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🎵 | May J. Announces Release of Original Album "Silver Lining" for the First Time in 4 Years

Photo May J.

May J. Announces Release of Original Album "Silver Lining" for the First Time in 4 Years

If you write the contents roughly
This album will include new songs as well as serially released digital singles.

Don't start "Hashimo-channeru" on YouTube after announcing a digital single for 5 consecutive months from May ... → Continue reading


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Single(British: single) Is originally a word for one song,Music, 1 songs, especially in popular musicSongOr about 2 songsSaleAlso refers to units. This is for sale媒体As many, or long playing timeSongWas storedalbumIt is a contrastive expression with. It was sold by various methods according to the times and purposes, but one to several songs were recorded, and the main songhitIs sold mainly forMediaSay that. The typical one isrecordSingle records on the board andCDCD singles in, these areSingle boardAlso called, the songs recorded on the single board areSingle songCalled.

From the late 2000sインターネット配 信The number of download singles that are played is also increasing rapidly.

Single medium

Single record

single·record TheanalogOf expressionrecordingA board (analog board) with a diameter of 7inch (17 cm) Often refers to a record of 45 revolutions per minute, but until the 1950s it had a diameter of 10 inches (25 cm) of 78 revolutions.SP boardThere was also a record of the form called. For a single, several SP records were sold together, called a "record album," and the name was taken over by a later LP record.1980 eraMore, LP record size (12 inches = 30 cm) 45rpmAs (rotation/minute), a so-called "1-inch single" featuring one song length and many recorded songs has also appeared. Analog discs have since appearedデ ジ タ ルRegenerativeCDStarted to move.

SP board

Due to its performance, the 78r.pm 3rpm record could only record 30 minutes and XNUMX seconds on one side. (Songs with a long playing time, such as classical music, may be sold in multiple parts, and in this case, they are not called singles.)

Single board

A LP disc that can record about 30 minutes of music on one side has appeared on the 30 cm diameter disc.1958 stereoWhen the record of recording appeared, the SP disc rapidly declined, and the single moved to the single disc of 17 cm in diameter and 45 rpm. The single version isjukeboxSince it was supposed to be played with, a main hole with a large opening for rotation was mainstream, so from the appearance imagedonutAlso called a board. When playing a donut board with a normal player,adapterTo the player via.

One song is recorded on the front and the other is labeled "A side" and "B side".hitIt is usual to aim at. Some even set "both sides A" to aim for a double hit.

EP board

The size of the board is the same as the single, 7 inches, and the number of rotations is 45, but the center hole is the same as the LP. Because the recording time was extended despite being the same size as the single extended play(Extended playIs called and its abbreviation is EP. In Japan, the number of revolutions has been reduced to 33, which is a small LP.Compact boardAlso called. In Japan, the single board is sometimes misused as an EP, so it is also clearly distinguished and called "EP with 4 songs". Many EPs have been closed as multiple albums, and they are called "mini albums" after the CD.

CD single

CDFor singles, 8 cmCD SINGLEStandard" (mark on the jacket) and "12 cm disc"CD Audio Maxi-singlestandard"(Maxi singleCalled)). It can also be said to be the successor to "single record."

CDThen, instead of "B side", it is called "Coupling with" or "Coupled with" and is referred to as "C/W". The old names such as "B-Side" and "B side" are still strong.

“Double A-side single” is a single disc (record/CD) that treats both sides as A-sides, and in particular, the term “double-face single” is used because the recording surface of the disc itself is only one side in the first place. I sometimes do. Also, various names may be used depending on the artist.[Annotation 1].

Most single titles are A-side songs, but some have their own titles.[Annotation 2].

