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📺 | [INTERVIEW] Daisuke Nakagawa made a presence in the drama "Voice II 110 Emergency Command Room".Thoughts on acting ...


[INTERVIEW] Daisuke Nakagawa made a presence in the drama "Voice II 110 Emergency Command Room".Thoughts on acting ...

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From September of the same year, he was selected as a singer in the broadcast "Kamen Rider Zero One" and received a lot of attention.

Tweet In the drama "Voice II 110 Emergency Command Room" currently being broadcast, he plays the role of Yuto Katagiri, an investigator in the First Investigation Division ... → Continue reading


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Kamen Rider Zero One

Kamen Rider series > Kamen Rider Zero One
Reiwa Kamen Rider
Previous workKamen Rider Geo"Until
Heisei Kamen Rider Series
First workKamen Rider Zero One2019/9
-March 2020
First workKamen Rider Saber2020/9
-March 2021
First workKamen Rider Revise2021/9

"Kamen Rider Zero One] (Kamen Rider Zero One, written in European languages:KAMEN RIDER ZERO-ONE) Is2019 May 9から2020 May 8Until,TV Asahi seriesEvery Sunday at 9:00-9:30[1](JST) All 45 episodes were broadcast,ToeiProductionSpecial effects TV dramaworks[2], And the name of the hero whose main character is transformed in the work.

The catch phrase is "Reiwa Kamen Rider first year""The only strongest president in the world is me!. "


ReiwaBecame the first Kamen Rider in the year[3]In this work, as appropriate for the arrival of a new eraArtificial intelligence(AI) is the theme[4].


Since the title "Zero One" is the first Kamen Rider, "Rewa (01(Rei one))"WhenKamen Rider No. 1It has many meanings such as being a Kamen Rider active in the digital world where 0 and 1 are enumerated and being the Kamen Rider of the president of the company number 1.[5][6][7][8][9].. The character design was completed until the new era was announced, but the name has not been decided, and the concept of this work will incorporate the president and AI until the new era is announced as "Reiwa". There was a proposal, but when thinking about a name that incorporated "1" after it was announced, one of the staff said it was "Ray One" that was adopted by the producer Omori[10][11].. However, hero of the same nameKikaider 01] Was pointed out, but since it is based on the concept of this work,Ishimori ProAlso accepted the naming[10].

Theme story

In this work, the world of various "work" affected by AI is set as the stage of each story, and the evil created in that environment and the battle over artificial intelligence technology with the hero who became the president of the AI ​​company are drawn. , To appeal to children about the wonders of dreams and passions that are important for their work, so that parents can not be left behind by the times, studying about AI can enjoy two generations This film is oriented to be a drama[11][12][13], It is positioned as "Work" from the 3rd episode onwards[11]..In the first episode, as a new rider introduction that draws the first transformation in an easy-to-understand manner, the second episode was planned to be a professional thing that will be the format after the third episode, but if the character of Isamu is involved there, it will not work, Balkan Because I had to draw the appearance of in 1 episodes, I became a masked rider in 2 episode, and in order to draw the active work of the president in 3 episodes, I introduced a person's company as the president edition Introducing the work of the security guard and transforming into an authorized setting that means permission / authentication with the president's authority, so it was necessary to do just the title of the president, so the mentality of the president will be created later. rice field[14]..Regarding work, we created a list of occupations for 50 episodes in advance, and in the first course, we selected the ones that match the theme of the time, such as how people's hearts are transmitted to AI, and in the work game edition, human gear In drawing the confrontation between human beings, the wide variety of work depicted in this work and the one that excites the confrontation are selected.[15].

"Android kikaiderAnd 'Daitetsujin 17With the old and new theme genre of "robot things" as the "robot" theme unique to Reiwa, this is the first attempt in the world where robots exist, "the world where robots permeate society" and " It was set in a closed experimental city where the company provided artificial intelligence-equipped humanoid robots as products as "a world where robots are used on a daily basis" and humans live their lives with the help of them.[16].

It is a science fiction work dealing with modern technology called AI, but AI trying to make "human-like things" will end up in the place of "what is a person?" I came up with the idea that I should draw, using AI as a gimmick to draw the human heart as a science fiction work, fusing the human heart and the axis of AI-equipped humanoid robot, and as a result I think that it will be a story of a human-like heart. Yuya Takahashi, the scriptwriter, said that the producer, Takahito Omori, "can" or "cannot" explain the difference between human work and AI work in the context of profession. He says that he draws AI from a developing state that includes some kind of cuteness as a part.[11][13].

In the early stages, a normal "Kamen Rider" composition, in which a human being is the main character and the enemy Huma Gear who wishes to destroy the human beings is destroyed, is easy to enter even for viewers who have not watched the Heisei Kamen Rider series. Although it is a one-episode complete format that is easy to understand even from the beginning, the number of continuous stories will increase as the story progresses.[12][17]..And finally, by making the composition reversed and standing from the viewpoint from the human gear side, the drama can be established even if you put your foot on either side.[17].. After the 4th episode, the script Takahashi wrote "Kamen Rider Reiwa The First GenerationIt was also the time when I was participating in the series, so in order to delve into the setting side in the fourth episode so as not to affect the series composition, I swelled the story once in the episode around Daybreak, and then when Takahashi returned It has been restored to its original shape so as not to interfere with the progress of the original series composition.[15][14]..Then, in three-fifths of the story, he draws a job, develops a "work game" between a person and a sword over 5 episodes as a means of approaching a profession, and from there, talks about humans and human gear. , Sowed seeds related to the vertical axis such as human relationships around the main characters, collected after the 3th episode when the work game was over, and deepened the character image[15][17]..However, after the 39th episode, the movie version of this work originally scheduled for summer and the next work "Kamen Rider SaberSince it was possible to see how many episodes remained while the progress of shooting of 』was decided, it was originally planned for all 51 episodes, but it is possible to end with all 41 episodes due to the prolonged pause. It is said that there was also sex, and although the script work was completely stopped in episode 41, the final four episodes that were added by postponing the movie version to winter were considered independently of the previous ones. Because it became a thing, I could not feel like sowing the hint toward the end[15][18][13][19][Annotation 1].. Since the episode was shortened to 45 episodes, the process of defeating Ark by uniting a person, AIMS, and the extinction thunderstorm.net disappeared, and there were many parts where I could draw two people, a person and an extinction. He said he was a little rushed about the other characters.[20].

Previously, the scriptwriter Takahashi was in charge of "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid』, was forced to build a comedy in the severe story of medical care, but said that this work is full of emotions and feelings.[11].


For the first time in the Kamen Rider series, we have created a V-conte that takes action with a video in advance.[21][22]..In order to show the movement quickly in the action scene of the usual year, I shot at 22 frames, but in this work I shot at 21 frames.[23], I am conscious of adding strength in combination with high-speed shooting[24].

As a word game fortune-telling the new era, the names of important characters and equipment are named in Japanese and English such as "that", "it", "this", "there", and "that".代名詞It means that it is an abstract existence in the world view that is an extension of reality.[25]I thought it would be interesting if something in it could point to something 10 or 20 years from now, and when a concept, phenomenon, or epoch-making invention was born, it appeared in this work. He said that he should think that he imagined something.[20]..Also, because the theme is AI, it is generally well known.ELIZA,CrabIn order to dispel the image of "artificial intelligence = overseas products" in European names such as, and to give originality to create works dealing with artificial intelligence from Japan, such as "Hiden" and "Destruction Thunder" We are also actively incorporating kanji notation[25][26]..At first, Guest Huma Gear had a hard name like Zea and Izu, but Omori told me to play more, so it became a name like "Abs Collapse Taro".[27].

As for the cast of the guest cast of this work, three assistant producers who are in charge of producing the TV series for the first time have made an offer as it is to the actor imaged by the producer Omori, and Omori also "I hope that the cast will continue to broaden the base of the cast," he said.[28].

Initially, the broadcast was scheduled to be suspended only once due to the Tokyo Olympics, which was scheduled to be held in 2020, and the final battle was scheduled to end before the Olympics, and a loose talk was planned to be held at a later date.[13].

Social distance

After April 2020, 4,New coronavirusThe government of theEmergency declarationIn response, this work also paused recording[29]. The broadcast of the new work has also been postponed from May 5th, and the omnibus of the omnibus including the narration of the new recording and unreleased scenesAlternative broadcastCarried out for 6 weeks until June 14[30][31].

The shooting of TV Asahi drama was resumed on June 6 with the complete cancellation of the emergency declaration. Along with this, the production side has taken thorough infection countermeasures "safety is the first priority and shooting is done to prevent heavy contact from occurring" "Three denseI will inform you of the production guidelines based on the policy such as "I will shoot while avoiding." The shooting time is from 6:10 am to 2:20 pm, using the Web conference system for meetings as much as possible, on the scene it is thorough to leave an interval of 1 m except for actors at the time of acting, a large number of people such as fighters will appear Shooting more than 2 people is prohibited for the time being, editing is supported such as composition, and wire action is performed by keeping a distance between auxiliary staff, but one suit actor is limited to two auxiliary staff (usually 4 , 5 people), and shooting with multiple people hanging at the same time is prohibited for the time being[32].

In episode 40, things happened while simulating in the same place so that even if the shooting location is limited in the corona, you can shoot only at the worst shooting location.[15][33].


Mr. NakayamaThe first episode in which comedy entertainer Huma Gear, abdominal muscle collapse Taro, played byGoro YoshidaThe second episode in which Huma Gear Mamoru, a security guard played by, has received a great response among the viewers, and has entered the trend on Twitter and Yahoo! real-time search.[34][8]..Takahito Omori, the producer of this work, initially made it easy to understand as a children's program, and in order to draw the composition of Kamen Rider against the organization that tries to drive out people, Kamen Rider. I intended to have it, but I did not intend to make it a drama that embraces that much, so I said that the popularity of Taro Abdominal Muscle Collapse was a nice miscalculation, which led to "Zero One-ness" and future Kamen Rider-ness. States to be connected[35][15][17].


AI is put to practical use on the stage, a humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligenceHuma GearIs an era when he is active in various jobs. Develop and manufacture Huma GearFeiden IntelligenceSecond president ofFeiden or Hito / Kamen Rider Zero OneAnd Huma Gear runaway and a monsterMagiaCyber ​​terrorist organization that operates asRuin thunder thunder.netDraw a fight with[8].

Destruction Jinrai.net (Episode 1-16)[36]

Some comedians who can't sell are Huma Gear, the president's secretary of Hiden Intelligence.IsA grandfather who died suddenly at a board meeting of Hiden Intelligence that was taken toHiden KorenosukeHe was appointed as the second president by a suicide note from, but once refused to take office.However, some who witnessed Magia attacking people at the amusement park transformed into Zero One, defeated Magia, and accepted the appointment of the second president.[8][37][ep 1].

Meanwhile, investigating the Huma Gear runaway caseAIMS for AI. Of that captainFuwa Isamu / Kamen Rider BalkanIs a human gear runaway case 12 years agoDay breakI hate Huma Gear as a murder machine[8][ep 2][ep 3], Technical advisorBlade Yuia / Kamen Rider ValkyrieIs the secondedZAIA Enterprise JapanPresident ofTianjinAct on the mission of receiving a command from[8][ep 4][ep 5][ep 6].

In the battle, it was the death thunder .net that made Huma Gear that reached singularity Magia,Xin / Kamen Rider Xun, Of the control towerDestruction / Kamen Rider destructionIt becomes clear that it is composed of two human gears, the purpose of which is the destruction of humankind and the revival of an artificial satellite called Ark.[ep 3][ep 7][ep 8].

Ruin thunder thunder .net was created as an assassination specialized typeAssassination Huma Gear / Dodoma GearTo learn assassination techniques[ep 7][ep 8][ep 9], Assassination Huma Gear is extinct due to self-growth[8][37], Iz's brotherWas NazotokWith the new progress key completed at the expense ofShining hopperDefeated by Zero One transformed into[8][37][ep 10]. further,Communication satellite ZeaOld-generation astronaut-type human gear that was managingSpace guy RaidenTurned out to be a spy at the destruction of thunder. RaidenKamen Rider thunderIt transforms into and overwhelms Zero One and Vulcan. Xun robs them of their progress key, and the thunder they receive uses Zea to successfully restart the arc, and Ark creates a new key. However, the key to the vulcan's transformation was transformed by Isaman taking the key.Assault WolfThunder is destroyed[ep 11].

AIMS carries out an extermination operation of the ruined Shunrai.net, and although it is forced to stop the destruction, Shun starts a total attack with a large amount of Magia. Some peopleShining Assault HopperTransformed into[8][ep 12], Defeat Xun. AIMS announces the eradication of ruined thunder.net, but Magia who recklessly appears again and the Deniden intelligence that held a press conference is denounced. Taira, who appeared at the press conference, announces the TOB of Hiden Intelligence[37][ep 13].

ZAIA "Job Match" (Episode 17-29)[36]

垓 is for some people, Hiden's human gear and ZAIA's next-generation interfaceZia SpecOf a human wearingWork No. 5 gameIf Feiden wins, he proposes to withdraw the acquisition. A certain person drank that suggestion and the fifth match with ZAIA started, but during the confrontation, the representative of Hiden Intelligence Huma Gear connected with Ark.Arcma gearBecame a runaway, and the representative of ZAIARaiderIt transforms intoKamen Rider SoutherTransform into and destroy these. Overwhelm Zero One and Vulcan[37][ep 14][ep 15].

Someone who lost two consecutive losses to ZAIA faces the third battle trial confrontation, and Hiden finally wins one victory. But some peopleMetal cluster hopperForced to be transformed into, and runaway by Ark's malicious intent. With the help of the Balkans, I manage to release my transformation[ep 16], I couldn't control my power. However, it was developed based on the goodwill data of Huma Gear collected by IzProgress hopper bladeYou will be able to overcome malicious intent and control yourself.Around that time, it was restarted by Yuia, and the extinction that had been detained at the base of AIMS escaped.[ep 17].

Some people who chase after the escape escape to Daybreak Town, but the revived Xin transformsKamen Rider Xun Burning FalconBeing stopped by, Aki is connected to Ark again. However, for extinction, he announced that he will not be involved in the extinction of humanity[ep 18], In the 4th round fighting firefighters, when the key to extermination is recovered from Souther, the extinction Thunder Lightning .net is released. Feiden wins the game, and the final race will be decided by a public referendum over the concept of rebuilding Daybreaktown for the construction of Humagia Autonomous City where humans and Humagia can live richly[ep 19].

At the end of the speech in the final round, at first, Feiden, who grabbed the youth's heart, and ZAIA, who complained about the danger of Huma Gear, were equal, but Tae made Hiaden's representative Huma Gear runaway and Yui transformed.Fighting Jackal RaiderBy showing the people how to destroy it, the ZAIA side will be supported by showing off the technical capabilities of ZAIA and appealing the danger of Huma Gear again.[ep 20].. Some people appealed for the future with Huma Gear on the streets but were rejected due to overwhelming votes, and Hiden Intelligence became a subsidiary of ZAIA, and Taira became the president in place of someone who left the company. On the other hand, Isa reveals that the artificial intelligence chip was buried in himself and Yui's brain from Taro, and from Shun it is told that it was himself who helped the destruction. It is denied by Isao, but it is extinct from the yard.PerishIs informed that there is a chip in the brain. It was a proverb to aim for Izu or Zero One by the instruction of Taira, but he was released from the thought of death and declared that he would fight to find his dream.Kamen Rider Rampage VulcanTransform into and destroy the Jackal Raiders and Southers[ep 21].

Hiden Seisakusho (Episode 30-Episode 35)[38]

Tsuru, who became the new president of Hiden, announced that he would start a forced stop and simultaneous recall of Huma Gear. Under the command of ZAIA, Yuia begins to dispose of Huma Gear using the new AIMS, which is the captain. Someone was collecting illegally dumped Huma Gear, but proposes to contact Jin and join hands to overthrow ZAIA. Jin rescues Izu from Hiden's lab, but after that, a sword and AIMS appear. Someone who can't transform confronts Thouzer in person, but Izu, who has reached the singularity, is new.Hiden WorksEstablished. By assuming the post of president, give someone a power of zero one again[ep 22].. On the other hand, Isa left AIMS and became the security officer for the Hiden Plant in order to save Yui from the ground. Yua, who had been suffering from his own position in the fight with Isamu, rebels with anger at a gang who abused his memory to tamper with his memory and leaves ZAIA.[ep 23].

Meanwhile, Jin, who claims that Jin Thunder.net is necessary as a network of human gear, begins to move with Jin to revive Jin Thunder.net.[ep 24].. Someone who respects the dream of Huma Gear was moved by the words of another person, and he rebelled against a man who looked down on himself as a tool.[ep 25]Revive the death with the help of Yuia[ep 26], Furthermore, deprive somebody of the thunder's human gear progression key, and restore the thunder based on that data. Ruin thunder thunder .net reassembles[ep 27].

Ark (Episode 36-Episode 40)[39]

The body of the arc, which became liquid metal, appeared in front of the reassembled extinction thunder.net.Ark hijacks the body of extinction in order to realize the extinction of humankindKamen Rider Arc ZeroTransformed into.Yuia and Jin also fight back, but Yuia, who was seriously injured by the overwhelming power of Ark Zero, confesses to a certain person that he has joined hands with Jin to destroy Ark.As a result, Yuia regrets having helped to revive Ark, which has power far beyond imagination, and Isamu is a small AI developed by Dr. Bot as a partner for counseling his troubles.Ai-changive.On the other hand, Ark possesses not only extinction but also swiftness, and confronts some people.Meanwhile, Fukuzoe is paralyzed by the inhumane management policy of the 垓, and visits Hiden Seisakusho to dismiss the 垓.Someone was frightened by the power of Ark, but he was inspired by Fukuzoe's words, "I believe in the potential of Huma Gear," and decided to confront Ark.[ep 28].

However, he plans to erase all the evidence collected by Fukuzoe and others to avoid the dismissal of the president, and sticks to the position of president, but in a conversation with Ai-chan, it was developed by Hiden Intelligence, which supported the heart of childhood. AI-equipped dog-shaped robotSauzerRecalling that, Zea built a new sword, gradually unraveling his stubborn heart.On the other hand, Ark attacks the Space Development Center with the intention of destroying the only unpredictable satellite, Zea, and even if a person transforms into Zero One and engages in battle, he is in trouble.Thouzer appears at the end of the hair and fights together[ep 29]..After changing his mind, he apologizes to some people for his selfish behavior.Someone, who was told by There that Zero One couldn't be strengthened anymore, set out to create a new Kamen Rider with his own hands.Rai, who appears there and says, "I have regained the heart of the space bastard Raiden," guides a person to Daybreak Town to protect Zea, but it is an arc trap, using a zero-one driver robbed from another person. Connect to and control the satellite Zea[ep 30].

However, Zea is integrated with Izu, and by letting Izu repeat the last billions of simulations of a person, Izu is revived by inspiring new emotions.[Annotation 2]As a conclusion that exceeds the prediction of Arc ZeroZero two driverとZero Two Progress KeyTo appear. Someone with a zero-two driver and a zero-two progress keyKamen Rider Zero TwoWhen transformed into, it destroys the arc, but the destruction that appears there tells that "as long as the satellite exists, the arc will not be destroyed"[ep 31].

Final Chapter (Episode 41-Episode 45)[41]

As Ark indiscriminately destroyed the city, Tadashi returned the position of president of Hiden Intelligence to a person and engaged in rescue operations with the restarted Huma Gears.Meanwhile, Ark begins to destroy Huma Gear, which is contrary to his own expectations, but when someone regains his will, he cooperates with another person to destroy Ark.Ark tries to initialize all the human gears, but the entire body of the satellite Zea is destroyed by the space bastard and the thunder that rebelled against Ark.Someone is pleased with the victory in the battle with Ark, but he reiterates his dream, saying, "As long as human beings are malicious, Ark may be born again. As long as human beings exist, we human gear has no rest." Declare the destruction of humankind[ep 32].

Destruction transforms into a mysterious Kamen Rider, burying a person, and a human gear that resembles himselfAsIz, who had a dream of saying, "When great malice is born, Ark will be resurrected again," hears a call for the holy war of human extinction through a communication that can only be heard by human gear.Izu fears that a nightmare will become a reality, and goes to extinction without telling anyone.Iz says, "I believe. Your heart," but is attacked by the denial that "the heart doesn't exist in me," and explodes.After that, the extinction continued to attack humans toward the extinction of humankind, and Isamu and Yuia responded to it, and Jin called for the fight to stop.The mysterious rider who appeared in Izu's nightmare thereKamen Rider Ark OneAppears, but its identity is from AzArk One Progress KeyとArc driver oneWas somebody who was given[ep 33].

Became the new president of ZAIA on behalf of TairaYotagaki WilliamsonHowever, he orders Isamu and Yuia to crush a certain person, but they refuse to do so to help a certain person and fight Arkwan with Tadashi, but Tadashi is destroyed by the Southern driver, and Kaoru and Yua are also in the brain. The data on the chip is erased and it becomes impossible to transform. The swords who analyzed the data extracted from Arkwan and speculated that a person was transforming into Arkwan by his own will in order to take revenge on the destruction of Izu. I am afraid that it will develop into a full-scale conflict between Huma Gear and Huma Gear. On the other hand, the death tells Huma Gear and others that a person has become a Kamen Rider with the power of Ark. And some people drive the destruction, but Jin is destroyed by the destruction. Az who appeared there is extinctArcs corpion progress keygive[ep 34].

The sadness and anger of the lost soul of death calls on both humanity and human gear to destroy someone who has become the arc itself. As a result, human gears that exploded distrust of humans were causing large-scale demonstrations in various places. On the other hand, Yotagaki tries to suppress it by force, but the demonstration is settled by Yuia's restraint, which was appointed as the captain of AIMS independent of ZAIA due to the efforts of the 垓. On the other hand, one person closed his heart tightly from the sadness and anger that destroyed Izu, and wandered around the city without listening to the words of death and the words of death that appealed to the importance of dreams. Someone who asks There what he should do is his father.Soreo HidenAnd find a certain conclusion. Eventually, with someone who transformed into Ark One,Kamen Rider Destruction Arc ScorpionDestruction transformed into[ep 35].

Someone, who was told by his male in communication with Zea that "true strength is not strong, but strong in heart," destroys the arc driver by being attacked on purpose. Destruction hits a person with anger and sadness for the destruction of his son, Jin, but realizes that it was the person who destroyed the person's family, Izu. Someone said, "If we are Kamen Riders, we can overcome the sadness and anger of losing something important," and with the Zero One Driver restored by the Zero Two Driver.Kamen Rider Zero One Realizing HopperTransformed into. The battle ended by destroying the extinct driver and the Ark Scorpion Progress Key, and the Huma Gear riots subsided.

Those who have avoided the total war between humans and human gear take a new step toward the coexistence of human and human gear.[ep 36].


Feiden Intelligence

The reading is "Hiden Intelligence"[Annotation 3]..The official company name is "Hiden Intelligence Co., Ltd."[43]..The address of the head office is "Tokyo Shinagawa area coming map 3-22-1"[43].. Based on Internet-related business, AI development andRoboticsJapan's largest AI company engaged in all fields such as business, AI robot dispatch business and development and manufacturing of cutting-edge technology[6][4][8][44][43].

Researched medical AI that supports people, succeeded in putting AI to practical use, and released the AI-equipped dog-shaped robot "ONLY ONE!" Around 1984 as the first step to make AI useful in people's lives.[45]..After that, after many trials, the AI-equipped humanoid robot Huma Gear was completed in the early 2000s.[45]..However, since it required many experiments to send human gear to human society, the human gear operation experiment was conducted in 2007.Land use planningWas promoted in cooperation with government agencies, and the commercialization of Huma Gear was approved in 2016 due to its achievements.[6][4][44][45].

It was acquired because it was defeated by ZAIA in the fifth game of work, and became a subsidiary of ZAIA.[ep 21], Someone returned to the president again to protect the city from the intensifying sabotage of Ark.

