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🎥 | Famous actress Chisako Hara's last work "Nosari Island" will be screened in Asao Ward, Kawasaki, where she lived for many years.

Chisako Hara who played the role of Tsuyako in "Nosari Island", which was the last work of the photo © Kitashirakawa faction

The last work of famous actress Chisako Hara "Nosari Island" will be screened in Asao Ward, Kawasaki, where she lived for many years.

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He was appointed as a master of Mikio Naruse, Masahiro Shinoda, Nagisa Oshima, etc.

The movie "Nosa ...", which was the last work of actress Chisako Hara (1 years old) who lived in Asao Ward, Kawasaki City for many years and died in January last year. → Continue reading

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Naruse Mikio

Naruse Mikio(Naruse Mikio,1905 May 8 - 1969 May 7) Is JapaneseFilm director.Tokyo(CurrentTokyo)YotsuyaI'm from


Naruse is1905 May 8,TokyoYotsuya WardWas born as the second son of the second son and the first daughter between the artisan father, Rizo and mother, Kina. Was bornå·³It was named "Miki Yoshio" because it was the month of Minami and the day of Minami.

Originally my family was poor, so I tried to get a job on my arm soonKogakuin University(CurrentKogakuin University), But dropped out because his father died and the household budget was tight.1920 , Introduced by an acquaintanceShochiku Kamata StudioJoined the company as a prop clerk.1922 From aroundYoshinobu IkedaI will be the assistant director of.However, I couldn't get promoted to the director, so I joined the company later.Yasujiro Ozu,Hiroshi ShimizuNaruse is still in the midst of being promoted to director in three or four years after joining the company.Gosho HiranosukeI was instructed under the above, and spent 10 years under construction.

1930 , NaruseShiro KidoWrote a scenario under the name of Haruo Ako, a short nonsense comedy movie "Samurai couple』Make a director debut.At first I was working on a short slapstick comedy,1931 of"Good luck with your hip valve』Recognized in. After that, he also worked on feature films,1932 In "Eating Spring"Kinema Junpo Best TenHe was selected as the 6th place and attracted attention as a promising young director. Next time1933 IsBreak up with you''Nightly dreams], And both works were selected as the best ten Kinema Junpo and received high praise.

However, even if he was promoted to director, he was not given a private room and continued to live in a large room with other assistant directors. Moreover, the movie was shot with a script that other directors refused, and the promise that "if you shoot this, I'll let you shoot what you like next" was repeatedly violated. Naruse is the predecessor of TohoPCLThe story of pulling out comes in and decides to transfer. I knew itYasujiro Ozu"It's good," he wrote in his diary. In addition, Naruse will be at this time and laterTohoWill make many Ozu moviesMasumi FujimotoYou will also get to know each other.

In 1934, Naruse was an assistant directorSatsuo YamamotoTransferred to PCL withTalkieDirected the movie "Three Sisters with Maidens" (1935). ThenMinoru NakanoThe plays "Actress and Poet" and "Wife, Be Like a Rose』(1935). The latter received high praise from critics and said, "Kinema Junpo』\ Selected as the best one. This work"KimikoIn 1937 with the English titleニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt was the first Japanese movie to be screened in the United States. Later, the leading actress of "Actress and Poet" and "Wife, Rose no Yauni"Sachiko ChibaHe married in 1937 and had his eldest son, Takashi, but divorced three years later in 3. Chiba took over and raised his only son, Takashi.

Jiro ObutsuIn the original "Avalanche" (1937)Akira KurosawaWill serve as an assistant director.Kurosawa's autobiography states, "I think Mr. Naruse wasn't satisfied with the job, but I still had a lot to gain."During the war, "Tsuruhachi Tsurujiro''Uta Andon] Shows a clearness in the genre of "artistic things" such as "The Way of Drama".

Immediately after the war, he was forced to direct films such as the democratic film "The Descendents of Urashima Taro," "I and You," and "Spring Awakens." At the same timeToho disputeNaruse also paralyzed the function of Toho Photo StudioYoshimoto Yamamoto, Kurosawa,Chikichi TaniguchiLeaving Toho with them,Film Arts AssociationEstablished, Toho in a free position,Shintoho,Shochiku,DaieiWill be supervised by.

1951 ,Fumiko HayashiOriginal,Setsuko HaraとKen UeharaStarring "Rice』Received high praise. After returning to Toho1955 Directed to "Floating cloudsIs generally regarded as Naruse's masterpiece.

Naruse is based on Hayashi's original "Lightning Bolt," "Wife," and "Evening chrysanthemum"Fukimo" and "Wandering"Yasunari KawabataBased on the originalMaihime''Mountain sounds],Muroh SaiseiBased on the originalMy sister"Anzukko"Pure literatureFrom the work,Yojiro IshizakaThe original "Magokoro" "Ishinaka sensei"kiss』, Focusing on literary films covering a wide range of genres, including popular works, I drew the delicate emotions of human beings through casual exchanges.

Naruse's last work was in 1967Shiba,Yuzo KayamaIt was the starring "turbulent cloud." In 1969, Naruse died of rectal cancer at the age of 63. In addition, Naruse visited to visit during the fighting illness.Hideko TakamineHe talked about the concept of a strange work, "Hideko Takamine plays alone with a white curtain on her back," but it never came true. About this, the famous photographer who formed a combination with Naruse in many worksMasao TamaiIn a later interview, he said, "That remark came out because Mr. Naruse was bearish just before his death. Mr. Naruse did not like Hideko Takamine personally." doing.

