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🤖 | "Detective Conan" Toru Amuro police characters are lined up!Introducing new goods such as acrylic stands

Photo "Microfiber Police ver." 660 yen each (tax included) (C) Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan / Yomiuri TV / TMS 1996

"Detective Conan" Toru Amuro police characters are lined up!Introducing new goods such as acrylic stands

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"Microfiber Police ver." Is also available in all 10 types: Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, Harry Wilder, Miwako Sato, Nicholas Santosaburo, Toru Amuro, Hiromitsu Morofushi, Jinpei Matsuda, Kenji Hagiwara, and Ko Date. ..

From "Detective Conan", an atomizer designed with characters such as Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, and Toru Amuro ... → Continue reading

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Takagi Wataru

Wataru Takagi(Wataru Takagi,1966 May 7[3][7] -) isJapan OfVoice actor[8],An actor[8].ChibaBackground[2].Arts VisionAffiliation[2].

The representative work is "Detective Conan』(Genta Kojima,Takagi Wataru)[8],Yes! precure 5-Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!(Bunbee)[8],Gegege no Kitaro (5th work)』(Nezumi Otoko)[8],The Three Musketeers』(Porthos)[8],Hanakappa(Kurohaneya Chobei)[9].


Originally aspiring to be a stage actor,TroupeWhen I was looking at a magazine related to performing arts, I was wondering if there was something because I didn't like it until I took the entrance exam.Katsuta Voice Actor AcademyI saw an article about recruiting students, and passed the exam, saying, "Because voice actors are also part of acting, it may be useful."However, Takagi later felt that the voice actor was more rewarding, so he devoted himself without taking the troupe's exam.[10],Katsuta Voice Actor AcademyGraduated as the 5th gen member[11].

1987 ,Television Animation"Mr taste』Debuted as a voice actor (There is also a material that describes the year of debut as" 1988 "[12]).After thatAnime,dubbingHas appeared in many.

2002 ,Kappei Yamaguchi,Tomokazu SekiTogether with, he formed a three-person play unit called "Sannin no Kai".[3]..In this way, he is active not only as a voice actor but also as a stage actor, and is also the representative of "Theatrical Company Akapera Club".[3].

2005 Is a TV animation "Doraemon (TV Asahi version 2)"soMrRole,2007 Is a TV animation "Gegege no Kitaro (5th work)"soNezumi OtokoHas played an important role in the remade anime.

2016 OfTaiga drama"Sanadamaru],Shigemasa OyamadaAppeared in a role[8].TV dramaThis is the first time I have appeared in.This appearance has received a great deal of feedback from anime fans.[13]..Since then, appearances in TV dramas have increased.

DiedRyusuke Shiomi,Toshitaka Shimizu,Kento Shiozawa,Saki Yanagi,Kumakura Kazuo,Nozomu Remoto,Osamu Kato,Keiji FujiwaraHas taken over some of the roles from.


According to Takagi, "Originally a clumsy type, not a type that pops out so much, originallyAd libIt is not necessary. "" (It is done) to soften the air at the dubbing site and to keep the flow. "However, ad lib does not seem to be playing around, saying, "Beast WarsIn the series, the sound director who is acting instructor said, "If there is a silent scene, fill it with some ad lib for the time being." "If everyone does not laugh at the test, do not return to the line written in the script. There is a rule that "If you change the line that the translator thought, it would be rude to the translator if you return to the original line because it is not interesting" "" If you do ad lib, do it with care " There was a line and I was trained.It was a good site. "[12][14].

"Mobile New Century Gundam X』Main characterGarrod RanAlthough he was selected for the role, Takagi said he was surprised that he had originally auditioned for the role of Witz Sou and "I never thought he would be the main character."

In "Detective Conan"Characters with the same surname and same nameHowever, the name of this character was not originally set, and when Takagi, who was in charge of the voice, gave his own name in ad lib, there was an episode that it was adopted as the character name as it is. be.

Tan salonElaborate,Masaya OnozakaIs "TsuyoshiI've been attending since that time. "[15].

Hobbies/special skillsノ ノ ー ボ ー[2].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation

  • Mr taste(1988-1989, Man A, Nobuo Ochiai, etc.)

Theater animation



  • Let's get started with Anpanman! Play with Hiragana (rabbit driver)
  • Dirty Dream ~ Shameful Flesh Festival ~ 2nd night (Daisuke Kosaka)
  • HELLSING(Yan Valentine)

Web anime

  • Another future. (Goro Goto[98])


  • (Saito-kun)

Drama CD

Radio Drama


Responsible actor

Alan Cumming
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Crispin Glover
Chris Rock
Jamie Foxx
Jack black
Sean Astin
Sean William Scott
Josh Gadd
John Leguizamo
Steve Zahn
Charlie Chaplin
Toby Jones
Mike Epps

Movie dubbing




TV drama


Special effects




* IsInternet distribution.

Web show


  • Each work of the theater company Akapera Club
  • Sanninkai
    • Shinsengumi-Episode of Nameless Men-
    • Shinsengumi-Episode of Nameless Men- (Replay)
    • Ibun Nishi Yuuki / Sun Wukong ~ Hanaka Nishi Yu Youkai Kitan ~
  • Six protagonists who hurt the author(As a friend of the author)
  • Sakura wars Budokan Live-Imperial Capital, Pari, String Education- (May 2007, 5) Shizo
  • Sakura Wars Parihanagumi Live 2012 ~ Review Mont Paris ~ (December 2012-12, 26) Shizo


  • Kaonavi"Western Army" "Western Army East Army" (January 2020-) --Voice of Mitsunari Ishida[175]

Other contents


  • Detective Conan Character song collection All gathered at Tetan Elementary School !!
    • Tetan Elementary School Song / Camp Song / Our Dream Masked Yaiba (Platinum Thunder Blade) / Nazo Calls Us '06 / Yaiba for You / Our Dream Masked Yaiba (Short Version of Boy Detectives) / For you Yaiba (TV version)


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外部 リンク

Detective Conan characters

Detective Conan > Detective Conan characters

Detective Conan characters(Meitantei Conan's Tojo Jinbutsu)Gosho AoyamaOriginalComic-Television Animation-Animated movie-TV drama"Detective ConanAmong the characters appearing in the movie, we will deal with characters derived from Gosho Aoyama's original work (including the original manga and other media) and original characters in TV animation.[Note 1]..In principle, the categories that belong to the time axis after the first episode of the main story are described.[Note 2]..Please refer to each link for details of characters with individual articles and original characters only for the movie version and TV drama version.

Mouri Detective Agency

Conan Edogawa(Conan Edogawa) / Shinichi Kudo (Shinichi Kudo)
sound - Takayama Minami(Conan, Shinichi in his childhood) / Kappei Yamaguchi(After junior high school students in the main story, Shinichi, flashbacks, etc.), Performance- Nao Fujisaki(Conan: 2nd single shot, voice is Minami Takayama) / Shun Oguri(Shinichi: Single-shot 1st and 2nd works) ・Junpei Mizobata(Shinichi: Single-shot 3rd and 4th works, serial drama)
A high school detective who became an infant, this workhero.
Ran Mouri(Moriran)
Voice- Wakana Yamazaki, Performance- Kurokawa Tomoka(Single first and second works) ・Shiori(Single 3rd and 4th works, serial drama)
With ShinichiChildhood friendSchoolgirl (karateThe captain of the club)heroine.
Kogoro Mouri(Morikogoro)
Voice- Akira Kamiya(Episode 1-Episode 548, Movie versionFirst work - First work, OVAFirst work - First work) →Rikiya Koyama(Episode 553-, theatrical versionFirst work -, OVAFirst work -), Performance- Takanori Jinnai
Ran's father and exMetropolitan Police DepartmentInvestigation DepartmentForcible criminalDetectiveBut also a private detective.

Collaborators who know the true identity of Conan

Haibara Ai(Ai Haibara) / Shiho Miyano (Shiho Miyano)
Voice- Megumi Hayashibara, Performance- Anika Shibata(Ai Haibara: Voice is Megumi Hayashibara) / Yu Kashii(Shiho)
Infant "Black tissueFormer member ofscientist.
Harley Hartwell(Hartwell Heiji)
Voice- Ryo Horikawa / Kumiko Higa(Childhood)[1], Performance- Tori Matsuzaka
OsakaHigh school studentDetective.
Dr. Agasa(Hiroshi Agasa)
Voice- Kenichi Ogata / Kazunari Tanaka(Boyhood), Performance- Tayama Ryosei
Neighbor of Kudo's housescientist-Inventor.
Kudo Yusaku(Kudo Yusaku)
Vivian Kudo(Yukiko Kudou)
Shuichi Akai(Shuichi Akai) / Subaru Okiya
Voice- Shuichi Ikeda(Akai) / Ryutaro Okiayu(Okiya) / Kaji Yuki(Akai as a boy)

People around Conan

Kazuha Toyama(Toyama Kazuha)
Kaito Kid / Kaito Kuroba(Kuroba Kaito)
Ayumi Yoshida(Ayumi Yoshida)
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya(Tsuraya Mitsuhiko)
George Kojima(Kojima Genta)
Inspector Joseph Megui(Megure Juzo)
Serena Sebastian(Sonoko Suzuki)
Makoto Kyogoku(Makoto today)
Eva Kaden(Eri Kisaki)
Miwako Sato(Miwako Sato)
Wataru Takagi(Wataru Takagi)
Yumi Miyamoto(Yumi Miyamoto)
Kazunobu Chiba(Chiba Kazunobu)
Azusa Enomoto(Azusa Enomoto)

People around Conan (key person)

Toru Amuro(Toru Amuro) / Rei Furuya
Masumi Sera(Masumi Sera)
Mary Sera(Mary Sera) / Sister outside the territory
Hideyoshi Haneda(Haneda Shukichi)
Kuroda Hyoue(Kuroda Hyoe)
Rumi Wakasa(Wakasarumi)
Kanenori Wakita(Kane Nori Wakita)
Momiji Ooka(Oka Momiji)
Iori Muga(Iori Muga)
Takaaki Morofushi(Morofushi Takaaki)

Relationship between both feelings (other than marriage)

Shinichi Kudo(Shinichi Kudou) / Ran Mouri(Moriran)[2]
Harley Hartwell(Hartwell Heiji) / Kazuha Toyama(Toyama Kazuha)[2]
Makoto Kyogoku(Makoto today) / Serena Sebastian(Sonoko Suzuki)
Wataru Takagi(Wataru Takagi) / Miwako Sato(Miwako Sato)[3]
Hideyoshi Haneda(Haneda Shukichi) / Yumi Miyamoto(Yumi Miyamoto)[3]
Kazunobu Chiba(Chiba Kazunobu) / Naeko Miike(Miike Naeko)[3]
Yamato Kansuke(Yamamoto Kansuke) / Yui Uehara(Yui Uehara)
Nicholas Santo(Shiratori Ninzaburo) / Sumiko Kobayashi(Sumiko Kobayashi)[3]
Dr. Agasa(Hiroshi Agasa) / Fusae Campbell Kinoshita(Fusae Campbell Kinoshita)


Shuichi Akai(Shuichi Akai) / Subaru Okiya
James Black (James Black)
Voice- Ieyasu Kazumasa(Episode 258-Episode 783[Note 3],Movie version"Lupine the XNUMXrd VS Detective Conan THE MOVIE』- First work) →Takaya Haji(Movie versionFirst work -)
Jody Sterling (Jodie Starling) / Jodie Saintemillion
Voice- Miyuki Ichijo / Touma Yumi(Girlhood)
Andre camel (Andre Camel)
Voice- Kiyoyuki Ryota


National Police Agency

Kuroda Hyoue(Kuroda Hyoe)[5]
Toru Amuro(Toru Amuro) / Rei Furuya
Voice- Toru Furuya / Mariya Ise(Childhood, Episode 953--)
Security bureauSecurity Planning Division (zero)ofPublic security police officerAnd the rank isInspector[Note 4].

