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📺 | Following the Korean drama, K-POP!Korean animation that has continued to evolve in the turbulent history

Photo "Baby Dinosaur Dooly" (Summary of broadcasts from 1987 to 88) From the official YouTube channel of KBS Archive

Following the Korean drama, K-POP!Korean animation that has continued to evolve in the turbulent history

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The movie "Robot Taekwon V" (1976) produced at that time gained enthusiastic popularity from children as the first original giant robot animation.

Korean animation continues to take on the challenge of growth as content that follows dramas and movies, but the path that Korean society has taken ... → Continue reading

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Taekwon V

Taekwon V(Taekwon V,태권 V,태권 브이) Is1976 To South KoreaA giant robot anime work for theaters that imitates the Japanese animation Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger.

Taekwon V's Taekwondo is a battle-style taekwondo.At that time, the influx of Japanese popular culture was prohibited in South Korea.


In Korea1960 era - 70 eraBornMaleIt is a popular work centered on, and several series works have been produced.Of the directorKim Cheong GiGained immovable fame with this work.

The main character, Kim Hoon (김훈) Is the world champion of taekwondoTaekwondoFight with martial arts techniques, mainly.A hero of justice who fights evil, as is the case with children's anime.Red starIt also has one side as an anti-communist animation, such as the appearance of an enemy organization with the motif of.Not only the battle between robots, but also the understanding and friendship with enemy pilots and humanoid androids were drawn.

Although there are few examples released in Japan, the first film released in 1976 was the second town comedy film festival on September 1, 2009.[1]And November 2009, 11 Cinema Korea[2]It is being screened at.Also, on June 2010, 6, it was reported that the digitally remastered version of the work will be released in theaters all over Japan from August 3.[3].

Taekwon V's ability and battle style


All settings published when released in Japan

Overall height ―― 56m / Weight ―― 1,400t / Power ―― 8.95GW / Speed ​​―― Walking 20-30km / h / Running ―― 300km / h
Flight-Mach 1.2 / Crew personnel-2 people
Maneuvering method
The flying boat Swallow, which can fly alone, is united with the head, and the main pilot seat descends inside the main body.Basically, sub-pilot Yun Young-hee (윤영희) However, pilot Kim Hoon boarded the cockpit in his chest and steered it using levers and buttons.
In the event of a crisis or a deadly blow, sub-pilot Yoon Young-hee will operate a special system to directly convey the movement of pilot Kim Hoon to the machine.This is called an all-in-one system, and the operator's brain waves and movements can be transmitted to the machine as it is to give a deadly blow.However, this is also the biggest weakness of Taekwon V because it consumes a lot of physical strength for the pilot.
Combat style
The fighting style is Kim Hoon ’sTaekwondoThere is an attack by machine operation where the technique is input, and an attack that traces the movement of Kim Hoon when using a system that is completely integrated.BothTaekwondoIt is a technique of, and the attack by kicking the foot is characteristic.[4].
The model of face design isLeeIt is said that[5].


The evaluation of Taekwon V in Korea is "the starting point that moved Korean robot animation", and at the same time, it is a work with a complicated feeling that it is also "a symbol of the past that should be reflected in terms of stealing Japanese animation". be[Source required].

Taekwon V is the first full-scale robot anime made in Korea, and is highly regarded as one of the few theatrical animations at that time.Taekwon V brought the Korean anime market to life, which led to the production of many theatrical anime.However, in the Korean animation industry at that time, when the technology and planning ability for animation were insufficient, it was difficult to produce works with sufficient originality, and Korean animation companies were mainly in charge of subcontracting to Japan, and Japan. I have come to see works that seem to be influenced a lot by the works.Therefore, Korean works of this era are shunned even in Korea.[Source required].

Currently, "Taekwon V" is a national character of Korean animation. Produced by the Korean government in 2005TakeshimaAppeared as the guardian deity of Takeshima in the commercial. July 2006, 7,Korean governmentIssued the "First Republic of Korea Robot Registration Certificate" and officially recognized "Taekwon V" as a Korean citizen.Also, on July 1, 2008, "Taekwon V" was appointed as the Korean Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).[6][7].

Plagiarism denial remarks

For design and settingsJapanA strong influence from the work of is seen, and it is considered to be a plagiarism work.For example, "Taekwon V of the 1st to 4th works"Mazinger ZVery similar to, even in enemy robotsMobile Suit Gundam, Mazinger Z,Legendary God IdeonIt is very similar to.Furthermore, the design of Taekwon V of "Super Taekwon V" isCombat Mecha XabungleIt has been pointed out that a design similar to the Xabungle that appears in is used. (The design of the work from Super Taekwon V is different for each work, and the plagiarism element gradually fades.) The comparison image below is easy to understand.

Director Kim said, "I got a hint from Japanese animation and was worried about how it wouldn't look like the original animation." In fact, it made me feel my limits, "he admits, but denies plagiarism because it wasn't intentional.[9].. On August 2018, 8, the Seoul Central District Court raised the issue regarding the copyright of Robot Taekwon V Co., Ltd. and the defendant who manufactured toys similar to Taekwon V. "Taekwon V has a clear appearance difference from Mazinger Z and is considered an independent work," he dismissed the defendant's counterargument.[10].

