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📺 | Mao Inoue restarts “entertainment activities” in earnest! Will it be a break again in commercials and dramas !?

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Mao Inoue restarts "entertainment activities" in earnest! Will it be a break again in commercials and dramas !?

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However, I couldn't deny the impression that Haruka Ayase, Erika Toda, Yui Aragaki, and Maki Horikita, who sold at the same time, were somehow inferior to the actress who hadn't made a break.

Although it became popular in the latter half of the 2000s, there are some mess of office transfers, etc., so there are few chances to see it these days ... → Continue reading


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Ayase Haruka

Ayase Haruka(Ayase Haruka,1985 Showa60 years>May 3[2] -) isJapanese actress.HiroshimaHiroshima cityBackground[1].. Real name is private.HoriproAffiliation[3].


2000 , 25thHoripro Talent Scout CaravanWon the Special Judges Award in[4][5], Entertainment world debut[6].

2001 ,Nippon TVDrama seriesKindaichi Shonen Case Files] Debuted as an actress[7].

2003 ,Fuji Television Network, IncDrama seriesThe way i liveFirst regular drama appearance[8].

2004 ,TBSDrama seriesAvoid love in the center of the worldIs selected as the heroine of[8].

2005 ,At the end of the year47th Shining! Japan Record AwardModerator[9].

2006 May 3,Takeshi KobayashiThe singer debuts with the single "Period" produced by[10].Oricon chartRecorded the first appearance 8th place.

2007 , Nippon Television Drama "Hotaru no HikariThe first serial drama alone starring in[8].2010 Part 2 will be broadcast on2012 It will be a hit work so that the movie version will be released to[11].

2013 ,Yae-no-Sakura"soNHKTaiga dramaFirst appearance and starring[12].. At the end of the yearThe 64th NHK Red and White Singing BattleModerator of the Beni group[13].

2015 , Appearance work "Haitown diary"But68th Cannes International Film FestivalWill be officially exhibited in the competition section of[14][15].. At the end of the yearThe 66th NHK Red and White Singing BattleServed as the second red group moderator for the first time in two years.

2016 , A taiga fantasy drama produced by NHKGuardian of the Spirit』In the role of the main character Barça[16].. From the role of a bouncer using a short spearSwordAlso show off[17].. Perform from the 1st season to the 3rd season (final chapter)[18].

2019 ,The 70th NHK Red and White Singing BattleSo, I will be the third time hosting Beni-gumi for the first time in 4 years[19].

2021 May 8,New coronavirusAnnounce infection[20]..I was receiving medical treatment at home, but I was hospitalized because I had symptoms of pneumonia.[20].. It is reported that he was involved in an investment trouble of 9 million yen in September.[21].


A friend invited me to join the Horipro Scout Caravan. The reason why I was interested was "an excuse to take a break from club activities"[22].. I did not do anything special, so I imitated the rabbit that was popular at school[23][24].. When appearing in variety programs, it is sometimes shown as a special skill.

The stage name was publicly recruited on the Internet and selected from the 16,000 entries submitted by the person and staff, 2001May 2Decided to "Haruka Ayase"[25].

With a very serious personality, his earnest attitude toward acting is highly evaluated by the co-stars and staff. I often talk to the director about my acting until I'm satisfied[26]. Also,Natural bokehIt was often said that he co-starred in "Firefly Nohikari"Fujiki NaotoDescribes her as "natural at my own pace. I stumbled over and fell down." 『Shimada test』Appeared in a series of rare answersShimada Shinsuke(Same birthday) I was told, "You're really stupid,"SMAP x SMAP] InKimura TakuyaKiichi NakaiFrom AyaseBengalI asked, "Is it half?"ZicoWas it a stage name?" Also,"Happy flightOn the first day stage greetingKazue FukiishiShe was told by her co-stars in the movie that she was natural, such as being called "a character (who plays the role of bokeh) that makes everyone around her shrugged." Note thatShinobu TerashimaSaid that he was observing "mysterious creatures" every day because Ayase didn't listen to people, and he was blaming Ayase with Fukiishi. In addition, while he is said to be natural, he says he is not natural[27][28][29].. On the other hand, 2015May 11Announced inNHK Red and White Singing BattleDecided to participate for the first time at a press conferenceNogizaka46Is the captain ofYuka SakuraiWhen he unveiled Ayase's imitation, "I'm sorry, it's an entertainerAyano FukudaIs it an imitation of what you are doing? There is one side that makes me laugh at the atmosphere of the venue, without delayV6-Yoshihiko InoharaSaid, "I'm going to cry for that hard work."[30].