In 100, the 2005th anniversary of Naruse's birth, DVD boxes were released, related books were published, and special screenings were held at famous movie theaters in various regions.


Naruse isWomen's movieKnown as a master ofHideko TakamineWorked on many works in combination with. In addition, "meshi" and "meshi" the original mythicalized by the Ozu movieHeavy rain』, and made the appearance of a living wife living in Ichii lively.

またFumi KodaIs the original "FlowingIn addition to Takamine,Kinyo Tanaka,Haruko Sugimura,Yamada Isuzu,Mariko Okada,Chieko NakakitaAndSilent movieA big actressKurishima SumikoIs playing a co-star.

Besides, before the warSumiko Mizukubo-Setsuko Shinobu-Takako Irie-Yoshiko Okada, After the warSetsuko Wakayama-Yoko Sugi-Kuga Miko-Takamine Saeguko-Michiyo Kogure-Kyoko Kagawa-Chikage Awashima-Shinju Michiyo-Kusabue Mitsuko-Arima Inago-Reiko Dan-Kumi Mizuno-Keiko Awaji・ Yoko Tsukasa ・Yuriko HoshiThe actress is shining in his movie.

He is also good at surprisingly acting as a star actor,Mifune ToshiroAlso showed a different aspect from the masculine charm shown in the Kurosawa movie in "Ishinaka-sensei's memoir" and "Wife's heart".Rentaro MikuniLeft a strange taste in "couple" and "wife". It is a prewar Shochiku starKen UeharaAlso in various works after "Meshi",Satoshi YamamuraHe continued to play the figure of a middle-aged man who did not decorate with him. In later years of "turbulence" and "turbulence clouds",Young generalIt is also worth noting that he brought out a delicate performance from star Kayama, who was at the height of his popularity in the series.

In addition,Katsura KobayashiTo play the leading role as a murderer ("Others in a woman"), and because of his appearance, there are many roles with a serious and mediocre personality.Daisuke KatoMarriage scammer ("When a woman climbs stairs)) and a host who repeatedly runs and runs with a young woman (“Onna no Za”).

Although the number is small, "Magokoro" and "Hideko's conductor"Nostalgic face" "The approach of autumn], Etc., he also works on honorable mentions with children as the main characters. In particular, "Autumn Standing" is a valuable work in the sense that Naruse's childhood is repeated as the main character.

Naruse's films were supported largely by the talented people at Toho's cinematography, which served as an art director.Used wisdomLearn more about "Design of Mikio Naruse" by. Naruse is used for art, Masao Tamai for photography, and lightingChoshiro Ishii, For recordingHisashi Shimonaga, To musicIchiro SaitoHe liked to work with fixed staff called "Naruse-gumi", and they also supported Naruse with their own first-class skills. In the scriptYoko MizukiContributes in many works.

In addition, Naruse was a director who was very conscious of the times, and often casually included the social situation at that time in the film. As an example, with a private store in "Disturbed"supermarketIn price competition with and "as a woman as a wife", my wife and family said "Three kinds of sacred treasuresThere are scenes that want ". These settings are often used as hints in the main story.

On the other hand, in the postwar work, in the street sceneChindonyaAppears very often. Most of them were not involved in the story (only a few characters mention them in "Meshi"), and they also had a meaning as BGM, but it is said that Naruse himself especially liked it.

The most popular movie in Naruse, both in Japan and abroad, is "Ukumo". However, "Ukimo" has a heavy atmosphere and a rich painting tone, which makes it different from Naruse's work. There is also an opinion that it should not be a masterpiece. It is said that Naruse also did not consider "Floating clouds" to be his masterpiece.

Naruse was loved by the staff, but he had a quiet personality and had little relationship with him. He was nicknamed "Yarsenakio" after his first and last name because of his affectionate and unyielding style.[1].. He was an assistant director under Naruse and was a fan of Naruse movies.Teruo IshiiAlso talks about Naruse as a quiet person like a university professor.


Naruse had a certain reputation in Japan since he was alive, but he was a craftsman director rather than a unique filmmaker.

Regarding Naruse, Kamata Photo Studio, who later became President ShochikuShiro KidoThere is a legend that the director said, "I don't need two Ozu."[2].. Ozu praises "Ukigumo" directed by Naruse as "a shashin that I can't do." AlsoKenji Mizoguchi"That person's shashin is good, but he doesn't always have a kintama."[3]Is described.

Once taughtTeruo IshiiAdmits himself as an unfaithful disciple, but pays homage to Naruse's stance that "a movie is the life of only a few weeks when it is shown in a movie theater."

Akira KurosawaAs for Naruse in the shooting of "Avalanche" that he himself attached to the assistant director in the autobiography, there was absolutely no waste of time used during shooting, ``Since I will do everything myself, the assistant director is unlucky "I look back. He also described his work as a director of Naruse as a "movie expert" and "the certainty of his skill is unmatched." Participating in many Kurosawa works as Kurosawa's scripterTeruyo Nogami"Mr. Kurosawa definitely respected Mr. Naruse the most," he wrote in his own book.

Naruse's international fame increased over 10 years after his death,Kawakita KashikoDue to the efforts of enthusiastic movie fans like 1983Locarno International Film FestivalIt has been since the special screening program was set up in. Then in 1988 at the Hong Kong International Film Festival and in 1998San Sebastian International Film FestivalA special screening was organized in. French movie magazineCahiers du CinemaPraised Naruse as Japan's "fourth master" after Ozu, Mizoguchi and Kurosawa.

