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🤖 | Yui Horie's birthday commemoration!What is your favorite character? 3rd place "Fruit Basket" Tohru Honda, 2nd place "Magic ...

Photo "Witchy PreCure!" (C) ABC / Toei Animation

Yui Horie's birthday commemoration!What is your favorite character? 3rd place "Fruit Basket" Tohru Honda, 2nd place "Magic ...

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"Shaman King" Iron Maiden Jeanne says, "As a holy, little, and female, an impressive character that coexists with coldness and kindness.

September 9th is Yui Horie's birthday.Yui Horie made her debut as a voice actor in the late 20s.The 1990th voice actor A ... → Continue reading

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Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden(British: IRON MAIDEN) IsEnglandFromHeavy metal-band.

The most prominent in the worldHR / HMOne of the bands.1980 eraAt the beginningThe United KingdomHeavy metal tide that occurred inNWOBHM"(New Wave Of British Heavy Metal), Established a position as a representative of the boom.1990 eraThe lineup has been stable since the end, and it is still active even in the 21st century.Total sales of the album recorded over 1 million copies[4]..The band name is from medieval EuropetortureInstrument "Iron maidenIs derived from.

There is no official Japanese transcription of the band, but the Japanese version was sold.Toshiba EMIIn this section, it is described as "Iron Maiden" defined by.


Paul Di'Anno period

  • 1975 (Some materials describe it as 1976.[5]),UKでSteve Harris (B) plays a central role in forming.At the beginning of the formation, the members were changed frequently,1978 ToPaul Di'Anno (Vo),Dave Murray By joining (G) and (Dr), the members are stable.This member will record the first demo tape.
  • 1979 , Welcomed as the second guitarist, major label in DecemberEMIContract with.Immediately after the major contract, Doug withdrew for health reasons, and Tony also withdrew at the same time.Clive burr (Dr) and (G) join.
  • 1980 1st single "Running Free-" in January Running Free --- ", the 4st album"Iron maiden - Iron Maiden -”Is released.Then change to (G)Adrian Smith (G) joins.
  • 1981 , 2nd album "Killers - Killers ―― After the announcement, vocalist Paul Di'Anno withdrew.As a successorSamsung OfBruce DickinsonWelcome.

Bruce Dickinson period

Blaze Bayley period

After that, due to the stagnation of heavy metal, the band's activities were scaled down, so we made an offer to Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith who were stuck in solo activities.1999 Rejoined.Blaze withdrew accordingly (management remained in the sanctuary).As a result, the band will be a total of 6 members of triple guitar.

Reunion period

  • 2000 , 12th "Brave New World - Brave New World -”Is released.
  • 2002 , 13th album "Danse Macabre - Dance Of Death -”Is released.
  • 2006 , 14th album "A Matter of Life and Death-Senki - A Matter Of Life And Death -”Is released.
  • 2008 In 2 monthPacifico Yokohama,Makuhari MesseA performance in Japan was held in Japan, and the performance was centered on early to mid-term songs.Makuhari MesseThe live at was the band's first all-standing live in Japan.This set list was a special one on the world tour, but in the same year he appeared on this set list as a special guest at the German metal festival "Wacken Open Air".Served as a bird on the first day of Wacken.
  • 2010 , 15th album "Final Frontier - The Final Frontier -”Is released.Won first place in 28 countries including the home country of England[7].
  • 2011 On March 3th and 12thSaitama Super ArenaThe performance in Japan was scheduled,Great East Japan EarthquakeCanceled due to[8].
  • 2015 , 5th album of 2 discs for the first time in 16 years "The Book of Souls-The Book of Souls- - The Book of Souls --- ”will be released worldwide at the same time[9].. No. 2 in the UK for 1 consecutive years, and No. 1 on the Oricon Western music chart and daily chart.
  • 2016 April 4th and 20st in TokyoRyogoku KokugikanThe first performance in 2008 years since 8 has been held in Japan.Steve's son George Harrison's band appeared in the opening act[10].
  • 2018 , Held a world tour "Legacy Of The Beast" that mainly plays songs that have been estranged for a long time[11].
  • 2021 , 6th album of 2 discs for the first time in 17 years with the motif of Japanese samuraitactics - Senjutsu -”Announced[12]..Recorded No. 3 on the US chart, the highest ever[13].

