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🎵 | Sakura Shimeji will hold an improvisational setlist live for 60 minutes!

Photo Sakura Shimeji

Sakura Shimeji will hold an improvisational setlist live for 60 minutes!

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Sakura Shimeji, who is active not only as a musician but also as an actor and novelist, and her debut song "Kimagurena Shigure" won first place on each distribution site, and Maruritoryuga attracted attention as a full-fledged male and female duo. Ryuga.

Sakura Shimeji will be set on the stage at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE in Tokyo on September 9th (Sun) ... → Continue reading


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Cherry blossom

Cherry blossomIt is,Japan OfFolk duo.Stardust promotionYoung male talent group "EBiDAN39 & KiDSThis is the first folk duo selected from.In addition to Sakura Shimeji, it is also called "Gaku & Hyoga", "Hyogaku", or "Shimeji".

Image characters, CD jackets, goods, etc. have been designed since their debut.

Fans are called "Mushroom Rian".This is the name decided by the two.



  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,TOKYO MXFormed as "Gaku & Hyuga" in the "EBiDAN" program.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Omiya ArcheFirst time atStreet liveHold[1]..After that, it will be held several times.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Japan Youth HallAt "EBiDAN 39 & KiDS Hoshio Matsuri 2014" held in Tokyo, the unit name was changed to "Sakura Shimeji", and the 1st single "Ikujinashi / Kinou no Yume" was released only at the event venue.[2].
  • November 11-, "Sakura Shimeji no Hyoko Hyoko Live" will be held in various places throughout Japan to commemorate the release of "Ikujinashi / Yesterday's Dream".


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Sun Street KamedoAnnounced the nationwide release of the 0st single "Ikujinashi / Kinou no Yume" at "EBiDAN THE UNiON vol.1" held at[3].
  • In February, Sakura ShimejiNippon Broadcasting System, Inc. Selected as an excellent newcomer in March 2015.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Sakura Shimeji's 1st single "Ikujinashi / Kinou no Yume" is on sale nationwide[4].
  • On May 5th, a new song "Gifuto" that spells out thanks for Mother's Day will be released.[5].
  • On June 6th, the 24nd single "Kimi desu / Sekigae no Kami-sama" was released.
  • On July 7st, a free live event "Sakura Shimeji Nippon Archipelago Fungus Activity Trip-Let's Expand" Mushroom Ring "-" started in Akita Prefecture in 31 prefectures nationwide.
  • On December 12th, the first one-man live "Forest Mushroom Concert-Sankyu 29, Werkamu 2015-" was held.Among them, the one-man live held in April of the following year and the officialFan clubAnnounced the opening of "Jimejime Club"[6].


  • On January 1th, the 13rd single "Hajimaru Kisetsu / Sankyu" was released.
  • Opened an official LINE account on January 1th.Started official LINE blog.
  • On March 3, the first official calendar "Sakura Shimeji Official Calendar 18-2016.4" was released.
  • On April 4, the second one-man live "Kinsho-KINSHOW-" was held.
  • On August 8, the 17th single "Hidarimune" was released.
  • On October 10th, the third one-man live "Tadpole Feast" was held.
  • On November 11th, the final episode of the "Nippon Archipelago Fungus Activity Trip" that started in July 27 was held in Tokyo.Diversity TokyoHeld in.
  • On December 12th, the first "Mushroom Rian Gathering vol.29" was held.


  • On March 3, the first mini album "Sakura Shimeji" was released.
  • On April 4, the 23th one-man live "Spring Shimeji eat shun" was held.
  • On June 6th, a one-man live "Shimetan -The day Sakura Shimeji was born-" was held to commemorate the formation day.[7].
  • From July 7, "Bacterial Education in the House" will start, which will take about a year to visit live houses all over Japan.[7].
  • On August 8, the 23th single "Ayama Rhythm" was released.And Ayama RhythmTBS TV"Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head Mobile Emergency PoliceSelected as the ending theme for July (broadcast every Saturday at 7:7 am)[7].


