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🎥 | John Coltrane's documentary film "Chasing Lane", a national road show from December 12rd


John Coltrane's documentary film "Chasing Lane", a national road show from December 12rd

If you write the contents roughly
In just 1967 years before his death from liver cancer in 10, he has become a short but inquisitive documentary of his great footsteps in American popular music history.

Follow the turbulent life of John Coltrane, the most charismatic saxophone player in jazz history ... → Continue reading


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Liver cancer

Liver cancer(Cancer,British: Liver cancer) IsliverOccurred inMalignant tumorIs a general term for.


Mostly the liver is the originPrimary liver cancerAnd cancer that started in other organs in the liverTransition officialMetastatic liver cancerIt can be divided into two.More primary liver cancerOrganization typeClassified by.

Most primary liver cancersHepatocellular carcinoma (hepatocellular carcinoma, abbreviation:HCC), So the word "liver cancer" may narrowly refer to "hepatocellular carcinoma".

Below, 2000WHOIt is classified and explained based on the material of "histological classification of tumours of the liver and intrahepatic bile ducts".

  • Epithelial tumor
  • Non-epithelial tumor
    • benign: Hemangiomas, etc.
    • Malignant: Angiosarcoma etc.
  • Other tumors: Solitary fibrous tumor, abbreviation:SFT) Such.
  • Hematopoietic and lymphoid tumors
  • Secondary tumor (metastatic liver cancer): Cancer of other organs that has spread to the liver.
  • Tumor-like epithelial abnormalities : Hyperplasia,Dysplasiaetc.
  • Other tumor-like lesions

Also in Europe and AmericaBile duct cell cancer TheCholangiocarcinomaIt is generally recognized that it is a part of the liver cancer, and hepatocellular carcinoma is almost hepatocellular carcinoma. I am dealing with it.


Viral hepatitisIt has been reported that treatment reduces the risk of carcinogenesis.


Treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma is laparotomyLaparoscopic surgery, Ablation by percutaneous puncture,catheterEmbolization usingRadiation therapy,chemical treatmentAnd so on[3][4]..Treatment of metastatic liver tumor is surgerychemical treatmentIs the main.


Liver cancer caused 2008 deaths annually in 70, with 140 million deaths worldwide.Lung cancer, 74 deathsGastric cancerIs the third cause of cancer death[6].

GloballyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe mortality rate from liver cancer is high in Mongolia.Hepatitis B virus (HBV),Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection rate is high, and the general populationHBsAgPositive rates are reported to be 6.9% to 15.6% and HCV antibody positive rates are reported to be 10.7% to 36.3%.[7].

Cancer statistics in Japan[8]
Deaths (2017)Number of cases (2014)
MaleFemalemen and womenMaleFemalemen and women
1 bitlungcolonlungstomachbreastcolon
2 bitstomachlungcolonlungcolonstomach
3 bitcolonpancreasstomachcolonstomachlung
4 bitliverstomachpancreasprostatelungbreast
5 bitpancreasbreastliverliveruterusprostate


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