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🎥 | "Really Dark Story" Director Del Toro's latest thriller "Nightmare Alley" trailer released!Brad…

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"Nightmare Alley" trailer, the latest thriller directed by Del Toro, has been released!Brad…

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The overseas trailer released this time depicts Stanton Carlyle, who started working in a freak show, using the mind-reading techniques he learned to start committing crimes.

Guillermo del Toro's latest film, "Nightme ..." starring Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett. → Continue reading


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Freak show

Freak show(Misemonogoya) is a hut-hanging house that sells strangeness, horror, and obscureness, and shows items, tricks, beasts, and humans that are not seen in everyday life.Entertainment.

Mainly as the times go downThe emphasis is on strange appearanceIt is distinguished from the circus by, and the name "Freak show" is used overseas.



The history of Japanese spectacles is "SanrakuIt was a variety of content.From thereSarugaku(Noh) becomes an independent entitykabukiHowever, when it became a different species in the early Edo period, the spectacle of poison was lost from these performing arts.In the Edo period, what we now callサ ー カ ス,Museum,Zoo,PerformerIt contained elements such as.

Furthermore, each program will become independent, and due to the civilizationShooting sword,Panorama,get lost,Wax cylinder record shop, Electric device → EarlymoviesWhile incorporating new elements such asMeijiAfter the era, we will approach the spectacle hut of the present form.Until around 30, temples and shrine festivalsfairOn a small scaleStallAt the same time, spectacle huts are also flourishingEntertainmentIt had been.

There is a call called "tanka" in the industry, such as "(Omitted) -It's okay to see your teenager. Come on, come on, and it'll start soon." It also appears in dramas that depict the times when spectacle huts were popular.The spectacle hutPerfume masterIt is also one of the genres of "Takamono" and is also called "Bush".Haunted houseThe box office was also struck as a variation of Takamono.

Nowadays, it is difficult to secure a place for entertainment, and it is declining significantly because the world does not allow it due to changes in customs.2000 eraIsamu Irikata became independent from Otora Kogyosha and started a new Irikata Kogyosha, but closed due to the death of the entertainer.Currently, there is only one company that promotes this genre, Otora Kogyosha, and it is also said to be a light in front of the wind.[1][2].. in recent yearsTroupe OfCockroach refinery,DerisyasweetsetccollaborationAnd entertaining.

Opportunities to see the real thing have decreased significantly, and it has become a rare thing, but being exposed to the public as an object of interest is described as "showing", and its spirituality is still familiar.[Note 1].


There are various theories about the origin of the freak show, but the entertainment of making a strange appearance a spectacle is at the latest in the 1600s.The United KingdomIt was confirmed in, and there were performers such as "Oriental giants" over 2 m and adults of about 80 cm.British LibraryIt is left in the collection record of.

It was in the 1840s that the modern freak show was ignited.The United States of AmericaでPT Burnham"Barnum's American Museum"25 inches (about 64 cm)General Tom'[Note 2]It is said that it is a performance of traditional performing arts by performers with physical characteristics such as[3].

In the 1900s, performances such as "Spandora (a giant spider with an adult woman's head)" and "Neckless woman" that interweave elements of science and technology and magic were developed, and the performer's strange physical characteristics were introduced. The advantage of not needing it, and the impact and surprise of the original performer, will become one of the great assets of the subsequent Magic Show.

見 世 物

As mentioned above, the audience tends to like the strange appearance, so it is said that the one whose characteristics can be grasped at a glance often plays the leading role.The above-mentioned "General Tom of 25 inches" etc. are short as their name suggests, and because they have general intelligence and athletic ability, they are at the center of the performance as representatives of performers with many physical characteristics. Was there.

In addition, there are cases where the characteristics are not limited to the living but also the dead, and the freak show owner Burnham mentioned above was stillborn as an example.TwinsSpecimens are collected and exhibited.

A spectacle in China

ChugokuThen, a spectacle showing sexual intercourse from the knot hole of the door, and a bear man who peeled human skin and planted animal fur,BabyAround that time, I put a fake feather on the back of a little boy who had been raised in a box for more than a dozen years.batThere were bat spectacles (bats were very popular because the bat characters were fortune-telling and auspicious), but grotesque spectacles were banned in the late 1920s.[4].

A spectacle in Japan

Malformed childrenSexLiterally anything was a spectacle, such as showing a peephole.Yoshihiro KurataAccording to Black, who was the chief editor of "Japan Herald" in Yokohama (according toPleasure bow blackOn November 1872th of the same year, his father) saw a spectacle called "a child who eats a rabbit's corpse" in a rather cliff hut near the Imperial Palace near Kandabashi in 5 (Meiji 11).TokyoIs "" (nowLight crime law(Corresponding to) was delivered.The contents are mainly the prohibition of men's and women's sumo wrestling, the prohibition of making ugly spectacles, the prohibition of Kabuki songs after 12:1873 pm, the prohibition of high-pitched songs on the street, etc.In February 6 (Meiji 2), the size of the bamboo blinds and floor stores was decided.[5].