The actress you admireKaoru Yachikusa("Bai Ye Xing]),Takako Matsu("HERO])[31],Fukatsu Eri("The Magic Hour]),Noble forest("Haitown diary)) co-star) and so on. FavoriteAn actor TheFumyo Kohinata(Co-starred in "The Magic Hour" etc.)[32].Yuka ItayaIsHotaru no Hikari』I have been close friends since co-starring,Kaori Mochida(Same birthday) is going to go to ballet together[33].Mikako TabeIs a friend who goes to a meal together[34].. Also the movieHaitown diaryMasami NagasawaWe are on good terms with each other and call Nagasawa "Masaru-chan".[35](Before co-starring in the movie,Avoid love in the center of the world] Nagasawa movie version, Ayase served as the heroine in the TV drama version, and the size of the bust cup is the same, and often compared as something rival. 『JINSince co-starringNakatani MikiHave friendship with[36].

2011 yearsGreat East Japan EarthquakeAnd followFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentBecame the main character in the 2013 NHK Taiga drama "Yae no Sakura" produced in response toAizu DomainFromNiijima (Yamamoto) YaeSince playingFukushimaWe are continuing support activities in the disaster area centered on.In the 2013 Kouhaku Uta Gassen, which was the moderator, NHK's earthquake disaster reconstruction support song "The flowers bloomSinging[37]Since 2014, "In love with Fukushima", in which Ayase visits various parts of Fukushima prefecture and interacts with local residents, is being broadcast on NHK intermittently.AizuwakamatsuHeld every year atAizu FestivalSince 2014, he has continued to participate in the Aizu clan procession, which parades the city.Global expansion of new coronavirus infection symptomsEven in 2020, when the procession was canceled, he attended an indoor event and participated in the event for the seventh consecutive year.

OriconIn the survey's ranking of female celebrities who want to be lovers,2009 ,2011 ,2014 , 2015, 2016 and 5th place[38].

Selected as No. XNUMX in "Ranking of beautiful female entertainers with white teeth"[39].

In 2019, a private office was established separately from Horipro for tax-saving measures, and the mother became the representative director, and herself and her brother became directors.[40]..Since her mother is an amateur, she entrusted the management of assets to a tax accountant whom Ayase had been acquainted with locally, but in 2021, this tax accountant approached her mother with a fictitious investment story and cheated 1 million yen. bottom[41][42][43]..Furthermore, it was reported that the tax accountant's son was in charge of Ayase himself in Tokyo, and the turmoil spread, and in July this son and Ayase had a three-hour discussion at a sushi restaurant in Tokyo.[44][45].


Until around 2004Gravure modelMainly the activity as.In addition to photo books and weekly magazines, "Cosmo angel』And the character of the body in the local program gained popularity.However, one year after his debut, he gained about 1 kg due to stress on his work, and the Fuji TV program "Beauty Coliseum], Participated in the project of retiring if the diet failed with the title of gravure idol. In one month and three weeks, I sometimes went on a diet of 1 kg or more.After that, as he was evaluated as an actorgravureAlthough the activity of is reduced, it may still appear in weekly magazines.

In The Heart of the World, Say Love, she played the same role in the movie version to play the leukemia-affected heroine.Masami NagasawaSimilarly shaved[Note 1].. In addition, I was playing a role such as increasing and decreasing weight to match the description in the work[32].

"Kao AoiOf the co-stars,Kiyoshi KodamaI often talked about life until midnight[46].


Slippers for cold and air-conditioned rooms are a must for summer[47].

