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🧑‍🎨 | "Let's reduce marine debris" taken by local divers Photo exhibition of rich sea Shizuoka / Ito City


"Let's reduce marine debris" Photographed by local divers Photo exhibition of rich sea Shizuoka / Ito City

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It is an account of "TV Shizuoka" (Fuji TV series) news.

A photo exhibition is now being held in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture, to deepen understanding of marine debris, which is a serious problem in the world. → Continue reading

 TV Shizuoka

"TV Shizuoka" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Shizuoka prefecture.

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Fuji TV series

Fuji TV seriesWhat is (Fuji TV Keiretsu)?Fuji TelevisionTheKey stationToBroadcaster Ofnetwork.


There are two networks in the Fuji TV series.one Fuji News Network(Fuji News Network, FNN), and the other isFuji network(Fuji Network System, FNS).The former isNEWSThe latter aims to supply programs, and the latter to supply other broadcast programs.

All member stations are TV-only, and become FNN / FNS affiliated stationsLatteThere is no station[1].

List of Fuji TV series

Terrestrial wave

Satellite broadcasting


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Incidentally,Fuji Television(CX),Tokai TV broadcasting(THK)Radio stations(RespectivelyNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とTokai Radio Broadcast) To an affiliated company.In stations that had an affiliated relationship in the pastKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(in factNETseriesCross net.At that time, ANN and FNN / FNS as an organization were not established)Sapporo TV Broadcasting(NTV seriesCross net with.Fuji TV series is not a member of FNN.The radio division was spun off after the unification of Nippon Television Network System) was also operated as a latte.

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TV Shizuoka

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request :
  1. Signboard of "Tele Shizu-dori"
OfImage providedplease.(2020/8)

TV Shizuoka Co., Ltd.(TV Shizuoka,Shizuoka Telecasting Co., Ltd.) IsShizuokaTheBroadcast target areaAndTelevision broadcastingDoing business,Specific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

AbbreviationIs from the company name "Shizuoka HF TV Co., Ltd." at the beginning of the planSUT(Shizuoka UHF T(elevision), but rarely used and is currentlyNicknameof"Without tele] Is mainly used.Fuji Television(FNN-FNS)series.


Key stationWith Fuji TVSokoku Shimbun(Sankei Shimbun) etc.Fuji Media HoldingsIn addition,Shizuoka Railway,Chunichi ShimbunAlso closely related.In the Chubu region of the Fuji TV seriesCore stationSo, it is the only network backbone station among the five commercial TV and radio companies in Shizuoka Prefecture.[Note 1].

callsign TheJOQH-DTV.Remote control key IDIs "8The physical channel of the Shizuoka master station is that of the quasi-key station.Kansai TVSame as 17 ch (Antenna power 1kW / ERP 6.9kW).Analog broadcasting to Shizuoka master stationJOQH-TV, To Hamamatsu relay stationJORH-TVWas assigned.

The head office location isShizuoka CitySuruga WardKurihara 18-65.

Introduced in 2002 "Without tele"(TeleBQuietThe nickname (Oka → Tele Shizuka) is increasing, and it is used in digital broadcasting.WatermarkIs also displayed as "Tele-Shizu". From April 2018, 4, the TV program section of the newspaperTV information magazineEven in such cases, it is displayed as "Tele-Shizu".However, its nickname is for Shizuoka prefecture, and it is rarely used in other prefectures.Breaking news(Earthquakepreliminary report·Weather information(Including) is still written as "TV Shizuoka" and is not displayed as "Tele-Shizu".For the same reason, the "Tele Shizu" logo and the "TV Shizuoka" logoBothExists and FNN Prime OnlineYahoo! News(Yahoo! JAPAN) Uses the latter logo[3][4].

catch copyIs "Hi! Shizu Tele Shizu. "

2009 Formerly as President of the company in JuneFuji Media HoldingsandFuji Television Network, IncAs a directorShizuoka CityShimizu Ward(OldShimizu) FromYutaka KobayashiWas inaugurated.Kobayashi wrote in the 1980sWe HyokinAnd 'You can laugh!』, And is known by the nickname of" Butcher Kobayashi ".