In 1990, with Satoru Chu, who was in charge of many Naruse movie arts.Shigehiko HasumiInterview with "Mikio Naruse's design"Chikuma ShoboPublished by. Jean-Pierre Limosin,Leos Carax,Daniel Schmid,Edward YangThe movie directors pay tribute to Naruse. SchmidtDocumentary movieIn "The Written Face", I quoted a part of "Yagiku" and interviewed Sugimura, who starred.

Regarding the systematic evaluation of Naruse, the opinion that "there was a period of slump after the war, but it became a master of female movies after a revival with "Meshi"" was dominant. However, in recent years, the evaluation has been improving mainly for works during the war.

Directed work

Works up to 1953Copyright protection periodIs believed to have been completely completed (satisfying both 50 years after publication and 38 years after the director's death). Because of this, some worksCheap DVDIt is on sale at.

Release yearTitle of workProduction / distributionScreenplay, screenplay (original)Main performersScreening time and others
1930 Samurai coupleShochiku KamataHaruo AkoHisao Yoshitani, Mitsuko Yoshikawa,Tomio Aoki, Nobuko Wakaba白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataMizushima AyameMitsuko Takao, Shoichi Kofujita,Haruo Takeda, Eiko Takamatsu, Hatsuko Tsukioka白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataTakao YanaiTatsuo Saito, Tomoki Aoki,Takeshi Sakamoto, Tokuji Kobayashi, Hiroko Kawasaki白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataTakao YanaiKenji Kimura, Ichiro Yuki, Eiko Takamatsu, Tokio Seki, Shunro Takeda, Hiroko Kawasaki, Shinichiro Izawa, Teruo Mouri, Shizue Tatsuda, Takeshi Sakamoto, Mitsuko Yoshikawa白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataTadao IkedaTeruo Mori, Hisao Yoshitani, Ichiro Oguni, Hiroyuki Sakai, Midori Matsuba, Mariko Aoyama白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
1931 Shochiku KamataTadao IkedaYokoo Mukaio, Yoshikawa Hideran, Hara Junko, Seki Tokio, Wakamizu Teruko白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataNaruse MikioHisao Yoshitani, Nobuko Wakaba, Isamu Yamaguchi, Shotaro Fujimatsu, Tokiwa Fujimi白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Good luck with your hip valveShochiku KamataNaruse MikioIsamu Yamaguchi, Tomoko Naniwa, Seiichi Kato, Shizue Akiyama, Hideo Sugawara, Tokio Seki白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataNaruse MikioIsamu Yamaguchi, Tomoko Naniwa, Masao Hayama, Mitsuyoshi Kanai, Eiko Takamatsu, Seiichi Kato, Hideran Yoshikawa, Teruko Wakamizu白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataNaruse MikioKenichi Miyajima, Tomoko Naniwa,A Straightforward Boy, Reiko Tani, Keinosuke Sakai白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataYoshimura KimuraShigeru Ogura, Tomoko Naniwa, Kei Ichiki, Yoshiko Kiyokawa, Takeshi Sakamoto白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
1932 Shochiku KamataNaruse MikioMt. Ooyama Kenji, Shigeru Ogura, Shizue Hyodo, Hidenosuke Naka, Kyoko Mitsukawa白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataMizushima AyameHideo Sugawara, Mitsuko Takao, A Straightforward Boy, Shoichi Nodera, Ryuko Fuji, Tokuji Kobayashi白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataNaruse MikioShigeru Ogura, Tomoko Naniwa, A Straightforward Boy, Osamu Soga, Reiko Tani, Masao Hayama白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataRyuji NagamiSumiko Mizukubo, Ryuko Fuji, A Straightforward Boy, Ichiro Yuki, Jun Arai, Koji Kaga, Kenji Mt. Ooyama, Shigeru Ogura白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Not bornShochiku KamataKogo Noda(OriginalYanagikawa Haruha)Shinyo Nara,Tsukuba Yukiko, Toshiko Kojima, Fumiko Katsuragi, Joji Oka, Yoshiko Okada, Ichiro Yuki, Shozaburo Abe, A Straightforward Boy白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