New ZealandI was mistaken for a spy in and was detained for a day[48].

"My girlfriend is a cyborg』In a scene that got mixed up in the stage of a Peking Opera, when it was handled on the stage sleeve, it hit the rebar hidden in the dark curtain and broke the nose bone[49].. This scene can also be confirmed in the main part.


Starring,heroine,Friendship, special appearance, etc.

TV drama

broadcasttitleRole nameBroadcaster
June 2001 periodKindaichi Shonen Case FilesTomoko NinomiyaNippon TV
October 2002th, 11Agency for Cultural Affairs Art FestivalParticipation work "Kaze no Bon"Aki SugimuraNHK
June 2003 periodThe way i liveMegumi SugitaKansai TV
October 2003th, 4Scary story that was really The horror mystery of spring "phone from darkness"Misaki OnoseFuji Television Network, Inc
June 2003 periodSay hello to blackjackRisako TsubakiTBS
October 2003th, 5Men's bath ~ Goboger Show Volume ~Mina MatsuuraFuji Television Network, Inc
June 2003 periodPrince of HappinessLight stone cocoonNippon TV
October 2003th, 12A man called the Taikoki MonkeyShinoFuji Television Network, Inc
June 2004 periodSuddenly, like a storm...Makino SahoTBS
October 2004th, 2P & G Pantene Drama Special"The moon shines in the winter sky"Hanako ImamiyaFuji Television Network, Inc
October 2004th, 2Scary story that was really"Crosswalk Kitan"Chisato NakamuraFuji Television Network, Inc
September 2004-5, 3Limit reasoning colosseumAmi ShinozakiYomiuri Television
June 2004 periodAvoid love in the center of the worldAki HiroseTBS
June 2005 periodI love youMichiru MashibaTBS
September 2005-10, 4Red series2005 『Red fate"Naoko ShimazakiTBS
February 2006, 1, 2Satomi HakkendenHamojiTBS
June 2006 periodBai Ye XingKarasawa YukihoTBS
October 2006th, 7HERO special editionRiriko IzumiyaFuji Television Network, Inc
June 2006 periodOnly one loveTsukioka NaoNippon TV
June 2007 periodHotaru no HikariAmemiya fireflyNippon TV
June 2008 periodKao AoiMichiko FujiwaraFuji Television Network, Inc
June 2008 periodROOKIESKyoko MikoshibaTBS
February 2009, 3, 21Kurobe's sunYukie TakiyamaFuji Television Network, Inc
July 2009-December 5MR.BRAINYuri chordTBS
October 2009th, 8Scary story that was really"The price of grudge"Mayumi ShinozakiFuji Television Network, Inc
June 2009 periodJINSaki Tachibana[† 1]TBS
June 2010 periodFirefly Hikari 2Amemiya firefly[† 2]Nippon TV
June 2011 periodJIN-Jin-Complete EditionSaki Tachibana[† 3]TBS
June 2011 periodAntarcticaTakaoka Miyuki[† 4]TBS
2013 Taiga drama-Yae-no-SakuraNiijima Yae[† 5]NHK
June 2014 periodI'm off work today.Aoishi Hanami[† 6]Nippon TV
June 2016 periodDon't let me goKyoko Hoshina[† 7]TBS
2016-2018Broadcast 90 years Taiga Fantasy "Guardian of the Spirit"Balsa[† 8]NHK
June 2017 periodBe careful when handling your wifeNami Isayama[† 9]Nippon TV
June 2018 periodStepmom and daughter BruceAkiko Iwaki[† 10]TBS
2019 Taiga dramaIdaten -Tokyo Orympic Games-Haruno Saya[† 11]NHK
October 2020th, 1Stepmom and daughter Bruce 2020 Happy New Year SpecialAkiko Iwaki[† 12]TBS
June 2021 periodHeaven and Hell ~ Psycho Two ~Ayako Mochizuki[† 13]TBS
October 2021th, 3Tomorrow will laugh beside youAo Mashiro[† 14]NHK
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ReleasetitleRole nameDistribution company
October 2002th, 12Jam Films"JUSTICE"High school girlShow gate
October 2004th, 11River of troutSayuri TakakuraMicot & Basara
October 2004th, 12Mr. IncrediblesVioletWalt Disney Studios
October 2005th, 3Jam Films S"NEW HORIZON"SayokoPhantom film
October 2005th, 6Sengoku Self-Defense Force 1549NohimeToho
October 2006th, 1Do not eatNaoVictor Entertainment
October 2007th, 9HERORiriko IzumiyaToho
October 2008th, 5My girlfriend is a cyborg彼女Gaga
October 2008th, 6The Magic HourNatsuko ShikaToho
October 2008th, 10ICHICityWarner bros movies
October 2008th, 11Happy flightEtsuko SaitoToho
October 2009th, 4Boobs valleyMikako TerashimaWarner bros movies,Toei
October 2009th, 5ROOKIES-Graduation-Kyoko MikoshibaToho
October 2009th, 8Hotaratake Island-Haruka and the Magic Mirror-Far[‡ 1]Toho
October 2010th, 10Insite Mill 7-Day Death GameSuwa SachikoWarner bros movies
October 2011th, 5Princess ToyotomiTorii TadakoToho
October 2012th, 6Movie firefly no hikariAmemiya fireflyToho
October 2012th, 8to youNaoko HamasakiToho
October 2012th, 9Secret AkkoAtsuko Kagami (Akko)Shochiku
October 2013th, 6Real ~ Complete Plesiosaur Day ~AtsumiToho
October 2014th, 5Universal Appraiser Q -The Eyes of Mona Lisa-Rinko RindaToho
October 2015th, 6Haitown diarySachi KodaToho / Gaga
October 2015th, 10Galaxy highwayNoeToho
October 2016th, 6People of the hill familyPlain wood painting[‡ 2]Toho
October 2016th, 12A man called a pirateKunioka Yuki[‡ 3]Toho
October 2017th, 1Honnoji HotelKuramoto Mayuko [‡ 4]Toho
October 2018th, 2Tonight at the Romance TheaterMiyuki[‡ 5]Warner bros movies
October 2018th, 8The incredibles familyViolet[‡ 6]Walt Disney Studios
October 2021th, 3[Note 2]Be careful when handling your wifeNami Isayama[‡ 7]Toho
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Documentary program

