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🎥 | "007 Specter" terrestrial first broadcast!

Photo "007" series 24th work, terrestrial first broadcast – (C) 2015 DANJAQ, LLC, METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER STUDIOS INC. AND COLUMBIA PICTURES INDUSTRIES, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

"007 Specter" terrestrial first broadcast!

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It has been decided that the movie "007 Specter" (2015) will be broadcast for the first time on TV Asahi from 9 o'clock on September 26th.

The movie "007 Specter" (2015) will be broadcast for the first time on TV Asahi from 9 o'clock on September 26th ... → Continue reading

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TV Asahi

TV Asahi Holdings > TV Asahi

TV Asahi Corporation(TV Asahi,British: TV Asahi Corporation) IsTV Asahi HoldingsIs a consolidated subsidiary ofKanto wide areaTheBroadcast target areaAsTelevision broadcastingDo businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster[Note 1].. Abbreviation isTele morning.Remote control key IDIs "5. "

SKY PerfecTV!TheplatformAsTV morning channelBroadcast on two channelsSatellite general broadcasterBut also.

On April 2014, 4, TV Asahi Co., Ltd. (former company) changed its trade name to "TV Asahi Holdings Co., Ltd.", and at the same time, established a wholly owned subsidiary on October 1, 2013 including all operations including a terrestrial television broadcasting license. Transferred to "TV Asahi Split Preparation Co., Ltd." and changed its name to "TV Asahi Co., Ltd. (current company)".Broadcasting holding companyThe system was transferred. This section describes the old company up to March 2014, 3 and the current company after April 31, 2014.


English abbreviation

Identification signalIs JOEX-DTV Taken fromEXHas been used since October 2003, 10, when it became the current company name. In the age of Japanese education TV, NIppon Educational Television Co., Ltd. からNET, In the national Asahi Broadcasting era Asahi National Broadcasting Co., Ltd. からANBMet. at firstAll Asahi BFrom roadcasting Co., Ltd.AABI planned to use it as an abbreviation, but I settled on ANB because I had a trademark registration and I had doubts about adding "all" to the name of a single company.[2][3].. AAB thenAkita Asahi Broadcasting(Awe Asahi BRoadcasting CO., LTD.) is used as an abbreviation for letters.


ANN(All-nippon News Network)News series OfKey stationIt has a network with local stations.In addition, each major affiliated station is in charge of news coverage in regions where there is no affiliated station, and TV AsahiYamanashi,Toyama,Tottori,Shimane I am in charge of the eastern part of Oki. ToyamaHokuriku Asahi BroadcastingJointly with.Kofu-Toyama-Tottori(Newly established in 1989)Yonago-Matsue(Established in 2005) has a branch office. The Yonago branch is located in the Tottori prefecture and the eastern Shimane prefecture/Oki prefecture. The two branches of Tottori and Matsue, which are separated from the Yonago branch, are treated as branches under the Yonago branch. In the western part of Shimane PrefectureHiroshima Home TV,TokushimaKochi[Note 2] TheAsahi Broadcasting TVBut,Saga TheKyushu Asahi BroadcastingAre each in charge of the coverage area,Fukui-Miyazaki OfCross net stationIt covers the whole country with[Note 3].


*Detailed company historyAnother clauseSee

  • In 1957, he was looking to enter the TV industryToei, Japan Shortwave Broadcasting (currently:Nikkei Radio) And its parent companyNihon Keizai ShimbunAndObunshaAs a station specializing in educational programs, the publication industry and three people involved in education play a central role.Nippon Education Television Co., Ltd.Established. The condition for the license is to broadcast more than 50% of educational programs and more than 30% of educational programs, and educational specialized bureaus for commercial purposes were rare in the world.
    • However, this attempt failed because the sales of educational programs and the sales of programs were sluggish and the results failed. After that, for exampleア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンOr foreignmoviesAre designated as "educational programs" and "educational programs" under the names of "for the education of children's emotions" and "introduction of foreign culture", respectively, and notified to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.NET TV"(December 1960) to make a de facto general broadcasting station.
    • In November 1973, Tokyo Channel 11 (laterTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.), due to a serious business slump, NET TV was also issued a general station license, and it was decided to restart as "general station NET" both in name and reality.
  • Before opening, ToeiAsahi ShimbunAsahi Television News Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture with NET TV, which has broadcast only news produced by the company since its opening. However, since the Asahi Shimbun took over half of Toei's shareholding in 1966, its ties with the Asahi Shimbun were strengthened in terms of capital and management, and it became a subsidiary of the Asahi Shimbun.
    • For that reason, the TV programs produced by the Toei Group from the beginning were changed to programs produced by NET TV.MonopolyHowever, since joining the Asahi Shimbun, the Toei Group has been actively involved in the programs produced by other commercial stations.
  • August 1967, 6,School broadcastIs a network whose parent isPrivate Broadcast Education Association(CurrentlyPublic interest incorporated foundationTo)Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Formed with. Since the broadcasting station that connects the school broadcasting of NET was formed as a member station, the member station is significantly different from ANN.
  • August 1977, 4,National Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.The company name was changed toTV Asahi".
    • This is due to the issue of the General Bureau license mentioned above.EducationThe company name including “” was made because it did not fit the actual situation, and the company name was decided by the Board of Directors on December 1976, 12. The managing director at that time wasAsahi ShimbunIn response to the interview with "New Japan Broadcasting as a candidate[Note 4], There was a plan such as All Japan Broadcasting, but it is confusing because there is a station with a similar name. After all, I decided to use the Asahi name, which has a long history and is well known, as it has a close relationship with the Asahi Shimbun. NationwideOsaka,Kyusyu"It was adapted to the image of the key station that is broadcasting the program on Asahi Broadcasting in Japan."[4].
    • After that, recruit “abbreviations”, “symbols” and “catching phrases” for all employees[2], Was officially decided at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on January 1977, 1. About 14% of the abbreviated proposals include "Asahi" such as "All Asahi" and "All Asahi", and "TV Asahi" was chosen as the one that shows the abbreviated name of the company because it is easy to get familiar with.[3].
  • In 1989, two branches of Tottori and Yonago (collection base)ASAT Sun Inn Co., Ltd.As a spin-off.
  • August 1996, 10,Iwate Asahi TVDeclared the completion of the ANN national network with the opening of the. At the same timesymbol markWas established.
  • 2002, the previous yearWorld swimming championshipFukuokaFollowing the initiatives at the Games, the “Company-wide Reform Promotion Campaign” was started with the aim of improving the physical constitution and continued until 2007. During this time, a large amount of internal reform was carried out, which resulted in the improvement of the audience rating as described later.
  • 2003 yearsRoppongi HillsPositioning the relocation of the new office building as the "third opening"[5], Company nameTV Asahi CorporationChanged to the companylogoHas also been changed to a European-oriented one. At the same time, the local subsidiary ASAT Sun Inn is absorbed and the branch operation is returned to direct management.
  • In 2005, annual and annual ratingsPrime timeThe first viewer rating since the opening2 bitBecame. Up until now, the viewership had been stagnant for a long time as it was called "4th place in a million years". HoweverAll dayIn terms of audience rating, from 1969 to 1971 in the NET TV era,NHKSecond onlySecond station in Tokyo(Became the top ranker in Tokyo)
  • 2007年11月1日、会社創立50周年を迎える。2009年2月1日の開局50周年を挟んで、2009年3月31日までを「開局50周年記念期間」と位置付け、様々な記念番組の放送、及び企画・イベントを行なった。
  • 2012, April monthly viewing rate (4-2 days) and quarterly viewing rate (April 29st week-June 4th week)Prime time・Prime time ・Became the top leader in all prime 2 time zones, the first "Four Crown KingWas won[6][7].
  • The average audience rating in the first half of 2012 was No. 2 in Prime Prime 2. All-day Golden took second place, but it was the first time in 2 years since the opening of the prime prime two golden since the opening of the station.[8][9].
  • 2012年の年間視聴率(2012年1月2日 - 12月30日)において、プライムタイムで開局以来初の首位を獲得。ゴールデンタイムでも開局以来初の2位となり、全日では41年ぶり4回目の2位を獲得した[10][11].
  • orQuasi-key station OfAsahi Broadcasting(Current:Asahi Broadcasting TV) Is the annual audience rating in 2012 (according to video research, Kansai area), which is 6 for all-day (24:19-22:19), golden (23:1-3:1982), and prime (30:XNUMX-XNUMX:XNUMX). I came to the rank. It is the first time in XNUMX years since XNUMX to win three crowns. According to the company, local programs in the morning and evening and national internet programs in the golden band are doing well.
  • In the 2012 annual audience rating (April 2012, 4-March 2, 2013), it won the first place since its opening in the golden time. Even in prime time, he won the top spot for the first time in a row and achieved the first double crown. All day, he was second with NTV (3%) by 31 points. In addition, in the second half of 2 (October 7.9, 0.1-March 2, 2012), it became the top all day, and TV Asahi's own Prime 2012 (10:1 pm-2013 am) combined with 3 crowns. Have achieved[12].
  • Earning the top audience rating above was once a "commercial male"TBSCombined with the long-term stagnation, TV Asahi has surpassed TBS for the first time since its opening even in standalone sales and has risen to the third place in commercial key stations.[13].
  • On July 2018, 7, he announced that he will participate in the Mahjong Pro League "M League". Sponsor "EX Furin Volcano"[14].


In the fall of 2003Roppongi HillsThe current logo that has been used since the move toThe United KingdomDesigner group ofTOMATO"It was produced by an in-house designer on TV Asahi. In the video version, the blocks included in the logo react to the sound.CGWill switch randomly.CMDisplayed at the top right of the screen for 3 seconds at dawn[Note 5] In addition, it can be seen at the start and end of broadcasting (same for the TV Asahi channel of CS broadcasting). It started at the same time as the head office relocation in autumn 2003[Note 6].. From September 2004, it started to move randomly even when end crediting live programs (Reference link).A semi-circular logo with "digital 5ch" drawn next to the logo is also written on the Bansen poster and for Kanto locals (in consideration of the fact that the core stations of the four regions have different channel numbers and program sales. It is rarely written for the outside world such as production work telop).Before that, the "4" mark using red and green (also not shown in the production work telop, together with the "network symbol" produced separately from the fall of 10. Compared with the above "1996ch" just before the end of analog broadcasting In the NET TV era, the normal "5" and the oblique "NET TV" logo were used (details will be described later).