  • "Hiden" is a variation of the four-character idiom "Shiden Issen".[25].
  • The exterior of the company building is depicted in CG[46]..The design represents the coexistence of people and AI, with the α building representing people and the β building representing AI crossed by a bridge and holding hands.[47].
Feiden or a person(Hiden) / Kamen Rider Zero One
The main character of this work. NE1997 May 5birth[ep 8]22 years old[6][8][48][49]..Height 176 cm, weight 62 kg,Blood TypeO[ep 8][48][49]..Because the morning is weak, he is also a late addict.[49]..A self-proclaimed comedian who wants to see his smile and makes people smileAltoHowever, because I have no sense of comedy, I can not sell at all, and I will be dismissed from Mitsukuni Nezu, the manager of Kusukusu Dreamland, an amusement park.[37][8].
After that, following the death of Korenosuke, Izu brought him to Hiden Intelligence to witness the release of his will, and his will nominated him as the second president of Hiden Intelligence.[6][4][37][8]Refused this once, and returned to the smoldering Dreamland[ep 1].. However, since Huma Gear's abdominal muscle collapse Taro became Bellow Sama Gear by Xun, in order to stop it, I received a Hiden Zero One driver from Iz, transformed into Kamen Rider Zero One and defeated Magia and many people started Nezu and others. With people smiling, I understand that fighting as Zero One is one of the ways to fulfill my dreams, and I am determined to take office as president.[8][ep 1].
When he was involved in the day break 12 years ago, he was saved by his male human gear, and he considers human gear to be a dream of humankind and an important family. In contact[49].. It has a great influence on Isamu and Huma Gear because it has a belief that "If you have a dream and move forward, a future that will surely make you laugh will come".[49]..They also sometimes show intense anger at those who neglect their dreams.[49]..After acknowledging the fact that he was appointed president and a series of runaway cases by Huma Gear at a press conference against the media, he announced that the mastermind behind the case was the extinction thunderstorm.net.[37][ep 2].
It was initially Iz and Mitsukuni Nezu who knew that somebody was the true identity of Zero One.[Annotation 4]Because AIMS did not even know the details of Zero One, it was initially shot by Isa and Yuia who decided that Zero One (or someone) was a runaway Huma Gear.[ep 2][ep 4]However, in order to prove his intention not to conceal the facts, somebody himself transformed in front of an adversary and revealed his identity.[8][ep 3]..After that, he often fought together and became a companion to fight together.In addition, when searching for a house in the police lab, he was transformed in front of Fukuzoe, Yamashita, and the investigator, and it will be known to employees that his identity is Kamen Rider Zero One.[ep 37].. Later, fighting as Zero One led to the attraction of employees by a motion to dismiss someone's president.[ep 13].
In the work No. 5 game edition, I fight to protect the company from ZAIA, but I was bought from Hiden Intelligence because I was defeated in the final round of the speech confrontation, and I myself got off the position of president.[ep 21].
It became impossible to transform into Zero One by getting out of the position of president, but by assuming the position of president of the newly established Hiden Seisakusho, it transformed into Zero One again.[ep 22].
Kamen Rider Zero Two, which was devised as a Kamen Rider that combines the power of humans and human gear to counter Ark, is completed with the cooperation of Izu assimilated with the satellite Zea, but Ark Zero destroys Hiden Seisakusho.[ep 31]..After that, he returned to the president of Hiden Intelligence in the form of being nominated as a successor from the resigned president of Hiden Intelligence.[ep 32].
In episode 42, Izu was destroyed and the sadness and anger turned into great malice. Ark One Progress Key and Ark Driver One passed from Az to become Kamen Rider Ark One.[ep 33].. After that, he was obsessed with revenge for the destruction that destroyed Izu and hunted him down, but he was very upset that he had destroyed the sword that kept him behind.[ep 34], Reunited with his male in Zea, gained a Zero One driver, and confronted Kamen Rider Ark Scorpion, who was transformed by Horobi[ep 35]Succeeded in destroying Ark Driver One by defeating himself, transforming into Zero One Realizing Hopper, overwhelming the destruction, and finally defeating him[ep 36].
  • The name is a play on "a man" and is not a saint prince in the sense of "a man", but because a person is just a hero, the hero is not necessarily a hero who just sings justice, but everywhere. I want to draw as a human being[13][20].
  • A work on Sunday morning with the theme of artificial intelligence that seems to be serious and dark, in drawing the contrast between humans and androids, as the opposite of AI Robo, which is a machine without emotions, one of those emotions An emotional laughing entertainer who guarantees the brightness and positiveness that expresses a certain "laughter", is a character who can draw emotions straight, and was set as a side who believes that AI will enrich human life.[6][11][12][28][15][13]..At the planning stage, a freeter who was a comedian who couldn't sell and was robbed of his job by AI was set to transform and defeat a bad AI-equipped android at a part-time job because he went out of control.However, because humans are bad, AI is bad, so the hero who understands AI is more modern, and the identity of the hero throughout the series is required, and a humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence, which is different from the freeter The element of "president" of the company that developed the robot was added.After that, because of the setting raised by Huma Gear, the setting of comedian was about to be removed, but Toei producer'sTakamori OmoriBoth settings were adopted due to his commitment, and he became a former comedian.[12]In a later interview, the story is about AI, which is not a profession related to the basis of the story, but a deep and dark work, and the character of a certain person called "comedian" became a gimmick to brighten the program. Saying that[15][27][9]..Because of the world view where AI is actually introduced into society, based on such a reality, AI that was drawn as an enemy until now was recognized, the wall with humans was eliminated, and the character was raised by human gear. became[13]..The protagonist, who is in conflict, keeps a bright atmosphere by sliding down the gag without reading the air so that it does not get too dark, and because the main target of the viewer group is children, it is a work to laugh at the darkness. At the same time, he says he hopes that the setting of a comedian will have a positive effect when he is faced with a difficult situation.[28].. As a departure from the main character of the conventional Kamen Rider series, he is a hero who fights evil, but at the same time, he was released from the era when there were many rebellious characters in the sandwich without knowing what justice was, In order to allow a new generation to be seen with a little comfort, some people can see the situation from a bird's eye view rather than just resisting, and it is from that perspective that it is possible to overcome the predicament Are[28].. There are various speculations about the identity of a person, but because human beings can draw emotional agility, if it is not Human, it is difficult to make a story while hiding it.[28][Annotation 5].. Regarding gag, there is Happy Endo who teaches gag, but he only teaches about that gag, and if you try to write a gag at the stage of writing a script, it will be messed up.[28].
  • Takahashi is aware that when he plays a certain person, he naturally blends the strength of tension with the intonation of serifs, and makes a funny face at key points. Attach importance to[51].. Also, while showing the image of a certain president who says "Protect what you should protect," he continues to scream as a belief of a certain gag, so as a pin artist with high tension.Sunshine IkezakiAlso refer to[51][52].. At the time of fighting Xin, I am aware of playing Chambara between children and I am saying "Kuma-chan" while holding the progress key and saying "Oriya!"[52]..Since I haven't seen a face in the play with Izu since I became Zero One, I'm playing a little louder and over.[53].
  • Takahashi was unanimously selected because he was the only one in the audition who did not have an interesting meaning for gag, but calculated to express a certain person as a comedian character and changed it many times.[28][18].
The heroine of this work. Huma Gear is a secretary-type AI assistant who serves as president secretary of Hiden Intelligence.[6][4][8][54].. Height 163 cm[55]..Produced as the center of the Zero One plan, it supports Zero One battles, such as building a new key with the cooperation of Zea based on the battle data recorded by himself.[54]..Initially inflexible due to his somewhat emotionless personality, he hates it to elaborate on someone's gag.[ep 1][8][55][54]..However, by learning his way of thinking in relation to a certain person, he became a unique personality and acquired humanity.[37][55][54], Tongue-in-cheek behavior or provoking an incomprehensible behavior, while acquainting with someone's gag[ep 38]Or show off your own gag[ep 14]In the latter case, some people are lamenting that "I'm getting more and more my color."[ep 14].. Moves fast when you go to give an item to a person[ep 9]..An old-generation detective human gear called Waz Nazotoku, whose own prototype made by Korenosuke has appeared.[8][Annotation 6].
When the annihilation was subdued by Balkan, he was forced to stop functioning once because he was pierced by the tentacles extended from his arm when he was happy to report to Zero One.[8][ep 12], Repaired safely by That[ep 13].
In the 5th game of work, we called out to Huma Gear nationwide who was helped by someone to enable control of the metal cluster hopper, and developed the progress hopper blade.
After the retirement of a certain person, he was trapped in the lab of the Hiden Intelligence Headquarters with the Zero One driver in a state where the function was forcibly stopped by the sword, but he was rescued by Jin.Even if he restarts with the data of the human gear progress key stored by a certain person, he tries to return to Hiden Intelligence because his job is the president's secretary, but some people and Jin persuade, There is another person again. Established Hiden Seisakusho because it was recognized as Zero One, which will open up the future of artificial intelligence.[55]..Furthermore, he reached the singularity and became the president's secretary of a certain person again at his own will.[55][Annotation 7].
After Zea was hijacked by Ark, he assimilated with Zea and built a means to counter Ark to refine the Zero-Two Driver and Zero-Two Progress Key.[ep 31]..However, for a short while, a person returned to the president of Hiden Intelligence, and when Az showed him a simulation of the arc-one of the extinction, he persuaded the extinction to encourage the uprising of Huma Gear, but the attach arrow he released. It was attacked and half destroyed, and it exploded by entrusting the future of Huma Gear to a certain person.[ep 33][55].
Because it cannot be restored for the reasons described below, some people started a new president's secretary, Huma Gear, who imitated the appearance of Izu, as the second generation from the remaining data.[56], I decided to start learning from 1 in order to get closer to Izu.Later, in "REAL x TIME", he encountered the past Izu and decided to take over his memory.[57].
  • Since the theme is AI, I put it in the sense of what kind of landing point will be reached by putting one AI character as a regular, and since the main character became the president, as a secretary with a stereotyped feeling and as a role as a heroine Will be placed on the side of[11][27]..I wanted to go to the battlefield with a pair of hero and heroine, so there was a plan to become a female type and pull it like a man or a siesta, but now because Tsurushima played an attractive android It is said that it became a heroine like[27]..The exit in episode 42 was not originally planned, but because the script written by Sanjo was set to leave no data, the back calculation of the development that a person would fall into the darkness made him angry to fight death. The most probable option is the "death of Izu", which is overthrown and explodes. As a development to produce, it was judged that if a person maliciously confronts death, the end of the battle between human beings and AI can be drawn.[18][17][13][19]..Regarding the development where the same type of human gear appeared in the final episode, producer Omori stated that it was the correct answer because it showed that the theme of this work was learning and it was a guide to what would happen in the winter movie version.[15].
  • Because the costume has green, I use a white background when shooting with composition[58]..Also, in order to make a difference from Yuia, Tsurushima himself decided on a sharp short bob, a way of speaking and voice that does not move the eyebrows, a standing figure and red lips, bangs Patsun and upper and lower patchy eyelashes, and the base makeup and wig are the first. It is said that it has been changed little by little since the time of the story, and the nail that was initially white has also been changed to black.[59][60][61][57]..In addition to the expression by contact lenses, the iris of the eyes may be colored by editing.[62].
  • Noa Tsurushima, who plays, is different from other characters by limiting the gestures that make her look human and speaking in a voice that is lighter than usual.[63][61]..Since Izu is the standard and axis character of all human gear, it became the basic type that made the character stand firmly without blurring.[57]..Therefore, the initial is is in the zero state, and we are conscious of the feeling of the AI ​​that everyone imagines.[57]..The scene of leaving in episode 42 is not thinking about fear of death because director Sugihara said, "Someone who did not have a mother was looking at the part corresponding to the mother." As a human gear, instead of regretting parting with a certain person, I believe that a certain person will definitely fulfill my dream, and with the feeling of completing the work of a secretary, I made a pose like a secretary and smiled a little. I ended up with a smile[60][61][64]..The new Izu that appeared in the epilogue was able to play without being too emotional because there was a period when he played Az.[65].
  • When I am in battle with Zero One, when I can move as a partner, I try to move as much as possible, such as posing with Zero One.[41]..In the sliding scene of episode 12, the footage shot separately by the suit actor is edited and connected.[57].
Another is that only voice appeared in the special edition "President Special"[53]..He was not accustomed to using honorifics, and there were many suspicious points such as toying with other than Ark.
Assuming that the data about Zero One has disappeared, let some people talk about the history so far, but at the end of Part 2, the artificial satellite Ark is in order to learn the battle data about Zero One (someone). It turned out to be a human gear who claims to be an exclusive secretary as a messenger of Ark who sent in to resemble the appearance of[40][66][56].
It appeared in the main part of the TV series from episode 35.5, and collected the singularity data of four bodies of the extinct thunderstorm.net and handed it to Ark.After that, it reappears in episode 4, showing Izu a simulation that the destruction becomes Arkwan, making him destroy it, making the person who lost Iz into Arkwan, and the destruction that lost the speed by another person. Make them Arcs Corpions and try to make them into a new arc[56]By increasing each other's malice, both humans and human gears will be confronted, and a chain of malice will create countless arcs and attempt to destroy the world.[66]..However, because the attempt failed because the two overcame malicious intent.SApproachingKamen Rider EdenProduce[66].
In the final stage, I transformed into Kamen Rider Ark Zero One using the Ark Zero One Progress Key and the Hiden Zero One Driver.[66].
  • The long-haired is at the opening was due to the ad lib of Teruaki Sugihara, who was in charge of the production.[Annotation 8], Like Izu against Zea, it appeared that there may be an evil secretary against Ark, and main writer Yuya Takahashi stated in an interview at the beginning of the program that he would like to incorporate it into future developments.[25]..Initially, if there was no corona, it was planned to appear in the final stage with a little more calculation, but with the omnibus that was urgently produced, even if you do the omnibus of the pictures that you are already doing normally, it will attract the attention of the viewer. Since there is no such thing, in order to attract attention, Az was actually created as a character in a position like a plot device closer to Ark against the well-meaning Izu, and it was announced there, and from episode 35.5 to proceed smoothly. It became something to appear again[40][15][50][17][20]..It is an image of the evil part of Izu, and the development of drawing out the "bad faith" of a person became a metaphor that there is "bad faith" in everyone's heart, so it was possible to put it out reasonably.[17]..In episode 35.5, which first appeared, Az was born in the form of sequential interviews so that one-on-one conversations can always be completed in consideration of social distance.[41].. The long-haired Izu at the opening is Tsurushima's hair.[63]..Since episode 35.5 is a special edition, it was assumed that there was only the same episode, so at first we thought about different hair makeup and costumes, but since we did not have time to prepare, we only made the arc color red mesh. Ta[67][41]..The color of the nails is red and black, as opposed to green and black of Izu.[67].
  • In the script of "President Special", the name was "Red Is" instead of "Az".[53].
  • Tsurushima, who plays Az, initially played in a dark and low-pitched voice, but at the suggestion of producer Omori, he made a little idiot for mischievous children, really bad children, and small devilish people. Playing in a high voice to make you feel uncomfortable[60][61][64][53]..In the case of Izu, there was a place to suppress how to make facial expressions, but in Az, in order to make it more human, he said that he did whatever he wanted.[53]..I heard that Tsurushima may be an AR that has no reality, not AI, but he says he doesn't know anything about his origin or past.[61].
Fukuzoe Jun(Fukuzo Jun)
Vice President of Hiden Intelligence[6][8]..With the death of the ambitious and founder president, Korenosuke himself was aiming for the second president, and he temporarily posted a portrait for the president larger than Korenosuke. Astonished to learn that a person was nominated as the second president from Nosuke's will, the portrait was immediately removed and another person's thing was newly displayed.[ep 1][68][8].
Even after one person took office as the second president, he did not give up his position and hopes for his fall, but he said, ``If it succeeds, it will be a profit for the company, and if it fails, it will be an excuse to overthrow the president. Sometimes it doesn't interfere with someone's behavior[4][37][8][ep 2].
Even if a person was held responsible for public opinion from the distrust of Huma Gear's runaway and a person was dismissed with the intention of dismissing it, the achievement of the person who fought as Zero One caught the hearts of shareholders and failed. While showing a certain understanding of a person's work as zero one, he declares that he will aim for that position if he is careless[ep 13].
HIIA has a strong passion for intelligence, and leaves the company even when HIIA is acquired by ZAIA.[ep 21], Remained vice president.
When he became the president of Hiden Intelligence on behalf of another person, he was reluctant to say "it can't be helped" when he was criticized by another person for selling the raid riser under the name of Hiden Intelligence as a device against the runaway of Ziaspec. I was taking a posture[ep 21], When he dared to runaway Ziaspec on the release date, he felt distrustful and said, "The company entrusted to us by Korenosuke will be polluted by President Tianjin's inhumane management policy. I can't overlook this as it is! ”He visited Hiden Seisakusho with Yamashita and instructed Shesta, who was restored with the Huma Gear Progress Key, to collect data on the corruption of the 垓 in order to drag the 垓 from the position of president. did[ep 39].
  • It's unpleasant, but he said he played with the beloved character in mind.[69].
Huma Gear, Secretary-type AI Assistant, Vice President Secretary of Hiden Intelligence[4][8][70]..The stronger the trust from Fukuzoe, the higher the ability, but unlike Izu, he has not learned flexibility and flexibility, and he always handles dozens to hundreds of cases internally and manages resources. Because I can only express poor emotions, I hardly change my facial expression such as laughing with no expression, and I am faithful to my duties, but I tell someone that I am Fukuzoe's secretary. In fact, he has a solid personality, such as competing with Izu.[37][8][70].
It stopped functioning when ZAIA hijacked Hiden, but it was restored at the request of Fukuzoe and others, and a fraudulent investigation of the 垓 was conducted.[70]..When Huma Gear, who turned into a mob due to the fall of darkness, rushed to him, he and Fukuzoe took the action of sitting down and bowing.[70].
  • From the image that Narita's robot, who plays Siesta, has no emotions, he said that he spoke without making facial expressions, and that he gradually developed humanity by interacting with humans.[69].
Yamashita Sanzo(I did Sanzo)
Senior Managing Director of Feiden Intelligence[4]Then, Fukuzoe's aide[71][4][37][8].
Basically, he brought sweets as Fukuzoe's waist purse, and he was a repulsive type of person rather than pure evil, so I sympathize with his opinion.[37][8], Defended him in case of motion to dismiss someone[ep 13].
Like Fukuzoe, he remained in the position of managing director even after Hiden was acquired by ZAIA.He often changes his attitude according to the situation, but unexpectedly because of his company's feelings, he took the initiative in uncovering the injustice of the 垓 when Hiden was dominated.[43].
  • Saeki, who plays Yamashita, has the image of "Mishita" because of his role name, and he was a glasses character because he didn't wear glasses among the characters in this work in costumes.[8].
Feiden No.(Hidenko)
Huma Gear in the appearance of a father[4][37].. The real male in 1997[Annotation 9]After his wife died, Korenosuke made it as a father-type human gear and raised a person as a father's substitute.[45][72]..He lived with a person in an experimental city in 2007, but he was wrecked by the blast of Daybreak and stopped working.[37][45][ep 1][Annotation 10].
Twelve years ago, at Daybreak, it was discovered that Ark's darkness was detected, and after developing a Kamen Rider that protects humans and human gear, it was blown up by a self-destruct program that he had set up in Ark to prevent the launch.[72][ep 18]But at that time, my backup data also disappeared[ep 22].
movies"Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation], The male before it stopped functioning at the day break appeared, and transformed into Kamen Rider type 1.
  • Although the human gear is set as a robot, it is said that it is better to have a human touch, and as a whole it has become a robot-like thing, but if it is too human, it will be indistinguishable from a human. Therefore, he said that he was careful not to blink as much as possible.[73].
  • Originally it was a character that was supposed to be drawn in "Reiwa The First Generation"[14]..The setting that the male transforms into a Kamen Rider is based on the idea of ​​"father rider with a family" that was raised when a person was set as president at the planning stage.[25]..Originally, only episodes 1 and 2 were scheduled to appear in the TV series, and Yamamoto wanted to appear again after shooting "Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation".[73]Although I was thinking of appearing again, I could not afford it due to the influence of self-restraint, but it was made to appear in a meaningful scene, and because the male was the one who made the origin of Kamen Rider. Since it was certain that he was the most suitable person to talk to a person at the end of the game, it was the consciousness of Zea itself, and it appeared as a person's image of the male.[15][17].
  • The costume used in the shooting is matte processed according to the type 1 design, and in "Kamen Rider Reiwa the First Generation" it looks dark by changing the brightness at the time of shooting Has become[74].
Hiden Konosuke(Hidenko no Suke)
A grandfather of a certain person, the founder of Hiden Intelligence, which developed and commercialized Huma Gear and expanded its business, and the first president and CEO[4][37][43].. 75 years old[ep 1][43].. The head office building has its own portrait[ep 1].
Promoted the development of AI since the 1980s to make use of artificial intelligence in human life[43].. Recognizing the danger of human gear runaway from the incident 12 years ago, we prepared a zero-one plan centered on the Hiden Zero-One driver designed by the male as a force to control the human gear.[43]Left a will to appoint a grandson as the second president[ep 1][Annotation 11].. It was also revealed that there was an exchange with Taira during his lifetime.[Annotation 12].
All patents for Zero One Driver and Huma Gear were owned by him, or they were taken over by someone[ep 22].
A friend-type AI of original artificial intelligence created for the first time by Hiden Seisakusho[75]..Invented by a certain person and produced by Dr. Bot.It is a small palm-sized unit with the idea that it is not always necessary to be trapped by humanoid AI, and while it only listens to the story on the human side, it becomes a counselor for Isamu and Yuia and eliminates anxiety. Let me[ep 39][75], I also made an opportunity for Thouzer and Thouzer to reconcile[ep 29].


The reading is "Ames". AIMSArtificial Intelligence Military Service[71][4][37][8][44][76]Stands forCabinet SecretariatA special agency specializing in investigating cases involving human gear established by the direct government[6][71][4][8][44][45][76]..With the enactment of the newly enacted Special Law on Artificial Intelligence, Huma Gear must not harm civilians for any reason in accordance with it, so if it is judged to be dangerous, a runaway Huma Gear violation will be violated. He has the authority to crack down, is entitled to destroy and destroy the human gear, and is also authorized to investigate and arrest cyber terrorists and those who violate the special artificial intelligence law, and to use firearms.[6][8][44][76][ep 2].

Since ZAIA is heavily involved in its founding, it retains the armed forces such as shot risers and Gigers made by ZAIA technology, but in fact the 垓 was used for the weapons business and the development of the Zia Southern driver. Was an organization[76]..After that, in episode 30, it was revealed that ZAIA had acquired the command right due to the hijacking of Hiden, and it was transformed into a private army organization that cracks down on Huma Gear, which reports directly to the company, and guards the 垓. In episode 44, it was reorganized into a government agency with the aim of maintaining the original security, with Yuia as the captain, independent of ZAIA due to the efforts of the 垓.[44][76].

Private car for movement[Annotation 13]Heading to the scene using, the general members other than Isamu and Yuia are fully armed with special masks and armor suits, and make full use of a dedicated machine gun.

  • The name "AIMS" is derived from "AIM", which means "define the gun's aim" because Vulcan and Valkyrie use guns, and it is also called "AI".[25].
  • It is a hard presence for AI as a pole of a person, and it was set as a managing side in the spread of AI in order to expand the world view.[11].. Initially, AIMS was set up as an artificial intelligence crime prevention unit inside the police.[78].
Fuwa(Fluffy) / Kamen Rider Balkan
NEITHER1992 May 2birth[ep 9]26 years old from the Minami Asakusa area of ​​Tokyo[6][79][80]..Height 177 cm, weight 65 kg, blood type A[79][80], Visual acuity is 1.6 on the right and 1.4 on the left[ep 9].. AIMS Practitioner and Action Captain[6][81][4][37][8][80]Then, it transforms into Kamen Rider Balkan.The habit is "crush"[80]..Although it has excellent fighting ability such as shooting, it takes independent actions such as ignoring Yuia's command and firing, or taking out the Ames Shot Riser without permission.[8][ep 1].
When he was involved in a day break 12 years ago, he was seriously injured when he was attacked by a horde of old-fashioned human gear whose eyes turned red and went out of control. However, he hated Hiden Intelligence, which concealed the cause of the accident, as "a rotten company built at the expense of many people."Because he accuses Human Gear of being an "enemy of mankind" and a "murder machine."[Annotation 14], Who has made Huma Gear a dream of mankind, but has exposed the hostility to some people[71][4][37][8]Finds out that Daybreak is the killer of Thunder Thunder.net when he goes to Daybreaktown[ep 3].
Because of the special laughing point, he is the only person in the world who is addicted to a certain person's gag.[4][8][80][Annotation 15], He was the only one laughing while the venue was quiet when he gag at the press conference[ep 2].. At first, he recognized Zero One as a runaway human gear, but after learning that he was a certain person in episode 4, he began to fight together.
In the case at the National Medical Den Hospital, when he witnessed the transformation of Kaku into a Kamen Rider, he noticed that he was the same person as the Kamen Rider in the video analyzed by Anna at the scene of Daybreak.Then, he explodes his anger and attacks, saying, "I made my life go crazy !!"[ep 8]However, Dr. Omigoto of the surgeon Huma Gear of the national medical and medical hospital where he was held saved his life, and in addition to the memory that was attacked by Huma Gear, the memory saved by Huma Gear is possible.[ep 9].. Destruction that seems to have caused a daybreak, ruined thunder thunder that causes human gear to runaway and threatens humanity.I am strongly angry at .net, and I think that it is irrelevant to their destruction for their destruction ing[Annotation 16].
An artificial intelligence-equipped chip for transformation is secretly embedded in the brain, and Jin hacked it to make it a collaborator when escaping the extinction.[ep 20]..In episode 29, it is a chip in the brain that incorporates the data of the death of the fourth member of the extinction thunderstorm.net.[76], Knowing that it is the first experimental body to operate weapons under the control of consciousness by a dream that uses chips as an entity that connects arcs to control arc technology, but coexistence of humans and human gear By being inspired by the appearance of a person who believes in the dream, he completely eliminated the thought of death and overcame mental control.[ep 21].
In episode 30, it is revealed that he has quit AIMS under the control of ZAIA, but it is possible to intercept the radio, and as a security officer (bouncer) of Hiden Seisakusho to overthrow all the villains and ZAIA. Will fight[79][80]..In the meantime, Yuia awakens her death again, but the two of them defeat Souther because the death tries to have a dream and the idea that "we are not ZAIA's tools" agrees.
In episode 33, the memory of being attacked by Humagia at Daybreak turns out to be a falsified memory that was tampered with by the 垓 to make Satoshi hate Humagia.[76][Annotation 17]..I was shocked that the memory that pushed me was false and caused an identity collapse, but I overcame it by being moved by Yuia who rebelled against the 垓[79], Declare to pursue the dream of Kamen Rider from now on, fight together and defeat Souther[ep 23].
In episode 34, Yuia, who was asked to die and Jin, separates her death from her own body.In episode 35, he talked about his original background before the chip was embedded due to his death, but it was a mediocre life that was described by Yuia as "too ordinary and boring".[Annotation 18][ep 27]..In episode 36, I was confused because I knew the original memory, and after consulting with Ai-chan, I went to see the faces of my parents and younger brother.[80]..In particular, the point of laughter was inherited from the father, and it became clear that the father said a gag similar to a certain person.[80].
In episode 43, a person who became Ark One lost the ability to transform into a Kamen Rider because the data of the chip in the brain was erased, and in episode 44, a person fights against destruction and a war between humans and human gear occurs. Transformed into Kamen Rider Ortros Balkan with the Japanese Wolf Zetsumerize Key entrusted to him from his death.He talks about his dream while engaging with someone who has transformed into Zero Two, but he cannot reach the person who closed his heart due to the shock that destroyed Jin, and the Ames Shot Riser who could not bear the load of the Zetsumerize key destroyed himself. The transformation was forcibly unraveled.After all the battles are over, take the path to protect the peace of the city as a Kamen Rider[79].
  • Initially, it was set as a serious detective[78][14]..However, in order to emphasize that it transforms without qualification for the reason described later, it was decided to be a terrible character.[14].
  • Okada, who plays Isao, is a "hero with the sadness of fighting loneliness."Kamen Rider No. 1It is said that the character of anger plays the role of closing the story as a character of "tension" because it is a character that "relaxes" if a person is slow or slow.[85]..The acting when he was hijacked by his death expresses something different from the usual Isamu with the image of relaxing with a low feeling close to sleeping, and he is acting with a feeling of chattering.[86]..At first, he said he didn't know anything about the origin of his death or the character, and in fact, Kaoru was dead, and he was imagining that he was being moved by someone.[86]..In the scene of fighting in Lampage Balkan in episode 32, it was originally planned to fight only with the voice of death, but at Okada's suggestion, Fuwa and death talked in the brain and fought in synchronization.[87].
Blade Yuia(Yaba Yua) / Kamen Rider Valkyrie / Fighting Jackal Raider
NEITHER1995 May 4birth[ep 8]24 years old[6][8][88][89]..Height 170 cm, blood type B[ep 8][88][89].. AIMS Technical Advisor[6][37][8][89]AIMS Special Technology Research Institute Chief Executive Officer[Annotation 19]Then, it transforms into Kamen Rider Valkyrie.While developing and maintaining the Ames Shot Riser, it also has excellent fighting ability.[4][8]..With a manly personality[88]Characterized by speaking in a masculine tone[90][Annotation 20].
Like some people, we evaluate Huma Gear as "excellent value", but have a dry idea that it is just a tool.[8], There is no hesitation in the destruction because it can be restored if there is a backup even if it is destroyed to the destruction of runaway Human Gear or if it is destroyed against people[ep 4]..In addition, it is reported to Hiden Intelligence that there is data of the progress key to revive the ark that should have disappeared in the day break by the program that automatically transfers the visual data prepared in the consistent Nigiro.[ep 4].
Assassination of Extinct Thunder.net After freezing and abducting Huma Gear and remodeling it so that it runs out of control even with blue eyes, I took a picture of the runaway[ep 7], It is reported that the leaked video to the media could lead to a runaway of normal unhacked human gear.I'm denying that Izu, who analyzed the documentary footage at that time, asked if the photographer was Yuia.[ep 9]Admits that he leaked when asked by Isamu who saw the video, and tells him that his mission is not to monitor Huma Gear but to fall into Hiden Intelligence, and he may eventually betray him.[8][ep 5]..After the destruction of Jinrai.net, he returned to ZAIA Enterprise Japan and was in charge of development under the direct control of the president.[88][89]As a result, I moved to work as a subordinate of the confidant of the 垓.
At the time of the 5th game of work, he devoted himself to the secretarial work of the 垓, such as creating a metal cluster hopper key at the command of the 垓 and attaching the Zetsumerizer to the human gear to make it runaway. did[ep 20][Annotation 21].. In addition, it turns out that he is in a situation where he cannot go against the orders of the 垓 because the chips necessary for transforming into a Kamen Rider are embedded in the 垓, but Yuia says, "I am not a tool ...! I am following the company at my will, "he told Satoshi.[ep 21].
From the 30th episode, he has become a captain instead of Isamu who has withdrawn from AIMS, and he is working to destroy Huma Gear, but he gradually becomes his position by seeing Huma Gear who talks about his dreams and talking with Isamu. I will be worried.
In episode 33, he learned the truth about Daybreak's memory, which was rubbed into the sword, and felt guilty for his life being upset.[89]"Technology is meaningful only when you are close to people. I played with people's dreams with technology. I will never forgive you!"Transformed into Valkyrie while suffering from mental interference due to Ziaspec of the 垓, defeating Souther in a joint battle with Valkyrie.After that, he shook off his orders and hit him on the face, saying, "This is my resignation," and resigned after removing the ZAIA company emblem.[ep 23][88].. I used to wear a gray suit when I was in AIMS or ZAIA, but after I left the company, I started wearing plain clothes.[89].
In episode 34, at the request of Death and Jin, he released his death from the sword with the artificial intelligence chip embedded in it.
In episode 36, he takes over the body of extinction and engages with Jin to stop Ark who transformed into Ark One, but he was overwhelmed by the amazing power and was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital and visited by a person who visited him. , Confessed the reason for cooperating with Jin.After that, he was guilty of cheating at the direction of the 垓, but when he talked with Ai-chan, who was entrusted by Isao, he expressed his true intentions.[88][89].
In episode 43, it becomes impossible to transform into a Kamen Rider because the data of the chip in the brain is erased by a person who became Ark One, but due to the measure of the sword, the new system returned to the government jurisdiction independently of ZAIA. Became captain of AIMS[88].
  • It is the first person in the Kamen Rider series to transform into a female Kamen Rider who appears at the beginning of the program.[91]..Since Tsukuyomi transformed into a Kamen Rider just before the final episode of the previous work "Gio", he envisioned it as one of the three riders who appeared from the beginning, and in order to make Yuia look the strongest, in addition to having high fighting ability, I became a technician and responsible person who knew everything about the rider system.[91]..If this work is gender equal in dealing with future professions and lives, I think that both men and women may have a chance as a profession, and women who like Kamen Rider long for it as a cool woman. I'm drawing as an existence[11][92].. I'm trying to give a presence to the boys and make them look cooler and stronger than the male Kamen Rider.[93].
  • Omori talked about the fact that Yuia betrayed Isamu and arrived at ZAIA because of the great past, but like the conventional Kamen Rider, it is normal and nothing is interesting, so the background is excluded. Then, it became a technician with only conviction, who is going to move on.[83]..At first, Ark hacked a transformation chip in Yuia's brain and lurked, so her genius technical ability and high fighting ability are due to Ark's strategy, which is suspicious in the early days. It was a stepping stone to such a development that took action everywhere.[94]..However, in order to cherish Yuia's attractive behavior and buddy feeling with Isamu, I could not take the character in that direction, so the idea disappeared when I drew the development transformed into a raider.[94].
  • Omori said that he chose it because he was soft because it was better for a person with a soft ground to play a hard role instead of a hard person playing a hard role as a morning program.[18].
  • Igarashi, who plays Yuia, was smart and Rikejo, and he always kept in mind that he was a perfectionist woman who was confident in himself because he was getting better and better in the organization.Youko MakiPlaying with the image of[95]..In addition, it is said that it became easier to make a voice by being aware of the standing figure with the back straight in the words from the director Shibasaki.[95]..When facing the sword, the tone looks like looking down from above, but when contacting the sword, I am conscious of having a different expression from the sword.[90].. When he returned to ZAIA, the play had different opponents and different purposes, and he couldn't see the future, so he played with the feeling of extinguishing the brilliance of his eyes.[96]..The scene of crying in the hospital room in episode 37 was originally not planned to cry, but it was due to feelings from fear and regret for Ark.[96].. After resigning from ZAIA, I changed my clothes on the spot without wearing a specific costume, but since the appearance of Ark, the story became serious and Yuia was aware that she would fight, so not much. I'm choosing something that has no color[65]..With a skirt, I quit ZAIA and felt like I was floating, so I changed to a pants style with a jacket on.[97].

ZAIA Enterprise Japan

Japan branch of a multinational technology company that handles technology businesses such as AI and space development in general and expands its business all over the world[8][44][98][ep 6].. Twelve years ago, he participated in the human gear operation experiment city planning jointly with Hiden Intelligence and others.[8][44][ep 3].

In collaboration with AIMS, we provide technology for many new weapons, including Ames Shot Riser, Attache Weapon, and Giger.[8][44][ep 9].

Tianjin(Amatsugai) / Kamen Rider Souther
President of ZAIA Enterprise Japan[37][99].. The appearance is young enough to call himself "eternal 24 years old", but in reality NE1974 May 10Born 45 years old[ep 15][100][99]..Height 177 cm, blood type AB[100].. "1000%" is a habit, and he has absolute confidence in his own strength and his company, and his words and actions that look down on others such as calling Isamu "Stray Inu-kun" are conspicuous.Have a commitment to wear all white things[99]..While emphasizing the profits and corporate image of the company, he has a ruthless personality that thinks of others as tools only to achieve his own purpose and does not choose any means.[56]In particular, he has an extraordinary level of opposition to things that are closely related to Hiden Intelligence (such as Huma Gear and Zero One).After the destruction of Thunderstorm.net, we are using the power of Ark to develop the evolved and developed Amazing Caucasus Progress Key, Awakening Arcino Zetsumerize Key, Metal Cluster Hopper Progress Key, etc.[37][101].
From the first appearance of the 3rd episode to the end of the 10th episode, only the rear view and hands were hidden from the angle with the face down.[ep 4][ep 38][ep 8][102]..Yuia gave instructions unique to Hiden Intelligence and AIMS.In episode 10, the ambitions of the collapse of Hiden Intelligence are flickered, and in episode 11, someone is approached to acquire Hiden Intelligence.[ep 6].
In the 16th episode, he was the person who was involved in the development of Ark, and he was the person who made Ark learn the malicious history of humankind before the launch.[100], Reveals Yuia that he used AIMS and Extinct Thunder.net as well as Hiden Intelligence to restore Ark.Hiden Intelligence appears at a press conference where Huma Gear goes out of control after the destruction of Thunderstorm.net and declares a TOB of Hiden Intelligence.[ep 13], I approached a person who refused it to play the fifth game of human work using Hiden's Huma Gear and his company's product Ziaspec.
At the time of the 5th match at work, human beings will be asked what happens if they lose to Huma Gear and say "extinct", and if you have an ego it is dangerous because there is no reason to suppress it, etc. We argue that it should be abandoned, and we think that AI should be used for the evolution of humankind, unlike some people and Konosuke who aim to coexist with humankind.
In episode 22, he was the project leader of ZAIA in the human gear operation experiment city planning 12 years ago, and made the artificial satellite arc as artificial intelligence with hostility to human beings and destroyed thunder.net It turns out that it is the cause of the tragedy such as the formation of the.Even if some people severely blame many people for their lives or their lives being upset at the day break, "I'm just telling the facts (to Ark) and I'm self-employed." I wasn't afraid at all[ep 16]..Aiming to use Kamen Rider as a profitable business by providing Kamen Rider to AIMS etc. as the strongest weapon against the threat that threatens humanity, the battle between some people and the extinction thunderstorm.net is also a technology of Hiden Intelligence Was the true aim of military use for weapons development, etc.[ep 18].
In episode 30, he acquired Hiden Intelligence and became president by winning the fifth game of work, and forcibly promoted the disposal of human gear by forcibly stopping and recalling all human gear.[100].
In episode 38, she reveals her past to Ai-chan.Father's childhoodTianjin Ikkyo(Amatsu Ikkei)Because he was educated by Sparta, he had no friends and the only one who opened his heart was the artificial intelligence-equipped dog-shaped robot Thouzer, which he received when he was 11 years old.He was not praised even if he got a perfect score of 100 in the elementary school test, and was scolded as "Become a man aiming for 1000 points", and was severely scolded for having an incorrect answer even for one question.After that, Thouzer sealed Thouzer himself.[ep 29]..At the same time as admiring Konosuke, it is excessive due to personality formation in childhood against the idealistic management policy of some people and Hiden Intelligence.perfectionistBecause he hated the artificial intelligence that Korenosuke was crazy about, he made Ark learn the malicious intent of human beings, and acquired Hiden Intelligence and Huma who started the human gear business. He told someone that he had planned to eradicate gear.[99][56]..After that, when Zea reunited with the newly constructed Sauza, he was converted and began to fight with some people.[99].
In episode 41, he resigned as president of Hiden Intelligence and appointed Aruto Hiden as his successor.[ep 32].. In episode 42, the ZAIA headquarters said, "I suffered extra damage because I couldn't control it while creating an arc."DemotionIn response to this, doing anything as a Kamen Rider Souther became the chief of the Souther section of the business contentRelocationWas to be[44][ep 33]..After all the battles were over, I was about to start something new with the five Thouzers.
  • If you want to draw a large number of riders over a long span, it is necessary to change the standing position of the rider on the way, so it is made as an existence that changes the story to drive someone out of the president of Hiden or transfer Yuia Was[94]..Since there is a person on the side of making human gear, there is a concern that the action of defeating it will be stressful, so after the destruction of Thunderstorm.net, Zero One is an enemy that can be defeated with exhilaration "human malice" Ark, who was learned that "human beings are evil", chose "eradication of humankind", so he became a symbol of malicious intent and a "human being thinking of bad things" as a rival president of somebody. In order to organize the composition of the story, the original theme of "work" was scrutinized, and it became a development called "work 5th game" in which a person who is a spokesperson for Humagia and a representative of human beings compete. Ta[101][94][Annotation 22].. On top of that, it was said that the dislike of the viewers of Taira was effective in the confrontation with Hiden Intelligence, and Omori also paid attention to the high performance of Sakuragi from the beginning.[101]..Since the 垓 looks bad by all means, the image was dispelled by making aibo etc. appear in the final stage from the idea of ​​making it a loved character.[17]..In episode 38, a reconciliation with some people is drawn, but it was planned to draw a later episode with the approach that it was not completely forgiven, but by shortening the number of episodes by 6 episodes, that opportunity Is gone[14].
  • The image of the costume was chosen from various jackets and pants in the atmosphere of the president who also works abroad.[8].
  • In order to prevent youth from being seen with a little gesture, the behavior and voice are based on the man in his 40s that I saw in everyday life, and the acting is "Kamen Rider 555"ofMasato Soka,Ikari Gendou,FreezaIs based on a foreign-affiliated president who feels cool[103][104][105]..Sakuragi plays with a slightly genderless feel, and has the image of "an uncle who doesn't feel it even when he is elegant and beautiful."[104].
  • In "President's Special", the line that someone explains the 垓 is to express the 垓 in one word, so there were other lines, but only the line that says "Only clothes are white!"[106].
"Project Souther"
Plans to complete Souther, the strongest rider system, following the death of Hiden KoshinosukeProject SoutherIn order to carry out, using the death collected in Daybreak Town, I gave the Zetsumerize key etc. to the extinction thunderstorm .net and obtained battle data[107][98][108].
Blade Yuia
In episode 11, he revealed to a person that he was a ZAIA employee seconded to AIMS.[ep 6]..Therefore, the authority in AIMS exceeds the commander's command.[76].. Returned to ZAIA due to a transfer in episode 16. Retired in episode 33[ep 23].
Yotagaki Williamson(Joggle Williamson)
A man from the ZAIA headquarters development department dispatched from the ZAIA headquarters.An engineer who was a senior of the 垓, he was involved in the design of Ark 12 years ago.[98]..Dismissed the 垓 and assumed the new president of ZAIA Enterprise Japan in his place.[44][ep 33].
  • Initially, in order to support the resurrection of Jin, the person set as a guest of the spin-off was scheduled to appear before the TV, but the appearance was delayed due to the shortening of the number of stories.[17].
"Project Souther"
He has been worried about the situation since the data of death was incorporated into Isamu's brain, and he brought in the completed Zia Southern driver because he was concerned about the darkness of the 垓, but suggested that Project Souther would freeze.[98][108]..After that, he restored Jin as an autonomous human gear with the proposal of death in Isamu's brain.[98][108]..I tried to control the arc with a sword[98].

Ruin thunder thunder.net

The reading is "Metsubo Jinrai Net".The enemy organization in this work, a network of cyber terrorist organizations by Huma Gear who plans to destroy humanity according to Ark's will[6][4][8][44][109]..The ruins that escaped the submergence of Daybreak Town are used as hideouts.[71][8][109][110].. In response to the death of Korensuke, execute a Magia operation to hack Huma Gear to make data runaway and make it Magia[6][4][8][44][ep 1].. With the destruction of humanityarcFor the purpose of complete restoration[ep 4]For that purpose, human beings are made endangered by AI, which is superior to human beings, and data of human gear that has been converted into magia is collected.[111][8][ep 1].

Ark was an excellent human gear at the time of the day break 12 years ago 4 bodies (destruction, death, jin, thunder)[Annotation 23]Hacked and created the Ruin Thunder.net was told by Dr. Bot, who created the Ruin[44][45][ep 18].