News about Taekwon V

  • 2002 ,May 9BroadcastThis is the best 100 in JapanTaekwon V was introduced in.
  • 2005 ,Movie theaterForCMTaekwon V was revived in.In this commercial, Taekwon V is Dokdo (Takeshima) Is set as a guardian deity.
  • 2006 ,May 7The Ministry of Industrial Resources of the Korean Government issued the "First Republic of Korea Robot Registration Card" and officially recognized the leading robot "Taekwon V" as a Korean citizen (to be exact, issued a resident registration card).Resident Registration NumberIs "760724-R060724", and "Robot Taekwon V" was released on July 1976, 7.Date of BirthIs said to be[11][12].
  • 2008 , Announced to be a live-action movie[13].
  • 2009 , Screened at the XNUMXnd Town Comedy Film Festival[14].
  • 2009 , Announcement of "Taekwon V" construction plan with a total length of about 111 meters (Masan City's robot-themed theme park "Robot Land")[15]
  • 2012 , February, live-action movie production suspended due to lack of funds, postponed indefinitely[16].
  • 2018 In July, in a lawsuit in which Robot Taekwon V Co., Ltd., which manages copyrights for a vendor who sold block toys that closely resembled Taekwon V, claimed damages, the vendor said, "Taekwon V is a stolen work. Regarding the claim that it is not a creation protected by the rights law, the Central District Court of Seoul said, "Taekwon V is an independent work that is distinguished from Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, or a secondary version of these. He acknowledged the existence of the copyright as "corresponding to a copyrighted work" and ordered payment of 7 million won.[17].

Taekwon V series

  • In most works such as the first work and 1 Taekwon Vvideo-DVDAlthough it can be easily viewed with the release of the film, the condition of the film is not always good.Besides, works such as Taekwon V Space Operations and Underwater Special Attack Unitsthe filmThe condition is bad, and there is a problem with the copyright of the film in Korea, and the DVD has not been released, so it is difficult to watch it in Korea as well.
  • Robot Taekwon V (로보트 태권 V,1976 May 7Release)
  • Taekwon V Space Operations (로보트 태권 V 우주 작전,1976 May 12Release)
  • Taekwon V Underwater Special Attack Unit (로보트 태권 V 수중 특공대,1978 May 7Release)
  • Taekwon V and Golden Wings Showdown (로보트 태권 V 와 황금 날개 의 대결,1978 May 7(Public) This is a collaboration movie with Golden Wings 1.2.3 produced by Director Kim.
  • Fly! Space Battleship Musashi (날 아라! 우주 전함 거북선,1979 May 7(Public) However, the director is not Kim.
  • Super Taekwon V (슈퍼태권 V,1982 May 7(Public) Taekwon V will be changed to a design very similar to Zabungle (mentioned above).
  • '84 Taekwon V ('84 로보 트태권 V,1984 May 8Release)
  • Robot Taekwon V (로보트 태권 V 90,1990 May 7(Public) Virtually the last work in the Robot Taekwon V series.Live actionとア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンIt was produced with two systems.There are some changes in the design.

Deployment in Japan

2010 Digitally remastered version

An anime movie that has been digitally remastered and restored from the first feature-length anime "Robot Taekwon V" released in 1976.Late show screening at Theater N Shibuya from August 1, 2010 in Japan[18].

The catchphrases are "Legendary Korean robot anime is finally released in Japan !!", "Crush! Break! Buchi no Mese! For world peace and love !!".

An inter-negative film was discovered in April 2003.However, the damage was so serious that it was cut off the moment it was put on the projector, and especially the music and voice actor lines that were judged to be irreparable were newly recorded.[19].


  • Kim Hoon
  • Dr. Carp
  • Merry
  • Yoon Young-hee
  • Dr. Kim
  • Dr. Yun
  • General Malcolm
  • Chul boy

Voice appearance

  • Kim Bomi
  • Kim Bo Yeon
  • Kim Young Chan
  • Nam Do Hyon
  • Jung Chihwa
Japanese dubbed version

ス タ ッ フ

  • Original title --로보트 태권 V
  • English title --Robot Taekwon V
  • Director-Kim Cheong Gi
  • Work courtesy-5min Cine Communications
  • Distribution-"Taekwon V" Distribution Committee
  • Subtitle supervision-Children's Trading
  • Offer- TRASH-UP !!, Atsushi Okamoto
1976 version original staff
  • Production-Yu Hyun Mok
  • Planning-Kim Ilfan
  • Direction-Kim Cheong Gi
  • Screenplay-Ji Sang Haku
  • Music-Che Chang-won
  • Shooting-Cho Bok Dong
  • Edit --Yoon Ji Young
  • Sound effects-Kim Borle
  • Original animation director-Im Jung-kyu
  • Production Manager --Kim Young Soo
  • Taekwondo Guidance-Yu Seung-sung Shihan (Wanho Gymnasium)
  • Chorus-Milene Choir
  • Recording-Hanyang Recording Room
  • Development --Korean Natural Color Development Center
2007 Restored Staff
  • Offer- Korean Film Council
  • Production-Korean Film Council, Shincine Co., Ltd.
  • Sponsorship-Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Cooperation-Korean Video Archive Foundation, Chuncheon Cultural Industry Promotion Foundation, Chuncheon Animation Museum, Seoul Industrial Trade Promotion Foundation, Seoul Animation Center
  • Restoration production-Lee Chun-jik, Ahn Jung-sook, Shin Chul, Park Gong-seop
  • Planning-Kim Hye Jun, Park Sung Woo, Kim Byung Hong
  • Supervision-Yu Hyun Mok, Kim Cheong Gi
  • Production Technology Conductor-Yoon Jung-Doo
  • Restoration Command-Kim Young Hoon
  • Progress-Korean Film Council, Lee Wan-ho, Kim Bo-yeon, Shincine Co., Ltd., Robot Taekwon V Co., Ltd., Chang Seung-sung

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