Reason why the head office became Roppongi

The following candidate sites existed when the head office was selected when the station opened.

There was such a thing. From that

  1. Convenient transportation
  2. Possibility of future land expansion
  3. Easy access to communication system and power
  4. Easy to build

The Toei site of Roppongi (then the name of the town was Azabu-Saiki) was selected after repeated examinations[15].


TV Asahi terrestrial digital broadcast always voiceSampling frequencyHigh 48kHz sound qualityStereo soundSignals (compressed B-mode stereo) are sent out, and all programs are organized for stereo broadcasting (some are mono-stereo broadcasting). Most of the other commercial TV stations (terrestrial, BS, CS stations) including ANN affiliated stations always send stereo audio signals unless monaural dual audio or 5.1 surround is performed. The chick design is used for the mark of voice multiplex broadcasting and text multiplex broadcasting. In analog broadcasting, 5.1 surround and data broadcasting marks that are normally displayed only in digital broadcasting are also displayed. The receiver display icon is the only key station in Tokyo, and the logo color differs depending on the channel number. A Hollywood movie released in 2005Space war"soウクライナOn the wall of the TV broadcast vehicle that tells about the power outagetv asahi TV AsahiYou can see the letters.

2008 5Month5On Sundays (holidays), TV Asahi on terrestrial digital TV broadcastingRemote control key ID"5TV Asahi Sun",Yajiuma PlusToWide! ScrambleUp to 4 programs andSuper J channel] Total5Questions on each of the programs. A total of 1 person from each correct answer (requires application for each program)5First name,5There was a plan to give a 0-inch TV compatible with terrestrial digital broadcasting. From September 2008, information on "terrestrial digital broadcasting" has been broadcast in various programs for the purpose of popularizing digital broadcasting and disseminating TV Asahi channels in digital broadcasting. Also, at a PR spot produced in collaboration with anime and movies, when expressing the analog 9 chan, the old logo from the national Asahi Broadcasting era 10 (the above-mentioned 10 is a diamond) is used. In the terrestrial digital broadcasting EPG, the genre of "welfare program" is added to the original genre of the program for which subtitled broadcasting is carried out. Therefore, depending on the tuner, if you select the genre of welfare programs, these programs will also be displayed.[16].

Reliability survey

On the other hand,Oxford University Of(English edition"BRAND TRUST SCORES (2019-0)" summary table of "Digital Report 10"[17] According to JapanNHK,Nippon TV,TBS,Fuji Television Network, Inc, TV Asahi) was the lowest.

Transmitting station

  • Digital broadcasting
    • callsign : JOEX-DTV TV Asahi Digital Television
    • Remote control key ID : 5[Note 7]
    • Master station transmitting station (main station from 2013:5 on May 31, 9)-1-1-13 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Sky Tree 24ch 10kw
    • Preliminary transmitting station (main station until 2013:5 on May 31, 9)-4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Tower 24 ch

Main relay station

  • Niijima-24ch
  • Izu Oshima-43ch
  • Hachijo-37ch
  • Omezawai-24ch
  • Hachioji-24ch
  • Niijima Honmura-24ch
  • Hachioji Kamigakata-39ch
  • Tsurukawa-43ch
  • Kobutsu Castle Mountain-43ch
  • Mito-17ch
  • Juou-44ch
  • Hitachi-17ch
  • Yamagata-24ch
  • Hitachi Kashima-24ch
  • Hitachi Kamiho-24ch
  • Ryujindaira-24ch
  • Kitaibaraki-44ch
  • Okuhuji Man Body-24ch
  • Daigo-17ch
  • Satomi-17ch
  • Mt. Gozenyama-24ch
  • Sufu-17ch
  • Kasama-37ch
  • Iwase-24ch
  • Nakaminato-24ch
  • Utsunomiya-17ch
  • Sheet pile-17ch
  • Ashikaga-24ch
  • Imaichi-24ch
  • Horse head-24ch
  • Nikko Kiyotaki-42ch
  • Kanuma-36ch
  • Ashio-43ch
  • Nasu Iouno-24ch
  • Nikko Hirokubo-28ch
  • Kurobane Nakanouchi-24ch
  • Karasuyama Shrine-24ch
  • Minami Nasu Shitori-24ch
  • Kurobane Kawakami-42ch
  • Chichibu-24ch
  • Ogano-53ch
  • Kodama-24ch
  • Oniishi-34ch
  • Chichibu Sadaho-48ch
  • Chichibu Tochiya-48ch
  • Fuse-24ch
  • Hanno Kamiko-40ch
  • Yokosene Furuya-48ch
  • Hannohara Market-40ch
  • Maebashi-43ch
  • Numata-24ch
  • Tone-24ch
  • Azuma-24ch
  • Shimonita-24ch
  • Kiryu-24ch
  • Kusatsu-17ch
  • Piece-38ch
  • Kawaba-24ch
  • Numata Detected-17ch
  • Kiryu Umeda-43ch
  • Tsumagoi Tashiro-34ch
  • Numata Numasu-46ch
  • Kurabuchi-17ch
  • Myogi-32ch
  • Yokogawa-24ch
  • Tsumagoi Anomata-34ch
  • Katashina Higashi Ogawa-24ch
  • Komochi Ogawara-17ch
  • Tone Ohara-24ch
  • Shirasawa-30ch
  • Matsuida Kamimasuda-17ch
  • Hiratsuka-24ch
  • Odawara-47ch
  • Minami Ashigara-40ch
  • Yugawara-40ch
  • Aikawa-40ch
  • Hakone Yumoto-40ch
  • Takeshi Yokosuka-40ch
  • Lake Sagami-24ch
  • Sengokuhara-39ch
  • Yamakita-24ch
  • Tsukui-31ch
  • Kurihama-40ch
  • Zushi-40ch
  • Hadano-40ch
  • Yokosuka Kamoi-31ch
  • Yunosawa-20ch
  • Sasashita-24ch
  • Kamariya-43ch
  • Hadano Bodhi-43ch
  • Nakai-40ch
  • Totsuka-24ch
  • Kamakura-40ch
  • Kinugasa-40ch
  • Ofuna-40ch
  • Hakone Gora-39ch
  • Odawara East-47ch
  • Minatomirai-46ch
  • Fujino-46ch
  • Choshi-24ch
  • Togane-24ch
  • Otaki-24ch
  • Kimitsu-24ch
  • Chonan-17ch
  • Kamo Ichihara-43ch
  • Katsuura-24ch
  • Tateyama-24ch
  • Omigawa-24ch
  • Sahara-24ch
  • Shimosou Hikari-24ch
  • Maruyama-43ch
  • Katsuura Sono-43ch
  • Kamogawa-32ch

Analog broadcasting overview

As of July 2011, 7

Parent station JOEX-TV, Tokyo 10ch 50kw (Tokyo Tower)
  • Hachioji-45ch
  • Tama-57ch
  • Niijima-60ch (vertically polarized)
  • Hachijojima-10ch
  • Ogasawara Chichijima-59ch
  • Mito-36 ch (vertically polarized)
  • Kashima-29ch
  • Hitachi-60ch
  • Takahagi-59ch
  • Utsunomiya-41ch
  • Nikko-60ch
  • Sheet pile-59ch
  • Maebashi-60ch
  • Tomioka-59ch (vertically polarized)
  • Kiryu-59ch
  • Numata-59ch
  • Honjo-59ch (vertically polarized)
  • Chichibu-38ch
  • Narita-59ch
  • Choshi-59ch
  • Katori Sahara-60ch
  • Katsuura-59ch
  • Tateyama-60ch (vertically polarized)
  • Yokohama Minatomirai-60ch
  • Yokosuka Kurihama-35 ch (horizontal polarization in north direction, vertical polarization in west direction)
  • Hiratsuka-41ch (vertically polarized)
  • Odawara-60ch
  • Minami Daito Island-60ch
  • Kitadaito Island-48ch
…Other 99 relay stations.

From 2004 to 2008, transitional advertisements were made with analog 10 channels and terrestrial digital channels 5 channels.

Rebroadcast outside the area

Adjacent to the Kanto area and no affiliated stationsYamanashiOnly CATV operators in Japan are allowed to retransmit outside the area without setting a deadline even after the transition to digital broadcasting.Since the subscription rate of CATV / common listening equipment in Yamanashi Prefecture exceeds 9%, Yamanashi Prefecture is also a de facto viewing area.

Nagano-ShizuokaAlthough CATV operators in some areas of Japan have affiliated stations in each prefecture, as a measure to mitigate drastic changes,Rebroadcast outside the areaWas carried out for up to 3 years after the end of analog broadcasting (until July 2014, 7). After the expiration of the period of mitigation measures, individual consultations were conducted as follows.