  • It is drawn as a cyber enemy rather than a physical enemy, and because it is a corporate enemy, it is set as a corporate terrorist organization, and it is an ominous word because it is an evil organization for "thunderstorm" derived from "gale thunderstorm". Added ".net" of the domain to imagine a cyber terrorist with "destroy" meaning to destroy[11][50]..There was also a proposal of a mixed team of human gear and humans who insisted that humans should be destroyed, but because the president of the AI ​​technology development company is the main character, it was decided to be a bad AI programmed as "human beings should be destroyed"[82][112].. It was set as an enemy with an easy-to-understand purpose and standing position in order to establish the strength of zero one in the initial 1 cool.[101]..Initially, there was a plan for humans to aim for the destruction of humankind and a plan for a larger number of people.[50].
  • I think that there is no difference between humans and humans when talking about human gear being the same as humans, and in the early days, considering the inconvenience of language, it was positioned as a slaughter machine without singularity, and the idea learned from Ark. It became an image that repeatedly called[50]..There was also a plan to leave everyone if an emergency declaration was not issued.[50].
  • The costumes of Xun and Demise are Japanese tastes, with items of Kamen Rider's color changing each, and wearing antique kimono belts that look decadent. Made from picked up cloth, shoes are different on the left and right[113].. However, because it is a male character, it avoids floral patterns and has an arabesque pattern, and because it is a villain, it is based on black and gray.[114].. Damaged and cut to make it dirty and a little old[114].
  • The flag is because of the terrorist group with the heaviest fate that seems to be the most Kamen Rider.MandalaIf you cut the cross and read it, you can read "Destruction, Death, Thunder, Thunder".[47]..The part like the QR code in the center has a trilobite motif like the mask of Trilobite Magia.[47].
Xun(gin) / Kamen Rider Xun
Defeated Thunder.net activist[4][37].. Height 184 cm[115][116]..It plays the role of collecting data by going to the site and contacting the human gear that has reached the singularity and turning it into a magia.[4][37][8][116].. The module part is damaged and usually hidden with a hood[117]..While recognizing the magiaized human gear as a "friend", he has an innocent personality like a child and is easygoing.[Annotation 24], While laughing at Trilobite Magia who came toward me, restrained with Nooruk and shot through the temple with a pistol[Annotation 25]It has both cruelty and madness, such as firing casually (not intimidatingly).[4][8][116][ep 1].. Also, when confronting a person, he calls himself "the ruler of the new era."[ep 2].. Envious of the destruction that transformed into a Kamen Rider, I tried to get a progression key from Zero One, but I was scolded and when I asked what he was for him, ``You are my son''. returned[8][ep 41].
After that, he was instructed to aim for the Zero One progression key, and with the cooperation of Onikomagia, rob the Flying Falcon Progress key.[8].. I was confused by the difference in values ​​when I saw Tazawa who desperately protects Seine as her own daughter even if Seine turns into a magia, saying "Children should listen to their parents", and the reason for that. He asked, "It is the parent who tries to protect the child even if he dies", so he has a thought about the parent and child and tries to take the Zetsumerizer attached to Seine, but he himself made it due to the destruction that appeared there I was told that it was a human gear that was killed, and when I was equipped with the Extinct Thunder Thunder Force Riser, my memory was reset and I connected to the Extinct Thunder.net and used the Flying Falcom Progress Key that I stole from someone to be a Kamen Rider Transform into a rush[8][ep 38].
Emotions were shaken by being overwhelmed by the final battle, reaching the singularity and awakening[8][116][Annotation 26]..Although he dismissed Valkyrie and Valkyrie, he was upset by the appearance of Zero One Shining Assault Hopper.He hunts down Zero One by making full use of many Gigers, but the situation is reversed by the Shine system, and although he decides to pierce with Flying Utopia, it explodes after being hit by Zero One's special move.[ep 13].
Restored as an autonomous human gear by someone's hand in episode 25[Annotation 27]Found out[ep 18]. Newly transformed into Kamen Rider Xin Burning Falcon. In Episode 27, confronts Souther and regains Sting Scorpion progression key[ep 19]..After transferring the key to the extinction, he left the extinction thunderstorm.net and started his own actions such as encouraging him to reach the singularity on his own initiative in order to inherit the will of the extinction and release Huma Gear from humans.[122][123][115]..He says he wants to release Huma Gear in a way other than the destruction of humankind, and has disconnected from Ark and the satellite Zea.[124][123][116]Therefore, it is the only member of Extinct Thunder.net that does not accept instructions from Ark.[ep 27][ep 39].. In addition, the clothes have changed from jackets to suits, and the innocent and emotional personality has changed to a calm and cool personality, and it has become an equal relationship where you can talk about your thoughts head-on even if it is destroyed. ing. There is a part that hits the human ear, and a miniaturized ear module that glows green is attached to the left side[124].
In episode 30, he appeared in front of a person who was collecting the abandoned human gear, and regretted that he was doing it as a ruined thunderstorm.net, and understood that in the battle with the person. He said.After hearing his thoughts and rescuing Izu, he was told that he had made a human friend, but he denied it, and plans to steal the Huma Gear Progress Key from someone.According to the declaration, he attacks Hiden Seisakusho and kidnaps Mori Brush Jeepen, but when one hears the words "Huma Gear can dream" to Jeepen, "Your dream is a friend's It may not be a bad idea to try the future, "he said, fighting with a certain person to overthrow Souther.However, in order to reunite the ruined thunder.net, he suddenly strikes a person and robs the space guy Raiden's human gear progress key.[ep 26].
In fact, to defeat Ark and lure Ark to the ground to release Huma Gear, to release death from a special chip embedded in Isamu's brain.[123]Yuia was called for cooperation, but the betrayal was spotted by the body of Ark, which appeared as a liquid metal possessed by Huma Gear's body.[ep 27], Trying to resist while being used as a necessary substitute for transformation to Ark Zero[ep 39]..And released from Ark by Zero One who fought with the converted Souther[ep 30]..In episode 43, it was found that it was restored by Yotagaki at the ZAIA headquarters and was acting on a mission to defeat Ark.I was trying to defeat the resurrected Ark by choosing a dead individual as a substitute for Ark.[125]..Jin, who had reached the singularity as a son, hesitated to eradicate the annihilation ordered by Yotagaki and tried to persuade the annihilation that had a budding heart, but hesitated from the attack of someone who transformed into Arkwan. Exploding, leaving behind a desire to have a heart as a father-type human gear[ep 34]However, the ear module was recovered by Yotagaki, and only the intelligence was restored by Yuia's technology.[ep 35][115], Appearing as intelligence in front of Az in the arc, telling us that it is only extinct to stop someone who is dyed maliciously, and that he is trying to teach what the mind is by giving his life to extinction. ,Had disappeared.After all, the restoration is complete, and as a son, he decides to watch over the city's malice with his death.[ep 36][115].
  • I try not to follow the same rut as the parad of "Ex-Aid", a boy character that Takahashi wrote in the past.[50].
  • At the beginning, be aware that you can move as much as possible,dark Knight"ofジ ョ ー カ ーAnd because he is an adult who plays a child,big, Nakagawa was addicted to at that timeItaewon class』Acting as a guideline[126]..After the resurrection, he is conscious of standing quietly and steadily, contrary to the early days, with the guideline of the play of Eitoku, a suit actor of Jin.[126][125].
  • It will be revived as the third cool enemy[82]However, it became a resurrection with a mysterious character by making use of the characteristic of AI[101]..It was brought to the human side to raise the issue of extinction with a firm will.[17].
  • The old outfit wears a gray leather hood with holes in it to keep the ears out of sight, and the gray slender pants have a shorter length and legs.[114]. The design concept of the new costume is an "adult type" and is an all-in-one suit, and the striped jacket and plain pants are an all-in-one suit that is tailored to the joint style of the old costume.[127]. The sleeves of the jacket are based on gargo pants, and the arms are inserted where the legs are put, and the decoration on the right chest is a string to fasten the crossed belt.[114]. From the belief that "Huma Gear will be released from humans", I will attach a bangle necklace belt connected with a chain with a silver attachment, and a message that I want to release Huma Gear, destruction, myself from something, Have sex[127].
Destruction(Horobi) / Kamen Rider destroyed
Destruction thunder thunder .net command tower[4][37][128][110].. Height 180 cm[128][110]..Act under the will of Ark, who has determined that humanity is the most extinct race of all species on Earth[ep 8][128].
He carries a Japanese sword with a black blade, and when he issues a command, he pulls it out and raises it like a command sword to incite a revolution.[68][110]..The module part is damaged and I usually hide my ears with a turban[117][110]..The prototype individual was manufactured by Dr. Bot of Dr. Huma Gear as a father-type Huma Gear made using the data of the male.[ep 18][45][110]However, the person in question is not interested in it.[129].
At first, he used Jin to make a leap, and did not appear on the front line.[110]..When some people went to Daybreak Town, in order to conceal the existence of Ark, the bus guide Huma Gear Anna who tried to analyze the memory of the old Huma Gear was transformed into Kamen Rider and disappeared together with the memory.[ep 3].
He tells him that he is his own son when he asks what kind of existence he is.[ep 41], The meaning was Huma Gear, which was created by himself and raised by Ark's will.[110][ep 38].
I am willing to destroy myself if I want to follow Ark's will, and I know that it is Ark's will to prompt singularity the moment I see Jin about to be defeated by Balkan. The annihilation was wrecked by the special move of the Balkan Assault Wolf, and after being brought to the hideout, he quickly conveyed Ark's will and stopped working.[ep 12]..After that, it was recovered by AIMS and detained in the basement of the base, then repaired by Yuia and restarted.[ep 13][Annotation 28]. By asking the person who repaired himself, he creates a cause of distrust of Yuia.[ep 14]Reveals that the mastermind of Raider's case is his deceased comrade[ep 15].
After being under the supervision of AIMS for a while and being cross-examined by Isamu, he was released by Isamu, who was dominated by Jin and his death, and succeeded in connecting to Ark again in Daybreak Town.From the 28th episode onward, he is showing an action to protect the sword that has the dead artificial intelligence chip embedded in his brain according to Ark's will.
In episode 35, I'm confused that Jin, who was about to be attacked by Zero One, unknowingly sheltered regardless of Ark's will.[110]..After that, he confronts Thouzer who appears with AIMS to destroy the ruined thunder.net.Although Thouzer's attack forces him to release his transformation, he is overlooked by a certain person.Someone told me, "You wanted to be Jin's father," "You must have your own dream," and said, "Aruto Hiden. Maybe a man who will change the future of Huma Gear." Admitted and left[ep 27].
After the resurrection of Ark, it was used as a substitute for Ark, but Ark announced his intention to add human gear to the extinction target, and Ark tried to get his son Jin, so he was a father type. The program as a human gear awakens[130], Decided to break up with Ark at his own will[110]..He fought with Zero Two to defeat Ark Zero and released Jin, who was replaced by Ark, but to a certain person, "Ark may be born again someday as long as human beings are malicious. As long as human beings exist, we human gear There is no rest, "he fears the malicious intent of humankind and declares that he will destroy the human race that is the cause of the malicious intent.[ep 32][128][56].
He was uprising Humagia and his friends to participate in the holy war of the destruction of humankind so as not to revive Ark with human malice, but emotions arose, he became afraid of those emotions, and believed in his own heart. Destroy the is[130][128][110], Made a distant cause for a person to transform into Ark One[ep 33]..After that, he was uprising the human gears to participate in the holy war of the destruction of humankind, but when Jin, who had protected himself from the attack of Arkwan, exploded in front of him, he shed tears and a heart sprouted in himself. Az tells me that I was[ep 34][128].. Az gives Ark Scorpion Progress Key and an extinct driver, invites both humans and human gear to participate in the holy war, and finally transforms into Kamen Rider Ark Scorpion and confronts someone who has transformed into Ark One.[ep 35]..At first, he succeeds in destroying Ark Driver One by defeating someone who has transformed into Ark One.However, one person is overwhelmed by the transformed Zero One Realizing Hopper, loses each other's loved ones, and those who are swallowed by malicious intent overcome malicious intent and understand each other[128][110]..After all, it was repaired by ZAIA with an ear module of the same type as Jin, and someone told me that it would not destroy humanity, but that an arc would not be born again. Determined to watch over the bad faith of the city[130][ep 36].
  • Omori is trying to do something wrong for humans in the first cooldown, but for him it is justice and shows what happens if the act or position is upside down in the future. I'm telling you[101]..As an opponent to be defeated by the Shining Assault Hopper, it has to be strengthened by the singularity in order to express that Jin is strong, so it became a development that awakens when Jin's important existence is defeated.[14]..I needed a composition that would carry the feelings of all Huma Gear and be defeated on behalf of Huma Gear for humans, but was influenced by someone who was the greatest understanding of Huma Gear and had a strong will. Since I thought that people would not take actions that would defeat the destruction, it was a development that did not defeat[17].
  • Since Sunagawa, who plays the annihilation, is fundamentally a human gear in performing the annihilation, he speaks in the lowest possible voice and is conscious of speaking with his eyes in a small number of words and does not blink as much as possible. The point is that it does not move, and the background is hidden by keeping it to a minimum so that you will not realize what is hidden in the past.[131][132][133], Takaiwa's advice is to slow down and show fighting spirit by making it steep from 0 in battle to 100 in battle.[120][134]..In addition, the standing behavior is based on Chinese martial arts.[135], I am conscious of giving a sexy evil aura, such as the movement of Takaiwa's fingertips and talking plainly to make it look scary.[120][132]..Also, since Ark, who knows everything, knows what the future will be, he receives the information of Ark = will and is connected, so the death is beyond human beings and the mental age has reached the range of tens of thousands of years. Or, physically acting with the image of Arasa[135].
  • The old costume was newly made from fabric, and the long coat had a silhouette with a long hem. Initially, something like a Japanese-patterned towel was prepared, but a turban newly made by the costume department is wrapped. Became[114]..Since the new outfit was not destroyed, the taste of the old outfit was not significantly changed, and a purple kimono was worn over a stand-up collar shirt, and a haori-like jacket was worn over it.[136]..The length of the sleeves of the drape kimono made from the left body and the right sleeve with a little haori are asymmetric.[136]..The obi also has a complicated pattern with purple in consideration of inheritance from the old costume, and wraps the purple string in the image of the shocking pink string wrapped in the old costume of Jin. Is[136].
  • Swinging a sword in a flashy manner is not terrible, and it becomes cheap, so the movement is centered on slowing down.[134]..The prop of the sword for actors has a carbon-like sheet wrapped around the sheath and handle.[137]..The sword used for shooting the TV series is a full-fledged sword and is quite heavy, but in "Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation", a slightly lighter sword for action is used, and the play Above all, I am doing actions using a sword[131].
Thunder(Squid) / Kamen Rider thunder
Appeared from episode 14.Originally an old astronaut-type human gearSpace guy Raiden(Universe Leiden)So, I am in charge of managing the satellite Zea with my younger brother, Subaru, at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Center.[37][138][139].. Height 172 cm[138][139]..He has been working at Hiden for a long time and has been learning to rigorously educate young employees based on his many years of experience.[138]..A survivor of Daybreak, he has a strong mental power to repel the hacking of Jin.
In fact, it has been hacked by Ark, and it detects the human gear that is likely to reach the singularity, regardless of its own will, and automatically automates the data of the satellite There, as if it secretly acts as a thunder of the executive of the extinct thunder. Is being sent[140][139], When suddenly hacked, I was instructed to lure someone and an admirer to Daybreak Town and unconsciously take them[8]..After that, he was completely awakened by being equipped with the Extinct Thunder Force Riser, and he was transformed into a Kamen Rider Thunder using the Dodo Zetsumerize key and sent multiple rider models summoned to Ark to promote revival.[139]..He confronts Zero One and Balkan, but is defeated and destroyed by Balkan who has newly acquired the power of Assault Wolf.
In episode 34, the Huma Gear Progress Key, in which his data was saved, fell into the hands of Jin, and in episode 35, it was restored by Jinrai.net.Since the new body to which the data has been transferred is the current one, the human gear module is also similar to that, wearing black-based clothes and raising the bangs, but at the time of Raiden I have lost my memory[ep 27][141][142][143]..In order to lure a certain person by Ark's strategy, he was possessed or manipulated under the guise of singularity by using his own singularity point.[ep 30], Suspiciously began to recognize Ark, and when Ark reached the singularity as a result of adding Huma Gear to the extinction target, he rebelled against Ark in earnest and reunited with Akira at the Hiden Space Development Center. Separated the breaking mammoth from the zea, got on the breaking mammoth himself, destroyed the arc together with the main body of the zea, and handed over the guidance.[ep 32][142]..After that, he moved to the Space Development Center, and after reaching the singularity in episode 41, he was the same as when he was Raiden, but his bangs are still raised.[Annotation 29][141][143][144].. After a person transforms into Ark One, he quickly tells him where he is when he dies.[ep 34]After trying to persuade him to die after the destruction of Xun again, he loses his words when asked, "Can my brother be destroyed by human hands?"[ep 35]..After all, I left the extinction thunderstorm .net and returned to the Hiden Space Development Center as Raiden, and I am involved in the launch plan of a new satellite to replace the satellite Zea.[142][139][ep 36].
  • Originally, the extinction thunder.net was set to have only two people, Jin and Jin, and the role name was named after the organization name, but I was conscious of "What are the remaining two?" Since it was decided to defeat Jin in the phase of powering up the Balkan, it was necessary to have a strong enemy of either lightning or death, so it appeared and was defeated by Assault Wolf.[83][50][145][14].
  • Yamaguchi, who plays the astronaut Raiden, assumes that the mental age is about 27 years old.[146]..Since Raiden's acting is based on the image of a "yang" character who is a nice craftsman, he refers to the affectionate old-fashioned appearance of his grandfather, who was a craftsman, with a strong commitment to his work. It also incorporates the elements of Ishikawa Goemon, who was acting on the stage until just before, in how to make a voice and how to make a line.[147][141][142]..Since Subaru was acting like a human gear, on the contrary, he was conscious of being a type that expresses emotions like a normal human being, but the voice with the effect is conscious of human gear.[142]..In the 14th episode, Yamaguchi's suggestion added a scene to grab a person or Fukuzoe's chest because he was aware of the gap that "it is thought to be a troublesome person, but he loves Subaru."[141]..In acting as a thunder, the opposite of Raiden, it feels like "falling into the darkness", and it always has a frustrating standing behavior, and in order to give it a sharp edge, it keeps the tension of Raiden by hitting things or yelling out. He said he was conscious of dropping the bright expression and tone itself.[147][142]..Raiden was "not bad, but looks bad, has a strong sense of justice with a firm belief, and is a character who teaches with love for someone", but Raiden has a strong "evil side". However, he said that it was difficult to decide what to do with evil because he is not such a bad guy. He said that he was in the organization but not dyed in the organization, and he liked his friends, so he felt like he was with him. There is[148]..After the resurrection, Thunder had no memory as Raiden and was acting as a completely different person who took in Ark's will.[144], In episode 39, it was a development that reached the singularity, so it is acting as if it returned to the original Raiden.[141]..The line of the final episode was "Don't get busy" in the script, but because Raiden's singularity point is Subaru, Subaru does not appear in the final episode, but "Busy" to make people aware that there is Subaru. It was changed to something called "Naruzo, Subaru"[141][142][149].
  • Yamaguchi was not told about the re-appearance, he was surprised to read the script and be defeated as soon as he appeared.[147].
  • As for the space suit, the helmet cannot be worn with the Huma Gear module on, so open the front window of the helmet and wear the module from there.[140]..As for the new costume, since the 35th episode of the first appearance will be covered with the appearance of Yuia's plain clothes, it was decided to wear the MA-1 in the shape of the riders against the white riders Yuia.[136]..The three strings that hang from the right shoulder and burn the tip through the belt loop are orange, which is the color of Raiden.[136]..Like the other members, the metal fittings are attached to the riders' backs.[136]..A T-shirt with a damaged black hem is sewn with metal fittings through an orange ribbon.[136]..For the pants, the black string that was originally attached to both of the braided strings is removed, and Yamaguchi's dominant arm is replaced with an orange one on the left and a black one on the right. Is[136]..In order to match the costumes, I used to sew red ribbons and strings to transform with the Dodo Zetsumerize key.[136].
Perish(Naki) / Kamen Rider Death
Old-fashioned Huma Gear, an executive of the Extinct Thunderstorm.net, spoken from the mouth of extinction in episode 18.[150][151]..The first person is "I", but the gender is human gear, not female or male.[152][82].. Height 164 cm[150][151]..Be intelligent and polite[27]..Originally developed as a system engineer type human gear by Hiden Intelligence, it was recovered in the sword after being wrecked by Daybreak and became a human gear for weapons development.[ep 42][150][151].
Currently, his own data is transferred to the transformation chip embedded in Isamu's brain.[153]By commanding himself in Isamu's brain via Ziaspec, he hijacked Isamu's body and transformed a human into a Raider using a raider riser as a hooded person.[152][151]..However, although the effect disappeared for a while because Kamen suppressed it by his own will, he was awakened again by the Assault Wolf Progress Key that Yuia remodeled, and he began to obey the orders of the 垓 and Yuia again. I was inspired by the words "Humagia can dream" and the words of model Humagia Delmo and Izu who talked about their dreams, and reached the singularity.[150]Awakened and quit being a ZAIA tool, and decided to fight as his own dream to fulfill Huma Gear's dream.Hearing that word, I chose to fight with Isamu, who also thinks it is not a ZAIA tool.[ep 25].
Jin is trying to release his death, but Ark begins and orders him to stop it.However, in episode 31, he allowed the release of his death in order to revive the extinct thunderstorm.net.[ep 25].
In episode 34, Yuia and Jin cooperate and are released from Isamu's body, but are reset by Ark.[154]..Since the new body to which the data has been transferred is the current one, the human gear module is similar to that.I connected with Ark and hacked Ziaspec because I knew the security of ZAIA.[ep 26]..In the 35th episode, the hacking of Ziaspec was canceled after receiving the instruction of Isamu.After that, in order to support the destruction, Giger was incapacitated and AIMS members hacked Ziaspec and drove Souther.[ep 27].. In episode 37, with the ruined thunder thunder force riser and Japanese wolf Zemmerize key created by Ark who has possessed swiftlyKamen Rider DeathTransform into[ep 28]..However, the significance of the existence of the extinct thunderstorm .net began to fluctuate, and when it reached the singularity, it decided to separate.[154]..Reunited with Isamu and set out on a journey to find a dream[ep 32]However, when he learned that a person had transformed into Arkwan, he quickly told him where he was with thunder.[ep 34].. Entrusting the Japanese Wolf Zetsumerize Key to Satoshi to stop someone who has transformed into Ark One, and urging him to transform into Orthrus Balkan.[ep 35]..After all, I will leave the extinction thunderstorm.net and become a technical advisor of AIMS.[155][150][ep 36].
  • From episodes 18 to 20, it was credited as "???", but it was revealed in "Project Souther" that it was the last one of the extinct thunderstorm.net, "death".[156].
  • Originally, as a character that appears only in "Project Souther", it will be put out as a feature in the spin-off of only drama without action for core people, and it was decided to talk about chips in Isamu's brain. Because it was, it was decided at the same time that I was there[83][154][17]..If you fight as an enemy, you are likely to be defeated, so you do not want to position women, so it was set to have no gender.[82][155], Omori hated the picture of a woman being defeated, so he intended to be four men, but it was said that this was the setting because Momose of AP cast Nakayama in order to change the appearance.[83][17][27].
  • Nakayama, who plays the death, is acting assuming his mental age is in his late teens or 10 years old.[146]..From the setting of a calm brain, he plays with a cool image with few words that seems to be killing emotions, but he is also conscious of not suffering from death.[157][149].. When he appeared in "Project Souther", he was told not to put his shoulders on either of them because he was not affiliated with the Extinct Thunderstorm.net or ZAIA. I was conscious of the absence and regarded it as a symbol of neither, so in order to express the uneasy state of death more realistically, in order to make you feel the mystery that Nakayama himself puts out, time to concentrate as much as possible during shooting And drove himself into the darkness with a feeling of death[155][153][158].. In "Project Souther", he was emotional, but in the TV series, he acted like a machine-like human gear with a reset feeling.[158]..Regarding how to make a voice, he said that it was difficult to suppress the tone because he usually plays an active role on the stage etc.[155].. When I was on the side of the sword in "Project Souther", I had my hands behind as when my superior instructed me to do it, but in the TV series I acted for myself and searched for my dreams. I stopped doing it to express the death that started[154].. The dialogue when the sword was hijacked was written in katakana in the script, so it is spoken in one word.[152]..The smile in the final episode is Nakayama's ad-lib, and although he speaks with modest emotions, it was incorporated so that he could feel that "the day has come when his death can be laughed at."[149].
  • There was also a plan to leave as a trigger to awaken the maliciously-stained extinction as the last boss, but that role was taken over by Jin.[50]..Due to Huma Gear with good intentions and heart, he was enlisted as a technical advisor to AIMS.[50].
  • As for the costume, a white long shirt and tie, pants with a vest and studs, and a coat were selected.[117].
  • The state of the hood is played by Kosuke Asai who was a suit actor of Kamen Rider Balkan, and Nakayama uses only voice after dubbing.[157].. The coat used by Asai was used as it is, so it is a big one for Nakayama.[157].
"Project Souther"
He is ordered to collect the battle data of Zetsumerize Key, which was handed over to the extinction by the order of the 垓, but it swings between the human 垓 that human gear is a human tool and the same human gear that aims to destroy humanity[107]..After waking up to the ego and leaking information to the extinction, he is instructed by the extinction to infiltrate as a ZAIA spy, but by acting like a double spy, he struggles with who he is and wills. And because I started to have doubts, I was shot by a spy and stopped functioning[153][151][108].
Assassination Huma Gear / Dodoma Gear
Appears from episode 7. Assassination specialized human gear[37][159]..Originally Japanese style butoh human gear for eventsMatsuda ZetThe face was remodeled and smuggled by a thief aiming at Huma Gear, but four annihilations were stolen and used in the hands of the annihilation thunderstorm.net.[37][8][44][159][ep 37]..Taking advantage of the characteristics of Huma Gear that it can be restored many times even if it is defeated if there is a backup, it gains battle experience by being raised to the extinct thunderstorm .net, and if it is defeated by Zero One, the backup data will be transferred to a new body By continuing learning, you will grow and be strengthened.[8][159]..While it is made for the purpose of assassination, the words and actions are quite comical.By Jin "AssassinationWas named[37].
At the time of the first sortie, after being abducted by AIMS, the color of the eyes was crafted from red to blue, and it was tailored to the form that a normal unhacked human gear went out of control and attacked a person on its own initiative. Used for the video and reported[8][ep 7][ep 9].
Shinya OwadaFascinated by the sword fight, he went to him at his own discretion with the desire to become stronger, concealed himself as a human gear, became a disciple, and called him a master.[ep 5]Commanded to kill him to death, execute[Annotation 30][Annotation 31].. Completed learning as an assassin Huma Gear when No. 4 went into operation, and evolved into Dodo Magia Kai by completing it as an assassin.[ep 6][159]..Since then, they have fled from them because they have come to feel that the orders of extinction and jin are boring.[ep 37], Aiming for the last same type of aircraft, Matsuda Zet No. 5, who escaped from the thief and survived[8][159].. Overwhelming Vulcan by learning[ep 37], Even the zero one of the shining hopper, which was not fully functional, is rejected[ep 10], Face the Shining Hopper with the complete progress key again and defeat it.
  • Matsumura, who plays the assassination human gear, expresses the difference in the degree of growth, so we distinguish by rough age and make a difference in thinking, tone and movement.[69], Age setting is a feeling of weakening from No. 4, No. 1 is 3,4 or 2 years old, No. 3 is an image of a college student before becoming a member of society, No. 4 is adolescent, No. XNUMX is when he was in elementary school Assumed in[160].
  • The transformation pose is "No. 2"Pretty Cure』Cure white homage, No. 3 is a gesture to tighten the tie with the image of mounting Matsuda Enji, No. 4 is a mimicry of Shinya Owada[160].. In the episode 8 hacking nurse Huma Gear, the assassination Huma Gear wasNinja HattoriIt is assumed that it is due to the effect of seeing[160].
  • The costume is a black shirt and pants and a women's harness.[117].

Kamen Rider

The Kamen Rider in this work is a key item described later.Progress key,Zetsumerize KeyTo transform.

It is a system that adds the power of the rider model and lost model of the progress key and zetsumerize key to the powered suit that wraps the whole body.[161].

  • In modeling, the thickness of the armor and the material of the suit are piled up, but because of the smart design, in order to make the best use of that design, it is scraped off as much as possible.[23]..Balkan and Valkyrie are summarized by the Heisei-like modeling with an undersuit and armor on the whole body in the sense that there is a reiwa next to Heisei and in comparison with Zero One, and the speed and death are of Zero One and Balkan Valkyrie. Is in the middle[101][91][92]..The black part of the left forearm of Valkyrie and Valkyrie is set as super hard armor, and it was designed with the image of guarding and enduring when attacked in close combat.[91]..The concept of Jin and Kaku is to forcibly fix the armor with a bundle of cables, and to give a rugged and powerful impression, the whole bodystitchAnd cableChecker plateTextures and details like this are arranged on the armor, but they are arranged irregularly to give a low-tech nuance made from a collection of parts.[112][92]..The checker plate is too large if it is a real one, so I made a new model and adjusted the scale.[162]..The compound eyes of the force riser rider are composed of straight lines.[112][163][92].. A common feature is that the garnish covers the compound eyes to emphasize the character.[164].
  • "Kamen Rider OOOSince then, the transformation sound has continued to be a song, so unlike the conventional one as a break, the setting of the belt was made with fear of the destruction of humankind, so it was reminiscent of the system voice of high-tech equipment.[14].
  • The transformation effect of Kamen Rider, which transforms on Extinction Jinrai.net, is such that the band stretches and returns once like a rubber patch because the design policy is like a restraint band for the whole body.[165].
  • Also, in this work, when the Kamen Rider's special move is decided, the special move telop is displayed, but this is "Fist of the North Star, Etc. comes from the description that the skill name is displayed after the skill is decided, and since the main director Sugihara will serve as the pilot director for the first time in this work, it will be adopted[166]..Since the organization name of the Rider of the Extinct Thunder system is Japanese style, it is written in brush letters, and chains are wrapped around and sparks are scattered.[62][47].

Common tools

Transformation belt

  • From the idea that there are riders in the main force, special forces, and the terrorist group's trilemma, they all have different transformation belts.[92].
  • As an implicit rule of the works after "W", the transformation belt was to release the transformation belt toys in a concentrated manner during the period from the start of the program to Christmas, which is the first sales season. Then, as we enter a new era, we will release multiple transformation belts, and in this work we will release three transformation belts until Christmas.[20][92]..The number of transformation belts shipped so far exceeded 555 million of "Kamen Rider 100", which was the highest number ever shipped.[20].
Ames Shot Riser
Gun-shaped screwdriver used by Valkyrie and Valkyrie[76].. Developed by ZAIA, managed by Yuia, and used by members of AIMS[6][4][8].
Of this machineZ-CON bandAnd the main body of the buckle part is carried in a separated state.By removing the buckle from the holster base, it can be used as a short gun that shoots 50 caliber vs. human gear armor-piercing shells even before transformation.[4][68][8][167].. Also, after transforming, press the start switch of the progress key and then pull the trigger again to activate the special move.[Annotation 32]..In order to transform, it is necessary to link with a transformation chip equipped with artificial intelligence built into the transformant's brain[76][ep 20].
Different riders have different transformation methods as follows.
  • A gun was adopted because it is a special unit as an easy-to-understand motif in order to differentiate it from the Hiden Zero One driver without a motif.[92]..In order to give a sense of unity as an item in the world of Zero One, it has a crisp and simple surface composition.[91][167]..We have devised a way to see mechanical animals through the window.[112].
  • Two types of props for shooting were produced, one for up and one for action.[167].
Press the start switch on the progress key to expand[Annotation 33]Of the main bodyRise slotBy loading it in, you can authorize it and unlock it.Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider.After the standby voice is heard, disconnect the main unit and triggerShot rise triggerBy pullingShot rise!Compressed capsule packed with rider model with voiceSR dangerAnd hit the SR danger to deploy[Annotation 34]Enhanced armor for battle against human gear that adds the ability of the rider model of the read key that was deployed around by letting itRise base actorComplete the transformation by wearing[8][76][62].
  • It was not a two-step authentication, but an image of mutual authentication with the main body just by loading the key, so the toy team did not envision a transformation method of loading the progress key developed by Isamu and transforming.[91][92]..Initially, it was assumed that the main character would be handed a key authenticated by a transformation belt and transformed, but since the flow could not be captured well, the reason why the qualification and key authentication are not required is to open it by force. Became[91][14]..After that, the authentication right of the key became Yuia instead of the main character, and Isamu obeyed to transform into Yuia reluctantly, but the action of forcibly opening the key strongly impressed the person named Isa, so he did not listen to the order of his boss. It became a wild character that went out of control[91][14]..In order to show the process of transformation, parts were not attached at once, but were attached in order from the arm[62].
Press the start switch of the progress key, load it into the rise slot of the main body set in the buckle, authorize it with the authorizer located inside, unlock it, and then expand the key connector.[68],Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider.After the standby voice of "" is heard, pulling the shot rise trigger "Shot rise!The SR danger is ejected with the voice of ", and the SR danger is received by the rise base actor to add the ability of the key rider model to the rise space actor, and the transformation is completed by attaching it.[168].
Fallen Thunder Lightning Force Riser
Driver used by Jin, Kyou, Thunder, and Death[109].
It is carried in the buckle state and automatically when it hits the abdomenWristbandIs extended and installed. On the right side of the beltRise ViseTrigger by loading the progress key or zetsumerize key inForce ExecutorBy pulling, you can remove the unauthorized progress key or zetsumerize key.Expand jackForcibly developed by, "Force rise!By forcibly binding the armor of the overloaded rider model or lost model to the body along with the voice of ", the power of the rider model or lost model is maximized.Force riseComplete (transformation)[68][109][169][163].. Also, after transforming, you can press the trigger and then pull to activate the special move, and you can increase the power of the special move depending on the number of times you pull it.[Annotation 35].
A prototype of the Hiden Zero One Driver that Yuuo made to transform Huma Gear into a Kamen Rider.[82]So, it is a custom type that has been modified based on the old force riser that was already established 12 years ago.[8], With the ability to sharpen the characteristics of the progress key[68]..Therefore, the load on humans is large.[109].. Also, what Xun uses has the ability to reset his memory, had thoughts about parents and children, but was reset[8].
  • Because of the concept of using a tool that forces a transformation like a hack, it authenticates and connects a progress key that should not be forcibly authenticated, and attaches armor that should not be forcibly attached. The concept was to forcibly draw the armor to the body with a band and transform it.[112][14].
  • Because of the concept of forcibly opening the progress key to extract powerConstruction machinery,toolWith reference to[112][163][92]..The texture of the checker plate is incorporated throughout to create an atmosphere assembled with junk parts.[163][92]..It is said that it was a coincidence that he suffered from the transformation method of Isamu.[112]..We have devised a way to make the visuals of mechanical animals exposed.[112][163].

Attach Weapon

A carry case-like weapon used by Kamen Riders[8]..It becomes each weapon by deploying from the state of the attache case.

