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🎥 | Shun Oguri starring Tsuyoshi Muro accepts the offer "The shooting was quick, but it was fun"


Shun Oguri accepted the offer from Tsuyoshi Muro "The shooting was quick, but it was fun."

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The role of Hikari is played by Noai Nakata, who became a finalist at the 8th Toho Cinderella Audition, as well as Nao, Katsuya Maiguma, Kenta Tokui of Heisei Nobushikobushi, and Ken Mitsuishi. There is.

Shun Oguri as an additional cast of the movie "My Daddy" starring Tsuyoshi Muro for the first time, which will be released on September 9 (Thursday / holiday) ... → Continue reading

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Heisei Nobukobushi

Heisei Nobukobushi(Heisei Nobushikobushi) isTakashi YoshimuraとKenta TokuiBy japaneseComedy combination.Yoshimoto KogyoTokyo Head Office(Tokyo Yoshimoto) Belongs to. Young unit "La GollistersIs a member of

TokyoNSC5th generation. Formed in 2000. AbbreviationNobucobu.. Old nameKobushito Zangi.


For details, refer to each individual page.


2000 , Formed by Yoshimura and Tokui who were the 5th generation of Tokyo NSC. Yoshimura formed different combinations 7 times ("Candy Candy", "Charm Point", etc.) and Tokui 4 times ("Thomson Gazelle", "Dragga", etc.) until the combination was formed. After that, they formed a combination and made their debut in 2000 as Heisei Nobukobushi.

2005 ,Comedy gate]Hiking walking-piece-Ishibashi Hazamaと と も にLa GollistersFormed. At that time, he was called a male duo.

2006 3ToOverdoing cozy], and Yoshimura's art of playing music by the side is attracting attention. same year7, LUMINE the Yoshimoto's solo live "Gocomte" was sold out in about 5 minutes from the start of ticket sales (about 500 seats). It is the first time in the history of LUMINE that a combination that has never appeared in "1/3" or "7-9" made a solo concert in LUMINE.

2006 year 12 month,M-1 Grand PrixEntered the semifinals for the first time. Then, in 2007, he advanced to the semi-finals.2008 , Won the first "Immediate Fighting Power King".King of conteThen advance to the semi-finals in 2010,THE MANZAIHowever, in 2011 he was selected as a certified Manzai Master and advanced to the main circuit.

2010 May 9WithAGE AGE LIVEGraduated. same year"World Shock Video Co., Ltd.In the "Homestay in Tribal" location project, Tokui's character, who eats insects in peace, gets a lot of attention and breaks. 『Picard's theorem] Will be appointed as a regular and will be widely recognized by the general public.

Opportunity to become an entertainer

  • Tokui originally wanted to become a chef, but when he was in high school, his classmates told him that "Tokui-kun should be an entertainer rather than a chef." became.
  • Yoshimura decided to become an entertainer when he was in high school because of a comedy show. At first, I felt light, but when I moved to Tokyo, I told my grandmother who was a parent, “I hate my grandma, so I'm going to Tokyo,” and a month later, my grandmother died suddenly, so I decided to entertain. He says he can no longer quit[4].

Art style

  • ComicとControlDo together. Yoshimura is mainly in charge of making material.
  • "Stormy rough characterIt is characterized by high tension and unconventional behavior by Yoshimura, who claims to be "," and he may take bold actions such as breaking shirts and jumping in the middle of the story.
  • In Manzai, Tokui is often swayed by Yoshimura while practicing an exciting situation, but there is also a pattern in which Tokui gradually disturbs Yoshimura's actions and the blur and Tsukkomi are replaced.
  • Tokui often asks Yoshimura to apologize in English.


Kenny Loggins"Danger Zone" (MovieTop gunTheme song)

Combination name

When the group was first formed, the name of the combination was "Kobushitosangi". "Kobushi" means "raise your fist". "Zangi" is a Hokkaido dish similar to fried chicken. However, because of bad luck due to the number of strokes, he appeared as an assistant in 2004.Yoshimoto Fandango TVThe program "Wai! wai! wai!』Renamed by public invitation for viewers. However, the current "Heisei Nobushi Kobushi" is a killer.[Source required].. Still, they love it.

The name of "Heisei Nobushi Kobushi" is a comedian from the same Hokkaido.Taka and ToshiSo I named it by saying that a name like Manzai would be good. Manzai combinationShowa is hereIt is said that it was inspired by.Tokui later hoped to include the era name in the combination name as well.Reiwa romanceHas become a godmother.