  • June 4, 4st album "Shield pinkgillReleased.Prior to that, "Esora Goto" was released on February 2th, and "Shoe Sole Memory" was released on March 14th.


  • The first two-man event "Double and exciting! Come on! Gather and dub" will be held at Shibuya www for 3 consecutive months. February 2Korezawa, August 3Masayoshi Oishi, August 4Cider girl
  • February 2 "Say first" distribution release / smartphone type MV release
  • March 3 "Okaeshi no Yakusoku" delivery release
  • May 5 "Spring breeze camp in the sunlight" held at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall
  • June 6 "Shimetan-14th Anniversary of Sakura Shimeji's Birth-Announcement !! Surprise Edition"


NameDate of BirthResponsibleBlood TypeBirth PlaceRemarks
Gaku Tanaka
(2002-01-24) 2002 May 1
(19 years old)
vocal,guitarA typeTokyoI started playing the guitar when I was in the 5th grade of elementary school.Creep hypeA fan of[4][5].
Takada Yaga
Takada Hyuga
(2001-10-23) 2001 May 10
(20 years old)
Vocal, guitar,Tambourine,accordionA typeTokyoI started playing the guitar when I was in sixth grade[5]..The basic style is to play with a guitar on the shoulder and a tambourine on the neck.



Serial numberRelease datetitleOricon
Highest rank[8]
Highest indie
recorded musicStandard product numberInitial sales
-NovemberNo Ikujinashi / Yesterday's Dream1. No lottery
2. Yesterday's dream
1NovemberNo Ikujinashi / Yesterday's Dream (nationwide shipping version)37 bit5 bit1. No Ikuji [Lyrics:Masaki Kawakami/ Composition / Arrangement :]
2. Yesterday's dream [Lyrics / Composition:Mayu Miyazaki/ Arrangement:Kimura Yuki】
2NovemberIt was you / Kami-sama68 bit7 bit1. It was you [Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement:Eihiko Nakamura】
2. Sekigae no Kamisama [Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement:]
3NovemberBeginning Kisetsu / Sankyu9th place (5th place in daily ranking)1 bit1. Hajimaru Kisetsu [Lyrics / Composer: Eihiko Nakamura]
2. Sankyu [Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Yuya Suzuki]
3. Tikeji [Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement:] (Asaban)
3. Mayonaka Picnic [Lyrics: / Composition:Yoshiyuki Kinoshita] (Yoruban)
ZXRC-1051 (Asaban)
ZXRC-1052 (Yoruban)
4NovemberHidarimune18 bit-Position1. Hidarimune
2. Fusen Hanabi
3. Daruma-san fell (Kamibukuroban)
3. Konkonzushi (fox)
3. Again (Nekoban)
ZXRC-1077 (Kamibukuroban)
ZXRC-1078 (Fox Neban)
ZXRC-1079 (Nekoban)
5NovemberAyama Rhythm18 bit-Position1. Ayama Rhythm
2. fragile
3. Kesera Sera Lara (Regular Edition)
3. Ayama Rhythm (Karaoke) (Nice to meet you)
ZXRC-1116 (Regular Edition)
ZXRC-1117 (Nice to meet you)


Serial numberRelease datetitleOricon highest rank[9]Oricon Indies Highest[10]recorded musicStandard product numberInitial sales
1NovemberThe song continues forever     16 bit

(10th in daily ranking)

      2 bit1.My Sunshine

2. Koi Oto to Amazo

3. Spoon no Hatsukoi ~ Ah, I love you Baby ~

4 Love song that missed delivery

ZXRC-1176 (CD + DVD version)

ZXRC-1177 (Regular Edition)

ZXRC-1178 (Event Edition)