Makoto Wakamatsu (former managing director of Fuji TV) will be appointed president of the company on June 2019, 6.[5]..Kobayashi became a director and advisor of the company on the same date.[6].

Owned in the mid-1990sMedia City ShizuokaIn the Hundred People TheaterGinza 7-chome TheaterSince the members of the group appeared on a business trip as "Yoshimoto / Denmacho Theater" ("Kusadeka"ofHiroshi HirahataIs a survivor from that time), in a local program produced in-house,Yoshimoto KogyoBelongingtalentIs the most frequent program in the static station.



  • Teleshizu(Boy) (2003-)
  • Shizu tea(Girl) (2005-)
  • Nyanpachi(Pet cat) (2005-)
  • There are also characters from Teleshizu's parents, but they are not named.
  • There is also a character from Teleshizu's grandfather, but he has no name and has already died.A picture of Grandpa is displayed in Teleshizu's house.

Capital structure

The name of the company/organization at that time. Source:[7][8][9][10][11]

March 2015, 3-March 31, 2016

CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
300 million yen600,000 share28
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Shizuoka Railway86,000 share14.33%
Fuji Media Holdings82,000 share13.66%
Japanese sea bass49,000 share08.16%
Shizuoka Insurance Comprehensive Service37,000 share06.16%
Chunichi Shimbun32,500 share05.41%
Shizuoka Bank30,000 share05.00%
Suruga Bank30,000 share05.00%
Enshu Railway30,000 share05.00%
Tokai Broadcasting Center21,000 share03.50%
Shizuoka Capital17,000 share02.83%