  • 50th Anniversary of TBS Television Broadcasting-Special Projects for 60 Years After the War-"Hiroshima" (August 2005, 8, TBS)
  • NEWS23XSpecial project “Haruka Ayase's memory of the war: testimony in the 65th year” (from May 2010, 5, regularly broadcast several times a month, TBS)
  • Words of Youth Kazemachi no Uta-No.1 Hit Maker 40 years of songwriter Takashi Matsumoto-(May 2010, 5, NHK)
  • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Listen to "War" (TBS)
    • NEWS23X Special Haruka Ayase Listening to "War" ~ Love scattered in Pearl Harbor ~ (December 2010, 12)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Listening to the "war" Life born right after the atomic bomb (August 2013, 8-August 6, 8)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Listening to "war" #16-#18 (August 2014, 8, August 6, 8, August 7)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Listening to "War" After the war when the atomic bomb orphans lived (August 2016, 8)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Listening to "War" A secret island erased from the map (August 2017, 8)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Women who didn't talk about “War” (August 2018, 8)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Listening to "War" The day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima (August 2019, 8)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Listening to "War" Tokyo Damoy-Memory of Siberian Detainees (August 2019, 8)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Listening to "War" 75 years after the war "Haruka Ayase x War x High School Students" (August 2020, 8)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Hearing "War" Hiroshima Communicating in English (August 2021, 8)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Hearing "War" Testimony of the 80th year of the attack on Pearl Harbor (August 2021, 8)
    • NEWS23 Haruka Ayase Hearing "War" Attack on Pearl Harbor 80 years Fiancée scattered to Hawaii (August 2021, 8)
  • Shining Woman (January 2012, 12 (Part 2), January 2012, 12 (Part 9),NHK BS Premium[52]
  • Tohoku (December 2012-Autumn 12, NHK)[53]
  • Tomorrow 1 min. Haruka Ayase's "Love in Fukushima" (April 2014, 4 -, NHK)[54]
  • TBS Television 60th Anniversary Special Project “Miracle of Manufacturing Japan” (March 2015, 3-March 23, March 3, TBS)-MC[55]
  • 70 years after World War II Special program "Ishibumi ~ Don't forget. About you ~"(December 2015, 8,Hiroshima TVProduced by NTV)-Read aloud[56]
  • Thousand Testimony Special My Town was a Battlefield 2 "Family and War" (August 2015, 8, TBS)-Moderator[57]
  • Five years after the earthquake, "Tomorrow" concert (March 5, 2016, NHK General TV)
  • Miracle of Manufacturing Japan Miracle Hinomaru Technology has changed the Olympics The 60-year story that makes you feel energetic (September 2016, 9, TBS)-MC[58]
  • Witness! Nippon "" Village is gone "-Half year of heavy rain in western Japan-" (February 2019, 2, NHK General TV) --Narrative[59]
  • Haruka Ayase and the Challengers Billy Elliott Behind the Scenes of Four Dynamic Boys and Turbulence (August 4, 2020, TBS)

