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🎭 | Tamiyo Kusakari starring an old lady with a bent back on the stage

Photograph Tamiyo Kusakari (photographed by Takahiro Toyama) who plays the role of director

Tamiyo Kusakari starring an old lady with a bent back

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Yoichi Nukumizu (3), Masato Irie (57), and Yuichiro Nakayama (58) co-starred as three physicists.

Actress Tamiyo Kusakari (56) celebrated the first day of the leading stage "Physicists" at the Honda Theater in Tokyo on the 19th.Switzerland ... → Continue reading

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Yoichi Warm Water

Yoichi Nukumizu(Yoichi Nukumizu,1964 May 6 -) isJapan OfAn actor,talent.Same real name.Commonly known asNukumizu[2]. MiyazakiMiyakonojo CityBackground[1].height165 cm,Weight58 kg.married.


Miyazaki Prefectural Miyakonojo West High SchoolAfter graduating from 2Nippon Welfare UniversityEntered the Faculty of Social Welfare.1989 3Graduated from university[3].1988 から1994 Until the theater company "Adult planEnrolled in.While enrolledMatsuo SuzukiAt the same time, he once formed a combination called "nose and small box".

1994 ToNaoto TakenakaTale program "Naoto Takenaka's love vacation』Because it appeared regularly, a unique character became known to the world, and since then, appearances on TV programs will increase.

1998 ToHajime Ansai,Toshifumi MuramatsuEstablished the office "One to Three".Appeared on numerous stages and dramas as an individual actor.

2013 In October, he was appointed as the tourism ambassador "Ambassador Miyakonojo" in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture.

2016 From December 12Miyazaki Bougainvillea AirportAt, a "Hinata Nuku Nuku Bench" was set up for a limited time to sit with the whole body of the person.[4].

2017 , 52thKinokuniya Theater AwardReceived an individual award.


  • 1987 25 years from aroundsmokingI continued, but2012 April "PfizerParticipation in the Smoking Cessation Treatment Awareness CampaignNon smokingDetermined[5].. June 5 of the same yearWorld No Tobacco DayAnnounced successful smoking cessation during the eventYukie Nakama,Hiroshi TachiBlessed by[6].
  • 1999 of"Akashi Family Mansion StoryWhen I appeared inAkashi familyWas nicknamed "Nukumizu".Since then, he has appeared on many TV programs and contests hosted by pacific saury.
  • I hate shellfish in general.
  • It is made into a story that the hair is thin, and it is treated as a self-deprecating story.He is also actively appearing in variety shows, and this is due to his greedy attitude that he wants to train his sense of laughter. That's why I want to do something that young people will find interesting, ”he says.[7].


TV drama

Web drama

Limited time offer.Nuko (cat) voice as a voice actorMaaya UchidaIs in charge.Published on Miyakonojo City official website (and YouTube channel). Videos or comics are posted on your Twitter account[12]


Original DVD

  • Yoichi Nukumizu and Terumi Yoshida's Rebellious Techniques for a Weak Man <Home Edition> (2008)
  • Warm and warm (2009) --Mr. Yamada

original video


  • 1988-1994 * Theatrical companyAdult planAppeared in this performance from the launching performance to the withdrawal
  • Fukusuke (1991)
  • Meaning of Life Three True Fun (1991)
  • Ichigao no Saka (1992)
  • Hinemi(1992)
  • Garden of Perception (1995)
  • I love it even if it goes crazy (1995)
  • Scha Dara 2010 (1996)
  • -Aiming for a place I don't understand-I've done it (1997)
  • The story of a flowering house (1997)
  • 14 years old country(1998)
  • Moon sinking in the sand (1999)
  • About seven soldiers(2000)
  • ON Abek Home Run (2000)
  • Friendship ironing class (2001)
  • No Art No Life (2001, 2011)
  • Hikoma goes(2002)
  • Rain is coming (2002)
  • Okpe!(2003)
  • The dinner game of strangers(2003)
  • JOKER (2004)
  • People who like bananas (2004)
  • Head Byung Kokoro Gun (2004)
  • ON Abek Home Run 3 Heads Pyon Kokoro Gun (2004)
  • Plants on the sand (2005)
  • Democracy (2005)
  • 12 friendly Japanese(2005-2006)
  • Fawn Story (2006)
  • ON Abek Home Run 3 BEST (2006)
  • Mercy! I? (2007)
  • ON Abek Home Run 4 September Hall-September's messy holes- (9)
  • Warsaw's nose (2009)
  • ON Abek Home Run 5 1000 (2009)
  • ON Abek Home Run 6 BOX (2011)
  • PRESS ~ Press ~ (2012)
  • Usani (2012)
  • The end (2014)
  • About seven soldiers (2015)
  • Manager (2017)
  • As you like(2019)-Touchstone role
  • Physicists (2021)