Metropolitan Police Department

Hyoue Kuroda
Voice- Yukimasa Kishino
National Police Agency→Nagano Prefectural PoliceCriminal departmentInvestigation DepartmentManager[5]→Metropolitan Police DepartmentCriminal Department Investigation Division XNUMXDirector[7]..The class isPolice command[8].. 50 years old
When it first appeared, it was seconded from the National Police Agency to the Nagano Prefectural Police.[5]After that, he was transferred to the Metropolitan Police Department and became the first section manager as a successor to Matsumoto.[7].Strong side(Frightened)And a large physique.Black teaparty[5].
I had some big accident in the past and have been unconscious for nearly 10 yearsPolice hospitalBecause he was hospitalized in Japan, he was delayed in being seconded to the local police, who was supposed to come when he was younger.Burn scars on the face and right eyeArtificial eyeIs due to the accident, and the originally black hair turned gray due to the stress of the accident, and even after regaining consciousness, detailed memories have been lost until now.[5]..The left side is a normal lens, and the right side with a prosthesis is wearing glasses called a black lens.
The characteristic of "large and artificial eyes"Black tissueIs a member ofLambConsistent with the characteristics of, Conan suspects its identity.On the other hand, Kuroda also backs up and follows Conan's reasoning from a surprising point of view, and has existed as a "sleeping Kogoro's wisdom bag" that leads to the solution of the case even before he actually got acquainted. I know[5]Even after getting acquainted, I trust that I move my subordinates as directed by Conan.[7][9].
Rumi WakasaReacted after seeing the news[10], I'm also investigating her independently[11]..Rumi visited the campsite accompanied by Conan and others at the same time and met at that time.Shadow(Stone)I'm also staring as if I can find it[11].
When the sighting information of Shinichi Kudo was muttered online in the case of Kiyomizu-dera, he showed interest.[12]When I was later muttered that it was a mistake, I had some kind of smile on my face[13]..About Amuro over the phoneバ ー ボ ンCalling[9]..Even after the transfer to the Metropolitan Police DepartmentScotch= Nagano Prefectural Police, brother of KagemitsuTakaaki MorobushiAnd alsoKansuke YamatoI am also in contact with[14][Note 5].
The origin of the name is of the warriorKuroda Kanbei[15].
Inspector Joseph Megui(Megure Juzo)
Voice- Tea wind forest, Performance- Masahiko Nishimura(First single shot),Ibu Masato(Single 2rd and 3th works, serial drama)
Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX Forced Criminal Investigation Section XNUMXInspector.
Miwako Sato(Miwako Sato)
Voice- Atsuko Yuya, Performance- Natsuhi Ueno
Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX Forced Criminal Investigation Section XNUMXAssistant InspectorThe deceased father was also a police inspector in the same department within the Metropolitan Police Department during his lifetime.
Wataru Takagi(Wataru Takagi)
Voice- Takagi Wataru, Performance- Yuichi Tsuchiya
Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX Forcible criminal investigationPolice Officer.
Yumi Miyamoto
Voice- Sugimoto Yu
Ministry of CommunicationsTraffic Enforcement Divisionpolicewoman[Note 6]..The rank is assistant police.Of the criminal departmentSatoIs a close friend from school days, and although the age is not stated in the main story, it is suggested that he is around 28 years old, the same as Sato and his lover Hideyoshi.
From the assailantOrganizational crime control departmentI have a wide range of friendships with themJoint partySetting and all nightMahjongA wild personality[16]..Taking advantage of Sato's popularity, almostscamWith a clever technique equal toAccessoriesMay be obtained[Note 7]..On the other hand, he takes care of his post-release work for a former pickpocket addict he arrested.[17]There is also a gentle and caring side.He also played a role in blasting the love affairs of detectives Sato and Takagi.Two at my parents' housedog(StarとBee).I wasn't aware of it until recently, but it was severeCatAllergiesHave[18].
There was a time when I was impatient that romance was coming to the men and women around me one after another, but when I was in collegeHideyoshi HanedaAnd once with his childish personality煙(Kemu)Words and deeds[Note 8]I was unilaterally flirting with all my love[19]..However, he solved the kidnapping case where he was taken hostage.Master game[Note 9]I exchanged kisses when sending out to, and I am resuming dating[20].. laterWarlordWhen I happened to see the news, Hideyoshi finally found out that he was a professional shogi player, and he dropped the title and was depressed.Scolding encouragement(Beautiful)After that, I will wait for the seven crowns to conquer[17]..Hidekichi in the state of six crownsPrinceIf you take ", it will be rounded up as a seven crown[9], Start living with him[21].
Although not as much as Sato, he buys Conan's reasoning power high and relies entirely on his reasoning.[22].
Akai, who was asked to guard by Hideyoshi when a serial murder aimed at a female police officer occurred, was described as "not looking like a woman in need of guard".[9], In the anime, Naoden SatoGerman suplexAlso showing the ability to defeat the criminal[23].
Kazunobu Chiba[Note 10]
Voice- Isshin Chiba / Riko Aikawa(Childhood)
Criminal Investigation Division 24 Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX Detective and Police Officer. XNUMX-years-old[Note 11].
Short hair, baby face, obese body type.Among the subordinates of Megure, he is the only one who does not wear a suit and is in charge of his duties.Takagi's junior, speaking to him in honorifics[Note 12]..Originally from Tetan Elementary School, he is two years younger than Professor Kobayashi.I chose judo when I was a student.brother isrental videoI was working in a store.Taking medicine for hay fever.Special effectsA maniac and a big fan of Masked Yaiba.I'm also addicted to the beautiful girl detective manga "Lovely Mystery"[Note 13]..The room is dirty, I'm often late, and I'm a little sloppy, so I'm moving my house clock a little so that I won't be late.[27]..He acknowledged the relationship between Sato and Takagi from the beginning, and actively supported Takagi.A member of the Investigation Division XNUMX other than Sato and Takagi, who can pierce the words and actions of the swan.[Note 14], Sometimes chills the relationship between the swan and Kobayashi.My car is the 3rd generationFiat 500Was,Nissan GT-RChanged to[9].
Naeko Miike, a policewoman of the Police Department, was a classmate in Tetan Elementary School, and at that time I thought she had a crush on herself, but later I learned that she had a crush on her with the cooperation of Conan and others.[29]..However, I have not noticed for a long time that the policewoman who I have encountered several times at the scene of the incident is Naeko himself.[22][Note 15]When Naeko was imprisoned by a serial killer who aimed at a female police officer, she finally noticed when she was rescued and taken to the hospital.[9]..From that point on, the relationship with Naeko begins, and the relationship becomes so intimate that she also prepares meals, but sometimes there are fights due to disagreements, and including that, we are dating as good lovers.[21].
Although she is not popular with the police officers in the agency because of her metabolic syndrome, she has succeeded in dieting with the shadow of Naeko and has become slim.However, as a result, it was put on the measures of the seedlings who were concerned about being popular, and in the end it rebounded immediately.[24].
Like Detective Takagi, anime[Note 16]From the original[Note 17]It came to appear in.
The origin of the name and the model of appearance are from Isshin Chiba, who is in charge of the voice actor.[Note 18].
Naeko Miike
Voice- Rie Tanaka
Policewoman in the Traffic Enforcement Division of the Traffic Department.The rank is the police officer.Age is 24 years old[Note 19]However, I have been doing it since I was in elementary school with a baby faceTwin tailIt has been pointed out by Chiba that "it looks like a junior high school student" because of his hairstyle.[9]..Also features cat eyes.
Detective Chiba of the detective department was a classmate of Tetan Elementary School and had both feelings, but he transferred to the school in the summer of the sixth grade without communicating his feelings to each other.At that time, I hid the reply of the love letter sent from Chiba in the school.[Note 20]It wasn't until now, 13 years later, that he confirmed it.[29]..Immediately after that, he was transferred from the Cupto station to the main office, but he did not dare to tell it to Chiba, and he did not notice it even if he met in the investigation, so he could not convey his feelings for a while. Of things[22][Note 21], The detective who rushed to the scene when he was imprisoned by a serial killer who aimed at a female police officer was Chiba, so he revealed to him that he was a childhood friend after rescue.[9]..From there, the relationship with Chiba began, and the relationship became so intimate that he cooked his dinner, but sometimes he went around the cooking of Naeko.[Note 22]Sometimes they get into fights, and including that, they are dating as close lovers.[21].
He was spoiled because he was the youngest and had never been scolded by his parents.I liked Chiba because it was the first time I really scolded myself for trying to ignore the signal.[29]..I still live in my parents' house as a police officer[9].
When I transferred from the Cupto station when it first appeared to the main office, I had no acquaintance with Conan and others.[Note 23],Sakurako YoneharaSince the incident involving him, he has come to trust Conan and his friends.
When he was imprisoned by a serial killer who aimed at a female police officer, he refused to respond to Yumi's call, which was a request from the criminal.[9], In the anime, "Don't mess with the police!", Showing the words and actions that are training like a police officer.Seoi nageAlso show off the ability to easily throw down the criminal[23].
Yuya Kazami / Hida Danroku
Voice- Nobuo Tobita
Ministry of Public SecurityAssistant police officer[33].. 30 years old
Amuro, a collaborator of Furuya[Note 24]So, one of the few people in the work who calls him his real name "Mr. Furuya"[34]..Also, if people who do not know themselves as police officers see where they are with Amuro, Amuro's detective assistant, "Tobita Manroku"[35].
The fourth movie version "Pure black nightmareFirst appeared in[34]..After that, it will appear in the original, but it is often used without being asked the reason in Amuro's private investigation.[36].
The origin of the name is the anime "Mobile Suit Z Gundam]Camille bidan[37][Note 25].
2020 May 5Release magazine "Da VinciIn the June 2020 issue of the "Characters that gave happiness to readers" ranking, we won 6th place.[38].
Nicholas Santo(Shiratori Ninzaburo)
Voice- Kento Shiozawa(Episode 146-Episode 157, Movie version 1- First work) →Kazuhiko Inoue(Episode 205-, theatrical versionFirst work -) / Takako Honda(Childhood)
Inspector Assistant inspector of the Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX Forced Criminal Investigation Section XNUMX → Inspector.
Ginzo Nakamori(Nakamori Ginzo)
Voice- Ishizuka Unsho(Episode 76-Episode 888, Movie versionFirst work - First work) →Koji Ishii(Episode 983-, theatrical versionFirst work -)
Police Department of the Second Investigation Division of the Criminal Department.
Originally a character in another work by the author, "Magic Kaito," he appeared as a star system in this work.
Voice- Natsuo Tokuhiro
Inspector of the Fire Criminal Investigation Section, Investigation Division XNUMX, Criminal Department.Full name and age unknown.
The boss at the time when Kogoro belonged to the fire criminal clerk.Stubble,た ば こI love you.Called by Kogoro, "The Fire Father of Section XNUMX"[39].Stern(The squid)Contrary to his appearance, he is smart, he treats his children calmly, and he harshly talks about the criminal who set fire for a playful reason.[40]He is a kind person who has a strong personality.With Kogoro, he decided that the fire was arson and stepped into the scene, trampling on the leftovers, so many times.Fire departmentIs a friend who was complained by[39].
There was a slightly short-circuited side drawn in the original anime story only once, and at that time I was trying to scold Conan who was holding my mouth at the scene of the incident and pick it up (I totally denied Conan's opinion) Not that)[41]..At this timeFruit wineThe detailed side is also drawn in[41].
Hiromitsu Morofushi
Voice- Hikari Midorikawa[Note 26] / Hisako Kanemoto(Childhood)
Public Security Department police officer.Nagano Prefectural Police InspectorTakaaki MorobushiHowever, Takaaki was estranged (has exchanged e-mails) because his parents died when he was a boy and was taken over by a relative in Tokyo. I also saw the death of the inside[43].
He had a beard.Once with Rei Furuya (Toru Amuro), undercover investigation into the Black Organization[Note 27]At that time, in the organizationScotchWas given the code name.Furuya was a childhood friend and a member of the police academy, and his friends include Jinpei Matsuda, Kenji Hagiwara, and Ko Date.
ベ ーWas good at, and taught how to play to Sera who I met by chance[44]..Furuya is "Furuya" or "Furuya"zero(zero)Was called[45].
Within the organization, three people, including Furuya and Akai, who had infiltrated from the FBI at the same time, were acting together as snipers.[44][Note 28]..He was later hunted down by Akai because his identity was revealed, but in the end his cell phone was put in his chest pocket with a pistol stolen from Akai so that his friends' information could not be known.[Note 29]I shot through my heart and committed suicide[45]..Furuya hates Akai so much that he wants to kill him because of a misunderstanding about this case.[46][45][Note 30]..In addition, Akai apologized to Furuya over the phone, "I still think he was bad."[46]In addition, there is a depiction that Kagemitsu feels deeply guilty about the fact that he forgave himself to commit suicide without letting Kagemitsu escape even in his own flashback scene, which caused him to be resented by Furuya.[45].
2020 May 5Release magazine "Da VinciIn the June 2020 issue of the "Characters that gave happiness to readers" ranking, we won 6th place.[38].
Jinpei Matsuda
Voice- Kanna Yonen
Criminal Department Investigation Division XNUMX Detective in charge of forcible criminals.
A solitary detective who was assigned to the three forcible criminals three years before the story began, and his appearanceDetective TakagiIt's similar to.The hand is so dexterous that you can quickly type an email on your mobile phone.
Before being assigned to the three forcible criminalsSecurity departmentriot police OfExplosives disposal groupHowever, because he lost his best friend Kenji Hagiwara in the bomb incident that occurred seven years before the story began, he wanted to be transferred to the special criminal in charge of the bomb incident, but decided that he should cool his head. Was sent to the three forcible criminals by the upper management[47].
Because of his rough words and deeds and his attitude of not listening to what others say, he was disliked by the detectives in the first division, including Sato, but even so, he was desperately chasing the bomber alone.One week after the transfer, he finally found the location of the explosive set by the bomber, but died in the explosion without clearing Hagiwara's remorse to protect the people.After that, she mainly appeared in Sato's recollections, and as a result she was supposed to suffer, but with the progress of the relationship between Takagi and Sato, she no longer suffers.
The fourth movie version "Pure black nightmare]Rei Furuya(Toru Amuro)Police schoolIt was revealed that he was a friend of the times.The knowledge and skills of bomb dismantling that Rei learned from Matsuda will play an important role in the final stages.
In the June 2020 issue of the magazine "Da Vinci" released on May 5, 7, we won the 2020th place in the "Characters that gave happiness to our readers" ranking.[38].
Ko Date (Wataru Date)
Voice- Keiji Fujiwara(Episode 682-Episode 683) →Hiroki Tochi(100の内緒話 - )
Criminal Department Investigation Division 1 Detective in charge of forcible criminals.Although he looks old, he is one year older than detective Sato.[Note 31].
He was a tough guy who was described by Yumi as "not dying even if killed", and had high physical ability such as instantly securing a suspected giant.AlwaystoothpickWas in addition.
Detective Takagi is an educator, and because he is very close to him and has the same name reading, he referred to himself as "Wataru Brothers."In contrast to TakagiCarnivorousAnd a lover and an English teacherNatalie Kuruma(Natalie car)I often went to stay at my house.
Immediately after arresting a fraudster a year before the story began, he was hit by a dozing car in front of Takagi and died.Immediately before his death, he entrusted Takagi to hand over his engagement ring to Natalie, but Natalie, who learned of Date's death, soon followed him and committed suicide, so that thought was not fulfilled.The black notebook that Takagi usually uses is a relic of Date.[26].
Rei Furuya (Toru Amuro) was a friend of mine who cares about each other even though he has been out of touch for a long time during his time at the police academy.Regarding Zero at that time, he said, "My grade was always No. 2" and "I never beat him in my head and body", but at the same time, Zero overconfided in my power and made a mess. He was worried that he tended to do so, and he advised Takagi that "even a detective has one life, don't make a mistake in his stakes."[26].
Kenji Hagiwara (Kenji Hagiwara)
Voice- Shinichiro Miki
Security Bureau riot police member.
Jinpei Matsuda's best friend and belonged to the same explosives disposal team[47]..In the bomb incident that occurred seven years before the story began, he was in charge of processing the bombs set up in different places with Matsuda, but he died because he was caught up in the explosion because the dismantling was not in time.[Note 32].
In the original, it first appeared in the explanation of the police department Megui with only the surname, and the appearance and the name below were drawn for the first time in the anime version.Later in the original, the appearance of the police academy was drawn[43].
In the 7th episode of the spin-off work "Zero no Nichijou", it is revealed that Rei Furuya (Toru Amuro) and the police academy were in sync.
Kiyo Matsumoto (Kiyo Matsumoto)
Voice- Seizo Kato
Police command[48]→Police commander[7].. 54 years old
He has a tough look from beginning to end, and has a wound on his face that he suffered in the incident 20 years ago.Every time Kogoro solves the case, he seems to have a narrow shoulder, and he calls him "Keikyoden".He was also the person who knew the secret of Meguire's hat.[49]..Until the time when he belonged to the Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX in the main story, he was an administrator[Note 33]Although he was also a boss who reports directly to Meguire and others, he later retired as a manager due to a personnel change and was promoted to Keishisei.[7]..However, the department or job title of the transfer destination is not specified in the work.[Note 34].
ビ ー ト ル ズIn generations, "Let It BeA case related to the song[Note 35]Injured face by[51], Asking for help with Beatles related cryptography[52].
His wife is ahead of him, and the rest of his family is a daughter who is a music teacher at Tetan Junior High School and a teacher of Shinichi, Ran, and Sonoko.Sayuri Matsumoto(Sayuri Matsumoto, voice-- Maya Okamoto) Only, the case in which she was attacked reveals a sad past with the criminal for police officer Matsumoto.[48]..With Conan's narration at the end of the first appearance, Sayuri planned to commit a crime from a misunderstanding that she should get married at this time three years later.Toshihiko Takasugi(Toshihiko Toshihiko, voice- Hiromitsu Mizushima), And a picture of the wedding ceremony three years later, which also includes Matsumoto, is drawn.[48].
The origin of the nameSeicho Matsumoto[53].
Chaki Jintarou
Voice- Nobuo Tanaka
Police of the Second Investigation Division of the Criminal Department. 49 years old.
kid the Phantom thiefWas chased, and was dispatched by the Metropolitan Police Department to the Suzuki family who received a notice from him for security.Nakamori, a subordinate assigned to Section XNUMX, is having a hard time[54].
He has known Kogoro since he was a detective in the First Investigation Division, but he has many comical roles, such as believing in his misguided reasoning.
This character first appeared in "Detective Conan", but later "Magic Kaito] Appeared in the main story.
Voice- Satoshi Nakajima[Note 36]
Criminal departmentForensics section OfForensic officer[Note 37].
A middle-aged man with glasses, nicknamed "Tome-san (of the forensics department)", but his real name (full name) and age are unknown.Don't treat Conan, who you often meet at the scene of the incident, as a nuisance, but treat him gently.What i likeRanpo Edogawaof"Boy Detectives』Series, Conan from the dialogue at the scene of the incidentKobayashi ShonenIt is suggested that they are looking at it again.
It is an original anime character, and even in the episode that existed in the original for a while, Tome-san was in charge of all the relevant scenes of the Mob connoisseur in the anime.Although it has not appeared in the original[Note 38]Authorized by the author, it later appeared in the novel version.Anime Episode 654 "Poison and Phantom Design (Poison)"[58]Although it has not appeared since then, "Conan and Ebizo Kabuki XNUMXth Mystery(Episode 804-805, anime original), it is shown from the remarks of Police Officer Shiratori that he had come to the scene of the incident.
Voice- Kozo Shioya
Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX.Full name and age unknown.
The feature is that the thread and chin are crouching on the head.He has a gentle personality and takes in the opinions of his child, Conan.There is also a deep emotional side, and I have made the criminal's Kyogen robbery caused by his own circumstances unquestioned by saying, "If this is an incident, the chief will throw lightning."[59].
Voice- Nada Nada-Osamu Hosoi(Only episode 177 is a substitute) ・Hiroyuki Yokoo(Only episode 181 is a substitute) ・Tomohiro Nishimura(Only episode 321 is a substitute)
Criminal Department Investigation Division XNUMX Detective in charge of forcible criminal investigation.Full name, class and age unknown.
She has a small body and is stubble.The first appearance is the third movie version "End of the century magician], I was reporting the damage. In addition to appearing during the investigation of incidents that occurred in the "Criminal Love Story of the Main Office" series, in the anime episode 181 "Nocturne of Red Killing (Part XNUMX)", the trick performance requested by Conan was performed. doing.
An original anime character that has not appeared in the original.
The origin of the name and the model of appearance are from the staff of Tokyo Movie[60].