He is still active in the 21st century.Known as a band with many member changes, it has been stable with the same members for more than 10 years since the return of Bruce and Adrian.The current membership period is the longest in Iron Maiden history, both total and continuous.

Sound features

In the beginningHard RockLike Diano's singing style, while being strongly influenced byPunk RockIncorporated the ruggedness ofサ ウ ン ド(However, Steve Harris hates punk and explicitly denies the impact).NWOBHMFrom the dawn of the scene, it became a representative band of the same period as a driving force of the scene. 3rd album "The Number of the Beast- The Number Of The Beast ―― 』, Much wider than its predecessorVoice rangehaveVocalistBruce Dickinson joined, and the tendency to emphasize melodiousness and consistency became stronger.After that, the element of punk decreased, and the musicality centered on the elegant guitar work became fixed. Since the 2000s, the sound has become heavier with the formation of three signboard guitarists, including Dave Adrian Yannick.

One of the characteristics of play is the peculiar style in which the bass drives the ensemble or the bass is built as the core.powerful2-finger playingbyPentatonic scaleBased onフ レ ー ズ,TripleMainlysoloSteve's play assembled by not only reinforces the composition of the guitar, which will be described later, but also strongly emphasizes Steve's own presence.In a guitar, a lot of sounds are engraved and hardRiffOr a lyrical and brave twinLeadThe combination of these is a characteristic of all ages, and sometimes excessive interplay is included (Steve compensates for the bass sound pressure that is inevitably impaired due to the absence of the player in charge of the riff. It will be possible).While there are many up-tempo songs due to the nature of heavy metal, Steve, the leader and main songwriter,イ エ ス,Genesis,Jethro Tull such asProgressive rockSince he professes to be a fan of the song and is influenced by it, there are many long songs that incorporate complex developments and changes in movement.Because of its unique musicalityrush,KansasEt al.Progressive・ Separately from hard rock, juniorMetallicaAs well asProgressive metalIt is sometimes regarded as one of the sources of.

On the contrary, "Seventh Son of a Seventh Prophecy- Sevens Son Of A Sevens Son In the albums after "-", the same phrase is often used in terms of lyrics, and the length of the lyrics tends to be shorter.


Eddie the Head (Eddie the Head, Commonly known as Eddie) has been the character of the band since its debut, and has always appeared on albums and singles jackets since its debut.Also, a huge eddy may appear on the live stage.zombieAndLive After DeathThe inscription on the tombstone on the jacket says "Edward TH".In the past, it has been frozen, resurrected, pyramid, and even headed into space.The author is a British artist,Derek Riggs.

Eddie was chartered for a world tour in 2008Astraeus Airlines OfBoeing 757 OfVertical tailPainted on.The B757 of the companyPilotBut Dickinson is maneuvering himself.The aircraft is "Air force oneIt was called "Ed Force One" by "Ed Force One". Because the equipment became heavy, in 2016Boeing 747-400It has been replaced with a modified (jumbo jet)[14].


* As of 2021 month

Current lineup

Live support
  • Michael Kenney-Keyboard (1986-)

Old member

  • (Doug Sampson)-Drums (1978-1979)
  • Paul Di'Anno (Paul Di'Anno)-Vocals (1978-1981)
  • (Tony Parsons)-Guitar (1979)
  • (Dennis Stratton)-Guitar (1980)
  • Clive burr (Clive Burr) --Drums (1980-1982) ♰ RIP.2013
  • Blaze Bayley (Blaze Bayley)-Vocals (1994-1998)

Organization by album

Musical instrumentalbum
Iron maiden
The Number of the Beast
Brain reform
Somewhere in time
Seventh prophecy
No Player for the Dying
Fear of the Dark
X factor
Virtual XI
Brave New World
Danse Macabre
A Matter of Life and Death-Senki
Final Frontier
The Book of Souls-The Book of Souls-
vocalPaul Di'AnnoBruce DickinsonBlaze BayleyBruce Dickinson
guitarDave Murray
guitarAdrian SmithJanick Gers
guitarN/AAdrian Smith
ベ ーSteve Harris
DrumsClive burrNicko McBrain
keyboardN/AMichael kennyMichael Kenny & Steve HarrisSteve Harris



In addition to those mentioned here, there are live albums, compilations, and box sets.