Serial numberRelease datetitleOricon highest rank[11]Oricon Indies Highestrecorded musicStandard product numberInitial sales
1NovemberSakura Shimeji24 bit1. Hidarimune
2. Kazeiro no Melody
3. Tadpoles
4. E D M
5. When you wake up
6. Michikusa Koushinkyoku
ZXRC-2019 (First Press Limited Edition)
ZXRC-2020 (Regular Edition)
2NovemberShield pinkgill11 bit      1 bitHarushimeji (Album) #Recorded songsSeeZXRC-2030 (CD & DVD version)
ZXRC-2031 (Regular Edition)
ZXRC-2032 (event board)
3NovemberMy name is Sakura Shimeji.   11 bitZXRC-2056 (5th Anniversary of Celebration! Edition)

ZXRC-2057 (event board)

ZXRC-2058 (WIZY Limited Edition)


Limited distribution

Delivery start dateSong titleDelivery medium
2015 May 5Gifuto [Lyrics / Arrangement / Sound Produce:Takamitsu Shimazaki/ Composition:]iTunes,Recochoku,blackberry, D hits, etc.
2019 May 2I'll tell you first[12]
2019 May 3Promise of return
2019 May 8Under the same cloud[13]

Music video

Song titledirected byAppearance
Sakura Shimeji "No Ikujinashi" ~ Myujikubi deo ~ - YouTube
Sakura Shimeji "It was you" Myujikubi deo - YouTube
Sakura Shimeji "Thank You" Video - YouTube
Sakura Shimeji "Hajimaru Kisetsu" Myujikubi deo - YouTubeChief of Imaraizaka
Sakura Shimeji "Hidarimune" Video - YouTubeKatsuri HirabayashiMei Nagano,Kyo Nagai
Sakura Shimeji "Kazeiro no Melody" Myujikubi deo - YouTubeTakatoshi Tsuchiya
Sakura Shimeji "If Yume ga Sametara"
Sakura Shimeji "Ayama Rhythm" Music Video - YouTubeHayashi Satoru
Sakura Shimeji "Start Dash" Music VideoTakatoshi TsuchiyaKyoka Shibata, Tetsushi Watanabe
Sakura Shimeji "My Sunshine" Music VideoShingo Tanaka (isai Inc.)


Song titleTie-up
sissyBS11 "Music ☆ Road"Ending theme
CBC Radio"Sing together! CBC Radio ”April Song
HidarimuneTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Drama"Koe Koi』Opening theme song [14]
Hajimaru KisetsuNippon TV"PON!] Ending theme for February 2017
Ayama RhythmTBS"Tomica hyper rescue drive head mobile emergency police"Ending theme
Stories (feat. Hirame)BS TV Tokyo"Takane no Hana] Theme song


TV program

TV drama

Starring Gaku Tanaka
  • The Lobsters (October 2014, 10,Hulu) --Shun
  • Family shape Episode 7 (February 2016, 2, TBS) --Takumi Kawasumi[15]
  • FAKE MOTION -The King of Table Tennis- (April 2020, 4-May 9, NTV)-Yamada
Takada Yaga appearance
  • 5 → 9 ~ A monk who fell in love with me ~(October 2015-December 10, 12) Yuki Satonaka
  • Kazoku no Katachi (January 2016, 1-March 17, TBS)-Kota Nagasato
  • FAKE MOTION -The King of Table Tennis- (April 2020, 4-May 9, NTV)-Kuramoto
  • Continuous TV novel Okaeri Mone 12th-(June 2021, 6-, NHK)-Yuto Hayasaka

Radio program

Music video


  • Sakura Shimeji School (April 2015-August 4,OKMusic)
  • Somehow Sakura Shimeji (March 2016, 3-April 19, 4,LINE LIVE)
  • Sakura Shimeji's Fungus Day Station (July 2016, 7-August 22, irregularly thereafter, LINE LIVE,Youtube Live)


