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🎥 | Junichi Okada "Kisarazu Cat's Eye" Movie version series, fixed-rate video service first delivery decision


Junichi Okada "Kisarazu Cat's Eye" Theatrical Version Series, First Delivery of Flat-rate Video Service

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The love between Bu-san and Yukke (Yoon Son-ha) who works at a Korean pub is also developed.

The movies "Kisarazu Cat's Eye Japan Series" (6) and "... → Continue reading

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Yunsona,Yoon Son-ha(Yoon Son-ha,1975 May 11[1] -) is South Korea Oftalent-actress,singerIs.The singer activity name issona.Blood Type TheAB type.


Korean TV station in 1994Korean Broadcasting System KBS OfauditionPassed, and worked mainly as an actress as an exclusive talent. He came to Japan in 2000 and in 2001NHK OfTV drama"Kiss again』Started activities in Japan using his real name as a heroine.LaterFuji Television Network, IncTV drama "Fighting girl"soFukada KyokoCo-star with.

In Japan in 2004sonaAsSingle CDReleased "I want to meet" and started singer activity. In 2004 and 2005The 1th of XNUMX SuntoryHe sang the soprano part as a general chorus participant, and was later introduced in the "1 Ninth" documentary program.

2006 September 9th, South KoreaSeoulRuns a movie-related art production company and restaurant living in the cityク リ ス チ ャ ンCeremony with a businessman in Seoul.After getting married, he continued his entertainment activities and gave birth to his first boy at a hospital in Seoul around 2008 pm on September 9, 25.

After shooting a drama in Seoul, South Korea on October 2010, 10, a car driven by a manager collided with a guardrail and broke his right leg.

He has been active mainly in variety programs and language programs in Japan, but on April 2012, 4, he announced that his second child was 22 months pregnant and made regular appearances to prepare for childbirth and concentrate on childcare.MBS TVProduction life information program "Ten colors of residents』And return to Korea[2][3].

In June 2017, it was reported that he was involved in school violence with the grandchildren of the chairman of a large company at an elementary school where his boy attended, and he argued that "the report is quite different from the fact", but he was a member of the Seoul City School Violence Countermeasures Area Committee. The association confirmed that the boy was one of the perpetrators and ordered Yoon Son-ha to apologize in writing to the victim.After apologizing to the victim, he moved his family's base of life to Canada. As of 6, cosmetics are being sold on Japanese TV shopping programs due to strong opposition from Korean public opinion.[4]


Height 163CentimeterBlood type AB.Paekche Institute of the Artsgraduated from.In the early days of Japanese activitiesForeign talentIt was written as Yoon Son-ha in the treatment, but later as Yoon Son-ha.HoriproRegistered in and treated as a general talent.To your favorite artistKuraki MaiI will give you.

Production presentation of the drama "Koibito yo" in South Korea[5],JoongAng Daily NewsCoverage[6]"Anti-Japanese remarks" were reported in Japan, such as "I suffered from distorted Japanese history education."[7][8]However, the Dong-A Ilbo reporter who heard the remark partially denied the content of the article, saying, "Remarks at the social gathering, not at the drama presentation."[9]とWeekly BunshunReported.The remarks made at that time talked about personal events related to cultural differences that he experienced when he was friends with close Japanese friends. I feel that it is very disappointing, "he said, and his office also denied his anti-Japanese feelings.[7].

Eyelashes in 2000extensionHe said that when he told Japanese entertainers, it became popular and became a boom.


TV drama (Korea)

TV drama (Japan)


Sports program

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Other TV programs

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Music (artist name: sona)



  • 1st Album sOna (December 2004, 12) Imported version released in Korea in 15
  • song bird (March 2005, 3) Released in Korea on October 2, 2005
  • Picture diary and picture-story show ~Kozo MurashitaTribute~ (July 2006, 7) Participated in "Odoriko"
  • song bird 2 ~ love song collection ~ (March 2007, 3)


  • beautiful songs ~ sona first visual collection ~ (February 2006, 2) Also includes another version of "I want to meet"


  • Easy Hangul (2002)
  • Yoon Son-ha in Korea! (2003)
  • Easy Hangul 2 (2004)
  • Easy Hangul 3 (2005)
  • I love you, I love you (2009, co-authored:Yuka Gogeniwa)
  • Yoon Son-ha's A-Hana Mainichi (2011) --A book that summarizes her blog "Anyohaseyo-Yoon Son-ha".


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