Past capital structure


  • 1967 (42)May 11 --Obtaining a preliminary license[Note 2].
  • 1968 (43)
    • May 2 --Established "Shizuoka HF TV Co., Ltd."
    • May 10 --The first test radio wave is emitted from the transmission station in Nihondaira.
    • May 10 --Changed the company name to "TV Shizuoka Co., Ltd."
    • November 11-Started analog broadcasting service broadcasting (color broadcasting also started at the same time).
    • May 12 --Started the main broadcasting of analog broadcasting.
  • 1969 (44)May 10 - FNSJoined at the same time as the inauguration.
  • 1973 (Showa 48) --The 5th anniversary of the opening of the station.Produced the commemorative theme song "Life is heavier than the stars".
    • October-Headquarters studio completed.[12]
  • 1978 (53) ――The 10th anniversary of the opening of the station.Produced a commemorative theme song "Gotenba-san".
    • May 9 --Analog Hamamatsu relay station moved from Tomitsuka to Ohiradai.[13]
  • 1980 (55)May 8 - Shizuoka station front underground mall explosion accidentLarge-scale during the interviewSecondary explosionOccurred, reporters and cameramen were damaged.The video at that moment is distributed nationwide through FNN.
  • 1982 (57) August-Introduced a helicopter for news coverage.The name was solicited from the general public and named "Rainbow".[14]
  • 1983 (58) ――15th anniversary of the opening of the station.Produced the commemorative theme song "Romantic City".Sound multiplexBroadcasting begins[Note 3].
  • 1984 (59) --In December, a new building was added next to the head office office building.There will be a new master control room and a new news studio.
  • 1985 (60)
    • February 2-The new master control room, which has been switched from the old master control room, is in operation.
    • February 2-News studio goes live[Note 4].
  • 1993 (5)- J LeagueShimizu S-PulseBecame the largest shareholder of (until October 1997).
  • 1994 (6) --Construction of "Media City Building" in Tenma-cho, Shizuoka City (2002,Glasses topSold to).
  • 2002 (14) --"Tele Shizu" is added to the nickname.
  • 2003 (15) --Company name logo changed (4th generation Megamaru-ETypeface), New character "Teleshizu" appeared (also used as a symbol mark).
  • 2005 (17)
  • 2006 (18)
    • May 3 - One SegThe test radio wave of is emitted for the first time.
    • May 3 --Started one-segment broadcasting service broadcasting.
    • May 4 --Started the main broadcast of XNUMXSeg broadcasting.
  • 2009 (21) June-Former President and Representative DirectorFuji Media HoldingsandFuji Television Network, IncDirector'sYutaka KobayashiWill take office.
  • 2010 (22)May 10 --Started to constantly display the end notification telop of analog broadcasting (second station in Shizuoka prefecture).
  • 2011 (23)May 7 --Ended analog broadcasting.The call sign "JORH-TV" of Hamamatsu Broadcasting Station was also abolished on the same date.
  • 2017 (29)
    • May 3 --Distribute a special program about the Shizuoka City Council election on the Internet.
    • May 10 --Moved to a new office building built on the west side of the current office building.
    • May 10 --The new master inside the new company is in operation (manufactured by Toshiba including the server)[15][Note 5].
  • 2018 (30)
    • May --Most of the old office building was demolished, an event plaza and parking lot were constructed, and the grand opening was made as a new office building.
    • May 11 ――From this dayTotal blindness OfsisterAnd severeDisabled OfYounger brother20th Anniversary of the opening of the station, which spelled out the record of the heart for 50 yearsdocumentarymovies"E-chan's white cane], 3 places in Shizuoka prefectureCinema complexWill be screened for a limited time of 2 weeks.After that, the screening period was extended to December 12 in the Chubu area and November 7 in the eastern area.[16].
  • 2019 (31 /First year of Reiwa)
    • May 6 --Makoto Wakamatsu (former managing director of Fuji TV) is appointed as President and Representative Director.Kobayashi, who will be the former president, will be appointed as a director and advisor.
    • May 10-13 days ――On both days, the event was scheduled to be held in and around the head office building.TV Shizu Festival 2019"But,Kanogawa TyphoonIs said to be the return ofFirst Year of Reiwa East TyphoonWith the approach of (Typhoon No. 19)bad weatherTherefore, the event will be canceled on both days, with the safety of visitors and performers as the top priority.Also scheduled for the 12thSpecial programについては、内容を変更して第1部(10:25 - 10:55)のみ放送し、第2部(12:00 - 15:00)はUmbrella programReplaced with[17].

Network transition

Head office/branch office

Main office
Tokyo branch office
Osaka branch
Nagoya branch
Hamamatsu branch
Numazu branch office


Remote control key ID 8

Physical channel

Chubu (Shizuoka City, Shida / Haibara)

Shizuoka JOQH-DTV 17ch
Tamagawa 22 ch
Kiyosawa 22 ch
Igawa 22 ch
26 ch
Fujimori 22 ch
Fujieda Hanashi 32 ch
Fujieda Horinouchi 32 ch
Fujieda Okabe 32ch (vertical polarization)
(I.e. 17 ch
Ita Shimada 38 ch
Shimada Kawane 41 ch
Nakakawane 35 ch
Honkawane 43 ch
Nakakawane Tokuyama 26 ch
Sagara 45ch (vertical polarization)

Western part (Middle East, Hamamatsu City, Kosai City)

浜 松 22 ch
Three days 38 ch
Sakuma 22 ch
Higashi Sakuma 52 ch
Tenryu Yokoyama 17 ch
Tenryu Funagira 17 ch
Mizukubo 31 ch
Akiba 17 ch
Haruno 38 ch
Minami Haruno 49 ch
Yongsan 31 ch
Huxi 34 ch
Woods 17 ch
Kakegawa Ieshiro 35 ch
Ogasa 22 ch
Fukuroi 38 ch
Mikkabi Tsuzuki 42 ch

Eastern part (Sunto, Fuji, Mishima, Numazu)