August 2019, 4,AbemaTVSpecial program "AbemaTV x Twitter special program! From Heisei to Reiwa 25-hour TV”HeiseiOpening as the first job on the last dayMCIs appointed to[5].


After graduating from NSC, Yoshimura called Tokui and invited him to the combination. At that time, Tokui thought that “Yoshimura was the most interesting in the NSC period”, and when he was invited to form a combination by phone, he was overjoyed, but he didn't tell Yoshimura much.

Tokui got married in 2006 and soon had a baby, but he did not report it to Yoshimura for a while. Tokui says that he didn't have the time to talk, and suddenly he reported during an overseas location.[6].. In addition, Tokui suddenly reported to Yoshimura during the location there because the rituals at the site were such that a married person could not come out and had to say. In addition, Tokui's parents divorced and his family name changed temporarily, but that was silent to Yoshimura.


Please refer to each individual page for the solo appearance history.

TV program

Irregular appearance

Crown special number

  • Heisei Nobushi Kobushi's Homecoming Nau Special 2014(December 2014, 3,HTB)MC
  • Let's go with Nobucobu's face pass!! (March 2015, 3,HBC) MC
  • メイド イン ホッカイドウ~どさんこが日本を支えてる?(2015å¹´08月16日、2016å¹´2月27日、7月30日、2017å¹´2月26日、7月30日、2018å¹´3月3日、HBC)
  • Nobu Cobb's Heisei Kininal Research (2016 -,Shizuoka broadcasting)MC
  • (July 2021, 7-, HTB)MC

Past regular programs

Internet distribution

  • Heisei Nobushi Kobushi's stormy weather is bad!(GyaO Jockey,-March 2008)MC
  • Nobu Cob and Zebra Angel Cuin x 2 Variety (2012 January 1-12 April 2013 delivered every Thursday)MC
  • Zebra Angel & Nobukob's Kui Student (July 2012, 7-April 3, 2013 Irregular,Nico Nico Live Broadcast)MC
  • Special Attack Full Swinger (August 2017, 8-October 11, 10,amazon prime)-Regular
  • Special program "Day 3 Abema Boat TVSG Challenge Cup championship: What is the expected battle to win?" (November 2017, 11, AbemaTV)MC
  • Ultra Games presents Endless Mario Maker (January 2018, 1,AbemaTV・Ultra Games Channel)MC[10]
  • AbemaTV x Twitter special program! From Heisei to Rewa 25 hours TV From Heisei to Rewa-Special MC is Heisei Nobukobushi! Where is the combination name? ~ (April 2019, 4, AbemaTV)

Radio program



  • Personnel activities 3 and 4 (guest appearance) (released June 2006, 6, September 14, 2006, R&C)
  • U-1 Grand Prix CASE 01 "Interrogation Room" (released on August 2007, 8, Pony Canyon)
  • Happy unrequited love (released April 2008, 4 Yoshimoto R & C)
  • Lumine the Yoshimoto-Buying Aoda in the industry-Summer 2008- (Released on July 2008, 7 Yoshimoto R & C)
  • Expo of Laughter (Released on December 2008, 12 Yoshimoto R & C)
  • Fight !! Captain Bonita (released January 2009, 01 Yoshimoto R & C)
  • Dynamite Kansai 2008 (Released on February 2009, 2 Yoshimoto R & C)
  • Oni Wara Cram School Red / Black (Released on October 2009, 10 Yoshimoto R & C)
  • La Golisters DVD '09 (Released on February 2010, 2 Yoshimoto R & C)
  • Gokon-Which is the leading role tonight- (Released on October 2010, 10 Yoshimoto R & C)
  • Tale-Kenta Tokui is gone! ~ (Released on August 2012, 8 Yoshimoto R & C)




  • Comedy popolo 2008å¹´2月号(Vol.22)、2008å¹´5月号(Vol.23)、2008å¹´8月号(Vol.24)、2008å¹´11月号(Vol.25)、2009å¹´2月号(Vol.26)、2009å¹´5月号(Vol.27)、2009å¹´8月号(Vol.28)
  • Comedy TV LIFE Vol.1, Vol.2
  • Comedy Typhoon! vol.10
  • Uchiran Vol.2
  • Kindai
  • Zipper 10 month number
  • Comedy boys school


  • Wink Up (Wanibooks)
  • Magalry "Heisei Nobushi Kobushi no Kiribito Talk" (April 2013, 4-Updated every Friday)

