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🎥 | Toshiro Yanagiba Taken in Akita, the hometown, cranked up with "the best!" And an emotional explosion "chasing the light" making


Toshiro Yanagiba Taken in his hometown of Akita. Crank-up with "The best!" And emotional explosion "Chasing the light" Making

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Yoichi Narita, who is in charge of the director and co-writer, said, "I definitely wanted Mr. Yanagiha of" Mr. Akita "to play the role of Hideo," revealing that Yanagiha's appearance was indispensable for this work. There is.

It will be released nationwide from October 10st (previously released from September 1rd in Akita), and it is easily damaged against the background of the beautiful countryside of Akita ... → Continue reading

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