Nagano Prefectural Police

Takaaki Morofushi
Voice- Hayami Award
Nagano Prefectural PolicePolice Department of the Criminal Investigation Division 35. XNUMX years old.My parents and my younger brother who was taken over by a relative in Tokyo and later became a police officer belonging to the Public Security Department of the Metropolitan Police DepartmentScenery(Hiromitsu)Has already passed away[43].
The nickname from elementary school is "Koumei", which is a reading of the name "Komei", commonly known as "Koumei".Detective Koumei in charge".The same Nagano Prefectural Police Inspector Yamato and Detective Yui Uehara are childhood friends.
After graduating from Tohto University Faculty of Law at the topCareerAssigned to Nagano Prefectural Police Headquarters without taking the exam.I was transferred to the Shinno police station under the jurisdiction because I ignored the order of my boss in an attempt to find Yamato who was missing during the investigation and forcibly resolved the case.[61] However, he later returned to the headquarters on his own.[58]..Like Yamato, he knows that Conan has a high reasoning power, and Takaaki says, "Akira ZougetsuIn addition to listening to Conan's reasoning seriously from Kogoro, he also let Conan enter the scene despite Uehara's doubts.[5], Inviting him to participate in the investigation is as aggressive as Yamato.On the other hand, if you concentrate on reasoning like Conan (Shinichi) and Heiji, you tend to lose sight of your surroundings, and you may have been killed by the criminal by acting alone.[61][Note 39].
Speak in a gentle tone and say, "Three KingdomsThe words left by the wise men as a lessonChugoku OfStoriesI often use words associated with it.It is a habit to fold arms behind when standing.Yamato has been a rival since elementary school, but Morofushi is more likely to win.Modeled after Zhuge Liang in elementary school, "2nd grade A group Komei-kun! There is a book called[61][Note 40].. My car isCitroen CXAnd the number is "Momo 624".
I met my younger brother once while I was a student at Tohto University, and at that time I also met Furuya when I was a student before joining the police, so the video sent from Kogoro shows "Blonde man ( = =Amuro Toru) ”Is Furuya, and he is the one who delivered his brother's mobile phone to the Metropolitan Police Department, but when he met again, he pretended to meet him for the first time.[14][Note 41].
In the June 2020 issue of the magazine "Da Vinci" released on May 5, 7, we won the 2020th place in the "Characters that gave happiness to our readers" ranking.[38].
Yamato Kansuke
Voice- Yuji Takada
Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Division 35. XNUMX years old.
Has a large body.While investigating an incidentavalancheWhen caught in, the left eye is seriously injured so that a scar that traverses the eye area for a long time remains.blindnessI also hurt my legs and back, so nowOne eyeNextCaneIs on[62]..However, the physical ability itself did not decrease so much, and he walked with a cane and investigated.[Note 42]..Even in that state, you can do hard work,riot policeForRiot shieldCan be used[5]..In addition to the violent tone, it is sometimes misunderstood because he likes to use words with a noisy meaning, so when he first met Agasa and HaibaraBlack tissueMisunderstood as a member[63][Note 43]..He is agile and smart, and has a reasoning power comparable to the person who is called "Detective" in the work among the detectives of the prefectural police, and he is involved in the investigation of the case that he was involved in when he was an apprentice with Morofushi. In some cases, he noticed a small contradiction between the situation at the scene and the content of the report, and as a result, discovered a serious mistake made by police officials at that time.[64].. I see that it is Conan who controls everything about "Sleeping Kogoro".[63], Let him participate in the investigation when he finds out that he is present at the scene of the incident[64]..Even when faced with a difficult incident, I will pick you up to help Conan[63], Deeply trusts his reasoning, insight and observation, and considers Kogoro merely a guardian[Note 44].
As mentioned above, Morofushi is a classmate from elementary school and has a rivalry, but his rivalry runs idle and he lacks calmness, and he has hardly won.[61].
Detective Yui Uehara, a subordinate, is a childhood friend and has special feelings for each other.Due to his personality, Daisuke cannot be honest,[62], I often use words that are kind to detours[62][5]..Also, during the investigation, they trust each other as a partner and show a breathtaking activity.[61].
Yui Uehara
Voice- Ami Koshimizu
Criminal Department Investigation Division XNUMXDetective..Class unknown[Note 45].. 29 years old
When first appearedYui Uehara(Yui Torada) and the surname of the bride's wife.Childhood friend with Yamato and Morofushi[Note 46]..Since he was a child, he has called him "Da-chan" and has special feelings for each other, but now that he is also his boss, he often praises him during work.When I was retired after getting married[62], Lost her husband Yoshiro in a serial murder case that occurred in the Torada family who is the wifeSurvivorAfter resolving the case, he returned to work under the maiden name "Uehara" at the recommendation of Yamato.[63]..Like Yamato, he has a clear mind that he notices the truth of the case without overlooking the details from the scene and the suspect's relationships and remarks, but unlike Daisuke and Takaaki, the reasoning and investigation that relies on the text of the material is somewhat. I wasn't good at it, and I didn't realize the serious implications of the misstatement in the report of the case in which they were deeply involved.Like orchids and Japanese leavesホ ラ ーI'm not good at relationships[64][Note 47].. My car isHonda inspireThe number is "Shinno 300 Ma 215"[Note 48].
The fourth movie version "Jet Black Tracker』Marked the lover of a suspected serial killer in the local Nagano[52].
Kuroda Hyoue(Kuroda Hyoe)[Note 49]

Osaka Prefectural Police

Heizo Hattori
Voice- Takehiro Koyama(Episode 77-Episode 712, Movie versionFirst work - First work) →Kazuhiro Yamaji(Episode 966-, theatrical versionFirst work -)
Osaka Prefectural PoliceGeneral manager..The class isPolice officer[Note 50].Heiji HattoriFather of.Shizuka's husband.His father (Heiji's paternal grandfather) is also a police officer, and the Torakura family butlerRikuju Koga(Kogashige, voice- Ken Shiroyama) Says that it was synchronous[66].
government officialA carrier group that has passed Class I (formerly Class A).OsakaNeyagawaResident.
kendoHeizo's old friend and former Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Division XNUMX police officerSamezaki Shimaji(Samezaki Touji, voice- Hidekatsu Shibata) Says, "I was very sick in the kendo game."[67]..A cautious, quiet, calm and calm personality.Unlike my childhood friend Ginshiro Toyama, I can't make any jokes.Hard-boiledStrong side(Frightened)However, my wife's Shizuka does not raise my head[68].
Reasoning and observing power surpasses his son, and like Conan (Shinichi), Heiji cannot beat his father yet.[Note 51].
It's usually fine, but when it gets extremely high and emotional, one eye is wide open.[68]Also open when telling important requirements[69].
In the general manager's officeLaoziThe forehead of the original Chinese sentence "God grind and do not leak", which is the word "God grind and do not leak", is displayed.[70].
The origin of the nameHistorical novel"Onihira criminal record bookIs the protagonist ofHasegawa Heizoから[53].
Ginshiro Toyama (Toyama Ginshiro)
Voice- Masato Sako(Episode 118) →Shinji Ogawa(Episode 263, 10th movie version-17th movie) →Terasoma Saki(Episode 966-, 21st movie version-)
Criminal director.The class isPolice commander.Kazuha ToyamaFather of.
Heizo Hattori is a childhood friend's best friend, and is trusted by Heizo as his right arm.
In contrast to Heizo, he likes jokes and is loved by Inspector Otaki as "Toyama's father".Even if his subordinates are the main culprit in the serial murder case, he is a humane person who has a strong side, such as "I am still my subordinate. Can you give me a hand?"[71]..Like Heiji's mother, Shizuka, her daughter, Kazuha, is sweet.My carNissan Cedric Y34 type[68].
The origin of the name is the TV historical drama "Toyama's KimIs the protagonist ofKinshiro Toyama.
Goro Otaki
Voice- Norio Wakamoto / Masaya Onozaka(Boyhood)
Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX Forced Criminal Investigation Section.He longs for his boss, Heizo Hattori and Ginshiro Toyama.
Heiji Hattori, who has a close relationship with him, is called "Hirahata", and he calls him "Han Otaki".
A friendly person with a shaved head and an old wound on the right eyebrow, who is strong but has a wide bosom.He has a personality that he cannot refuse when asked, and often sends information to Heiji and Conan.Heizo may also be asked by an acquaintance of Otaki to send Heiji to resolve the case.I'm from Hasegawa Commercial High School, and I belonged to the baseball club and won the best 8 in the district qualifying.[72]..好きな物はWhat I like isbaseballとTakoyaki.

Kyoto Prefectural Police

Fumimaro Ayanokoji (Fumimaro Ayanokoji)
Voice- Ryutaro Okiayu
Kyoto Prefectural PoliceInspector of the Criminal Investigation Division 28. XNUMX years old.Official houseOriginally from, elegant with a face that makes you smell itKyoto dialectThe nickname is "Ojarumaru Inspector".It is a synchronization (career group) with the police officer Shiratori, and it is sometimes regarded as a rivalry by the surroundings, but the swan dislikes "I do not want to be with the guy who always carries Cimaris".[73].
The 1th movie version, which appeared as the original character of the movie version and first appeared as one of the suspectsLabyrinth crossroads"[73]After appearing in the movie series[52][1][74]Like the Shiratori Police Department, it came to appear in the original main story[12]..In addition, the 17th movie version "Detective in the seaIt first appeared in episode 694, "The Long-established Japanese Sweets That Disappeared," which was broadcast as a pre-story.
As "best friend"ChipmunkI have[Note 52]Sometimes I call it a walk and carry it on my shoulder. When Kogoro suspected that he was the culprit in "The Crossroads of the Labyrinth," even Chipmunk had to deal with his sloppy reasoning.[73]..For that reason, I was initially uncomfortable with Kogoro, but when I met him again later, he called out to me and honestly praised Kogoro's reasoning and cooperated, so it is not a terrible relationship. ..In addition, the 21st movie version "The Crimson Love Letter], Conan and Heiji, who rushed to the scene of the incident, agreed to the site verification, and they have come to have full confidence in them.[1].Clear mind(Zunoumeiseki)Although he has the power to act, he is accompanied by Cimaris until the investigation, so he is described by Detective Sato as "a weirdo more than Mr. Shiratori".[73]Masumi Sera, who is not usually bound by common sense, was stunned when he first met, asking, "What is the detective who brings a pet to the murder scene?"[12].

Shizuoka Prefectural Police

Sango Yokomizo (Yokomizo Sango)
Voice- Akio Otsuka
Saitama Prefectural PoliceInspector of the Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX[75]→Shizuoka Prefectural PoliceInspector of the Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX[76].GeminiHis younger brother, Shigego, works for the Kanagawa Prefectural Police.
For a while after its appearance, it was often called "Detective Yokomizo" by Conan and others.[Note 53].
At the time of first appearance[75][Note 54]Was a member of the Saitama Prefectural Police, but was transferred to become a member of the Shizuoka Prefectural Police.[Note 55]..He has a genuine respect for Kogoro and is always looking forward to his reasoning.It has excellent reasoning power and a mild-mannered personality, but it tends to be a little early and dusty.[Note 56], Because he believes in "Sleeping Kogoro" too much, he may receive the usual Kogoro's irrelevant reasoning.He is one of the detectives who listens to Conan's opinions obediently, and often goes to assistants to understand Conan's reasoning at detective shows.
I'm not good at ghosts and youkai, and when it comes to incidents involving them, I suddenly become unreliable, and sometimes I really receive them without assuming the possibility of tricks, so I only saw how they were frightened by youkai. Heiji, who has no ghost, is amazed that he is no different from the Gunma Prefectural Police Heppoko (Yamamura).[79][Note 57]..In addition, even though he had a face-to-face conversation with Conan and Ran, who are familiar with his face from the beginning, he may not notice them until the case is resolved.[79], The slightly missing side has become more noticeable than the talented part that was shown at the beginning of the appearance.
Hairstyle as the name suggestsCoralIt has the shape of[Note 58], A hammer that can't swim at all[81]And has been pointed out by the Detective Boys[82][Note 59]..The tone is polite, but he speaks loudly with inflection.Also, when talking to people during interrogations, they have a habit of bringing their faces close to the tip of their nose.It was a bad writing, and Kogoro pointed out that the letters in the memo written in the police notebook were dirty.Strong strength, Conan and 4 boy detectives (total about about 93 kg) Has been lifted.
The detective who first appeared in the main story at the prefectural police[Note 60], Anime originals have appeared many times.
The origin of the name is that Yokomizo is a detective writer.Yokomizo Masashiから[53].

Kanagawa Prefectural Police

Yokomizo Jugo
Voice- Akio Otsuka
Kanagawa Prefectural PoliceInspector of the Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX.He is the twin brother of Sango Yokomizo, the police inspector of the Shizuoka Prefectural Police, and has the same rank as his brother.I have a good relationship with my brother[80][52].
Enlightenment means two faces and voices[Note 61]However, her hairstyle is shaved, and her eyes are sharper than her brother.In addition, his personality is the opposite, and in contrast to his mild-mannered enlightenment, his tone and personality are rough and straightforward, and his interrogation is very rough (in reality, it is almost illegal).However, if you get sick and take a fallen orchid to the hospital[83]Protect your child from the explosion[84], Elbow sanctions on criminals who tried to blame others for murder committed by selfish motives[85]The root is a justice man who protects the weak and hates evil, and is called "Yokomizo's Danna" by local thugs and is respected.
I hate detectives, and contrary to my brother, KogoroHusan(Usan)I think it smells bad, and I mistakenly call "Sleeping Kogoro" "Smoke Kogoro".I was strict with children, and I only saw the detective boys as a group of noisy children, but after several incidents, I began to review it a little, and I trust Conan's cleverness while being unfriendly. doing[Note 62]..Also, as the story goes on, the tendency to downplay detectives is diminishing.
The first meeting with the detective team and Sonoko is the original[87]And anime[88]In the former episode, there are some differences in the character's dialogue between the original and the anime.[87]..Appearance in the movie version precedes Sango.
Self-proclaimedThriftyWhenever I go out drinking with my subordinates at homeDutch treatWith[80]..As a child, he was not good at water like Sango, but he is a close friend.Iwao Ida(Idaiwao, voice-Junichi Sugawara) My father taught me how to swim, so I've overcome it now.[81]..I like black coffee.
The origin of the name comes from the answer (3 x 5 = 15) of multiplication by changing the name of Sango into a number.Thatpun(Play)Detective Takagi once laughed at the naming like[52].

Gunma Prefectural Police

Misao Yamamura (Misao Yamamura)
Voice- Toshio Furukawa
Gunma Prefectural PoliceCriminal of the Criminal Investigation Division XNUMX (class unknown)[89]→ Inspector[Note 63].
Novice detective when first appearing[89]And later promoted to inspector[52][90][91].. He has a habit of saying "I'll do it" and "I'll do it".In addition to being a serious idiot, his insight and reasoning are low enough to question Conan and Hartwell, "Why did you become a detective?"[Note 64],Detective Heppoko (Inspector)"It is called.The self-proclaimed nickname is "Yama-san" or "Yokai Hunter"[94].TottoriYazu TownResident grandmotherMisae Nohara(Misae Nohara, voice-- Hori Ayako) Frequently[95][96][90].
I know the basics of the investigation, but in addition to the conspicuous words and deeds that are suspected of their character,幽 霊,ApparitionThere are some depictions of pale and panicked in the kind of.Basically, he has a cheerful personality, but he showed a moody expression when he was out of vacation due to an incident.[96], When Mitsuhiko and Motota made a fool of him, he shouted at him, saying, "If you get too noisy, you'll pick it up from the scene." There is also one side that sometimes becomes emotional, such as being described as "na"[97]..Not only misguided reasoning, but also behavior that pulls the surrounding legs and makes the situation worse is conspicuous.As a specific example, a person unrelated to a suspect who was upset as a result of inadvertently throwing a police notebook.[Note 65]Not only was he entwined, but Megui was stabbed by protecting Uehara, who was attacked by the suspect's lover with a knife.[52]..In addition, as a result of deciding to commit suicide without investigating the closed room metamorphosis case in charge, the victim's bereaved family who hates the criminal who is convinced of the murder takes the suspect and Kogoro as hostages to investigate the truth. I have also had an incident in which I stayed in[98].Street racingWhen inspected at the Fuyuna Pass in Gunma Prefecture, the sacred place ofdriver"Silver whitewitchBecause the existence of "" has been handed down for four years[Note 66], All the suspects are professed as "Are you a witch?", And Kogoro is also amazed at "Aho or this guy".[90].. As wellZombie movieEven at the time of the incident that happened in the shooting ofzombieConan and Hartwell were amazed at the "expected reaction", but at this time, "the zombies of the criminal escaped in the extras of the zombie make-up gathered in the hall where the incident occurred. I called a lot of zombies, "he said, and he was impressed by the fact that Conan had a good match with Tsuji.[99].
A big fan of Yukiko, she said she aimed to become a detective by watching a detective drama starring her.[89].
If Conan doesn't have the right person to do the detective show, or if he tries to block the case for unreasonable reasons, Conan will be put to sleep.Therefore, it is the only police officer who was made to act as a detective.[Note 67]..He longs for Kogoro and calls himself a "name combination", but Kogoro is a nuisance.We are proud that the criminal arrest rate of the case resolved in collaboration with Kogoro is 100%, but Conan is also rushed to say, "Other than that, it's useless."[100].
The origin of the name is that of a detective writerMisa Yamamuraから[53].

Saitama Prefectural Police

Sango Yokomizo(Yokomizo Sango)[Note 68]


Mary Sera[Note 69](Mary Sera) / Sister outside the territory[101]
Voice- Atsuko Tanaka
MI6 OfAgent[102][103]so,Shuichi Akai,Hideyoshi Haneda,Masumi SeraMother of three siblings.Englishman[Note 70].. "Sera" is the maiden name[Note 71]From the marriage of her husband Tsutomu Akai to the birth of Masumi, she changed her family name to her husband's family name.Mary AkaiWas registered in England as (Akai Mary)[105][Note 72]..Actual age is around 53 years old[Note 73]. Also,Elena MiyanoReal sister[102][Note 74]And her real childAkemi Miyano,Shiho Miyano (Ai Haibara)Is my aunt.
Black tissueBecame the target of eradication, alone in LondonVauxhall BridgeWhen I went to see him, I disguised myself as him and sent out false information to invite him.vermouthBy, as a poisonAPTX4869Is drunk, but like Conan and Haibara, it becomes an infant[106][Note 75]..At this time, Conan and Orchids are visiting England.[107]At that time, when I saw Conan's appearance on TV, I remembered Shinichi Kudo, a boy I met in Japan 10 years ago.[Note 76], Immediately let MI6 investigate and see the possibility of Shinichi becoming an infant[106]..There is also a prediction that it will be targeted again when the organization is known to be alive, so in order to confirm the truth of Shinichi's childhood and take measures against childhood, he came to Japan with his daughter Masumi who knows his own childhood and secretly said " Following the plot of "Black Organization"[106]..He regrets that he was "unconscious" that he was made an infant.[106]When Shinjun told me that there might be a medicine to restore the body, he said, "If you restore your body, you can't run away anymore." "It will turn into a counterattack."[12]..Even after returning to Japan, I lie down in bed[64], Occasional coughing, etc.[102], Although there are some parts that are getting sick[102], He analyzes that "the effect of being taken medicine"[106].
Even after returning to Japan, he has been acting with Masumi, assuming that Conan will ask him about his identity, and in that case he is instructing Masumi to say "younger sister outside the realm".[109][110].. Recalling what happened 10 years ago, Conan said, "She is just like herself.APTX4869I guess he became an infant. "[108], Furthermore, "younger sister outside the realm" is translated into English as "younger sister" "sister" English translation of "area" "territory" Abbreviation of "ter" Remove "SIS" By interpreting that, she arrived at MI6.[105]..I met Conan = Shinichi, Ran and Yukiko 10 years ago.[108], When Conan wasn't aware of that, the handkerchief that Masumi had "Mary" NamedEmbroidery(Embroidery)Because it was given[32], "Mary" was presumed to be the real name of "younger sister outside the realm"[111].
With curly hair and short hairEyesIt was thought that Conan had a purely similar face since he was first known for its existence.マ ス カ ラBecause the face was similar to Haibara with[111], Will be suggested to be related to Haibara[24]..Every time someone points out that her daughter, Makoto, has small breasts, she insists that "(the breast) is also big breasts, so she plans to grow up in the future." When I met Mary, she was wearing a bikini swimsuit as Makoto mentioned, exposing her good proportions.[108]..The current appearance is small, about junior high school students, but he does not take words and actions appropriate for the age of appearance, and speaks in a purely imperative tone of high school students.[112], Words and actions remain the same[Note 77]..In addition, he has a clear and calm analytical ability.[112]In addition, he has physical abilities such as clinging to the back of the balcony by himself while attaching a lifeline to hide himself and advanced martial arts.[113][Note 78]..Master the bow tie type voice changer dropped by Conan[Note 79], I also showed Kogoro's reasoning show instead of Conan[113].
Called "mama" by Shinjun[113][Note 80]..Later, when he was told by Shinjun that "there may be a drug that restores the body," he instructed him to identify the developer of the drug and obtain the drug.[12], When Shinjun told me that "Conan has medicine", "If possible"掠(Lend)I instructed him to take it, but he failed due to Conan's wit when he saw the situation.[106].
I'm convinced that Conan's identity is Shinichi, though I'm not sure, but I'm wary of Conan, telling Masumi that "Don't be afraid of Conan Edogawa ... it's like a different person from Boya I met 10 years ago."[113]..When Masumi tried to meet Conan in the hotel room, he agreed on the condition that he should come alone, but when he confirmed that Ran and Sonoko were also accompanied, "Bakamon" was told to Masumi. I never met Conan[114]..However, after resolving the incident that happened in the hotel pool, Ran, who happened to see her sister Mary outside the area when she left the hotel, muttered in her heart, "I have met somewhere before." Being[114][Note 81].
We support Hideyoshi's professional shogi player activities[102], He smiles when he achieves the seven crowns of the shogi title[20], Contact is lost[21][102].
Tsutomu Akai[Note 69]
メ ア リ ーhusband of[108]And, like my wife, an intelligence investigator[106].Shuichi,Hideyoshi,MasumiFather of 3 siblings.
Details have not been disclosed at this time,Koji HanedaI was searching for the truth of the case of Koji, whose father was a friend and died a mysterious death when asked.Black tissueTurned out to be entwined[105][Note 82], Detecting danger and sending family to Japan as a precaution[105], It becomes unknown whether it is alive or dead[108]..Since the body has not been found since then, Shuichi also considers the possibility of survival.[108].