Fujinomiya 22 ch
Fuji River 38 ch
Shimoyuno 38ch (vertical polarization)
Shibakawa Uchibo 38 ch
Shiraito 38ch (vertical polarization)
Juriki 38 ch
Gotenba 17 ch
Koyama Subashiri 52 ch
Mishima 22 ch

Izu (Tagata, Atami, Ito, Kamo)

Izu Nagaoka 17 ch
Shuzenji 38 ch
Yugashima Yakuma 35 ch
Yugashima Otaki 34 ch
Nakaizu 41ch (vertical polarization)
Nakaizu Jizodo 47ch (vertical polarization)
Nakaizu Himenoyu 38ch (vertical polarization)
Atami 17 ch
Atami Ajiro 48 ch
Usami Ito 48ch (vertical polarization)
Ito Komuroyama 48 ch
Higashiizu 31 ch
Kawazu 17 ch
Shimoda 17 ch
Shimoda Inazusa 17 ch
Shigeru Shimoga 37 ch
Izu East Coast As a 17ch out-of-region relay stationOshima Town, TokyoInstalled in

(Reference) Analog broadcasting channel

As of July 2011, 7

Shizuoka City

Shizuoka JOQH-TV 35ch
Shizuoka Shizuhatayama 44ch
Shizuoka Sena 52ch
Shizuoka hemp machine 57ch
Shizuoka Hatori 58ch (vertical polarization)
Tamagawa 58ch
Kiyosawa 39ch
Ikawa 57ch
Shizuoka Ohara 57ch
Shizuoka Kagoue 43ch
Maruko Shizuoka 59ch (vertical polarization)
Shimizu Okitsu 44ch

Shida / Haibara

Yaizu 39ch
Fujieda 38ch
Fujieda Horinouchi 60ch
Fujieda Hanashi 55ch
Okabe 60ch (vertical polarization)
Shimada 58ch
Ita Shimada 39ch
Shimada Kawane 57ch
Nakakawane 44ch
Nakakawane Tokuyama 44ch
Honkawane 56ch
Sagara 45ch

Middle East Far

Omaezaki Hamaoka 44ch
Ogasa 55ch
Kakegawa Sakuragi 45ch
Iwata Mitsuke 43ch
Forest 38ch

Hamamatsu City / Saien

Hamamatsu JORH-TV 34ch
Mikkabi 43ch
Sakuma 32ch
Higashi Sakuma 41ch
Tenryu 42ch
Tenryu Yokoyama 56ch
Tenryu Funagira 43ch
Hamamatsu Azo 61ch
Mizukubo 40ch
Akiba 61ch
Haruno 43ch
Minami Haruno 35ch
Yongsan 38ch

Sunto / Fuji

Fujinomiya 39ch
Fuji River 60ch
Shibakawa Yuzuno 59ch (vertical polarization)
Shibakawa Uchibo 48ch
Shiraito 37ch (vertical polarization)
Gotemba 37ch
Mishima 59ch


Izu Nagaoka 56ch
Shuzenji 44ch
Izu Chino 56ch
Nakaizu 30ch (vertical polarization)
Izu Odoi 45ch
Atami 43ch
Higashiizu 37ch
Kawazu 40ch
Shimoda 43ch
Shimoda Inazusa 25ch / 37ch
(37ch isDigital key station in TokyoInterference measures)
Shimogamo 43ch

Major TV programs

For details, see the official website Program guide Or A TV schedule See.Anime programTV Shizuoka Anime Program ListSee also