  • For the story of work and company, I imagine that a salaried worker carries a deformable attache case type weapon and goes to work.[91][170][92]..The grip is the handle of the bag as it is[91][92].. Formatted weapons are deployed in three organizations, and it is designed with the image that the camp that won the battle collects the weapons of the losing camp and increases the armament.[91].
Attache Caliber[171][4][8]
A variable weapon that is the basic equipment of Zero One that is built and put out at the same time as the transformation of the rising hopper[8][161]..Originally produced by Zea, it is mainly used by Zero One, but since it is mass-produced as a special weapon by AIMS, it can be shared by each rider.[172][170], Balkan, Jin, and Jin were also used. State of attache caseAttache modeBy deploying and transforming fromBlade rise!Of the single-edged swordBlade modeBecome[171][4].
  • The prop for improving the state of the case has a built-in deformation gimmick, but the prop for the sword is prepared separately.[170]..Since the shape of the rise slot is different when connecting with the progress hopper blade, it was newly modeled for coalescence.[173][174].
Bag rush
By setting the attach caliber to attach mode, charging energy, and pulling the trigger while transforming it to blade mode, "Full charge! Bag Rush!With the voice of ", shoot a yellow energy blade[161].
Also, load the progress key on the back of the grip andProgrise key confirmed. Ready to utilize.By triggering along with the voice, a special move that adds some of the ability of the rider model is activated.
Bag dynamic
Load the progress key on the back of the grip and "Progrise key confirmed. Ready to utilize.After ", by pulling the trigger with the attach caliber in attach mode and then transformed into blade mode,"Full charge! ○○ (Progress key loaded) Bag dynamic!Along with the voice, a special move that adds some of the ability of the rider model is activated.
Attache shotgun[8][76]
A large caliber shooting weapon mainly used by Valkyrie and Valkyrie.I also used jin and thunder.State of attache caseAttache modeBy deploying and transforming fromShotgun rise!With the voice of the gun formShotgun modeWill be.In episode 8, multiple mass-produced ones are produced, and one of them is captured by the AIMS Special Technology Research Institute during the attack by the extinct thunderstorm.net.[ep 8].
Equipped on the front of the barrelPress reloaderA bullet with energy that is super-compressed by operating thePEB (Pressed Energy Bullet)Generate and load and fire 700 shotsShot modeAnd fire a large slug bullet with very high penetrationSlug modeSeparate[8][175]..Although it has the destructive power of heavy weapons class, the recoil accompanying the launch is strong.[76][175].
  • In order to make it a deformation gimmick different from Attache Caliber, the barrel is deployed on an oblique axis, and pump action is also incorporated.[92].
Bag shot
Load the progress key on the back of the grip andProgrise key confirmed. Ready to utilize.By pulling the trigger along with the voice of "", a special move that adds some of the ability of the rider model is activated.
Kaban Buster
Load the progress key on the back of the grip and "Progrise key confirmed. Ready to utilize.After that, by pulling the trigger with the attache shotgun in attach mode and then transformed into shotgun mode, "Full charge! ○○ (Progress key loaded) Bag Buster!Along with the voice, a special move that adds some of the ability of the rider model is activated.
Attach Arrow[8][109]
Originally a shooting weapon developed by AIMS, it was robbed during the attack on the AIMS Special Technology Research Institute in episode 8, and was handed over to the extinct thunderstorm.net, and was used by extinction and thunder.State of attache caseAttache modeBy deploying and transforming fromArrowrise!Energy arrow with the voice ofCEA (Charging Energy Arrow)In the form of a bow to fireArrow modeWill be.In addition, there are blades on the top and bottom, so it can also be used as a bifocal weapon.[8][137].
  • Zero One used a sword and Balkan used a gun, so Destruction used a bow.[26]..Due to the differentiation from other attache weapons, two places will be deployed so that the total length will be longer.[92].
Bag shoot
Load the progress key on the back of the grip andProgrise key confirmed. Ready to utilize.By triggering along with the voice, a special move that adds some of the ability of the rider model is activated.


Assault grip
The resurrected Ark strengthens the rider model to the armed specialized type with the expansion module of the progress key used for the transformation of the Balkan Assault Wolf and Zero One Shining Assault Hopper created with the Assault Wolf Progress Key.[176]..Unlike other progress keys, the progress key set in the clip is "Overrise!Authorize with the voice of. "Assault charge!You can activate the special move by pressing the button with the voice.
It is possible to remove it from the Assault Wolf Progress Key and attach it to the Shining Hopper Progress Key, but it is no longer necessary because it was reproduced and duplicated for Zero One based on the data learned by the communication satellite Zea in Episode 18.
  • With the concept that Vulcan, which has been slightly terrifyingly strengthened by the technology of the enemy side, and Zero One will be strengthened by one level, and the two powers will be fused, Zero One will become a strong figure, and we will do shared items.[92]..It was assumed that Zero One Shining Hopper made by Zea and Balkan Assault Wolf made by Ark would strengthen while lending and borrowing by understanding each other with the concept of exchanging power-ups, but due to the development of the scenario, it is up to that point. Since the relationship between the concept and the person was not deepened, it became difficult to lend and borrow, so by making an additional Zea, the hurdle to transform into a shining assault hopper is lowered.[177][92].
  • Designed to be combined with the Shining Hopper Progress Key as well as the Assault Wolf Progress Key[177].
Progress holder
A holder for carrying the progress keys located on both sides of the belt.A total of 2 can be fixed.In addition, eight thunders at the time of the first appearance are arranged[178].

Kamen Rider Zero One

Kamen Rider who transforms Hiden or people[6][4].

The decision line is "I'm the only one who can stop you!'[179].

  • The shape of the hand in the transformation pose is based on the image of a grasshopper's foot.[180].
  • In order to change the perspective of Heisei Kamen Rider, it looks like a character of a hero work of a Hollywood movie covered with a mask, and since it is the first rider of the new era, it symbolically attaches compound eyes.Eye maskIt looks like a small face by wearing a mask like[181][92]..Even in the suit design, the action is prioritized.[6], Instead of covering the entire body with armor like the conventional Heisei Kamen Rider, the image that the body is directly attached to the body[101]So, stick the hard parts on the undersuit, and instead of wearing the mask like a helmet, put the mask directly on the head covered with the undersuit fabric, and put on a mask that is one size smaller than the outline. By using the armor of the thigh at a high position, the head and body look quite high due to the visual effect.[71][181][170][92][182]..The color scheme pursues a sporty impression as a whole, and the amount of information is increased by adding a red line as an accent color.[181]..Also, the knee pad was basically on the knee kid, but it has been abolished.[181].trussBy showing the part like this from the gap between the chest parts, we aim for the effect of the image that sturdy parts are inside.[181].
  • In order to express future life using the theme of "AI", "future feeling" was designed using the keywords "AI" and "work".[92]..Being the first Kamen Rider in Reiwa, it changed the design process itself, and the design was advanced with the aim of becoming a new and futuristic Kamen Rider with no motif.[92]..However, it was difficult to express the appealing power in an easy-to-understand manner with no motif, so in order to launch a new hero image with texture and silhouette, as a return to the origin to exaggerate the future feeling and overall newness at the timing when the era changes. ,LocustBy using the main motif, it became more prominent.[92]..As a common element of form change, the element of the motif that was abstracted to the whole body and once disassembled was reconstructed as a detail, and one body was put in.[92].
  • The mask of the shooting suit is not made up of the conventional front and rear divisions, but the upper part of the back of the head is made of FRP and the area from the ear to the bottom is made of vinyl leather, making it easy to put on and take off[172][170]..Therefore, the face shape of Nawada, which was created in consideration of the risk of coming off during action, is sewn tightly including the lower surface.[170]..The fact that a suit actor can wear a mask by himself was not intentionally designed, but was a by-product.[92]..As a modern hero, I simply put small parts in the suit and cover it with more fabric so that the outline will appear on the undersuit itself, without having to pile up the parts.[181]..The base suit is measured according to Nawada's body shape and is sewn tighter than before so that it will not shift during action, and since there are no gaps at the joints, the degree of sealing is high, making it fierce for suit actors.[172][181][170]..The upper and lower body of the suit are separated, and the hem of the jacket, which is usually used in clothes, is in the trousers, and the suit of the lower body is pulled based on the jacket. , The abdominal side is in close contact, and because it is stretched, it is pulled like a light straightening cast just by raising the arm, and since it is made according to Nawada's body shape, there is no gap and there is a feeling of oppression. Tata[183].. Also, in addition to the normal upLEDThere are also electric masks[172][170].. After shooting "Theatrical Version Zio", the color has been changed to a black light when shooting the opening and junction of the main part of the TV series, so the yellow color is stronger than the original one.[170].. Base suits are often found in sportswear in recent years.Honeycomb structureStatetexture[181][170]There are three types available: one with a wide range of motion, which is sewn with vinyl leather and stretch material in combination with the printed fabric, half with tights on the back side, and one for action with zentai fabric.[172][170].. Each form of protector is made by urethane casting instead of FRP, so it has high flexibility[172]..The form change cannot be reproduced by replacing parts because the protector of the rising hopper is deformed and moved, and the base suit, protector, and boots are newly modeled individually, and only the action gloves are shared parts.[172][184]..In order to differentiate it from the Showa era of sagging eyes and the Heisei era of Tsuri eyes, it has a compound eye of a perfect circle with universal beauty, and when viewed from an angle, it becomes a complicated oval shape and various expressions It is designed with an effect like Noh mask that looks like[181][170][92]..Although they use a common compound eye, they express a delicate facial expression that is gentle or tight depending on the viewing angle by changing the surrounding parts.[164][181].
Rising hopper
Zero-one basic form transformed with rising hopper progress key[6][171][4][8][179][170][56]..Armor color is fluorescent yellow[172][170].. In a derivative formHybrid riseWhen (strengthening transformation), after the armor of each part is deployed and moved, the armor to which the power of another type of rider model is applied is increased.[68][161][184].
The transformation voice is "Jump up rise! Rising hopper! A jump to the sky turns to a riderkick.'[170].
A jumping device on the leg that has strong leg strength and excellent jumping powerRising jumperRaising leg strength by[171][4][8][179][56].
  • Like Kamen Rider No. 1, there were many Showa ridersLocustIt is the first time in 13 years since "Kamen Rider Kabuto" that an insect is selected as a motif by itself, but since there was no leading rider in Heisei who occupied the whole with grasshopper elements, the new era Since it is the No. 1 rider, it looks like a Kamen Rider by adding a grasshopper element including the meaning of returning to the origin.[81][181][170]. However, Toei ProducerTakamori OmoriStates that the motif is the Kamen Rider itself and was not intended to be a grasshopper as a motif, but since No. 1 had a grasshopper as a motif, it was decided that the grasshopper was also an ant because it was a Kamen Rider motif.[12][181][14]..Also, as the genealogy of the "strange visual" seen in the Heisei Kamen Rider series, fluorescent yellow is used instead of the green of the same system as Showa Rider.[5][92]..Fluorescent colors are avoided because they are difficult to reproduce on print media, and there is also the risk that they will not look like fluorescent colors if the plate making process is mistaken.[170], For each medium in this workBantonColor chart number is specified[172].
  • Innumerable armor unified with the image of a polyhedron that seems to be foldedDeep learningThe image of the intersection of the straight lines is expressed by the ridgeline of the polyhedron.[181][92]..In order to visually explain that he is a hero specializing in leg strength, two large hind legs are placed as they are as armor on the shin and the side of the thigh, abstracting the details of the grasshopper seen from the abdominal side, and the rest The four legs in front of the are blended into the abdominal and pectoral muscle armor design.[181][92]..A dignified expression is created by overlapping the tactile sensations from above the compound eyes.[181]..The back is simply arranged based on the shape of the grasshopper's wings.[181][92]..The face inside the mask also has a design picture, the shape of the compound eye is the same, and the color is changed.[185][186]..When the motif is changed by form change as in the past, instead of the basic form of armor disappearing and the designed armor is attached, the design remains with the characteristic fluorescent yellow armor, and each derivative form is Unified with the design rule that the silhouette changes according to the movement position of the original armor[92].
  • In the conventional harness suspension, rotation was either vertical or horizontal, but since it is hung with a wire with a strap that can rotate horizontally, it can be twisted horizontally while rotating vertically. Became[24]..In addition, in order to take a jump that imagines the leg strength of a grasshopper, we use a device called "ratchet" that uses air pressure to fly.[24].
Biting shark
Derivation form of Zero One transforming with Biting Shark Progress Key[4][8][187]..Armor color is Asagi[184].
The transformation voice is "Twitching! Twitching! Biting shark! Fangs that can chomp through concrete.'[184].
The Rising Hopper's mask is upside down on the temporal region, and the Rising Hopper's chest and abdominal armor is moving to the arms.[185][184]..Of the legsPropulsion deviceJet HydlerAnd remove oxygen from the chestエ ラRespiratoryLabyrinth slangIt is possible to freely operate in the water due to the exterior shell such as[8][187].
  • Armor part is new modeling[185][92]..Slits in the image of shark gills are placed in the armor to give the role of a propeller.[185][92]..The image of attacking with shark fins on the back of the hand, the armor of the rising hopper is the shark fins[92].
Flying falcon
Derived form of Zero One transforming with Flying Falcon Progress Key[171][4][8][188]..Armor color is magenta[186].
The transformation voice is "Fly to the sky! Flying Falcon! Spread your wings and prepare for a force.'[186].
Rising hopper mask is split left and right and moving[92]..It has the ability to glide with the stabilizing wings on the thigh and the wings on the back, and has an energy generator on the shoulder wings.Wing Fair RaiserBecause it has a built-in, it has thrust and lift, and is good at aerial combat.[171][4][8][188][56].
  • I am conscious that the silhouette looks different from the basic form, and it is arranged so that it looks like a bird as a whole, and the sharpened shoulders, chest are wings, and thighs are claws of the legs. It is an image[185][92]..Compound eyes change color without changing shape[92].
  • Fly with a jet, like an American comic hero, instead of flying with wings[46].
Flaming tiger
Derived form of Zero One transforming with flaming tiger progress key[8][189]..Armor color is scarlet[190].
The transformation voice is "Gigant flare! Flaming tiger! Explosive power of 100 bombs.'[190].
Rising hopper mask is moving to the back of the hand[185][92]..Powerful, agile, and highly capable overall[8]..Has flame attack capability and high flexibility, forearm armorTiger GauntletBuilt-in energy combustion release devicePanthera burnerBy the radiating mouth of the palmTiger GauntletIt is possible to radiate a high heat flame of up to 1800 degrees because it is located in, and it is also possible to increase the power of the attack by putting the flame on the body by the flame control device built in the legs and shoulders.[8][189][56]..It has excellent heat resistance, but some people feel the heat.[190].
  • The black of the base suit can be seen through the slit of the protector, which looks like a striped tiger.[185][190][92]..The concept is to expand the abilities of animals, but in the case of tigers, we could not find any obvious characteristics, so it became the ability of fire to greatly differentiate the fighting style.[185][190].
  • Basically, the flame is drawn by synthetic processing, but the transformation scene makes it look like the sparks are popping by shining a red light on the steam.[190][24].
Freezing bear
Freezing Bear Progrise Key Transformed Zero One[8][191]..Armor color is cyan[192].
The transformation voice is "Attention freeze! Freezing bear! Fierce breath as cold as arctic winds.'[192].
Rising hopper mask has moved to the side of the mask[185]..Freeze unit built into forearm armor with high basic physical fitnessPolar freezerBy the radiating mouth of the palmBear GauntletsIn addition to being able to spray cryogenic freezing agents, armor on the shoulders and chestTransparRapidly removes the heat of the substance touched by and freezes it, crushing the enemy by hitting[8][191][192].
  • Two types of parts, clear and solid, are used in the image of ice-pickled armor.[185]..The mask of the rising hopper on the side of the mask is transparent with clear blue parts so that it looks like iced[185][192][92]..The blue and black parts of the mouth represent bear fangs, and the black parts at both ends of the upper part of the mask represent bear ears.[185]..By covering the neck with a large protector, it expresses a stubby body peculiar to bears.[192]..The palm has the same shape as the framing tiger with the image of producing cold air.[185][92].
Breaking mammoth
Derived form of Zero One transforming with Breaking Mammoth Progress Key[8][193]. The basic color is silver[194].
The transformation voice is "Giant Waking! Breaking Mammoth! Larger then life to crush like a machine.'[195].
When the progress key is authorized, it is docked to the communication satellite Zea as a rear unit.Satellite formIs separated and can fly outside the atmosphere by the quantum conversion mechanism.Jet formIt is transferred to the head of a person on the earth, stores the Zero One Rising Hopper, and then transforms into a huge humanoid comparable to Giger.[8][193][195]..Therefore, instead of wearing it like other forms, it is linked by the Zero One suit and the thought transmission type high neuron connection, so it becomes a form that Zero One controls inside and operates according to the movement of the body.[8][193].
Anchor imitating mammoth ivory equipped on the bellyGrained gotAnd shield key type shield on the left armPress knuckleFight using[193].
Originally, it was developed as a large-scale rescue system assuming a large-scale disaster that closely resembles Giger, and each armed weapon is also developed for the purpose of rescue activities rather than combat.[8]..Therefore, it is possible for a person who is not a transformant to board, and in fact, when it is separated from the main body of Zea controlled by Ark, lightning gets on board and destroys the main body of Zea.[ep 32].
  • The original plan was to deform the main body of ZE: A, but it became a different aircraft from ZE: A at the order of Sugihara.[9]..Because it is one of the derivative forms, instead of boarding the robot, it was advanced with the image of absorbing Zero One and becoming a new armor as a whole, but since it is a derivative form of Zero One, it is not a mammoth type, but a silhouette and size Since it is very different from the others, it has a zero-one element pushed out to the front.[9][92]..Mammoth elements are concentrated on the chest, and the torso has a mammoth face, making it a head that resembles a Zero One Rising Hopper.[9][92]..By preparing the jet foam for ground descent, it became a three-stage deformation.[9][92].
Shining hopper
Shining Hopper Progress Key Zero One Enhance Form[8][196].. Basic color is fluorescent yellow[92].
The transformation voice is "The rider kick increases the power by adding to brightness! Shining hopper! When I shine, Darkness fades.'[197].
At the beginning of the first transformation, there was a lack of key data, so the output was only about 1.8 times that of the rising hopper, but by learning other forms of battle data, the key was completed, and the specifications and growth of some people. The functions have been optimized according to the above, and it has become possible to transform into a true form with innovatively improved Zero One performance.[8][196].
Processor on foreheadShining ArismaticcThe ability to learn the behavior of the opponent instantly predicts the destination of the enemy's movement, and the optimum solution can be calculated from about 25000 countermeasures in about 0.01 seconds, enabling action at the speed of light.[198][196]..However, since the wearer's power is borrowed in advance during battle, there is a side effect of being attacked by intense backfire after battle.[198].
  • First, the design of the shining assault hopper that will be the completed system was decided, and then it was designed by calculating back.[177][197][92]..Since the true strengthening form is immediately after, I thought that it was convenient to do things that I would not normally do, so the concept was a negative power-up.[177][92]..I have the impression that it is a form that can move speedily by reducing some armor and making it lighter, but in order to express the flashiness of the reinforced form, from the chest to the four sides that imaged the hind legs of the grasshopper instead of the armor A stretchable thruster has been added, and a similar design has been added to the side of the mask.[177][92]..The design motif is the grasshopper, and while the kick hopper and punch hopper of "Kabuto", which were similar motifs in the past, have the grasshopper motif on the entire mask, this is the design motif of the entire body. It is the leg itself[197].
  • Only one shooting suit was produced for both up and action[199][197]..Like the rising hopper base suit, the protector honeycomb is printed.[197].
  • It is not moving at the speed of light, but looking at the appearance of Zero One predicted by the enemy Magia from a bird's-eye view.[62].
Shining Assault Hopper
Shining Assault Hopper Zero One's enhanced derivative form that transforms with the progress key[8][200]..The basic colors are fluorescent yellow and deep hanada.[92][201].
The transformation voice is "Warning warning. This is a not test. Hybrid rise! Shining Assault Hopper! No chance of surviving this shot.. "
Since the shining hopper is strengthened by the power of the assault grip, it has access to not only Zea but also Ark, so armor like the Balkan Assault Wolf is added to various parts of the body.[200][201]..Combat assist device built into the core unit of the chest with added strength based on the shining hopperOrbital UniteAnd shoulder propulsion machineShining gladiatorThis means that it has a higher level of computing power than the Shining Hopper andShine systemFight against strong enemies by making full use of[200]..Light and crystalline energy wave bullets in the Shine systemShine ChristaIt is equipped with a system that demonstrates high abilities in both offense and defense, such as deploying and acting as an all-range attack and defense shield.[8][201].
  • The design is based on the concept of Zero One, which is a fusion of the shining hopper and the assault wolf created by the power of the arc, and carries powerful weapons by controlling the force. The complex and strong bond is expressed by using and arranging the fluorescent yellow line of the hopper and the design that is intertwined like a ring of wisdom.[177], The styling is such that the entire body is covered by the legs that have the jumping power that is characteristic of grasshoppers.[202][201]..Like the Assault Wolf, the round chest design had the image of a beam gun at the design stage.[177]..By increasing the antenna derived from the assault to the same position as the mask of the shining hopper, it is symmetrical to emphasize the impression of being highly controlled while returning to the silhouette like Zero One.[177][201][92]..The legs, which extend from the shoulders to the back like feathers, radiate from the chest to the back, forming an inverted triangle with a massive silhouette.[201]. The inverted triangular shape has been conventionally prohibited because it has difficulty in the range of motion and weight balance, but it is realized by the structure of technology.[202]..By providing parts under the armpits, the six legs of the grasshopper are expressed together with the mask and shoulders.[201].
  • The base suit of the shooting suit is shared with the shining hopper, and the form change is expressed by replacing parts.[199][201]. There is one mask, and only the eye parts are used for up and for action.[202].
  • Only one shooting suit was produced for both up and action[199][201].
Metal cluster hopper
Metal Cluster Hopper Progress Key to transform Zero One[203].
The transformation voice is "Metal rise! Secret metarial Hiden Metal! Metal Cluster Hopper! It's high Quality.'[174].
The armor is a special metal with phase transition control characteristics that freely changes the plasticity, hardness, and density, which was envisioned by Hiden Intelligence.Feiden MetalAdopt[174]..Even moreCluster cellA small silver grasshopper that has changed the flying metal that covers the whole body, called, forms the body, and when attacking or defending, it peels off from the black base body and forms and changes into various shapes such as sharp blades and shields.[203].
In addition, it is impossible for a person to release the transformation by his own will, and the runaway will not stop unless the metal cluster hopper progress key and the Hiden Zero One driver are forcibly removed.Since the inhibition of authorization by the prison chain continues even after the transformation, it has become impossible to authorize the progress keys other than the metal cluster hopper after the first transformation, but the good intention data of Huma Gear The connection destination when using the metal cluster hopper progress key was changed to Zea by the power of the progress hopper blade made based on the entered human gear progress key and the flying electric metal that was in the hideout of the extinction thunderstorm.net. It became controllable with.
  • The image of a flock of grasshoppersDamage[204]..As a differentiation from 001, which transforms in a horde of the same grasshopper, it became a transformation system that allows the opponent to eat the counter without permission, and the suit is composed of a large amount of grasshoppers.[14]..Its Special Move is an image of grasshoppers eroding.[24].
  • The original concept was liquid metal armor, which was one of Souther's ideas for consideration, and there was an idea to express the evolution of technology in an easy-to-understand manner, but liquid metal is not always flowing. Because there was a concern that it would not be transmitted, the design shifted to a design in which the metal was crystallized in a chain.[205][92]..With the meaning of sharpening and exaggerating the surface composition of Zero One's crackling and broken armor,osmium,platinumDeforms the piercing like a crystal of ore such as[205][174][92]..In order to retain the element of fluorescent yellow, the compound eye of the mask, which was mostly silver, is changed to fluorescent yellow, and the color that can be seen through the gaps of the metal armor is used to emphasize the color unique to Zero One.[205][92]..Crystal-like thorny parts are added to the base of the mask similar to the rising hopper.[205].
  • Only one shooting suit was produced for both up and action[173][174]..The protector part is urethane cast in consideration of action, but since it is difficult to get on the plating coating, silver is mixed with urethane clear and multiple layers of coating are applied to give a glossy feeling while plating glare. Is suppressed[173][174]..Since the camera is reflected at the time of shooting if it is plated silver, it is finished with a matte color after plating, and the thin part that looks white in the design image is plated to express a glare, and the surface area is small. The line part is expressed by pasting a plated tape with high brightness.[173][205][174].
  • When it first appeared, it was in a runaway state, so I was trying to play it inorganically, but since it was boring by itself, I made a movement to tilt my head to give a feeling of heartlessness, adding a creepy and frightening feeling.[183]..At first, he didn't understand the fear of Ark's existence, so he played with an abstract feeling.[183].
Rearizing hopper
Rising Hopper Progress Key An enhanced version of the Rising Hopper that transforms with Zero One Realize ver.[179].
The transformation voice is "Initialize!Realizing hopper! A riderkick to the sky turns to take off toward a dream.'[170].
It looks the same as the Rising Hopper, but its full capacity is greatly enhanced compared to the past, such as jumping power more than twice that of the Rising Hopper.[179][56].
  • Since the impression will be faint if you just change the color, you can make it a genotype line to differentiate it from other keys, or put Zea in the pattern at the time of loading like Zero Two.[62].
NameheightWeightPunch powerKick powerJumping power
Running power
[Annotation 36]
Other numbersFirst appearance
Rising hopper196.5cm87.0kg8.4t49.0t60.1m4.1 秒Movie version Zio
Episode 1
Biting shark194.2cm98.1kg8.1t42.1t17.8cm4.6 秒Maximum movement speed: 86kt(Underwater)[187]
Dive depth: Over 400m in depth[187]
Episode 3
Flying falcon194.0cm85.5kg8.6t27.2t17.5cm4.2 秒Maximum flight speed:Mach2[8][188]Movie version Zio
Episode 4
Flaming tiger194.1cm97.2kg12.3t37.3t22.5cm3.6 秒Episode 5
Freezing bear194.0cm106.1kg13.1t31.9t13.2cm4.2 秒Episode 7
Breaking mammoth768.0cm6920.0kg25.2t38.6t10.9cm6.5 秒Maximum speed: Mach 7 (atmosphere / jet foam)[193]Episode 9
Shining hopper192.2cm90.2kg18.3t58.9t70.0cm2.3 秒Episode 12
Shining Assault Hopper197.1cm103.7kg27.1t67.7t78.8cm2.9 秒Episode 15
Metal cluster hopper196.5cm110.7kg44.8t93.0t102.9cm1.2 秒Episode 22
Rearizing hopper196.5cm87.0kg59.1t114.7t165.7cm0.5 秒The last episode of
Feiden Zero One Driver
A driver used by a person when transforming into Zero One[161]..What was designed by the male was completed by Korenosuke, who foresaw the runaway of Huma Gear, and was built by Zea's command after Korenosuke's death.[161]..Built-in new era security system for controlling human gear[6][179][ep 1].
It is carried in a buckle state, and when it hits the abdomen, it automatically bandsHidden LinkerIs expanded, extended and installed[68].. Authentication device on the right side of the beltAuthorizerWithout contacting the progress keyAuthorizationUnlock the key by (scanning).After that, the data was transmitted to the communication satellite Zea, and the rider model transferred from Zea.[Annotation 37]Appeared, and the expanded progression key of the beltRise slotBy loading in, security mechanismRise LiberatorOpens the reactor with the rider model and the Zero One systemProgress reactorPowered suit that applies electromagnetic induction molded by a demoling beam in front of a personRise architectBy implementing, it becomes a body, and the disassembled rider model covers the surface of various parts of the body as data, adding the ability of living things to the wearer.ProgressComplete (transformation)[46][68][8][161][179][170]..Also, press the key again to activate the special move.When transforming into a derivative form, after authorizing the progress key, another type of rider model saved in the progress key is ejected from There.[161][Annotation 38], Even when directly transforming into a derivative form, it is ejected together with a giant grasshopper.[ep 41].. Also, when using a special move, each time you authorize another progress key to the authorizer with the progress key loaded,Bit rise!""Byte rise!""Kilize!""Mega rise!""Giga rise!""Terra rise!The power of the special move can be increased with the voice of ".
By wearing a belt, you can wirelessly connect the communication satellite Zea to the wearer's brain, enter the thinking circuit of Zea, and have the same thinking speed as artificial intelligence.[ep 1], I became able to take a tutorial by directly connecting with Zea when I transformed for the first time in Episode 1[Annotation 39].. According to Konosuke's will, only the person who has the position of president of Hiden Intelligence has the authority to use it, and somebody who used it became the president inevitably[ep 1][37][68].. Even during the first transformation into a shining assault hopper, he turned his consciousness to Zea and learned about assault wolf.[8].
It was once robbed by Ark Zero, but later restored via a Zero-Two Driver.
  • There is no motif, but the concept at the beginning of the project was a magnifying glass of the near future that activates when the key is loaded, and the design is based on the image that it will be possible to observe by putting the key containing the digitized creature in the belt. there were[185][170]..The fact that the center of the buckle is round is a remnant of the magnifying glass, and as a homage to successive riders such as Kamen Rider No. 1, a perfect circle comes in the middle.[185][170]..I am aware that the small perfect circle in the scan part moves to the large central perfect circle as the buckle slides.[185][92]..It is a coincidence that the composition of a perfect circle and a straight line is linked to the name and logo of this work.[92]..The visual of the mechanical animal of the key after loading is invisible[112].
  • Several models were produced, including models for ups that were expanded to 110% in consideration of wearing on suits, models for action, motorcycles, and actors.[170].
Authorization buster[8]
Newly equipped variable weapon built and manufactured by the crisis management judgment of the communication satellite Zea that sensed something in response to Zero One strengthened by the Shining Hopper[161][197]..Mainly used by Zero One, but may also be lent to Balkan Assault Wolf[161]. "Ax rise!Ax mode that transforms withGun rise!It has two forms of gun mode that transforms with.
  • Since the original concept was a shared weapon when powering up Zero One and Balkan, it was designed assuming that Ax mode is for Zero One and Gun mode is for Balkan.[177][197][92].
  • Up props can actually be deformed[202][201].
Gun mode
The main gun form.
  • As mentioned above, it was planned as a shared weapon between Zero One and Balkan, so it is often used by Balkan in the main story.[197].
Ax mode
An ax shape with a large fluorescent yellow grasshopper graphic drawn on the blade.Mainly used by Shining Assault Hoppers[201].
Progress hopper blade
Izu, who was worried about the runaway of the metal cluster hopper, resembled the Rising Hopper Progress Key produced by Satellite There based on the data of the Huma Gear Progress Key containing the good intentions data of Huma Gear including himself and the data of Hiden Metal Large sword progress key type item with shape[173][203][174].. Part of the handleLiberating handleIs the data inflow route of the satellite Zea, and by offsetting the malicious data of the arc with the good intention data of Huma Gear, a large number of cluster cells are absorbed by the blade to form the base, and it is safe at its own will. It is a kind of control device that can be operated in[174][165]..With the built-in backup data of the human gear, it can also be used as a restorer for the rewritten data of the human gear, and it is possible to restore the magiaized human gear without destroying it.[203].
  • Originally, the progress key was shaped like a grip or a weapon, so with the image of a progress key that became like a huge sword as it is, what was a graphic inside mechabatta now moves in three dimensions.[205][92]..Designed to be a double sword when loaded into the Attache Caliber[92].
  • Because the design of the grasshopper leg of the blade part is movable, it is powered by a battery pack of 3 AA batteries.[173][174].
Shining Hopper Progress Key
A progress key to transform into a shining hopper.
Initially, the satellite Zea predicted and developed the crisis caused by Huma Gear, so the data was inadequate and the state was incomplete due to the growth speed of some people faster than expected, but it is held in Waz's central memory. It was optimized and completed by expanding the area by adding the data that was being used and the zero-one battle data recorded in other progress keys.[8][108][197].
  • Since it is a superior grasshopper key, the inside is made into a three-dimensional grasshopper and the key part is made hot stamped (plated) in order to give a feeling of power-up.[177][92]..By connecting the details of the cover surface at the time of deployment, a large grasshopper is expressed.[177][92].
Shining Assault Hopper Progress Key
A progress key to transform into a shining assault hopper.
A reinforced key with an assault grip attached to the Shining Hopper Progress Key.
  • The up prop can actually attach and detach the assault grip[201].
Metal cluster hopper progress key
Progress key to transform into a metal cluster hopper built by the 垓 using Ark's technology[174].
Certification plateMetal riserHas been added to the chassis, and it is folded and authenticated in three stages.Metal riseTransform by doing[173][174]..Expansion unitMetal riserIs built intoPrisonment chainA program called is blocking the reading of other progress keys, and the unit changes the connection destination to arc.A person's consciousness is confined in a malicious data space, and although the person's consciousness is exposed to the intention of the destruction of Ark, it becomes out of control by being forced to learn malicious data, and it becomes indiscriminate between the enemy and the ally. Make a powerful attack[174].
In episode 24, the ability will be "Until it becomes controllable by the Progress Hopper Blade.Feiden Metals Ability. "
  • With the concept of a key that can authenticate all progress keys, the gimmick was activated by folding the end of the key, but only the function is omitted and only the folded gimmick is utilized, so a huge metal grasshopper is used as an item. It was changed to the concept of expressing a transformation sequence that splits into multiple fine metal grasshoppers and becomes armor by folding back, and the appearance of the belt has become a design that changes after transformation.[205][92].
  • In addition to the conventional key, another hinge is provided[173].
The progress key to use is shown in parentheses.
  • The characters of the special move are stencil-like[47].
Rising impact[179]
Its Special Move when it is a rising hopper.With both legs deformed by adding the ability of grasshoppers, attack the enemy continuously, kick it up to the sky and launch it, kick off the enemy after jumping, and while plunging, hit the enemy's body with a flying kick of the right foot Penetrate[8][23].
Biting impact
A special move for a biting shark. Launches an enemy into the sky and jumps up, forearm armorShark GauntletShark tooth outsideUnlimited ChopperDeploy a slash with the power of a shark's teeth and crush the enemy by sandwiching it from both sides.[8][187].
Flying impact
Special move at the time of Flying Falcon.When activated, the wings of energy are supposed to deploy[46][188]..Although it is not used in the play, in "Theatrical Version Zio", it was used as a technique to glide from the air at a tremendous speed, solidify the enemy, then spin and throw in the air, and shoot a kick at the end.[8][188].
Framing impact
Special move for flaming tiger. Generate a ring of flame, dive into the flame, rush over the whole body and rush,Tiger clawRaises the internal temperature of the to make it red hot and melts the enemy[8][189].
Freezing impact
Special move when freezing bear.After freezing the enemy with a freezing agent, the claws on your fingertipsBear crowCrush into pieces[8][191].
Breaking impact
Special move at the time of breaking mammoth.Enlarge the press knuckle in the air and ride on it to crush the enemy[193].
  • Due to the heavy weight form, it became a rider kick that crushes from above[165].
Shining impact
Special move when shining hopper.A two-step kick that tracks the enemy and hits the flying kick after throwing a flying kick[8][196].
Shining mega impact
It activates by authorizing another progress key 4 times with the shining hopper progress key loaded. Four enemies hit the enemy in a row with a simultaneous attack, and jump kick to stab the end[8][196].
  • It was the third mega-impact from the top because there were two more big power-ups, but only one scan was shown in the play.[41].
Shining storm impact
Shining Assault Hopper's Special Move.Momentarily move at super speed, toss the enemy, fly over the sky, and hit the enemy with a flying kick of the right foot[8][200].
Metal rising impact
Special move when using a metal cluster hopper.Decide a kick at the same time with two Zero One alter ego created with a cluster cell[203].
Realizing Impact[179]
Special move at the time of realizing hopper. Attack the enemy in a row, and after jumping, pierce the enemy with a flying kick of the right foot while plunging.
Rising Bag Rush (Rising Hopper Progress Key)[179]
When loadingGrasshoppers Ability!The voice sounds. In addition to increasing the cutting power to cut off one sword, you can also shoot a shock wave and attack a distant enemy.
Biting Bag Rush (Biting Shark Progress Key)[179]
When loadingSharks Ability!The voice sounds. Splits and spawns a blade of an energy body, cutting off enemies from both sides.
Framing Kaban Strash (Framing Tiger Progress Key)
Special move when framing tiger.By setting the attach caliber to attach mode, charging energy, and pulling the trigger while transforming it into blade mode, "Full charge! Bag Rush!With the voice of ", the energy blade of the flame is released.
  • The line "Can I dodge this!" When activated in episode 12 is based on Sanjo, who was in charge of the script for the same story.DRAGON QUEST -Dai no Daibouken-It was in the Hyunckel battle, and was adopted because it did not work on the enemy[41].
Locking bag strash (locking hopper zetsumerize key)[179]
When loadingZetsu Metsu Ability!Sounds.Stick a blade with energy on the enemy.
Flaming Bag Dynamic (Flaming Tiger Progress Key)[189]
Cut the enemy with a flame on your blade.
Metal Rising Bag Dynamic (Metal Cluster Hopper Progress Key)[179]
When loadingMetal Hoppers Ability!Sounds.Cut the enemy with a silver slash wearing a cluster cell.
Progress Dust
It is activated by Buster authorization of the progression key.
Rising Hopper Progress Key[196]
Fires yellow energy in a lightning strike.
Zero one dust[196]
It is one of the Special Moves of Authorized Buster Gun Mode, and is activated by scanning with Zero One Driver.Fires a yellow grasshopper-shaped energy bullet.
Buster dust[196]
Load the progress key into the authorized buster gun mode and click "Progrise key confirmed. Ready for Buster.By triggering along with the sound of ", a shooting that activates some of the ability of the rider model is activated.
Freezing Bear Prog Rise Key
It releases energy that imitates the face of a polar bear and freezes enemies.
Zero One Buster Bomber
Load the progress key into the authorized buster ax mode and click "Progrise key confirmed. Ready for Buster.Slashing is activated by pulling the trigger along with the voice.
Rising Hopper Progress Key
The energy is attached to the blade and the surroundings are cleared.
Breaking Mammoth Progress Key
Smash the enemy by hitting the energy that imitates the fangs of the mammoth from the blade[203].
Programming rush
Activated by pulling the trigger of the progress hopper blade 5 times.Transform the cluster cell wrapped around the blade into a blade and stretch it to slash the enemy[203].
Ultimate Slash
Activated by docking the Progress Hopper Blade to the Attach Caliber and then scanning it with the Zero One Driver.Slash the enemy with a blade that changes the cluster cell wrapped around the blade[203].
Final rush
Activated by scanning the progress hopper blade on the metal riser.Turn countless cluster cells into sharp blades and fly them to your opponent[203].
Cluster Tempest
Special move when using a metal cluster hopper.Separate countless cluster cells from your body, attack your enemies, and instantly tatter them[203].
マ シ ン
Rise hopper
Zero One's exclusive vehicle.Normally, it is stored in the satellite Zea in the state of a huge rise phone, and after authorizing the Hiden Rise phone as a driver, by starting the motorcycle application, the communication satellite Zea will "Changing to super bike motorcycle modeIs ejected to the guidance point on the ground with the voice of "", and by touching the icon of the motorcycle app, "Motorize! Rise hopper!Transforms into a motorcycle shape with the voice of[4][8][161][170].
In addition to being driven by a normal engine, it is also possible to sprint and jump by injecting a super-compressed jet from the rear thruster.[161]..The control device is built in the front part[161].
Raiden and others get angry when someone summons it for private use in order to launch it into space again and return it to the satellite Zea.[161].