(Meiji Seika)(Consignment promotional movie)白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
1933 Break up with youShochiku KamataNaruse MikioMitsuko Yoshikawa, Akio Isono, Sumiko Mizukubo,Kawamura Reikichi, Fuji Ryuko,Yoko Fujita, Tonuki Kozo, Kotaro Sekiguchi, Mitsuru Wakamiya, Shoichi Kofujita, Jun Arai,Iida Choko白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Nightly dreamsShochiku KamataTadao IkedaSumiko Kurishima, Teruko Kojima, Tatsuo Saito, Atsushi Arai, Mitsuko Yoshikawa, Takeshi Sakamoto, Kenji Mt. Ooyama, Shigeru Ogura, Choko Iida.白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataRyosuke SaitoMitsugu Fujii, Sumiko Mizukubo, Jun Arai, Akio Nomura, Chiyoko Katori,Shinichi Himori, Reiko Tani, Ichiro Oguni白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku KamataTakao YanaiYukichi Iwata, Kinuyo Tanaka, Yumeko Aizome, Mitsugu Fujii, Joji Oka, Shinichi Himori, Jun Arai, Shinyo Nara白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
Shochiku Kamata(New Year greetings)Takejiro Otani(President Shochiku),Shiro Kido(Director of Kamata Photo Studio), Kamata studio exclusive actors 白 黒
1934 Endless pavementShochiku KamataTomizo Ikeda (Original)Kitamura Komatsu)Setsuko Shinobu, Akio Isono, Hikaru Yamauchi, Nobuko Wakaba, Fumiko Katsuragi, Shinichi Himori, Chiyoko Katori, Ichiro Yuki, Yukiko Inoue, Fujiko Matsuzono, Reiko Tani, A Straightforward Boy, Takeshi Sakamoto白 黒
サ イ レ ン ト
1935 Three maiden sistersPCLNaruse MikioChikako Hosokawa, Masako Tsutsumi,Ryuko Umezono, Chitose Hayashi, Chisato Matsumoto, Masako Mijo, Mariyo Matsumoto, Heihachiro Okawa, Osamu Takizawa白 黒
Actress and poetPCLYanagi Nagami (Original by Minoru Nakano)Hiroshi Uruki,Sachiko Chiba,Kamatari Fujiwara, Haruko Toda,Sanyutei Kinma, Hideo Saeki, Chizuru Kanda白 黒
Wife, Be Like a RosePCLNaruse MikioSachiko Chiba,Maruyama Sadao,Yuriko, Tomoko Ito, Setsuko Horikoshi, Kamatari Fujiwara, Chikako Hosokawa, Heihachiro Okawa,Kaoru Ito白 黒
サ ー カ ス 五 人 組PCLIhei Uma
Yanagi Nagami (Original)Furukawa Midori)
Masako Tsutsumi,Ryuko Umezono, Heihachiro Okawa, Hiroshi Uruki, Kamatari Fujiwara, Riki Miyagawa, Ko Mihashi, Sadao Maruyama, Masako Sanjo,Morino Blacksmith,Kiyokawa Nijiko, Koji Kaga白 黒
Rumored daughterPCLNaruse MikioYo Shiomi, Ko Mihashi, Sachiko Chiba, Kamatari Fujiwara, Heihachiro Okawa白 黒
1936 Momonakaken UnemonPCLMikio Naruse (Original, Seika Mayama)Ryunosuke Tsukigata, Chikako Hosokawa, Sachiko Chiba, Kamatari Fujiwara, Kaoru Ito,Masao Mishima, Asataro Ichikawa, Yoshio Kosugi, Ko Mihashi, Shin Date白 黒
PCLMikio Naruse (Original, Yukiko Miyake)Heihachiro Okawa, Hideo Saeki, Tamae Kiyokawa, Kamatari Fujiwara, Mitsuko Takao, Naoyo Yamagata, Masako Tsutsumi白 黒
PCLNaruse MikioSachiko Chiba, Ko Mihashi, Misao Yamaguchi, Tamae Kiyokawa, Heihachiro Okawa, Masao Mishima, Ranko Akagi, Satoko Date, Nijiko Kiyokawa, Hatsuko Natsume,Eitaro Ozawa白 黒
1937 Woman melancholyPCL, Toho
Irie Pro
Naruse Mikio
Chiuo Tanaka
Takako Irie, Masako Tsutsumi, Ranko Sawa, Tamae Kiyokawa, Namiko Hatsuse, Kaoru Ito, Ko Mihashi, Hideo Saeki,Kitazawa Biao,Heihachiro Okawa白 黒
avalanchePCL, TohoMikio Naruse (Original by Jiro Osaragi)Hideo Saeki,Ranko Edogawa,Climbing the mist, Yo Shiomi, Yuriko Hanabusa, Sadao Maruyama,Masao Mishima, Akira Ubukata白 黒
PrequelPCL, TohoFumitaka Iwasaki (Original)Hiroshi Kikuchi)Minoru Takada,Takako Irie,Chieko Takehisa,Yumeko Aizome,Heihachiro Okawa白 黒
The second part of the blessingPCL, TohoFumitaka Iwasaki (Original by Kan Kikuchi)Minoru Takada, Takako Irie, Chieko Takehisa, Yumeko Aizome, Heihachiro Okawa,Kitabayashi Sakae,Kiyokawa Nijiko白 黒