In-house program

In-house produced program being broadcast

  • FNN TV Shizuoka News
    • Every Sunday from 6amNational newsIs funded by both Sankei and Chunichi newspapers, and because it provides news distribution, the seasonal organization is from April to June and from October to December.Sankei Shimbun News, July-September and January-MarchChunichi Shimbun News] Is displayed.
  • I'm home! TV(Monday-Friday 16:50-19:00)
  • Live News It!(Saturday / Sunday 17:30-18:00)
  • Daisuke Naito's NEXT Sport2 (Saturday 0:55 --1:10)
  • Sata Shizu (2nd, 3rd, 4th Saturday 17: 00-17: 30)
  • Kusadeka(Saturday 18:30 --19:00 Rebroadcast Tuesday 1:55 --2:25)
  • Good morning! Sunday (Sunday 6:15-6:30)
  • J League broadcast (in principleShimizu S-PulseWar)
    • Initially, he was the largest shareholder of Shimizu S-Pulse.Even now, there are many broadcasts of the Shimizu War and programs related to Shimizu.However,Ventforet KofuIn games withYamanashi broadcastingThe video taken may be used.
    • Even nowSKY PerfecTV!-SKY PerfecTV! e2ForJ League broadcastShimizu,Fujieda MYFC(Since 2014) Home games are produced by affiliated company "Fuji Telenet".The actual situation is mainly performed by free announcers, and the appearances of TV Shizuoka announcers are few.
    • Every December, a documentary program about soccer is produced by the station and broadcast to FNS affiliates nationwide.
      • From 2006Yasuhiro KazamaProduced a program called "Japan Soccer Rebirth Plan" with the navigator, and in the 2008 broadcastHiroki Kazama,Toshiyuki Takagi Sevilla FCWe broadcast a short-term study abroad program for youth.Before thatSergio EchigoWas producing a program that introduced the soccer situation in Europe and South America to the navigator.
  • TV Terakoya(By nationwide network and program salesIndependent station OfGunma TV-Tochigi TVBut broadcast) (TV Shizuoka Sunday 6:30 --7:00 Rebroadcast Thursday 2:05 --2:35)
  • Impressive Earth Special (formerly TV Terakoya Earth Special)- documentarySpecial number. * FNS nationwide network
  • Doremi-ru (Monday-Friday, I'm home! Broadcast as a corner of TV, Tuesday-Thursday 1:22-54: 23, Monday-Tuesday-Thursday 00:24-55:25, Saturday-Sunday 00:11-45: 11, Saturday 50:13 --55:14, Saturday, 00:16 --55:17, Saturday 00:25 --45:25, Sunday 50:14 --55:15)[Note 6], Bansen program)[Note 7]
  • Good time (Monday-Friday 11:19-11:25, Saturday 11:40-11:45)
  • Go! Shizuoka rice (Monday 22:54 --23:00)
  • LOCO! S-Pulse (once a month irregular broadcast)
  • Waraimeshi Mora King (single irregular broadcast)
  • Next(Single monthly broadcast on Tuesday midnight)

  → It seems that the frame has ended around 2013.After that, "Real Shizuoka Talk Variety Bukkomi", which was broadcast in the same frame, was broadcast for a while irregularly once every few months independently of that frame. 


→ Until June 2016Hamamatsu Tokimeki tripWith titles such as, once a monthShizuoka broadcastingWas being broadcast on.

Ended in-house produced program

News program
Midnight program
  • Information intersection DO! (Natsuo OkamotoDebut program)
  • Girls Party
  • U P! TikTok
  • Is it okay to debut the idol observation variety fishbowl?

A late-night program featuring a human resources company entertainer, co-produced with Chimera (human resources building series)


FNS affiliated net program

Fuji TV programs currently being broadcast

Bold is simultaneous net

Programs without the production station notationFuji Television Network, IncProduction.

Fuji TV programs that were discontinued on the way

Fuji TV programs that moved from Shizuoka Broadcasting to the Internet at the time of opening

Many others

Other series TV programs

Currently, there are few other series programs that are being broadcast by the authorities as organized, and there are many cases where Fuji TV programs are simultaneously netted or variety programs broadcast during golden time are rebroadcast.


TV Tokyo series

Programs without the production station notationTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Production.

Regarding the broadcast time, the broadcast time may fluctuate because TV TOKYO of the production station is produced as a variety program of one and a half hours.