Music program

Entertainment shows



CM being aired

  • P & G
  • Ezaki Glico
  • Panasonic
    • "THERE WAS(2007-2010)[70]
    • "VIERA One Seg(2009 -)[71]
    • "LUMIX(2010 -)[72]
    • "full automaticDIGA(2015 -)[73]
    • "Clothing Steamer" (2018 -)[74]
    • Street 10-inch large-screen car navigation concept video (November 2019, 11-) --Broadcast on digital signage in stations, trains, and taxis, centered on traffic advertisements in Tomeihan[75]
    • Panasonic NEWS FACTORY (November 2019-)[76]
      • 4K organic EL VIERA GZ2000, TV with great sound
      • 4K VIERA GX855, with fall prevention stand
      • Fully automatic DIGA, you don't have to do anything
      • Private VIERA, you can enjoy TV and online videos in the bath
      • Wireless speaker with monitor VA1, completely new product edition
      • The licking drum washer/dryer and the cleaning power of hot water foam cleaning are amazing! Gachi demonstration
      • The amazing power of 200W "Power Cordless" is amazing! Suction power demonstration[77]
      • "Power cordless" that has both lightness and 100 W suction power is amazing! Lightness demonstration[78]
    • Panasonic NEWS FACTORY 2nd (January 2020-)[79]
      • Private VIERA, you can enjoy TV and online videos in the bath
      • Because it has a built-in wireless LAN, you can comfortably do it before going to bed
      • Because it has a built-in wireless LAN, you can operate it with a smart speaker.
      • Recorder-equipped TV GR770, where no bad parts can be found
      • Home cloud DIGA, outside viewing
  • Nippon Life"Mirai Support" (2010 -)[80]
    • "It hurts in my pocket." (April 2019, 4-)[81]
  • Japan Coca-Cola
  • Arinamin Pharmaceutical"Benza BlockSeries" (2011 -)[88]
    • "Premium Fast Early" and "Premium Fast Effectiveness" (October 2021, 10-)[89]
  • Kikkoman
    • "A fresh, freshly squeezed soy sauce" (2017 -)[90]
    • "Gunabe"
      • "Chief of" Gunabe "Support Department" (October 2021, 10-)[91]
  • UNIQLO (2021) Special Ambassador[92]
  • NTT DoCoMo
    • "Changing the world with you" (July 2021, 7-)[93]

CM that has finished airing




PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
Limited EditionNormal Edition
1stOctober 2006th, 3periodVIZL-168VICL-359608 bit
2ndOctober 2006th, 9Intersection daysVIZL-197VICL-36096
3rdOctober 2007th, 12ContrailsVIZL-263VICL-3628323 bit
4thOctober 2010th, 8MargaretVIZL-391VICL-3660720 bit