Rena Mizunashi / Main Hall Emi (Hondo Hidemi)
Voice- Three Stones
His real name is Rena Mizunashi.CIA OfSecret agentSo, I am doing infiltration intelligence to the black organization under the name of "Rena Mizunashi", and the code name given at that time iskeel..The face on the front was a popular female announcer who works for Nissho TV, but Conan contacted Nissho TV using a voice changer because he lost consciousness due to the motorcycle accident described later and remained in a coma. He was treated as a leave of absence, and after regaining consciousness, he announced his intention to retire.There is a younger brother named Eisuke Hondou.His father, Ethan Hondo, has passed away, but he was also the same CIA agent, also infiltrating the Black Organization.Until the mother died 10 years agoOkuhira Kakuzo(Okudaira Kakuzo, voice- Fujimoto JoeI was a live-in housekeeper at the house of a person named).
Infiltrating the Black Organization During intelligence activities, his identity is discovered by his own mistake, but he escapes the crisis by disguising his father Ethan Hondo as being killed by Rena Mizunashi and committing suicide.In addition, the achievement of "killing the CIA spy (Ethan)" was recognized by "that person" and given a code name by the organization, and the executiveginPromote to a position where you can assassinate and trade with them[115].
A good agent, but unaware that the transmitter is attached to his clothes, he creates the cause of Ethan's death, and in front of Jin and his friends, the CIAJoutoku(Jyotoku)[Note 83]There is also a sweet side of stuffing, such as mutteringvermouthTo "NOC[Note 84]Isn't it? "[116], Suspected by Jin after disguising Shuichi Akai's shooting to gain the trust of the organization.
Since his younger brother Eisuke tried to contact himself, he decided to ask Kogoro Mouri to protect him, and when he was involved in a mischievous mischief, he met Conan and others via Yoko Okino.While executing the assassination plan of the House of Representatives candidate Yasuki Domon planned by the Black Organization, he was cornered by the FBI, fell down with the motorcycle he was driving and smashed his whole body, fell into an unconscious state and is under FBI surveillance. Admitted to the hospital[116]..After that, consciousness recovers, but for a few days, he joins hands with Conan and Akai while pretending to be in a coma until Eisuke visits the hospital room.[Note 85], Eisuke to the FBIWitness protection programIn return for applying the information, he sneaked into the organization again by making a deal to pass the information to the FBI.The organization is suspected of being a spy and ordered to kill Akai, but Conan's plan, which predicted this, made a camouflage work.[117], Succeeded in recovering credit from the organization.
Movie version"Pure black nightmare]Curacao National Police AgencyThe NOC list stolen from revealed that he was an intelligence agent,Rei FuruyaHe is about to be killed by Jin, but he survives due to Conan and Akai's wit.After that, the allegations of intelligence agents were misidentified and remained in the organization.
The origin of the name Rena Mizunashi is Miss.007 (Wed = Miss., No = 0, Rena = 0, Na = 7).
Ethan Hondo
Voice- Rikiya Koyama
CIA intelligence officer.Japanese Sansei Americanso,Main hall Emi (Rena Mizunashi)-EisukeFather of.
He joined the CIA 30 years ago and entered Japan three years later and got married.Also CIA's daughter Emi and friendsBernie(Barney, Voice- Kimura Masashi) And infiltrated the organization, but four years ago, in order to prevent the organization from knowing the identity of Emi, she made her hold a pistol and said, "Don't give up, if you keep waiting, your allies will always appear. ”, And committed suicide under the guise of being killed by her.[115][Note 86].
He has a high ability as an intelligence agent, such as preparing for emergencies and quick wit.Sometimes I sent an email directly to the boss during the infiltration[118].

Legal world

Princess Law Office

Eva Kaden(Eri Kisaki) / Eri Mouri (Eri Mori)
Voice- Takashima Mara, Performance- Nene Otsuka
Ran's mother and Kogoro's wifeLawyer.
Midori Kuriyama
Voice- Asako Dodo
Eri'ssecretaryA female lawyer who also works as a clerk.
The fourth movie version "14th targetIt first appeared as an original character in "", and at this time it was only introduced as "secretary" and the name was unknown, but the fourth movie version "Assassin in the eyesThe name was revealed when it reappeared in 』, and after that it came to appear in the original and the original animation.When the name is called, it is called "Mr. Kuriyama".In addition, Eri may praise her sense of clothes and accessories.[119].

Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office

Reiko Kujo
Voice- Rika Matsumoto
FemaleProsecutor.. 33 years old
To Eva Kaden, who is called the "queen of the legal profession,"Prosecution MadonnaThe elite called[120].. in the pastProsecutor's officeTokusou DepartmentWas working for.Some lawyers confront Reiko in order to continue to win with good brains and outstanding court tacticsDaring(A)Some people dare to avoid it.Also,trialFor Eri, who continues to break the record of consecutive wins in Japan, he can be called an understanding person and a rival, and sometimesHidden ballI will not refuse to prepare[121][122]..A fierce battle is fought between the two, such as Eri being forced into a corner due to his strong rivalry.Always behave resolutely during investigations and trials, but in the third installment of the anime "Court Showdown" series, the accused was used as a witness to a camouflaged murder, so let's resign without knowing it. When I thought about it, I sometimes showed a weak expression in front of Eri.[123].
An original anime character that has not appeared in the original. In the third work of the "Court Showdown" series, the hairstyle that was semi-long until then became long hair and no lipstick was attached, and the facial features became quite rejuvenated and the overall appearance changed significantly.[123]However, in the 4th work, it returned to the same appearance as the 2nd work.[124].

Tetan school

Tetan High School

Shinichi Kudo(Shinichi Kudou)
Ran Mouri(Moriran)
Masumi Sera
Voice- Noriko Hitaka
High school girl who has transferred to Ran's classDetective.Shuichi Akai[125]とHideyoshi Haneda[108]Sisters, each of themHide brother(Shunii)'[102][44]"Yoshi brother(Nice)'[102][108]Is called.JapaneseFather ofTsutomu AkaiとEnglishmanMother ofMary SeraWithhalf.Elena MiyanoIs Mary's sister[102], Daughter of ElenaAkemi Miyano-Shiho (Ai Haibara)Sisters are maternal cousins.
Temporary period from 3 years before the main storyThe United KingdomLived in, initiallyAmericaPretending to have lived in, but to Conanbaseball OfbatSaid "thin"[64]Etiquette when eating[64],Also"サ ッ カ ーTofootballI said[112]Detected by[126]..Return home with Mary[110]I am living a life that changes from hotel to hotel.The family except the father whose life and death is unknown is a mother and two older brothers.[Note 87], The eldest brother, Shuichi, has been told that he has died.Mother Mary in LondonMysterious organizationTopoisonConan, who had been drunk and turned into an infant and came to England at the same time, was accidentally shown on TV.[107]I remembered Shinichi Kudo, a boy I met in Japan 10 years ago.[Note 76], Mary immediately asked MI6 to investigate, leading to the possibility of Shinichi's childhood, and returned to Japan together to confirm the truth of Shinichi's childhood and take measures against Mary's childhood.[106]..I'm in contact with my second brother Hideyoshi, but I don't know about his profession.[102].
Show when you laughDouble toothとEyesIs a feature.He is friendly, sociable, bright and boyish in character and appearance, and he describes this personality as "cultivated to make people who never laughed in the past laugh."[127].First person is "I"..Basically, men's words are often used with a tame mouth, and women's words and honorifics are rarely used.Also, be impatientquarrel(Fight)The quick part and the warlike side are also conspicuous, and when you get angry, the tone becomes rough and the second person may become "Memee".I'm about to fight fiercely when I meet Makoto for the first time[128]..Ran, who hung up the phone he made on the way, was vulnerable to tears while yelling, "Why do you hang up suddenly !? Do you hate me !?" There is also a face[129].
Basically, I wear men's clothes, do not wear skirts, and even when Sonoko suggests that I should dress like a girl, I change only my underwear to something cute.[130], Not showing interest in women's fashion.However, I prefer only women's swimwear, such as wearing a bikini with a bold design or a bikini with a cute design, or even being attracted to a micro bikini and saying "I want to wear it".[126].HatHe often wears a hat, saying, "I imitated my dead brother wearing a similar hat."Many times mistaken for a man because of his neutral appearance and slender physique[Note 88], He also has little resistance to being seen as a man, such as using the men's toilet calmly, but he is only concerned about having small breasts, Heiji andBoy DetectivesEvery time he points out that, he insists, "(Chest) has big breasts, so I'm planning to grow up."
The reasoning power as a detective is basically comparable to other high school detectives such as Conan (Shinichi) and Heiji, but since there are many aspects that lack calmness, the criminal's misleading without noticing the point of the trick Occasionally inferior to Conan and Heiji, such as being caught in[85]..Regarding combat power, it was influenced by my eldest brother, Shuichi.Jeet Kune DoThe strength is almost the same as that of Ran, who is a master of karate.[132]..There is a side to grasp the investigation as a detective and the reasoning of the case with a sense of play, and in one case at the ghost hotel, the case occurred and he was accused of being "excited" by the police officer Megure.[132]Other than that, without mercy on the criminal who committed the murder due to misunderstanding, he laughs and says, "Because Mr. Amuro and Mr. Conan cooperated, it's such an easy victory!"[44]Take an unscrupulous attitude.He does not forgive those who endanger people with close relationships and criminals, and in some cases he has a ruthless side that he will not refuse to kill,Metropolitan Police Department Special Forces Inducing (SAT) to shoot[98], Hitting the face of the criminal who kidnapped Conan and escaped with the rear wheel of the motorcycle[129], Ran and Ran are angry at the criminal who tried to blame others and did not feel guilty[85]Also show radical behavior[Note 89].
After returning from England, he was mistaken for a molester by Sonoko on the bus, and after a quarrel with Ran, he was helped by Conan's testimony and got in touch with them.[132]After that, he was transferred to Tetan High School.Initially, it was called "Sera-san" by Ran and Sonoko, and at the suggestion of Sonoko, it came to be called "Sera-chan".[114]Later, by the time I went on a school trip, the girls in my class came to call me "Sera-chan".[12]..Too interested in Conan, so to SonokoShotaconIs believed to be[127].
When I met Shinichi 10 years ago, he said "WitchCame to call[108]After returning from England, I also called Conan a "witch" in my heart.[128], Gradually convinced that Conan is Shinichi[109][102][Note 90]..In addition, when he saw Shinichi appear on a school trip, he noticed the existence of a drug to restore the infantile body and reported it to Mary.[12], He himself asks Ran to confirm that Conan is Shinichi, "Isn't Conan always by your side when Shinichi appears?"[133][Note 91]..Through Mary, who happened to find a bow tie type voice changer dropped by Conan, he realized that Kogoro's reasoning for sleeping was also due to Conan.[113]When Sonoko was put to sleep, she found out that she was a substitute for Kogoro, and called her "Detective Queen" to call on Conan, who was hiding.[133]..Also, for Haibara, you can delete the video of her.[Note 92]After that, there are depictions that show high interest even before the first meeting, such as wanting to meet many times, and even after meeting on the Bell Tree Express, Ran and Sonoko named Haibara as an "adult child". When I mentioned it, I remembered the first meeting and reacted[133]Questioning her, who later uses esoteric idioms in front of herself[105][Note 93]..I met Ran with Shinichi 10 years ago.[108][Note 94]At the beginning of the reunion for the first time in 10 years, Masumi was also keenly interested in Ran and said, "You are tougher than you expected."[98]..After that, he stopped showing an attitude of interest in Ran, and usually became a close friend by acting with Sonoko with three people, but there is a description that makes meaningful remarks to Ran as well.[74]..Even in Hartwell, I was interested in the first meeting[134]It was also possible to speculate that he knew Conan's identity and cooperated with him when he made a joint reasoning on a school trip.[12]..When he first met Subaru, who was disguised as Shuichi, he was cautious when he first visited Kudo's residence, but he did not notice his true identity.[135]When I met him for the second time, he questioned him who saw his gender as a woman and was evaded because of his hip line, but from his words and deeds after that, Subaru and Shuichi were repeated.[105][Note 95].
I don't know what happened to Shuichi's death, but when I encountered Bourbon and Vermouth in disguise, I was surprised and began to gather information about his whereabouts after the Bell Tree Express incident.[131]..Vermouth and others are also wary of it as an obstacle, and even in the operation to recapture Sherry, the operation is being carried out waiting for the elimination of innocence.[136]..When I saw Sherry's face, I had an expression that I could think of.[137], The relationship is unknown.In addition, Jody, who is a friend of Shuichi, has a description that Shinjun thinks that he is similar to someone, and Camel also feels that he has met Shinjun somewhere, but both of them are Shuichi's younger sister. I haven't thought about it[134].
My favorite bike isYAMAHA XT400E ArtesiaSo, the number "Shinjuku 5-31" comes from the birthday of the voice actor in charge, Noriko Hidaka.
"Detective Koshien Edition"[138]Appeared as a guest character inNanatsuki KoshimizuThis is a character newly devised by Aoyama who thought, "Then I'll give you the ultimate out" because of the great response from[125]..Since Nanatsuki appeared in the last part of the same story and was sentenced to imprisonment, it was difficult to re-appear immediately and draw a detective activity, so Shinjun will be newly set as a substitute regular character. Reached[125].
In the June 2020 issue of the magazine "Da Vinci" released on May 5, 7, we won the 2020th place in the "Characters that gave happiness to our readers" ranking.[38].
Serena Sebastian(Sonoko Suzuki)
Voice- Matsui Sakurako, Performance- Mayuko Iwasa(Single 1st and 2nd works),Akimoto Saika(Third single shot, serial drama)
OrchidsShinichiIs a childhood friend's classmate and the daughter of the Suzuki Zaibatsu.
Voice- Takumi Yamazaki(Episode 361) →Tomohiro Tsuboi(Episode 496-Episode 500) →Jun Fukushima(OVAFirst work) →Kenta Matsumoto(Episode 927 -)
A student of Group B in the second year, a classmate of Shinichi and Ran.The full name is unknown.
I belong to the soccer club.Just get on with itOverhead kickBecause he often hits his head in an attempt to release him, he was admitted to the Cupido Central Hospital when Conan developed an operation with the FBI, and at that time he sneaked into the hospital following the whereabouts of Rena Mizunashi. Eisuke in his room匿(Kakuma)Was[118](It was drawn by the assistant only when it first appeared[139]However, after this episode, it was drawn by the author).
On a school trip, he is a member of the same group as Shinichi, Ran, Sonoko, and Masumi, and even in cases such as taking down those who wore a tengu mask and making a noise with Shinichi and witnessing the scene. Was involved[Note 96][12].
2nd year group B teacher
Voice- Shinpachi Tsuji(Episode 304) →Junichi Sugawara(Episode 343 -)
2nd grade B group teacher who is a class of Shinichi and Ran.Real name unknown[Note 97].
A fat man with glasses at the base of his right eyebrowWartThere is.While scolding Ran and Sonoko who speak privately while supervising the national mock exam, he himself listened to the radio.[47]..People are good, such as asking for consultation, caring for Jody who looks tired.Also, when leading a school trip, Shinichi said, "I want to hide what I was involved in the case for some reason."Glossary(By)To the studentsSocial MediaHe also showed consideration to stop posting by instructing not to post to[12].
When it first appeared (Volume 36, File.11), it was drawn by an assistant.[47]However, after the re-appearance (book 42 volume File.2), it came to be drawn by the author.[140].
Jody Sante Million (Jodie Saintemillion)
Kazumi Tsukamoto
Voice- Noriko Kuwashima(Episode 361-Episode 362) →Kurata Masayo(Episode 592 -)
3 year high school girl. 18-year-old.
It features cool eyes and short hair.Ran, the former captain of the karate club and the current captain, is called "Mori".My specialty isRotating kick around the waist..Because I am preparing to take the exam next yearlibraryGo to[139].
Eisuke Hondou
Voice- Junko Noda
Rena Mizunashi (Hondo Emi)'s younger brother[Note 98]so,Ethan Hondoson of.It is called "Eisuke-kun" by Ran and Sonoko, "Eisuke-chan" by Conan, and "Ei-chan" by Emi.
He grew up in the Okuhira family, who was a live-in housekeeper until his mother died 10 years ago, and was later taken over by his father who worked in Osaka. 17 years old.I transferred to Ran's class and was enrolled for a while.
The fact that his father and sister were CIA agents was not known, and he was searching for his disappeared sister and chasing the announcer Rena Mizunashi, who looked very similar.[Note 99].
He has a neutral appearance and wears round glasses.Eisuke applied the Witness Protection Program to Eisuke and asked Akai to protect him from the organization as a condition of forming a cooperative relationship with the FBI.[Note 100]However, Eisuke himself refuses this.
He has a clumsy personality, and when he walks, he often inadvertently bumps into people and things.clumsy personIs called.Furthermore, I am so unhappy that I can only think that I am hated by God.[100]And I'm permanently unlucky.In front of classmates such as Ran and Sonoko, he speaks using light honorifics, but in front of Reina, he was excited, so his tone was rough.[115].
In childhoodleukemiaSuffering fromBone marrow transplantationでHLAWhen transplantingBlood TypeChanged from O type to AB type.For this reason,Mother-child notebookAlthough it is said to be O type in such cases, the current blood type is AB type.After that, in a traffic accident, from AB type EmitransfusionWas possible, but he did not know this fact[Note 101]..As a result, she became suspicious of her, partly because she didn't know that Emi was a CIA agent.
At first glance, it seems stupid, but in reality, he is smart, so he was wary of Conan because he watched Kogoro and was obsessed with Reina and was trying to figure out the truth of the case in the same way as himself.[141].
Ran seems to have fallen in love at first sight from the first meeting, and when he said he would confess when he was alone with Conan, he confessed that he was Shinichi.After that, to join the CIA like my father and sister[Note 102]AmericaI told him to study abroad and left Tetanko[142].
Tomoaki Araide (Araide Tomoaki)
Voice- Hideyuki Hori
A graduate's school doctor and a new clinicDoctor.. 25 years old.Real motherChiaki Shinde(Araide Chiaki) died in an accident four years ago, and his fatherYoshiteru Shinde(I'm sorry, voice-- Toshihiko Kojima) Is my mother-in-lawYoko Shinde(Araide Yoko, voice- Kumiko Hironaka) Was killed[Note 103], Maternal grandmotherNew Mitsu(Roughly Mitsu, voice- Mayako Ayama) And the housekeeperHikaru Yasumoto(Hikaru Yasumoto, voice-- Hiramatsu Akiko) And lived.In high schoolbasketballBelong to the department.
He has a disciplined and caring personality, and is highly trusted by his students.In the case of his father's murder, he has a strong core, such as repelling Megure and Kogoro, who are suspicious of his family, as "a devil who is obsessed with suspicion and forgets to care for others."There is also a friendly side, and it is not like a criminal while disguising himselfvermouthDon't think she's a villain because of her behavior[Note 104]..He may be in charge of autopsy when he encounters the scene of the incident, but he thinks that "the doctor's mission is not to autopsy the body, but to save the victim and not cause murder", so at that time Shows a complicated look.
Because Vermouth was planning to disguise after killing a newcomerFBIDisguised as an accidental death to protect him,Witness protection programWas under the control of.Immediately after the school festival, he was disguised as a vermouth[Note 105], She returned to Tetan High School because she appeared and disappeared[Note 106].
Eisuke Aizawa
Voice- Tomokazu Seki(Episode 361) →Hisayoshi Suganuma(OVAFirst work) →Tomoaki Tozaki(Episode 927 -)
A student of Group B in the 2nd grade, a classmate of Shinichi and Ran.
I belong to the soccer club.Although it did not appear directly when Conan developed an operation with the FBI, it is said that he was visiting the Cupido Central Hospital to visit Nakamichi who was hospitalized.[118]In the conversation at that time, although the kanji notation was different, it appeared under the same name "Eisuke", so Conan found out that Eisuke was hiding in the Hondou Central Hospital.
On the school trip, he was a member of a different group from Shinichi, Ran, Sonoko, Shinjun, and Nakamichi, but because he was on good terms with Nakamichi and Shinichi, he and his classmates were in the room of Shinichi and Nakamichi.Playing cardsPlaying with them, they fall asleep without returning to their room.Unlike Nakamichi, he was not directly involved in the Tengu-related incident with Shinichi and others, but he was very interested in the development of the relationship between Shinichi and Ran.[12].
In the original, it is consistently drawn by an assistant.
Voice- Yukana(Episode 361) →Tazawa Mayumi(Episode 928 -)
A high school girl in Group B in the second year, a classmate of Shinichi and Ran.The full name is unknown.
Wear glasses.Recognizing Shinichi as a "detective idiot," he saw Conan brought to Ran and stroked his head, jokingly saying, "Don't be a detective idiot." Conan is muttering "Relieved" in my heart[139][Note 107]..It is suggested in the conversation that Conan has been heard to some extent by Ran and Sonoko.[139].
Although it has not appeared in the original work after that, it was depicted in the school trip edition in the animation, and appeared as a member of a group different from Shinichi, Ran, Sonoko, Masumi, and Nakamichi.[12]..He was also smiling at the relationship between Shinichi and Ran, and was trying to hear from Shinichi about the details of the case resolution, knowing that Shinichi had left the trip on the way.[12][Note 108].
Voice- Riko Aikawa(Episode 361) →Aya Kawakami(Episode 928 -)
A high school girl in Group B in the second year, a classmate of Shinichi and Ran.The full name is unknown.
Like Tashiro, he recognizes Shinichi as a "mystery idiot," and jokingly tells Conan, who was brought to Ran, "I really have a cheeky face that makes Kudo look smaller." Laughing and making Conan laugh[139][Note 107]..It is suggested in the conversation that Ran and Sonoko have told us about Conan to some extent.[139].
Although it has not appeared in the original work after that, it was depicted in the school trip edition in the animation, and appeared as a member of a group different from Shinichi, Ran, Sonoko, Masumi, and Nakamichi.[12]..I was also smiling at the relationship between Shinichi and Ran, and I was thinking of asking Shinichi for details on the resolution of the case, but I was disappointed to find out that I had left the trip on the way due to errands.[12][Note 108].

