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🎵 | Ryujin Kiyoshi's new song "Concert Hall" will be the theme song for TV Tokyo drama starring Tomoyo Harada

Photo Ryujin Kiyoshi

Ryujin Kiyoshi decides new song "Concert Hall" as the theme song for TV Tokyo drama starring Tomoyo Harada

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In addition, Riko Narumi, Kami Hiraiwa, Muga Tsukaji, Yuta Koseki, and Kenta Hamano will appear as the first cast.

Ryujin Kiyoshi's new song "Concert Hall" will start broadcasting on October 10th (Friday) on TV TOKYO drama 8 "Snack ... → Continue reading


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Takeshi Tsukaji

Tsukaji Takemasa(Tsukuji Muga 1971 May 11 -) is Japanesecomedian,An actor,YouTuber.. Comedy combinationDrunk Dragon OfBlur(sometimesTsukkomi) In charge. My partnerSuzuki Taku. Nickname isTsuka-chan.

Born in Hannan-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka (currently Hannan City).Production rickshawBelongs.Hannan City Tottori Junior High School,Osaka Prefectural Sano High School,Momoyama Gakuin UniversityFaculty of Economicsgraduate. Height 168 cm, weight 90 kg,Blood TypeIs A type.

"Splashing doorOf the same officeHokuyoIs one year senior.


My father and Takeshi are Hata-gun, Kochi PrefectureKuroshioIrinoI am from Kagoshima prefectureSatsumasendaiShimotsune Town, SeshinouraBackground[1].

After graduating from university,Yagi LabI got a job at and was in charge of sales.However, Tsukaji who couldn't give up his comedy dream[2]Aspiring to comedy at the age of 24 while receiving fierce opposition from his family, the training center of the office (School jca) Enrolled in. ThereSuzuki TakuMeet and formed a combination in 1996.He started as a comedian late, and HokuyoUntouchableAs a result, there are many friends who use honorifics because they are younger, but are seniors in their career.

From around 2003An actorAlso attracted attention in 2004Nippon TVDrama broadcast onPuppy waltz] Played a villain that was the exact opposite of the comedy image. A movie released in 2006Mamiya brothers』(Kaori EkuniIn the original),Kuranosuke SasakiHas been selected as a double starring with and has an authority in JapanKinema Junpo,Blue ribbon award,Every day movie contestWon the Triple Crown Film Award for Newcomer. Sasaki, who co-starred, praised Tsukaji's performance as "actual performance is really good." afterwards,Fuji Television Network, IncSpecial drama of "Tokyo Tower-Okan and I, and sometimes Oton-"soKeiichi YamamotoActing as a substitute (retake) for (Haruo Sugimoto).Furthermore, in 2007, the TV drama version "Naked general"ofKiyoshi YamashitaSelected as a role, 2009 works were made until 4.

While gaining fame in the actor business and establishing itself as a “multi-talent”, the entertainer business, which is the main business, was launched in September 2012.Splashing doorIt will be slumped for a while due to the censorship. However, the NHK program "LIFE!Character inSquid the GreatThe exposure is increasing. Although he mainly works on pins such as reporters and so-called "Hinadan", he also continues to work as a duo.

After graduating from Osaka Prefectural Sano High School, he was appointed as a tourism ambassador for Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture on October 2021, 10 after appearing in a promotion video for Japanese heritage in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture.At the inauguration ceremony held in Izumisano City, "Izumisano is my life in the place where I spent my youth. When Corona is completely calm, it is a wonderful city where people from all over Japan and the world can come. I want to promote it with a little effort." Talking about motivation.


It features a round face.

With its easy-to-follow features and cheerful personality, in the entertainment world, he is good friends with actors and actresses regardless of entertainers.Kitagawa KeikoAnd became friends in the movie, "I didn't get close at first, but when I talkedKansai dialectSaid, "A very rough older sister," said Kitagawa, who was blushing and was usually a standard language on national broadcasts, but he was screaming in the Kansai dialect.

In the controlBlurIn charge (turns to Tsukkomi), but in the talk program SuzukiNatural bokehTherefore, I often turn to Tsukkomi.