  • Hori BuzzTV ~ Buzz Hori ~ (Wednesday 1:30 --1:55,Chiba TVProduction)
  • Tom and jerryMasterpiece selection (Sunday 5:30-6:00)


Shizuoka Prefectural Broadcasting (Kenmin TV Shizuoka, now Shizuoka Asahi TV) A TV Asahi-affiliated program that was broadcast until the opening of the station
Nippon Television-related programs that were broadcast until the opening of Shizuoka Daiichi Television

(* Indicates Shizuoka Prefectural Broadcasting [Shizuoka Kenmin TV, now Shizuoka Asahi TV] until the opening)


TV Tokyo series programs that were broadcast on TV Shizuoka in the past

Many others.

Independent station program that was broadcast on TV Shizuoka in the past


Male announcer

Female announcer

Announcer who was enrolled in the past



Information camera installation point

  • (I.e.
  • Numazu (Mt. Kanuki)
  • Yui
  • Shimizu (S-Pulse Dream Plaza can be photographed)
  • Headquarters roof
  • Shizuoka Station North Exit (Hotel Associa Shizuoka Rooftop)
  • 浜 松

Story campaign

Gotenba-san's song

1978 , An image song established by our company to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the station.This song was played by Spot ID and was released as a record in 1979.RVC.. Side B is "Saturday concert I found the most stars』Theme song," I found the most stars ").The lyrics were written at that timeDentsuOf the writer who was an employeeIjuin Shizuka(Ayumu DatePen nameWas used), the composition isAkihiro Komori, The song isFusako Fujimoto.ShizuokaMost of the city and county names are included in the lyrics. No. 1 contains the place name on the east side of Shizuoka City, and No. 2 contains the place name on the west side (at the time of spot ID broadcasting)Kosai CityWas skipped, so I put it in a shout style when making a record).However, although there was a character named Gotenba-san, it appeared in animation only with this spot ID, not as the mascot character of the station. In 2015Great Heisei mergerThe new version that followedTop Shizuoka(→ Later Top!) ”And so on.Appearing characterTeleshizuBesides becoming a family,Azumi Inoue&YuyuIt has been changed to the one sung by the mother and daughter[22]..It is basically based on the original, but in the last part, "Let's talk TV Shizuoka (old logo)" has been replaced with "Tele-zu (enlargement of the current logo)".This song was devised and released by the same station on February 2009, 2.Shizuoka CDIt is recorded in.Since the Shizuoka CD uses a record sound source, "Let's talk about TV Shizuoka" is "This is Shizuoka Let's talkHas been changed to ".

Tanmama scene

It is a series that inherits the flow of Gotenba-san, and the lyrics were written by Ayumu Date, the composition was written by Akihiro Komori, and the song was written by Fusako Fujimoto.This incorporates matters related to the history of Shizuoka Prefecture into the lyrics.In the spot ID, Mr. Goten is still appearing.


The lyrics areKochinization, CompositionTsunehiro Izumi, The song is big bang.

Welcome Shizuoka

The lyrics are the compositionDaisuke Inoue, The song.

Visit Shizuhime !!

Wearing a pink leotardHaruka SagaraLocal people mainly dance. The lyrics of the CM song areSHOW, The composition is based on the songFor Leaves OfEiji Nagata.

Audience rating

Annual in Shizuoka areaAudience ratingFrom 2002 to 2011, for 10 consecutive years,Triple CrownWas won. In 2012/2013All dayWon the 1st place.[23] 2013 G band-P bandShizuoka Asahi Television won first place. From 1 to 2014, Shizuoka Daiichi Television won the Triple Crown.In 2020, the monthly audience rating will be between April and December.All day-G band-P bandHe took the lead nine times in any of the above.[24]