  • 1957
    • July 7: Submitted an application for the radio license station as "Tokyo Educational TV".
    • July 7: Granted a preliminary license to "Tokyo Educational Television" (the same day, Fuji Television (later Fuji Television), Daikansai Television Broadcasting (laterKansai TV) Also issued a preliminary license).
    • April 11: "Nippon Education Television Co., Ltd.Established.
  • December 1958, 12: A test radio wave is emitted from the Tokyo Tower the day after the official opening (test pattern).
  • 1959
    • January 1: Grant of this license. The next day, the test broadcast will start on the 9th.
    • February 2: Main broadcast started as an educational broadcasting station from 1 am (video output 10 kW, audio output 10 kW, see below for the organization of the opening date).At the beginning of the station, most of the masters, transmitters, and broadcasting equipment in the station buildingNECIt was made. It was the third TV station in Tokyo to open.
      The first video to be broadcast on the first day of opening was "Dancing Lion Dance". This video was broadcast on January 2009, 1Shiru Shiru Mi Shiru], 10:10 am on this day[18] Broadcast fromHiroshi OkawaIt was introduced along with a greeting of the opening of NET TV by the president (at that time) and images of the NET TV building at that time (later TV Asahi Roppongi Center).
      At that time, the head office was located at 55 Azabu-zaikicho, Minato-ku, Tokyo.[19].
    • March 3: TV broadcasting started from this dayEvery day broadcasting(MBS), Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting (KBC) to connect to the network (initially both stations, Fuji TV and compound net).
    • April 4-Done this dayCrown Prince (Emperor Akihito)Michiko ShodaLive broadcast on both stations in collaboration with Radio Tokyo Television (KRT, now TBS Television)[Note 8].
  • 1960
    • January 1: Output increased to 17kW for video and 50kW for audio.
    • February 12:Company nameToNET TV(NT TV)”.
  • April 1961, 4: Broadcasting starts at 3:6 am in the early morning.
  • November 1963, 11: In collaboration with NHK, succeeded in the first US-Japan television relay broadcast using a relay satellite.Kennedy assassinationThe announcer of the quasi-key station Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) American branch at that time said, "I have a disappointing newsI was told.
  • 1964
  • April 1965, 4: The pioneer of the daytime wide showAfternoon show"start.
  • 1967
    • March 3: Color broadcasting started (27th in Tokyo area). The first isAnime"Wizard Sally"Next time preview.
    • June 6: Established a private broadcasting education association (folk religion) consisting of 10 private broadcasting companies with NET as the secretariat.
  • January 1970, 1: The title of the news program is "ANN News"change to.
  • November 1971, 11: Outsourced to Asahi TV News (later TV Asahi video) (end November 20).
  • 1973
    • February 4:NagoyaWith Nagoya Television Broadcasting (NBN, then Nagoya Broadcasting) in the areaChukyo TV broadcasting(CTV, Chukyo UHF TV broadcasting at the beginning of the broadcast), the anomalous compound net with Nippon TV was resolved, and Nagoya TV decided to make NET TV a single net (→Net changeSee section).
    • October 10: Press studio completed. All news except spot newsannouncerIt will be an appearance.
    • November 11: Transferred to general broadcasting station.
  • 1974
    • February 1:Oil crisisBy midnight self-restraint (total cancellation in October).
    • March 3: Completed school broadcasting that has continued since it was foundedParent's eyes/Child's eyes], but it ended in March 2004,Lively! Dream Kirari''Discovered! Human power''Learn Eye!''Japan! Food TravelAfter that, now is “The power of JapanIs being broadcast).
    • April 4st: ANN is formally formed by signing news agreements with local network stations.
    • February 11:KinkiHas reached a basic agreement that the quasi-key station will change from the previous Mainichi Broadcasting (MBS) to Asahi Broadcasting (ABC). Mainichi Broadcasting has been decided to form a network with Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) and JNN, where Asahi Broadcasting had previously been online.
  • March 1975, 3: NET TV-Asahi Broadcasting (ABC) new network started. The so-called “TV network”Bowel torsion"The condition has been resolved, and it was being broadcast on the TBS series.Welcome to the newlyweds!And 'Soap bubble gift], [Deadly series[Note 9]Asahi broadcast production programs such as "NET TV network (ANN)" was taken over.
  • 1976 2 Month 2 Day:Tetsuko KuroyanagiTalk program hosted byTetsuko's room"start.
  • 1977
    • February 2: Master update (NEC made). At the same time, the Tokyo Tower transmitting station is unmanned[20].
    • February 3:1980 Moscow OlympicsAcquired the exclusive broadcasting rights of.Japan's first commercial broadcaster to acquire exclusive broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games[21].
    • February 4:National Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to (ANB). However, it is rarely called by the company name, and at the same time, it is familiarized by "TV Asahi," which was established as a nickname.
  • 1978
    • May 5: CM bank introduced[20].
    • September 9: Preliminary license grant for Practical Audio Broadcasting Test Station[22].
    • December 12: Started audio multiplex broadcasting (Audio multiplex broadcasting practical use test station). The first is "ANN News" at 17:20. The first stereo is "Untitled concert』.
  • July-August 1980:Moscow OlympicsExclusive broadcasting (obtained exclusive broadcasting rights in 1977). Although it was the first commercial broadcast to win the exclusive broadcasting rights for the Olympics, it was reduced to a recorded broadcast at midnight due to the boycott decision of Japan.
  • 1985
    • February 9:Ark HillsThe Ark Broadcast Center is completed. Moved news functions.
    • February 10:Kume HiroshiA large-scale news program for the night, which was appointed as the main casterNews station] Started.
    • October 10: At the "Afternoon Show", the director was planning to broadcast on August 8, 1985.Motorcycle gangToLynchLetMiddle school studentsIt was discovered that they were injured. The director was arrested on charges of insulting assault, and the show was on October 10Censoredfinished. After that, about the matter,Ministry of PostReceive strict attention from (YaraseLynch case).
  • 1986
    • May 5: Head office moved to Ark Hills. The former head office building will be called "Roppongi Center", the production department will remain, and the registered head office will remain the same. Since then, until the dismantling of the Roppongi Center in 26, production of news and information related live programs at Ark Hills, production of varieties, dramas, and music programs at the Roppongi Center[23].
    • October 10: Music program "Music Station"start.
  • 1993
  • 1996
    • February 6:Rupert MurdochLeadNews CorporationMasayoshi SonLeadSoftbankIt is announced that the new company established by the joint venture will buy all the shares of TV Asahi owned by Obunsha and become the largest shareholder with a 21.4% ownership ratio.[24].. For the first time for a Japanese broadcasting station by a foreign company and a venture companyAndHostile takeoverHowever, in March 1997, Asahi Shimbun, the third largest shareholder at that time, agreed to buy all the shares held by the new company, and Asahi Shimbun became the largest shareholder of TV Asahi.
    • October 10: Iwate Asahi Television (IAT,Morioka) Was opened and ANN (24 fullnet stations) was completed.
  • April 1998, 4: OriginallyRyukyu Asahi Broadcasting(QAB) Broadcasting area of ​​Okinawa Prefecture Daito Islands (Kitadaito Island-Minami Daito Island) A TV relay station will be set up as part of measures to prevent TV viewing difficulties.[Note 10].
  • 2000
  • June 2002: Launched “Company-wide Change Promotion Campaign” (implemented until 6).
  • 2003
    • March 3: Completion of the current building[25].
    • July 7: Registered head office from ARK HillsRoppongi HillsChanged to a new office building inside.[26]
    • September 9: Broadcast at the current building[25].. The first program of the current building is "Morning! Yajiuma], and the ceremony was celebrated at the same time the program started ("Birth of New Teleasa") was held by the MC at that time.
    • February 10:TV Asahi CorporationChanged the trade name to "Callsign"EX(However, the abbreviation of EX has been used in the industry from before this.) On the same day, ASAT Sun Inn was absorbed.
    • December 12: Start of terrestrial digital television at 1:11 am. From the beginning, almost all of the live broadcasts from the Roppongi Headquarters studio, including broadcasts for BS Asahi, have been digitally broadcast.High definitionBroadcast (Hi-vision production itself started at the same time as the relocation).
  • 2004
    • February 2: Start of operation of analog/digital integrated master (NEC). Until the previous day, only analog broadcasting was being sent from the main control room of the Ark Broadcasting Center, but now both analog and digital broadcasting has started to be sent from the new building.
    • April 4: Instead of the "News Station" that lasted for 5 and a half yearsIchiro FurudateAppointed as the main casterNews station] Started.
  • 2005 5 Month 21 Day:Professional baseball-Yomiuri GiantsFirst hosting match (Tokyo Dome·versusHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersBattle).
  • 2006
    • April 4: Digital Terrestrial TelevisionOne SegThe main broadcast of is started.
    • February 6:2006 FIFA World Cup vs Japan VS CroatiaMonopolized by terrestrial (including affiliated stations and prefectures without affiliated stations).
  • November 2007, 11: 1th anniversary. Same day, customer counter (Yes! It's TV Asahi) Phone number is well known for digital 5ch,03-6406-2222から03-6406-5555Changed to.
  • 2008
    • May 5: Use of logo on screen for digital terrestrial television broadcasting from the viewpoint of pirated copy protection and copyright protectionWatermarkStart displaying (5th station in Tokyo).
    • June 6: Announced that it has acquired 6% of issued shares of Asahi Shimbun and has become the fourth largest shareholder. At the same timeVoting rights OfOffsetIn order to prevent this, it was also announced that the Asahi Shimbun's stock in Asahi will be sold and lowered to 9% by the end of September.
  • June 2009, 6: Internet program distribution serviceTele morning videosStart[27].
  • 2010
    • March 3: Utilizing satellite safety nets to reach difficult-to-view areas for digital terrestrial broadcastingBSSimul broadcast (BS295) is open for a limited period of 5 years.
    • March 3: In analog broadcasting, all news and information programs start stereo broadcasting (some are mono stereo broadcasting).
    • July 7: Most of the news programs including "ANN News" for a fixed five minutes on analog broadcastingLetter boxConversion.
    • July 7: Letterboxing of all live broadcast news programs in analog broadcasting.
  • 2011
    • May 5: Official mascot character "Go-chan."SanrioCo-produced and announced[28][Note 11].
    • June 6: Terrestrial analog broadcasting with the establishment of a digital relay station (new digital station) of 30 companies and 4 stations in Okinawa Prefecture area of ​​the Daito Islands (test broadcasting-July 5, official opening-July 7) The broadcast from the Daitojima relay station is over. After digitization, the original QAB relay station was officially installed.
    • July 7: Analog broadcast ends at noon. The broadcast wave will completely stop before 24:24.
  • 2012 4 Month 1 Day:Asahi New StarWas acquired from Satellite Channel Co., Ltd.[29]
  • 2013
    • May 5: Start sending from Tokyo Sky Tree at 31 am.
    • July 7: Announced the transition to a certified broadcasting holding company structure[30]
    • February 10:Television Asahi Division Preparation Co., Ltd.Established[30][31].
  • 2014
    • February 4:TV Asahi Holdings Co., Ltd.Change the trade name to and move to a certified broadcasting holding company structure[Note 12].. Company split and "(new)TV Asahi Corporation(Trade name changed from TV Asahi split preparation)". At the same time, BS Asahi became a wholly owned subsidiary through a stock exchange.[30].
    • June 6: Updated to terrestrial/BS integrated master (ToshibaMade). * As a result, the TV Asahi and BS Asahi master facilities have been integrated.
    • September 9: For all showsCredit providedof"提供CharacterlogoThe display method of has been changed,From the world car window, Etc., the white letters (without black borders) used in some programs have changed to have a light shadow.
  • 2015
    • January 1: Launched "LoGiRL", a video distribution service specialized for girls' content[32].
    • May 3
      • As part of the Asian strategy,ThailandKantana Group Company Limited (Cantana)"WhenIndiaTV broadcasting company "ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL)”, each has an agreement on business cooperation[33].
      • On the same day, BS simul broadcasting utilizing the satellite safety net ended.
    • February 8:KDDISmartphoneAnnounces business alliance in video distribution business for[34].
  • 2016
    • March 3: Ichiro Furudate, who has been the main caster for the "News Station" for 31 years, retires. From April 12Yuta BucheonThe announcer becomes the main caster.
    • February 4:cyber-agentBy joint investment withInternet tvStationAbemaTVIs the official opening of the station.
  • 2017