ControlLet's play a number of unique charactersPoetsThe type called. Also because of the large number of drawersOne shot gagOwner of various talents reminiscent of a treasure trove. It was also attached to the "Hane Torino 2006 Comedy Figure Championship" held in "Haneru no Tobira."catch copyWas the "Last Comedy King". The results were 1st in the qualifying short program and 3rd in the final free. In qualifyingComic talkWas adopted.

A huge fan of special effects heroes from his childhood days to the present. Also,"Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger] HeroineAiko ItoProclaimed to be a fan of. For college seniorsUltraman A』Actor ・Keiji TakamineThere is.

Correlate colors, etc. with people in the brainSynesthesiaHe said, "When you look at people, the colors come out." In "LIFE!-The Dedicated to Life",Faculty of Letters, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of TokyoProfessor'sDoctor of engineering・Kazuhiko Yokozawa is inspecting. Synesthesia is a sensory perception, which is a neurological disease (a mild one that does not interfere with daily life) that occurs in about 100 out of 1 people, not a spiritual ability.[3].

Broadcasted on May 2015, 11Clinic where you can find your doctor』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)soComplete medical checkupAs a result,colonBehind,CecumPart ofpolypWas discovered. With a diameter of 8 mm,AdenomaWas diagnosed with a polyp that is highly likely to become a malignant tumor.[4].

Momoiro Clover ZI'm a fan of K-POP idols.

Hidetoshi HoshidaIs the same as the cram school I attended when I was a student. It was an unusual cram school called "Sparta Taiyo Juku"[5].

In the "Ranking of comedians who think they are good at acting", which was held in April 2020 and was voted by 4 people, it surpassed "Taizou Harada" and "Hiroki Konno" and won first place.[6].

One shot gag

The main control in the combinationDrunk Dragon #OverviewSee.

  • Let's go here, let's go here from below. (At the same time, rub your elbow with your hand like a match)
  • The right wrist is swirling, the left wrist is swirling.
  • Sargorilla civilian (The original story is the monkey gorilla chimpanzee.Colonel BogeyWith the melody of
  • Daruma-san is Danshin Tunai!
  • With 100% powerGetz
  • Oth! I, a corrupt member!
  • Goku Goku Goku! Canned mackerel!
  • Eat piccolo! Even if you hit the first "ha", it's a song.
  • Fireworks Dokhan!! And a shameful daughter~♪
  • Seagull sailor-♪ I can beat him with just one shot!!
  • There are 7 children in Abraham ♪ One is like a kid, and after that we all left the village and went to Tokyo...
  • Good advertisement from my dad♪
  • Both peaches and peaches crush all of them
  • Masataro Katsuta, Kintaro straddling a bear, mount position♪
  • I'm a jairn, I want to be a brat ♪ (♪ with a beautiful voice)
  • It's a choki and choki, the beginning of the rhombus~♪
  • Winwin wingasha winwin wingasha Wiper Wiper ♪ Rain and tears blow away
  • Perfect human Tamaki Ogawa
  • Chuchu... chucho... Don't stop in rape.
  • Hasegawa Shinya and Sanotadashi have undergone a major upgrade
  • Red pajamas Yellow pajamas After all, simple pajamas
  • Frog PyokoPyoko, MiPyokoPyoko. Let me meet, I want to meet you properly.
  • The horse parent and child are good friends, but later become rivals.
  • Castella No. 1 Phone No. 2 Get off at work in XNUMX minutes
  • Atah, atah, atatah, you are no longer my child.
  • Acorn Kokoro Acorn Koko-Oh, I'm stuck in the pond, and there's a lot of loach coming out and they're not in pain♪
  • Clever dog Clever dog Great Boomerang Come back and you don't matter
  • Even if you lie, don't cheat your feelings
  • Go out to the market on Monday Tuesday Tourerer♪
  • Wait a minute, wait a moment, the young man is stubborn!
  • If you play baseball, you should definitely wear a hat-the sun is strong ♪
  • Sometimes I'm a newspaper reporter, sometimes I'm a guardman, so I have no breaks.
  • Yes! Here Tsukaji! What!? The incident!? U~U~ ordinary car~♪
  • It rained down and my mother went out with a man I didn't know.