Delivery limited songs

Release datetitleRemarks
October 2010th, 5Red sweet peaSeiko MatsudaOn the 4th song of the CD, "Dedicated to Takashi Matsumoto -Kazemachi DNA-"
October 2010th, 8Cotton handkerchiefHiromi OtaIncluded on the third cover of the CD "Margaret"

Participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
October 2010th, 5Dedicated to Takashi Matsumoto -Kazemachi DNA-Ayase Haruka"Cotton handkerchief"Hiromi Ota's cover


  1. Haruka Ayase "JUMP! ~ Horipro Scout Caravan" (May 2001, 5, Bop) Main story 23 minutes + bonus footage 39 minutesregionfree
  2. Haruka Ayase "treasure ~ takuramono" (June 2002, 6,Pony canyon) 40 minutes, region free
  3. Haruka Ayase "...Swaying 17 years old" (February 2003, 2, hmp) 28 minutes, region free
  4. Haruka Ayase Weekly Young Sunday Premium “Good Day” (June 2004, 6, Shogakukan / Pony Canyon) 16 minutes + 40 minutes bonus movie region free






Photo album

Magazines and newspapers (interviews, gravure, etc.)



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注 釈

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外部 リンク

Yubei Maki

Horikita Maki(Maki Horikita[1][2],1988 (63)May 10[1] -) is2003 から2017 Worked up toJapanSource ofactress.

TokyoI'm from.元FormerSweet powerBelongs. My husbandAn actor OfYamamoto Koji..My real sisterEye designerFashion Model OfNANAMI[4].. He retired from the entertainment world on February 2017, 2.


In 2, when he was in the second year of junior high school, he was scouted in the field on his way home after finishing the basketball club.[5]..The stage name is Naoyuki Okada, the president of the office.

In the January 2003 period, the drama "Always two』(Fuji Television Network, Inc), And appeared for a few seconds in the ending of the final episode (there is no role name, but the name is written on the end roll).In July of the same year, the movie "COSMIC RESCUE』Passed the heroine role audition, and made a movie debut with the same work. In the October period, the drama "Mobile Phone Criminal Zenigata Dance』(BS-i) For the first time in a drama.

In February 2004, the movie "Shibuya Kaidan 2] The first movie starring in.

June 2005 drama "train man(Fuji TV), he played the role of the main character's younger sister.In this yearThe 84th National High School Soccer ChampionshipThe first generationSupport managerServed.The drama "Wild pig. Produce』(Nippon TV) Played the heroine and made a break.The movie of the same year "ALWAYS Sunset on XNUMX-chomeThe performance in 』was highly evaluated, the 29thJapan Academy AwardHe has won various movie awards such as the New Actor Award.

June 2006 drama "Black heron』(TBS) Played the heroine in the role of Tsurara Yoshikawa.October of the same year "Iron Plate Girl Akane!!』(TBS) for the first time in a terrestrial TV drama[6].

Graduated from high school in March 2007.I was thinking about going to college[7]After graduating, I devoted myself to the actress business[8].

2008,Atsuhime"soWadamiAs a roleNHK taiga dramaFirst appearance in.In the October period of the same year,Innocent Love"soFuji Television Network, Inc9 dramas a monthFirst starring in.

2009,Boy of Atashinchi』Starring.

2010,Jeanne d'Arc』, Starred in the stage first appearance.

April 2012 NHKContinuous tv novel"Ume-chan teacher], Was selected as a heroine without an audition[9][10], The same yearThe 63th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』, Served as the moderator of the Beni-gumi[11].

2013,"Best Dresser AwardAwarded[12].CM NOWIn the "Reader's Choice CM Awards" Women's Talent Category Best 10, it has been ranked in for 2004 consecutive years since 10.

In July 2015, members will be notified in a sealed letter that the official fan club "Horikita Collection" operated by their agency will be closed and the membership fee will be refunded.[13].."Horikita Collection" closed on December 12st of the same year[14]..After that, the information was updated by the announcement on the profile page of the official website of the affiliated office.