Organization of opening day

  • 10:00-"Lion Dance"
  • 10:10 --Chairman's greeting (Hiroshi Okawa NET Chairman)
  • 10:15 --Congratulations (Shinsuke KishiPrime Minister and others)
  • 10:40 --Blowing performance and boys choir
  • 11:20-"Education in the TV Age"
  • 12:00-News
  • 12:30 --Children's Kabuki
  • 13:00 --A parade for good children
  • 14:30 --Chancellor appeared (Prince Naruhiko Higashikyu and others)
  • 15:30 --Toho Gakuen Orchestra
  • 15:50-Olympic story
  • 16:20-"Electric Power Development"
  • 17:00 --Manga movie "Kitten's Rakusho" and others
  • 17:20 --The movie "Fuji is alive"
  • 18:00 --Concert
  • 18:30-News
  • 18:55 --Greetings from the President (Yoshio Akao, President of NET)
  • 19: 00- "NET Birth" (Part XNUMX) "Katsusaburo Renjishi"
  • 19:30 --"NET Birth" (Part XNUMX) "Glorious Invitation"
  • 20:30-"Hatsuki Yaricho Spring Wind"
  • 21:40-"The world 30 years from now" (this is the final program of the day)
    • Source: Mainichi Shimbun (Tokyo version reduced edition) 34-page TV section dated February 2, 1


American in 1984CNNIn 1985,Prime timeTo largeNews program"News station] Has begun. Even now"News station"When"Super J channel, A news program represented byLive TV until the morning!, Such as discussion programs,Beat Takeshi TV TackleAnd 'Akira Ikegami's news Was that right?I dealt with current affairsEntertainment showsIs good at producing. In addition, late-night variety program frame "Neo variety"Or"Friday night drama, Etc. are also active in cultivating time zones that were previously barren.

A remnant of producing and broadcasting school broadcasting in the former NET TV era, apart from ANNFoundationIt sponsors the Commercial Broadcasting Education Association (Private Education Association), and it is produced by the member stations.Educational program(In addition to terrestrial broadcasting, it is also broadcast on BS Asahi / Tele Asahi Channel 2).Also, in the early days of schoolOpen UniversityAlso involved in the production of lesson programs.

Since the 2010s, key stations in Tokyo have opened their own paid video distribution services one after another, but TV Asahi has added this to Internet operators.cyber-agentCo-funded with, in principle, a free internet TV station "AbemaTVWas opened.The broadcast programs include sequels and spin-off programs of TV Asahi production programs, and some of the original broadcast programs may be broadcast in the midnight terrestrial frame. Since 2017, he has been collaborating with TV Asahi on some terrestrial drama works.[Note 13].

At the entertainment officeIshihara promotionVery strong connection with (dissolved in 2021).this is"Western policeDuring the production, TV Asahi presented an unusual condition of "contracting directly (with Ishihara Pro) without going through an advertising agency", and since then, Ishihara Pro production programs have been on TV Asahi in principle. It was aired.He is also the founder of the production.Yujiro IshiharaMemorial service (13th anniversary, 17th anniversary, 23rd anniversary memorial service, etc.) and the sponsorship and live broadcast of the audition for the 2000st century Yujiro Ishihara "A man holding 8 million hearts" held in August 21 Is also going.

In addition,HoriproOscar promotionThere are many talents of the affiliated team, and both productions hold new recruitsaudition"Horipro Talent Scout Caravan"When"All Japan National Bishoujo ContestIs sponsored, and the pattern is also broadcast on a special program.As for Oscar, he produces and broadcasts a variety show (as of 2020, "Oscar Eats") in which his talent is in charge of MC.

Production program

News and information programs

The "Morning Show", which pioneered the wide show in 1964 in the NET TV era, started.

Many of the news and information programs that started in the latter half of the 1980s have become long-lived programs that have been broadcast for more than 20 years. In 1985, the first large-scale news program "News Station" started at 22:1987, which became a trigger for the "night news war", and TBS and others followed suit. In XNUMX, a late-night discussion program "Live TV until the morning!, But in 1989,Sunday project] And the news documentary "The Scoop] Has started broadcasting.


サ ッ カ ーI am focusing on the relay,Asian Football FederationSponsoredAFC Champions LeagueWas broadcast on BS Asahi and TV Asahi channels from 2007 to 2012. Japan national team won2011 AFC Asian CupWas also broadcast live exclusively on the ground wave. In 2014, it will be the first time it has been changed to once every four years.AFC Women's Asian CupWas broadcast live exclusively.FIFA World CupThe right to broadcast the match of the Japanese national team at the main tournament/group stage2002 Japan-Korea Conventionから2014 Brazil GamesHe has been fortunate enough to win four tournaments in a row. For soccer, see the information program "Yabetchi FC-Japan Soccer Support Declaration-] Was also produced.

In professional baseball,Radio stations・Relationship with Cultural Broadcasting[Note 14] Has a deep connection with TV AsahiSaitama Seibu LionsOften broadcasts games (mainly weekend day games). Nationwide online broadcasts since the latter half of the 2000s are regular programs of golden time andJapan national football teamBattleWorld swimmingFrom the organization policy that prioritizes the relay of other competitions such asAll star games-Japan series-SAMURAI JAPANBattle, day gameHanshinversus巨人Battle (Asahi Broadcasting TVIt is limited to production), and the broadcast of all-star games after 2014 is an exclusive broadcast on the same station.On the other hand, from 2012 to 2015, the broadcasting rights of all games sponsored by Saitama Seibu Lions on CS broadcasting were acquired, and all of them were broadcast on Asahi New Star (currently TV Asahi Channel 2 News Sports), which was directly managed by TV Asahi. It is a national competition that started in 2006 by broadcasting the game.World Baseball ClassicIs also being broadcast along with TBS TV (also NTV in 2006). It is also an international competition based on the age of high school studentsWBSC U-18 World CupIs broadcasting a terrestrial monopoly.

In addition,Summer high school baseballAt the time of holding, "Heat fight KoshienHas been co-produced with Asahi Television Broadcasting since 1981, and has established a cooperative system such as dispatching casters, announcers, and commentators.Regarding the broadcast of the tournament, since the 2000s, the opening ceremony and the final match have been broadcast, but since 2015, in addition to overlapping with the broadcast on NHK General / BS Asahi, the organization policy that prioritizes regular programs , Canceled the broadcast of the final match[Note 15], Broadcast on TV Asahi is limited to the opening ceremony.

Fighting sportsNow in 2020Key stationThen onlywrestlingrelay(新 日本 プ ロ レ ス), in the early 1970sAll Japan Women's WrestlingI also did a live broadcast. On the other hand, there has been a boom since the 1990sK-1,総 合格 闘 技Has never been relayed, so when it comes to standing martial artsboxingExceptKickboxingWas broadcast for only one year in its heyday,karateGroup/Kokushin KaikanHeld byblowWas only relayed once[Note 16].. In boxing, it began airing in 1959 under the title "Golden Boxing",Excite BoxingThe title was "" and had been organizing a regular relay frame until 2003. In JapanYonekura,Watanabe Boxing GymWas broadcast mainly in the game. In the past, we were also active in satellite relay of title matches overseas,Mohammed AliAlthough he was the second world heavyweight champion in 2-1974, he broadcasted Ali's defense game from overseas, but as of 1978, he has not organized boxing.

Among key stations in TokyoMotor sportsActively working on live broadcasting,1982 から2003 Until24 Hours of Le MansBroadcast in 2000Team townshipIn collaboration with, he also participated in the war under the name of "TV Asahi Team Dragon". Since the late 2000sWorld Rally Championship(WRC) Information and breaking news are broadcast on the same station's sports program.Also,Roppongi HillsHeld every year inTV Morning Summer FestivalAlso in WRC, attractions related to WRC are set up. Long time agoFormula EHowever, it was not broadcast at the end of the 2016 season, and it was virtually withdrawn.

In the NET TV eraOi RacecourseIt was being broadcast live from. In 1972Tokyo CupWas also the sponsor of the event, and was sometimes held as "NET Cup".

In competitions other than the above,Figure skating OfISU Grand Prix Series(NHK sponsors, awards cups and broadcastsJapan tournamentexcept for),水 泳With world swimmingPan Pacific Swimming Championships,GolfUS Open (Boys) And the British Open (Boys-woman),gymnastics OfWorld Gymnastics ChampionshipIs being relayed.In a rare example, from 1986 to 1989,Good morning! Gate ball]GateballI have been broadcasting a program.

Variety, music program

From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, there were very few variety shows in golden prime time, especially in the first half of 1997 on Tuesdays at 19:XNUMX.Uchchan Nanchan's Flame Challenger 100 million yen if you can do this!!] And Thursday at 19:XNUMXHyperdimension time bomberIt was only two programs.

In 1993, a new late-night variety program frame "Neo Variety" was newly established at 23:30. The initial broadcasting time was 23 minutes, but the broadcasting time was gradually expanded in response to a favorable audience rating, and other stations also had a great influence by establishing a variety frame at XNUMX:XNUMX. In the main frameMatsuko & Ariyoshi Karisome HeavenAnd 'Amethyoke!』And has produced many popular programs that continue to this day, and is actively" promoting "to golden prime time.On the other hand, while there are some successful cases of advancing to Golden, it has been pointed out that there is a divergence from the needs of viewers because there are many cases where the colors of the midnight era (sex appeal scenes and extreme locations and productions) are changed or discontinued.[37]..For this reason, there are also flexible attitudes such as returning to midnight and reviving, broadcasting the golden version in parallel with the midnight version, or producing programs on the premise of promotion to golden prime time. Some have kept the show alive out of the hands of TV Asahi.