Tetan Elementary School

Conan Edogawa(Edogawa Conan)
Haibara Ai(Ai Ibara)
Ayumi Yoshida(Ayumi Yoshida)
Voice- Yukiko Iwai
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya(Tsuraya Mitsuhiko)
Voice- Otani Ikue-Ai Orikasa(Episode 425-Episode 436, Movie versionFirst workOnly substitute)
George Kojima(Kojima Genta)
Voice- Takagi Wataru
Rumi Wakasa
Voice- Plain text
Deputy teacher of Group B for 1st year. 37 years old.
The gesture of stepping on a slapstick is conspicuous[Note 109], When I hear a scary story, I'm scared and I'm showing it unreliably, but I can kick off the robbers who attacked with three people alone[144], I pretended to be a professional golfer who attacked me by chance[10], Threatening the criminal who took Ayumi as a hostage with only a rugged appearance and words while shining the right lens of the glasses[11],Amuro ToruShow your fighting skills to stun in the dark[35]Have a back face, such as[Note 110]..In addition, there are many mysterious actions such as detecting the case in advance in the case of the robbers and professional golfers mentioned above, making Conan intentionally involved in the case, and giving hints for solving the case.Meanwhile, Kobayashi'snaturalHe also shows a comical expression, such as his eyes becoming a point when he says and acts.[144].
Behavior that makes the right eye blind[Note 111]Conan suspects that it is the black organization Ram because of his words and deeds in the case of a professional golfer, but Haibara is favored.[11]..Also, "in the namecrow(Crow)"People with the letters" have the image of "a blackish, cunning and inaccessible person who acts in a clique."[35].
(I.e.When I first met him, I was staring at him as if I was glaring at him in a rugged manner.[11].
After the incident at Kiyomizu-dera, when Shinichi's name was muttered on the Internet, he found "Kudo Shinichi's death" in the list of deaths related to the Black Organization and smiled slightly.[12]..He also asked Haibara, who lives in Agasa's house, Shinichi's neighbor, if he had met Shinichi.[13].
It is suggested that he is involved in his murder in some way, such as thinking of Kohji Haneda's body when he smells blood, and describing him as a "stupid guy" in his heart.[97]Scratched, apparently disappeared from his murder sceneCorner line OfPieceOwns[35][Note 112].
Sumiko Kobayashi
Voice- Yuko Kato
1st year B group teacher. 26 years old.
18th graduate[29]But also.PredecessorToya(Toya)Mr[Note 113]Was retired due to marriage, so he was assigned to the teacher instead.He has a gentle personality that he likes children and is loved by children.However, only at the beginning of my assignment, due to my previous failure at school[Note 114]Misunderstood because he treated the child with only a stern look[145], I got back to normal after receiving advice from Conan and the Detective Boys.I have a strong sense of justice and I like mystery worksRanpo EdogawaA big fan of.After learning about the activities of Conan and other detective boys, he calls himself an "adviser."However, in terms of detective activities, he has little experience in the field and is not so relied on.When I was a child, I longed for a female detective.
She usually wears glasses, but when she takes off her glasses and puts on makeup, she looks like detective Sato.hay feverI have a feeling of[146].(I.e.Is not good at[35]..The person who inspired the swan to become a police officer[Note 115], Also his first love partner[Note 116][147]..Now I give him a handmade bento[148], I was given enough gifts to fill the car on White Day[149]The more we get along, the better we are.
Maria Higashio (Maria Higashio)
Voice- Yuri Shiratori
Conan, a 1st year B group student who transferred to school after Haibara.
With twin tailsRound glassesIs a feature.Immediately after I transferred to school, I was confused by the changes in the environment and couldn't make friends, but I was able to blend in with the class as a result of the class activities organized by Professor Kobayashi.[150]..I was embarrassed to speak in the Kansai dialect, so I hardly spoke in the class, but I became active with Haibara's advice.The first person is "Uchi".When he reappeared later, he didn't come to school and wasn't contacted, so the boy detectives went into a turmoil to see what was going on at home, but in reality, his grandparents died in a room. When I was looking at the relics, I was trapped for some reason and just fell asleep in the room without being able to get out, and finally I was found and rescued by Haibara who succeeded in opening the closed door. Was done[13].
Ryuji Uematsu
Voice- Kiyokawa Motodream
head teacher.. 59 years old
Only appeared twice in the original[145][144]Not done, but anime original episode[124],Special editionIs also showing up.

Tetan Junior High School

Tsuburaya Asami(Tsubura and Asami)

Schools other than Tetan

Kaikata Gakuen

Harley Hartwell(Hartwell Heiji)
Kazuha Toyama(Toyama Kazuha)
Voice- Yuko Miyamura / Rei Sakuma(Childhood / Movie versionFirst work[Note 117]), Performance- Okamoto Rei
Heiji's childhood friend,AikidoMember.

Kyoto Izumishin High School

Momiji Ooka
Voice- Satsuki of snow
Sophomore.The daughter of the Ooka family, who has top-class financial strength in the Kansai region.The Ooka family has power in the political and business world, though not as much as the Suzuki conglomerate.[151], Has a deep connection with the owner of the Haneda family, a wealthy man in Tokyo who was adopted by Shukichi Haneda.[152]..When moving, the white one driven by the butler Iori and the Ooka family servantRolls-Royceuse[Note 118].
One hundred peopleHigh school champion.A beautiful girl with sauceBrown hairAnd flashyNailIs a trademark[Note 119], Nail is not just fashionableCompetition karutaI usually wear it with care not to hurt my fingers.It is also quite big breasts like orchids.A typical Kyoto woman who always speaks to everyone in a gentle honorific with a Kyoto accent and is polite in her standing behavior, but is smiling to those who are upset without thinking or contrary to their own beliefs. He has the strength to poison with his facial expression without hesitation.The first person is "Uchi", but when he desperately makes a request, he uses "I".[152]..Belongs to the Hyakunin Isshu group "Satsukikai"[1].
When he lost to the Karuta tournament when he was young, he became enthusiastic about him because he was soothed at that time, and he is called "the future husband".The 21st movie version "The Crimson Love LetterAfter reuniting in one case, he has become a rival with Kazuha over Heiji.Kazuha is called "Happa-chan" because her name is autumn leaves, but she cares about her in places where there is no Japanese leaves, and she dropped the pass case that she protects. I feel gratitude and familiarity with the orchids that were delivered to me[1]The root is a serious and gentle personality.
As a person involved in competitive karuta, he has a good ear, and he has accurately recognized the small sounds heard over the phone with Iori, and has made inferences based on that.[154], Also has insight.
There is only a high school champion of competitive karuta, and he has excellent concentration, mental power, memory, observation, and reflexes, but he has no knowledge of martial arts.Kiyamachi DoriToA tenguWhen the men wearing the masks were running around, Shinichi, Heiji, Ran, Masumi, Nakamichi and the Kyoto Prefectural Police were taking control, and they were frightened with tears with Sonoko.[12].
"Heian periodI am proud that the capital is Kyoto, and when I told him that the orchids had come on a school trip, I was stunned with a smile saying, "Welcome from the region," and Shinichi and Sonoko in my heart. "It's from the capital, Tokyo," he said.[12]..In addition, there is also a religious aspect, and when I saw a murder that looked like a tengu, I said, "FoxHe also shows an uneasy expression, saying, "It's a mess."[12].
In the anime, it will appear in "Kara Beni no Koiuta" ahead of the TV series.[Note 120].
Soji Okita(Okita so)
Voice- Koji Yusa
A classmate of Momiji Ooka,kendoMember.
Originally another work of the author "YAIBA』, Appeared as a star system in this work[Note 121].