Single cassette

Compact cassette(Cassette tape) singles were released during the transition from records to CDs in the late 1980s. The B-side contained original karaoke (with some exceptions), so it was very popular, but the songs on the B-side were the same as the single CD, and with the spread of the CD, the new work on J-POP disappeared.

on the other hand,Enka-Popular songIn the systemSenior citizensSince there is a certain demand for the layer, as of 2021, a small number of new single cassettes are being sold together with the CD maxi single. In the latter half of the 2010s, even J-POPCurlyHowever, there are some cases where it will be released in a limited production, such as announcing "Important things / Don't forget" with only cassettes.

VHS single

VHS singleVHSTheMediaUsed forパ ッ ケ ー ジIs. What got a lot of attentionマ ド ン ナ"Justify My Love(1990) is said to be a global hit.

JapaneseOricon chartSo, VHS singles were not ranked in the single chart, but only in the music video (VHS) chart,GLAY"survival(See below) was exceptionally ranked on both music video (VHS) charts and single charts.


Singles mainly using DVD.

DVD video single

DVD videoIs a medium that usesMusic videoIs the successor to the VHS single with the content.

DVD audio single

highSound quality-Multi channel-ImageDisplayDVD audioIs a medium that uses. Currently, it is almost untouched.

Download single

From the late 2000s,Personal computer (PC)Then.iTunes Store,Amazon.com((English edition),Mobile phoneThen.Chaku-Uta Full“Download sales”, where you can purchase music files from music-related sites such as, are rapidly increasing, and this has been the mainstream since the 2010s. In addition, "Digital single""Delivery single""Distribution limited singleSometimes called.

Songs for singles

In addition to the original song, the single may also contain different versions of the song.

Remix recording

Existing original songsRemixA work that contains a song (track down again and arranged)[1].. It is simply called a remix song. In recent years, it has been incorporated into various singles as well as albums.

Live sound source recording

Single is basicallyRecording studioUse the sound source recorded in. However, if the sound source of the music played in the studio live is recorded as it is, the music becomes a live sound source. As with the remix recording, this has also been incorporated into various singles as well as the album.

Split board

This refers to a work in which the sound sources of songs by two or more artists are recorded in one. This is simply called a split single. Moreover, there is no particular rule for the name of the sound source.

Single sale date

From July 2015, 7, the release dates of albums and singles that were scattered around the world were unified on Friday, but[2]In Japan, many singers still release their albums and singles on Wednesday.

Singles in Europe and America

In the Western music industry, uncut or different versions of songs are often added after the album is released to make a single cut.[3].

The United States of America

1950 eraから1960 era Of米 国 OfPopular musicSo singleSalesIs emphasized,ArtistsWill record in the studio every time they release a single, and at the time when some hit songs were born, they will collect one single album (including B-side song) released in the past and an unreleased song, and one album The format that was released was the mainstream[4].. But in the late 1960sビ ー ト ル ズ,Bob DylanThe common sense until then was overturned by such big artists.

1990 eraFrom the second half2000 eraCurrently, there are about 1 pre-release singles that precede the album, and often just before the album. Every few months thereafter, add remixes etc. to the songs in the album (or add the single song arrangement to the title song itself)Single cutThe method is adopted. Mainly for albums over a long timepromotionThe purpose of this is to emphasize that the sales of the single itself are not emphasized.Record company OfProfitThe main reason is that it does not lead to). In the big hit album, 3-4 of the songs included may be single-cut to further increase sales. If the album is not selling wellLever caseSometimes I make a single cut, but when I can not expect further sales, I often abandon the single cut, so “How many songs were cut and hits” is a hit of the mother album itself It can also be an indicator of scale.

Sales of single CDs have been declining since around 1997, accounting for only a few percent of total CD sales in the United States since 2001, and music distribution has become the main purchase for individual songs, replacing the former single CDs. .. Not for general saleRadio stationsOften takes the form of a promotional single aimed at such as.

