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🎵 | Wienners announces Higashi-Meihan Quattro Tour

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Wienners announces Higashi-Meihan Quattro Tour

If you write the contents roughly
Please come and get lost in such a mysterious world where you can immerse yourself in the air and dance to the fullest of emotions.

Galactic punk band Wienners will perform a one-man tour "Welco ..." at Higashi-Meihan Quattro. → Continue reading


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Emotions and sorrows fully open


MysteriousWhat is (mysterious)?

"Mystery" isChinese languageIn Although,JapaneseIn other words, it means "I can't think or discuss."For short"Strange(Mysterious) ".

Beyond understanding and words

Mystery broadly refers to things that cannot be thought of or discussed in words.In this sense, it is often abbreviated as "mystery" in modern language.in English"wonder"And so on.[Source required]

"Seven Wonders of the WorldIt is used in expressions and concepts such as ".

"Mystery" in this sense is "(I.e.""Mystery""TwilightMay be replaced by words such as ".[Source required]

In the TV program, "Hitachi world strange discovery!] Etc. deal with such contents.It's difficult to convey it in words alone, but I'm trying to convey it to viewers using TV cameras and images.[Source required]

Suspicious things, strange things

"Mystery" corresponds to "Ayashi" in ancient and Japanese languages.[Source required] "Ayashi" means something that is difficult for me to understand and feels strange.[2]In modern terms, you can guess words such as "mystery," "mystery," "abnormality," and "suspicious."[2].. When applying kanji to "Ayashi", it was "strange", "suspicious", "different", etc.[2].

"Mystery" was also called "mystery."In modern Japan, "mystery" in this sense is "mysterious."Unnatural phenomenonIt is often called by terms such as.In modern parapsychology, this is called "paranormal phenomena." Paranormal"And so on.It is a term / concept defined as something that cannot be explained / expressed by the terms / concepts of the natural sciences.[Source required]


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