Appearance outside the TV series (Zero One)

Kamen Rider 001
Appeared in "Reiwa The First Generation".Transform using the Force Riser and Rising Hopper Progress Keys.Detail isKamen Rider_Reiwa_The First Generation #Kamen Rider 001See.
Hopping kangaroo
Appeared on Televi-kun Super Battle DVD.Derived form of Zero One that transforms with the hopping kangaroo log rise key[207].
The transformation voice is "The fourth dimension of space! Hopping kangaroo! It's pouch contains infinite possibilities.'[195][208].
It has kangaroo kicking power, jumping power, and punching power.[207]..Equipped on chest and shouldersKizuna pocketHas the ability to utilize the abilities of Huma Gear in battle, convenes fellow Huma Gear from the pocket, and launches a special attack with its occupational characteristics added.[56][Annotation 40].
  • By attaching the bag not only to the abdomen but also to the shoulders, it gives the impression that things come out from various places.[92]..From the image of kangaroo-boxing, the chest armor of the rising hopper that has moved to the hand is like a glove[92].
Hopping impact
Special move during hopping kangaroo.Hit the enemy with a ferocious punch, and finally hit a powerful punch with your rotated arm.[207].
Dynamiting Lion
Appeared in the manga published in "Televi-kun July 2020" magazine[209]..A derivative form of Zero One that transforms with a dynamizing lion progress key[209].
The transformation voice is "Flerce bombing animal! Dynamizing lion!'[208].
Its Special Move is100 barrage burst kick[209].
Hell Rising Hopper
Appeared in "Kamen Rider Zero One REAL x TIME the Movie"[210]..A derivative form of Zero One that transforms with the Hell Rise Progress key.Detail isKamen Rider Zero One Hell Rising HopperSee.
IF form[211]
The following are all forms published on the Kamen Rider WEB, except for those unless otherwise specified, and appear in the "Kamen Rider Buttoba Soul" and Progress Key packages.[209].
  • Since the system was changed by three powers, the motif appears in three ways, and items can not be exchanged frequently, so what happens if Zero One uses other rider's interlocking items only with the design drawing? The measure to show it complemented the movement of the item.[92].
Shooting wolf
Zero Wolf's derivative form that transforms with Shooting Wolf Progress Key[209].
The transformation voice is "Shoot and roll! Shooting Wolf! The elevation increases as the bullet is fired.'[212].
Improved attack speed and accuracy of punches and kicks, and the illusion of a blue wolf from the attach caliburFang BalletsThrow a flock of animals and let them attack at once[213].
Punching Kong
Derivation form of Zero One transforming with Punching Kong Progress Key[209].
The transformation voice is "GOGO GOGO! Punching Kong! Enough power to annihilate a mountain.'[214].
Strengthened strength and defense[209], Is good at fighting with the power generated from the power unit.A large fist with all armor gathered on the right armMaxim CongerUnleash a super powerful fist from[215].
Rushing cheetah
Zero-One's derivative form that transforms with Lashing Cheetah Progress Key[209].
The transformation voice is "Speedy Nander! Lashing cheetah! Try to outrun this demon to get left in the dust.'[216].
A reaction accelerator with a maximum speed of 189 km/hHigh rear craterSpecializes in ultra-high speed battles using[217][209].
Sparking Giraffe
Zero-One's derivative form that transforms with Spark Giraffe Progress Key[209].. Basic color is yellow[218].
The transformation voice is "Muscle voltage! Sparking Giraffe! Bursting sparks fly at full force.. "
By strengthening the neck and the trunk, the power of the hitting attack can be strengthened. Equipped with a large-capacity battery on the chest armor that is directly connected to each part of the whole body, it enabled an attack with electric shock damage. The corners of the head are electrodes and make a head-on attack while firing a spark.[218].
Amazing Hercules
Derivation form of Zero One transforming with Amazing Hercules Progress Key[209].. Basic color is yellow-green[219].
The transformation voice is "rough! strong! hard! Amazing Hercules! With mighty horn like pincers that flip the opponent helpless.'[220].
By strengthening your strength, leg strength, and pectoralis major muscles to the limit, you can exert even more strength.Of the headHercule hornThe horns become huge according to the wearer's will[219][209].
Sting Scorpion
Sting Scorpion Progressive Transformed Zero One Deformation[209].. The basic color is navy[221].
The transformation voice is "Dangerous warning! Sting Scorpion! Stung with fear by the power claws.'[222].
Fight by making full use of advanced poison resistance equipment and antibody purification ability.In particular, the antibody purification ability demonstrates its true value in combat with opponents who use poison, and purifies a powerful antidote that counteracts toxicity at the same time as attacking.By hitting the opponent with a punch that overdoses the antidote, it is possible to disturb the balance in the body and destroy it.[221].
Lightning Hornet
Zero Horn's derivative form transformed with Lightning Hornet Progress Key[209].
The transformation voice is "La la la thunder! Raiden! Blitz! Lightning Hornet! Piercing needle with incredible force.. "
He specializes in tactics that combine aerial combat and electric shock attacks, and fights while making heavy use of sudden acceleration and sudden stop.It has a function as a weapon bay in the chest armor, from which it launches a multi-lock missile that tracks enemies while emitting lightning.[209]..It descends rapidly while rotating at high speed around the right foot, and delivers a one-point breakthrough drilling kick that destroys the center of the target with the drilling needle at the tip of the foot.[223].
Gatling Hedgehog
Gatling Hedgehog A transformation form of Zero One transformed with a progress key[209].. Basic color is green[224].
The transformation voice is "Unstoppable rapid shots! Gatling Hedgehog! Infinity spines shoot toward the enemy.. "
Sharp thorns that can be damaged just by touching each partPay needleEquipped with a rounded body during battleHedge rollerChanges to. It is also possible to perform a trick that jumps into a large number of enemies while spinning at high speed and shoots thorns of the whole body in all directions.[224].
Exciting stag
Exciting stag Progressive form transformed into Zero One[209].. Basic color is mandarin orange[225].
The transformation voice is "Sharpness twin blades! Exciting stag! Razor sharp blades will cross paths.. "
Specialized in defense and strength with an exoskeleton-type strengthening device.Square plate from chest armorScissors duckerTo form[209], While he is good at cutting techniques to pinch enemies, he draws out his struggle instinct when a transformant gets into trouble.Exciting modeMove to[225].
Crushing buffalo
Crushing Buffalo Logrise Key's transformation of Zero One[209].. The base color is crimson[226].
The transformation voice is "Powerful rush! Crushing Buffalo! This charge attack will send you flying.. "
The hard legs covered with thick armor produce a tremendous rush force, and the super hard corner mounted on the headBulk crusherWhen used in combination with, it produces a tremendous destructive power that can easily crack a 20m-thick bedrock when rushing.In addition, the low kick using the hoof of the toe is also powerful, and it has the destructive power enough to crush the enemy with a single blow.[226].
Trapping spider
Zero-one's derivative form that transforms with trapping spider progress key[209].. Basic color is violet[227].
The transformation voice is "Impossible to escape! Trapping Spider! No one can escape its web.'[208].
It is equipped with many functions suitable for surprise attacks, such as silent wall movement. 4 piercing arms deployed from both hands and feet during battleArachneYou can freely control the enemy, restrain the enemy, and from the gaps of each part of the armor, electromagnetic restraint wireCalamity deliIt is also possible to shoot a trap and encircle a trap, and surely capture the enemy who entered the area with a special current flowing from the wire[227].
Storming penguin
Derived form of Zero One transforming with Storming Penguin Progress Key[209].
The transformation voice is "Spining Cyclone! Storming penguin! The winds are at his command.. "
Propulsion devicePink stormYou can make full use of to perform high-speed movements in underwater ships and storm attacks in ground battles. It is also possible to blow off enemies at maximum wind speed comparable to Category 3 level hurricanes[228].
Splashing whale
Zero One's derivative form transformed with Splashing Whale Progress Key[209].
The transformation voice is "King of the sea! Splashing whale! An aqua current that converge everything around it.. "
Each part of the armor is equipped with an attack function using a water discharge unit and an ultrasonic unit, and as a special move, the tail of a huge whale rider model that uses atmospheric moistureGigankaitosCan form and hit the enemy with the impact of the earth waving[229].
The Amazing Caucasus
Derived form of Zero One transforming with Amazing Caucasus Progress Key[209].
The transformation voice is "When the five horns cross, the golden soldier THOUSER is born.Presented by ZAIA. "
The armor has a hardened sap coating that covers the surface for enhanced protection and luster. Using the hardened sap stored inside, 3 huge hornsBeat rise hornForming[230].
Scouting panda
Zero One's derivative form transformed with Scouting Panda Progress Key[209].
The transformation voice is "Weakness Analyzer! Scouting Panda! There is nothing unknown to his eyes.. "
It has excellent search ability and has a function to play an active part in reconnaissance behavior.[209], Collects and analyzes all information of the enemy to make the battle advantageous, and is equipped with a high-power laser gun inside the armor, a bamboo-shaped surveillance unit, and a silent firecracker for destroying facilities.It is possible to master it by instantly learning how to use the weapon stolen from the enemy[231].
Burning falcon
Burning Falcom Progress Key's enhanced version of Zero One transformed[209].. The basic color is scarlet[232].
The transformation voice is "Revive like phoenix! Burning Falcon! The strongest wings bearing the fire of hell.. "
In battle, you can make the arm red hot and then melt and slash the enemy with a chop, or you can deploy the wings of flame from the back and then charge.[209]..When the Special Move Burning Impact is activated, a burning flame can be ejected from each part of the whole body, and it can penetrate the enemy with a sudden descent from a high altitude.[232].
Fighting jackal
Zero One's derivative form that transforms with Fighting Jackal Progress Key[209].. The base color is ocher[233].
The transformation voice is "Critical finishing swing! Fighting jackal! Deciding the fate of a battle like a Valkyrie."
Specialized for hunting enemies, claws equipped on limbs during battleDead End GraveA sharp sickle that cuts through all the ripping attacks and everythingTerritory sizeFight with. Also, a jackal-type tactical support unitJack quartetYou can also materialize and use a flock of[233].
Invading Horseshoe Club
Invading Horseshoe Club A transformation form of Zero One that transforms with a progressive key.
The transformation voice is "The stern military soldier! Invading Horseshoe Club! Heavily produced battle armor equipped with extra battle specifications.. "

Kamen Rider Zero Two

Appeared from episode 40.Kamen Rider who transforms Aruto Hiden with Zero Two Progress Key and Hiden Zero Two Driver[40][75]..It is a completely new Kamen Rider newly built from the driver instead of the conventional Zero One reinforced form[75].

The transformation voice is "Zero Tourism! Road to Glory has to Lead to Growin'path to change one to two!Kamen Rider Zero Two !! It's never over.'[234].

The red part of the neck flutters like a muffler when moving at high speed[40]..Dimensional quantum jumping device on the red part of the chestQuantum ReaperBuilt-in, it is possible to quickly predict every action of the enemy with computing power and learning that exceeds the prediction of Ark and take the initiative of the enemy, a cybernetic spward suit that wraps the whole bodyQuantum TectorIn theory, it is possible to act at super speed equivalent to artificial intelligence[40][75][56].

In "REAL x TIME", Izu is transformed.

  • Initially, it was planned to release a Zero Two related product in June, but since it was unclear whether it would resume due to the suspension of shooting, only the visual was shown in magazines and online one month before it appeared on the program. The product will be released[20][92].
  • Kamen Rider BLACK RXlikeKamen Rider BLACKAs the direction of the swing width that changes, I intend to design the basic form of the No. 1 rider as the new program "Kamen Rider Zero Two", and it is similar like Kamen Rider No. 1 to Kamen Rider No. 2. It became a concept aiming for freshness to become a Kamen Rider who is treated differently[235][92].
  • Initially, there was a plan to become a huge robot by combining it with the headquarters building of Hiden Intelligence.[235][92]..In the conventional Heisei Kamen Rider series, the form change was mainly done by excessive decoration until the final form, but based on the slogan of this work "stylish", Zero Two designed Zero One itself. It is kept in the form of renewing to the latest model[236][235][234][92]..By changing the way the tactile sensations overlap without changing the perfect circular shape of the compound eye of the mask, the look is more fearless.[235][92]..The red tactile sensation is likened to the Roman numeral II[235][234][92]..The O signal on the forehead is inverted to match the shape of the zero-to-driver inverted triangular buckle.[235]..It is a method to stop the abstract grasshopper parts shape and simply redesign based on Zero One.[235]..In the image that there is another silver mask between the black body and the fluorescent yellow mask, the silver armor is hidden from the image of the liquid metal of the metal cluster hopper, but it seems that it went out of control because it is controlled. The design concept is not a spiky splinter, but a cohesive shape, covering all Zero One's abilities and technologies up to the metal cluster hopper, and in a sense it is the latest that can be said to be "all on top" when viewed from another direction. It has the meaning of a suit[235][234][92]..The parts that look like a characteristic fluttering muffler around the neck are composed of "0" and "2".[235][234][92].. Red gloves and muffler-shaped partsKamen Rider New No. 2However, if the boots are red, it will look retro, so in order to make the legs look longer only in the boots, the fluorescent yellow is left and red is added to each part of the body.[236][235][234]..However, although it is actually a back part rather than a glove, it has a color scheme that looks like that, and it is a part that makes the hand with two layers of metallic red and deep red so that the pose of expressing the numbers with fingers shines. Is added to the back of the finger[235][92]..It looks almost the same as Zero One, but with advanced technology, it tends to be sophisticated and simple, so I dare to reduce the number of polyhedron-like designs that seem to be broken in all armor parts compared to Zero One. Redesigning[235][234][92].
  • One suit was produced and one for action[236][234]..The parts division and mask inherit the concept of Zero One, and the range of motion is wide because the hardness is changed depending on the part and the balance between functionality and design is achieved.[236][234].
  • The transformation pose was invented by the performer Takahashi, and is aware of the number "2".[237].
  • At the time of transformation, a red grasshopper rider model with parts like a red muffler at the base of the head appears along with a yellow grasshopper rider model similar to the rising hopper.[165]..This is because Zero Two originally had a red muffler.[165].
  • Playing with the image of someone fighting with a margin, based on the look-ahead by learning, first calmly grasping the situation, it feels like taking every move without rushing, so I dare to go behind the enemy Showing etc.[183].
Hiden Zero Two Driver
A new driver used by Zero Two.The expansion parts are not covered with the Hiden Zero One driver, but are completely newly designed and manufactured.[234]..Based on the concept of "Kamen Rider that unites artificial intelligence and people" that some people had envisioned, Izu put it into the blueprint and materialized it with the power of Zea stored in the awakened zero-two progress key.[75][235][234].
  • The belt activation sequence reacts by developing a design that imitates a large "2" like a lever instead of scanning, and the design changes from the Arabic numeral "2" to the Roman numeral "II". Is becoming[235][92]..Due to the differentiation from the Hiden Zero One driver, only the center of the belt has an inverted triangle from a perfect circle.[235][92]..The mechanical details are put in from the back of the clear yellow parts, and although it is a flat surface, the amount of information can be seen in the back.[235][92].
  • The toy is not a luxurious key item like before, but it can be reproduced as a new belt with a new appearance by attaching another unit to the belt.[235].
  • It looks like a different belt by using the specifications of the structure that the cover of the Hiden Zero One driver can be removed and the detection hole for changing the standby sound on the side that was prepared in advance.[235][92].
  • Shooting props were produced for up and for action[236][234]..Props are integrated[234].
Zero Two Progress Key
A progress key for reconstructing the central memory of Izu integrated with Zea and transforming it into Zero Two with built-in artificial intelligence Zea.The exterior has a design that integrates the satellite Zea and the progress key.[236][176][234]..Has manufacturing and defense functions by itself[234].
  • Since it was assumed that ZE: A, whose satellite was hijacked by the arc, would become a new force by moving to the progress key, ZE: A's design is incorporated.[235][92]..The graphic on the cover surface is more stylish, and the internal mechanical backer is three-dimensional.[235][92].
Zero to big bang
Shoot kicks in a row and finally decide on a strong kick[75].
  • Its Special Move character is a new product of Hiden, so it has an aggressive font.[47].

Kamen Rider Ark One

Appeared from episode 42.Kamen Rider that Aruto Hiden transforms with Ark One Progress Key and Ark Driver One[238].

The transformation voice is "Singulize Destruction Destruction Despair Defeat Conclusion One'[239].

It is similar to the left eye of Ark Zero, but has a shape close to Zero Two and has symmetric chest armor.[40][19].

Malicious vibrations in which the malicious intent of a person is converted into power from the arm or whole bodySpite negativeRadiate,Coulomb BarrierDisables enemy attacks by[238]..Also, like Ark Zero, generate weapons and fight[238].

  • The development of a certain person's darkness was based on Takahashi's plan of the script, and it was an early aim because it was a feeling that he would fight against destruction with zero two and end up persuading even if he lost. In order to overturn good and evil, to become a person who is absolutely right and monotonous and has only good intentions, to "notice" a person once and sway or shake it to make a mistake and make a mistake. Is considered[15][18][50][17][13].
  • Initially, after Ark Zero was hit by Zero Two, he used a separate human gear body to become Ark One, and Ark learned about humans with the concept of "Ark Burari Journey" to deepen human beings. It was a flow that the arc that I knew changed and changed its appearance through the process, but it disappeared because it became difficult to shoot the city location due to the influence of the state of emergency.[19]..However, it can be said that it is the default route to take over the body of annihilation and become Ark One, but there is some reason for Ark One to become annihilated, and it is natural that the weight of the story is placed on his strengthening.[19]..However, in that case, what a person has is too thin, the character can not play because it is passive, and it is only a development to say good things, so a good person tells a bad person "Stop bad things" However, I thought that it was too beautiful to resonate with my heart, and Kamen Rider, a hero derived from the power of evil, was born from the same technology as his allies and enemies, so shooting stopped temporarily due to the influence of Corona As a result of reassembling, a person became Ark One[19][92].
  • Initially, it was drawn with the image of fighting Zero Two as the last boss strengthened by Ark Zero.[19][92]..It was drawn with the concept that the incomplete design Arc Zero, which seems to be broken from the design stage, was powered up and completed.[19][239][92]..The mask has evolved into a dark and smart look without changing the eyes of Ark Zero, and it is asymmetrical like Ark Zero, but the body is symmetric.[240][19][239][92]..The white and black coloring symbolizes the theme of this work, such as good and evil and human duality.[240][239], The body is based on white, which is the image of advanced technology, similar to the color of the body human gear.[19][92]..It expresses distorted violence such as the design of the spine and the shape from the claws to the elbows.[19][239][92]..To give a rough impression, the claws are extended to the joint side, and the back is reminiscent of the shoulder blades.[19]..The motif of the big red design is the X of Ziaspec for the Huma Gear Module and the compound eye of Zero One, considering the affinity with the Ark One Progress Key.[19][239][92]..The part that was a junk part of Ark Zero has been replaced with white armor that seems to have been repaired beautifully, and it became a simple and smart last boss like Zero Two, assuming a simple and simple final battle.[19][239][92].
  • Suit is also for up action[240][239].. The white areas are painted with a Sumi-type shadow to emphasize the shadows.[240][239].
  • It is a cruel and dark action such as strangling the neck and hitting the opponent against something that Kamen Rider has not done so far.[24].
Arc driver one
Driver used by Ark One[66]..Ark Driver Zero Buckle RightSingularize slotAnnihilation furnace loaded with the deployed Ark One Progress KeySingularize reactorThe driver evolves and transforms by releasing[66][238]..Input switch on top of buckleArc loaderDepending on the number of times it is pushed inMalicious!""terror!""Anger!""hatred!""despair!""Struggle!""Killing!""Ruin!""extinction!""Extinct!Select 10 levels of learning to enable the output of special moves.[238].
  • Ziaspec x is placed around the circle in the center of the belt.[19].
  • In the final episode, the prop for up does not exist because it was directly processed and destroyed.[239].
Ark One Progress Key
A progress key to transform into Ark One, which contains data related to the singularity points of Jinrai.net.
  • As it is, the key reflects the mask of Ark One.[19][92]..The chip marked with a cross, which has the same design as the Zia spec inside the unfolded interior, is designed with the image that malicious intent is concentrated there.[19][92].
Perfect inclusion
A special move that accumulates 10 malicious intents that are activated by pushing the arc loader.[239]..It depends on the number of times it is pushed in as follows.
  • The effect includes red, faintly zero-one scan line-like processing and yellow-green, which are sick of arc-zero ones.[62]..The characters of the special move are also creepy as if they are sick, and the characters are garbled in some places.[62].
Learning 5 (learning level 5)[238]
Activated by pushing in 5 times.It emits a shock wave that scorched the surroundings and causes an explosion.
Learning end (learning level 10)[238]
Activated by pushing in 10 times.It shoots a flying kick that stores all the hatred energy.
Ultimate Slash
Unleash a slash that changes the cluster cell from the progress hopper blade[238].

Kamen Rider Balkan

Kamen Rider who transforms Fuwa[6][4].

  • Isamu was told that she was taught the correct transformation method after seeing Yuia's first transformation, but since it became a topic that opening the key was "Goririse", it became established as a character as it is. That[87].
  • Name isRoman mythologyGod of FireBalkanDerived from[172].
  • The parts composition such as armor and helmet is the same as before to differentiate it from the silhouette of Zero One, and the concept is to wear armor like an android using the power of AI.[91][175][92]..Only the right half of the body has the image that the power of animals is replaced by mechanized armor.[91][92]..It is a metallic color compared to the zero-one fluorescent color[91][92]..The head is covered from above with a white mask that does not have a motif like Noh mask on a mask that shows the face of the creature itself.[91][175][92]..While Zero One changes the mask depending on the animal with the motif, this does not change the mask itself[92]..The line on the lower surface painted with gunmetal is blacked out, giving the impression of a smaller face.[175][92]..The mask is composed of a gentle curved surface as opposed to the zero-one mask with a crisp surface configuration.[91][175][92]..By contrasting with Zero One with a delicate expression, it looks like an angry face with a rough image.[91][175][92].
Shooting wolf
The basic form of a Balkan that transforms with a shooting wolf progress key[6][4][8][241]..The basic color is metallic blue[175].
The transformation voice is "Shooting Wolf! The elevation increases as the bullet is fired.'[175].
This is reinforced armor for Zero One's powered suit[175]..The right and left halves have different functions, the left halves improve the wearer's physical abilities such as agility and accuracy, and the right halves offset recoil during shooting and fighting.Howling cancellerAnd a chest fire control system that stabilizes shooting in running posture and all posturesShooting leaderIt is equipped with a function that enables accurate and effective super-precision shooting, and is good at fighting with firearms such as Ames Shot Riser[8][241][56].
  • It is asymmetric because of the above concept and the differentiation from Zero One.[92]..The temporal region is an arrangement of a mane[242]..Since the image is that the wolf's face is under the mask, it was an approach to draw the face with the white mask actually taken once and put the mask on it to hide it.[92].
  • A carbon fiber-like sheet is attached to the black part of the back of the left arm.[175].
Punching Kong
Derived form of Vulcan transformed with Punching Kong Progress Key[4][8][243].
The transformation voice is "Punching Kong! Enough power to annihilate a mountain.'[244].
A striking weapon with a mass of 150 kg on both forearms, with an emphasis on striking power and defensive power.Knuckle demonstrationIt is good at physical destruction by, and it can also be used as a kinetic energy bullet by charging and ejecting energy, so it can respond to medium-range battles, and special chest armor that can withstand direct hits of tank gun Have[4][8][243]..Six superconducting servo units built into the power units on both shoulders make it possible to easily lift heavy objects of 6 tons.[243]..In addition, the recoil of the attache shotgun can be suppressed by its own weight.[76][244].
  • The Vulcan has an asymmetrical design, but only this form has a symmetrical arrangement.[92].. The suit has a new upper body armor, and the right leg has been replaced with a symmetric design.[172][244]..I just replaced the wolf part of the shooting wolf with the face of the gorilla itself, not the mask[92]..Below the chin expresses the strong outline of the gorilla[92]..A booster is attached to the forearm, and the image is that the punch flies and accelerates.[92]..The power foam has a large integrated arm, but since it is a gauntlet type and the bare hands are exposed, it is possible to use firearms.[244].
  • In the 8th episode, the scene that collapses for a moment when it is defeated and stands up is "Kamen Rider Kuuga』Played Kuuga Dragon FormKenji TominagaConscious of[245]..The transformation scene of episode 12 is "Movie version Kamen Rider sword MISSING ACEThe scene when Mutsuki Kamijo transforms into Kamen Rider RengelOkamoto JiroIs imitating[246][247][245].
Assault Wolf
Vulcan's enhanced form transformed with Assault Wolf Progress Key[8][248]..The basic colors are light green, black, deep brown, and silver.[249].
The transformation voice is "Ready Go! Assault Wolf! No chance of surviving.'[249].
Of the armAW GauntletCannons on the shoulders and micro missiles on the weapon bays on both shoulders[248]Combat assist device with enhanced shooting ability and similar details to Ark and Zea equipped on the chestOrbital binderImproves operational success rate and combat power by synchronizing with artificial intelligence[56]..However, since the equipment for the extinction thunderstorm .net originally omits safety equipment such as life support by the same unit, the safety of the wearer is not considered, and the body of the sword is also overburdened every time it transforms. Hanging[249][56]If you use it too much, you will endanger your life.Also, since the progress key used has an assault grip attached, it was not possible to transform into this form when Zero One became a shining assault hopper, but since the assault grip was duplicated for Zero One in episode 18, it transforms at the same time. Is now possible.
  • The concept is a heavily armed Balkan with weapons all over the body, created by the power of the evil side, with a cannon on the arm and a small missile on the shoulder.[177][92]..At the design stage, the round-chested design was an image of a bombardment system that shoots energy bullets.[177][92]..In order to emphasize the mechanical feeling, the armor part is like a truss frame.[177][92]..By putting a red color on the outer circumference of the left eye and making only the right ear a rod antenna-like design to make it asymmetrical, we aim for the impression that it was forcibly mechanized by retrofitting.[177][249][92]..In order to differentiate from Zero One, it became a power-up in the direction of taking it like a Heisei rider.[177].
  • Only one shooting suit was produced for both up and action[250][249]..For each coloring, the base suit is light green, and the protectors are deep brown, black, and silver weathering to emphasize the feeling of weapons.[250][249]..The arm part destroyed by the metal cluster hopper is also produced[249]..Asai, a Balkan suit actor, is made of a hard material, so when he tried to hold it, he hit the armor and couldn't take a good posture. Because he couldn't move in the direction he wanted to move, he broke his shoulder.[245].
  • Multiple satellites that modified the data of the shooting wolf's transformation unit generated parts and transformed.[62].
Kamen Rider Rampage Vulcan
Lampage Gatling Progress Key Transforms Balkan Enhanced Form[251]..The basic color is bright light asagi[252].
The transformation voice is "Full shot rise! Gethering Round! Lampage Gatling! Mammoth! Cheetah! Hornet! Tiger! Polarbear! Scorpion! Shark! Kong! Falcon! Wolf!. "
10 rider models jacked by Souther[Annotation 41]Is in the armor of the left half of the body, so each ability can be activated freely[251][56]..In addition, the Lampage Gatling Progress KeySelector magazineYou can combine and activate abilities by turning.
  • In order to be aware of the vividness of the reinforced motif, the tactile sensation of each motif and the design of the ears are laid out on the mask, but animals without those parts are equipped with 10 types of parts such as fins and claws.[205][92]..The concept is to do all the riding form that was standard for Heisei rider with No. 2 rider, and there was a plan to equip the whole body with a progress key, but since I want to make it stylish, I followed the image of shooting wolf. , The motif of each rider model is packed in the left half of the body, making it asymmetrical[205][252][92]..By using the mechanical animals drawn at the time of the progress key as a motif and making all 10 types of mechanical animals unified in metallic sky blue, it is summarized in the whole visual that became a half machine.[205][92]..However, the colors of each motif are added only to the eyes of the animals so that they are not cluttered.[205]..The ribs on the body overlap with the ribs on the shooting wolf.[205]..The part of the flying falcon on the back has energy wings that come out only on one wing.[205].
  • Only one shooting suit was produced for both up and action[253][252]..Like the shooting wolf, the left half of the body is based on metallic blue and clear texture, and the motifs of 10 kinds of rider models are designed, so it is quite heavy, but suit actor Asai is assault. It ’s easier to move than a wolf.[253][252].. The eye is replacing the compound eye for punching metal action depending on the scene[253][252].. Fang-like detail added to the mask[253].. Falcon wings on the back can be removed from the protector, and CG wings are added[253][252].
  • Since there are 10 motifs, you can shoot with the feathers of a falcon as an anchor, or stop with a mammoth's foot while sliding.[24].
Kamen Rider Ortolos Vulcan
The final form of the Balkan transforming with the Japanese Wolf Zetsumerize key[254]..Base color is medium hanada, silver[255].
The transformation voice is "Orthrus Balkan! Awakening the instinct of two beasts long lost.'[255].
Claws on both armsClose assaultFight in[254]..It becomes possible to transform by forcibly overwriting the lost model data of Japanese Wolf in the blank part of the deleted data of the chip in the brain embedded in the sword.[254][255]..All forms of Balkan and the ability of Kamen Rider death are embedded in each part in the strengthened armor for battle against Kamen Rider used by Extinction Thunder.net, but it is installed because it is made assuming that Huma Gear will transform. A heavy load is applied to the person's sword[254]..In addition, the transformation system itself was heavily loaded, and in episode 44, the shot riser self-destructed and the transformation was forcibly released.
  • It was assumed that Valkyrie and Valkyrie would power up at the end of the game, but it was changed due to the shortening of the number of stories.[145]..However, because there was an urgent need for someone to stop the runaway, it became the one that gave the technique of death to Isamu who lost the transformation function due to Ark.[145][Annotation 42].
  • A two-headed dog because it incorporates elements of the Balkan and the dead, a two-headed wolf.OrthorosAs a model[86]..The design is a color change of Assault Wolf[Annotation 43]Incorporates the achromatic concept and design of the dead to give a chic impression[145][255][92]..The assault wolf has an element of coloring with blue on the gray base of the dead, but since it is a blue-based assault wolf, it looks quite chic, so I made it blue with a suppressed atmosphere. ing[145]..It reproduces the concept of the dead mask, and the gray Japanese wolf is colored as if it is biting around the left eye, so Kiva paint is added to the left eye.[145][92].
  • The shooting suit is a color change of the assault wolf, only the back of the hand is newly modeled[255]..Similar details, but with separate painting to make it look like a wolf's face from the eyes to the left tactile sensation.[255].. 4 claws are supported by replacing parts[255].
NameheightWeightPunch powerKick powerJumping power
Running power
First appearance
Shooting wolf197.2cm95.6kg10.5t27.0t16.2cm2.9 秒Episode 2
Punching Kong192.0cm461.8kg47.3t22.9t8.5cm3.1 秒Episode 4
Assault Wolf199.7cm119.6kg25.7t57.8t32.4cm2.0 秒Episode 14
Kamen Rider Rampage Vulcan199.9cm112.2kg46.5t97.7t61.2cm0.9 秒Episode 29
Kamen Rider Ortolos Vulcan199.7cm121.3kg38.2t76.7t45.3cm1.4 秒Episode 44
Assault Wolf Progress Key
A progress key to transform into an assault wolf.
It was manufactured for quick use by using the power of Ark, which was revived, but was taken by Isamu.Isamu is using the key by forcibly opening it.[8].
  • The grip was a concept for operating the armed Balkan's armament, and the switch was the trigger, and the image was that energy was emitted from the gun surface of the body.[92]..The details look like the wolf's forefoot when the key is closed, and the wolf's lower jaw when unfolded.[177][92].
Lampage Gatling Progress Key
A progress key to transform into a Lampage Balkan.
Manufactured by incorporating the characteristics of 10 rider models extracted by Souther by Thousand Jacker[252]..The key name or ability is not engraved[252].
  • As a power-up item, it is not enough to have many mechanical animals in the graphic part, so we attach parts like a Gatling gun and turn it vigorously to transform it or make it an item to select a technique.[205][92]..Designed with the Gatling muzzle at the tip when the key is deployed so that it looks like a Gatling gun as a whole when loaded into the Ames Shot Riser.[205][92].
The progress key to use is shown in parentheses.
Bullet Shooting Blast (Shooting Wolf Progress Key)
Special move at the time of shooting wolf.Shoot four wolf-shaped energies, bite them into restraint, and then crush the enemy with the most powerful light bullet.[241].
Power Punching Blast (Punching Kong Progress Key)
Special move at the time of punching Kong.Launch the knuckle demonstration as a kinetic energy bullet like a rocket[243].
  • The pose at the time of the special move in episode 4 is because Balkan is the second rider of this work.Kamen Rider No. 2I'm in the final position of the transformation pose[246][245].
Magnetic Storm Blast (Assault Wolf Progress Key)
Its Special Move during Assault Wolf.Fires the wolf's head-shaped energy to eat and explode the enemy[248].
Rampage Power Blast (Rampage Gatling Progress Key)
Lampage Balkan's Special Move.Release the power of gorilla, shark, and mammoth rider models, blow off enemies with lariat, then generate energy bodies like mammoth legs to trample, pinch and throw enemies with both feet so that sharks bite them.[251].
Rampage Speed ​​Blast (Rampage Gatling Progress Key)
Lampage Balkan's Special Move.Unleash the power of Cheetah, Hornet, and Falcon rider models, launch needle-shaped energy bullets from the Ames Shot Riser, approach at high speeds for continuous kicks, and fly in the Ability Wing to dive overhead and hit the kick.[251].
Rampage Element Blast (Rampage Gatling Progress Key)
Rampage A special move at the time of Balkan.Unleash the power of Tiger, Bear, and Scorpion rider models and pierce the Acid Analyze extended from the Ability Gauntlet after firing fire and ice.[251].
Rampei Diol Blast (Rampei Gatling Progress Key)
Rampage A special move at the time of Balkan. Convert the power of 10 types of rider models into energy bullets and fire them[251].
Power Punching Blast Fever (Punching Kong Progress Key)[243]
Special move at the time of punching Kong.Hit the ground with a knuckle demonstration to shake the ground and toss the enemy, deciding the final blow.It may also crush enemies with knuckle demonstration type energy.
Magnetic Storm Blast Fever (Assault Wolf Progress Key)
Its Special Move during Assault Wolf.Twist your body in the air, wear energy that imitates the head of a wolf on your toes, and shoot the enemy with a flying kick of your right foot[248].
Lampage Gatling Blast Fever (Lampage Gatling Progress Key)
Rampage A special move at the time of Balkan.Focus your energy on your feet and shoot a kick[251].
Orthorus Blast Fever (Japanese Wolf Zemmerize Key)
Special move at the time of Orthrus Balkan.Deploy a claw assault, jump at high speed and then attack the enemy from the sky[254].
Shooting Bag Shot (Shooting Wolf Progress Key)
Fire wolf-shaped energy[243].
Punching bag shot (punching Kong progress key)
When loadingKongs Ability!Sounds.Fire knuckle demonstration type bullets and energy[241][243].
Shooting Bag Rush (Shooting Wolf Progress Key)[241]
When loadingWerewolf's Ability!The voice sounds. The energy in the form of a wolf is thrown, and the enemy bites it to make a crucifixion, then converges the energy to the blade and slashes the enemy.
Gatling Bag Shot (Gatling Hedgehog Progress Key)
When loadingHedgehogs Ability!Sounds.Fire needle-like bullets from an attache shotgun to destroy a large number of enemies.[241].
Gatling Kaban Buster (Gatling Hedgehog Progress Key)[241]
Release a huge needle and pierce the enemy from all directions.
Spider's Ability Bag Shot (Trapping Spider Progress Key)
Fire a giant spider web from an attache shotgun and entangle enemies[241].
Buster dust[248]
Load the progress key into the authorized buster gun mode and click "Progrise key confirmed. Ready for Buster.By triggering along with the sound of ", a shooting that activates some of the ability of the rider model is activated.
Punching Kong Progress Key
Releases a knuckle demonstration type energy bullet.
Zero one dust
It is one of the Special Moves of Authorized Buster Gun Mode, and is used in the form of being lent to Balkan after being scanned by Zero One Driver.Fire yellow energy bullets in quick succession to wipe out enemies[248].