IncidentallyBillboardSo, for a long time, songs that have not been released as physical singles (including physical media singles, analog singles as well as CDs)Hot 100I was following the rule not to chart in (generally considered the main single chart). Therefore, it was a big hit in the world, that is,radioEven though the songs that are very often played by, were often not included in Hot 100 at all,1998 In December, the Hot 12 rules were revised, and even songs without single cuts can be charted into the Hot 100. The song that entered Hot 100 without a single disc as a form was originally called "album cut", but there are very few cases in the United States where a single song is released as a CD. There are few cases in which the name is intentionally used because the song came to "chart in as an album cut". Also, when I started adding sales by download in 100, the notation "DIGITAL PAID DOWNLOAD" was initially seen on the chart, but it was abolished soon (the same reason as the album cut).


英国In the same way as in the world, including the United States, the single-cut method is mainly adopted, and it is similar to the United States that the profits from the sales are not emphasized, but even now the single CD as a form continues to be released. There is.Music videoBut"CD-Extra"(Enhanced CD) is often recorded. However, it is common to sell multiple types of B-side songs and remixes with different contents, and in many cases, CD-1 is a low-priced version with a small number of tracks. As a completely different formUSB memoryUSB single with sound source data recorded on a stick (this also exists for USB albums), CD on the front and analog on the backrecordA special single called that is being released.

Download saleWith the spread of, the number of sales by download sales even in the UK single chart began to be included in stages, and now it is also possible to chart in only download sales even if the single board as a CD is not released. Unlike in the United States, it is not common for a single to download only, but there are many cases where a remix of a single song is sold only by download and is not recorded on the CD single board (the reverse, there are tracks recorded on the single board). Of course, you can't buy it by downloading). In such cases, the unmixed CD remix is ​​often recorded on an analog single such as a 12-inch disc.

Singles in Japan

Positioning of single

In Japan, the prices of singles are high, and traditionally the profit from single sales has been emphasized. It is also an important source of revenue for the industryBest albumEven when selling, the "single number of songs" is a factor that greatly influences the sales appeal, so it can be said that the role of the single release indirectly plays a large role.

In the Japanese music industry, there are many cases where singles are released first, which is different from the US and Europe[3].. There are few cases where single cuts are made after the album is released, and it is often the case that a few songs of the preceding singles are released over the period of about a year before the album is released, raising the expectations of the album. In extreme cases, even non-best albums, most of the released singles are new and few new.Best albumIt may be something like.

Music distribution(Chaku-Uta Full-smartphone・The single song sales market through PC distribution) and the single CD are treated as completely different charts, and there is no chart like the one in the UK and the United States that combines the two. Music distribution single track sales resultsJapan Record AssociationHas been certified by 10, 25 (platinum), 50, 75, 100 million (million), 200 million… Only a large number of accreditations are announced, and less than ten thousand units are not announced[Annotation 3].

In Japan, when a single song (main title song) is recorded in an album, the version has been changed to the album in order to keep the value of the single from decreasing.Remixas well as the Intro(the first)·OutroIt is often seen that "Album version" is recorded (changing (last)). Also, after the release of the single, depending on the intention of the artist etc.mixingDue to changes such as the above, there may be a plurality of "single versions".


Single record

Records in JapangramophoneWas produced by1920 eraBecause. The LP version of 33r.pm was released,1951 In Although,Popular song,Japanese popsThe record is almost1950 eraIt was sold on many SP editions. 7 inch 45r.pm EP version1960 eraSpread began around that time,1980 eraIt was on sale until the end of.barcodeAlso1986 It came to be released later.

CD single

Early CD single

1982 After the CD appeared in the 1980s, 12cm CD singles were released in some parts in parallel with the single records,

  • Recording of 74 to 80 songs on a 12 cm disc that can record up to 2 minutes (3 minutes later) has a lot of unused portion (waste) of the disc.
  • At that time, the recognition of “single=record” and “album=CD” was strong.
  • Manufactured compared to records in terms of pricecostDue to problems such as being expensive, it was expensive at about 1,500 yen

It became a disadvantage, and it was not widely used.