Television Animation

  • TV bastard Nanana(2018, TV TOKYO) --Nanamori role[15]
  • TV bastard Nanana Waku Waku Cave Land (2019, TV Tokyo) --Nanamori[16]
  • TV bastard Nanana Chase the monster Kraken! (2020, TV TOKYO) --Nanamori role[17]

Theater animation



  • "Stupid Old Story" Anime DVD (2011)
  • "Stupid Old Story-No.2011" Anime DVD (XNUMX)
  • "Stupid Old Story-Jijii Wars-" Anime DVD (2013)





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外部 リンク

Yuichiro Nakayama

Yuichiro Nakayama(Yuichirou Nakayama,1970 May 9 -) isJapan OfAn actor.GifuKani Citywhere one is from.Theater production unit "Asagaya Spiders"Affiliation.Affiliation officeGorch Brothers.

ChildhoodGermanySpent inreturnee children.Meiji UniversityAfter working in the theater circle "", he formed "" in 1995 and left the group in 1997.Appeared in Asagaya Spiders in all performances since 1998 "SPIDERS LIMITED".Officially joined from "Reich" in 2001.In a warm atmosphere, it has an occasional madness.

Main works


  • 1998
    • Asagaya Spiders "SPIDERS LIMITED"
    • Asagaya Spiders "Shark '98"
  • 1999
    • Asagaya Spiders "Melody"
    • Asagaya Spiders "Beautiful"
    • Asagaya Spiders "Scanty Classico"
  • 2000
    • Asagaya Spiders "Dog Day"
  • 2001
    • Asagaya Spiders "Reich"
    • Nagatsuka JESUS ​​"Texas"
    • KERA MAP "Dark Adventure"
    • Asagaya Spiders "Japanese Woman"
  • 2002
    • Asagaya Spiders "Cross"
    • Parco Rico Motion Produce "Dublin's Cube with a Bell"
    • Asagaya Spiders "Porn"
    • Parco Produce "My Rock and Roll Star"
  • 2003
    • Parco Rico Motion Produce "Human Windmill"
    • Penguins Pull Pale Piles "Brother and Sister on the Drill"
    • Asagaya Spiders "Honeybee"
    • Produced by Parco "We Thomas"
    • Asagaya Spiders "Friends have come" (Director)
  • 2004
    • Asagaya Spiders "Working Man"
    • Village Produce "Midday Bitch ~ The Bitch Shouts in the Midday. ~"
    • Produced by G2 "Look at it until it hurts"
    • Produced by Parco "Pillowman"
  • 2005
    • Asagaya Spiders "Devil's Song"
    • Parco Produce "LAST SHOW"
    • damim "Hiking for Human Life"
    • Parco Rico Motion Produce "Dublin's Cube with a Bell"
  • 2006
    • Asagaya Spiders "Sakura Splash"
    • "Myth"
    • WOWOW presents "Fawn Story"
    • Asagaya Spiders "Dog Day"
  • 2007
    • "murderer"
    • Asagaya Spiders "Shoujo to Gasoline"
    • NODA MAP 13th Performance "Kill"
  • 2008
  • 2009
    • wat mayhem "Punk Samurai, Slashed Weather"
    • Nippon Broadcasting System 55th Anniversary Performance Stage "Kisaragi"
    • "Sachiko Saito" produced by Parco
    • Cat Hotel presents "The Best of Expression / Refreshing"
    • PATHOS PACK "Yuenakiko"
  • 2011
    • Asagaya Spiders "Standing in the Wilderness" (Theater Tram)
    • European Project "Roberto's Maneuver"
  • 2012
    • "Daily way of life" (Owlspot)
  • 2017
    • "Green Mile(September 2017, 9-October 30, Tokyo Globe / November 10-November 22, Kyoto Theater)[1]
  • 2020


tv set

Web / Distribution Drama


  • 2004
    • TV-CM NHK "BS Dramatic Art" (program promotion)
  • 2005
  • 2009
    • TV-CM "Almond Premio"

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外部 リンク


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