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🎥 | Donbei is a combination of Yamashiro and Kawatani! In the 80s, Shingo Yamashiro was the entertainer in 1980 ...


Speaking of Donbei, Yamashiro & Kawatani combination! In the 80s, Shingo Yamashiro was the entertainer in 1980 ...

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It seems that he repeatedly divorced and remarried with former actress Hiromi Hanazono because of his affair.

♪ Donburi Donburi Floating The roots of Donbei's CM song are Ozashiki Uta Dongitsune (Riho Yoshioka) and very ... → Continue reading

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Hiromi Hanazono

Hiromi Hanazono(Hiromi Hanazono,1940 May 9 -) is Japaneseactress..Real name: Hiromi Hanazawa[1].


Tokyo city(CurrentTokyo)where one is from. Fourth term in 1957Toei New FaceでToeiJoined the company.For synchronizationRyoko Sakuma-Joh Mizuki-Harumi Sone-Hideo Murota-Yoko Yamaguchi-Yamashiro ShingoThere is.
In 1958Okawahashi warehouseDebuted in the movie "Hanagasa Dochu"Utaemon IchikawaHe has appeared in 1 films in a year, including the starring movie "Oedo Nanajinshu," and by 12, he had appeared in more than 1961 films.
In 1962Taro OtomoHe finally retired from the movie "Right Gate Catchbook" and married Yamashiro.Former daughteractress OfMinami YukaThere is.
Although he divorced due to Yamashiro's affair in 1985, it was talked about at that time that he later settled and re-enrolled in 1991, but Yamashiro who continued to have an affair without remorse became amiable and divorced again in 1999.
When Yamashiro died in 2009, he did not participate in nights, funerals, farewell parties, or forty-ninth days with his daughter (because Yamashiro had told him not to call them in advance).

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