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🎥 | Rina Ikoma starring a completely new experience-based entertainment "ROOOM" opening digest & lecture video lifted

Photo Experience-based entertainment x horror movie "ROOOM" (C) 2021ROOOM / AA

Rina Ikoma starring a completely new experience-based entertainment "ROOOM" opening digest & lecture video lifted

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At the same time that Haruka taps the screen, the words "Haruka participated" are lined up in the open chat of the participating viewers, connecting Haruka and the real world.

A video event "R ..." starring actress Rina Ikoma, consisting of a combination of hands-on entertainment and horror movies. → Continue reading

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Open chat

Open chat(English: Open chat) is a message call application operated by LINE Corporation.LINEOfferingチ ャ ッ ト.. The feature is that you can have a conversation without exchanging friends on LINE. Released in August 2019.


In addition to being basically free to use, you can also use purchased line stamps.Unlike traditional services, it doesn't require you to add friends, and everyone is anonymous and can easily talk to strangers.[1]..There is an individual URL for each talk room, and it is possible to recruit participants other than LINE.[2].

There are two main ways to enter the open chat talk room: "create a group" and "join a group".If the former is selected, the user becomes the administrator and can set the approval of the participants to be created, the NG word, etc.[3]..In the latter case, there are three patterns: the user can join freely, the approval of the administrator is required, and the participation code must be entered.The user can freely select the group to join, and can also carry the talk room to join.You can also change the icon and name for each talk room[3].

The maximum capacity of the talk room is 5000 people[3], 10 times more than a normal LINE talk room[4]..Due to the specification of sharing the talk room anonymously with a large number of people, the amount of new messages may be enormous.[2]..Especially at the beginning of the release, trolls, dating and pornography posts were rampant in the talk room that was picked up, and various problems such as the trolls and the resulting notifications and battery consumption were reported.[4][5][6].

the term

  • Group-The place where users have a conversation.Basically, you can participate freely, but some groups need to get approval for the application form and PIN.
  • Manager-Group manager.Has the right to go far beyond the co-administrator.There is a white crown mark at the bottom right of the icon.
  • Co-administrator-Only those specially appointed as an administrator can be.It is possible to forcibly withdraw members and change the description and participation conditions of the group.There is a blue crown mark at the bottom right of the icon.
  • Note-Share information with all members.
  • Announcements-You can always post important information at the top of the chat screen.
  • Withdrawal-To withdraw from the group.Of these, forced withdrawal by a manager or joint manager is called forced withdrawal.
  • Trolls-A person who makes unnecessarily forcible withdrawals, such as rants, off-color humor, star reams, and members in group chats, and their actions.

安全 性

Because they are anonymous, there are many violations such as vandalism, sending QR codes, and writing for the purpose of meeting.[2]..In response to this, automatic deletion of NG words based on LINE standards is also provided.In addition, if you repeat violations, not only will you forcibly withdraw from the talk room or suspend the use of open chat, but you will also suspend the use of the LINE app itself.Child pornographyIn the case of sending images that conflict with the police, the police are also notified.[1].

Some functions are restricted for users under the age of 18 and users who have not passed the age confirmation.In addition, each talk room is also equipped with a reporting function.[3].


Released in August 2019. After being pre-released in early August, it was officially released in the same month. "LINE NEWSOther LINE functions such as "Wilderness actionThere was also a collaboration with[3]..Since many violations were confirmed immediately after the release, safety measures were strengthened during the same month.[1]..At this time, the search function was stopped, but after taking measures such as preferentially displaying talk rooms that met certain criteria, it was gradually restored from October of the same year.[7].

After that, although the open chat continued to be in a peaceful situation for a while, from around March 2020, vandalism in the form of deceiving the management right from the manager and robbing the group itself continued.Even a group of vandalism was formed, but things gradually subsided as the management side tightened the treatment for vandalism.


In 2020,Twitter,TikTokOther SNS andYouTubeLike content such asNew coronavirus infectionThe hoaxes related to[8].. In 2021, it was discovered that LINE employees were posting Sakura in a talk room limited to high school students at the direction of the LINE headquarters.[9].


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