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🎥 | "Welcome back Monet" Suganami comes to see Hyakune ... Synopsis of 19 weeks

The reason why Suganami came to Tokyo is ... – (C) NHK

"Welcome back Monet" Suganami comes to see Hyakune ... Synopsis of 19 weeks

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On the other hand, Suganami happens to meet Miyata (Masanori Ishii), a former horn player who was in charge of medical examinations when he was a newcomer.

The serial TV novel "Okaeri Mone" (Monday-Saturday, NHK General TV, 8 am-etc.) will enter its 9th week from July 20th ... → Continue reading

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Ishii Masanori

Masanori Ishii(Ishii Masanori,1973 May 3 -) isJapan OfAn actor,talent,Voice actor,narrator.Comedy combination"Ants to grasshopper"soBlurWas responsible for.Kanagawa横 浜 市Hodogaya WardI'm fromKanagawa Prefectural Commerce and Industry High SchoolGraduated from, nowHoripro managementare doing.


  • Born March 1973, 3 in Nishiyamachi, Hodogaya Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.For a while when I was youngChibaKujukuri beachHe says he lived nearby.[1]
  • 1994 March 8Yoshiyuki IshizukaFormed a duo with1996 FromTamori's Super Vocabulary Heaven], Ishii's smooth and polite "salaryman character" gained popularity. Activities in "Vocabula"Koki MitaniI caught my eye and was asked during the production,1999 ToRenzabu Furuhata3 ”and other regulars.After that, he continued to work as an actor while working as a duo entertainer.2000 eraAfter the second halfVoice actorThe activity as has also increased. In March 2006, a school broadcast program for 3th and 5th grade elementary school studentsMoral documentI was in charge of the program navigator. "Japanese History Suspense Theater] InEdoHe played a navigator who flew around the town and hunted down the truth of history.
  • 2016 , Dissolve the duo.CurrentlyAn actor,talent,narratorMainly active as. Since 2020, he has also been active as a YouTuber.
  • Co-starred in "Vocabula" in August 1998VERSUSMarried to Ai Kamemura, but divorced in May 2005. In May 5, he married an ordinary woman five years younger for the second time, but divorced in October 2009.
  • August 2021, 4,New coronavirusThe infection to[2]..He was receiving medical treatment at home, but reported that he would be hospitalized on May 5.[3]..Report that you have been discharged[4]


  • Characterized by its short stature, it is also the origin of the duo name and is used as its own material.
  • Intended to improve body shapeBicycleAtpotteringFolding bike as a hobbyBromptonWe own more than a dozen units including[5], Serialized in a bicycle magazine. In 2017, he was selected as the 7th generation "Bicycle Master" (Bicycle utilization promotion study groupElection)[6].
  • Before becoming an entertainerSegaOperated byArcadeでPart-time jobI'm interested in games, such as when I went to a holipro training center while playing games.[7]And receive game software from an acquaintance[8]And so on.
  • With readingA coffee shopRound[9]And film cameras[10]He likes to appear in camera industry events and holds a photo exhibition under the name of Ishii Shii, and enjoys "Dagashi Camera" and high-quality, high-performance cameras that can be enjoyed at a price of 3000 yen or less and a candy-like body price. He is attached and knowledgeable, and has participated in group exhibitions held since 2014 with color works.
  • RolexCollection of luxury watches, knitting, sewing machines, etc.Chinese medicineHe is very curious in many fields, such as getting a qualification as a Chinese medicine health instructor.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Shin-Yokohama StationFrom a junior high school student nearbyBlackmailHave been done.Ishii is also an adult, so when I asked him about the situation, he said he didn't have the money to go home, so he gave him 500 yen as transportation expenses.


TaiziIs the main character.

TV drama



Television Animation




puppet show






  • Saegusa country stealing game(Asahi Broadcasting Series) * Appeared as an infant
  • Strange uncle tv(April 2000-September 10, Fuji TV series)
  • Enthusiasm! Heisei Education Academy(October 2006-March 10, Fuji TV series) * Appeared every other week.
  • Private class-How to make correct Akiko Wada-(2006-2007, TBS series)
  • Japanese History Suspense Theater(2007-2009, NTV series)
  • Be ponkikki-be ponkickies(October 2010-March 4,BS Fuji)
  • Saturday special(August 2010, 8, February 14, 2011, TV Tokyo series)
  • History story(October 2013, 10, September 23, 2014, NHK General TV)- Tokuzo Akiyama Role (reproduction drama), peasant Historibei
  • The world that Matsuko does not know(March 2016, 3, TBS TV) * "Pure coffeeIntroducing the world of gourmet
  • AKB48 SHOW! (2013å¹´11月9日・2014å¹´10月4日、NHK-BSプレミアム) ※コント:業界慣れしすぎた女/(2014å¹´3月1日、NHK-BSプレミアム) ※コント:乃木坂不動産/(2014å¹´6月14日・9月6日・2015å¹´3月14日、NHK-BSプレミアム) ※コント:横山と川栄 〜業界慣れしすぎた女たち〜/(2016å¹´1月23日、NHK-BSプレミアム) ※コント:おかぱーず/(2016å¹´4月23日、NHK-BSプレミアム) ※コント:業界慣れしすぎた女たち


Information program

  • Hot hours Busy with "hobbies"(October 2004-March 4,NHK BS2) * The role of an enthusiastic secret investigator (reporter) and the program mascot narrator.Hiroshi Fujioka,Appeared in turn.
  • German on tv(April 2008-September, October 4-March 9, NHK Education) * Student role
  • Master it!"Masanori Ishii's Coffee Studies" (June 2010, NHK Education) --Narrator (Lecturer)
  • Everyone GO GO!(December 2010th and 9th, 16, NHK General)
  • Revived Taiga Drama Digitally Remastered Version (April 2011, NHK BS Premium) *Aika KandaModerator with Anna
  • Hobby!Kokoro no Inu Juku ~ Aim for a dog who can read the air! ~ (April / May 2016, NHK E-Tele) --Student role (Daddy role)
  • Nice handmade"Triangle pattern muffler knitted with needles for men and women to enjoy" (November 2016, 11, NHK E-Tele)




  • Bad camera encyclopedia Tokuma bookstore(July 2018) Published
  • 13 (Thirteen) Words from Hansen's Disease Sanatorium Transview (March 2020) Published


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