  • At the school JCA, we formed a combination called "Citron" with a different partner, but in 1996, we got stalled and disbanded. After that, when the instructor was talking during the class, only Suzuki had a different reaction from other students, so I hope to form a combination.
  • The surname Tsukaji originally existed only in Kochi Prefecture, and it is a rare surname that there are only 10 in Japan.
  • In 2008, the corner of "Haneru no Tobira"A large athletic meet full of stars』During recording of the left foottibiaA fracture. Healed 2-3 years seriously injured. Due to this influence, Tsukaji's regular drama, "Kina ~Impossible Crime Investigator~』(NTV, January-March 2009), in the setting that Kudo played Tsukaji is broken, the script has been rewritten. After thatHancho ~Jinnan Station Azumi Group~』(TBS, April-June 2009) and "Shibatra-Baby Face Detective! The Biggest Crisis Special Ever!] (Fuji TV, May 2009), it has been set that the actor who performed the fracture.
  • YouTuber Glariosa vowel Is a very close relationship and often appears on Tsukaji's own SNS. Drunk dragon Taku Suzuki has revealed on TV programs and radio that his true identity is Tsukaji, but Tsukaji and Granariosa Miko are supposed to be different people. However, for some reason, in the videos posted by Gloriosa Otoko, people who have a friendship with Tsukaji often appear.



The appearance as a combinationDrunk DragonSee.

TV drama




  • Like Dorothy (November 2013th, 11-December 8th, Morisaki Office)-Rio
  • Make with you ~ etude The Beauty 4 (October 2020-10, 21)

Variety program, information program

Regular program

Animated movie

Television Animation

promotion video

  • RIP SLYME"Hey, Brother" (picture from the movie "Mamiya Brothers")


  • Taketsuka Tsukaji, Atsushi Tsutsushita, Yuta Kajiwara / I can't say anything (August 2005, 8)
    • The song of the control character "Busambo Master" of "Haneru no Tobira".
  • Missing LinkAnd Takemasa Tsukaji/Dragon Dragon/My Revolution (October 2008, 10)
  • Squid the Great (Takemasa Tsukaji) / Squid the Great Gymnastics No. 2 (September 2015, 9)



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外部 リンク

Yuta Ozeki

Yuta Koseki(Yuta Koseki,1995 <7>May 6 -) isJapan OfAn actor.TokyoI'm fromAmuseBelongs.


2003 ,Amuse(Amuse Models) Affiliation, debut in the entertainment world. In "Sekisui Heim, Neighboring Heim-san Series"Hiroshi AbeAppeared in the first commercial as the son of.

2004 August 5, TBS TV drama "Monday mystery theater First drama appearance in the role of Yutaka Sawada in "Hostess Detective Close Call 6".

2005 ,Super eccentric theater First stage appearance in the role of Makiya Kaito in "Niraikanai Alchemy King Legend".

2006 April 4, NHK Educational TV "Genius TV-kun MAX』First appearance.Performed as a regular appearance as a TV warrior for 3 years.July 7th-September 11th of the same year, Fuji TV drama "Dandri. ~Dance☆Drill~』Nana EikuraAppeared in a serial drama as Keiichi Aikawa, his younger brother.On August 8, the same year, the movie "Looking for a thumbPlayed Kazumasa Yamada's childhood and appeared in the first movie.

2008 , Appeared as one of the frog children tadpoles on the stage "FROGS".

2011 September 1, "2nd Season of Prince of Musical Tennis』First appearance. 2 yearsKikumaru EijiPlay a role.

2013 May 5-July 17, at the turning point of the 7th anniversary of the art history, he will star in the stage "FROGS" where he himself appeared as a child actor, and will star in the stage for the first time as Kakeru.

2014 April 4-June 15, Fuji TV drama "Bitter Blood-The Worst and Strongest Parent-Child Detective-』In the role of Kota Kagiyama, appeared in a serial drama for the first time in eight years.On December 8, the same year, the first photo book "Yutabi. ] Is released.

2015 On March 3, the movie "If Tomorrow Comes." 』, Starring Daisuke Matsui for the first time in the movie.On November 21th of the same year, the magazine "Sparkle Vol.11" was featured on the magazine's independent cover for the first time.[2].

2016 January 1-February 10, starring in the musical "DNA-SHARAKU", starring YukiNaoto IntiraimiAnd double-starring.On November 11, the same year, the first calendar "Yuta Koseki 19 Calendar" will be released.

2017 March 3th, CM "Indonesian Nissin Foods First overseas commercial appearance in "Mikuya Rock Band" version of Mikuya Ramen.

