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🎭 | Nana Seino & Keisuke Watanabe A romantic short movie set in a shopping mall at night "Touchin ...


Kiyo Vegetable Name & Keisuke Watanabe Romantic short movie "Touchin ..." set in a shopping mall at night

If you write the contents roughly
It is a short film that gives a dramatic feeling, starting from now on.

A short film of Shiseido's "Maquillage" starring actress Kiyobana and actor Keisuke Watanabe will be released on Wednesday, 15th ... → Continue reading


Recently, I often see negative and dark news... Big incidents and accidents are dealt with widely in each media, so it is unavoidable. However, if you look around the world widely, there are lots of bright and fun news! YESNEWS is a news media that delivers everything positively, mainly with fun and bright entertainment information.

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Short film

Short film(Tanpenei,short film) Has a short screening timemoviesPoint to.There is no clear division in length, but it is mainly within 40 minutes including end credits.Short filmAlso called.

It is a genre that is not well recognized in Japan.On the other hand, it is an established category in Europe and the United States.CommercialEstablished as, onceデ ィ ズ ニ ーThe works were mainly short films.

Tampere Film Festival (FIAPFThe oldest official Nordic film festival)Annecy International Animation Film Festival(ASIFAThe largest official recognition in the worldア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンEmphasis on short films rather than feature films, such as film festivals)Film festivalNot a few.

in recent years,インターネット-mobileThe importance of short films is increasing in video distribution media such as.Since these media are not suitable for watching long-time video works, there are increasing worldwide examples of commercially successful feature films delivering short films on the Internet.

Instead of a movie director's business card

It is used as a business card for the director, as it is sometimes created as a study by those who aim to make their debut as a feature film director.Filmmaker (producer) Checks these works in the short film section of the film festival and discovers the director.Also, since it can be produced even on a low budget, it will be created as a practical training at a film school.

Short film festival

The following are typical short film festivals.

Short movie theater

Commercial screening of short filmsMovie theaterThere are the following.In addition, the short movie theaterShort film theaterAlso called.

Short omnibus work

Combining several short films into oneOmnibusMay be.The following are the main ones.


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