1938 Tsuruhachi TsurujiroTohoMikio Naruse (Original)Matsutaro Kawaguchi)Kazuo Hasegawa, Isuzu Yamada, Kamatari Fujiwara, Heihachiro Okawa, Masao Mishima,Yokoyama Unhei, Kenmine Nakamura, Hiroshi Yanagiya, Bonpei Yamagata, Goro Fukuchi白 黒
1939 Working familyTohoMikio Naruse (Original)Sunao Tokunaga)Tokugawa dream voice, Atsuko Honma, Akira Ubukata, Kaoru Ito, Seikichi Minami, Takeshi Hirata, Seiichiro Bando, Kiyoko Wakaba,Den Obinata白 黒
TohoMikio Naruse (Yojiro Ishizaka)Minoru Takada,Sachiko Murase,Etsu-chan, Takako Irie, Teruko Kato, Fusako Fujima, Soji Kiyokawa白 黒
1940 TohoMikio Naruse (Original, Mikio Naruse)Fujita Kenta, Yanagiya Hiroshi,Minoru Takase, Soji Kiyokawa, Ko Mihashi, Taizo Fukami, Zeko Nakamura,Hisako Yamane, Tamae Kiyokawa, Sugiko Ise白 黒
1941 TohoNaruse MikioTsunoko Mano,Ranki Hanai, Takashi Kodaka, Soji Kiyokawa, Sumihiko Hara, Ichiro Sawai, Masaru Kodaka, Keiji Sakakida白 黒
TohoYusaku YamagataIsuzu Yamada, Uohiro, Aiko Satomi, Heihachiro Okawa, Hideo Saeki, Souji Kiyokawa, Jun Maki, Dainichikataden白 黒
Hideko's conductorTohoMikio Naruse (Original)Masuji Ibuse)Hideko Takamine, Kenta Fujiwara, Daijiro Natsukawa, Tamae Kiyokawa, Yotaro Katsumi, Samezu白 黒
1942 TohoInomata KatsutoIchiro Sugai, Takako Irie, Hideo Saito, Masaru Kodaka, Kamatari Fujiwara,Sadako Sawamura,Todoroki Yukiko, Takashi Odaka, Yonosuke Toba,Masao Shimizu白 黒
1943 Uta AndonTohoKubota Mantaro(OriginalIzumi Kyoka)Shotaro Kayanagi,Eijiro Yanagi, Ichijiro Oya,Hiroshi Ishii, Isuzu Yamada,Eiichi Seto, Masao Murata, Ichiro Minami, Keitaro Yoshioka白 黒
1944 TohoNaruse MikioYanagiya Kingoro, Hisako Yamane,Nakamura Meiko,Yokoyama Entertainment, Kikuko Hanaoka,Atsushi Watanabe, Tamae Kiyokawa, Takashi Kodaka, Yonosuke Toba, Rikie Sanjo, Soji Kiyokawa白 黒
TohoToshio YasumiFurukawa Midori, Kazuo Hasegawa,Eitaro Shindo, Bando Tachibana, Soji Kiyokawa, Takashi Shimura, Fumio Okura, Zenichiro Kito, Yonosuke Toba, Isuzu Yamada白 黒
1945 Until the day of victoryTohoSato
Bee low
Musei Tokugawa, Roppa Furukawa, Hideko Takamine, Isuzu Yamada,Kenichi Enomoto,Hanabishi Achaco, Yokoyama Entatsu,Ichimaru白 黒
Sanjusangendo Toshiya StoryTohoHideo OguniKazuo Hasegawa, Kinyo Tanaka,Ichikawa Sensho,Akitake Kono, Fumiko Katsuragi,Haruo Tanaka, Unpei Yokoyama, Tamae Kiyokawa, Kimiko Hayashi, Sachiko Mitani白 黒
1946 TohoRyuichiro YagiSusumu Fujita, Nobuo Nakamura, Haruko Sugimura, Hideko Takamine,Ken Mitsuda, Hisako Yamane, Ichiro Sugai, Shin Tatsuoka,Seiji Miyaguchi白 黒
Me and youToho
Yoshimoto Pro
Naruse MikioEntatsu Yokoyama, Hisako Yamane, Itoko Kono, Tomiko Ochiai, Shiro Mizutani, Achako Hanabishi, Fudeko Tanaka, Minoru Shinohara, Ichiro Sugai白 黒
1947 Four love stories
Episode XNUMX Enjoy farewell
TohoHideo OguniMichiyo Kogure, Isao Numazaki, Yuriko Hanabusa, Ichiro Sugai, Tokuji Kobayashi,Chieko Takehisa白 黒
Awakening of spring[4]TohoToshio Yasumi
Naruse Mikio
Tatsuya Ishiguro, Haruko Sugimura, Yoshiko Kuga,Takashi Shimura, Yuriko Hanabusa, Mibu Mibu,Hiroyuki Sugi, Iida Choko白 黒
1949 Toyoko movie
Naruse MikioKosugi Isamu, Mitsuko Yoshikawa,Michiko Hoshi,Masayuki Mori, Chizuru Kitagawa, Yoshiko Kuga白 黒
1950 Shintoho
Fujimoto Pro
Ryuichiro Yagi (Original by Yojiro Ishizaka)Shigeo Miyata, Atsushi Watanabe, Eitaro Shindo, Kamatari Fujiwara, Yaeko Izumo, Yoko Sugi,Ryo Ikebe, Toshiro Mifune, Choko Iida, Setsuko Wakayama, Chieko Nakakita白 黒
Tanaka Pro
Naruse Mikio
Nishigame Motosada
Jukichi Uno,Yasumi Hara,Chieko Higashiyama, Sachiko Murase, Setsuko Wakayama, Yuri Hamada, Yoshiko Kuga, Takashi Shimura,Teruko Kishi,Kimura Isao, Ichiro Sugai白 黒
