due to being an entertainer and past debt problems. Some members said[233]..However, the situation improved when he received the Agency for Cultural Affairs Commissioner's Commendation on December 2020, 12, and more than 17 Tokyo branch members allowed him to join.[233].. An enrollment ceremony was held at the Tokyo headquarters on December 2020, 12, and more than 26 people from other branches came to see him.[233]..In "Weekly Bunshun," which I interviewed him, "Oh, I just asked him how to do it and did a dry run. It can be very difficult." I'm curiously exploring various things. "[Annotation 17]Talking to[233].


FukuokaFukuoka CityHakata WardMisoBorn as the eldest son (second child) of the second son and third daughter[2].. FatherOtoarai TownWas inArmy squadronBelongs tosoldierAnd my motherKumamotoOriginally from schoolAthleticsWas doing[2].Test pilotFather was built for the first timeaircraft carrierHalf of the salary was paid for drinking due to dangerous heavy duty work such as successful first landing at, and the family was not wealthy[4].. At the age of four, my fatherChibaKisarazuBecause I was transferred to Chiba prefecture with my familyKimitsuMoved to[3].The end of the warLater, the army was dismantled and his father changed jobs to an officer of the fishery union, but his household was tough.[4]..Since I was in elementary school, I helped my household by delivering newspapers and milk.[179]..However, "because I was poor but surrounded by nature,RiceOther than that, there are various things without any inconveniencefoodI was able to eat and became my foundation. "[235].. FatherEntertainment worldFuriously opposed to enteringDisrespectI was doing[36], Change your mind after seeing the work[236]After that, I enjoy watching[179].1971 At first localKimitsuI built my parents' house and did filial piety[237].. (⇒ ⇒ #Aiming for the Olympics)

Brother'sJaburo YabukiWhen he becomes a junior high school studentTokyoI called him to school, sent him to school, and let Yabuki, who was growing up, eat rice.Hot dog bunThere were days of water[179].. "Sometimes I bought my big brother's watch or forciblyTape recorderI'm sure it's gonePawnshopI think I took it to.I didn't say a word to worry about it. "[179].

TV drama"Key hunter』Yoko Nogiwaと1973 Married to, the only daughterJuri MaseMake a profit.It was famous as a mandarin duck couple,HollywoodWith Chiba who wants to move to a new base as the number of jobs starts to increase[238],JapanFrom the disagreement of the will of the field who wants to stay in[238],1994 Divorced.Press conferenceBecause it is not a divorce due to hatred, such as doing with Nogiwa, Mase and Mase continue to have a good relationship, and with Masetv setHistorical drama"Terakoya Yume Guinan], [Fulin Volcano』Co-starred in multipleTalk showAppearing together.1996 Remarried to a general woman 28 years younger.Eldest sonNitta ShinkenAnd the second sonAtsushi MaedaReceivedThe United States of AmericaCaliforniaBeverly HillsLived in[26][98][99][101].2015 Divorced with an ordinary woman[239].


☆ Including nominations.

Awarded as a creator who contributed to the development of the movie at "Okinawa Cinema & Music Festa 2006"
MARTIAL ARTS LEGEND Sonny Chiba Commendation



Domestic movie

☆ Bold isstarring,Also serves as a staffthe work.Collaborative movies with other countries#Overseas moviesSee.Works without a company nameToei.

Overseas movies

☆ Bold isstarring,Also serves as a staffIn the workJapanAlso includes a collaborative movie with.

TV drama

☆ Bold isstarring,Also serves as a staffthe work.

Domestic drama

Foreign drama

All 44 episodes, but in JapanMaxamIs abbreviated and edited(Chinese version)(I-V) "Fuun" (I-IV) was divided into two periods, and DVD & VHS was released as a total of nine volumes.
  • Fengyun Conflict (2004 ,Chinese drama, Japan unreleased) --Starring Touhou Aoki, Touhou Shiraishi


☆ Bold isstarring,Also serves as a staffthe work.

V cinema

☆ Works released overseas, works with both movies and OV in the series#moviesSee.


  • Sonny Chiba Show (1967 - 1969 ) --A local performance of a song show with The Satans
  • Spring Festival (January 1971-1, 30,Umeda Koma Stadium)



Travelogue-Travel program
情报-Wide program
NEWS-Liberal Arts Program

Radio / narrator / magazine

Radio Drama
  • A man without a past, Gentaro Kocho Detective Series --Gentaro Kocho (photo appearance)
* "Chuichi Course" (Gakken)of1971 4issue - 1972 3Serialized in the issueMystery


Director / Director / Supervision

☆ The work that also serves as a performer#AppearanceSee.




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BIt's true you
October 1963th, 9Sono sheetKX-1009ALet's go home on the Toyoko LineKazuo MoriKikyu KiuchiKiyoshi Tachibana
BA dream of a young breath springs[Annotation 21]Kiyoshi Tachibana
1965 Sono sheetKS-189AKurayami XNUMXth Dan[Annotation 22]
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Crown record
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King record
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1971 EPBS-1402AStray dog ​​BruceKinoshita?TaroAkiyoshi OkawaHiroshi Takada
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1972 EPBS-1581AI will give the burialSmall room
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1973 EPBS-1768AFlow songAraki Ichiro
BStreet corner Etranger
Teichiku Records
1975 EPSN-1436AThe Gorilla 7 Theme[Annotation 29][Annotation 30]-Keitaro Miho
BDaisuke Kazami's crisis[Annotation 31][Annotation 30]
1975 EPSN-1485AOne traveler[Annotation 32]Keisuke YamakawaTakatoshi Naito
BOpening theme
1976 EPRS-13AEndless love ~ Sonny Chiba's love theme ~
BSmall departure
VAP record
1985 EP10182 07AKusuno[Annotation 33]Seiichiro KameishiShinichi ChibaAoki Nozomi
Bå½±[Annotation 34]Aoki Nozomi
Nippon Columbia
2020 CDCOCA-17798AI'm sorry[Annotation 35]Rie KodaNishi TsuyoshiNorio Ito
BStylish relationship[Annotation 36]Kazu TsubasaIkuzo Yoshi

Jacket only

Release dateLabelspecificationStandard product numberArtistssurfacetitle
1975/8Warner PioneerEPL-1267PAtsumi KenAkarate[Annotation 37]
BMan's line
1981/10SMS RecordsEPSM07-202Yoji IzumiABallad of light and shadow[Annotation 38]


Release datespecificationStandard product numbertitle
King record
1971 LPSKD77

Omnibus album

  • Includes "Singing Toei Star" (1963, separate Kayo Kodama, KY-1001), 1st song "Tokyo Gentleman"[245]

Musical activities other than singers

executive producer



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