Live alone

  • February 2005, 2-First solo live "Gocomte" (Shibuya Theater D)
  • August 2005, 8-Solo live "Gocomte" (Shinjuku Theater Moliere)
  • October 2005, 10-Manzai Live "Nobushi Kobushi ga 15 Tons" (Theater Bratz)
  • February 2006, 2-Solo live "Tokui vs Yoshimura, it's your fault that you can't sell!
  • April 2006, 4-Heisei Nobushi Boshi talk live "Spring Fight" (Shibuya Theater D)
  • July 2006, 7-Solo live "Gocom" (LUMINE the Yoshimoto)
  • November 2006, 11-Second HNK Radio (Shibuya eggman)
  • November 2007, 1-Second HNK Radio (Shibuya eggman)
  • February 2007, 2-Solo live "Nobushikobushi vs NSC Student" (Ebisu Echo Theater)
  • November 2007, 3-Second HNK Radio (Shibuya eggman)
  • July 2007, 7-Solo live "Gocomte" (Theater Apple)
  • October 2008th, 10th, 25-Solo live "Gocomte" (LUMINE the Yoshimoto)
  • December 2008, 12-Solo live "Gokonto" additional performance (Sogetsu Hall)
  • January 2009, 1-Heisei Nobushi Kobushi Grand Theater (Laforet Museum)
  • July 2010, 7-Solo live "Gocomte-Which is the protagonist of tonight-" (Akasaka BLITZ)
  • August 2011, 8-"Heisei Nobushi Kobushi's 7 Minute Manzai" (Yoshimoto Prince Theater, Shinagawa)
  • May 2012, 5-Solo live "Gocomte-Kenta Tokui is destroyed!" (Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Kyoto) Performances in four cities


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外部 リンク

Toho "Cinderella" Audition

"Toho Cinderella" audition(Toho Cinderella Audition)TohoとToho Performing Arts 1984 Actress who carries out irregularly fromauditionIs[1].

Sawaguchi Yasuko,Masami NagasawaProduced "Toho Cinderella" and "All Japan National Bishoujo Contest"(Oscar promotion), "Horipro Talent Scout Caravan"(Horipro) Is an actress audition alongside[1].


The origin of this audition is1950 eraIt goes back to Toho "Cinderella Musume".

The second timeTohoIt was held in 50 as an event commemorating the 1984th anniversary of its founding, and since then it has been held irregularly once every 3 to 6 years.

The 6th final selection was held on January 2006, 1, and was selected from a record number of 9 applicants.

The 7th is scheduled for late January 2011[2]It was held ahead of schedule on January 1th. Grand PrixMeng Song of ShangbaishiAnd the jury special prizeShang Baishi Meng YinIs a sister and was the first sister to win the award. New Generation Award was newly established[3].

The 8th is "Toho Cinderella Audition In collaboration with ShueishaIt was named and implemented in 2016. Abolished document screening, 10 cities nationwide[Note 1]At the qualifying session held in Tokyo, interviews were conducted for all 9508 participants.[4][5].


Most of the people from "Toho Cinderella" are from Toho movie production "Godzilla』Series (Sawaguchi, Kodaka, Mizuno, Imamura, Osawa, Tanaka, Nagasawa, Otsuka also appeared.Yuki SaitoIs also non-credit, but only the voice appears). In addition, Nonami, the winner of the 96 Grand Prix, which was the period when the Godzilla movie was not produced, said in 97, "Mothra 2 Submarine Great Battle』I made a screen debut.

Yuki Saito entered the entertainment world because her mother applied for the first time and the last three remained.[6], Not a Grand Prix winner, but from "Toho Cinderella"[7].

Successive Cinderella

TimesYearsGrand PrixJudge special prizeNew Generation AwardRepipial Mario賞Artist AwardFinalist
11984 Sawaguchi YasukoMinako FujishiroYuki Saito[8][Note 2]
Keiko Okuda
Eri Morishita
21987 Emi OdakaMizuno Maki
31991 Keiko ImamuraSayaka Osawa
41996 Maho NonamiMisato Tanaka
52000 Masami NagasawaChihiro Otsuka
62006 Manami KuroseYuko Masumoto
Ayaka Ikezawa
Asakura Aki[10][Note 2]
Haruka Tomatsu[11][Note 2]
72011 Meng Song of ShangbaishiShang Baishi Meng Yin
Narumi Akizuki

Yamazaki Hirona
Ryo Ogawa
Minami beach
Mizuho Kaneo

Madoka Yoshida
82016 Riko Fukumoto

Inoue Otosei


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