Tanaka Pro
Mikio Naruse, Yuanzhen NishigameSatoshi Yamamura, Kimiko Iino, Mitsuko Miura,Kitabayashi Sakae, Mayuri Mokusho, Haruko Toyama,Noriko Sengoku, Eiji Okada, Chieko Nakakita白 黒
Rose battleShochiku Kyoto
Film Arts Association
Yuanzhen Nishigame (Original)Fumio Niwa)Kuniko Miyake, Setsuko Wakayama,Yoko Katsuragi,Koji Tsuruta,Toru Abe,Mitsuo Nagata, Yoko Wakasugi,Shiro Osaka, Nishina Shuyoshi, Shindo Eitaro白 黒
1951 Ginza makeupIto Pro
Matsuo Kishi (Original)Yuichiro Inoue)Kinuyo Tanaka, Yoshipan Nishikubo, Ranko Hanai,Yoshio Kosugi,Eijiro Higashino, Kiyoko Tsuji, Kyoko Kagawa白 黒
MaihimeTohoKento Shindo (Original by Yasunari Kawabata)So Yamamura,Takamine Saeguko, Akihiko Katayama, Mariko Okada, Hiroshi Nihonyanagi, Bontaro Miake, Isao Kimura, Yuko Otani, Heihachiro Okawa, Sadako Sawamura白 黒
RiceTohoToshiro Ide
Sumie Tanaka (Original by Fumiko Hayashi)
Ken Uehara, Setsuko Hara,Shimazaki Yukiko, Sugi Yoko,Akiko Kazami, Haruko Sugimura, Ranko Hanai, Hiroshi Nihonyanagi, Keiju Kobayashi,Akira Oizumi, Eitaro Shindo, Haruo Tanaka白 黒
1952 Okuni and GoheiTohoToshio Yasumi (Original)Junichiro Tanizaki)Michiyo Kogure,Yuemon Otani, So Yamamura,Jun Tasaki, Eiko Miyoshi, Yoshiko Hirose, Kyoko Tsuji, Kan Yanagiya, Kamatari Fujiwara白 黒
MotherTohoYoko MizukiKinuyo Tanaka, Kyoko Kagawa, Masao Mishima, Chieko Nakakita, Keiko Enami, Akihiko Katayama, Eiji Okada, Daisuke Kato白 黒
lightningDaieiSumie Tanaka(Original by Fumiko Hayashi)Hideko Takamine, Mitsuko Miura, Chieko Murata, Kenjiro Uemura, Kyoko Kagawa,Atsushi Negami, Eitaro Ozawa,Urabe Kazuko, Chieko Nakakita白 黒
1953 Husband and wifeTohoToshiro Ide
Yoko Mizuki
Ken Uehara, Yoko Sugi, Rentaro Mikuni, Keiju Kobayashi, Kamatari Fujiwara,Hisako Takihana,Mariko Okada, Michiko Toyoshima, Mayuri Mokusho, Yuriko Tashiro, Eiko Miyoshi, Rikie Sanjo, Chieko Nakakita白 黒
wifeTohoToshiro Ide (Original by Fumiko Hayashi)Ken Uehara, Mieko Takamine,Tanami Tatsuko,Sanae Takasugi, Chieko Nakakita,Hajime Izu, Michiyo Aratama, Rentaro Mikuni白 黒
My sisterDaieiYoko Mizuki (Original, Saisei Murou)Kyoko Machiko, Masayuki Mori, Yoshiko Kuga,Yuji Hori,Eiji Funakoshi, Reisaburo Yamamoto, Kumeko Urabe,Mantaro Ushio白 黒
1954 Mountain soundsTohoYoko Mizuki (Original by Yasunari Kawabata)Setsuko Hara, Ken Uehara, Satoshi Yamamura,Nagaoka Teruko, Yoko Sugi, Yatsuko Tan'ami, Chieko Nakakita,Nobuo Kaneko,Rieko Sumi,Hisao Toju白 黒
Evening chrysanthemumTohoSumie Tanaka
Toshiro Ide (Original by Fumiko Hayashi)
Haruko Sugimura, Sadako Sawamura, Chikako Hosokawa,Yuko Mochizuki, Ken Uehara,Hiroshi Koizumi, Ineko Arima, Bontaro Miake,Sonosuke Sawamura, Daisuke Kato白 黒
1955 Floating cloudsTohoYoko Mizuki (Original by Fumiko Hayashi)Hideko Takamine, Masayuki Mori, Chieko Nakakita, Mariko Okada,Isao Yamagata, Daisuke Kato, Mayuri Mokusho, Noriko Sengoku,Fuyuki Murakami, Heihachiro Okawa, Nobuo Kaneko白 黒
kiss Episode XNUMXTohoZenzo Matsuyama(Original by Yojiro Ishizaka)Ken Uehara, Hideko Takamine,Meiko Nakamura, Keiju Kobayashi, Hajime Izu, Teruko Nagaoka,Sakai Chio白 黒
1956 Heavy rainTohoYoko Mizuki (Original)Kushida Kunishi)Shuji Sano, Setsuko Hara, Kyoko Kagawa, Keiju Kobayashi,Akemi Negishi, Seijiro Onda, Daisuke Kato,Yasuhisa Tsutsumi, Sakai Sachio,Fumito Matsuo白 黒
Wife's heartTohoToshiro IdeEiko Miyoshi,Chiaki, Chieko Nakakita, Natsuko Matsuyama, Katsura Kobayashi, Hideko Takamine, Akemi Negishi, Haruo Tanaka, Ranko Hanai, Yoko Sugi, Toshiro Mifune.白 黒
FlowingTohoSumie Tanaka
Toshiro Ide (Original, Kobun)
Kinyo Tanaka, Isuzu Yamada, Hideko Takamine, Mariko Okada, Haruko Sugimura, Sumiko Kurishima, Chieko Nakakita,Kahara Natsuko, Seiji Miyaguchi, Daisuke Kato,Shinro Nakamura,Nakaya Noboru白 黒