Studio album

YearsTitle (Japanese title)Title (original title)BritishRiceCertification
1980Iron maidenIron Maiden4-United Kingdom: Platinum
Canada: Platinum
Germany: Gold
1981KillersKillers12-United Kingdom: Gold
America: Gold
カナダ: Platinum
Germany: Gold
スウェーデン: Gold
1982The Number of the BeastThe Number Of The Beast1150United Kingdom: Platinum
USA: Platinum
Canada: 3 x Platinum
Germany: Gold
1983Brain reformPiece Of Mind370United Kingdom: Platinum
USA: Platinum
Canada: 2 x Platinum
Germany: Gold
1984PowerslavePowerslave221United Kingdom: Gold
USA: Platinum
Canada: 2 x Platinum
Germany: Gold
1986Somewhere in timeSomewhere in time311United Kingdom: Gold
USA: Platinum
Canada: Platinum
Germany: Gold
1988Seventh prophecySeventh Son Of A Seventh Son112United Kingdom: Gold
America: Gold
Canada: Platinum
Germany: Gold
1990No Player for the DyingNo Prayer For The Dying217United Kingdom: Gold
America: Gold
Canada: Gold
1992Fear of the DarkFear Of The Dark112United Kingdom: Gold
America: Gold
1995X factorThe X Factor8147-
1998Virtual XIVirtual XI16124-
2000Brave New WorldBrave New World739United Kingdom: Gold
Brazil: Gold
Canada: Gold
Sweden: Gold
2003Danse MacabreDance Of Death218United Kingdom: Gold
Brazil: Gold
Germany: Gold
Sweden: Gold
2006A Matter of Life and Death-SenkiA Matter Of Life And Death49United Kingdom: Gold
Brazil: Gold
Canada: Gold
Sweden: Gold
2010Final FrontierThe Final Frontier14United Kingdom: Gold
2015The Book of Souls-The Book of Souls-The Book of Souls14United Kingdom: Gold

Number of sales

List up to 10th place in the number of albums sold in the United States.
(According to SoundScan, USA)

  1. Live After Death- Live after death (1985, 558,578 sheets)
  2. Fear of the Dark- Fear Of The Dark (1992, 421,786 sheets)
  3. The Number of the Beast- The Number Of The Beast (1982, 357,463 sheets)
  4. Piece of Mind- Piece Of Mind (1983, 347,400 sheets)
  5. Power Slave ~ The Mystery of Osiris, King of the Dead World ~- Powerslave (1984, 299,022 sheets)
  6. Somewhere in Time- Somewhere in time (1986, 291,420 sheets)
  7. Brave New World- Brave New World (2000, 282,460 sheets)
  8. Best of the Beast (Best Edition)- Best Of The Beast (1996, 251,112 sheets)
  9. Seventh Prophecy- Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1988, 218,056 sheets)
  10. No Player for the Dying- No Prayer For The Dying (1990, 213,745 sheets)

Hit chart

No. 1 on the annual hit chart in the UK.
(According to the UK The Official UK Charts Company)

  1. The Number of the Beast- The Number Of The Beast (1982, 2 weeks TOP)
  2. Seventh Prophecy- Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1988, 1 weeks TOP)
  3. Fear of the Dark- Fear Of The Dark (1992, 1 weeks TOP)
  4. Final Frontier-The Final Frontier (2010, 1 week TOP)
  5. The Book Of Souls --- The Book Of Souls (2015, 1 week TOP)
  1. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter (1991, 2 weeks TOP)

Japan performance


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