Office building

Main office

The head office has been the current location since the opening of the station, but the company building has undergone two expansions.South trunk lineThe studio (407 tsubo) built along (Shizuoka Prefectural Road 100, Shizuoka Kusanagi Shimizu Line) was born in 1973 (Showa 48) with the first extension.At the beginning of the station, there was only a small "simple studio" (2019 tsubo) in the existing "office building" (partially existing as of December 12) in the back of the site, but the expansion and production capabilities of in-house produced programs Due to the need for strengthening and acoustic problems, a request for the establishment of a full-scale production studio was made, and an existing "studio" was newly established in response to this request.The next extension was in December 18 (Showa 1984), when a "new building" was constructed in a place adjacent to the office building at the back of the site.Main adjustment room(Started operation in February 1985) and a part of the office space was moved here, and a new "news studio" was established (the sub-control room of the news studio is the site of the former film development center in the main building). Newly established in. The news studio and sub-control room have been in operation since February 2).In addition, a new steel tower for transmitting and receiving radio waves was enlarged and installed on the roof.[Note 8](LaterWeather cameraWas also installed)[25].

In 2017, the new office building was completed in the former parking lot on the west side of the head office site (construction started in July 2015), and operations at the new office building started on October 7, 10 (construction started in July 2).Main adjustment roomHas been in operation since the start of broadcasting on October 10th of the same year).After the new office building is fully operational, the existing office building will be demolished except for a part, and the site will be used as a parking lot and an event plaza.[Note 9].

Regarding the new office building, according to an interview article (October 2014, 10) with Yutaka Kobayashi, the company's president (at that time) in the Sankei Shimbun WEB version, "Nankai Trough giant earthquakeEven if the broadcast comes, do not interrupt the broadcast. "[26][27].

Hamamatsu Headquarters

In July 1973 (Showa 48), the "Hamamatsu Headquarters" was set up, and the "Hamamatsu Studio" was also set up in the building (however, the equipment is not permanent, and the "relay truck drive" that connects the equipment of the relay truck to the studio when in use. It was a method).From here, the in-house produced wide program "Wide in Shizuoka" that was being broadcast at that time was being broadcast only on Thursday.However, the "Hamamatsu Headquarters" was later abolished due to organizational restructuring, etc., and now it has changed its location and has become a sales activity and news coverage base in the western part of the prefecture as the "Hamamatsu Branch Office".The location of the "Hamamatsu Headquarters" is nowShizuoka FM BroadcastingIt is the head office and studio of (K-mix).


For analog broadcasting, Hamamatsu Broadcasting Station was given a different call sign (JORH-TV) from Shizuoka Broadcasting Station, and some commercials were replaced for broadcasting to the western part of the prefecture.[Note 10].

Replacement of broadcasts and commercials by region

Even if you look at the whole country, TV Shizuoka and Shizuoka Broadcasting are replacing commercials in some areas within the commercial TV area.[Note 11] とSapporo TV Broadcasting (STV) [Note 12] Only 3 stations[Note 13].

Miscellaneous notes

  • Road in front of the head office (Shizuoka Prefectural Road 407 Shizuoka Kusanagi Shimizu Line Commonly known as: South Trunk Line or Kanebo Dori) is sometimes called "Tele Shizu Dori" (in front of the head office building, there is a sign saying "I will call it Tele Shizu Dori, although it is really selfish." ing).This name is used in addition to TV ShizuokaK-mixAnd China-Japan shoppers (distributed in urban areas of Shizuoka prefecture)free paper・ Although it is also used in the Chunichi Shimbun), it is rarely used in other areas.South trunk line-KaneboStreetIs commonly called.
  • Happened in 1980Shizuoka station front underground mall explosion accidentThen, with TV ShizuokaShizuoka Daiichi Television(SDT) reporter / cameraman was involved in a large-scale secondary explosion that occurred tens of minutes after the primary explosion[Note 14]..Both TV Shizuoka and Shizuoka Daiichi TV reporters and cameramen were seriously injured (some were seriously injured) (all healed and returned to work).At that time, the Shizuoka branch office of the sales department of TV Shizuoka was occupying the multi-tenant building (Daiichi Building), which became a "bombing center" in this accident, and it was also the company that suffered the most damage in the Shizuoka media. ..In addition, Shizuoka Daiichi Television also has a sales branch office diagonally opposite this building, and the two companies that were damaged by the interview team were accidentally damaged by the sales base.
  • It started to be used in February 1985.News studioIs used exclusively for the press, but is also used for programs other than the press for the purpose of labor saving, etc., and the organization frame was exchanged with Saturday midnight in April 1986.[Note 15] The newly launched information live program "" (Natsuo OkamotoThe studio was also used in the program that made the nationwide debut from a local talent).
  • Once Shizuoka CitySakai DistrictHe owned the "Media City Shizuoka" building in Tenmacho and had a hall called "Hyakunin Theater" in the building.It was also equipped with sub-control room (subcontractor) equipment and broadcasting equipment, and was used as appropriate for recording public programs and live broadcasting, but the building itself was involved in the financial situation of TV Shizuoka itself.Glasses topBecause it was sold to, the building name is "Top center buildingIt has been changed to "and is used as the company's head office building. "Hyakunin Theater" has also left the hands of TV Shizuoka and has been renamed "Shizuoka in the Life" and continues to be used as an event hall.
  • The Hamamatsu relay station at the time of opening was in Tomitsuka, but it was close to the Self-Defense Forces Hamamatsu base and moved to Ohiradai, Nishi-ku in September 1978 due to aviation law.[28]


