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📺 | Kei Komuro The person associated with the popular American drama in the NY video also said, "Walk like a character."

Photo Kei Komuro

Kei Komuro The person associated with the popular American drama in the NY video also said, "Walk like a character."

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The Japanese version is a remake of the drama starring Yuji Oda.

Regarding Kei Komuro (29), who is scheduled to return to Japan next week after her marriage to Mako (29), the eldest daughter of the Akishinomiya family, has been decided ... → Continue reading

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Yuji Oda

Yuji Oda(Yuji Oda,1967 <Showa 42>May 12 -) isJapan OfAn actor,singer.Kanagawawhere one is from. Belongs to BAC CORPORATION.Height 177 cm[1], Weight 78kg[1]. married.


Toingakuen Elementary School / Junior High School / High Schoolgraduation.From the first year of junior high school to the first year of high schoolTennisAlthough he belonged to the club, he broke his knee and retired.In high school, it ’s called Deps.bandAssembledguitar(After that, the band name "Deps" became the name of Oda's own fan club).After graduating from high schoolUniversity of PittsburghEven though he entered a Japanese school, he went on to become an actor.

1987 Published in JulyToeimovies"Shonan Bakusokuzoku], Debuted as the desired role of Ishikawa from among the tens of thousands of performer auditions.At the same time, the leading role debutYousuke EguchiCo-starred with.At that timeMotorcycle licenseI don't have one and got it for filming.

1989 Published in JulyTohomovies"If she turned into a swimsuitStarring inTomoyo HaradaIt was appointed as the other party of, and the name recognition increased.

1991 , Fuji TV drama "Tokyo love storyA big break in the role of Kanji Nagao. "Due by March 9thThe word "" was also born from this work.However, despite its popularity, Oda himself said that as the story progressed, he suffered from a gap between the original story, the script, and his own image, and as a result, he failed in acting to the point of being abandoned.again,1992 To TBS "Looking for me that dayIn 』, he played the leading role of Morio Koga for the first time in the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters, but due to the poor audience rating, it ended in a failed work, and"It is useless.You have to work hard on what you want to do.You have to say "what you want to do" from here, not just get a role from someone.If you don't have one, I'll force you to create a theme.I thought so."[2]..Therefore, in the subsequent works, the attitude of being involved in the work will be strengthened from the stage of planning and script writing.[3].

1993 , Fuji TV drama "Looking back there is a guy"so,Ken IshiguroAnd double-starred.

1997 Fuji TV drama "Dancing Great Investigation Line』Has a good reputation for video rentals after the drama broadcast, and has become popular as a movie.The first movie version "Dancing Great Investigation Line THE MOVIEIsperformance incomeRecorded 101 billion yen and 700 million spectators, followed by "Dancing Great Investigation Line THE MOVIE 2 Block the Rainbow Bridge!], The box office revenue is 173.5 billion yen and the number of spectators is 1250 million, which is not only much higher than the previous work.Live actionJapanese moviesHe left the record of No. 1 in history (as of 2013) and became his masterpiece.

2016 Published in FebruaryPlease Get Married With My Wife.Starring in the movie for the first time in four years[4].

As a singer1987 Debut movie "Shonan Bakusokuzoku"ofInsert songDebuted with the single record "BOOM BOOM BOOM".1991 Released in SeptemberSuzuki Cervo] CM song "Love song I couldn't singWas the highest hit song, recording 2 copies.Other hit representative songs include AGF "Maxim Regular Coffee" and Santen Pharmaceutical "Sante FX" CM songs "Currently from this moment(June 1991, highest 6rd place, 3 copies), theme song "OVER THE TROUBLE" (July 20.7, highest 1994th place, 7 copies), "Dancing The theme song of "Great Investigation Line"Love Somebody"(1997 In January, the highest rank is 1th, 9 copies).2005 Japan Gold Disc Award・ Awarded "Last Christmas / Wake Me Up GO! GO!" In the Song of the Year category (under the name of Yuji Oda with Butch Walker).

But,2008 May 10Since the release of the best album "BEST OF BEST ~ 20th Anniversary ~" and the live DVD "YUJI ODA 20th Anniversary Special Live 3920" at the same time, no noticeable musical activity has been seen, and the singer launched to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his debut. The new project "UZ" as a single "I'm in love with your eyesNo activity has been seen since the release.The live activity was not performed at the end of "CONCERT TOUR" 11 "-U-kai2008- ~ I'm in love with your eyes ~" which was held in November of the same year.