  • PINK (Saturday, March 2019, 3-Friday, April 30, 4 (5 performances in total),CBGK Shivureki !!,starring)
    • Screenplay: Tomoki Kanazawa
    • Director: Seiji Fukushi
    • Performers: Sakura Shimeji (Gaku Tanaka, Yaga Takada), Koichi Otake, Mie Kobayashi, Toshiya Sakai, Maiko Amano, Tomoki Kanazawa, Naoki Kunishima, Haru Konishi, Yui Sagawa, Hiroki Terasaka, Tamae Fujiwara



  • EBiDAN vol.4 (released December 2014, 12,SDP)
  • EBiDAN vol.5 (released March 2015, 3, SDP)
  • EBiDAN vol.6 (released on July 2015, 7, SDP)
  • EBiDAN vol.7 (released on July 2015, 12, SDP)
  • Sakura Shimeji Calendar 2016.4 → 2017.3 (Released on March 2016, 3, SDP)
  • EBiDAN vol.8 (released on July 2016, 7, SDP)
  • EBiDAN vol.9 (released on July 2017, 1, SDP)
  • Sakura Shimeji Calendar 2017.4 → 2018.3 (Released on March 2017, 2, SDP)
  • EBiDAN vol.10 (released on July 2017, 8, SDP)
  • EBiDAN vol.11 (released on July 2017, 12, SDP)
  • Sakura Shimeji Calendar 2018.4 → 2019.3 (Released on February 2018, 2, SDP)
  • EBiDAN vol.12 (released on July 2018, 9, SDP)
  • Sakura Shimeji Calendar 2019.4 → 2020.3 (Released on February 2019, 3, SDP)
  • EBiDAN vol.13 (released on July 2019, 3, SDP)

Main live events

Hosted event

  • Sakura Shimeji Japan Archipelago Fungus Activity Trip-Let's Expand "Mushroom Ring (Fairy Ring)"-(July 2015, 7-November 31, 2016, 11 locations in total)
  • Forest Mushroom Concert ~ Sankyu 2015, Welcome 2016 ~ (December 2015, 12,Hikarigaoka IMA Hall)
  • Fungus Singing -KINSHOW- (April 2016, 4,Chiba Cultural Centerlarge hall)[16]
  • Tadpole Feast (October 2016, 10,Yokosuka Arts Theater)[17]
  • Mushroom Ryan Gathering vol.1 (December 2016, 12,Hikarigaoka IMA Hall)
  • Spring shimeji eat shun (April 2017, 4,TOKYO DOME CITY HALL)
  • Shimetan -The day Sakura Shimeji was born- (June 2017, 6,)
  • Fungus breeding in the house (July 2017, 7-July 8, 2018)
    • HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3 (July 2017, 7)
    • Niigata CLUB RIVERST (August 2017, 8)
    • SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO (September 2017, 9) <Bacterial breeding in the house special>
    • Sendai darwin(2017 9 å¹´ 月 日 10)
    • Takamatsu DIME (October 2017, 10)
    • HIROSHIMA BACK BEAT(2017 11 å¹´ 月 日 25)
    • Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka(December 2017, 12) <Bacterial breeding in the house special>
    • Fukuoka INSA (January 2018, 1)
    • NAGOYA CLUB QUATTRO (February 2018, 2)
    • FAD YOKOHAMA (March 2018, 3)
    • Hamamatsu window frame (April 2018, 4)
    • Sapporo COLONY (May 2018, 5)
    • UMEDA CLUB QUATTRO (June 2018, 6)
    • Hibiya Open-air Music Hall(July 2018, 7) <Bacterial breeding in the house final>
  • Shimetan -The day Sakura Shimeji was born-Entering the unpleasant period! ??Hen (June 2018, 6,duo MUSIC EXCHANGE)
  • Mushroom Ryan Gathering vol.2 (December 2017, 12,Hikarigaoka IMA Hall)
  • Release commemorative tour "Uta Ha Tsudukuyo forever"
  • Sakura Shimeji's Happy X'mash LIVE 2018 in Nakano Sanguraza(2018 12 å¹´ 月 日 15)
  • Mushroom Ryan Gathering vol.3 (December 2018, 12,Hikarigaoka IMA Hall)
  • Double and exciting!Come on!Gather and dubb! (Venue:Shibuya WWW)
    • Koresawa (February 2019, 2)
    • Masayoshi Oishi (March 2019, 3)
    • Cidergirl (April 2019, 4)
  • Spring breeze camp in the sunlight through the trees in Hibiya Open-air Music Hall(2019 5 å¹´ 月 日 3)
  • Sakura Shimeji's Zepp is a bacterium!TokyoZepp DiverCity (July 2021, 7)