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注 釈

  1. ^ Tokai TVIt also has jurisdiction over the Chubu region.However,Block netThe program has no track record of production.
  2. ^ The first preliminary license was issued based on the UHF 1st channel plan at that time, and at the same time on this dayNagano Broadcasting,Okayama BroadcastingIt was also issued.
  3. ^ After the start of sound multiplex broadcasting, the master control room equipment was renewed in February 1985, but the CM bank equipment continued to use (relocate) the old equipment that does not support sound multiplex, so the CM broadcast by the company is All were broadcast in monaural. CM voice multiplex support has been available since the CM bank equipment update in 2.
  4. ^ "FNN TV Shizuoka NewsThe opening title design of "" was changed at the same time (April 1986), and it was used for more than 4 years until the end of 1999.
  5. ^ "FNN TV Shizuoka News(Also used for the replacement title of FNN News on Sunday morning, "Chunichi Shimbun News / Sankei Shimbun News") was changed at the same time.
  6. ^ Until before the start of "I'm home! TV", on the program guide, "Everyone's News Shizuoka → Prime News Shizuoka → Live News it!Was treated as an intensional.Broadcast time is 18:54 --18:59, (virtuallyBonus program)
  7. ^ The same program, "Hi!"Shizu Tele Shizu" is being broadcast on Monday --Friday 4:50 --4:55 and Sunday 5:25 --5:30.
  8. ^ The old steel tower installed on the roof of the office building was left as a spare (later removed. It does not exist as of 2012).
  9. ^ According to an interview article (separately posted) with the company's president, Yutaka Kobayashi, the head office building was scheduled to be completed in May 2018, but this is the completion time of the entire construction including the dismantling of the old company building and site maintenance. It may have been pointing.
  10. ^ By the way, it was the two leading stations of TV Shizuoka and Shizuoka Broadcasting that had a call sign given to the Hamamatsu relay station in Shizuoka Broadcasting System (however, Shizuoka Broadcasting is only for radio).
  11. ^ Shizuoka Broadcasting also replaces some commercials for the western part of the prefecture at some times such as 11:XNUMX am on weekdays.
  12. ^ Sapporo Television (STV) started regional replacement broadcasting in June 2010 for both analog and digital.However, 6Seg broadcasts the same programs and commercials uniformly in Hokkaido as before without replacement.
  13. ^ China broadcasting(RCC) also replaced commercials in the Bingo area (the area where the call sign is "JOEE-TV") until the early 1990s, but after that it was integrated into all prefecture areas.
  14. ^ Besides this as a TV personNHK Shizuoka Broadcasting StationTwo reporters were also involved and became seriously ill.
  15. ^ I moved the movie frame to Saturday, and I was online at that time.All Night Fuji] Was discontinued.


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