Release of 8cm CD single

As a result, a CD of appropriate size is sought after as a single,1988 May 2The first 20cm size CD single with a recording time of about 8 minutes was released for the first time, and as early as June of that year, CD singles exceeded the sales of analog singles,1990 eraIn the earliest period, it became so popular that it was only released as a CD single.

Just before the full transition to CD singles, there were cases where analog singles were only produced for promotional non-sale.

The size of 8 cmCDVMusic by standardTrackIt follows the diameter of the part that records. At that time, the jacket of the 8 cm CD single was vertically long.Record storeThe purpose was to put two rows each on the single board display shelf of the record, and to make it easy to pick up (the diameter of the single board of the record is 2 cm).There was also a concern that the square size would fit in the palm of your hand and would be too small to be shoplifted (at privately owned record stores).Product management tagBecause there were many places where I did not attach).

This vertically long single jacket is unique to Japan.BasicallyDigipackThe structure was such that a plastic tray was attached to the paper jacket.In its early days, it was titled "more compact" and had a crease in the middle of the jacket to make it easier to carry and fold in half for easy storage.Record companyDepending on the case, there was also a jacket with a perforated line to make it easier to cut. FurtherCBS Sony/Sony Music EntertainmentFolded to the detached part of the tray for the released CD mini albumLyrics cardIt had a structure that could store. Most of the ones up to around 1991 had creases, but when actually folded in half,Used CD storeIf you lose the lyrics card or cut off the print part, it will be impossible to buy, there were few people to fold, and the EP design was completely finished・There was also a problem of making it horizontally long, so the crease disappeared in later years. From around this time, lyrics began to be written on the front and back of the jacket and on the inside.EnkaCommon with single cassetteMusical scoreIn many cases, the attached lyrics card was included. Besides,Kune SonySome of the single CDs released in the early 1990s include a tray that can hold two 8cm CDs (this tray cannot be separated), and the other space is "Ki/oon SONY MUSIC". An 2cm CD called "CATALOG" was included.

It is sometimes said that "8cm CD singles are only available in Japan," but this is incorrect. The world's first 8 cm CD singleFrank ZappaIt is said to be the American version of "Peaches en Regalia", and at least around 1989, 8 cm CD singles were generally sold in the United States.Also,ビ ー ト ル ズThe first CD of the single was 8cm in size.However, it is a fact that 8 cm CD singles were not as popular in Europe and the United States as in Japan.1990 eraAfter that, most singles became 12 cm.

Single recordSide A/BBecause there is still room for just recording,karaokeReflecting the boom,1990 From aroundvocalWithout (voice)Original KaraokeIs often recorded.

In the latter half of the 1980s, it was seen that past single records were re-released at the same time as 8cm CD singles.

Transition to 12 cm CD single (maxi single)

After that, the mainstream of music softwarerecordからCDHowever, the 8 cm CD single also had the difficulty of handling due to the performance and adaptability of the CD player. Also, foreign-affiliated CD shops, which have been on the rise since the latter half of the 1990s, often have little space for 8 cm CD singles.[5].. Therefore, in Japan, the transition from 1990cmCD singles to 8cmCD singles has progressed since the latter half of the 12s.[5].

In the maxi single, the CD itself is 12 cmAluminumThere is also a disc called "New Maxi" with a portion of 8 cm. this isCD-DAIt may not be playable on some CD players because it is based on the additional specifications of[Annotation 4].

From the latter half of the 1990s to around 2001, there were cases where it was released in the form of a thin case for a 12 cm CD single and an 8 cm CD in a jacket.