Cupto High School

Makoto Kyogoku
Voice- Nobuyuki Hiyama / Fujiko Takimoto(Childhood)
Sonoko's boyfriend. 18-year-old.height184 cm,body weight79 kg[95].
Captain of the karate club in the third grade.Currently in the United States.Known as "Kicking nobleman", In the actual situation of the European Karatedo Champion Championship,"Lonely fist holy'[95]For Jirokichi, "The strongest security system in the world'[155]..Adhesive plasters are always applied to the side of the left eyebrow to cover the old scars, but the movie version "Navy blue fist』Reveals another secret of adhesive plasters.
Karate match venue[Note 122]I fell in love with her at first sight when I saw Sonoko's pure appearance supporting Ran.Although I had no direct acquaintance with Sonoko, I was staying at my parents' inn, so when Sonoko was targeted by a thug, I was prepared to be treated as a stalker and protected her.[157][Note 123]..He rescues Sonoko, who is about to be killed by a knife from the criminal, and confesses to Sonoko that she has a female favor after repelling the criminal.[157].
When I started interacting with Sonoko, I realized that there was no stronger karate player in Japan than I was, so I left Sonoko to go abroad to fight the strong man.However, when he feels that Sonoko is in danger, he tries to eliminate the danger by watching over her from behind, such as abandoning even the game and returning to Japan.Sonoko has the image of a "samurai full of raw injuries."[158].
The true value of karate is that it boasts 400 consecutive victories and undefeated in the world official karate games including the high school championships in Japan, and defeats the criminal with a knife stuck in his arm.[157], Eliminate more than 50 yakuza with weapons with bare hands without difficulty[95]Has a master-level ability that surpasses orchids[Note 124][Note 125].
As almost the only weaknessvisionI usually wear glasses because of the low level of karate, but I don't know about karate for dynamic vision.Study(Ken)It was fired at a close distance by looking at the direction of the muzzle and the movement of the trigger.rifleCan avoid bullets, etc.[160], It has been raised to the extreme so that it will be separated from ordinary people by daily training.Also,BB bulletAlthoughgas maskWith your bare hands, you can catch all the shots around you at close range with your bare hands.[155], Reflexes, instantaneous power, and concentration have reached the level of being far from ordinary people.When the criminal rushed into the wall with a car and tried to commit suicide, he sometimes showed a work away from human beings, such as lifting and stopping the running car with only his strength.[133]..His mental strength is also strengthened every day, but when Sonoko is involved, he lacks calmness and shows impatience.In addition, when Miha Sonoko praises a man other than herself, such as Kid, she exposes her rivalry.
It wasn't until she gave her chocolates on Valentine's Day that she began to be clearly aware of the relationship between men and women with Sonoko, and at that time she also contacted Sonoko saying, "I'm making chocolate for my favorite person." As a result of misunderstanding that it is a gift to a man other than myself, he returns to Japan to determine whether the other person is really suitable for Sonoko, and comes to the lodge in the snowy mountains in the snowstorm.[160]..As a result, it worked and saved Sonoko from the crisis and received chocolate from her.[160].
Although he is training as a warrior in the world in search of a strong man, there is no mention that he won a hard victory in games all over the world, and the content of the game was almost an overwhelming victory from the actual situation of the European Karatedo Champion Championship. Is suggested[95]..Due to the above-mentioned abandonment of the match, it will be the first time in the record that it will be a "forfeit" in the 401st race, and we will continue to participate in and win the tournaments of each country.
In the confrontation with the phantom thief Kid, it was discovered that Kid was disguised as Sonoko with the refined insight and observation power unique to a fighter.[Note 126], Astonishing Conan (Shinichi) and Kid with superhuman fighting power[155]..In addition, his achievements earned the trust of Sonoko's family, and the whole family became accredited and tolerant when dating.[155].
Summer vacationShizuokaTakayuki son who goes back to his parents' house and helps him[157]..I have a younger sister and I'm addicted to the drama "Red Handkerchief" that she asked me to record[95]..According to Ran, there are many female fans.A junior in the karate club of the same high schoolHina WadaLonged for by[24]..There is a part that I am not confident in my ability, and even if there is a karate tournament, "If you can see where you loseAccusedAt the moment, he doesn't tell Sonoko the location and date of the tournament (actually no one can beat Kyogoku).
Since he respects the spirit of Bushido as a creed, he is very polite in his usual demeanor and wording.The first person is basically "I" and speaks in honorifics to everyone.On the other hand, in one case, he has a strong fighting spirit so that he can not stay calm and seek out after hearing the speculation that the criminal is a fighting professional.[128]..He also has fairly old-fashioned values, and it is standard to be careful of Sonoko when she wears clothes and miniskirts with exposed skin.
Inexperienced in sports other than karate.Once, when she tried bowling in the form of being invited by Sonoko, her cheering disturbed her concentration, resulting in throwing a bowling ball and hitting the wall.[Note 127], "Not suitable for me"[128].
I had the experience of being assigned as a substitute for a stuntman who had injured me due to a misunderstanding, and at that time I was liked by the director and actress for the appearance and strength, and although I was later selected as a detective in the drama, I am not used to it. Because of that, I bit the line and I was cut many times.[133].
In the June 2020 issue of the magazine "Da Vinci" released on May 5, 7, we won the 2020th place in the "Characters that gave happiness to our readers" ranking.[38].
Hina Wada
Voice- Mikako Komatsu
A female student in the second grade who belongs to the karate club. 2 years old.
In the same second grade, I often meet Ran of the Karate club of Tetan school at the tournament, so I have a friendship.Karate's ability is high enough to make Ran groan, and he is also the opponent (second place winner) of the final in the city tournament where Ran won.[156]..However, since he has never beaten Ran, he is working hard every day for special training.[24][Note 128].
I have a longing for Makoto Kyogoku, an alumnus of Cupido High School, so I don't really think he's dating Sonoko.[24][Note 129].
The name comes from an ordinary woman who won the feeling game at "Let's talk with Aoyama-sensei DAY !! 2015" held at Gosho Aoyama Furusatokan.[161].

Toto University

Subaru Okiya(Okiya Subaru)

Egota High School

Kaito Kuroba(Kuroba Kaito)


Kudo family

Shinichi Kudo(Shinichi Kudo) / Conan Edogawa (Conan Edogawa)
Kudo Yusaku
Voice- Hideyuki Tanaka[Note 130]
Conan = Shinichi's father.
Make a name for yourself in the worldDetective novelistso,"Baron of Darkness (Night Baron)] Has produced many worldwide blockbusters such as the series.Game scenarioWriting[163]And the action thing "Play It Again』Newly written[164]There is a wide range of active genres. "Scarlet Investigator"[Note 131]First time inmovies OfscriptWon the Best Screenplay Award for Macademy[46][Note 132]..Sometimes I travel abroad without permission while writing a manuscript[165]..There is also a side that I like a little mischief.
Conan = owner of reasoning power more than Shinichi[Note 133]In many cases, the suspect can be identified only by collecting information from related parties.Furthermore, although through Yukiko, he prepared a reply without seeing a question in a one-letter conversation with Toichi Kuroba = the first Kaito Kid.[166]..He is a detective nerd who makes Conan, who has a similar temperament, say that he is a man who only thinks about detective novels. He scraps it at home, and even when he reads the newspaper in the morning, he infers the content of the incident by himself.From a young ageInspector MeguiCooperating in the investigation of[Note 134]In addition,New York City PoliceInspectorRadish redwood(Voice- Taro Ishida)[168],Scottish Yard[107],Interpol[165]He has made friendships with other related parties, and he has a good face in various places.I have faced the first Kaito Kid many times since I was a fledgling novelist.[Note 135], I'm also aware of its identity.
In addition, compared to Conan (Shinichi), it has a stronger human touch, and aftercare is given to the criminal.[89], Recommending yourself in a way that appeals to your conscience[170][171], Encourage reflection[163]are doing.
airplane,Motor boatAnd many morelicenseHas obtainedHandgunCan also handle[Note 136]. Also,PortugueseEtc.語He is also proficient and has high ability in other fields,punOnly the sense of is so bad that Conan and Yukiko will be surprised that it is "cold"[170].
At the beginning of getting used to her wife Yukiko, she was the heroine of the drama version of the novel she wrote.[172]..Conan says that "married couple Genka is a daily occurrence", but the couple's relationship with Yukiko is still good.
There is also a liberal aspect to Shinichi, but he has a strong relationship of trust.He understood that Conan-Shinichi didn't want to leave Ran, and he knew that he and Ran had a good relationship with each other since Shinichi's childhood.He described it as "there seems to be a situation that he does not want to leave," and respected Shinichi's belief as a detective, admitting that he would work to destroy the Black Organization, knowing that it would be dangerous. Are[165].
Since the publication of the work has spread outside Japan, we have been based three years before the story started.Los AngelesMoved to Japan with Yukiko, leaving the management of her home in Japan to Shinichi.However, in order to deceive the eyes of the Black Organization, Shuichi ostensibly hides himself by pretending to be dead, and according to Conan's idea, Shuichi is made to live at home as "subaru" with Yukiko's disguise make-up. ..
In the incident that occurred when Shinichi participated in a school trip, it became worldwide news that the person concerned was a celebrity in the entertainment world, and the existence of Shinichi, who had been unknown since childhood, is known to the world Because it has entered the information range of the organization[12], Returned to Japan with Yukiko and managed to cheat Shinichi's information leaked to the world by using measures.In addition, I guessed with Shuichi to find out the name of the boss of the organization, and decided to stay with Yukiko and Japan to help until the battle with the black organization was settled in order to protect Conan = Shinichi.[13]..After that, the FBI cooperated with the plan that he had devised.[173], On the contrary, the FBI asks for advice on the plans[174]We are building a cooperative relationship with the FBI.
The model isConan DoyleThe novel "Sherlock Holmes seriesIs a characterMycroft Holmes[175]..The origin of the name is the drama "Detective story] In the leading roleShunsaku KudoPlayedAn actor OfYusaku Matsuda[176].
Yukiko Kudo
Voice- Shimamoto Sumi
Conan = Shinichi's mother and exactress..Maiden nameFujimine(Fujimine)And even when I was an actress, my real name was my maiden name.Yukiko FujimineHe was active as (Yukiko Fujimine). 37 years old.ChildhoodGunmaI've spent time there, but I don't know if it's the place of birth.
Originally from Tetan High School, he is a classmate with Kogoro and Eri.DramaでRyoma SakamotoSister ofSakamoto MaidenWhen he played, he got a reputation as "too cute for a maiden role" and became popular.He left a legend as a genius actress who won numerous awards at the age of 19 for his beauty and acting ability, but he got married after a big love with Yusaku and was easily at the age of 20.Entertainment worldRetired.
Like her husband, she likes mischief a little, and is a passionate and conspicuous person.[Note 137]..A woman with a gentle personality, a friendly personality, and tolerant of things, but only at Tetan High School and the actress businessPrincessI hate being called an "aunt" by the pride that has been described as "aunt", and there is a section that is pleased that Shinichi's childhood is "a feeling of rejuvenation to myself."
From various actress experiences including maidensTosa dialectincludingDialects from all over JapanIs also mastering.He has been a big fan of Ryoma since he played the maiden, and even now he sometimes uses the Tosa dialect.[Note 138]..I can live in a foreign countryEnglishAlso fluentピ ア ノCan also be played.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クMy car inJaguar E typeSo, when staying in JapanCar rentalAsAlfa Romeo Alpha GTVI like cars enough to ride[Note 139],オ ー ト バ イAlthough he has a driver's license and is generally good at driving, he may commit speed violations without hesitation.
A magician who is good at disguise when he was an actressToichi Kuroba(Kuroba Toichi, voice- Shuichi Ikeda)[Note 140]ToSharon Vineyard= Experienced as a disciple with Vermouth and has the skills to disguise himself or others as another person[Note 141].
After marrying Yusaku, he retired from the front line of the actress business, but occasionallyessayOr write[166],AmericaInvited to appear on a local TV program, etc.[168], I have not completely quit the activities related to the media.In the United States"Baron of Darkness(Night Baron) ”because he is the wife of the author and YusakuBaroness of Darkness(Night Baronis) ”, and became famous because he solved a difficult case by the reasoning announced when he appeared on a TV program.[Note 142].
The relationship with Conan hides that Conan is Shinichi as a distant relative to those who do not know the truth (Ran, Eri, police, FBI officials).[Note 143][Note 144].
When Agasa told him that Conan was Shinichi, he was worried about his life-threatening situation and wanted to bring him back (with a light-hearted attitude on the surface), but in the end Decided to respect Shinichi's determination and will that he heard with Yusaku[Note 145]After that, I often returned to Japan to check the situation of Shinichi.Once followed with Haibara[Note 146]After that, I secretly stayed at Kudo's house to see what happened.Then, when Conan heard from Conan that his best friend Sharon-Vermouth, who should have died in the Black Organization, was involved, he chose to cooperate in the fight with the organization himself, and after that he returned to Japan from time to time and returned to the Kudo family. While visiting Shuichi = Subaru's disguise, etc.[179]If necessary, he disguised himself and went to support Conan.In the case of the Bell Tree Express, with VermouthConfrontation(Taiji) official[136]..After that, Shuichi's disguise improved to the point where he could make it perfectly on his own, so there was less need to return to Japan after confirming that.[46]However, as with Yusaku, a case of a school trip[12]After returning to Japan, I decided to help Conan = Shinichi until the situation was resolved and stayed in Japan again.[13].
Close friend[Note 147]Eri is a school festival in high schoolMisconWith rivals who fought a confrontation[Note 148]Although he still competes with each other, he has a good relationship and has been fond of Ran since he was a child, and he also notices that Ran and his son Shinichi have a good relationship with each other.[Note 149]..In addition, when Shinichi took a prototype antidote on his school trip and temporarily returned to his original form, he was pleased to hear that Ran had kissed his cheek and the relationship between the two had progressed. Is[13].
The model is "Lupin III』Series charactersFujiko Mineで[Note 150], The origin of the name is the anime "Lupine the 1rd (XNUMXst series)Was the voice actor of FujikoYukiko NikaidoThe maiden name Fujimine also turned over "Mine Fuji"[176].

Mohri family

Ran Mouri(Moriran)
Kogoro Mouri(Morikogoro)
Eva Kaden(Eri Mori) / Eva Kaden (Eri Kisaki)

Akai family / clan

Shuichi Akai(Shuichi Akai) / Subaru Okiya
Masumi Sera(Masumi Sera)
Mary Sera(Mary Sera) / Sister outside the territory
Hideyoshi Haneda(Haneda Shukichi)
Tsutomu Akai(Akai Tsutomu)
Kohji Haneda(Koji Haneda)

Miyano family

Shiho Miyano(Shiho Miyano) / Ai Haibara
Akemi Miyano(Akemi Miyano)
Elena Miyano(Miyano Elena)
Atsushi Miyano(Miyano Atsushi)

Ooka family officials

Momiji Ooka(Oka Momiji)
Iori Muga
Voice- Ono Daisuke
Of the Ooka familyButlerA man who serves as. 30 years old.
The standard of activity is to devote to the autumn leaves, and when it first appearedShinichi Wada(Wada Shinichi)[Note 151]He disguised himself as a medical professional and investigated Heiji's behavior, but at that time he showed sharp actions such as intervening in the conversation of Conan, Heiji, and Amuro without feeling any sign. They were also observing Iori while inferring the incident that occurred at Cafe Poaro at that time.[154][Note 152]..When the men wearing tengu masks were running around and making noise on Kiyamachi-dori, the man who tried to threaten the autumn leavesKnee kickHigh fighting ability, such as killing with a single blow[12].
In the anime, like the autumn leaves, the 21st movie version "The Crimson Love Letter』Appears from[Note 153].

Suzuki Zaibatsu officials

Serena Sebastian(Sonoko Suzuki)
Jirokichi Suzuki
Voice- Ichiro Nagai(Episode 356-Episode 725, 14th movie version) →Tomio Kosei(Episode 746-Episode 984, Movie versionFirst work)
Suzuki Zaibatsu Advisor.Shiro Suzuki, the chairman of the chaebolCousinSo, it is called "Uncle" by Sonoko.[182].. 72 years old.Birthday is November 11th.
In the original, the way of laughing is unique and is drawn as "Ahhhhh".Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Tohto University.Currently, he is almost retired, leaving the company management to Shiro and himself.Hobby(I don't know)Are doingGolfEurope Open,ヨ ッ トHas won all of the USA Cup, World Hamburger Eating Championships and Savannah Rally, and is also the oldest.EverestClimbing record and new freediving record holder,Human powered planeAround the worldAnd so on.It's not as sharp as Conan, but he's also quite keen on it, and he's even noticed that the organizers of the museum's exhibitions he owns are planning something.visionIs weakcontact lensAre using.
"Around the same time that the human-powered airplane went around the world, the Kid's incident occurred, and the article reporting it took the first and second pages of the newspaper, and my article was pushed to the corner of the third page." For some reason, Kid has a great deal of hostility.[182]..He continues to challenge the game many times to decorate the capture of Kid at the end of his biography, but the result of the pain division that Kid escapes and the jewels he owns are protected by Conan is repeated.There are many strange traps to set up, and Conan tries to detect the trap and then follow his whereabouts before disguising Kid.Conan, who is always asked to get his jewels back, may be taken over.[183]However, he admits that ability.
The fourth movie version "Shipwreck in the sky』, Prepared for a confrontation with Kid, as a result of cooperating with the destruction of the terrorist organization" Red Siamese Cat "airshipThehijackI was injured.At this time, Dr. Agasa's quiz was solved very easily.
Shiro Suzuki
Voice- Fumio Matsuoka
The father of Sonoko and Ayako Suzuki, and chairman of the Suzuki Zaibatsu. 51 years old.The Suzuki Zaibatsu is a well-known wealthy man in Japan, and has the financial power and power to influence the political and business world.
Called "dad" by Ayako and "daddy" by Sonoko.Fat.
He has a good personality, but when he received the notice of Kaito Kid, he was in a rage and threw it away.[169]..As a hobbyJapanese painting(Sonoko talk)[184].Fighting sportsI also like watching games, and from the beginning I was in favor of the relationship between Sonoko and Kyogoku.[155].
Tomoko Suzuki
Voice- Ichiyanagi
Mother of Ayako and Sonoko sisters.Shiro's wife. 43 years old.
Called "Mama" by Sonoko.A youthful beauty who doesn't feel too old.It features a mole under the left eye.
His position as "the wife of Chairman Suzuki Zaibatsu" is very high and somewhat conservative.On the other hand, he generously treats Sonoko's friends Ran and Shinichi.He also has the fearlessness to make challenging remarks by planning entertainment that provokes the phantom thief Kid.
In order for Ayako to marry another family conglomerate, she is thinking of letting an excellent man become a son-in-law as Sonoko's husband and succeeding the Suzuki conglomerate. Seeing the seriousness of Kyogoku who protected the jewels, he reaffirmed his thoughts while making a slightly dangerous statement that "it is worth bullying".[155].
Ayako Suzuki
Voice- Sumiko Motoi(Episode 34-Episode 35) →Chiharu Suzuka(Episode 72 -)
Sonoko's older sister. 24-years-old.
graduate student.Called "sister" by her sister Sonoko.Unlike Sonoko, she has a calm personality.When I was in college, I belonged to Eiken and was in charge of makeup and costumes.[185]..The third son of Chairman Tomizawa Zaibatsu画家 OfYuzo Tomizawa(Yuzo Tomizawa, voice- Matsunori Yasunori) Is engaged[186].
Zengo Goto
Voice- Kusunoki
Jirokichi'sbody guardA man who serves as. 38 years old.
Very quiet, but trusted by Jirokichi[187].
The fourth movie version "Sunflower on fireIn Japan,sunflowerI acted as the leader of the guard, but in reality it was not the person himself but the assistant of Kaito KidKonosuke Jii(Grandfather, voice-- Kenta with liver<Episode 219> →Akimoto Yosuke<Episode 356-> / Suo Akiyama<Youth>)[Note 154]Was in disguise.