1957 ArraTohoYoko Mizuki (Original)Tokuda autumn voice)Hideko Takamine, Ken Uehara, Masayuki Mori, Daisuke Kato,Tatsuya Nakadai, Eijiro Higashino, Teruko Kishi, Seiji Miyaguchi, Chieko Nakakita, Takeshi Sakamoto, Fumiko Honma白 黒
1958 ApricotTohoSumie Tanaka
Mikio Naruse (Original, Muroshi Saisei)
So Yamamura,Shizue Natsukawa, Kagawa Kyoko,Youichi Tachikawa, Isao Kimura, Chieko Nakakita, Mina Mitsui,Yu Fujiki,Yoshio Tsuchiya, Shinro Nakamura, Katsura Kobayashi, Daisuke Kato白 黒
SardinesTohoShinobu Hashimoto (OriginalWada Den)Chikage Awashima, Iida Choko, Shinju Michiyo, Shiba, Isao Kimura,Nakamura Kojiro, Katsura Kobayashi, Daisuke Kato, Haruko Sugimura, Hongko Kiyokawa, Kunio Otsukaカ ラ ー
1959 Kotan's whistlingTohoShinobu Hashimoto (OriginalNobuo Ishimori)Masayuki Mori, Ken Kubo, Ryoko Koda,Akira Takarada,Akira Kubo, Eiko Miyoshi,Kumi Mizuno, Takashi Shimura,Sancha flower research,Yoshifumi Tajima, Tsuchiya Yoshioカ ラ ー
1960 When a woman climbs stairsTohoRyuzo KikushimaHideko Takamine, Masayuki Mori,Reiko Dan, Tatsuya Nakadai, Daisuke Kato, Kojiro Nakamura, Eitaro Ozawa,Keiko Awaji, Sancha flower research,Ryojun Tatara, Fujiki Yu白 黒
Daughter / wife / motherTohoToshiro Ide
Zenzo Matsuyama
Aiko Mimasu, Setsuko Hara, Masayuki Mori, Hideko Takamine, Akira Takarada, Reiko Takashi, Mitsuko Kusafune, Hiroshi Koizumi, Keiko Awaji, Daisuke Kato, Tatsuya Nakadai, Ken Uehara, Haruko Sugimura,Hiroshi Tachikawa, Chieko Nakakita,Akemi Kita,Kasatomiカ ラ ー
Night flowTohoToshiro Ide
Zenzo Matsuyama
Shiba, Isuzu Yamada, Akira Takarada,Tatsuya Mihashi,Shirakawa Yumi,Yoshishige Mizutani, Mitsuko Kusabue, Aiko Mimasu,Koshiji snowstorm, Takashi Shimura,Yuriko Hoshiカ ラ ー
Yuzo KawashimaCo-directed with
The approach of autumnTohoRyozo KasaharaNobuko Otowa,Yosuke Natsuki,Chisako Hara, Daisuke Kato,Kiyosaburo Kawazu, Kensaburo Osawa, Kamaashi Fujiwara, Natsuko Kahara, Futaba Ichiki,Kin Sugai,Fujima purple白 黒
1961 As a woman as a wifeTohoToshiro Ide
Zenzo Matsuyama
Hideko Takamine, Chikage Awashima, Masayuki Mori, Yuriko Hoshi, Tatsuya Nakadai, Kumi Mizuno, Keiko Awaji, Choko Iida, Tsuko Tanamiya, Chieko Nakakita.カ ラ ー
1962 Woman's seatTohoToshiro Ide
Zenzo Matsuyama
Kasatomi Shu, Takamine Hideko, Shiba, Yuriko Hoshi, Keiko Awaji, Mitsuko Kusafune, Aiko Mimasu, Haruko Sugimura, Akemi Kita, Tsuko Tanamiya, Akira Takarada, Dango, Tatsuya Mihashi, Katsura Kobayashi, Yosuke Natsuki.白 黒
Takarazuka movie
Toshiro Ide
Sumie Tanaka (Fumiko Hayashi)
Hideko Takamine, Kinuyo Tanaka, Akira Takarada, Daisuke Kato, Keiju Kobayashi, Mitsuko Kusabue, Noboru Nakaya,Yunosuke Ito,Takeshi Kato,Tomoko Fumino, Tatara Jun白 黒
1963 Woman's historyTohoRyozo KasaharaHideko Takamine, Akira Takarada,Tsutomu Yamazaki, Yuriko Hoshi, Natsuko Kahara, Tatsuya Nakadai, Keiko Awaji, Mitsuko Kusabue, Daisuke Kato, Kamehashi Fujiwara, Chieko Nakakita白 黒
1964 Be disturbedTohoZenzo MatsuyamaHideko Takamine, Yuzo Kayama, Mitsuko Kusabue, Yumi Shirakawa, Aiko Mimasu,Mie Hama, Yu Fujiki,Kazuo Kitamura, Hisao Toju, Hiroshi Yanagiya,Yutaka Sada, Chieko Nakakita白 黒
1966 Others in the womanTohoToshiro IdeKeiju Kobayashi, Michiyo Aratama, Teruko Nagaoka, Tatsuya Mihashi,Eiko Wakabayashi, Mitsuko Kusabue,Yoshio Inaba, Daisuke Kato,Kurosawa Toshio, Fujiki Yu白 黒
Run awayTohoZenzo MatsuyamaHideko Takamine, Yoko Shizu, Toshio Kurosawa, Eitaro Ozawa, Daisuke Kato,Nakayama Jin, Natsuko Kahara, Kumeko Urabe, Yoshio Inaba, Takeshi Kato, Yoshio Tsuchiya白 黒
1967 Turbulent cloudsTohoNobuo YamadaYuzo Kayama, Shiba, Mitsuko Kusabue,Mori Mitsuko, Mie Hama, Daisuke Kato, Yoshio Tsuchiya, Yu Fujiki,Nakamaru Tadao, Nobuo Nakamura, Fuyuki Murakami, Gen Shimizu,All leftカ ラ ー