From the late 2000s to the early 2010s,Suddenly! The Golden Legend.], [What if you try simulation variety?], [Please! RankingA lot of company information programs including programs were produced. In connection with this, the "Golden Legend" project "A man who eats up all ○○'s menus" and "Trial!"Return 10There are many plans and corners for "complete meals" such as "." On the other hand, while the audience rating was favorable, there were not a few criticisms from the viewers such as "wasting food" and "do you have to eat too much?"[38].

Music programs have been published since 1986Music Station』Start. Currently, it is one of the few permanent music programs that is broadcast in Golden Prime Time, and many artists aim to appear in this program. Also, from 1966 on the classic program "Untitled concert"Tokyo 12 ChannelThe broadcast started with the transfer from. This is the longest-lived program on TV Asahi on air,Guinness World RecordsHas been certified by.


BiographySince it was established as an affiliated company of Toei, there is now only one TV station with a dedicated frame for Toei production (Wednesday 21:XNUMX criminal drama frame,Thursday 20:XNUMXDrama frame and Sunday morningSpecial effectsDrama frame "Super hero time)).

Other than Toei productionThursday 21:XNUMXpmThere is a drama frame in. It had been sluggish until the 2000s, but after the 2010s,Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-''Emergency interrogation room] And other popular works have been produced.This frame is often starring a talent belonging to Oscar Promotion.

In 2000, the "Friday Night Drama" frame was newly established at 23:XNUMX. Later on TV Tokyo andYomiuri Television,MBS TVEtc. also entered the late-night drama and followed this trend.from here"trick''Chief of Special Mission Hitoshi Tadano''Prescription police''Housekeeper Mitazono] And other hits and topical works have also been born.Among them, the former two became popular as the sequel moved to the Thursday drama frame at 21:XNUMX and was made into a movie.

Criminal dramaIs active in the production of, and a special frame for criminal drama has been set up at 21:20 on Wednesday. In the past Thursday's XNUMXth Thursday'Thursday Mystery',Toei Kyoto StudioI am shooting atKyoto Prefectural Police(KyotoThere are many works set in (inside). 『Kyoto Labyrinth InformationAnd 'Omiya''Kasouken Woman''Residency investigation, Etc. are all made into a series, and from the viewer “Kyoto frameIt is known by the nickname "". Once active in the production of historical drama,Toyama's Kim''Ramenbo Shogun』And longevity seriesAfter intestinal torsion is resolvedAsahi Broadcasting which started broadcasting onShochikuThe "Death series" produced by was also popular. Also"Saturday movie theaterWas broadcast as a program afterSaturday wide theaterIs2-hour dramaBecame the pioneering program ofSunday wide→ →Sunday Prime], Etc., while changing or reducing the broadcast frame, new works are being broadcast.

In addition, we are actively rebroadcasting the drama, and we have set up a special frame between 14:16 and XNUMX:XNUMX on weekdays and Saturdays.[Note 17].. From March 2015, a rebroadcast frame specializing in historical drama at 3 o'clock in the early morningGood morning! Historical drama』Started (Kanto local).Although it was an unusual organization during the time when the weather forecast and news were normally broadcast, the audience rating was 2%, which is favorable.

From April 2017, 4, Monday-Friday 3:12-30:12 frame, new obi drama frame for silver ``Obi drama theaterWas started[39].. As a result, the commercial obi drama is "Tokai TV production daytime drama』(Fuji TV series nationwide net) was revived for the first time in a year after the end, but it was discontinued in March 1.

Special effects

It also has a special-effects drama produced by Toei, and is currently being broadcast on Sunday morning.Super squadron series"When"Kamen Rider seriesIs nicknamed "Super Hero Time" and is the only TV station in Japan that continues to produce special effects programs.

Regarding the Kamen Rider series, I used to receive works from the Showa era online, but since it was produced by Mainichi Broadcasting, I moved to the TBS series due to the elimination of intestinal torsion in April 1975. The Super Sentai series was then launched as a frame. 『Metal hero seriesFrom 2000 after the end, I was in charge of production instead of Mainichi Broadcasting, which had been producing and broadcasting the Kamen Rider series until then.After that, in addition to the series works, "Kamen Rider VS Super Sentai" and special effects works produced by TV Asahi in the past (Metal Hero ・Android kikaiderEtc.)Crossover worksIs also produced irregularly.In addition, "Super Hero Time" is the only TV Asahi drama work.Linked data broadcastingIs being carried out.

In 1960, shortly after the opening of the station, as a children's program commemorating the opening of NET TV, the puppet show movie "Venice merchant(Produced by Tokyo Central Puppet Theater) was broadcast.At that timeLive broadcastIt was the time when the puppet show was being broadcast on TV, but this program was the first puppet show movie work in which the puppet show was filmed and the scene of animation shooting was added on top of it.[40].


It started in 1963 when it was an educational bureau.Wolf Boy Ken』Entered the TV animation for the first time.After that, "Wizard Sally] And other "witch series" gained popularity.Even after becoming a general bureau, "IkkyuAnd 'Candy candy] And other hits have been produced one after another. Many of these successive works are also affiliates of TV Asahi.Toei animation(Former Toei Animation) Most of them are produced.

In the era when I was online with Mainichi Broadcasting, which was a semi-key station in the intestinal torsion era,Osomatsu-kunAnd 'Aim for Ace!, Etc. was broadcast on the net from the same station, and both were huge hits. Later became a popular program on the TBS series "Manga Japan Old Story』Was only broadcast for the last three months before the intestinal torsion was resolved.

In the 1980s, "DoraemonMonsterAnd 'Ninja Hattori"SuchShinei VideoBy productionFujio FujikoThe work became the center of animation, and in 1985, "Fujio Fujiko WideThere was also a one-hour anime complex zone called ". October 1News shuttle』Will be abolished by the start, but instead, the 18:50-19:20 frame on weekdays was unified with animation, and it corresponded to the viewing habit.Shin-Ei Animation became a wholly owned subsidiary in 2010.

In the 1990s, "Crayon Shin-chan, OrSailor Moon''SLAM DUNK, Etc., the popular works started, but the animation frame itself disappeared one after another from golden time, and these works were broadcast in September 2004.Saturday night 7pm(It ended in September 1997, and although it revived in April 9, it ended in about two and a half years).

In October 2009Tuesday night 7pmAlthough it has been a long time since the establishment of a new anime frame for Golden Time, it has not been established,Sunday morning 6:30 frameWithdraw and remain integrated with7 programs on Friday night 2pmFrom the fiscal year ending October 2019Saturday eveningMove to[41], The golden time animation frame will disappear.

Midnight animeAbout, was once broadcast in the same manner as other series, but with the reorganization of April 2007 the midnight anime frame was abolished once. After that, it will remain sporadic,Asahi Broadcasting・ Late-night anime works produced and broadcast on Me-TeleReverse netThere were no active efforts such as no achievements, but from the year ending April 2020NUM AnimationThe first late-night anime label on TV Asahi was newly established under the name of[42].. From October 2020, the same frame was promoted from the Kanto local to the national net, and the national net frame from Asahi Broadcasting TV "ANiMAZiNG !!!] Was newly established, and it became a late-night animation frame for one hour in a row.[43].

other than this,Xin HaichengIt has acquired the terrestrial broadcasting rights of the director's work, and the major works may be broadcast in the prime band, and other works may be broadcast at midnight.

Past theme song

Currently nothing.

NET song
Lyrics:Sato Hachiro, Composition:團Ikuma
TV Asahi Song
Lyrics:Yu Aku, Composition:Aya Kobayashi, Arrangement:Hiroshi Takada, Song: Peek-A-Boo & Moon Drops, Performance: Tokyo Chamber Music Association
A song made to commemorate the change of the company name to Nippon Asahi Television (NET TV) on National Asahi Broadcasting (TV Asahi). It was used during the opening and closing.
At that time, a single record not for sale ("My Friend 10 Channel TV Asahi") was produced by Astro Music Publishing (side A with a song, side B is an instrumental version).It hasn't been on the market for a long time, but on March 2008, 3Nippon ColumbiaIt was recorded in the compilation album "Aku channel-Aku Yu's song TV theme CM song collection" released by. After that, on November 2009, 11Universal Music JapanA compilation album released byBroadcast Tracks TV AsahiIt is recorded as a bonus track.
We will be together-to the future-
Lyrics:Hideaki Takizawa,Seiko Matsuda,Takashi Fujii,Tomohisa Yamashita,Hiroshi Yokoyama,Shibuya Subaru,Kozue Bell, Composition:Tatsuya Ishii,Flash kaneko, Song: Seiko Matsuda
2000 ,music-entaA song made by the project. The regular cast members of the same program wrote out the phrases and wrote the lyrics. same yearMay 5~31 daysUsed at the opening[44].

ス タ ジ オ

Roppongi 6-chome Headquarters Building (Roppongi Hills

Makuhari MesseAlso known for its designPritzker Prize建築 家Fumihiko MakiDesign and constructionTakenaka Corporation. There are 12 studios in total.HD/SD switching method. All live broadcast programs, including those for BS Asahi, are HDTV productions.

There are three general-purpose studios (3, 1, 2 studios) at the head office. Although it is a common number for key stations in Tokyo, the floor area of ​​the studio is not very large and the number of floors is low (the key station in Tokyo is basically 3 floors or more).Ark Broadcast CenterOperates while complementing each other.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th studios and the news room are located on the same floor.[45] Connected to. Almost all information programs centered on the press are produced in these studios. mainly"News station''Super J channel''Good MorningBoth the 4th studio and the newsroom sub (sub-coordination room) used in "are designed for news use only, and are capable of mutual and integrated operation (mutual complementation during emergencies and during continuous production of news-related live programs). Features).