2017 May 2At the same time as the contract with the agency expires, the activity is suspended (retired from the entertainment industry, details will be described later).[15]..After Horikita, when her husband Yamamoto appeared at an event or on TV, he talked about his family.In addition, the appearance after that has been published several times in the photo weekly magazine.

Private life

August 2015, 8, April 22 drama "Boy of Atashinchi(Fuji TV) co-starred in the special drama "April 2010"History of my home(Fuji TV), the stage in May 2015 "Arashigaoka』Co-starredAn actor OfYamamoto KojiAnnounced that he was married to[3][16].Marriage registrationSubmitted to the ward office in Tokyo through an agent.There are no press conferences, ceremonies or receptions.This marriage was at that timeDating 0 days marriageWas made a noise[17].

On June 2016, 6, Horikita's agency added a comment that the pregnancy of Horikita and her husband, Yamamoto, was an important time in the early stages of pregnancy, so please watch over it warmly. It was officially announced.After that, on December 20, the same year, Horikita's agency officially announced that Horikita had given birth to his first child.Details such as gender, date of birth, weight, etc. are not disclosed[18].

On April 2019, 4, her husband, Yamamoto, reported the birth of her second child.As with the first child, details such as the date of birth have not been announced.[19].

Suspended activity (retired from the entertainment world)

In late March 2016, it was reported that Horikita would retire from the entertainment world, but at that time the agency denied it, but after April he said that there was no work to announce.[20].

However, on March 2017, 3, the affiliated office announced that he would retire from the entertainment world on February 1, 2 in order to concentrate on his family.The contract expired and the activity was suspended without renewing the contract with the affiliated office.The latest appearance work is the drama "Higanbana-Collaborative Investigation Department XNUMX-(Nippon TV), and since then it has not appeared on the front stage except for commercials.In addition, it was reported that all CM contracts were terminated when the activity suspension was announced.[21].

At the time of the announcement, the comments of the office staff posted on the official website of the affiliated office and the official statement written by Horikita himself (sent to the media companies)FAXThe same thing as the report in) was issued.It was rumored that there was a feud with the office regarding the termination of the contract, but the office denied it in a later interview with a sports newspaper.[22]..In some cases, the theory that he belongs to his husband Yamamoto's private office and resumes activities after childcare has emerged, but Yamamoto's mother, who is the representative, denied that he belonged to the office. He answered in a later weekly magazine interview that "it depends on her" about the resumption of activities.[23].

Broadcasted in October 2020Legal counseling service』(Nippon TV) of the modelNANAMIHas announced that he is Horikita's real sister.When asked if Horikita would return, he said, "There is no return, I decided when I retired. For the first time, it was revealed from his relatives that Horikita was completely retired from the entertainment world, and his return was denied.



Personality / personality / acting tendency

About Horikita's personalityALWAYS Sunset on XNUMX-chome』DirectorTakashi Yamazaki"Although it looks like a laid-back personality, I completely remembered the lines, dialects, and character of the character before I became a crank-in, practiced well at home for tasks that I could not do on the day, and cleared it the next day. I will be able to do itstoic"So the more you hunt down, the more personality you don't have, so I'm looking forward to the future."[26]..At that time, I was a junior in the same officeTonggu MeilingTalks about Horikita's marriage with a gentle senior who cares about himself when he co-stars[27].

About himself, he states that he is a caretaker[28]..On the other hand, he has stated several times that he is shy.[29][30][31]Confessed that he doesn't usually go out and is not good at gathering in large numbers.[32].

In middle schoolstudent councilServed as Vice Chairman in club activitiesbasketballBelonged to the club and acted as a deputy captain[33]..He also says he likes studying and sports.[7].

I have never done general work such as part-time work experience[34].

I lived in a dormitory from the age of 15 to 20[35]..One of the dormitory students at that time was in the same office at that timeKuroki MeisaAnd sometimes the two managers were the same person.Kuroki was also Horikita's best friend in the entertainment world.

On May 3, 2020, more than three years after Horikita retired, his sister NANAMI said, "Goutan Nouveau 2』(Kansai TV), He answered that Horikita was "feeling like a mother".[36].



* Role nameTaiziIs the leading work.

