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🎥 | Masaki Suda, Kotaro Yoshida's remarks "No good guy!" Looking back on the special shooting of only 6 people


Masaki Suda and Kotaro Yoshida look back on the special shooting of only six people, "No good guy!"

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When I wake up, a mysterious cube = 6 men and women trapped in CUBE (engineers, group staff, part-time workers, junior high school students, mechanics, company officers) ... Escape without any contact or connection and without knowing the reason Murderous traps such as heat-sensitive lasers, wire slicers, and flame jets attack them one after another.

A preview of the completion of the movie "CUBE Once Entered, Last" (released on October 10) was held in Tokyo on the 22nd, and Suga ... → Continue reading

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Staff(Shokuin) is generallyCompany,Government officeIn someJobA person who belongs to.

Corporate staff

For companies,Servant,Employee, Employee, etc. are used synonymously.For corporationsBoard MemberIs not included.Japanese lawAbove isCorporation OfStaffWith the corporationemploymentIn a relationshipDelegationDistinguished from related officers.

Ltd.Etc.A business entity for the purpose of profitThen,Commercial servantBarrelWorkerThere are not many examples of referring to "staff",Commonly knownAsEmployee, The name of an office worker is common.However, even in the form of a joint-stock company, a bank employee or a bank employee (Banking), A unique terminology in the industry ()Industry term) May be used.

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Government officeStaffIsCivil servantIn Although,decreeThe above may have a definition limited to a certain range according to its purpose (for example,National Civil Service LawArticle 2, paragraph 4,Local Civil Service ActArticle 4 paragraph 1).

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