In October 2013Roppongi HillsAndShuto Expressway No. 3 Shibuya LineLocated diagonally acrossNishiazabu1-chome is a 17-story high-rise building with some of the functions of the headquarters and offices of subsidiaries.EX tower"And multipurpose hall"EX THEATER ROPPONGI'[46] Complex facility consisting ofGo-chan. SquareWas completed and opened[47]..Also, the sameRoppongi HillsThe land of Roppongi 5-chome, which is adjacent to Roppongi, has also been acquired, and it has implications for participation in redevelopment projects that will be carried out there in the future.[Note 18]

  • EX Keyakizaka Studio(1st floor, 74 tsubo)[48] -"AbemaMorning"Keyaki Hill's NEWS" "AbemaPrime''Keyaki Hills''ABEMA news show』(AbemaNews). It used to be used in "AbemaWave" and "Kokomin Miname editorial department". Before being converted into a studio, it was rented out to the general public as a multipurpose event space "umu".
  • 21 studio(2nd floor, 22 tsubo)-Sub for sports broadcasting
  • 22 studio(2nd floor, 15 tsubo)-Sub for sports broadcasting
  • 61 studio(6th floor, 23 tsubo)-Studio parts such as "World Swimming" and "Football Japan National Team"
  • 62 studio(6st floor, 11 tsubo)
  • 64 studio(6th floor, 19 tsubo)-Once known as "Best! Travel recommendations''CNN Saturday Night(BS Asahi), also used for general tours, etc.
  • 65 studio(6th floor, 21 tsubo)-"News Access(BS Asahi / Tele Asahi Channel 2) "Deep news→ →Daisuke Tsuda Plus for Japan(Tele morning channel 2) "AbemaNews" (AbemaTV)

Ark Broadcasting Center (Ark Hills)

Ariake South Area Advancement Plan for Waterfront City

Coastal subcenterAriake South H Section (Tokyo)Koto WardAriake3-3-10,Anniversaire Tokyo BayA complex facility consisting of a multipurpose hall, an event / entertainment space, a studio for recording dramas, and an office will be constructed on the former site. Scheduled to open in December 2024[49].

The studio that once existed

Harajuku: BS (Columbus BS Morning Japan Building)

ReleaseOpen studioThere were "Galleria" and three TV studios, and in addition to producing programs for BS Asahi, recording programs for TV Asahi and producing programs for Asahi New Star, which has the main production function in this building, were also performed. The building was completed in August 3. All studios are HD compatible, interconnected with TV Asahi via a dedicated line via optical fiber, and live HD broadcasting for TV Asahi is also possible from BS Asahi's studio in Harajuku, and conversely from TV Asahi (Roppongi Headquarters) to BS Asahi. It was also possible to broadcast live HD and simultaneous terrestrial broadcasting to. There were also Asahi New Star and JCTV headquarters.

BS Asahi headquartered on November 2013, 11Roppongi Hills Mori TowerIn addition to moving to the 16th floor (the floor where TV Asahi has traditionally moved in), JCTV and other affiliated companies have also moved to the TV Asahi-owned facility in Roppongi. Furthermore, in February 2014, TV Asahi made the building a textile trading company.Tamura KomaBecause it was sold to[50][51], The relationship is completely broken.

Roppongi Center (former head office)

Roppongi HillsBefore the construction, I used this studio.Also, until it moved to the Ark Mori Building, it had its headquarters.

  • First studio (1 tsubo)
  • First studio (2 tsubo)
  • Studio 3 (100 tsubo) --Mainly used in "Morning Show". Later remodeled into a news studio.
  • Studio 4 (67 tsubo) --Used in the early "Morning Show".
  • First studio (5 tsubo)
  • First studio (6 tsubo)
  • 7th Studio (233 tsubo) --Mainly used in "Music Station", "Utchan Nanchan's Flame Challenger", etc.

In connection with the construction plan of the current head office in Roppongi, Yotsuya Broadcasting Center (1 studios, mainly recorded programs) as an alternative facility from the closure of the old head office to the start of use of the current head office, 2-chome, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-kuTonight 2Also includes some live broadcasts. Transferred to CS Digital Broadcasting Production Company in 2005 and is nowTokyu Group(Owned by Image Studio 109, a post-production company), Toyocho Broadcasting Center in Shinsuna 1-chome, Koto-ku (Grand studio of the former head office in Roppongi = installed as an alternative facility to the 7th studio. Number of studios 1. Closed in September 2004, then It was dismantled and nowTakenaka CorporationTraining center. ) Once existed.

For the same reason, although it is not a studio, it can be used as a desk space for the production bureau that remained at the former headquarters.subwayKamiyacho StationThe nearest "Toranomon 36 Mori Building" was reserved and operated as "TV Asahi Kamiyacho Center".

Information camera installation point

● is HD compatible




  • Tokyo - Tsukiji(Hama Rikyu Building ...Asahi ShimbunNext to the Tokyo head office), ARK Hills rooftop ●

Successive catchphrases

  • 1974-"Green space of the heart"
  • 1975- "10 dynamic channels"
    • NET TV by net change-PRed the new network of Asahi Broadcasting.
  • 1977-"My Friends 10 Channels"
    • Commemorating the company name change (Japan Educational Television → National Asahi Broadcasting). "TV Asahi Song] Was also made.
  • 1979-"10 channels of XNUMX years old"
    • 20th anniversary of the opening of the station.
  • 1985- "Denpa is fine"
  • 1987-"TV Asahi is sensitive to the times."
  • Early 1991-"Gut you, gut the earth."
  • Late 1991-"Impression Wave"
  • 1992-"ITSUMO (always.)"
  • 1993-"On. Tv Asahi"
  • There were spring / summer / autumn / winter versions of the kimono beauty anime.
  • 1994-"Yes. [] Tv Asahi"
    • A method in which characters can be freely entered in []. Example: [!] [Exciting] etc.
  • 1996-"I like it!", "Mr. XX, it's TV Asahi!", "Gorakuda"
  • 2003-"What is an adult?"
  • 2008-"NEW AIR, ON AIR. Tv asahi"[53]
    • It has been established as the company's corporate statement.

Movie production

Production CommitteeIncluding works participating in. In addition, from April 2010, the movie produced by TV AsahiWOWOWIs pre-broadcast (excluding some works).



































Besides, movies"Doraemon" series(Every year from 1980, but no 2005 works)Crayon Shin-chan series(Every year from 1993).

Main person



Branch office


There was once a branch office in Kyoto and Kobe (currently abolished).
In addition,Great East Japan EarthquakeThe Sanriku Temporary Branch was opened as a local base for long-term coverage of the disaster area. The coverage area is usuallyIwate Asahi TVEast Japan BroadcastingIs in charge of,IwateからMiyagiIt was set up in the form of joint management of ANN affiliated stations centered around TV Asahi in an area centered along the Sanriku coast. Abolished around 2014.

Interview base

The following branch offices cover news that has occurred in areas without TV Asahi affiliates. Similarly, Asahi Broadcasting has established stations for Tokushima and Kochi, which do not have affiliated stations, and Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting for Saga.

  • TV Asahi Kofu Branch (in charge of Yamanashi Prefecture)
  • TV Asahi Toyama Branch (Joint with Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting Toyama Sales Branch. In charge of Toyama Prefecture)
  • TV Asahi Tottori Branch (in charge of eastern and central parts of Tottori prefecture)
  • TV Asahi Yonago Branch (in charge of western Tottori prefecture)
  • TV Asahi Matsue Branch (in charge of Oki, eastern Shimane Prefecture)

Outside Japan

Asahi BroadcastingShizuoka Asahi TVFor overseas branch offices established byAll Nippon News Network"checking.

Affiliated stations

For affiliated broadcasting companies, see "All Nippon News Network"and"Private Broadcast Education Association"checking.

Group Companies

Consolidated subsidiary

As of July 2017, 7Video Pack NipponWas merged and the production department was integrated.
KDDIJoint venture with. The Company and KDDI are 50% shareholders respectively.

Equity method affiliate

An advertising and video production company with a video post production department, "McCray". Entered into a capital and business alliance on December 2017, 12, and TV Asahi will own 1% of Ray's issued shares.