TV drama


Japanese dubbing



  • To see Japan beyond that. ~ Girl and Railroad, One-stroke Summer ~ (July 2004, 7, Fuji TV NONFIX
  • Look at me beyond that. ~ Girl and Railroad ・ Spring 2005 ~ (May 2005, 5, Fuji TV NONFIX)
  • Horikita Maki The Last Adventure of a Teenager! A 10km Bicycle Trip in 3 European Countries (December 200, 2007, Fuji TV)
  • Maki Horikita and 10 children on Nankai Gourd Island ~ This is our cool paradise! ~(Fuji TV, August 2008, 10)
  • Shining Woman (January 2012, 12 (Part 16), January 2012, 12 (Part 23),NHK BS Premium
  • Queen for 9 days-Love and sadness of the Kingdom of England seen by Maki Horikita- (February 2014, 2,BS-TBS / February 2014, 2, TBS) --Navigator
  • Horikita Maki Greek Journey-In Search of the Goddesses of the Mythical Land- (January 2015, 1, BS Fuji)[59]
  • Japan travelogue"The Inn of Letters that Connect Your Heart-Iwate Nodamura-" (August 2015, 8, NHK General TV) --Guide[60]
  • Real Face Traveler Maki Horikita France Edition ~ Bordeaux Wine Travel ~ (November 2015, 11, NHK BS Premium) --Navigator[61]



  • SCHOOL OF LOCK! ~GIRLS LOCKS!~ (October 2005 --May 10 2009nd week of every month --Thursday 5:2 --22:15,JFN-TOKYO-FM
  • 25th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ~ Portrait of J-WAVE SELECTION 25 years old ~ (April 2013, 4, 14, 21,J-WAVE)-Navigator




  • Making of COSMIC RESCUE (2003,Geneon Entertainment) --Movie Making DVD
  • NONFIX To see Japan beyond that. (Pony canyon
    • ~ Girl and Railroad ~ (2004) --Reconstruction of documentary NONFIX # 425
    • ~ Girl and Railroad Kyushu ~ (2005) --Reconstruction of documentary NONFIX # 464
  • HINOKIO INTER GALACTICA LOVE ~ Love Story over Robot ~ --Movie Making DVD
  • Maki Horikita BIG COMIC SPIRITS SPECIAL EDITION MAKI HORIKITA -Hikokigumo- (2005, XNUMX,Shogakukan[Annotation 1]
  • Always-Sunset on Third Street The Secret of Sunset Town (2005, XNUMX)Bop) --Movie Making DVD
  • Maki Horikita Castella DVD (May 2006, 5,Crocodile books
  • Horikita Maki ×Kuroki Meisa short film Kimi no Yubisaki (2006)[Annotation 2]
  • Horikita Maki The Last Adventure of a Teenager! A 10km Bicycle Trip in 3 European Countries (December 200, 2008, Fuji TV)
  • Maki Horikita and 10 children on Nankai Gourd Island(October 2008, 12, Pony Canyon)


Photo album


  • Maki Horikita 2004 Calendar (2003, (Hagoromo))ISBN-4 7774-0085-9
  • Maki Horikita 2005 Calendar (2004, TRY-X (Hagoromo))ISBN-4 7774-1054-4
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  • Maki Horikita 2006 Calendar (2005, TRY-X (Hagoromo))ISBN-4 7774-2044-2
  • Maki Horikita 2007 Calendar (2006, TRY-X (Hagoromo)) ASIN B000HXDY12
  • Maki Horikita 2008 Calendar (2007, TRY-X (Hagoromo)) ASIN B000VRWNNO
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  • Maki Horikita 2015 Calendar (October 2014, 10, TRY-X) ASIN B15MEF00D85
  • Maki Horikita 2016 Calendar (October 2015, TRY-X) ASIN B10PEF014GM

Photo essay

Cinema visual book


  • Kotonoha, Kirari. (CM NOW July / August 2004 issue-September / October 7 issue,Genkosha
  • Piece of Maki (CM NOW October 2006 issue-March / April 10 issue)


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