I was single for a long time in my private life,2010 May 8Married an ordinary woman 12 years younger.2014 The eldest son was born at the end of October[5].


  • Held once every two yearsTBSSports broadcast program "World land』Main caster,1997 From the Athens Olympic GamesMiho NakaiIn charge with.2019 Became the main caster for 12 consecutive tournaments in Doha.High tensionThe first time became a hot topicTakahiro YamamotoBeginning withTakanori Jinnai,Tsutomu Sekine,Nine Tine OfTakashi OkamuraRanimimicryHas been done.
  • 2001 , Drama "Rocket boy』\ At the time of broadcastingChronic condition OfLow back painDeterioratedHerniated discDue to an emergency hospitalization, the shooting was interrupted.Therefore, "Rocket Boy" was scheduled for 11 episodes, but it was reconstructed into 7 episodes, and for 2 weeks after the second episode was aired, "Rocket Boy" was suspended and co-starred in the same work.Yusuke Santa Maria,Somegoro IchikawaNew shooting scene and "Dancing Great Investigation Line"re-airAn unusual measure was taken to fill in the gaps.
  • Broadcasted on August 2007, 4Utaban], The actual age was 39 years old and was diagnosed as 25 years old by the physical fitness test performed without explanation to the person.
  • August 2007, 8 Broadcast "Utaban" for the first time in 23 yearsKoji MatobaHe said that he was so close at that time that he called each other "Oda-chan" and "McKee" when he co-starred with him.Atsuko AsanoAccording to him, "You are a terminal illness of humans", so "McKee").
  • It has been appointed as a CM character for Suzuki Jimny, and Oda himself owns Jimny.
  • He has many hobbies, mainly playing golf, pipes, cigars, tropical fish, bird-watching, and bird watching.He is quite familiar with fishing, and when he appeared on variety shows, he often professed to love fishing.He said in his essay "The Derailer" that this multi-purpose part was influenced by his father.
  • Regarding his outlook on romance, he says that he likes the person who adds what he lacks, rather than the looks and gestures of the person, and at the same time, he wants to be able to add what he lacks.He also said he wants to create a solid family where men work and earn money and women protect their homes.[6].


  • What is actor Ken Ishiguro?Close friendIt is a relationship.movie"White outIt is said that it was Oda who selected Ishiguro as the main character's best friend, Yoshioka.[7].. The two are in the drama "Looking back there is a guy''Midnight rain』Also co-starred, at that time IshiguroModeratorWas one ofTele morningOda made a guest appearance on the talk show "Kimi to forever", and even though it was another station, he even performed a parody of "If you look back, there is a guy" at the beginning of the program. Broadcast on October 2016, 10, "IQ246 ~A splendid case book~], Oda starred and Ishiguro co-starred as a guest in the first episode.
  • In "Bayside Shakedown"Ikariya ChosukeI was asked to teach the know-how of acting in TV dramas.Although it is the opposite of the relationship in the play, Ikari and himself said in a dialogue on Fuji TV's special program "Dancing Oda Yuji" broadcast on April 1999, 4.SwordsmanFollowing yoursplayWhat is it like?If asked, I will answer that it is Oda style. "Also, IkariyanoautobiographySimilar words are published in "No good".Oda has longed for him even after Ikariya died (self-authored "Derailer").
  • One periodDirt trialI was in the competition.Although the results are rarely made public, correspondence educationYou CanA driving scene was inserted in the commercial for a moment.In addition, the photo book "OFF TIME ~ In the afternoon without wind ..." (Shufutoseikatsusha) And the video "ROAD SHOW", you can see a part of the situation when you participated in the Rally of Canberra (completed in 5nd place in the A2 class).
  • What is your favorite foodsushi[8].
  • movies"Amalfi Goddess RewardIn the Italian location, he learned a lot from the way the Italian staff worked, so he said that setting the stage in Italy was the correct answer (Interview with "Plus Act").On the other hand, in "Waratte Iitomo!", Which appeared before the release, he said that there were difficulties in shooting such as differences in habits, coffee for staff being drunk by passers-by, and "the location valve is cold and hard". ..
    • In the same work, he said that he gave special training in Italian dialogue because he was a diplomat who was fluent in Italian.[9]..However, I couldn't understand the words in the ad-lib play of the Italian actor, and finally I asked the script line "Don't miss this word" and survived the shooting.[10].