1900 era

2000 era

  • October 2001, 10, information program "Super morning], TV Asahi former Cairo bureau chiefKoji Kawamura“Because Jews control American media,AnthraxIt was the target of the case," and was protested by an American Jewish group.
  • In the "Sunday Project" broadcast on August 2002, 8,Moderator OfSoichiro Tahara Member of the House of Representatives OfSanae TakaichiAs a result of making a remark thatRight wing groupTo TV Asahi JapanTown missionI was forced to protest every day with[56][57]. From the content of Tahara's remarks, even the viewers who are critical of Takaichi felt that the progress of Tahara as a moderator was not fair/cowardly, so the format that Tahara made to Takaichi in the program of the next week Just an apology made things worse[58]. The top of TV Asahi struggled to resolve the situation, eventuallyKudan KaikanIn one roomJapan Youth CompanyMembers ofAsadoin DaikakuTahara will apologize in front of 150 people[56][57]. The scene of the apology at Kudan Kaikanweekly magazineIt was published as the first photo of Weekly Bunshun.
  • On December 2001, 12, in the variety program "Gokuraku Tonbo no Bascon!"ChibaI took a picture of a passenger car running on Kujukurihama, which is prohibited by the regulations. TV Asahi later apologized to Chiba Prefecture.
  • On November 2002, 11, in the "Super Morning" information program, "Furuto Sosou! The reality of Gingin people who disturb Kyoto," the program reporters asked the owners of the modified cars to "run" Then, the documents were inspected for suspicion of violating the road and traffic law (assistance for violent driving) for actually performing violent driving.
  • On August 2003, 8, when shooting the serial drama "West Police 12" that was scheduled to be broadcast from October of the same year, one of the performersTsutomu IkedaA car for shooting driven by a man rushed into the crowd watching the shooting, and five peoplefractureAn accident that caused serious or minor injuries such as[59]. The program was discontinued, and the special drama "West Police POLICE 2003" that had already been completed was also canceled.[59]. The following year, the criminal disposition of the person in charge of shooting was confirmed, the injured had already recovered, and the special drama was received on October 2004, 10 in response to the approval of the broadcast.Western Police SPECIALWas broadcast as.
  • August 2003, 9,LDP presidential election of the same yearOf the former Chief Cabinet SecretaryMuraoka KenzoOf the LDP former secretary generalHironori NonakaBased on what he said, "Isn't he even eating poisonous manju?", a news reporter on TV Asahi placed a manju in front of his home in Muraoka and bought a bun. Also, February 2004, 2, TV Asahi "Beat Takeshi TV Tackle"(September 2003 broadcast) and program editing and "News Station" (November 9 broadcast)Democratic PartyThe Liberal Democratic Party protested that it carried a biased report that carries up, and announced the disposition of a total of 7 people related to the organization and production director at that time as "There was a mistaken editing and a structure lacking consideration".
  • February 2004, 2, variety program "SmaSTATION-3』And when you eat instant noodlescerebral infarctionIt broadcasts giving an unfounded misunderstanding that it leads to, and apologized after protesting from an industry group.
  • February 2004, 2, TV Asahi has no diplomatic relations with JapanDPR Korea(North Korea) broadcasting stationKorean Central Television"I paid a copyright fee for using the image of"Daily GendaiIs reported in. According to the government, copyright law protection does not extend to images of countries without diplomatic relations.[60].
  • February 2004, 2, late-night anime program "Area 88』It was pointed out that it was a subliminal expression that inserts a video of a naked woman falling down momentarily, and deleted the relevant part. Broadcasting standards of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters of Japan prohibit subliminal expressions that insert images that cannot be perceived by the naked eye.
  • On June 2004, 6, in "Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle" broadcast in September 4, a member of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic PartyTakao FujiiWhile a Democratic Party member was asking questions about the abduction victims in North Korea, Fujii edited and broadcast the question as if he was skipping the question about the abduction issue. "Committee on Broadcasting and Human Rights(BRC) recommends infringement of rights on TV Asahi (actually, it was for another question that he was skipping Noji)[61].. Also, on November 2003, 11, "News station』In spite of the general election public announcement period, unilaterally reported on the ministerial list announced by the Democratic Party, about these two casesMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsBe very careful.
  • August 2004, 8,TochigiA memorandum of coverage of TV Asahi, which covered lawyers who had been accused of child abuse due to the problem that a child who was in a facility related to the seminar group "Home of Heart" was temporarily protected by a child guidance center, was sent to the group. I crossed. After that, a group official submitted evidence to the Tokyo District Court in a defamation lawsuit against lawyers, and the lawyer protested on TV Asahi when he learned that the materials were flowing to the group.
  • June 2004, 12, ``Weekly BunshunAccording to the news report, the variety show "Zentaro Kinata], The harassment was discovered.It was a program that introduced poor life, but in realityス タ ッ フIt is revealed that he was pretending to be a poor life by the instruction of.
  • Information program "Broadcast on December 2005, 12, December 7, 12"Miracle Door TV PowerIn 1990, a person with psychic vision abilitySapporoThere is a suspect in the murder case that occurred inside. "Kobe CityHigashinada WardThe video of the elementary school was broadcast without permission from the school. As a result, parents and children of the school complain of anxiety, and the situation becomes a problem such as group leaving school and strengthening patrols by local residents. The school protested on TV Asahi.
  • August 2006, 9,Tokyo National Taxation BureauApproximately 2005 million yen in the three years up to the fiscal year ending March 3, following the tax auditOmission of declarationIt was discovered that was pointed out. Approximately 1 million yen of that amount was found to be fictitious outsourcing costs to subcontracted production companies such as information programs, and the National Taxation Bureau recognized it as "malicious income hiding." The chief producer of the organization production bureau who was involved in income hiding was disciplined and dismissed.
  • April 2007, 4, TV Asahi information program "Wide! ScrambleThe content broadcast inEvery day broadcastingEvening news program "VOICEIt turns out that he was protested by the Mainichi Broadcasting System every day, saying that it was very similar to what was reported.As a result of the investigation by TV Asahi in response to this,Program staffAdmitted that it was intentional, saying, "I used the news material of Mainichi Broadcasting System as one of the materials." At the end of March, TV Asahi apologized for the Mainichi Broadcasting System in a document named by the director of the press.
  • August 2007, 4,Nagasaki mayor shooting deadThe crime notice is "News stationIntroducing what was delivered to. However, no report was made to the police.
  • August 2007, 9,Prime MinisterShinzo AbeWas given an extraordinary bulletin when he announced his resignation, but at that time, on TV Asahi's digital broadcast, it went on air from 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the actual broadcast, and the announcer'sNaoki TsuboiChiho UeyamaThere was an accident that the pre-production exchange was broadcast as it was[Note 20].
  • On December 2007, 12, at "Hodo Station" broadcast on November 7, 11,Japan McDonald'sIn the report of the falsification problem of the cooking date and timeYaraseExcessive production that is also accepted is discovered. The report of the problem was that when a woman who was a former store manager who testified that the cooking date and time had been tampered with appeared as a witness, the program staff said that the uniform was for a part-time job even though she had already resigned. Viewers pointed out that they were wearing the store manager's deputy badge. The moderator apologized and acknowledged the facts in the program on December 2007, 12.
  • On February 2008, 2, on the TV Asahi information program "Wide! Scramble" on February 7, 2.Made in China Poison Gyoza problemWhen introducing the reaction of the Chinese side, I introduced an article of the local Chinese newspaper "Reference News", and the headline "Japanese media roasted poisonous dumpling case" was "Japanese media is forging poisonous dumplings" etc. However, it was discovered that this was a mistranslation, and the government was involved in the turmoil.Ministry of Foreign AffairsAccording to the actual translation, "Roasting is not used in the sense of" fabrication "with nuances such as" making a big noise "." In addition, the origin of the matter is that a member of the Diet who truly received the false alarm of TV Asahi appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that "should protest against China" and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs investigated, and as a result, it was discovered that it was a false alarm of TV Asahi. In this false alarm, the ruling party reported "a non-existent" fabrication report "and gave it material to attack the Japanese media. It is even more emotional, even though it could leave a lump between Japan and China. It may encourage a mess, "he said.
  • Broadcast on April 2008, 4 at "Hodo Station" on April 15, 4AomoriRokkasho VillageSpent nuclear fuelReprocessing plantIn the special feature onJapan Nuclear FuelReceived a protest from. The content of the protest includes the use of images that may interfere with security, shooting without permission, and expressions as if a large amount of radioactivity was released.Germany,フィンランドThen.Nuclear powerThe content of the broadcast saying "I stopped" is wrong and there is a factual misunderstanding, and a total of 6 points of biased coverage and factual misunderstanding are protested[62].
  • June 2008, 6, like a horseback riding called "Rodeo Boy II" on a mail order programmotionWhen introducing the device, it may violate Article 3, Paragraph 4, Item 1 (Good Misconception) of the Prize Labeling Law that the experiencer broadcasted as if he had lost weight and lost weight after using it for 1 weeks. As there isFair Trade CommissionI received a warning. The program in question is "Small walk"Selection X" "Selection X Morning" "Selection X Deep" "Selection Saturday X" "Selection Monday X" "Mail order special" and many more.These broadcast periods are around June 2006-until June 6.According to the Japan Fair Trade Commission, we introduced data that weighed up to 2007 kg and lost up to 6 cm at the waist after using 1 hour every day for 3 weeks, but as a result of a survey by the Japan Fair Trade Commission, the manufacturer's data etc. It turns out that we can only lose about 6.6 kg.Also, according to TV Asahi, those who experienced the data in questionmonitorAgencyThere are 14 men and women who belong to, 6 of whom have dietary restrictions in addition to Rodeo Boy II.dietWas used together. This is the first time that the Fair Trade Commission has issued a warning to terrestrial broadcasting stations.[63].
  • August 2008, 10,Friday night drama"Office worker Kintaro"ofTokyoSuginamiOn the 29th of the same month, it was discovered that the owner had protested by attaching the license plate of the prop to the passenger car parked in the parking lot of the apartment at the time of shooting in, and the station said, "There is no excuse." He said he commented.
  • Broadcasted on December 2009, 1Information organization Variety Usobaster], Introducing 6 trivia blogs at the end of the program. The performers answered it. However, after that, the viewer inquired that it was unnatural because "the posting date is all December 2008, 12" and "there is only one article", and the staff of the program production company created it by themselves. It turned out that it was a blog.
  • On March 2009, 3, on July 30, 2008, in "News Station",TokushimaGot up inLand improvement areaStaffbyembezzlementWhen the news of the incident was reported, theHironori Nonaka OfImageRegarding the matter that was broadcast, the BPO's Broadcast Human Rights CommitteeLibelThere was a serious violation of broadcasting ethics that could lead to This is the second example of the "Critical Broadcast Ethics Violation" certification.[64][65][66].. TV Asahi apologized in "Yes! TV Asahi is" broadcast on April 4th, "We will take this decision seriously and give due consideration to broadcast ethics and human rights."[67].
  • June 2009, 6, at noon and eveningANN News], "World's first Kim ShounGet the latest photos ofGeneral secretary,Kim Jong IlHe released a photo of his face, which seems to be Kim Jong Un, the third son of.South Korea(Korea)MediaReported the photo released by TV Asahi on its website as "Special photo". However, it turns out that this photo is of a Korean man similar to Kim Jong Il, which was posted on the membership blog of a major Korean portal site,Union NewsWhen interviewed by the man, the man admitted that it was his photograph. TV Asahi acknowledged the misinformation, and in the "news station" of the same day when it was planned to report on the face photograph,Ichiro FurudateApologized. Also, on the 11th of the next day, "ANN News" and "Super J channel] But the announcer is apologizing[68][69][70][71][72][73][74].