2018 April 3, TV drama "Let me xx!In the role of Shigure Kitami, starringTina TamakiAnd double-starring.August 8, the same year,Continuous tv novel"Half, blue.], The first appearance in a serial TV novel as Kento.

2019 April 10, TV drama "This mystery is amazing! Grand Prize Drama Series 3rd "The death flag has been set!』, Starring Tomonori Jinnai and starring in the TV drama for the first time[3].

2020 February 2, TV animation "BreakersIn "Para-athletics / High Jump", he starred and won the role as the first voice actor in the TV anime.



Of the role nameTaiziIs the leading work.

TV drama

Delivery drama

Entertainment shows

Information program

Language program

Music program

Other TV programs

  • Exciting TV Sukatto Japan (Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • "Mune Kyunsukato ~ Koi no Trick or Treat ~" (October 2017, 10) --Watashi Hongo
    • "Stress release! A refreshing and exciting story-boyfriend picks up!? ... What is the truth?" (June 2020, 6) --Kota Ozeki
  • Slowly my time ~ My Quality Life ~ (October 2018, 10-March 5, 2020, NTV)
  • Sani on Saturday!? Ikedra (October 2020, 10-3, Kansai TV)




  • Tensai TV kun MAX Special in NHK Hall (2006-2008)
  • THE GAME ~ Boy's Film Show ~ (2009-2010)
  • Tenimyu Supporters Club Premium Party (2010-2012)[57]
  • Amuse Presents SUPER HANDSOME LIVE (2012-2021)[Annotation 14]
  • Seventeen Summer School Festival (2013-2015/2018)
  • Yuta Koseki Birthday Special Event (2015-2018)[Annotation 15]
  • Yuta Koseki Calendar Release Commemorative Event (2016-2020)
  • Act Against AIDS (2018-)[Annotation 16]


Internet broadcasting

  • FROGS-TV (January 2013, 1-July 21, STOLABO TOKYO USTREAM channel)[76]
  • SUPER Handsome LIVE Presents "Aim for the Scoop! Handsome Newspaper!" (October 2013, 10-December 17, STOLABO TOKYO USTREAM channel)[76]
  • Everyone Limotore (November 2020, 11-March 19, 2021)au smart pass premium)[77]

Music video

Radio program

Radio Drama

  • Very Merry Christmas (December 2013, 12,TOKYO FM) --Yuta[84]
  • FM Theater Promised Ship (March 2015, 3,NHK-FM broadcasting)- Starring Koichi Role[85]
  • Azukariya-san (November 2019-11, 11, NHK-FM broadcast)


  • ACE adidas BAG COLLECTION image model (2015)[86]
  • 109MEN'S image model (2015)
  • Burberry Spring / Summer 2019 Collection Image Model (2019)[87]
  • TEAM HANDSOME! × SHIBUYA109 Valentine Campaign (February 2021-2, 9)[88]


  • Ostomate Model Why I Became a "Model" (February 2021, 2)NHK BS1)

Voice appearance

Television Animation

  • Breakers"Para-athletics / High Jump Edition" (February 2020, 2-4, NHK E-Tele)- Starring / winning Role



  • Preparation + Review Soundtrack "THE HANDSOME SHOW" (December 2012, 12,Amuse soft entertainment)
  • Preparation + Review Soundtrack 2013 "LAUGH & PEACE" (December 2013, 12, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • Preparation + Review Soundtrack 2014 "EVER LASTING STORY" (December 2014, 12, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • HANDSOME FESTIVAL 2016 Preparation Sound Track (November 2016, 11, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • 15th Anniversary SUPER HANDSOME COLLECTION "JUMP ↑" (November 2019, 11, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • SUPER HANDSOME COLLECTION "GET IT BACK!" (December 2020, 12, Amuse Soft Entertainment)[89]