Appearance event

  • KIDS DANCE CONTEST ARCHE CUP VOL.3 (September 2014, 9,Omiya Arche)
  • Omiya RENKETSU Festival @ARCH (October 2014, 10,Omiya Arche)
  • DOQRO emergency live event! (November 2014, 11,LUMINE EST Shinjukurooftop)
  • EBiDAN39 & KiDS Hoshio Matsuri 2014 (November 2014, 11,Japan Youth Hall)
  • EBiDAN39 & KiDS ~ Christmas Eve Live! ~ (December 2014, 12, Shibuya Milky Way)
  • 40th Radio Charity Musicson(December 2014, 12,Yurakucho StationPrevious)
  • EBiDAN THE UNiON vol.0 (February 2015, 2,Sun Street Kamedo)
  • EBiDAN THE UNiON vol.1 (February 2015, 3,Gate City Osaki Atrium[18])
  • Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. Radio Park in Hibiya 2015 (May 2015, 5,Hibiya Park Elm-tree Field Stage)
  • EBiDAN THE UNiON vol.2 (February 2015, 5,LaLaport and Kashiwanoha)
  • Nagaoka x Scramble with "EBiDAN THE UNiON vol.3" (June 2015, 6,Oasis 21 Galaxy Platform)
  • EBiDAN THE LIVE ~ Summer Party ~ (July 2015, 7,Tokyo International Forum Hall A)
  • DISH //Fan club event "Dishagumi GOLD Members Only Talk Show DISH // Room" Part 1 (August 2015, 8, Ebisu The Garden Room)
  • Chukyo TV24-hour TV Charity Live (August 2015, 8, SakaeHisaya Odori Park Hisaya Plaza,Asunal Jinshan,AEON MALL Nagoya Chaya)
  • EBiDAN39 & KiDS Hoshio Matsuri 2015 (November 2015, 9,Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall[19])
  • Omiya Station Train Festa 2015 x Omiya RENKETSU Festival (October 2015, 10,Omiya Arche)
  • Yokohama Mushroom Festival 2015 (October 2015, 10, Leaf Minatomirai)
  • Genki Hatsuratsu City (November 2015, 11,Ogaki StationFormer Shinohashi Stage)
  • White Cat Festival (January 2016, 1, Shimokitazawa not a good night)
  • Chukyo TV Program Festival "BOYS UNIT FES." (March 2016, 3,Hisaya Odori Park Hisaya Plaza)
  • Sakura Illuminations @Orbi Yokohama (April 2016, 4,Orbi Yokohama)
  • Nippon Broadcasting Radio Park in Marunouchi 2016-City, Sports, Music- (April 2016, 4, Marucube, 28st floor of Marunouchi Building)
  • EBiDAN THE LIVE ~ Summer Party ~ (July 2016th and 7st, 20,NHK Hall)
  • CBC Radio Summer Festival 2016 (July 2016, 7, Hisaya Odori Park)
  • The 42nd Radio Charity Musicson (December 2016, 12, Yurakucho station square stage)
  • Furumachi Don Don (May 2017, 5, Furumachidori 13 Bancho special stage)
  • CBC Radio Summer Festival 2017 (July 2017, 7, Hisaya Odori Park)
  • EBiDAN THE LIVE (August 2017, 8, 3, Tokyo International Forum Hall A)


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