Also in Tokyo1891 (Meiji 24) According to the Police Ordinance No. 10 "Rules for Controlling the Observatory" on October 3, the place of entertainment was changed.Asakusa Park Roku WardIt was put together in one place (the area right next to Asakusa Okuyama).In rural areas, the form of tour continued.in some cases,KidnappingThe child who wasHuman traffickingSo, a cruel clown with a cut leg and a peephole as a spectacleWhoreIt is said that there were some cases that were sold off in order to make it.When social welfare was not well developed,DisabledWas a job to earn money and one of the means of living (Hisako NakamuraSuch).

However1947 (Showa 22)Child Welfare ActWas promulgated, and it was prohibited to use children under the age of 15 for "business for the purpose of public entertainment" in the spectacle hut as well as the circus that emphasizes acrobatics.[6].1960 In (35), "Act on Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities] Will be enforced, and it will be possible to penalize and detect spectacles that do not respond to inspections and do not have public approval.[7]And more1970 (Showa 45) Enforcement "Basic Law for Persons with DisabilitiesFor people with disabilitiesPersonal dignityRespect and the right to guarantee a living[8]As a result of clearly stipulating aboutstageIt has come to be cracked down on things such as making it appear in the show and making it a spectacle.

The main spectacles are as follows.In addition, it also includes spectacles that are not currently being performed.

  • A spectacle of shellwork (this was synonymous with the Edo period. Still life without movement)
  • Snake woman (eg, a snake that wraps or bites a snake around its bodytattoo)
  • Octopus woman, octopus daughter
  • Malformed animals (rare beasts), double-headed animals
  • Raw doll(Kisaburo Matsumoto-Kamehachi YasumotoThe work traveled all over the country.AfterChrysanthemum dollLead to)
  • Art

Rare beast spectacle

It was also shown as a spectacle performance.The rare beast spectacleEdo Period,KaneiAround the yearboar,peacockIt is said that it was the first time to show.tiger,狼,crane,parrotTo make acrobatsKanbunIt has been around for a year.

The Order of MercyAt one point, this kind of spectacle went down,KyohoWhen the ban was lifted in two years, it became popular again.After that, eight-headed, eight-legged cows, three-legged chickens, etc.MalformationAnimals,Baku,whale,Galan bird,Parakeet,Thunder beast,Mountain storm,ostrich,Water pantherThere were also spectacles of imported animals such as white cows.BunseiThe appearance of camels in 4 years became very popular andYanagawa SeiganSeeing it, he wrote a poem, and the poem was sung by a literary man, and in that sense, the couple walking together was called "camel".Yori SanyoSeen in the letter.The novelty display is in AsakusaHanayashikiPermanently installed in, nowZooWill lead to.

TempoIn the yearLeopard,White狸, Six-legged dog ,,Fire-eating birdThere were also spectacles such as.

Besides this, on a large boardBlood glueLarge items withWeasel, Put the child in the big holecongerCallpun, A combination of the bodies of monkeys, dogs, carps, etc.Demon,Kappa,Dragon,mermaidな どLegendary creature OfmummyI was also showing it as.These are permanentHihokanBecomes

Entering modern times, increasing opportunities for importing animals from foreign countries ・World ExpoAlong with the popularity of the zoo, the number of spectacle huts that mainly handle rare beasts increased from the Taisho era to the Showa era, but there are many cases of being slaughtered due to the difficulty of escaping animals and securing feed before the Pacific War. , Even after the end of the warWashington ConventionWith the regulation of international rare animal trade represented by[9].

Freak show box office

Architectural structure of the facility

In the case of overseas lectures, the emphasis is on remodeling relatively large buildings and old theaters so that the audience can watch the performance slowly, while Japanese ones tend to emphasize the turnover rate.Especially in the case of Japan, even though the performances are diverse, there is a common structure in which the entrance and exit are separated with the highest priority on the rotation of customers, and the content and time that can be freely viewed are shortened.As the number of customers increases, the inside becomes crowded, and it is gradually pushed out and naturally pushed out from the exit.

Entertainment in modern Japan

In modern times, freak shows are sometimes heldFestival,EventsIs described below.The owner is Otora Kogyosha, but it is not a spectacle hut.Haunted houseMay be held.


Works based on or appearing in a spectacle hut.

Documentary movie
Other movies
Manga / Story
  • "Girl camellia』――Based on the street picture-story show" Shojo Tsubaki "by Kiyoun Naniwa, set in a spectacle hutMaruo SuehiroManga works by.
  • "Moon Night Karakuri House" --Reproduce the spectacle hut with the appearance of midget wrestling, wheelchair dancers, etc.Organizer / get in touch (representative)Chizuru Azuma)[10]
  • "Krayukaba-A traveling spectacle shop is coming to Ogimachi.



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注 釈

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  2. ^ It is 25 inches as a role name to the last, and the nominal height of the performer Charles Sherwood Stratton himself is said to be 3.25 feet (about 99 cm).


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