Although it seemed that the 8cm CD single will disappear with the sharp decrease in the titles released with the 8cm CD single,ShokuganFrom the industrySweets Ofbonus(Candy CD) Has occurred (however, the boom is2003 To the next2004 Stayed in a short period of time).ConfectionerySince it is mainly released by manufacturers and the maximum recording time of an 8 cm CD single is about 22 minutes, and there are problems with the size and cost of a 12 cm CD, an 1 cm CD single containing only one song is included.Gum,チ ョ コ レ ー トWill be on sale. Also the genreAnime OfTheme song(Anime song), 1970s-80sJ-POP,EnkaAnd so on.

Japan Record AssociationAccording to the production results statistics of 2009, the number of 8cmCD singles produced in 15 was 5000, the production value was 5800 million yen, and the composition ratio of the whole CD was less than 1%.

In the late 2010s,DEENof"I've always wanted to tell you I love you"[Annotation 5],Karen Anzai"I felt like all the enemies in the world and even loved loneliness"[7],Sakanactionof"I can't forget / Moss"[Annotation 6]In some cases, it will be sold in a slightly 8 cm CD / vertically long case.

Since 2000, when the format of the new music has almost completely moved to maxi-single, it can be seen that the previous 8 cm CD singles are maxi-single and will be released at the same time.[Annotation 7].

Decrease in CD sales

Single in JapanCDSales are declining, and the impact of the CD recession is more pronounced than the album. Annual number of singles sold (Japan Record Association集計対象シングル、8cm+12cm)は、1997年の1億6782万7000枚をピークに減少し、2005年には6468万8000枚、2009年には4489万7000枚、2013年は6060万枚となっている[11].

VHS single

VHS singles in Japan are mainly the same as single songsMusic video It was a form of recording (promotional video = PV). Although it existed in the 1980s, the mainstream was a "video clip collection" that contained multiple songs of PV instead of one song. However,1999 OfGLAYThe new song "survivalWas released as a video single instead of a CD and sold about 90.2 units.[Annotation 8],Hello! ProjectArtistSingle VThere was also a form that contributed to sales by releasing a video single at the same time as the CD single. In 2001, media mediaDVD videoAlmost made the transition to "DVD single" or single CD with DVD.

DVD video single

In Japan, there is no formal standard for video singles, and only the name for convenience.Oricon chartInVideo softwareAscountTo be done. As the first workSly & Robbie"Superthruster(February 1999, 2). There are titles that are released independently, but since 9, there is a "CD+DVD" format in which a DVD containing a music video is included in a single CD.AvexIn Japan includingRecord companyIt is spreading rapidly in Japan (the first one isAyumi Hamasakiof"Memorial address").In this case, it is counted in the sales of the music chart.

DVD audio single

Appeared in Japan in 1999, in the early 2000sWestern music,Classical musicIt was released in the system. DVD audio is solidCopy guardIn addition to being able to use, and by selling multiple media simultaneously in parallel,ManiaSales are expected to increase for the demographic.DVD audioDue to the fact that the popularity rate of is not high, the release to the pass around 2003 has been delayed, and many past worksOut of printIt has become.

Spread of music distribution

2007 May 2ToJapan Record AssociationBut,2006 Sales of paid music distribution in Japan (computerMobile phoneの合計)が、シングルCDのそれ(8cmと12cmの合計)を上回ったことを発表した。2009年の売上(日本レコード協会集計対象)は、8cmCDと12cmシングルCDは計4489万7000枚に対し、インターネットダウンロード・シングルトラックとモバイル・シングルトラックの合計は1億8540万7000本に及んでいる[11][12].

Single in korea

In Korea, single CDs were not released in the past, but due to the slump in the music industry, single CDs (called "single albums" in Korea) have been released little by little since around 2001 as a means to sell CDs as much as possible. Came to be[13]..Initially, there were no successful sales cases, but in 2004Dong Bang Shin KiThe two single CDs released before the release of the debut album both recorded sales of over 2, especially the second "The Way U Are" of the same year.Korea Record Industry AssociationWon 9th place in the annual sales volume ranking (including album) in Korea according to the survey[14].



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注 釈

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