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🎭 | Sato Shori Sexy Talk A 14-year-old acting challenge with the stage solo first starring taught by Nakajima and Kikuchi

Yuki Matsushita, Shori Sato, Miyu Irino (photographed by Yuji Kaneda) rejoices at the press conference on the first day of the photo

Shori Sato Sexy Talk A 14-year-old acting challenge in the first stage solo starring taught by Nakajima and Kikuchi

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Currently, Kikuchi and Satoshi Matsushima (23) are appearing on different stages in the group.

Sexy Zone's Shori Sato (24) will star in the stage "Brighton Bee ..." at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Playhouse on the 18th. → Continue reading

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Matsushima Satoshi

Satoshi Matsushima(Matsushima Yes,1997 <9>May 11 -) isJapan OfIdol,singer,An actor,talentAndMale idol group-Sexy ZoneMembers of. Nickname isSatoshi-chan.


When I was in sixth gradeJohnny's OfficeI sent my resume to, but I didn't get a reply, and after I became a junior high school student, I sent my resume and a letter with my thoughts again and was called to the audition.[4].2011 2[3]Entered at the age of 13[5]..On September 9th of the same year, with the formation of Sexy Zone, it will be announced that they will make their CD debut in November.[3].

On May 2014, 5, Sexy Zone's younger brother unit at the Sexy Zone spring concert tour Yokohama performanceSexy pineAnnounced the formation of.Members are Satoshi Matsushima,Kaito Matsukura,Genta MatsudaAll of them are 3 people with "pine"[6].

Single released in December 2015 "Colorful eyesResumed activities as Sexy Zone again[7].

July 2016, ``Johnnys' Summer Paradise 2016For the first time inMarius leafPerform a concert in pairs with (6 performances in total)[8].

May 2017,Tales of the Unusual Story '17 Autumn Special EditionDebuted as an actor[9].

Announced to suspend activities for treatment of sudden panic disorder on November 2018, 11[10][11].

Announced resumption of activities on August 2020, 8[12][13].. September 9, Nippon Television's large-scale music special program "THE MUSIC DAYThe 4th single from Sexy Zone, which was released on TV with four people during the rest, after returning to TV for the first time.RUNWas unveiled for the first time by five people[14][15].


Good at drawing[16],24-hour TV41 ”In charge of the main design of the back print of the charity T-shirt[17].


For group activitiesSexy Zone#,Sexy pine (Show)See.Only individual activities are listed.

TV drama

*The starring works areTaiziNotation

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