  • At "News Station" on November 2009, 11,Lindsay Ann Hawker's Murder CaseOf the suspect,Plastic surgeryThe image of a hospital sign that has nothing to do with the medical institutiontelopShed without putting. I didn't approve the interview at the hospital where the video was shown. Detected by the indication from the hospital, TV Asahi apologized on "Super Morning" and "News Station" the next day.[75][76][77][78].
  • Broadcasted on June 2010, 6Is that so! News that Akira Ikegami can learn"ofFoot-and-mouth disease"The calf from Miyazaki was sold all over the country and became a brand beef, and "Tajima beef" and "Kobe beef" are also included." "A calf from Miyazaki prefecture or other prefectures will never become Tajima beef or Kobe beef," and posted a correction and apology article on the homepage of the program.
  • 2011 May 1On the 25thQatar OfDohaMade inAFC Asian CupIn the semi-final match between Japan and South Korea,StrangerWhile strange criticism gathered for the monkey imitation act by the monkey (monkeys are used when insulting Japanese in Korea), the reason for the monkey imitation on the audience's seat on his own TwitterRising Sun BannerI posted a sentence saying. About this, TV Asahi's "Wide! Scramble" introduced the Asahi flag on the stadium on the panel, and broadcasted blaming the Japanese supporters for using the Asahi flag. However, the Asahi flag was not confirmed in the actual stadium, and the stranger withdrew. In addition, the picture of the Asahi flag presented by TV Asahi has a seat on the second floor,Netherlands flagWas reflected. In the actual stadium, there are no seats on the second floor, and there is no reason for the Dutch flag to appear because of the Japan-Korea battle. TV Asahi is the day after this broadcast, and the photo is2010 FIFA World CupA revised broadcast was given that it was a picture of the audience seats of the South African tournament between Japan and the Netherlands. By the way, the Asahi flag owner's organization, which was introduced, said that the broadcast content was TV Asahi fabrication, and said that he did not bring the Asahi flag to Qatar and suppressed the bulletin in the Japan-Korea war on Twitter.[79][80].
  • Broadcasted on June 2012, 5Mr. Q!!”, when you asked the question “choose a disease whose number of patients has increased in the last 10 years”, as one of the correct answersautismAnd the man is depressed while holding his head in a dark room,Social withdrawalThe picture that reminded me was broadcast. At present, autism is thought to be caused by a congenital brain dysfunction, and in response to what the viewers pointed out while broadcasting the program, TV Asahi Public Relations Department said, " It was inadequate and inappropriate to treat as a problem." I posted a correction and apology on the website of the program.
  • On September 2012, 9, in the recording of the special number "Q-sama!!"Cedar Chiba International Swimming PoolFrom a 10 meter high diving platform to the pool atDiveNo. 12 due to the impact of landing when you challengethoracic3 months to rupture and fractureSerious injuryI owed.The program scheduled to be broadcast on the 9th of the same month was postponed, and the movie "Resident evil ii apocalypseWas replaced by[81].
  • September 2013, 9, ``Information-filled live show Morning Bird!』In the live broadcast of TV Asahi announcerYasushi KomatsuBut" South Korea OfTsushimaAnd then ownTwitterI added to my account, "I made a mistake that I shouldn't do. I'm a responsible person and I'll be careful about what I say again. Viewers who seem uncomfortable. I apologize to you."[82] And apologized[83].
  • In November 2014Arsons other than buildingsOn suspicionSaitama Prefectural PoliceToArrestIn the same incident, TV Asahi broadcasted a video of a security camera recording the appearance of a person who covered his mouth with something like a towel and arson in the same month, naming the man as ``SuspectI caught the appearance of "." The man was not suspiciousIndictmentAnd (because the man died in 2016) his family was "damaged in the press" by TV AsahiRestitution for DamagesFiled a trial seeking. TV Asahi claimed to have ``covered the Saitama Prefectural Police etc.,'' but on January 2018, 1,Tokyo District CourtSaid that there was insufficient evidence that the person in the video was a male, "the adverse effects of a non-male arsonist are considerable, and careful reporting should be done," 220 million TV Asahi Ordered compensation for yen[84].
  • August 2015, 1,BS AsahiThe program "3B junior stardust company], an idol group3B juniorMembers (12 years old at the time) are used for party goodsheliumThere was a situation where he was inhaled and was transported by ambulance.
  • August 2015, 7,Thailand-BangkokA free calling app opened by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand by a 40-year-old male director of a branch office for foreign journalistsLINEAccidentally posted his naked lower body image in a group of. About XNUMX people, including foreign journalists, were registered in the group. Thailand is a country that is very strict about sexual expression and is an international issue that is linked to the image of Japan, so TV Asahi apologized to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and decided to disregard himself.[85][86].
  • On February 2016, 2, at the news station,Professional baseball player OfKiyohara Kazuhiro OfStimulantFormer caseProfessional boxer OfJiro WatanabeTo KiyoharaGangsterReport as if you introduced the members, June 6 of the following year,Osaka District CourtToLibelWas ordered to be compensated for 150 million yen[87].
  • June 2016, 6, with TBSTV AsahiSince the same woman appeared in the street interview of the news program, the voices such as "Sakura?"[88].. Meanwhile, the woman was reported to be a member of a civil societySankei ShimbunAlso apologized for not confirming the facts[88].
  • On March 2018, 3, an information program aired in 15,Wakayama poison curry caseExecution criminal Masumi Hayashi A prisoner of death sentenced to a religious group for the purpose of soliciting followers from insurance, and in a trial that was sued by Hayashi for defamation,Osaka District Court"We did not show the fact that the forest death row prisoners enrolled and solicited insurance," he said. As a TV Asahi ordered to pay 30 yen[89].
  • On March 2018, 3, a religious corporation that was taken up as a forcing solicitationFuji Oishi Temple Kenshokai”, but in a trial that was sued for defamation,Tokyo District CourtOrdered the payment of 20 yen, saying "it could not be said that there was a valid reason" for affirmatively taking the remarks of executives of the "Japan Decultural Society" as facts.[90].
  • On October 2019, 10, in the planning of "Unexpected usage of commercial supermarkets" for the broadcast of "Super J Channel" on March 16, 3, the director in charge informs many acquaintances of the interview schedule in advance. , 15 of them announced that there was an inappropriate production of pretending to be a shopper.[91] According to the bureau, the male director did not directly ask "I want you to come to the store", but told the date and place of the interview in advance and prepared to come to the store voluntarily. Of these, three customers and one who was interviewed in the episode part were students in the actor training class where the director was instructor, and the remaining one was a person who had acquaintance with the director at another vocational school. , All of them were interviewing as if they were meeting for the first time. The director was an employee who had been dispatched from an affiliated company TV Asahi Productions as a business contractor, but the dispatch destination was changed after the broadcast of this program, and at the time of discovery, the dispatch to TV Asahi had already been completed. After the interview, a preview before the broadcast was conducted with the person in charge of TV Asahi and TV Asahi Production, and it was clear that he did not notice the problematic part and submitted false content as "no problem" on the check sheet before the broadcast. I have to. Information was provided anonymously on October 3, and as a result of investigating by setting up a project team on October 1, the director admitted inappropriate production. On the evening of the same day, the managing director and the director of the public relations bureau held a press conference, saying, "We deeply apologize to all the people concerned, the viewers, and the people involved in the store who provided the location site. It was, "he apologized. After that, in September 1, the BPO's Broadcasting Ethics Verification Committee recognized that it was a violation of broadcasting ethics, saying that "the process of coverage was not appropriate, and the content was not accurate and lacked fairness." It was.[92]
  • On December 2020, 12, the "Supporters' Association of Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe"Cherry blossom viewingRegarding the alleged compensation for the cost of the dinner party the day before, "Former Prime Minister Abe was responding to the interview with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office," he reported in a news program at noon. There was no fact that it was done. "[93][94][95].
  • 2021 May 3, TV Asahi has a web commercial for "Hodo Station"YouTubePublished on Twitter and.In the 30-second version released on YouTube, a young woman laughs at the viewer, saying, "When some politician has a slogan like'gender equality', it feels outdated."[96]..Criticism was concentrated on the Internet, saying that "women's contempt is overflowing" in response to the broadcaster's message that "it is outdated to hold gender equality"[97].. JournalistRenge HaribeAnnounced in 2019 by the World Economic ForumGender gap indexHe criticized the commercial, taking as an example that Japan was ranked 153st out of 121 countries. "I'm letting women say that they've been misunderstood that'gender equality has been achieved.'" The younger generation says that women are "no discrimination." I think that the composition is really malicious. "[98].
    TV Asahi said on the official Twitter of the program at midnight on March 3, "I couldn't convey my intention properly" and "I take it seriously that someone who felt uncomfortable came." Deleted CM[99][100].
  • 2021 May 5Around 5 am, an employee of the IP Promotion Department of the Business Produce Bureau of the same station illegally invaded a room in an apartment in Minato-ku, Tokyo and put on wireless earphones worth 1 yen.theftbottom.The employee escaped from the scene because he was noticed by a sleeping resident during the crime, but the same year.May 8TotheftBurglaryOn charges ofMetropolitan Police DepartmentAzabu Police StationWas arrested by[101]..TV Asahi said in an interrogation by the police that "I was in debt and I thought that if I stole cash, I would have more time to live" and admitted that it was a theft or burglary for the purpose of stealing money.May 9With this employeeDisciplinary dismissalDisposed[102].
  • 2021 May 8From night to dawn on the 9th,2020 Tokyo OlympicsA total of 6 people, 4 employees of the sports station of the same station who was in charge of program production and 10 outside staffClosing ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo OlympicsCalled the "launch" ofEmergency declarationInShibuya Ward OfKaraoke shopToAlcoholic beveragesBring inDrinkingAccompanied byBanquetOpened[103].. The launch started at 8:20 on the 21th, and around 9:3, a female employee who later caused an accident participated. At around 30:XNUMX on the XNUMXth, when this female employee tried to leave the store first by herself,エ レ ベ ー タ ーWithoutEvacuation stairsAlthough I went down to the first floor, the entrance to the first floor was closed, so it is between the first and second floors.landingFromSignboard,パ イ プWhen I tried to leave the store with a bulge such as, I fell and leftTalusSeverely injured in a fracture[104][105]..At 3:59 am119There was a report and the female employee was taken to a hospital in Tokyo.[103][106]..Female employeesHeelsFractured手術The injury was so serious that it was considered to be half a year to heal.[104]..On September 9, the same year, TV Asahi announced a disciplinary action to reduce the salary of six sports bureau employees who participated in this matter for 7 days, and to reduce the salary of the sports bureau director and sports center director by one month as management and supervision responsibility. ..Serves as President of TV AsahiKeiji KameyamaIt is also reported that Satoshi Hamashima, the managing director, offered to return 10% of executive compensation for one month.[105][107].
  • 2021 May 9Weekly Bunshun electronic version of distribution and the next22 daysShukan Bunshun, which was released, posted an article saying, "Two sports bureau employees of the same bureau were reselling their own pin badges for people involved in the Tokyo Olympics with a flea market app."[108]..About this articleSports NipponAfter admitting that it was "generally a fact", he explained that "the resale was done by the spouse and the employees themselves did not know". "It is very regrettable that the resale was done. We will refund the sales price, instruct you to collect the pin badge, and since it is a family-related problem, we will deal with it rigorously with a lawyer. "[109].


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