Appearance work

TV drama


Online drama

  • Amalfi Begins (2009, DoCoMo video) --Starring Kosaku Kuroda
  • Chief of Staff Shunsaku Aoshima The MOBILE incident is happening in the interrogation room! (2010, DoCoMo video) --Starring Shunsaku Aoshima
  • Chief of Staff Shunsaku Aoshima 2 The incident is happening again in the interrogation room! (2012, broadcasting station for smartphones nottv) --Starring Shunsaku Aoshima


Photo album

  • "BEST GUY IN Yuji Oda" (Hagoromo Co., Ltd.)
  • "Yuji Oda" (Shufu to Seikatsusha)
  • "OFF TIME ~ In a windless afternoon ..." (Shufu to Seikatsusha)
  • "Document Yuji Oda" (Pia)
  • "Yuji Oda in TRY" (Kadokawa Shoten)
  • "COLORS" (Pia)




  • Special program "Yuji Oda '95 To the North" (January 1995, Fuji TV)
  • Yuji Oda Africa Nature Special Elephant Story (May 2005, TBS)
  • Monday golden Africa Nature Special "We are monkeys!A moving trip to interact with Yuji Oda's apes ”(August 2007, TBS)
  • "Humanity 40 Billion Years Plan" (2021, NHK BS Premium)

Variety, music program


  • Radio program"Cheers in the Wind" (October 1991-September 10) The first regular radio program.Final episode"Live broadcast from houseboat"baseballThe program ended without being broadcast because it was broadcast.








  • ATP Award93 The Television Reader Award
  • TV Guide TV Drama Award Best Actor Award









  • Japan Academy Award Excellent Actor Award("Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE 2 Rainbow Bridge!")
  • 23 timesFujimoto Award(Because the production side also made a great contribution to "Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE 2 Rainbow Bridge!" As an actor.Ken Takakura(The second award following the 14th Special Award)


  • 19 timesJapan Gold Disc Award Song of the Year Division(In the name of Yuji Oda with Butch Walker) ("Last Christmas / Wake Me Up GO! GO!")


  • GQ Men of the Year 2012[16]



#Release datetitleCouplingTie-up
11987 May 4 BOOM BOOM BOOM / Hold You Tight -Toho movie "Shonan Bakusou-zoku" insert song
"NORDICA" radio commercial image song
21989 May 7 Boy only on weekends Hold You TightEnding theme for the TBS drama "I'm sorry to disturb you!"
31991 May 2 Love song I couldn't sing Eternal lightSuzuki "Cervo Mode" Image Song
41991 May 6 Currently from this moment The times when it was windyAGF "Maxim Regular Coffee" Image Song
Santen Pharmaceutical "Sante FX" CM Song
51991 May 11 Happy Birthday Just rainMeiji Seika "Gato Maron" CM song
61992 May 1 KODO-Beat- A grain of lightSanten Pharmaceutical "Sante FX" CM image song
71992 May 5 I can hear that summer STAY BLUEToshiba "Twin Rotary Air Conditioner '92" Campaign Song
81993 May 7 Resolution 030Santen Pharmaceutical "Sante FX" CM image song
Insert song for Fuji TV drama "Subarashiki Kana Life"
91994 May 7 OVER THE TROUBLE You were earnestThe theme song for the Fuji TV drama "No Money!"
101994 May 10 Never Rain -Santen Pharmaceutical "Sante FX" Image Song
Santen Pharmaceutical "Sante Contact" Image Song
111995 May 11 Because love is just around the corner I'll Be Back To YouTheme song for the Fuji TV drama "Justice wins"
T-FM "Yuji Oda Let's walk with the wind" ending theme
121996 May 10 The Mirage, WhistlingSanten Pharmaceutical "Sante FX" Image Song
Santen Pharmaceutical "Sante Contact" Image Song
131997 May 1 Love Somebody
(Yuji Oda with Maxi PriestName)
MoonTheme song for the Fuji TV drama "Bayside Shakedown"
141997 May 7 Over and Over Again / FLY HIGH -TBS "World Championships in Athletics Athens" theme song
NTT docomo CM song
151998 May 2 Freedom -Suzuki "Jimny Wide" CM song
161998 May 5 Shake it UP -The theme song for the Fuji TV drama "Koi wa Aserazu"
171998 May 10 Love Somebody-CINEMA Version -Bayside Shakedown Autumn Crime Eradication Special Theme Song

Theme song for the movie "Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE"