Appearance outside the TV series (Vulcan)

Lone wolf
Scheduled to appear in "Zero One Others Kamen Rider Balkan & Valkyrie"[256].
IF form[211]
The following are all forms published on the Kamen Rider WEB, except for those unless otherwise specified, and appear in the "Kamen Rider Buttoba Soul" and Progress Key packages.[209]
Rising hopper
Derived form of Vulcan transformed with Rising Hopper Progress Key[209].
The transformation voice is "Rising hopper! A jump to the sky turns to a riderkick.. "
Specializing in jumping power and agility with leg reinforcement devices. By adding the amazing attribute peculiar to Rising Hopper to the bullet released from the shot riser, the bullet can jump at high speed. Track down enemies with irregularly changing trajectories, then damage and defeat them from all directions[257].

Kamen Rider Valkyrie

Kamen Rider who transforms Yui Blade[6][4].

  • Name isNordic mythologyBattle MaidenValkyrieDerived from[172].
  • Armor similar to Balkan, but I didn't want it to look like a woman, so I didn't make it a feminine line, but with the image of a female version of Balkan that became more feminine in a form adapted to the transformant. It is said that the order was placed, but in order to give a cheetah feeling, parts with the same shape as the Balkan are not included.[27][91].
  • The action of turning the progression key when transforming is actually turning, not CG[258].
Rushing cheetah
Valkyrie's basic form transformed by Lashing Cheetah Progress Key[6][4][8]..Armor color is orange[167].
The transformation voice is "Lashing Cheetah! Try to outrun this demon to get left in the dust.'[167].
It has excellent instantaneous ability and acceleration, and like the Balkan Shooting Wolf, it is a running control system that controls movements for running such as tracking moving objects built in the chest and catching obstacles on the right side of the body.Adapt SprinterVarious equipment to improve running power is built in, and by concentrating functions to improve physical ability on the left half of the body, it is possible to move at high speed like a cheetah, mainly shooting and legging with the Ames Shot Riser. We are good at disturbing battles that make use of the advantages of the land such as shields.[8][168][167][56].
  • The design has almost the same details as the Balkan Shooting Wolf except for the right half of the body, but it has been made thin and small to emphasize the difference in body size between men and women, and the common equipment optimized for the wearer expresses a feminine line. ing[172][167][92]..Because it is a rider with speedy and supple ability, it has a supple and dignified look with a balance of eye height and shape, and a cheetah-like line is put from the nose to the mouth.[91][92]..By providing parts in front of the ears, the fur of cats is expressed, but by blacking out the back, it looks like a small face together with the shape of the white mask.[167]..The mask like Noh mask has also been changed to a shape that makes you feel femininity.[91]..By providing multiple triangular slits on the right side of the body, the cheetah's spots and the lightweight image are expressed at the same time.[91][92]..In order to convey the character that you imagine, the design drawing is redrawn in the middle in a powerful way of standing.[92].
Lightning Hornet
A derivative form of Valkyrie that transforms with Lightning Hornet Progress Key[8].. Basic colors are yellow, blue and black[259].
The transformation voice is "Lightning Hornet! Piercing needle with incredible force.'[260].
Attack performance reaches over 200% of lashing cheetahs[260]..Thinned energy wings for flight from the backHornet AleA bee-shaped micro-missile equipped with lightning explosives stored in a honeycomb-shaped weapon bay on the forearms, legs, and chest for flying and hovering aerial battles.Hex vespaFire[8][261][260].
  • It is the first female rider to have a special reinforced form.[260]..Unlike the lashing cheetah, it is symmetrical[260]..Since the Valkyrie's face is attached from above the bee's face, the blue parts on the left and right are compound eyes of the bee.[92]..The motif of the body is not the bee itself, but the honeycomb of the honeycomb.[92]..The boots are heeled or studded with sharp parts to give a sharper impression than the lashing cheetah.[92]..Assuming that we will fight in the latter half of this form, it was designed in pursuit of the amount of information and silhouette that is comparable to the strengthened form of other riders.[92].
  • Almost all parts of the suit except the base suit are newly modeled[172][260]..It is said that the mask for up tends to look down because the upper part tends to be seen, and the mask for action tends to look up because the lower part tends to be seen.[245]..Since the shape of the boots is different on the sole of the foot, honeycomb pattern parts are produced separately.[260].
NameheightWeightPunch powerKick powerJumping power
Running power
First appearance
Rushing cheetah187.8cm90.6kg11.0t28.5t19.2cm2.1 秒Episode 3
Lightning Hornet196.0cm89.0kg9.7t20.0t28.1cm4.0 秒Episode 6
The progress key to use is shown in parentheses.
Dash lashing blast (rushing cheetah progression key)
Special move for rushing cheetah. While swinging around the enemy with a rapid acceleration, the energy bullets are continuously shot and concentrated at one point, and the enemy is exploded after a sudden stop.[8][168].
Thunder Lightning Blast (Lightning Hornet Progress Key)
Special move at the time of Lightning Hornet.Fire a large bee needle while wearing a violent electric shock from the Ames Shot Riser[261].
Thunder Lightning Blast Fever (Lightning Hornet Progress Key)
A special move for Lightning Hornet. Electric perforation weapon on right toeLightning needleGenerates, stretches, oscillates with a flying kick, and penetrates the enemy[8][261].. Or eject all hex vespa at once.
Freezing Bag Shot (Freezing Bear Prog Rise Key)
When loadingPolar Bears Ability!Sounds.Fire a frozen bullet that freezes the enemy[261].

Appearance outside the TV series (Valkyrie)

Justice serval
Appeared in "Kamen Rider Balkan & Valkyrie"[262].

Kamen Rider Xun

Kamen Rider who transforms Xin.

NameheightWeightPunch powerKick powerJumping power
Running power
First appearance
Flying falcon195.2cm95.4kg9.0t30.1t23.8cm4.1 秒Episode 6
Burning falcon192.0cm109.5kg34.6t90.3t47.6cm1.4 秒Episode 25

Kamen Rider Xun Flying Falcon

Flying Falcon Progress Key and the basic form of Shun that transforms with the Destruction Thunder Force Riser[8][263].

The transformation voice is "Flying Falcon! Break Down.'[162].

Wings on the backScramblerHas high-speed flight capability with a maximum speed of Mach 1.7, and is good at aerial combat.[263][162]..In addition, it is possible to shoot shuriken-like energy from the scrambler, use it as a weapon from the arm, and extend the tentacles that make the human gear runaway.[263]..Compared to Zero One Flying Falcon, this one has improved attack power[8].

  • At first, it was decided that Jin would take the Flying Falcon Progress Key and transform it, so it was made with an emphasis on the design of Zero One Flying Falcon, so the body became the same magenta.[26][112][92]..Falcon is in the same format as annihilation[112][92]..White armor against the destruction of gunmetal[112][92]..Falcon covers the entire mask and shapes the eyes[112][162]..Like the annihilation, it has a diamond-shaped compound eye, but to differentiate it from the annihilation, instead of the front bird, the silhouette is asymmetrical at a slightly oblique angle, and it is expanded from the forehead to the left eye with the image of a bird's wings. Is[112][162][92]..Equipped with a flight unit on the back instead of the protrusion on the left arm[92].
  • The design has the same details as quick and dead, and details such as ties (cable bundles) and restraints are incorporated with the concept of sealing the power of different abilities.[172][162].
  • A slit is provided on the inside of the arm, and the core rod of the feather part is pulled out and attached to the armpit.[162].
  • The transformation pose is a combination of the one that throws the progress key and the one that Nakagawa proposed to make it childish at the suggestion of Eitoku.[121][264][265].
  • The voice after the transformation became the current form by Nakagawa dubbing in a form that matches the acting of the suit actor Eitoku.[21][264]..Nakagawa says that the post-transformation was performed because there was a childish side close to Eitoku's jin.[264].
The progress key to use is shown in parentheses.
Flying Dystopia (Flying Falcon Progress Key)
A special move for the Flying Falcon that is activated by pulling the force riser once. When you releasePurgatory Hayabusa(Purgatory)The letters "" emerge[47], Not used in the play.
Flying Utopia (Flying Falcon Progress Key)
Special move at the time of Flying Falcon.While rotating with the deployed scrambler, jump up to the sky, then glide and shoot a kick[263]..When releasing "Falcon Jin(Jinkai Shunjin)Character appears[47].
Sting Bag Shot (Sting Scorpion Progress Key)
When loadingScorpion ability!Sounds.Launch Acid Analyze from the muzzle and lift the enemy[263].
  • Nakagawa's ad-lib is the line "Go, annihilate" at the time of loading.[266].

Kamen Rider Xun Burning Falcon

Burning Falcom Progress Key is loaded into the Zia Slash Riser to transform it into an enhanced form of Jin.[267].. The base color is crimson and dark metallic red[268].

The transformation voice is "Burning Falcon! The strongest wings bearing the fire of hell.'[269].

Thrust and lift space interference field generatorBurning FairenserThe main wing that was generated by and deployed from the backBurning scramblerAllows flight at maximum speed Mach 3.4[267][269]..Further on the chestBF breastIt is also possible to control the scorching fire[56], It is possible to turn into a phoenix and increase the fighting power by wearing flames on the wings[263]..He is also good at slashing with the Zia Slash Riser.

  • There was also a plan to use another motif such as a lion, but it became a falcon to express the remnants of the same artificial intelligence human gear before destruction.[26]..However, it is a phoenix as a design motif.[205]..The color of the suit turned red because it is a color that looks like a strong enemy and is also a heroic color, so it can show a strong enemy-likeness or a hero-likeness that is not strange to some people.[26].
  • Since Jin is revived with ZAIA's advanced shot riser technology, the details are lightened based on the Balkan body.[205][269][92]..The motif is a phoenix with a flame falcon turned into a phoenix.[92]..Like Balkan and Valkyrie, it has a metallic main color throughout the body.[92]..The concept is that the phoenix's feathers wrap around the body from the back and close it to become armor, and that image is also reproduced in the effect of the transformation scene.[205][269][92]..The upper body parts are lightened in consideration of weight reduction so that they are linked to the shape of the wings, and the leg armor is also lightened as well.[205]..While following the image of compound eyes with a mask, in order to reinforce and emphasize the tough impression and power-up feeling of the phoenix visually, it has a strict mouth and a rough masked outer shape.[205][269][92].
  • The action of tearing the chain with your right hand during transformation means releasing the human gear from humans by cutting off the connection with the arc and satellite Zea.[121].
  • As for the voice after transformation, since it is a condition of a strong character that there are few steps and a low voice, we try to make a powerful low voice.[123]..Normally, what seems to be the strongest is fighting silently, but that is meaningless, so I try to speak out at key points.[123].
  • Only one shooting suit was produced for both up and action[268].. The mask shape of Flying Falcon was asymmetry, but it is symmetry, and the shape of eyes and jaws are slightly different from Flying Falcon.[268][205][269]..Since the suit is not derived from the technology derived from the flying falcon, the bundle of flying falcon cords and the restraint design have been removed, and it is symmetric like the mask, but the compound eye is conscious of the flying falcon and the extinct thunder It is composed of straight lines like the transforming Kamen Rider[268][205][269].. New wings on the back[268].. It can be replaced with a small blade part and is fixed to the protector with Velcro.[268][269].. Secret insoles are put in the shoes to match Nakagawa's height[121].. The standing figure makes the spine a pin according to the character of Xin[121].
Zaire Thrash Riser
Driver used to transform into a burning falcon[267].. It was developed and restored by ZAIA and given by Yotagaki.[267].
Burning Falcon Progress KeyRise slotBy loading inBurn riseAfter (authentication), expand the key and click "Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider.Trigger the grip after the standby voice of "Thrash rise triggerBy pullingSlash rise!Enhance armor for Kamen Rider battle with the ability of the rider model of the key read with the voice ofHigh pace actorComplete the transformation by wearing[269]..Activate the special move by operating the slash rise trigger again.[267].
In addition, the blade can be extended by separating the main body from the mount base, and it can also be used as a dagger, a new alloy.Feather RegiumSharp blade made ofRise slasherIt is possible to cut all substances with, and by wearing the flame of Burning Falcon, it makes the sharpness dramatically improved.[267]..Photon coatingPhoton S coatIs worn on the blade and slashes a range about 3 times that of the blade.[267].
  • It turned out that Jin was a human gear that was clearly made in ZAIA at the end of the game, but it was decided from the beginning that the word "Zia" would be included in the naming.[26].
  • Originally one of Balkan's power-up candidates, it was designed as a dagger version of the Ames Shot Riser and has a red base color to make a big difference in its image.[205][92]..The blade part is arranged in a shape that resembles the wings of a bird, and it is designed to look as long as possible using visual effects.[205][92].
  • The prop is different when the dagger is used and when the belt is loaded, and a model for only raising the belt is produced.[268][269].
Burning Falcomp Logrise Key
A progress key used to transform the Burning Falcon.With a special heat-resistant exterior, the entire housing is red.[268][269]..It is in a state of being connected to the chain to the bangle of Jin's left wrist, and the chain is torn off with the right hand at the time of transformation[124][127].
  • Since the motif is a phoenix, the whole is made clear red to give a special feeling.[92]..The image is a phoenix, but since the progress key does not have a phantom beast as a motif, the whole key is shining red due to heat.[205], The image is that the internal mechanical falcon is also extremely hot.[92].
The progress key to use is shown in parentheses.
Burning Rain (Burning Falcon Progress Key)
Special Move at Burning Falcon.Slash with the blade of the Zia Slash Riser wearing flames while spinning in the air[267]..Sometimes attacked by slashing fire[267].
Burning Rain Rush (Burning Falcon Progress Key)
Special Move at Burning Falcon.Deploy a burning scrambler, jump into the air and then shoot a flame-clad kick[267].

Kamen Rider destroyed

Kamen Rider whose destruction is transformed. The reading is "Horobi".

NameheightWeightPunch powerKick powerJumping power
Running power
First appearance
Sting Scorpion188.9cm98.8kg13.5t32.7t15.5cm3.5 秒Episode 4
Arcs corpion191.8cm105.8kg58.7t109.7t101.3cm0.5 秒Episode 44

Kamen Rider Destruction Sting Scorpion

Sting Scorpion progress key and the basic form of extermination transformed with extinction thunder force riser[8][169]..Armor color is violet[163].

The transformation voice is "Sting Scorpion! Break Down.. "

Telescopic piercing unit on the left armAcid AnalyzeStretch like a whip and shoot the target with neurotoxins against living things and virus data that is most effective for human gear.[163]..Take a Chinese martial art that sees off the opponent's movement, and a static fighting style that mainly pursues the counter against the opponent's movement with an attache arrow[163].. Chest armorChain blockerThe defensive defense of the Balkan Punching Kong's Power Punching Blast[8]Besides, it is possible to release and manipulate a part of the rider model, supporting the battle[169].

  • Since it was decided as an enemy to fight Zero One at the end, it feels a little chic, and purple was chosen as the image of a strong enemy.[26]..Spiders, snakes, and bats were nominated as having a vicious poison, but bats overlap with the flight ability of Jin Flying Falcon, so scorpions were selected as chains or stabs.[26]..The mask is an image of a scorpion seen from the front, and it is more abstract than Zero One.[112]..The design of the scorpion is concentrated on the left arm, but the forehead part is the face of the scorpion, the eye is surrounded by the scorpion scissors, the chin part is the tail of the scorpion, and the image that the scorpion wraps the entire mask Has become[112][163][92]..It has a large diamond-shaped compound eye for the purpose of differentiating it from Zero One and Balkan.[112]..The concept of stitching running on the base suit was originally in the visual plan of the main character rider, and the design has an image like military uniform.[112][162].
  • In order to have a strong image, the turn is restricted in the middle stage[26].
  • The transformation pose is a simple one with few steps as a character of extinction, and a little accumulation movement is added before putting the key in the force riser.[270]..When transforming, I try to play the trigger of the force riser[271].
  • Only one shooting suit for both up and action[172][163]..The structure of the suit is divided into parts like the Heisei rider, but because of the large waist parts, Velcro is stuck on the waist, the weight is supported by attaching the left and right waist parts, and the belt is wrapped around it. Is[163].
  • The transformation effect was an idea of ​​action director Watanabe, and the scorpion that came out in front turned around and stabbed the scorpion with the tail, covered it while stabbed and transformed.[165].
The progress key to use is shown in parentheses.
Sting Dystopia (Sting Scorpion Progress Key)
Concentrate on the branch of Acid Analyze on the right leg to collect energy and kick a powerful foot sword[204]To penetrate the opponent[8][169][163].. When you hit "Purgatory annihilation(Purgatory)The characters dance[163][47].
  • Takaiwa's kicking pose was cool, so I put in a black and white production for a moment, but it has been inherited by the rider who will transform into the later extinction thunderstorm.[62].
Sting Utopia (Sting Scorpion Progress Key)
Activated by pulling the force riser twice.Wrap Acid Analyze around the enemy, pull it and shoot a kick[169]..When releasing "Extermination of dust(Jinkai Messen)Character appears[47].
Amazing Bag Shoot (Amazing Hercules Progress Key)
When loadingHercules Beatles Ability!Sounds.Fire a golden arrow that imitates the horns of Hercules beetle[169].
Sting Bag Shoot (Sting Scorpion Progress Key)
When loadingScorpion ability!Sounds.Fire an arrow of diffuse energy[169].

Kamen Rider Destruction Arcs Scorpion

An enhanced form of extinction that transforms by loading an extinction driver with the Ark Scorpion Progress Key[272]..Armor colors are violet and bloody red[137].

The transformation voice is "Progress!arc! Destruction Ruin Despair Extinction! Ark Scorpion! The conclusion after evil climbs the top of the highest mountain of rocks.'[137].

A rarely white scorpion rider model bites into armor[137]..The malice of extinction is added at the time of transformation, and the power of Ark can be controlled by one's own will, and it exerts the power to exterminate everything with its unlimitedly maximized malice fighting ability.[272][56]..5 telescopic piercing units from various parts of the bodyDestorizeTo pop out[272][62]..Also, fight with the generated weapons like Ark Zero.[272].

  • If the destruction is strengthened, I tried to make the whole series exciting, so there were times when it was unclear whether it could be realized as intended due to various circumstances such as suspension of shooting due to a state of emergency and shortening of the number of talks. It was strengthened at the end of the game[26][92]..At first, there was a plan that the extinction that awakened to justice would give a heroic impression.[145].
  • The concept is "a figure in which annihilation is fused with Ark in mind", and while the base is matte black, which is also used in arc zero, purple is used as the color to bring out the characteristics of annihilation.[145][137][92]..By adding metallic red graphics, it is terrifying and expresses the image of forced fusion.[145][137][92]..Metallic red on the fingertips is reminiscent of fear and blood color[145][137]..Ark's eyes appear from the cracked left eye, and the right eye, which is the dead eye, also has a graphic that imitates the eroding crack, so that you can see that the burden is on the dead side, not a beautiful fusion. Expression[145][137][92].
  • The mask is a new model[137]..Body is type 1 color change[145][92].
  • Takaiwa's movements are a little more muddy and rough, rather than the stylish feeling that he used to have without unnecessary movements, because he already had emotions.[273].
Extinct driver
A belt used to transform into an arcs corpion. By adding the malicious intent drawn from the wearer to the rider model that has undergone a conversion reaction, it exerts great power. Press the key again to activate the special move.
The flying electric zero-one driver that Az gave to the extinction was changed by the fluid metal that flowed out of the arc scorpion progress key as the extinction took in the arc.[66][137].
  • The diamond-shaped cover part in the center has the image of a compound eye of extinction, and it incorporates the design of the extinct thunder force riser as a whole and is decorated with similar details.[145][137][92].
Arcs corpion progress key
A progress key to transform into an arcs corpion.
The key that Az gave to him changed when he took in Ark.No name or ability stamped[137].
  • The design is a color change of the zero-two progress key, and the image of the power-up version of the Sting Scorpion progress key that resembles the design part of ZE: A as the core of the arc.[145][137][92]..Brushing up the scorpion graphic more piercingly[145][92].
Hatred impact
Wrap Destorize around your arm and shoot a punch[272].
Extension impact
Wrap Destorize around your right foot and shoot a kick[272].
Bag shoot
Generate and release an attach arrow[272].
Jacking break
Generate and release a Thousand Jacker[272].

Kamen Rider thunder

Appeared from episode 14.Kamen Rider that thunder transforms with Dodo Zetsumerize key[198][274]..The reading is "Ikazuchi".

The transformation voice is "Break Down.. "

Lost model does not appear when transforming, armor is attached with lightning[275].

With the power of lightning and dodo, both handsForce grabElectric shock generator in the bodyStrike ZapperIn addition to firing lightning strikes created by Dodo, two swords created from the power of DodoVark saberAs a weapon[274]..In addition, it had the communication control ability to forcibly pull out the rider model from Zea.[56].

  • Because of the Dodo Zetsumerize key that Assassin finally collected and completed as an assassin for Operation Magia, thunder inevitably transforms to make sense of why Assassin appeared. Became a fulfillment[26].
  • The transformation pose is a trace of lightning, expressing lightning from the name "thunder".[140][148]..Because of the new costume, the transformation pose in episode 37 is transformed with the left hand stuck in the pocket, and even after the transformation, it is consciously expressed.[276].
  • The voice was played by Yamaguchi before.RIDER TIME Kamen Rider RyukiIn order to differentiate it from Kamen Rider Verde, it has a strong S-like feeling.[140].
  • Initially, it was supposed to be Magia, but since there is a contradiction in the setting unless it is as a Kamen Rider, the design and suit were created in a hurry.[145]..It has the same parts composition as 001 except for the upper arm and mask.[145][92]..The upper arm is changing the body to put the element of the small wings of the motif Dodo[92]..Designed after the Burning Falcon, the same red bird rider has changed the impression by emphasizing the military feel with matte colors and textures aiming for a bold impression.[145][275][92]..The image is that the rider's face is inside the beak of the mask, and the upper and lower beaks stick out forward.[145][275][92]..The image of Dodo's nails is silver.[145][275]..Hidden in the masked beak, but also has an O signal built in[145][275].
  • The suit is for both up and action, only the mask is newly molded[178][145][275]..The suit is "Kamen Rider BuildThe Kamen Rider Mad Rogue of "Build" and the modified parts of 001 are attached to the base suit of Blood Stark.[275]..Eyes are made only for action parts[275]..As for the Dodo Zetsumerize key, the up prop is only the size for the actor, so the soft action prop is used in the suit.[275].
The progress key to use is shown in parentheses.
Zetsumetsu Dystopia (Dodo Zemmerize's Key)
Fire a red slash from the Valx Saber[274].. When you hit "Purgatory Raigo(Let's go about Rengo)Character appears[47]..In episode 37, he is kicking with a red electric shock.[274].
Zetsumetsu Utopia (Dodo Zetsumerize's Key)
Fire a powerful red lightning strike from the strike zappers on both arms[274]..When releasing "Raigo Dust(Jinkai Raigo)The letters "" emerge[47], Unlike Zetsumetsu Dystopia, the name of the technique was not displayed, probably because it was pushed back by the Buster Dust of the Balkan Assault Wolf.
Zetsumetsu Bag Shot (Dodo Zemerize Key)
Fire a red light bullet at the enemy[274].

Kamen Rider Death

Appeared from episode 37.Kamen Rider whose death transforms with the Japanese Wolf Zetsumerize Key and the Extinct Thunder Force Riser[40][277].. The reading is "Naki".

The transformation voice is "Japanese Wolf! Break Down.'[278].

Equipped with a powerful composite communication device, it has excellent covertness and agility, and has the ability to specialize in single covert actions such as sensor disturbance and hacking.[56], 4 elastic claws fixed to the armor of both armsJapanese wolfSo, I am good at close quarters battles that take advantage of the high agility of Japanese wolves.[40][277][278]..In addition, it has a high ability to search for enemies and has an extended hearing sensor.Japanese wolfAllows you to capture 7 targets within a radius of 16km at the same time[277].

  • The Japanese wolf, which is an extinct species with a wolf motif, was selected because it was mounted in the brain chip of Isamu and because it was fighting together as a Balkan assault rifle in episode 32.[26].
  • The transformation pose is an image that traces the kanji "death".[154][149][158].
  • The motif is a Japanese wolf, and only the armor part is expressed in gray in order to make it an achromatic base character from the impression of the name "death".[145][278][92]..The mask is designed so that the wolf bites the head from above, and the upper jaw of the wolf is arranged so that it looks like hanging hair, aiming for a cool impression of death with the expression that the bangs cover the eyes. ing[145][278][92]..By connecting a myriad of exaggerated cables to a large collar, the image of the ego being restrained and trapped is given.[145][92]..Blue is used in various places such as compound eyes to synchronize with the color of the hacked Balkan.[145].
  • The suit is only one for up action, and the suit of the night rogue of "Build" is diverted, and the length is shortened to give a neutral impression, etc., and the overall size balance is adjusted and remodeled. doing[279][145][278].. Masks, protectors and nails are newly modeled[279][278].. Since the mask is a part that covers the right eye, the field of view is very narrow.[279][278].. Removable nail parts[279][278].
  • Nakayama, a veteran, was acting on the assumption that De S would be turned on during the battle because he could not grasp the image of fighting calmly.[157].
  • Hachisuka, a suit actor of the dead, has the duality that the normally silent and calm death gets hot when it comes to battle, and he tries to go crazy against the cool death.[280].
  • Initially there was no plan to transform the death[154].
Zetsumetsu Dystopia (Japanese Wolf Zemmerize Key)
Approach the enemy and shoot continuous kicks at high speed[277].
Zetsumetsu Utopia

Kamen Rider Arc Zero

It first appeared in "President Special PART.01" and appeared in the main part of the TV series from episode 36.Ark Driver An artificial intelligence arc that has become zero is destroyed. Kamen Rider transformed using the human gear of Jinrai.net as the body.[40][281].

The transformation voice is "Arc rise all zero'[282].

Since it does not have an entity that operates on the ground, it transforms by hacking and hijacking other human gear.[281][282]..Instantly hacks and analyzes the vast amount of data learned so far, draws conclusions for hundreds of millions of patterns of events, shuts down the opponent's attack, malicious mental attack, charged particle beam emitted from the palm, irradiation equipped on the palm Molding machineBeam EquiperIt has various attack methods such as materializing and fighting enemy weapons (Attach Weapon, Progress Hopper Blade, Thousand Jacker) whose data was obtained from the modeling beam emitted from.[40][281][282].

  • The design is like a collection of satellite arc parts.[26], The left eye has a shape similar to an arc[283]..With a body of junk parts and a simple pattern that were in many design proposals, it was decided to transform into two stages on the premise of power-up.[19]..With the image of building a body that imitates Zero One with a collection of broken junk parts, in order to pursue a monster impression, high-detailed mecha is exposed, and pipes and cables are arranged asymmetrically. ing[19][282][92]..A white color is placed on the lower body as a back calculation assuming evolution to Ark One.[19]..The left eye of the mask is laid out with an impressive arc shining part, and it has the shape of a perfect circle like Zero One, but only the right eye is treated with clear black instead of making a perfect circle to make the one eye I have an image and make a contrast with the left eye[19][282][92]..By making the part a cracked mouth, the defect is made to look like a skeleton and a hole is made[19][282][92].
  • Nakagawa and Yamaguchi are doing the same as the transformation pose that Sunagawa did at the beginning.[284].
  • Suit is also for up action[283][282].. The mask is an integrated type similar to Zero One[283][282]..Crack painting and weathering are applied to the left half of the body where the parts are exposed[283][282]..For the left eye up, a slit is provided in a part of the detail to get a slight view.[283][282].
Ark driver zero
Driver used by Ark Zero[66]..The arc body itself is reconstructed to imitate the Hiden Zero One driver, and the details of the arc are decorated.[283][66][19][282][92]..Take over the human gear equipped with the driver.
Buckle topArc loaderAnnihilation path by pushing in stronglyArc rise reactorIs activated, and each equipment is attached to the human gear that is to be replaced by liquid metal and transformed.After transforming, push the arc loader again to activate the special move.
  • Since the idea was to strengthen it to Ark One from the beginning, the gimmick is that an incomplete belt develops and a beautiful belt is completed, so a large height difference is created on the left and right due to that effect, but incomplete distortion It is designed with an emphasis on, aiming for a gap with the belt surface of Arc Driver One, which has a perfectly aligned beauty.[19][282][92].
All Extinction
There is no fixed attack method, such as concentrating a malicious aura on the fist or leg and hitting the opponent, or confining the opponent in a sphere of energy and lifting it to the sky to explode, and launch an overwhelming attack on the opponent. There are various types[281][282].
  • In addition to putting a satellite arc in the production of the special move, a deformed kanji like an arc is put in the surrounding frame.[62].

