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🎥 | Matrix is ​​back! "Matrix Resurrections" cast information

Photo images from The Matrix Reloaded – Warner Bros. / Photofest / Getty Images

The Matrix is ​​back! "Matrix Resurrections" cast information

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Neil Patrick Harris, who played an active part in the movie world as a famous by-player such as "Gone Girl" (2014) and also served as the moderator of the 87th Academy Awards, participated in "The Matrix".

The latest blockbuster action series "The Matrix Resurrections" starring will be released worldwide in December.The mystery is a mystery ... → Continue reading

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Supporting role

Supporting roleWhat is (supporting character)?movies-TV drama-stagetheaterEtc,ProtagonistA role that is secondary to.

There are various types of supporting characters, and the main characters and other major characters are continuously played.Supporting actorIf there is a role to playSerial dramaThere are also roles that appear only a specific time or irregularly, roles that appear in only one scene in movies, etc., and roles that appear more frequently as semi-regular or regular, although they are less involved in the story.

When a big actor plays a supporting role, it may be paraphrased as a guest appearance instead of being called a supporting role.However, since all the one-time emergency performers may be collectively referred to as guest appearances, in the case of big guests, it may be paraphrased as special guest, special appearance, friendship appearance, etc.

moviesAlsoDramaNeither the play nor the play is performed by the main character alone, but it is established only when there is a supporting character around the main character, and the supporting character that leaves an impression on the viewer while successfully enhancing the main character is called "Meiwakiyaku".In addition, he has appeared in many TV dramas and is a popular supporting character.An actorWhen referring to, avoid the expression "supporting character" and "Supporting player(Byplayer) "(Japanglish) May be said.

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