Video software

  • THE GAME ~ Boy's Film Show ~ (2009, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • THE GAME ~ Boy's Film Show ~ 2010 (December 2010, 12, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • Musical "Prince of Tennis" 2nd Season THE BEGINNING (December 2010, 12,Marvelous entertainment)
  • DVD "FROGS" (November 2013, 11, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • Bitter Blood-The Worst and Strongest Parent-Child Detective- (November 2014, 11, Amuse Soft Entertainment)[90]
  • Musical "Prince of Tennis" PV COLLECTION vol.3 (January 2015, 1, Marvelous Entertainment)
  • Grape Namida (March 2015, 3, Amuse Soft Entertainment)[91]
  • I'm sorry youth! (June 2015, 6,TC Entertainment)[7]
  • If tomorrow. (September 2015, 9,Pony canyon)[43]
  • Drawing Days (November 2015, 11, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • BOYS, BE HANDSOME !!! (November 2015, 11, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • Hotel Concierge (December 2015, 12, TC Entertainment)
  • Dorome Men's and Women's Complete Box (July 2016, 7, TC Entertainment)
  • Musical "DNA-SHARAKU" (November 2016, 11, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • Amuse Presents HANDSOME FESTIVAL 2016 (June 2017, 6, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • Yuta Koseki DVD "22 Yuyoshi" (June 2017, 6, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • Love is alive even in a mess (October 2017, 10, Pony Canyon)
  • 3 Stupid After School Making of "Chotto Mate Yakyu Club!" (January 2018, 1,Toei video)
  • Caution, Hazardous Wife (April 2018, 4,Bop)
  • Movie "Chotto Mate Yakyu Club!" (May 2018, 5, Toei Video)
  • Movie "Unmasked Noise" Blu-ray & DVD (June 2018, 6, Pony Canyon)
  • TV drama "Mission of Love!" (June 2018, 6, Toei Video)
  • Amuse Presents HANDSOME FILM FESTIVAL 2017 (July 2018, 7, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • Movie "Laughing Under the Clouds" Blu-ray & DVD (September 2018, 9,Shochiku)
  • Serial TV novel "Half, blue. 』Complete version Blu-ray & DVD BOX3 (December 2018, 12,NHK Enterprise)
  • Movie "Mission of Love!" (January 2019, 1, Toei Video)
  • TV drama "Zero Ichikoku Senkin Game" Blu-ray & DVD BOX (February 2019, 2,Jay Storm)
  • Movie "Waiting for Spring" Blu-ray & DVD (May 2019, 5,Warner Bros Home Entertainment)
  • Movie "Samurai Marathon" (July 2019, 7,Happinet marketing)
  • Yuta Koseki DVD "Kiitos! ~ Yuta Koseki in Finland ~" (November 2019, 11, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • 15th Anniversary SUPER HANDSOME LIVE "JUMP ↑ with YOU" (July 2020, 7, Amuse Soft Entertainment)
  • SUPER HANDSOME LIVE 2021 OVER THE RAINBOW (October 2021, 10, Amuse Soft Entertainment)


Magazine serialization

  • Monthly Dance View (December 2007 issue-March 12 issue, Modern Publishing)
  • GENIC "Yuta Koseki's Journey to Find Yourself" Suki "" (July 2020 issue-, Honeybee Works Co., Ltd.)

Photo album

  • Yuta Koseki First Photobook "Yutabi. (December 2014, 12, Co., Ltd.Crocodile books)
  • Yuta Koseki Photo book "22 你子" (July 2017, 7, Amuse)
  • Yuta Koseki Second Photobook "Ozeki-kun" (October 2018, 10, Wanibooks Co., Ltd.)
  • Yuta Koseki Third Photobook "Kiitos! ~ Yuta Koseki in Finland ~ photo by Jun Imajo" (November 2019, 11, Amuse)


  • High school debut is like a turbulence! (July 2014, 7,ShogakukanAngel library)[92]
  • Twinkle Love (September 2014, 9, Shueisha Pinky Bunko)[93]
  • Dearest Love (November 2014, 11, Shueisha Pinky Bunko)[93]


  • Yuta Koseki 2017 Calendar (November 2016, 11, Amuse)
  • Yuta Koseki 2018 Calendar (November 2017, 10, Amuse)
  • Yuta Koseki 2019 Calendar (November 2018, 11, Amuse)
  • Yuta Koseki 2020-2021 Calendar (late March 2020, Amuse)
  • Yuta Koseki 2021-2022 Calendar "FOUR SEASONS" (late March 2021, Amuse)[94]


  • 20th Birthday Special Book "yk-20th" (June 2015, 6, Amuse)
  • 21st Birthday Special Book "yk-21st" (June 2016, 6, Amuse)


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