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外部 リンク

Black painting collection

"Black painting collection』(Kuroigashu) isSeicho Matsumoto OfShort storyDetective Novelseries. "Weekly Asahi"1958 May 10From the issue1960 May 6Serialized in the issue,Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Than1959 Published in 1960 in all three volumes.Also,"Separate black painting collection"(Bessa Tsukuroigashu) series is"Weekly Bunshun"1963 May 1From the issue1964 May 4Serialized in the issue,Bungeishunju ShinshaIt was published in two volumes from 1963 to 1964 by "Pocket Bunharu".

Also, a movie series based on it.CurrentlyShincho BunkoPublished by. "Separate black painting collection』Also nowBunshun libraryPublished by.

Three movies were made.


Black painting series
  1. Distress(Weekly Asahi, October 1958, 10-December 5, 1958)
  2. testimony(Weekly Asahi, October 1958, 12-December 21, 1958)
  3. Hill house(Weekly Asahi, October 1959, 1-December 4, 1959)
  4. Disappearance (Weekly Asahi, April 1959, 4-June 26, 1959) ... Works excluded when the book was published.Later, a collection of short stories "Disappearance" (2005 ,Futaba Bunko) Etc.
  5. string(Weekly Asahi, October 1959, 6-December 14, 1959)
  6. Cold snap(Weekly Asahi, October 1959, 9-December 6, 1959)
  7. (Weekly Asahi, December 1959, 12-December 6, 1959 issue)
  8. (Weekly Asahi, October 1960, 1-December 3, 1960)
  9. 草(Weekly Asahi, October 1960, 4-December 10, 1960)
  10. Beyond Amagi(Sunday DailySpecial issue, November 1959 issue) ... This work was published separately from this series, but it was added when it was made into a book.
Separate black painting series
  1. ACCIDENT(Weekly Bunshun, January 1963, 1 issue--April 7, 1963 issue)
  2. Hot air(Weekly Bunshun, January 1963, 4 issue--April 22, 1963 issue)
  3. Female prisoner without prison clothes(Weekly Bunshun, July 1963, 7 issue--October 15, 1963 issue)… Works excluded when the book was published.Later edited by Naka, "House on the Heights" (10,文藝 春秋).
  4. (Weekly Bunshun, January 1963, 10 issue--April 21, 1963 issue)
  5. (Weekly Bunshun, January 1963, 11 issue--April 25, 1964 issue)
  6. Disconnection(Weekly Bunshun, January 1964, 1 issue--April 13, 1964 issue)
  7. (Weekly Bunshun, January 1964, 3 issue--April 30, 1964 issue)

Bibliographic information

Black painting series
  • Black Painting Collection 1 (1959, Kobunsha, "Distress" and "Sakamichi no Ie")
  • Black Painting Collection 2 (1959, Kobunsha, "String", "Amagi Crossing", "Testimony", "Cold Current")
  • Black Painting Collection 3 (1960, Kobunsha, "Weapon", "Muddy Sun", "Grass" recorded)
  • All three black paintings (December 3, Kobunsha,ISBN 978-4-334-95012-5)
  • Black painting collection (1971 November 11, Shincho Bunko,ISBN 978-4-10-110919-0, "Distress", "Testimony", "Amagi Crossing", "Cold Current", "Weapon", "String", "Sakamichi no Ie")
Separate black painting series
  • Accident Separate Volume Black Painting Collection (September 1963,Bungeishunju Shinsha Pocket Fumiharu, "Accident" and "Hot Air" recorded)
  • Land line water line (September 1964, Bungei Shunju Shinsha Pocket Bunharu, "Land line water line" "Shape" "Sleeping" "Disconnection" recording)
  • Accident separate volume black picture collection 1 (1975 July 7, Bunshun Bunko,ISBN 978-4-16-710610-2, "Accident" and "Hot air" recorded)
  • Land and Water Line Separate Volume Black Painting Collection 2 (August 1975, 8, Bunshun Bunko,ISBN 978-4-16-710611-9, "Shape", "Land water line", "Sleeping", "Disconnection")
  • Accident separate volume black picture collection 1 (2007 July 5, Bunshun Bunko,ISBN 978-4-16-769710-5, "Accident" and "Hot air" recorded)
  • Land and Water Line Separate Volume Black Painting Collection 2 (August 2007, 8, Bunshun Bunko,ISBN 978-4-16-769711-2, "Landing water line" "Shape" "Sleeping" "Disconnection" recording)
Seicho Matsumoto First Bunko Works 1, 2
  • 1. Disappearance November 2005, 11, Futaba Bunko, "grass" recording, 20 other volumes "disappearance, two same books, poetry and telephone"
  • 2. Cliffs December 2005, 12, Futaba Bunko, "Muddy Sun" recorded, and 20 other volumes "Cliffs, Dirty Rainbows, Coarse Net Boards, Fractures"


In addition, there are works such as "Amagi-goe" that have been made into a movie separately from the "Black Paintings" series.

TV drama


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