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📺 | "99.9-Criminal Lawyer" will be available on Paravi and TVer / TBS FREE!

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"99.9-Criminal Lawyer" will be available on Paravi and TVer / TBS FREE!

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The number 99.9 in the title shows the guilty rate in criminal cases in Japan.

The movie "XNUMX-Criminal Lawyer-THE MOVIE" will be released on December XNUMXth (Thursday).Theatrical release ... → Continue reading


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Trial guilty rate


事件What is (jiken)

  1. Events that attract people's attention, such as conflicts, crimes, commotions, and accidents[1]..Often refers to something that is talked about by people[2].. → Example in the former sense See.
  2. As a legal term, it means a matter or matter.Individual procedures for certain procedures in government offices are called "cases" and may be managed by assigning case numbers.Resident cardRequest, information disclosure request, permission application,Family registerPetition for correction,Restitution for DamagesClaim,crimeinvestigationAnd so on, all are incidents.trialIn practiceLawsuitIt is also used as an abbreviation for an incident. → Example in the latter sense See.

"Case" in Japanese

JapaneseThe word "incident" is composed of words that represent "things" and "cases", and originally,crimesex,Turmoil(SojoThere is no meaning of sex, but criminality,Turmoil(SojoOften used to mean a sexual event. "殺人Incident "・"robbery"Case" etc. may mean both 1 and 2.

When a turmoil or an accident has a large social impact, it is sometimes called an "incident."

Example in the former sense

な ど

Example in the latter sense

な ど


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