181999 May 3 SOMETHING TO SAY -IDO "cdmaOne" image song
191999 May 8 Together Diggin'on YOUTBS "World Athletics 1999 Spain" theme song
TBS "Muscle Banzuke" ending theme
202001 May 2 To the other side of the sky -Fuji TV drama "Rocket Boy" theme song
212001 May 8 You are here now -TBS "World Championships in Athletics 2001 Edmonton" theme song
222002 May 11 I wonder if that is the case love love loveTheme song for the TBS drama "Mayonaka no Ame"
232003 May 1 We can be Heroes TRYStarring movie "TRY" theme song
242003 May 6 Love Somebody -Re-released as a 12cm single
252003 May 7 Love Somebody CINEMA Version II -The theme song for the movie "Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE 2 Rainbow Bridge!"
262004 May 11 Last Christmas/Wake Me Up GO! GO!
(Yuji Oda with Butch WalkerName)
-Fuji TV drama "Last Christmas"
Theme song & opening title
272007 May 4 Hug, Hug "Thank you"Theme song for the TBS drama "It's not a joke!"
282007 May 7All my treasuresAll my treasuresTBS "World Championships in Athletics 2007 Osaka" Tournament Official Song
FLY HIGHTBS "World Athletics 1997 Athens" theme song
TogetherTBS "World Athletics 1999 Seville" theme song
You are here nowTBS "World Championships in Athletics 2001 Edmonton" theme song
292007 May 12 FEEL LIVE -JRA CM song
302008 May 8 I'm in love with your eyes(UZ name) -Theme song for the Fuji TV drama "Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu"


Original album
#Release datetitle
11991 May 3 ON THE ROAD
21991 May 7 Headwind
31992 May 2 KODO-Beat-
41993 May 9 Resolution
51994 May 9 Screen Play
61995 May 12 River
71996 May 11 STAY HERE
81997 May 3 STAY HERE + 2 Added 2 versions of "Love Somebody" to "STAY HERE"
91998 May 6 Shake !!
101999 May 9 My Pocket
112000 May 7 SECRET RENDEZ-VOUS "SECRET RENDEZ-VOUS" movie "Whiteout" theme song
122003 May 8 11 Colors
132007 May 9 Thank you 20th anniversary work of debut
"Days" You Can CM Song
"Thank you" TBS series "Yuji Oda Africa Nature Special Elephant Story" Theme
142012 May 9 Love Someday Complete Edition Complete recording of up to 12 versions (Lovesomebody ~ LovesomedobyCINEMAversion IV) of the theme song "Lovesomebody" of the "Dancing Daisousen" series

Best album

#Release datetitle
11991 May 10 SINGLES
21991 May 12 SONGS
31995 May 9 THE BEST
41998 May 11 THE BEST TRACKS
52001 May 3 Hot & Sweet --Sour Soup ~ BEST of LOVE SONG ~
62008 May 10 BEST OF BEST ~ 20th Anniversary ~


#Release datetitle
11992 May 3 Birth --Music Documentary -
21994 May 4 FACE-Budokan Concert
31994 May 10 ROAD SHOW
41994 May 12 '94 Concert Tour BREAK OUT
51996 May 7 '95 --'96 YUJI ODA Concert Tour River DVD released on November 2002, 11
61998 May 2 YUJI ODA 10th Anniversary Special Live DVD released on November 2002, 11
71999 May 2 Concert Tour '98-'99 Shake! DVD released on November 2002, 11
82000 May 9 LIVE & MOVIE 2000 --WHITEOUT- DVD released on November 2000, 12
92004 May 3 YUJI ODA CONCERT FILM 2003 COLORS 2001 I'm here now, U-kai
102008 May 10 YUJI ODA 20th Anniversary Special Live 3920

From "Birth --Music Documentary-" to "'94 Concert Tour BREAK OUT" (both)Toshiba EMI) Has not yet been made into a DVD.The publishers of these works are different (the ones on DVD areUniversal Sigma | (formerly KittyMME = pre-merger name, Mercury Music Entertainment)For subsequent works).

Related item

The story is "Sante FX" CM parody ("Kitter!"), Shunsaku Aoshima ("Rainbow Bridge can't be blocked!"), And World Athletics Caster ("I'm glad I was born on Earth!" ) ・ Animal documentary (I'm a primate!)and so on.However, there are some lines created by entertainers.
  • INP(An organization that invests in a movie starring Yuji Oda and plans fan club events, etc.)


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