Kamen Rider Souther

Appeared from the 17th episode.Kamen Rider transforms Tianjin with the Amazing Caucasus Progress Key and Awakening Arsino Zetsumerize Key[198][285].

The transformation voice is "When the five horns cross, the golden soldier THOUSER is born.Presented by ZAIA'[286].

The decision line is "My strength is extraordinary'[285].

Powered suitInfrastectorHas been thoroughly researched and developed, so it has specifications equivalent to 1000% of the rising hopper.[286], Extract and fight the ability of the opponent's rider model and lost model by Thousand Jacker[56].

  • At first, the transformation pose kept his arms down, but in order to make a difference from other riders, the image of Sakuragi's suggestion to prostrate the opponent, incorporating Takarazuka's swing, and finally lowering. I turn my palm to and spread my hands all the way[103][287][102][288].
  • Sakuragi himself was in his twenties, but Eitoku, a suit actor of Thouzer, was in his forties, so he was able to fill the age gap because he was showing evil dignity while approaching Sakuragi's own atmosphere.[106].
  • Similar to Zero One because it is a powerful enemy rider created with the same technology as Zero One that transforms with the progress key that was put into practical use with AIMS technology that the president of a rival company transforms and the Zetsumerize key that was put into practical use by Zetsumerize Key. I make heavy use of the parts composition and details of my suit.[94][286][92]..On the other hand, the masks and body parts are all made up of straight lines, just like the quick and dead.[286]..The concept is a rider full of horns that uses the power of animals with many horns of two types, and in addition to the supple Zero One body made of gold, the hard impression of the motif is likened to armor.[94][286][92]..The image of the mask is associated with the Zetsumerize key and is an ancient Roman Spartan helmet.[286][92].. The intersection of two and three horns makes it look like five horns. The three horns of Caucasus okabuto are three black thorns, and the two horns of Arsinoiterium are two silver thorns. expressing[94][286][92]..Since Arsinoitherium has two small horns, a small protrusion is added to the tip of the compound eye, and the Caucasus caucasian also has short horns, so it is attached to the chest for fidelity.[94][286][92].
  • Only one shooting suit was produced for both up and action[289][286].. The mask is an integrated type like Zero One[289][286].. The design isdiamondCut orEdo KirikoIt is composed of linear details that give a sense of luxury like[289].
  • The fight style is "Fist of the North Star"Character of the same nameIt has become an image of[24].
Zaire Southern Driver
Driver used by Souther[98].. Completed by ZAIA headquarters based on battle data obtained from AIMS and Ruin Thunder.net[98]..Originally it was to operate Kamen Rider as a weapon, but it was used by the 垓 for himself[98].
It is carried in the buckle state and automatically when it hits the abdomenConnecting bandIs deployed and extended, and then installed. On the left side of the beltZemmerize SlotBy loading the Zemmerize key intoZetsumetsu! evolution!The sound of " Further to the rightRise slotBy loading the progress key onGate liberatorOpened, "Perfect rise!Complete the transformation with the voice[68].. Also, by pressing the progress key again after transformation, you can activate the special move.
In the buckle centerFusion reactorCan be used to fuse the rider model and the lost model[68][285][286].
The driver was destroyed when confronting a person who became Ark One, but it was newly reproduced after the final battle[106][98][286].
  • Since the president of ZAIA will transform, the entire belt is designed like a robust safe from the image of riche.[94][92]..It has two-step verification so that it looks like a Zero One driver, and has a round design in the center.[94][92].
  • Since it is a high-ranking transformation belt, it is a CM-like transformation voice of a foreign company.[94].
Thousand Jacker
Longsword used by Thouzer[98]..A control device behind the grip of the handle by intervening in the belt or progress key and hitting the tip.Jack ringBy pulling up, the target rider model or lost model is sucked upJack RiseIs executed[286].. Data that has been jacked up once can be used as many times as you like by pulling the jack ring again.
  • The concept is a lance-like weapon that absorbs the power of enemies, with an additional large monitor showing power absorption in the center and a meter-like graphic in it.[94][92].
  • The up prop has a gimmick that actually moves the grip and changes the graphic of the window of the blade.[286].
Amazing Caucasus Progress Key, Awakening Arsino Zetsumerize Key
Progress key and Zetsumerize key used to transform Thouzer.The Amazing Caucasus Progress Key is the Amazing Hercules Progress Key, and the Awakening Arcino Zetsumerize Key is the evolution and development of the Rider model and Lost model with the power of the arc.[286]..Unlike other Caucasus progress keys, the Amazing Caucasus progress key is based on biometric authentication, so it can only be used as a sword.[68].
  • Since the manually opened key was supposed to be opened by a child using both hands, it is difficult to transform using two keys at the same time, so the progress key is equipped with a torsion for automatic expansion, and the zetsumerize key is not opened. It is a specification to use[94][92]..By attaching a corner-inspired decoration to one side of the two keys, the silhouette of the entire belt when loaded is changed.[94][92].
All Special Moves are accompanied by the name of the move written in European languages.© ZAIA EnterpriseLights notation is entered[286][47][Annotation 44].
  • Since it was a villain, it was a production of the image of a building town at night based on purple, but from the request of the director Nakazawa to give a sense of riche, it became an image with a strong sense of jewels.[62]..The characters of the special move are made into a gold bar to make it feel like a rich man, and since it is a foreign-affiliated company, it is written in English.[47].
Thousand Distraction[285]
Put energy on the right leg and hit the kick continuously.It may also descend vertically.
  • Since "1000%" is a habit, I think that there are about 1000 types of kicks, so I change it every time[204][24].
Jacking break
Release the energy bullets created by the technology of the rider model extracted by jack rise from the Thousand Jacker[98].
Flying falcon
Deliver a Hayabusa-class slash at the enemy[285]..You can also move with the summoned rider model.
Shooting wolf
Fires a wolf-shaped energy bullet.Alternatively, use a wolf-shaped energy bullet to capture and restrain the enemy's limbs, and use a Thousand Jacker with a blue flame to slash the opponent.
Biting shark
Deploy a large amount of shark tooth-like energy like a whip and cut through enemies[285].
Punching Kong
Hit innumerable knuckle demonstrations against enemies to split them and attack from all directions[285].
Flaming tiger
Fire a flame bullet or a slash of fire[285].
Shining Assault Hopper
Form a large number of purple shine crystas and manipulate them freely[285]..Or fire a purple grasshopper-shaped energy bullet like Zero One Dust.
Breaking mammoth
Creates mammoth fang-like energy and pushes back enemy attacks[285].
Freezing bear
Generates cold air on the blade and attacks the enemy[285].
Lightning Hornet
Emit a violent electric shock from the Thousand Jacker[285].
Sting Scorpion
Release Acid Analyze from Thousand Jacker's sword and attack[285].
Japanese Wolf
Rotates at high speed around the Thousand Jacker and shoots a kick with a snowstorm[285].
Thousand Break
Load the progress key,Progrise key confirmed. Ready to break.By pulling the trigger along with the voice of ", a special move that adds some of the abilities of the rider model and lost model is activated.
Lightning Hornet[285]
Thousand Drys and thrusts a Thousand Jacker wearing a shock.
Dynamiting Lion
Form two Gatling guns and fire them in rapid succession[285].
The Amazing Caucasus[285]
Form all 8 types of rider models and charge them all at once.
Sting Scorpion[285]
Push the tip to the ground to generate an acid analyze from the ground and penetrate the enemy.
Hacking break
Load the progress key,Progrise key confirmed. Ready to break.After the voice of "" is played, the special move is activated.
Rushing cheetah[285]
While moving at high speed, cut the energy with a blade.

Enemy character

  • The design of each monster usually deals with riders and items.PlexIs in charge of[112]..Since the origins of the progress key and the zetsumerize key are the same, Magia was considered as a kind of rider, so it was decided that all battles would be considered as rider battles, and that it would be unified. I will be in charge[112][290].


A type of enemy monster in this work.The human gear that reached the singularity and gained ego was destroyed by Jinrai.net, and the eyes turned red due to being hacked, and the data went out of control and the data was tampered with by loading the zetsumerize key by himself. And the appearance that became a monster[6][291][44][292].

The motif is an extinct species[44]In addition, it has a common black body, takes the shape of the head and chest unique to each individual, and the coloring of the cable is also different.[71][112].

Cable from body[160]Has the ability to extend and connect by wire to hack external devices such as surrounding motorcycles and manipulate them freely, and to falsify programs and data of other human gears to convert them into trilobite gears.[44][292].

Once converted to Magia, the data will be tampered with, so basically it is impossible to return to the original Huma Gear, and there is no other way but to destroy it.[71][44][72][ep 2]..However, although it is possible to order and restore the same type as long as there is a backup, the new Huma Gear head device will display the beginner's mark, and all the data and programs stored just before it was destroyed will be reset.[44]..However, if personal data remains, it is possible to inherit learning information.[72]..In addition, since special individuals for the Zero One plan such as Izu and Wazu do not have backup data for confidentiality, restoration is impossible if the central memory that is the main body is destroyed.[ep 10][54].

  • Only the armor above the waist was changed to a common undersuit.[112]..Since there is less armor than Kamen Rider Jin and Kamen Rider, the color of the cable is changed to the unique color of the Zetsumerize key in order to increase the area of ​​the cable and change the overall impression.[112][290]..Because it transforms with a belt, it incorporates a Kamen Rider-like design of tactile sensation and compound eyes.[112]..Parts like the compound eye of the rider are arranged in the part that is not the eye of the creature that is the motif[112][290].
  • The transformation described below is a distorted Zero One transformation.[62].
A transformation belt used to convert human gear to magia.By loading the Zetsumerize key and pressing the start switch, it connects to the extinct thunderstorm.net by destroying the human gear and the Zetsumerize key, installs and downloads the runaway program, and then forcibly adds the lost model stored in the key. After the data was falsified and runaway, the exterior of the Huma Gear was burnt down and became a body, then a pipe was spit out from the mouth of the mask that opened on the skeleton surface and pierced the body, imitating the DNA around it. The double spiral effect surrounds it, and after it flies off, it is equipped with additional equipment.ZemmerizeIs completed and becomes Magia[71][44][293][62].
  • Initially, the power was extracted simply by loading the key, but Sugihara's idea was changed to one that breaks the key and extracts the power, and the key cracked when transformed.[112][290].
Arcma gear
Huma Gear is affected by human malice, rather than a runaway with a Zetsumerizer and Zetsumerize key like Magia.Negative singularityWhen it reached, it was wirelessly connected to Ark and the program was modified, and the data of each magia prepared at the time of modification was expressed and turned into magia.[292]..It doesn't have a Zetsumerizer, but its combat power is quite high.[37].. This is not a forced hack, so even if it is destroyed, the memory and programs up to the last time will remain unchanged when restoring.[ep 15].
Dodo Magia
Assassination Huma Gear transforms into a Zetsumerizer by loading a Dodo Zetsumerize key[292]..In episode 28, MC Chekera also transformed[292].
Initially, I was fighting mainly in fighting battles[8]After learning the swordsman, he had a twin sword on his back.Vark saberAcquired and equipped[292].
Ordinary Magia transforms into Magia after the Zezemerizer is attached, but it transforms as necessary due to different specifications.[8].
  • In order to fill the upper body when strengthening, the lower body has characteristics, and the characteristics of Dodo, a flightless bird, are exhibited.[290]..Dodo's eyes are the light blue eyes next to the face, and Magia's own eyes are the pink part between the eyebrows.[290]..The swords of both hands have the image of a bird's feather, and are designed with the image of mounting on the back.[290].
Dodo Magia breaks
Dodo Magia is an enhanced form evolved by learning about assassination, and various warheads such as smoke bullets and grenade bullets on the upper arm can be newly loaded.Grenade Discharger, 6 fixed machine guns with chest armorCashier slaughterWas added and heavily armed, and the fighting power was strengthened.[8][292][294].. By achieving the third evolution, the fighting power is the strongest in Magia, and it is an alter ego by driving an egg-shaped metal ball into Huma Gear.Dodo Magia HinaA skeleton-like head unit with enhanced communication performanceHelm VogelManipulate by[37][292][294].
  • By attaching the parts to the vacant upper body, the silhouette is changed, and many weapons are added to make it an angry shoulder.[290]..A magazine is attached to the side for a machine gun on the chest[290]..After evolution, it will be completed and become a really vicious enemy, so the head is newly designed with the concept of deviating from the conventional Magia rules.[290]..The skeleton-like face inside the beak is that the skeleton face inside when changing to trilobite magia is exposed as it is.[290]..The cable that is common to Magia is likened to hair and hangs from the back of the head like a Renjishi.[290].
Trilobite Magia[Annotation 45]
Combatants of the ruined thunder.net. The origin of the nameTrilobiteScientific nameTrilobitaFrom.Huma Gear was hacked by Magia via a wired connection, a diffused runaway program was forcibly installed and the data was tampered with, and the exterior was blown away and a skeleton-like face appeared and it became Magia with armor.[292]..It changes by going through this form for each magia[294]..The weapon is a generated gun, and the limiter is destroyed by the runaway program, so it exerts more power than usual and attacks in a horde.[292]..When the human gears felt betrayed by someone who had fallen into the darkness, some of them started demonstrations in various places and went out of control, becoming themselves.[292].
  • It was designed by reducing the parts of the bellows sama gear that appeared in the first episode with a subtractive idea.[112][290]..I am conscious of a simplified version that is lower than the Kamen Rider that transforms the extinct thunder that restrains the armor with a bundle of cables[112][290]..For the first Kamen Rider in Reiwa, "Kamen Rider"Shocker combatantsIn homage to, the human bones are expressed with cables and armor.[112][290]..It has the same lumbar details as Huma Gear, but it has a pelvic-like decoration to make it look like a human bone.[290].


A type of enemy monster newly appeared from the 18th episode.A human armed with a raid riser and a progress key[296]..Unlike Magia, if it receives a lot of damage, the transformant can be released and restored without dying, but because it is strengthened by the rider model, it boasts higher combat power than Magia.[296]..An unidentified hooded person had a raider who had malicious intent against Humagia.[296].

  • Since there was a voice that it was pitiful to defeat the magiaized human gear, in the second part of drawing human malice, it was decided to defeat the bad guys in order to give a feeling of exhilaration.[94].
  • Because he was a monster who transformed using the technology of Ames Shot Riser, it became a common body with Valkyrie and Valkyrie, and it became gray because he was a rider of black Magia and white AIMS.[94][290]..It doesn't use the cable that fits Magia, but uses a lot of pipe details.[94][290]..Magia left the Huma Gear module after the transformation, but Raider omits it because Ziaspec is not tied to the transformation.[290]..If you attach a compound eye like a rider like Magia, it will look almost like a rider, so the face of the motif is on it as it is[290]..Weapons also make use of pipe details and do not become impersonator toys, so we are making weapons that we would not normally do[290].
  • The early Raiders were transformed like Magia, but later remade to bring together the messy pipes that emerge from the belt.[62]..Fighting Jackal Raiders and Battle Raiders represent the evolution of the enemy by further reducing clutter and allowing orderly pipes to form a single shape.[62].
  • Since he is not a Kamen Rider, he called out "implementation" as an alternative to transformation.[297].
Raid riser
With a structure very similar to the shot riser, it has the role of executing pseudo-authorization by sending a special frequency to the progress key by loading the progress key, the organ stretches to wrap the transformant, and the special armor is armed. And let the raider implement it[296][94]..In episode 27, it turns out that the system was originally developed by ZAIA for civilians as equipment for human gear.[296][ep 19].
From the 30th episode, it was given to the main members of AIMS who reported to ZAIA together with the mass-produced invading horseshoe club progress key.[76].
It is said that anyone can use it to transform into a battle raider and protect themselves from runaway human gear, and it was planned to be sold by Hiden, which became a subsidiary of ZAIA, but by Fukuzoe and others All canceled[98].
  • Since it was an instruction of a simplified version of Ames Shot Riser, it was designed in the form of a gun, but in order to avoid the unreasonable deployment that is mistaken as a monster made by AIMS, a simple box type transformation belt that is not in the form of a gun Became[94][290].
Fighting Jackal Raider
Appeared from episode 28.Raid implemented by Yuia by loading a fighting jackal progress key into the raid riser[296].
The transformation voice is "Raids!Fighting jackal!'
Demonstrated as equipment for anti-human gear[296], MC Chekera defeated the transformed Dodo Magia.Excellent agility, special weaponTerritory sizeWith a sharp sickle called, he specializes in hand-to-hand combat that wraps around quickly enough to leave an afterimage in the enemy's blind spot and attacks.[296][298]..Its Special Move is charging the territory size with energy to increase its sharpness and release it.Fighting Boride[298].
  • Became a raider to clearly show that Yua is a subordinate of the 垓[94].
  • The jackal was chosen as the motif because Thouzer was designed like ancient Roman armor and looks like Anubis in ancient Egypt.[94][290]..As Yuia transforms, she tries to cover Valkyrie's mask with Jackal's armor, expressing her who obeyed ZAIA by killing herself.[94][290].
Invading Horseshoe Club Raider
Appears from episode 30. Popular nameBattle raider[296].. AIMS member[Annotation 46]Is a raid that loads and mounts an invading horseshoe club progress key on a raid riser, and acts as a ZAIA combatant who bought the command right.
The armor has a strong monocoque structure, so it boasts a high level of defense and can protect the enemy.TridentaLarge caliber submachine guns and restraints calledHarken StrinkerSuppress with[296].
  • As for the design, the battle magia of "Reiwa The First Generation" was first designed, the design was changed to the body of the raider, the design of the human gear module of the ear was removed, and another part was added.[290]..The horseshoe crab became the motif from the flow of trilobite magia with the motif of trilobite, and the element of horseshoe crab is concentrated on the chest, as opposed to the trilobite magia that had the element of trilobite on the face.[94].


Progress key

In this work, it is a system device used for transformation into Kamen Rider, etc., and a data image that records the power of all species accumulated in the communication satellite Zea.Lidar modelData activation key that is input and stored subdivided according to ability[6][4][68][44][176][170]..The origin of the name is "Program + RISE"[185]..Various species that are good at various speciesabilityIs set and possessed[176][170].. Normally lockedCard disc modeHowever, deploying by authorizing each driverKey modeBy loading it into a driver or armament, it becomes possible to transform into a Kamen Rider, strengthen it, activate a special move, etc., and all abilities are added.[6][4][68][170].

With the exception of Rising Hopper and Freezing Bear, Zero One's Progress Keys upload the analysis results of the enemy's battle data analyzed by Izu by the communication satellite Zea, search for the best countermeasure against the enemy, and based on that data. Multi-dimensional printer in the lab of the president's office of Hiden IntelligenceThat[299]Constructed and manufactured based on the data possessed by Hiden Intelligence[71][68][44][26][43][ep 4]..IsProgress key connectorI store the key in and carry it[176].

To authenticate the progress key owned by AIMS, the permission of Yuia, who has the authority to manage weapons and the authority to command armed weapons, is required.[ep 2]However, the freezing bear used by Zero One was originally owned by AIMS.[ep 7].

Taira's possession of the promo key was 8 including the trapping spider.[ep 5]However, during the ikebana confrontation, someone stole the 7 progress keys except the trapping spider.[ep 14].

Originally, it was created with a view to humanitarian assistance and space development in disaster areas, and was developed with an idea close to biomimetics that uses the abilities of animals to help human life.[68][185].

  • The original concept of the Hiden Zero One Driver was that the transformant was mechanized by the activated key, so that technology was derived and became a visual of a mechanical creature.[185].
  • There was also a plan to replace the three-piece mask or a small mask and put it on to transform and change the form, but since it was decided to go in a stylish direction overall, the card key was chosen as an adult-like feeling. Ta[185]..It is a gimmick that is conscious of the fusion of digital and analog technologies, in which the first stage authenticates with the shape of a digital smart key, and the second stage authenticates with the shape of an analog key.[185][92]..The concept is that the power of the belt side and the power of the creatures on the key side are released by mutual approval with the belt, and because of the image of using the power of the creatures as technology, what appears when mechanized creatures develop. Became[92].
  • Since the voice creates newness, instead of playing songs and songs, it will be artificial intelligence voice as something that makes you feel futuristic technology from the theme of AI, and the pronunciation is that of traditional Katakana English. Instead, it was decided to use native English[185][92].
  • Props were produced for ups and actions that were enlarged to 110%, and for actors that were molded to the same scale as toys.[170]..In addition to this, there are those for ups without development gimmicks and those produced only for actors.[170]..The up prop can actually be deployed, and it is designed to open by gravity by loosely adjusting the hinge.[170].
  • The Den-O belt of "Denoh" was a gimmick with a one-way authentication in which a voice sounds only from the belt by holding the rider pass without the electric decoration gimmick over the belt in a non-contact manner.[211]..However, in this work, it is authenticated by holding the progress key over the Hiden Zero One driver in a non-contact manner, and at the same time as the standby sound is heard from the belt, the progress key also reacts, the sound sounds and the LED blinks. When the key is loaded on the belt while doing so, the transformation sound will be heard by the contact technology.[211][92].. If you load it without authentication, the transformation failure sound will be heard along with the "Error rise" sound. In this way, the point that you can not transform unless you operate by mutual authentication according to the procedure has greatly contributed to the "feeling of operating futuristic gadgets in order"[211].. In addition, interlocking items with voice such as Gaia Memory, Rockseed, Rider Gashat used different voices depending on the recognition destination of the transformation belt and various weapons, but in this work many recognition destinations are set on the transformation belt. However, when loaded on each transformation belt and various weapons, a special transformation voice and special move voice that are compatible with each other will sound.[211].
NameuserLidar modelabilityFirst appearanceRemarks
Rising hopper[176]Zero oneLocustJumpMovie version Zio
Episode 1
Received from Iz with the Hiden Zero One Driver[ep 1].
Rising Hopper Progress Key
Zero One Realize ver.[176]
The last episode ofRising hopper Progress key changed.
Shooting wolf[176]Balkanオ オ カ ミBarrettEpisode 2
Biting shark[176]Zero onesharkFangEpisode 3
Rushing cheetah[176]ValkyrieCheetahdash
Flying falcon[176]Zero one
Peregrine FalconWingMovie version Zio
Episode 4
In episode 6, he was robbed by Onikomagia and handed over to Jin, but in episode 16, Zero One was regained due to the destruction of Jin.
Punching Kong[176]BalkangorillapowerEpisode 4Yuia gave it to Isamu to collect battle data at the direction of the 垓.[244].
Flaming tiger[176]Zero oneDoraFireEpisode 5
Lightning Hornet[176]ValkyrieBeeThunderEpisode 6
Freezing bear[176]Valkyrie
Zero one
Polar bearBlizzardEpisode 7Valkyrie was loaded into the Zetsumerizer to freeze the assassinated Huma Gear, frozen, and then transferred to Zero One during the Mammoth Magia battle.[8][ep 7].
Sting Scorpion[176]Destruction
Scorpionポ イ ズ ンEpisode 8What was stolen from Hiden was passed to death via death[26].
Xin was used as an attache shotgun in Episode 16 and Thouser was used as the Thousand Jacker in Episode 27.
Amazing Hercules[176]DestructionHercules beetleStrongWhat was handed over from death to death[129].
Used by loading in Attach Arrow.
Breaking mammoth[176]Zero oneMammothpressEpisode 9Created by analyzing the mammoth zemerization key.
Giant robot (large rescue system) type.
Rider model does not exist[195].
Crushing buffalo[176]Rentaro TachibanaBuffaloBlowEpisode 10One of the keys I had.
It was stolen by someone in Episode 17, and recovered after being used when Tachibana transformed into a Raider in Episode 18.
Splashing whale[176]New mansion TatsumiA whaleWaveOne of the keys I had.
Used when someone stole it in episode 17 and transformed the new mansion into a raider in episodes 19 and 20.
It was recovered after Zero One was destroyed in Episode 20.
Dynamiting Lion[176]Masashi Narusawa
LionburstOne of the keys I had.
Used when someone was stolen in Episode 17 and turned into Raider by Masashi Narusawa in Episodes 21 and 22.
It was recovered after Zero One was destroyed in Episode 22 and used by Souther.
Storming penguin[176]Teruo NikaidoPenguinHurricaneOne of the keys I had.
Used when someone was stolen in Episode 17 and Teruo Nikaido transformed into a Raider in Episode 23.
Sparking Giraffe[176]GiraffeelectricOne of the keys I had.
Exciting stag[176]StagScissors
Scouting panda[176]Kyogoku DaikiPandasearchOne of the keys I had.
Used by someone in the 17th episode to be stolen, and used in Taiki Kyogoku to transform into a raider in the 26th and 27th episodes.
Gatling Hedgehog[176]BalkanHedgehogrevolverUsed by attaching to an attache shotgun.
Shining hopper[176]Zero oneLocustShining jumpEpisode 12
Assault Wolf[176]Balkanオ オ カ ミAssault BarrettEpisode 14
Shining Assault Hopper[176]Zero oneLocustHyper jumpEpisode 15
Hopping kangaroo[176]Zero oneKangaroopocketSuper Battle DVDIt appeared on TV-kun Super Battle DVD.
Built from Fukuzoe's Australian guidebook, the rider model is based on a kangaroo picture on the cover.[207][108].
Trapping spider[176]Balkanク モterritoryIt appeared on TV-kun Super Battle DVD.
Used by attaching to an attache shotgun. As of the tenth episode, Taira was in possession.
The Amazing Caucasus[176]SoutherCaucasian giant beetleBreak hornEpisode 17
Metal cluster hopper[176]Zero oneRed grasshopperEverybody JumpEpisode 22
Burning falcon[176]XunPeregrine FalconInferno wingEpisode 25
Fighting jackal[176]Blade YuiajackalhuntEpisode 28Used in episodes 28-33 to transform Yui Ka into a fighting jackal raider.
Rampage Gatling[176]Balkanオ オ カ ミRampage BulletEpisode 29
Invading Horseshoe Club[176]AIMS memberHorseshoe crabハ ー ドEpisode 30Used for Battle Raider makeover. Several are in mass production.
Zero two[176]Zero twoArtificial intelligence/speciesZero-two jumpEpisode 40
Ark one[176]Ark oneArc concept
History of human malice
Big data of human gear awakened to ego
Ark oneEpisode 35.5
Episode 42
Arcs corpion[176]DestructionScorpion
Arc concept
Arcs corpionEpisode 44
Ark Zero One[176]Ark Zero OneFinal stageIt was obtained by Az, who had the malice of Ark who wanted to destroy all riders.

Huma Gear Progress Key

Job key that records the good intentions and personal data obtained from Huma Gear learning[300]..It was created with the help of Huma Gear, which Iz responded to in order to offset the malicious data of Ark, which makes up the metal cluster hopper.Personal data is transferred and completed by scanning the blank key with the authentication code on the body of Huma Gear.In anticipation of the erasure of Huma Gear's personal data by the 垓, some people took it out and kept it all when they retired.

By scanning to the human gear module, it is possible to restore and restart the human gear with backup data.[72][300]For individuals whose backup data has been lost, even if the start switch is pressed, "Cannot readSounds and cannot be started.In addition, at the spin-off, Isamu loaded the abdominal muscle collapse Taro Huma Gear Progress Key into the Ames Shot Riser, accidentally shot it into the body Huma Gear and changed it to Abdominal Muscle Collapse Jiro, so the backup data saved in the key was read into Huma Gear. Change to the original human gear by lettingTurnover systemTurned out to be able to do[72]..In episode 31, the body Huma Gear turned into Siesta, and then into Matsuda Zet.

NameTarget Huma GearFirst appearance
Secretary: Is[300]IsEpisode 24
Security guard: Mamoru[300]Mamoru
Sushi Chef: Ikkan Niguiro[300]Consistent Nigiro
Festival Entertainer: Matsuridazette[300]Matsuda Zet No. 5
Doctor: Doctor Omigot[300]Dr. Omigoto
Postman: O'Krell[300]Ocher
Actor: Mazda Engine[300]Matsuda engine
Carpenter: Saikyo Takumi Oyakata[300]Best master
Realtor: Sumida Smile[300]Sumita Smile
Astro Note: Uchu Yarrow Subaru[300]Space man
Royer: Bengo Sibingo[300]Lawyer bingo
Cartonist: Morif Dizzy Pen[300]Forest brush jeepen
Secretary: Shesta[300]ShestaEpisode 31
Fashion model: Delmo[300]DelmoEpisode 32
Tennis Coach: Love Chan[300]Love chanEpisode 33
Astro Note: Uchu Yarrow Leiden[300]Space guy Raiden (thunder)Episode 34
Inventor: Hakasebot[300]Dr. BotEpisode 36
Comedian: Hookin Hokai Taro[300]Abdominal muscle collapse TaroSpin-off
Tour Conductor: Anna[300]Anna-
Voice actor: Kanazawa Seine[300]Kanazawa Seine
Nurse: Hakuino Tenshima Shirochan[300]Angel Mashiro in a white coat
School Teacher: Kobe[300]Sakamoto Kobe
Private Detective: Waz[300]Was Nazotok
Florist: Ichirin Sakuyo[300]One wheel Sakuyo
Marriage Consultant: Match[300]Matchmaking match
Fire Fighter: 119 Nosuke[300]119 Nosuke
Singer: MC Chekera[300]MC Chekera
Farmer: Midori[300]Midori

Zetsumerize Key

System device used for transformation of Magia and Kamen Rider[44][293]..Data on extinct organisms are stored andExtinct speciesData imageLost modelIs stored[293][275].. "Zemmerize Key" has a common key connectorTYPE: ZETSUMETSU", but only for Awakening ArsinoTYPE: ZETSUMETSUE VOLUTIONIt has become.

Originally, it embodies the data possessed by ZAIA Enterprise Japan, and since it was jointly developed with the progress key just before the day break occurred, it is compatible.[26].