Morofushi family

Takaaki Morofushi(Morofushi Takaaki)
Morofushi Kagemitsu(Morofushi Hiromitsu)

Hattori family

Harley Hartwell(Hartwell Heiji)
Hattori Heizo(Hattori Heizou)
Shizuka Hattori[Note 155]
Voice- Masako Katsuo
Heiji's mother and Heizo's wife. 42 years old.
From Heizo, "Quiet(Shizu)"It is called.Fair-skinned who prefers kimonoKyoto beauty..Like Heizo and Heiji, Kendo players[Note 156].TightIs a specialty dish.Since her husband is the chief of the Osaka Prefectural Police Department, she has a wealth of knowledge about the law.He is enthusiastic and sometimes overwhelms Heizo.He is usually calm and has excellent observing ability, but he has a slightly natural personality.[Note 157]..He is a foolish parent who loves Heiji and is worried.Every time Heiji came to Tokyo, he was injured and returned home, so at one point he misunderstood Kogoro as "a human being with no blood or tears," and made a request to test his ability as a detective when the main story first appeared. Visited Mouri Detective Agency[188]..At that time, a murder case occurred, and when the criminal finally tried to commit suicideJapanese swordI held it down with a fan and showed it with a whisper[188][Note 158]..When I first met Kogoro, for the above reasonsTokyo accentUsing the standard honorifics, he is not as particular about the Osaka dialect as Heiji.Heiji has been shooting recorded videos since he was a kid and secretly followed his junior high school school trip.[69][Note 159]..Hartwell prioritizes academics over detectives[191].
The fourth movie version "The Crimson Love Letter"so,Competition karutaTurned out to be a former queen of.
The origin of the nameZenigata HeijiWife, Shizuka, Maiden nameIkenami(Ikenami)Is the author of "Onihei Hankachō"Shotaro Ikenamiから[53].

Toyama family

Kazuha Toyama(Toyama Kazuha)
Ginshiro Toyama(Toyama Ginshiro)

Main hall family

Main hall Emi(Hidemi Hondo) / Rena Mizunashi (Rena Mizunashi)
Eisuke Hondou(Hondo Eisuke)
Ethan Hondo(Ethan Hondo)


Inspector Joseph Megui(Megure Juzo)
Megure Midori
Voice- Ai Orikasa
Thirteen wives.
A beautiful woman with makeup.Long time agoBad schoolgirlSo, I tried to get rid of the grudge of my friend who was the victim of the frequent "high school girl escape serial murder case"Decoy(Decoy)When I bought and went out, I began to get used to the fact that Megui, who was a new detective at the time, was escorted.Inspector Joseph Megui #Beginning to get used to with my wife(See), rehabilitated and tied.Nowadays, he is polite enough to make his beloved wife's bento, but only when he is sharp, the yankee tone of the bad times comes out.[149].
In addition, in the case mentioned above, as a result, he was also targeted and seriously injured, and although he survived his life, the forehead remained scratched like Megui, but the criminal was Megui's car. He has been arrested for knowing the number.

Yokomizo family

Sango Yokomizo(Yokomizo Sango)
Yokomizo Jugo(Yokomizo Jugo)

Tsuburaya family

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya(Tsuraya Mitsuhiko)
Asami Tsuburaya
Voice- Otani Ikue
Mitsuhiko's older sister.Usually, the tone is crushed, which is the opposite of Mitsuhiko, but in front of his parents who are teachers, the wording is polite.
A junior high school student enrolled in Tetan Junior High School.Curious and snooping.When Mitsuhiko goes missing, he says "like a drama" and has a pretty good weather.Rock group "Sanzu III(Sanzu Three)Vocal ・Satan Onizuka(Satan Onizuka, voice- Sakurazuka yakun) Fan[192].
The origin of the nameYasuo UchidaDetective novel "Asami Mitsuhiko SeriesOf the reportage that appears inMitsuhiko AsamiSo, when combined with Mitsuhiko, Asami = Asami + Mitsuhiko[53].

Kojima family

George Kojima(Kojima Genta)
George Kojima
Voice- Akio Nojima
George Kojima's father.Liquor storeManage. 32 years old.left handed.GenuineEdokkoso,Veranmee toneTalk in[Note 160].
He has a character like an Edokko, and like his son, he has a rough language andquarrel(Fight)It's quick, but it has a strong sense of justice.
The body is a ridiculous type, and the appearance does not resemble Motota (Motota says "(I am) like a mother"[Note 161])[Note 162].

Shogi world

Shukichi Haneda[Note 163]
Voice- Tomoyuki Morikawa,Yuki Kaida(Boyhood)
ProfessionalPlayerAnd Yumi Miyamoto's boyfriend. 28 years old.Shuichi Akai's younger brother and Masumi Sera's second elder brother[Note 87].JapaneseFather ofTsutomu AkaiとEnglishmanMother ofMary SeraSecond son of[Note 69][17]And as a bloodline, it ’s Britishhalf. Also,Elena MiyanoIs also Mary's sister[102], Daughter of ElenaAkemi Miyano-Shiho (Ai Haibara)Sisters are maternal cousins.
name isHideyoshi HashibaBecause it resemblesTaikocelebrity"[Note 164]Nicknamed[102]..From innocenceYoshi brother(Nice)It is called[102][108]..According to Makoto, he looks like his father, not Shuichi or Makoto.Although he is a beautiful boy, he is not interested in his appearance and becomes a sleeping habit in peacetime.Stubble(Beard), The appearance of a jersey on round glasses[Note 165]I am doing.Yumi has described it as "a pretty handsome face but too childish personality".[18]At first glance, I get the impression that it is dull, but because I am a professional shogi player, I have excellent memory.[Note 166]He supported his reasoning by seeing at a glance that Conan was not an ordinary elementary school student.[19].
In high school, he imitated detectives by solving incidents that occurred in class one after another.[64][110], To the Haneda family, a wealthy man in Tokyo who had an exchange with his father Tsutomu Akai after graduating from high school[102][105], I also like shogiKoji HanedaAdopted to inherit his dream[21]..The first and last name before adoptionShukichi Akai(Akai Shukichi)[105]..As mentioned above, he knows Conan's face and reasoning power, and Masumi is convinced by the email sent by him.[128]..High-rise apartment[Note 167]Although he lives and earns a lot of money, he mainly eats junk food such as going to a ramen shop.[32].
At the time of its first appearance, it was won up to the four crowns of the shogi title.[19]After that, the number of titles increased steadily, and he returned to the rank of master and became the second seven crown king in history.[20]. But,Katsumata powerWithWarlordBecame the Six Crown King[17].
When she was a student, she met Yumi on the train on the way back from the standings, and started dating without revealing that she was a professional shogi player.[20]..First title during datingMaster rankOn the date immediately after winning the title, Yumi casually praised Yokozuna's six-place conquest, and decided to conquer the seven crowns with a burning spirit. "Don't open it until", and then handed the envelope with the marriage registration to Yumi.After that, although he was exhausted because there was no progress on the envelope, he happened to meet again because Yumi was in charge of the murder case that occurred in the next room, and after that, "Yumi Tan", "Yumi Tan", " Chukichi "[Note 168]The rotten edge that calls[19], I'm in a countdown state to get married after a reunion[102]..Later, he achieved conquest in the main story[20], In the Osho War, he was defeated because he was defeated by the promise with Yumi, and his ownMotto of mottoAsk her to dispose of the envelope in order to stick to "Shoshi-kantetsu".However, Yumi who knew all the circumstances encouraged him to say, "If you have something to say, get seven and take the world and then say it directly."[17].
Currently, he doesn't tell him where he is, with the words "in the middle of an important job", but he sometimes consults with him by phone or email.[112]..On the other hand, unlike Masumi who knows nothing, he has a smartphone exclusively for his brothers.[21][109][102][Note 169], Shuichi's camouflaged death and other information is almost shared[109][102], Sends an email to Shuichi to protect Yumi when a serial murder targeting a female police officer occurs[102][9]..After a while, with YumiAmphibiousTo start[21].
He respects his brother-in-law, Kohji Haneda, and the inscription "Shoshi-kantetsu" was originally his own.[17].
The origin of the name is Hideyoshi Hashiba mentioned above, which is a model of setting and appearance.Yoshiharu HanyuThe character "feather" is also taken from[193][Note 170].
Kohji Haneda(Koji Haneda)[Note 171]
Voice- Hiroki Yasumoto
A professional shogi player who was said to be "closest to the seven crowns"Hideyoshi HanedaBrother-in-law.
Katsumata Riki (and also Chikara)
Voice- Inaba Minoru
Professional shogi player of the middle age.
Former master holder, but Hideyoshi Haneda takes his place[20]..Then during the gameYumiDefeat Hideyoshi, who was worried about that, and win the throne[17].
When the opponent tries to go out during the game,AbandonmentHe has a generous side that keeps waiting until he does, and a gentle personality that worries about the time of the person who came back.[20].
Of my real daughterKatsumata Mizuna(And also everyone) is also a female shogi player, and Hideyoshi is asked to participate in a study session that Mizuna regularly holds with her fellow players.[21].

Restaurants near Mouri Detective Agency

Cafe Poirot

Toru Amuro(Toru Amuro)
Azusa Enomoto (Azusa Enomoto)
Voice- Mikiko Enomoto
A female clerk at "Cafe Poirot". 23 years old.BrotherEnomoto Sugito(Human, voice- Hiroyuki Shibamoto) Works for a securities company in Kanagawa prefecture[196].
It features a hairstyle that makes the forehead stand out.She has a baby face for her age, and is described by Sonoko as a "loli face".[44].Calico catHe was the owner of "Captain" and was introduced as a "beautiful clerk" when interviewing a magazine, but Mitsuhiko and Conan who saw the article also described it as "exaggerated".[197]..He has a cheerful personality and is a little careless. He often asks Kogoro, a regular of "Poirot", for an incident.[Note 172]Calls himself a private detectiveAmuroHas decreased in frequency since he became a clerk.
vermouthHave been disguised as[45][Note 173].
Originally an anime original character, it later appeared in the original.Initially, a mob character drawn by an assistant.
The name comes from Mikiko Enomoto, the voice actor in charge.
In the June 2020 issue of the magazine "Da Vinci" released on May 5, 7, we won the 2020th place in the "Characters that gave happiness to our readers" ranking.[38].
Poirot's Master
Voice- Junichi Kanamaru
The real name is unknown.OwnA coffee shopTheHercule PouloI like reasoning so much that I call it "Poirot" after that.
Kogoro and Azusa have mentioned the name several times, but they have never appeared directly in the original, and 350 episodes of anime.[Note 174]In, the original character design of the anime was set and appeared[Note 175].

Yonehana Iroha Sushi

Kanenori Wakita
Voice- Chiba Shigeru
Next to Mouri Detective AgencySushi Shop・ At "Yonehana Iroha Sushi"ItamaeFlow board[201]..As for the reason why he is doing a flow board, he says, "It is not suitable for me to sit in one place" and "I came here because of the flow".[201].. 56 years old
The first person is "Assi"Edo dialectSpeak at.It features a little beard under the nose and protruding teeth.In the left eyeEye patchHe said, "I made a terrible thing."[201][Note 176]Later, when Kogoro asked me about the product, he said, "I was getting better, but if it was itchy, it would be worse than before," and he was talking about why he kept his eyepatch on.[14].
He likes mystery and has a certain amount of reasoning power, and is described by Kogoro as "OK".[201]..After seeing the reasoning of "Sleeping Kogoro" who goes over him in front of him, he volunteered to become a disciple, and Kogoro, who was told that the sushi fee would be cheaper, gave his consent and settled down on "Yonehana Iroha Sushi".[201].
After seeing a newspaper article with Rumi Wakasa, he showed interest and muttered, "This guy is good at it."[10]..Also, when Shinichi Kudo's sighting information is muttered online, he sees it and shows the same interest as Rumi.[12]At the same time, he passed by Shinichi's house while he was on delivery, and was about to visit his neighbor, Dr. Agasa's house, to hear about the situation.[13]..In addition, of shogiPieceI'm making a statement that I'm worried if there is no[202].
Its identity isLambAnd wears an eyepatch to hide the left eye, which is a prosthesis[174]..The appearance as Wakita is a disguise, originally a skinhead but wearing a wig, a little beard is a beard and a protruding tooth is a tooth[174].

Ramen Kokura

Ayaka Ohashi
Voice- Hiramatsu Akiko
RamenShop clerk of "Ramen Kokura"[203].. 28 years old.My father was a lawyer and a regular customer of the store, but when he tried to arbitrate the dispute in the store, he died of cerebral hemorrhage due to his chronic high blood pressure.
When a murder case occurred at the store once, when he saw Conan acting beside the reasoning of "Sleeping Kogoro", he realized that he was making an outstanding performance by helping Kogoro in various ways, and since then he has been close to Conan and others. Is.
After eating ramen at "Ramen Ogura" when I was a kid, I decided to work at a ramen shop in the future, and a few years later I decided to work for Ogura, saying "I want you to hire me because I can work part-time."
Isao Ogura (Katsumasa Ogura)
Voice- Uoken
The owner of "Ramen Kokura". 49 years old.
Serve customers with friendly and tame-spoken honorifics.A specialty of the time when it was once run in the shopping district of Cuptocho, "Enma Great(Enma Iou) Ramen'[Note 177]Is recognized by Conan and others as "extremely delicious", and although his skill in making ramen is top notch, the store has never been renovated in 20 years, and when Conan and his friends come to the store, only a few customers a day. He was so lonely that he couldn't come, so he moved to Beika-cho when a murder occurred at the store.At that time, the catchphrase was changed from the original "delicious to death" to "dangerous to death" as "modern" that Kokura himself thinks.[Note 178][203]..Since then, the store has become a favorite of Masumi Sera, and other people around Conan have become regular customers.[32].
I'm not good at EnglishMasumiMother who hadメ ア リ ーI read the spelling of the name embroidery "Mary" on my handkerchief as "Mari" instead of "Mary".[32].
In addition, "Ramen Kokura" is used as a meeting place when Hideyoshi picks up Conan by car to help Hideyoshi who was confined by the criminal.[21], May appear in episodes unrelated to the store.

Entertainment world

Yoko Okino (Yoko Okino)
Voice- Yuri Amano(Episode 3-Episode 122) →Miki Nagasawa(Episode 249-), Performance- Becky
Kogoro is a big fan idol singer and actress. 22 years old[Note 179]..Unpretentious, gentle and unobtrusive personality.Born in Osaka[Note 180].
OsakaKonan(Kohnan)University[Note 181]I was born in Japan, and when I was in high school, I won the Grand Prix in the "Schoolgirl Uniform Collection" of the magazine "Weekly Young KOBA" published by Izushin Unagi.Entertainment worlddebuted[Note 180]..Formerly an actressKaoru Kusano(Kaoru Kusano, voice-- Akino Watanabe), Multi-talentedYuki Takeno(Yuki Takeno, voice-- Sakamoto Maaya), Of the actressTerumi Hoshino(Hoshino Terumi, voice- Yu Asakawa) As an idol singer group "Earth Ladies"[204]However, he made his solo debut as a singer when the group was disbanded due to the misunderstanding between Kaoru and Terumi.Currently, he is active not only as a singer but also in a wide range of activities such as appearing in cooking program corners and movies.Representative songs are "Moon Lady", "Midnight Mirage", and "Dandy Lion".As an actress, she plays the leading role in "Kiss Note".
To Kogoro at that time who was anonymousStalkerBecame acquainted with Conan and others because he requested the investigation of the case[Note 182], Even now that Kogoro has become famous, he has made several requests about himself and his friends.[Note 183]..For that reason, it's not uncommon for Kogoro to name Yoko even in episodes unrelated to Yoko or in episodes where she doesn't appear.
Ryusuke Higo, a soccer player, was a senior in high school.[205], There was an exchange between celebrities from the same school, and suspicion of enthusiastic love was reported.[206].
The origin of the name is that of a cartoonistYoko Okinoから[Note 184].
Chris Vineyard (Chris Vineyard) / Sharon Vineyard (Sharon Vineyard)
Vivian Kudo(Yukiko Kudo) / Yukiko Fujimine (Yukiko Fujimine)
Rena Mizunashi(Rena Mizunashi) / Hondo Hidemi
Osamu Kenzaki
Voice- Egawa Hiroo
PopularityNovelIn charge of the main character, Matsuda Sagami, in the drama version of the "Detective Sagami" series.Meet Kogoro and Conan through the introduction of Yoko Okino.Yoko's best friend and actress Kaoru Kusano, a manager who is disguised as engaged and is interested in KaoruAtsushi Makuma(Atsushi Makuma, voice- Shigeru Nakahara) Have tried to ignite the love[204].
He is in charge of not only acting but also hosting variety shows.
Minami Takayama
Voice- Takayama Minami
Popular dance music artistTWO-MIX(Two mix)A member of the vocalist female voice actor.
Buddy'sShiina Nagano(Long, voice-- Nagano Shiina) Both become victims of the "Kidnapping of Popular Artists".A new song "Inspired by the end of the year"LIVING DAY LIGHTSOver the demo tapeNippon BudokanHe became a victim of the kidnapping on the day of the live performance, but after being rescued by the activities of Conan and the Detective Boys, he safely performed the live performance and invited them to the stage.WHITE REFLECTION, In the anime "BREAKIs showing off[207].
Minami Takayama himself, the voice actor of Conan in real anime.Mitsuhiko points out that his voice is similar to Conan, but unlike Conan, who is deaf, he is good at singing.As a popular musician even after the case was resolved, in the "Osaka" 3 K "case"Kuraki Mai,Miho Komatsu(Both were in charge of the anime theme song of "Conan" many times like TWO-MIX) and others are making cameo appearances.[208].

