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🎭 | Expanded to Oiso stage "Kamigami Keishin" Denki novel x Japanese style music project Oiso Town, Ninomiya Town, Nakai Town

Photo poster of the incarnation of a god (top) and the model Rokusho Shrine (bottom)

Expanded to the Oiso stage "Kamigami Keishin" Denki novel x Japanese-style music project Oiso-cho, Ninomiya-cho, Nakai-cho

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The Shinto Incarnation Project, which celebrates its 10st anniversary in October, is a work born from the desire to connect the local performing arts and Shinto rituals that have been passed down in various parts of Japan to a wide range of generations.

The work "Kamigami Incarnation," in which Oiso is the model for the story, is gaining popularity, especially among the younger generation.This work is from Japan ... → Continue reading

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Japanese traditional performing arts

Japanese traditional performing arts(Nihon no Dento Geinou)JapanHas been around since ancient timesartとskillGeneric name of. Of a specific class or massCulture,Entertainment,儀式,FestivalThose who have been acted upon accompanying such events, orEventA tangible and intangible thing that has been handed down or abolished by systematizing the converted into a specific form.Poetry-Music-dance-A painting-Crafts-Geidoand so on.

Definition of traditional performing arts

What is traditional performing arts?Western cultureIt is a name that distinguishes between art and skill before entering. It means a culture unique to Japan,cultureWas a developed countryChugokuMany of the things that flowed in from Japan were made into something unique to Japan. Therefore, the way of establishment is not much different from contemporary art. But,MeijiPeriodWesternizationIt is a fact that the traditional arts continue to exist while retaining the existing form, and coexist with contemporary art in a form that has little correlation with them. In Japan, many traditional performing arts established in different times exist side by side, but not all traditional performing arts exist.

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