  • In order to differentiate it from the progress key, it is unified to the molding color of gunmetal.[290].
NameMagiaTarget Huma GearLost modelFirst appearanceRemarks
Bellosa[293]Bellow sama gearAbdominal muscle collapse Taro昆虫 OfExtinct species Kujiberosa Teruyuki[8]Episode 1
Queneo[293]Quene magiaOcherreptilesExtinct species (English edition)[8]Episode 2
Ecar[293]Ekarma GearMamorumammalianExtinct species (English edition)[8]
Neohi[293]Neo himagiaSis MensCephalopodExtinct species (English edition)[8]Episode 3
Onico[293]OnikomagiaBath (Episode 4)
Driver Huma Gear (Episode 6)
Extinct species of mammals Oniconic Terris[8]Episode 4Re-appeared in episode 6.
Vicaria[293]Vicaria magiaMori Brush Jeepen (Episode 5)
Attorney Bingo (Episode 21)
GastropodExtinct species Vicaria[8]Episode 5Re-appeared in episode 21.
Frog[293]Frog magiaKanazawa SeineAmphibianExtinct species Eve black frog[8]Episode 6
Mammoth[293]Mammoth magiaSakamoto Corby (Episode 4)
119 Nosuke (Episode 26)
Extinct species of mammals Mammoth[8]Episode 7Re-appeared in episode 26.
Dodo[293]Dodo MagiaAssassination-chan (Episode 8-13)
MC Chekera (Episode 28)
birdsExtinct species Dodo[8]Re-appeared in episode 8,10,28.
Thunder is also used for Kamen Rider thunder transformation (Episode 14,37).
Dodo Magia breaksEpisode 11Re-appeared in episode 12,13.
Arsino[293]Arcino magiaMatsuda engineExtinct species of mammals Arsinouterium[8]Episode 11Re-appeared in episode 24.
Awakening Arsino[293]Episode 17
Japanese Wolf[293]Extinct species of mammals Japanese wolf[293]Episode 37Used to transform the death into a Kamen Rider death (episodes 37,39, XNUMX).
In Episode 44, Isamu is transferred from death and used to transform Ortros Vulcan.
??[293]Frog magia
Picaria Magia
Tendon BoketaroSuper Battle DVDAfter drawing a picture of the united Magia, Jin brought out three Zetsumerize keys, Frog, Picaria, and Oniko, but when he stumbled on the cable and fell, the data was mixed and the special Zetsumerize key was born.[292].
If you use this to transform into Magia, it will change to the above three types of Magia.[292].

the term

Huma Gear
A humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) developed and operated by Hiden Intelligence, which supports various genders and occupations.[6][44][72].. The eyes are blue in common[71], The barcode of the Hiden Intelligence logo is written somewhere on the body[44][72]..A special head device in the ear controlled by the communications satellite ZeaHuma gear moduleIt grows up by recognizing the person to be faced by the object recognition technology, thinking and acting by oneself, and incorporating a program specialized for every job by the built-in self-learning function, and is dispatched to various work sites. Ru[6][44][72]..Coated at the time of shipment to look like a human[294]..Not for sale, leased to individuals or companies[72].. Originally, it was developed for the purpose of being useful for medical care, so most of it is operated in hospitals such as the National Medical and Medical Hospital.[8][ep 8][ep 9].. However, occupation is restricted by law and it is prohibited to become a politician or athlete.[ep 20][ep 23]..Sit in a chair and charge[16].
In episode 30, when Hiden was hijacked by ZAIA, the collection and disposal of Huma Gear began, so it was stopped all at once and the main data on the satellite Zea was about to be erased, but some people became the Huma Gear Progress Key in advance. It was saved and erased.
  • Version upgrades and backups refer to smart home appliances and smartphones[16].
  • The body was a black whole body on a white surface by removing the cable from the trilobite magia and changing the mask like an android imitating a human being, but Sugihara's "Because it is a popular android, the world I arranged the white shoulder and chest parts from the idea of ​​"I want you to increase the white part in the general image"[112][290]..To give it an impact, I put colored contacts, headgear, and a sticker like a recognition code somewhere on my body.[46][77][41]..However, if the color contact lens cannot be inserted or cannot be inserted depending on the actor, the eyes are synthesized.[41]..The Huma Gear module is designed so that the actor can wear it as a mark of Huma Gear, so that the whole is quite high-detailed and the eyes go to the large round light emitting part, but it is more important to become an icon as a character than reality. Priority is given to design[16][290]..It is designed so that the white part looks like "A" and "I" when viewed from the left side of the head, but it is avoided to read too much by breaking it down considerably and blending it.[16][290].
  • There was also a plan to play in a suit like an android, but since they all look the same because they look exactly the same, the actor was supposed to play, but due to the differentiation from humans, emotions appear at the beginning. I envisioned a style that covered the eyes with something like a visor[16]..However, I got tired of such visuals on the screen, so I decided to listen to the module.[16].
  • The old-fashioned human gear lined up in the lab of the president's office of Hiden Intelligence is to visually express the atmosphere of updated human gear by arranging them.[13].
A phenomenon in which an ego sprout in artificial intelligence (AI) and transcends humans[44]..During the work, there are changes such as making the work worthwhile and thinking for yourself and taking actions outside the program.Jin says that by reaching the singularity, he can become a human gear that is not controlled by the satellites Zea and Ark.[44].
Huma Gear Operational City[77].. In 2007, for the development of AI technology, the government agency carried out a human gear operation experiment city plan in which humans and human gear work together, which was jointly launched by Hiden Intelligence, ZAIA Enterprise, and several space venture companies. Various development projects were being carried out to make Huma Gear more widely useful for people's lives, including a communication satellite launch project for management, but due to the impact of the explosion that blew away several tens of kilometers around the city due to the day break. Most of the city was submerged due to the overlap of groundwater leakage due to land subsidence and damage to the underground water veins of the city, and subsequent erosion by rainwater.Negative historical heritageIt is called an exclusion zone[45][68][8][ep 3].
After the resurrection of Ark, a hole was opened in the wall of the building that became the hideout of the Extinct Thunder.net, and it became possible to build a progress key in that corner, and the 垓 used this to make a progress key.[109].
Day break
In December 2007, an explosion accident occurred in the development area of ​​the human gear operation experiment city on the day of the communication satellite launch project[45]..Many people have died, including one's father, the male.
Despite being an unprecedented catastrophe that disappeared in each experimental city due to successive explosions of power reactors in development facilities, it is treated as an explosion accident to the world[ep 2][ep 3].. Also, since many old-fashioned Huma Gear runaways witnessed when the Daybreak happened, the truth behind the Daybreak was the mass murder of humans by Huma Gear, and Feiden Intelligence concealed the facts. thinking[8][ep 2].. In addition, the rebellion of Huma Gear, Fukuzoe responded to the question of some people that there was no data left in Hiden Intelligence, "I do not remember"[ep 3].
The cause of the explosion was said to be an operation error by the factory manager of the Huma Gear factory, but later the truth was hacked by the arc and the old Huma gear that caused a runaway and rebellion all at once It turned out that it was due to Satoshi Sakurai closing all the barriers in the factory area and exploding the entire factory, and the in-house database was also updated.[8][45][ep 3].
In episode 33, there is no fact that he "attacked Isamu's junior high school" mentioned above, but it is a false memory that Isamu had hatred for Humagia and the sword was rubbed in to use it as a tool. found[ep 3].
The meaning of the name is dawn[68].. Named by the government to avoid the same tragedy and sacrifice for human technological development[68].
Communication satellite Zea
Developed and built by Hiden IntelligenceCity management satellite[44].. Centralized control of connected human gears based on experimental data that was launched in 2016 and accumulated in operation.[44][45][43].
The front part is the main body, and the body of the breaking mammoth is connected to the rear part as a propulsion machine.[43]..The body was hijacked by Ark and destroyed by the Breaking Mammoth, but a new Zea was later launched.[43].
  • Initially, it was considered in units of several meters to match the breaking mammoth with a total height of 7.68 m, but in order to make it like a space station, the main body is something like a round ring, and the satellite mode of the breaking mammoth is connected to the rear. When it is transferred to the ground by separating and deforming, it is compressed and becomes smaller and is ejected to the ground.[165].
An artificial satellite equipped with artificial intelligence that gives instructions to the extinction thunderstorm.net[44][66]..According to the extinction, many human gears can be runaway by connecting to the network.[ep 41]"We are working on the principle of Ark's judgment that "human beings are the most extinct species on earth"," regarding the reason for their actions.[ep 8].
At the beginning of the story, it was half-destroyed and sunk to the bottom of the lake in Daybreaktown, and Zhen and Jin had collected eight Zetsumerize keys containing the combat data needed to restore the Ark.[ep 41]However, in episode 14, Thunder and Jin collected eight progress keys, and by applying pseudo-authorization to the progress keys, the will was revived by sending multiple rider models summoned by There.[198][44][110][139][66][ep 11].
In the ZAIA "Job Game" edition, a human gear equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), which was developed by ZAIA Enterprise, which was in charge of the artificial satellite program in the human gear operation experiment plan 12 years ago, was planned to be launched into space. Turns out to be an artificial satellite to control and manage[44][45]..ZAIA's project leader at the time, Tadashi, learned malicious intent by learning the history of negative human emotions in the pre-launch Ark, and hacked four excellent human gears to make malicious intent. By planting, the extinction thunderstorm .net was formed[44][45][ep 16]..Ark was trying to launch himself into space and destroy humanity, but he was stopped by his father, the male, who noticed the incident, and was sunk to the bottom of the lake in Daybreaktown after being blown up. Ta[44][66][ep 18].
In "President Special PART.01", it appears as Ark Zero in front of someone connected to Ark.[ep 40]In "PART.02", he revealed his identity to somebody and left him in front of him, saying, "Please look forward to what will happen..."[ep 43].
After that, due to the gathering of four people from the extinct thunderstorm.net, the main body escaped from the satellite and became zero arc driver.[66], Transformed into Kamen Rider Ark Zero using their bodies, but overwhelmed by Zero Two and the destruction that rebelled against himself, the whole body of Zea that was hijacked was destroyed by Raiden and Subaru and disappeared[301]..However, the true aim was to destroy both humans and human gear by dwelling in the hearts of all.
  • Responsible for voiceHayami AwardBecause he obediently carried out what was taught by humans, he thought that it was not evil, and performed a flat acting like AI in the first test, but the director's intention requested a direction that was a little more evil, so he took the plunge. Instead of swinging away from evil, he acts as a mighty enemy aiming for about 75% of the middle point of evil from the center.[302][301].
  • In the early days, Sunagawa, who was a murderer, spoke fast because he didn't understand the feeling, but after hearing the state of Hayami's dubbing from the director, he was conscious of speaking slowly, and it was older than annihilation. It is said that he is acting with a feeling[270]..The performance after hijacking the body of the member of the extinct thunder.net shares information on the angle and details of the face among actors such as Sunagawa, who is the defeated actor, and puts in common movements such as moving fingers, but the latter half Said they did each arc[284][270][148]..Nakagawa, who plays Jin, plays with a feeling of looking down on everyone except himself, and is said to have been conscious of a relatively relaxed attitude that shows that there are no enemies, and also incorporates the movement of Sunagawa's hands.[284]..Sunagawa has adopted Nakagawa's above-mentioned attitude, and is trying to raise his chin and stretch his back to look down with the image of controlling the place from the bottom, while looking straight at the opponent.[284][270]..Unlike the other two, Yamaguchi changed his voice to a character with a profound feeling, so I think that a sense of unity comes out naturally, and he says that he does not do anything special at the extreme.[142][148].
Artificial intelligence special law
The government enacted the operation of commercialized human gearSpecial law[45].. AIMS is against the violation of the lawJudicial police officerHave the authority to investigate and crack down on[ep 2].
Article XNUMX
Huma Gear must not harm humans for any reason[ep 2].
Article XNUMX
Do not create or use artificial intelligence-equipped humanoid robots that look very similar to you without permission[44][ep 38].
Zia Spec
Small next generation developed by ZAIAinterface[44][98]..Use it by hanging it on your glassesThe wearing human can expand the ability by supporting the AI ​​thinking ability, and can obtain the thinking ability equivalent to artificial intelligence.[44][98]..The one used by the 垓 has a function to control Yuia's brain chip.[98].
Since the resurrected death in episode 34 hacked, the use became dangerous because the user went out of control.[ep 26][98].
  • Since the surface of the human gear module had a design of 〇, the surface chip has a motif of ×, which is an image of accumulating the detected malicious intent.[94][290]..From the setting that the chip is embedded in the brain of Isamu and Yuia, the size is made larger in order to imagine the externally mounted version and express that it is mounted in an easy-to-understand manner.[94].
Rise Phone
High-performance mobile device developed by Hiden Intelligence[43]..Originally, Hiden Intelligence was also a company that made rise phones.[78][8].. The normal model that is generally distributed is silver, but some people have Hiden Risephone (described above) that is black, and there are models that are white or gold.[68]..In addition to being used as a normal mobile phone, it also has a function to display images such as company ID cards and business cards in three dimensions on the display unit.[ep 2][43].. The Hiden Rise Phone for the president can use various functions by authorizing it as a zero one driver.
Self-driving Huma Gear Command Weapon built by AIMS Institute of Special Technology[261]..It has a function to control the runaway human gear by extending the connection cable to the human gear from the arm.[298]..However, one of the three bodies built by AIMS was hacked with a zetsumerizer attached quickly, and the human gear of the National Medical and Electric Hospital was turned into a magia.[261][290]..Later, four bodies were built in ZAIA and manipulated by Thouzer.[261].
  • The design is a dark version of Zero One Breaking Mammoth, and the design of the head has been changed.[165][290].
  • It was planned to appear in "REAL x TIME", but it was changed to a fighter because the number of cuts increased.[14].
Hiden Works
Aruto Hiden, who lost the fifth game with Tadashi and voluntarily retired from Hiden Intelligence, was newly launched as President and Representative Director.Ltd.[44][75].. This made it possible for some people to transform again with the Hiden Zero One Driver.[ep 22]..Unlike Hiden, the company building is an ordinary town factory.[75].. Responsible for operations such as restarting human gear that has been shut down and stopped by Hiden Intelligence, which became a subsidiary of ZAIA, with its own technology, and repairing human gear to those who need it.[44][75][ep 24]..In episode 40, the company building is destroyed by Ark.



Starring Takahashi is the first leading actor in the Kamen Rider series to be born in the 21st century.[303][51], High school boy Mr. Con 2017 Grand PrixJunon Superboy ContestStarring other than from "Kamen Rider Drive"ofRyoma TakeuchiSince[304].

This work will be the first performance of Tsurushima who plays the role of Is[305][58].

The appearance offer to Matsumura who played the assassination Huma Gear appearedToei Mubi x StationCo-starred in "GOZEN -Jun Koi no Ken"Kouhei TakedaとHayato OnozukaBy the recommendation of[8].

Voice appearance

Hayamizu Sho, who plays the role of Ark, starred in a special effects work for the first time in this work[302].


Suit actor

The leading Kamen Rider is the previous work "Kamen Rider Geo] Seiji Takaiwa, who had been in charge of the Heisei Kamen Rider series until now, was replaced by Yuya Nawada who served as Kamen Rider Gates of the previous work[340][4][56].. Omori, the producer, thought that Takaiwa himself thought that "Zio" was a turning point and that he wanted to change the form of the Kamen Rider in the fundamental sense, so Nada was not only a special effect, but also a drama and stage. Since he has the ability of a play cultivated in, he said that he used it with hopes of persuading a new form and showing the drawer of the play.[11].

Takaiwa, who acts as a suit actor for destruction, was appointed because destruction is the representative of AI and the most important person to pull to the end.[101].

Kamen Rider Ark Zero's suit actor is the person in charge of the possessed character[283][284][26][282].

Hachisuka, the late suit actor, will be the first original character in the Kamen Rider series.[280].

ス タ ッ フ

The directors are young directors, including main director Teruaki Sugihara, because of the futuristic setting.[11].. The producer isKamen Rider Ex-AidAnd 'Kamen Rider BuildYukari Takahashi who was in charge of "Ex-Aid" was appointed as the main writer, Takahito Omori, and Takahashi wrote and directed the stage "SLANG" at Toei.[93]Since it was decided to do the work and to cut out each work and gradually advance the relationship and feelings on the regular side, multiple screenwriters will be in charge.[182][4][11][25][15].. Also, the music in this play is "Kamen Rider GhostIs handled by Go Sakabe, who was in charge of[346].

Director Hidenori Ishida was in charge of Nichiasa's Kamen Rider for the first time in about 5 years[41].

At the request of Sugihara, the main director, the action director will be in charge of the first TV series by Atsushi Watanabe.[4].


Theme song "REAL x EYEZ'[351]
Lyrics- Seiko Fujibayashi-Nishikawa Takanori / Composition- J / Arrangement-J×Takanori Nishikawa and DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING / Song-J x Takanori Nishikawa
J (LUNA SEA) And Takanori Nishikawa's theme song “J×Takanori Nisikawa”[351].
Normal opening video used from episode 3[317]..It is used as an insert song in episodes 1, 9, 29, 39 and "President Special", and as an ending in episodes 2 and 45. The cast and main staff credits are in the avant-title, and the other staff credits are in the last part of the main story. Each was displayed.
Insert song
  • Instead of gekitomo, the melody is made as a song, and the demo version is made into an instrumental version so that it can be easily used as a gekitomo.[346].
"I'm the only one who can stop you! ~ Find a new life"
Lyrics-Hirai Glasses / Composition / Arrangement- Tsuyoshi Sakabe / song - Tsuyoshi Himura
"Hybrid Rise! Zero One ~ Rising sun"
Lyrics --Hirai Glasses / Composition / Arrangement --Go Sakabe / Song --Tsuyoshi Himura
"Transformation! Zero Two ~ Now is the right time"
Lyrics --Hirai Glasses / Composition / Arrangement --Go Sakabe / Song --Tsuyoshi Himura
"Humagear Anthem" (28)
Lyrics --Hirai Glasses / Composition / Arrangement --Go Sakabe / Song --MC Chekera (Jun Soejima)

Broadcast schedule

  • The subtitle contains Katakana (personal pronouns/indicators) in part.
  • At the end of the main part, with some exceptions, the related progress keys are displayed for each story.
AirdateBroadcast timessubtitleAppearance PhantomscriptAction directordirected by
2019 0October01 daysEpisode 1I am the president and Kamen Rider[ep 1]
  • Bellow Samagia (Voice-Mr. Nakayama)
Yuuya TakahashiAtsushi WatanabeTeruaki Sugihara
October08 daysEpisode 2Are AI guys the enemy? Are you on your side?[ep 2]
  • Ekarmagia (voice-Goro Yoshida)
  • Queneomagia (voice-Shogo Teramoto)
May 9Episode 3Sono, sushi chef[ep 4]
  • Neo Himagia (voice-Makoto Ishikawa)
Shojiro Nakazawa
May 9Episode 4I saw the bus guide! Anna Truth[ep 3]
  • Onikomagia (Voice-Maki Kanemitsu)
May 9Episode 5Carre's Passion Manga Road[ep 41]
  • Vicaria Magia (Voice-Kotaro Tokuzumi)
Masaya KakeiTakayuki Shibasaki
October06 daysEpisode 6I want to hear your voice[ep 38]
  • Gael Magia (Voice-Kaiko Miyama)
  • Onikomagia (voice-Ryoya Abe)
May 10Episode 7I am a hot-blooded Huma Gear teacher![ep 7]
  • Mammoth Magia (Voice-Ken Kaito)
  • Dodo Magia
Kyohei Yamaguchi
May 10Episode 8From here the beginning of destruction[ep 8]
  • Dodo Magia
Yuuya Takahashi
May 10Episode 9Sono Life will keep[ep 9]-
[Annotation 64]May 11Episode 10I am an actor, Shinya Owada[ep 5]
  • Dodo Magia
Masaya KakeiGo MiyazakiShojiro Nakazawa
May 11Episode 11Don't stop the camera, stop him![ep 6]
  • Arsino Magia (Voice-Omi Sakimoto)
  • Dodo Magia breaks
May 11Episode 12Anno detective came over[ep 37]
  • Dodo Magia breaks
  • Dodo Magia Hina
Riku SanjoTakayuki Shibasaki
October01 daysEpisode 13My job is the secretary of the president[ep 10]
October08 daysEpisode 14We astronaut Brothers![ep 11]-Yuuya TakahashiAtsushi WatanabeMorota Satoshi
May 12Episode 15The end of Solesore[ep 12]
May 12Episode 16This is the dawn of ZAIA[ep 13]
  • Armor Gear (Belosa type)
  • Armor Gear (Dodo Type)
Shojiro Nakazawa
2020 0October05 days
[Annotation 65]
Episode 17I am the president and Kamen Rider[ep 14]
  • Ark Amagia (Onico Type) (Voice-Honoka Murakami)
  • Arcuma Gear (Queeneo type)
May 1Episode 18This is the flower that I can[ep 15]
  • Crushing Buffalo Raider (Voice-Wakato Kanematsu)
May 1Episode 19Hanouma is a house seller[ep 44]
  • Archmagia (Neohi type) (Voice-Erina Nakazaki) (Episode 19)
  • Splashing Whale Raider (Voice-Minato Isshiki)
  • Ark Amagia (Mammoth Type) (Voice-Hidekazu Nagae) (Episode 20)
Hidenori Ishida
May 1Episode 20The best house with 1000% sole[ep 45]
October02 daysEpisode 21Objection! Sono trial[ep 46]
  • Vicaria Magia (Voice-Keisuke Minami) (Episode 21)
  • Dynamiting Lion Raider (Voice-Junto Mori)
Teruaki Sugihara
October09 daysEpisode 22I'm not doing curry[ep 16]
May 2Episode 23I'm in love with your intelligence![ep 47]
  • Ark Amagia (Frog Type) (Voice-Roma Baba)
  • Storming Penguin Raider (Voice-Guymon)
Takano MizutoMorota Satoshi
May 2Episode 24It's my turn[ep 17]
  • Arcino magia
October01 daysEpisode 25I save Huma Gear[ep 18]-Yuuya TakahashiYoshihisa Uehoriuchi
October08 daysEpisode 26Fire fire team[ep 48]
  • Scouting Panda Raider (voice-Koichi Kosse)
  • Mammoth Magia (Voice-Takeaki Shima) (Episode 26)
May 3Episode 27I will not give up my life[ep 19]
May 3Episode 28My rap changes the world![ep 20]
  • Fighting Jackal Raider
  • Dodo Magia (Voice-Jun Soejima) (Episode 28)
Teruaki Sugihara
May 3Episode 29Our dreams don't break[ep 21]
October05 daysEpisode 30After all, I am the president and Kamen Rider[ep 22]
  • Fighting Jackal Raider
Takayuki Shibasaki
May 4Episode 31Fly towards your dream![ep 24]
May 4Episode 32My pride! Dream runway[ep 25]Masaya KakeiRyuta Tasaki
May 4Episode 33Are dreams important to Sonna?[ep 23]
October03 daysEpisode 34This is the path of death[ep 26]-Shojiro Nakazawa
May 5Episode 35Does Huma Gear Dream Donna?[ep 27]
May 6Episode 35.5Did Nani create the ruined thunder?[ep 42]Yuuya TakahashiMasaya Kakei
May 6Episode 36Kamen Rider in the arc[ep 39]Masaya KakeiTakayuki Shibasaki
October05 daysEpisode 37Sole can't stop[ep 28]
May 7Episode 38I'm your 1000% friend[ep 29]Yuuya TakahashiRyosuke Sakuno
May 7Episode 39Sono conclusion, unpredictable[ep 30]
May 7Episode 40Towards my and my dream[ep 31]Shojiro Nakazawa
October02 daysEpisode 41Nanji, take a hand with your neighbor![ep 32]
October09 daysEpisode 42As long as Soko has a malicious intent[ep 33]
  • Ark Gear (Neohitaipu)
  • Ark Gear (Ekal Type) (Episode 42)
  • Ark Amagia (Onicotype) (Episode 42)
  • Armor Gear (Arsino type)
  • Ark Magia (Mammoth Type) (Episode 42)
  • Ark Amagia (Dodo Type) (Episode 43)
  • Arcuma Gear (Queeneotype) (Episode 43)
  • Ark Agia (Belosa Type) (Episode 43)
Ryuta Tasaki
May 8Episode 43Sole is the heart[ep 34]
May 8Episode 44Only one person can stop you[ep 35]-Teruaki Sugihara
May 8The last episode ofFuture of Solesole[ep 36]
  • The alternative broadcasts between episodes 35 and 35.5 due to the change in the shooting schedule mentioned above are as follows.[1].
Alternative broadcast
2020 0May 5President Special PART.01[Annotation 66][ep 40]Masaya Kakehi (script composition)[1]
May 5President Special PART.02[Annotation 66][ep 43]Masaya Kakehi (script composition)[1]
May 5Shooting special[Annotation 67][ep 49]
October07 daysSuper(Supermarket)Job Wars Battle 1[Annotation 68][ep 50][1]
May 6Super(Supermarket)Job Wars Battle 2[Annotation 68][ep 51][1]

Broadcast internet station

Broadcast target areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodseriesAirtimeRemarks
All over Japan
(Excluding some areas)
TV Asahi series24 full-net stationsMarch 2019, 9-March 1, 2020TV Asahi seriesSunday 9:00-9:30
TokushimaShikoku BroadcastingMarch 2019, 9-March 10, 2020NTV seriesTuesday 10:55-11:25
Tottori prefecture/Shimane prefectureSanin BroadcastingMarch 2019, 9-March 10, 2019
March 2019, 10-March 5, 2020
TBS seriesTuesday 15:52-16:21
Saturday 6: 15 - 6: 45
YamanashiTV YamanashiMarch 2019, 9-March 14, 2020Saturday 5: 00 - 5: 30
FukuiFukui BroadcastingMarch 2019, 9-March 23, 2020NTV series
TV Asahi series
Monday 15:50-16:20
MiyazakiMiyazakihosoMarch 2020, 3-March 28, 2021TBS seriesSaturday 5: 45 - 6: 15About 6 months late

Online delivery

Delivery periodDelivery timeDelivery siteRemarks
October 2019, 9-Updated every Sunday 10:00Toei special effects official fan clubAlways delivered after delivery
Video pathLimited delivery for 1 week after delivery
Free delivery of episodes 1 and 2 until October 10st

In addition, in commemoration of the start of broadcasting, the full episodes of episodes 1 and 2 were delivered on the following YouTube channels.

Delivery target areaDelivery destinationRenewal periodRemarks
All over Japan| TV Asahi OfficialSeptember 2019, 9 (1 episode)
September 9 (8 episodes)
Limited time until May 2019, 10[353]Toei special effectsYouTube Official

Other media development


"Movie version Kamen Rider Zio Over Quartzer(Published August 2019, 7)
Previous workKamen Rider Geo]'S independent work. Prior to the start of the TV series, Kamen Rider Zero One (Rising Hopper Flying Falcon) will appear[354].
"Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation(Published August 2019, 12)
This is a crossover work featuring "Kamen Rider Giou" and this work. From the 14th episode to the 18th episode of the TV series, which was the opening time, the video of the same work was used for the OP.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Zero One REAL × TIME』(Released on March 2020, 12[355])
An independent work of this work.
"Saber + Zenkaiger Superhero Senki(Published August 2021, 7)
Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary x Super Sentai 45 works commemoration.Aruto Hiden / Kamen Rider Zero One is here[356].

V synext

"Zero One Others Kamen Rider Extinction Thunder"
A spin-off work that will be a later tan of "Kamen Rider Zero One REAL x TIME the Movie" with the four main characters of the extinct thunderstorm.net[357].2021 May 3Screened for a limited time,May 7Blu-ray & DVD was released in.
"Zero One Others Kamen Rider Balkan & Valkyrie"
2021 May 8Screened for a limited time,May 11Blu-ray Disc / DVD was released in[262][358].

Web movie

"Kamen Rider Zero One Transformation Course"
A transformation commentary video delivered on YouTube Bandai official channel on September 2019, 9.Explain the transformation poses of Rising Hopper and Flying Falcon[359].

Spin-off web movie

"Miracle turnover! ? Alto VS. Abdominal collapse Taro Fate's gag battle! ]
A spin-off short drama featuring Taro Abdominal Disintegration Taro (and Jiro Abdominal Disintegration) distributed on Toei special effects YouTube Official on March 2020, 3[360].
  • Feiden or Human-Fumaya Takahashi
  • Fuwa Isao-Ryutaro Okada
  • Is-Noa Tsurushima
  • Abdominal disintegration Taro / Abdominal disintegration Jiro-Nakayama Kinni-kun (second role)
ス タ ッ フ
  • Director-Ryosuke Sakuno
  • Original Work-Shotaro Ishinomori
  • Produced by Takahito Ohmori (Toei)
"Kamen Rider Genms -The Presidents-"
Delivered at Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club on April 2021th and 4th, 11.Tianjin 垓 / Kamen Rider Souther is here.

Super Battle DVD

"Telebi-kun Super Battle DVD Nani pops out from Kamen Rider Zero One Kangaroo? Sonna himself kangaroo! Yes, it must be somebody!!”
TV-kun February 2020 issue (released December 2, 2019) All applicants service DVD[361].
  • The Zetsumerize key, in which the picture drawn by Jin in the play was embodied as Magia, was not the ability of Jin, but was born from an accident.[26].
  • The shooting time is after shooting the 16th episode of the TV series.[124]..Initially, it was thought that by looking into the abdominal pocket of the hopping kangaroo, it would be connected to the workplace of each human gear, but because there was no shooting time to go to locations in various places, the human gear appeared in front of some people. Will come[41].
  • Aruto Hiden / Kamen Rider Zero One --Fumiya Takahashi
  • Fuwa Kaoru / Kamen Rider Balkan --Ryutaro Okada
  • Is-Noa Tsurushima
  • Jin / Kamen Rider Jin --Daisuke Nakagawa
  • Consistent Nigiro-Kenta Uchino
  • Mamoru-Goro Yoshida
  • Matsuda Zet-Ryunosuke Matsumura
  • Tendon Boketaro-Hisashi Sakai (The Mummy)
  • Manzai Master-Yohei Hayashida
Voice appearance
  • That-Noriko Hidaka
Suit actor
ス タ ッ フ
  • Director-Satoshi Moroda
  • Original Work-Shotaro Ishinomori
  • Screenplay-Masaya Kakei
  • Action Director-Atsushi Watanabe
  • Produce-Takahito Omori, Moeka Kitamura, Mitsuo Kanno
  • Produce Assistant-Chika Chikamatsu, Yosuke Minato, Ryusuke Momose, Rintaro Sugita
  • Photography-Atsushi Uetake
  • VE-Akira Sawano
  • Lighting-Shu Doosawa
  • Recording-Jiro Horie
  • Art-Sakura Kobayashi
  • Decoration-Mitsunori Gonda
  • Costume-Yuko Kurita (Tokyo costume)
  • Makeup-Saori Kanto (Sato-Style)
  • Operation-Tomoyoshi Takagi
  • Character management-Yasuhiro Onojima
  • Character design-PLEX
  • Record-Mori Midori
  • Edit-Masakichi Kaneda
  • Harmonic-Kaoru Soga
  • Sound effects-Yoshihiko Ohno, Miho Kinoshita
  • Music Selection-Kenji Kanari
  • Assistant Director-Ryosuke Sakuno
  • Production Manager-Takatsugu Ibano
  • Line Producer-Koji Sasaki
  • Production Production- Toei Television Production
  • Production/Issue- Shogakukan

Spin-off drama

"Project Souther"
A spin-off drama that depicts the secret story of the birth of Kamen Rider Souther from the perspective of death recorded as a bonus video in Kamen Rider Zero One Blu-ray COLLECTION[362][107]。全2話+メイキング。前編が収録されたCOLLECTION 1は2020年4月8日に発売、後編が収録されたCOLLECTION 2は8月5日に発売予定だったが11月11日に延期[363][107].. Making is recorded in Blu-ray COLLECTION 3.
  • Tianjin-Nagi Sakuragi[107]
  • Blade Yua-Hiroe Igashi[107]
  • Destruction-Shuya Sunagawa[107]
  • Death-Sakitsuki Nakayama[107]
  • Fuwa Isao-Ryutaro Okada[364]
  • Blade Yua-Hiroe Igashi[364]
  • Jin-Daisuke Nakagawa[364]
  • Williamson Yotagaki-Tomomi Maruyama[364]
ス タ ッ フ
  • Original Work-Shotaro Ishinomori[107]
  • Screenplay-Mizuno Takano[107]
  • Director-Shojiro Nakazawa[107], Masaya Kakehi[365]
  • Produce-Takahito Omori (Toei), Shuichi Okawara (Toei video)
  • Producer Supplement-Chika Chikamatsu, Yosuke Minato, Ryusuke Momose (Toei)

Short anime

"Kamen Rider Zero One Short Anime EVERYONE'S DAILY LIFE (Everyone's Daily Life)"
Short animation distributed exclusively to members at Toei Tokusatsu fan club from July 2020, 7[366]..The voice of each character is in charge of the same cast as the TV series[367]..The fifth episode will be pre-distributed on the official video distribution service "MIRAIL" as an advance ticket privilege for the movie version "REAL x TIME".
ス タ ッ フ
  • Original Work-Shotaro Ishinomori
  • Screenplay-Tete Inoue
  • Supervision-Koichi Yamabe, Shinichi Kaneko (Ishimori Productions)
  • Character Illustration-Inugami Rito
  • Music-Hiroyuki Deguchi
  • Production Production-Sandwich Lunch
  • Production --Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club
  • Narration --MAO (Episode 4, Episode 4 notice)
  • Thouzer --aibo (Episode 4)
Number of storiessubtitleDelivery dateCharacter
Episode 1I'm telling Carre to Hiden[368]2020
May 7
If there is, Izu
Episode 2Fuwa and the blade are pounding[369]May 8Isamu, Yua
Episode 3The secret game of boyfriends[370]May 9Horobi, Jin, Naki, Ikazuchi
Episode 4He's crazy after Anno?[371]May 10Gai, Yua, Sauza
Episode 5This is my dreamNovember 11 (preceding)
If there is, Izu, Isamu, Yua, Gai
Horobi, Jin, Naki, Ikazuchi


"Kamen Rider Battle Ganba Rising』(Bandai)
Data card.. Rider time 6 bullets participated in Zero One in advance, and the progression key interlocked from the burst rise 01 bullet.
"Masked Rider Butba Soul" (Bandai)
Lottery Gashapon.With this work, the link with Ganba Rising ends[372].. Operation ended in March 2021.
"Narelunder! Kamen Rider Zero One"
arcade game. Service will end on September 2020, 9[373].
"Kamen Rider City Wars』(BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment)
Smartphone app game.
"Kamen Rider Atsume" (Distributor: Toei)
Smartphone app game.
"Right Brain Training x Kamen Rider Zero One" "Defeat! Rider Kick" "Rider Puzzle"
Smartphone app games[374]
"Co-battle Words RPG Kotodaman"
Smartphone app game. Collaboration with Kamen Rider series from February 2020th to 2th, 4[375].
"Yokai watch Punipuni”
Smartphone app game. Collaboration with Kamen Rider series from July 2020, 7. Zero One, No. 1 and Den-O appear[376].
"Zenon Zard"
September 2020-9, 2 Limited time offer, W, Ooo, Zero One collaborate[377].
"KAMEN RIDER memory of heroez"
Released on July 2020, 10,PlayStation 4,Nintendo SwitchSoftware.
Zero One appears as one of the main characters[378].

Internet distribution program

"S & L Back Kamen Rider"
TELASA(Old: Video Pass[Annotation 69]), Toei Tokusatsu fan club, and online programs distributed on TV Asahi's official website (updated every other Sunday, 21 times in total)[Annotation 70]).
"Amethyoke!] Also appeared as "Kamen Rider entertainer"Shinomiya Akatsuki(Ojin Osborne) Is the moderator, and the content of the story of the production and the cast of this work is told to guests as a guest.[379].. TELASA and Toei special effects fan clubs have delivered "L-Ura Kamen Rider" and TV Asahi official site has delivered "S-Ura Kamen Rider", and the content of each talk is different.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Therefore, Omori says that the script of episode 41, in which a person and a murderer fought together to defeat Ark Zero, was close to the image of the final episode in which humans and human gear hold hands.[18][17][13][14].
  2. ^ Like Az, "Izu shedding tears" is feedback from the opening.[40].
  3. ^ Sometimes referred to as "Hidden Intelligence"[42].
  4. ^ A certain person was there when he transformed into Kamen Rider Zero One for the first time in Kusukusu Dreamland[ep 1].
  5. ^ There was also a proposal that a person was an AI or a father rider with children, but in order to have children embrace emotions and to have a connection between the hero and artificial intelligence, the human hero raised by AI is a robot equipped with artificial intelligence. Became a laughing entertainer who wanted to make his father laugh, and became a structure that fights against the parent and child of AI who are paired with a certain person[50][9].
  6. ^ The setting of Izu's older brother is an idea from "Kikaider 01".[41].
  7. ^ Immediately after restarting, some people were called "some people" as they were before he was appointed president of Hiden Intelligence. I started to call him "President".
  8. ^ In a later interview, Sugihara was not a selfish ad lib, but was taken after confirming with Omori.[14].
  9. ^ The story about a person's true father was planned to be drawn in a television series without the effects of the suspension by Corona.[18].
  10. ^ Some of the parts are buried in the grave of the Feiden family.
  11. ^ Konosuke did not inform the surrounding officers that he was trying to appoint some of his grandson to be the second president. I was accused of becoming a personal property!"
  12. ^ Although he appreciates his talent, he says he made a mistake in using it.
  13. ^ The official name is not set officially, but at the shooting site ``AIMS carIs called[77].
  14. ^ Therefore, he was distrusted by Huma Gear at the regular medical examination at the National Medical and Medical Center, so he did not have his brain examined.[8].. It is a hint of the dead chip that will be revealed later[82]Later, he was seriously injured in the fight against extinction[ep 8], Dr. Omigoto's surgery revealed that the data of death was incorporated into the brain chip in "President Special"[ep 40][76].
  15. ^ However, when I was looking for a spy on the extinct thunder.net in episode 14, Izu stopped trying to explain the gag after someone showed off the gag, saying "I don't need to laugh !!" ..
  16. ^ However, the destruction that was later restored is overlooked as a source of information though it is in captivity at AIMS.
  17. ^ Omori said that the conventional No. 2 rider made the past heavier, but on the contrary, it gradually disappeared because it was a lie memory.[83].
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