soccer player

Ryusuke Higo
Voice- Takahiro Sakurai
Professional team Big Osaka player.The position isFW, The uniform number is 9.
From Konan High School[Note 181]..In high school, he led to second place in the high school soccer championship as captain.After that, my half-brotherRikuo EndoAlthough he belongs to the professional team Noir Tokyo to which (Pea Rikuo) belonged, Noir Tokyo uses Endo as bait for fishing Higo, and two years later he gives a notice of out of force.Higo, who saw that, transferred to Big Osaka, who picked up Endo as a trainer.[209]..Currently, he is active as a point getter in Big Osaka.
There is a tendency for natural blurring, such as frequent misplacement of mobile phones.[206].
I once scouted Shinichi in junior high school while watching a match with Endo.Yoko Okino is a junior in high school[205], There was an exchange between celebrities from the same school, and suspicion of enthusiastic love was reported.[206]..Yoko's new song "Dandy Lion" is my favorite[205].
Haibara said, "Because of my brothers, the black team[Note 185]Became a fan of Higo, who has similar circumstances in terms of "a traitor who left[209].
Hideo Akagi
Voice- Koji Tsujiya
A player of the professional team Tokyo Spirits. 19 years old.Position is FW, number is 11. He lost his parents two years ago and is now a younger brother in the third grade of elementary school.Shou(Protect, voice- Mari Maruta) And two people live in a high-rise condominium in Beika-cho.
Nickname isHide..Originally from Yonehana High School, he led the soccer club to national domination with his rival and best friend Naoki Uemura, and was called "Golden Two Top".Reputed as a genius since high school, he joined Tokyo Spirits with Naoki.
When I leave home for a match, my friend is a high school girl who goes to Yonehana High School.quantum(Ryoko, voice-- Hiramatsu Akiko)[Note 186]Asking to take care of Mamoru[210].
World CupIt was said that he would definitely be represented in Japan, but he was not represented because of an injury.But,Emperor's cupIn the final, he scored the first goal in the 4th minute of the start and showed great success.After that, there was talk of transferring to an overseas team, but he refused.Motota and Mitsuhiko are Hide fans.
Naoki Uemura
Voice- Kazuki Yao
A player of the professional team Tokyo Spirits.The position is FW.
Nickname isNaoki..Originally from Yonehana High School, he led the soccer club to national domination with his rival and best friend Hideo Akagi, and was called "Golden Two Top" and joined Tokyo Spirits with Hide.The number of points scored in high school is not much different from Hide, but there is a big difference in popularity and contract money.Injured by contact with Hide in a practice game, he once resented Hide and kidnapped his younger brother Mamoru, forcing him to match-fixing in the final of the Sunday Cup.However, after a failure, he received an ale from Hide on TV after the match, regretted his actions and converted and regained his friendship with Hide.After that, he returned to Tokyo Spirits and is active with Hide.[210]..He is good at games and is loved by Mamoru.Ayumi is a fan of Naoki rather than Hide.
Takahiro Sanada
Voice- Hiroyuki Yoshino
Professional team Big Osaka player. Eighteen years old.The position is FW.Expected as a copy of Higo, he was promoted from youth.
Speak in Kansai dialect.In addition to proclaiming himself as a supersub of Higo, he has a light personality and self-confidence, such as declaring himself a rival to Hide, but his soccer skills are top notch.
The 16th movie version of the first appearance "11th striker』In the director'sKoji Matsuzaki(Koji Matsuzaki, voice- Inaba Minoru) Has been entrusted with the important role of hitting a soccer ball aiming at the bomb release device.[211]..After that, an episode of the original story related to Higo[205]Also, it appears in the TV anime episode 11 "Promise with J Leaguer" (animation original), which is a later story of "The 742th Striker".

Black tissue

that person / Karasuma Renya(Karasuma Renya)
Lamb (Rum)
Voice-Private[212][Note 187]
gin (Gin)
Voice- Horiki, Performance- Kuranosuke Sasaki
vermouth (Vermouth) / Sharon Vineyard
Voice- Mami Koyama
vodka (Vodka)
Voice- Fumihiko Tachiki, Performance- Taro Okada
Chianti (Chianti)
Voice- Kikuko Inoue
Korun (Korn)
Voice- Hiroyuki Kinoshita
Pisco (Pisco) / Kenzo Masuyama
Voice- Yasuo Muramatsu
tequila (Tequila)
Voice- Yukio Hirota
Calvados (Calvados)
Kusuda Rikumichi(Kusuda Rikumichi)
Voice- Mitsuo Iwata
Akemi Miyano(Akemi Miyano) / Masami Hirota
Voice- Sakiko Tamagawa
Elena Miyano(Miyano Elena)
Voice- Hiroko Suzuki(Episode 341-Episode 771) → Megumi Hayashibara(Episode 953 -)
Atsushi Miyano(Miyano Atsushi)
Voice- Yuichi Nakamura
バ ー ボ ン (Bourbon) / Toru Amuro(Toru Amuro)
keel (Kir) / Rena Mizunashi(Rena Mizunashi)
Sherry (Sherry) / Shiho Miyano(Miyano Shiho)

Other people

Kaito Kid / Kaito Kuroba(Kuroba Kaito)
Voice- Kappei Yamaguchi
One of Conan's rivals, the death of Godthief(The identity isマ ジ ッ クHigh school student who is good at).
Originally another work of the author "Magic Kaito』, To this workStar systemAppeared as.
Sakurako Yonehara
Voice- Tange Sakura
Naeko's childhood friend, a junior in Chiba's elementary school days. 23 years old.HousewifeAs working in various homes.Raised in a single-mother family, my mother is the president of a design companyKohei Wakamatsu(Wakamatsu Kohei)I was working as a housekeeper at my home, but when I was a student, I was lost on the street because I was lost, and President Wakamatsu picked me up and became a housekeeper.[58].
Chiba is called "Chiba".He has a gentle personality and behaves politely at work as a housekeeper, but he has also taken a resolute attitude toward the members of the clan who are willing to speak ill of the victims of the murder.Notice that Conan's attitude is completely different only for Heiji, etc.[Note 188], There is also observing power.
Since murders often occur at work, police officer Megui advises that he should not be a person who calls death like Mr. Mouri.[19]..There is also a lonely side, and when I found the body, I intended to report it to the police, and I accidentally called Naeko's mobile phone.[19].
Fusae Campbell Kinoshita
Voice- Eiko Masuyama / Chieko Honda(Girlhood)
fashion brand"Fusae brand'[Note 189]President of. Agasa, who is two years older, is the first love partner for each other.Foreigner (country unknown[Note 190]) And half.Also a friend of my mother's remarriage partnerBilly(Birī, Voice- Kiyoshi Kobayashi) Is the driver[213].
Forty years ago, at the same elementary school as Agasa, I went to and from school together only during the fall.When he moved, he handed a letter to Agasa saying, "Let's meet at a place of memories in 40 years," but he couldn't remember "the place of memories," so he was able to meet again 10 years later.[213]..My feelings for Agasa haven't changed for 40 years, and even though I gave up on my unrequited love for a while, I was convinced that Agasa hadn't changed my feelings for 40 years and decided to believe in the next reunion.
When I was in elementary school 40 years ago, I was always worried about my blonde hair and always wore a hat, but when I met Agasa by chance, he said, "It looks like a ginkgo leaf, it's not beautiful." ..Thanks to Agasa, I was able to overcome the animal dislike that arose from the trauma of my dog ​​when I was little.[213].
I met Ran only once when I was in elementary school, and made a promise that "when I grow up, I will buy accessories or bags designed by my aunt."[213][Note 191].
The "Fusae brand" products are also depicted as small items of the people involved in the incident, and Haibara and others refer to them as fans of the brand each time.
Narumi Asai (Narumi Asai / Seiji Asai) / Narumi Aso (Aso Seiji)
Voice- Ai Orikasa(Episode 11) →Sawashiro Miyuki(Episode 1000 -)
TokyoA doctor who works at a clinic on Tsukikagejima, a solitary island in Japan, and a man who looks like a woman[Note 192].pianist-Keiji AsoHe is the son of (Aso Keiji, voice-none) and his real name is hemp generation fruit ("Seiji" instead of "Narumi"). "Asai" is the surname that was taken over after the death of the family, and because he hides his identity and pretends to be a female doctor, "NarumiI called myself[Note 193]..The age is 26 years old.
"Piano Sonata "Moonlight" Murder Case'[214]Criminal.My father was used for drug smuggling by four members of drug smuggling, and he set fire to his house to seal his mouth and killed his family as well.[Note 194]Execute a murder plan using your appearance and occupation to take revenge on the four.Eventually, Conan reveals the crime, but he escapes and stays in the music room of the public hall where he set fire himself, trying to commit suicide.When Conan, who rushed to prevent it, was thrown out of the window, a melody that encrypted words of gratitude to him for returning his father's stigma.[Note 195]Played on the piano and self-immolated[Note 196].
Conan (Shinichi) was the only criminal who couldn't stop suicide in the film, and Conan regrets having hunted down the fruit by reasoning and made him commit suicide.[215][Note 197]"At this time, if I acted cautiously considering various possibilities, I might have stopped the fruitful suicide."忸 怩(Lottery)After this incident, he came to have a strong belief that "a detective who hunts down a criminal by reasoning and commits suicide is no different from a murderer".[215]..Later, Heiji remembered Conan's words with his own thoughts on this matter, and protected the criminal who tried to commit suicide from that feeling while being shot.[71], The case where Narumi committed suicide indirectly affected his pride as a detective of Heiji via Conan.Minami Takayama, who plays the role of Conan, said, "The case of fruit has always been in my heart, and I will continue to play it with my heart in mind."[216][217].
Koshimizu Natsuki
Voice- Hayami Lisa
Although she is a self-proclaimed high school girl detective, she is actually an adult who graduated from high school two years ago after working as a high school girl detective. 2-year-old.FukuokaIn the tone when I was born and panickedHakata dialectThe accent is out.ThunderIs not good at
His ability as a detective is real, and he is one of the rivals of Conan (Shinichi), Heiji, and Kaito Kid.Saguru Hakuba(Hakuba Saguru, Voice- Ishida Akira)[Note 198]Demonstrated reasoning power comparable to[138].
Innocent best friend with wrong reasoningKana Mizuguchi(Kana Minaguchi, voice-- Nami Okamoto)[Note 199]In order to take revenge on the high school detective who forced him to commit suicide, he gathered Heiji and others in a fake project and was called as the representative of the north.Junya Tokizu(Junya Tokitsu, voice-Shinichiro Miki) was found to be the high school detective and killed. Finally, Heiji and his colleagues revealed the crime and appeared in the police.
Since the response of Nanatsuki was great, Aoyama's newly devised character thought, "Then I'll give you the ultimate."Masumi SeraIs[125]..In addition, the concept of Masumi Sera by the author is accompanied by the fact that Nanatsuki has come to the planning of the starring game.[125].
Aya Nanakawa
Voice- Yajima Akiko(Episode 343-Episode 344) →Kurata Masayo(Episode 491 -)
Shinichi, Ran, Sonoko's classmate and friend in Tetan junior high school. 17 years old.
He has a strict personality and works part-time at a convenience store. At that time, he is also actively organizing the cargo of cardboard boxes.I like sweets.I'm also addicted to games.
The store manager suspects that the store's products may have been stolen after the convenience store closed.[Note 200](Voice- Yasuo Iwata), But was helped by the success of Conan (Shinichi), who was asked by Ran who was there.[140].
Kichiemon Mimizu
140 年前[Note 201] OfLate Edo periodMade a name forKarakuri puppeteer.
Nickname is "Karakuri Kichiemon. "Sakuha school OfRoninWe were funding them.The karakuri dolls that he creates are loved by daimyo and merchants as if they were alive, and he makes a fortune in his own right.Huge fortune at the end of the Edo perioddiamondIn front of my mansionæ± Sinked in.
It is also known to have built karakuri mansions in various parts of Japan, and some of them have been settled as hideaways by thieves who used karakuri.[218].."" Owned by Suzuki ZaibatsuIron raccoon dog(Tetsutanuki)Is also a work of Kichiemon, and various thief extermination devices have been applied, but it was opened by Kid.[187]..Some gimmicks are radical enough to kill you if you hit them.[187].
According to the original author, his personality is "I like it, but I like mischief" (from the cover of the 68th volume of the book).

Pets of the people involved

Voice- Takayama Minami(TV series),Aoyama kite(Third movie version)
A cat owned by Eri.
Eri tells Ran that the name comes from "because it's rumbling," but from the statement to Kogoro that "the same goro is a big difference," Conan speculates that it is "Kogoro's goro." ing.The first one I kept under the name "Goro"SnowshoesHowever, he died at an old age[Note 202]Therefore, the current one inherited from an acquaintanceRussian BlueI keep it with the same name.Therefore, it is now the second generation of Eri's "cat named" Goro "".[219].
The Russian Blue I currently own is modeled on the role of Conan, Minami Takayama's cat, Kite.The 10th movie version "Detectives' requiem』In the kite himself is calling out.Takayama is also in charge of the ground ball of the TV series, which also serves as Conan.
Voice- Aya Fujita
Males who often come to the coffee shop "Poirot"Calico cat[Note 203].
The name was given by the master of "Poirot" and is a detective.PoaloIs a friend ofArthur HastingsCaptainIs the origin.Ayumi says "Dai-chan(Taita)"It is called.
OriginallySoseki(Soseki)Under the name of the president of an IT companyMashiko Sadaji(I'm sorry, voice- Mitsuaki Hoshino), But Azusa eventually decided to let it go because he had allergies to cats.
Voice- Takagi Wataru
The dog that Jirokichi always carries.
Friendly, Jirokichi's favorite carHarley-Davidson OfsidecarMay ride on[182]In addition, the safe of Kichiemon Mimizu "Iron raccoon dog(Tetsutanuki)Have been saved by a phantom thief Kid[187][Note 204].
The origin of the nameArsene LupineBecause he is a rival by name, Conan may have mixed feelings even if he is nostalgic.[187].

Characters within a play

Sea cucumber man(Sea cucumber man)
Voice-None[Note 205]
OrchidsMobile phoneAttached tostrapCharacter.
Originally a character in another work "YAIBA" by the author, he appeared as a star system in this work.
Masked Yaiba (Kamen Yaiba)
Voice- Takagi Wataru
For popular childrenSpecial effectsShow hero.
dolls,Carddass,Gashapon,T-shirt,gas stationThere are many product developments such as partnership campaigns with.A weekly program that has been broadcast while changing versions for quite some time (Monday 1:19 to 30 minutes broadcast)[Note 206]So, in addition to the anime broadcast time of "Detective Conan" until 2008), two movies have also been produced.Theme songTWO-MIXIs set to have sung[Note 207].
The sweets that the Detective Boys buy are usually from Kamen Yaiba.ShokuganIt is what you are looking for.
According to Mitsuhiko, "The first mask Yaiba has a grotesque mask, which is good again."[224]..Its Special Move is Yaiba Raijin Fist.
In the original setting in the anime "Detective Conan", the real name isPlatinum lightning blade(The aim is)A young man who is usually a childhood friendRei Natsume(Rei Natsume)WithHot dogRun a shop[224]..When an incident occurs, he transforms into a motorcycle and does bad things.MonsterAnd defeat aliens,Moral disciplineThe story of things unfolds.
Voice-None[Note 208]
Popular with many movies mademonster.
When Conan and his friends went to see the shooting site, the leading actor (Suit actor)ofHidego Matsui(Matsushugo, voice- Katsuhiro Kitagawa) Is the program producerKamei Osamu(Kamei Osamu, voice-Takehiro Koyama) was arrested for murder, and there was only one outfit due to the trick at that time.costumeWill be burnt down[225]..It was thought that it would be discontinued, but at the request of the fans, it was continued by joining old films together.After that, shooting continued while giving a title that seems to be the final inning every time, and the series is still ongoing.
In addition to the independent works "Large Monster Gomera", "Gomera's Counterattack", "Gomera VS Mecha Gomera", "Gomera Too Far Gone", "Gomera Yo Forever", "Farewell Gomera", "Large Monster Gomera Final", etc. Withcrossoverthe work"Large Monster Gomera vs Kamen YaibaThere is
Matsuda left character (Matsuda Samonji)
Voice- Eiichiro Suzuki(Episode 116) →Egawa Hiroo(Episode 662 -)
Mystery writerNew name NintaroWritten by (Shinmei Nintaro, Voice-Yuzuru Fujimoto)NovelHero of.
In the drama in the works, the actorOsamu KenzakiPlays.He is a detective without a sword, and after uncovering the criminal, he pulls out his sword and sings a phrase to the criminal.Described by Masumi Sera as a "laughing detective"[130].
Representative works include "Half-top" (originally "1/2-top"), "Death mask ridicule", "Devil's will", and "Midnight head hunting".Nintarocancer(cancer)After I died, my daughterKaori(Kaori, voice- Fumiko Osaka) Takes over the writing and is still serialized in the magazine "Literary Age".In the novel written by Kaori, three people, a detective Heppoko, a tomboy, and a cheeky boy with glasses, appear as assistants to the left character (models are Kogoro, Ran, and Conan, respectively).[226].
Baron of Darkness (Night Baron)
Voice- Hideyuki Tanaka
The death of God in the novelMonster..The identity is unknown.
He is both a phantom thief and a murderer.Wearing a top hat, mask, cloak, and black suit.HairstyleShort bob.
It is impossible to discover or stop it from the setting of the death of God.Computer virusIs named after[76]..The black organization also possesses the "Baron of Darkness virus", and when a storage medium (floppy disk, etc.) containing programs used in the organization is started up on an external computer, the virus is automatically detected. It works and is trying to delete the data[76].


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