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📺 | SixTONES ・ Hokuto Matsumura and love?Nana Mori, CM / drama appointed, demodulation sign new headwind


SixTONES, Hokuto Matsumura and enthusiastic love?Nana Mori, CM / drama appointed, demodulation sign new headwind

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In particular, Matsumura fans were upset, saying, "I stopped thinking," "Hokuto Matsumura and Nana Mori, who take bad pictures when leaked, are the worst," "What's that sense of distance?" It looks like it can't be hidden.

Is it a resurrection?Or ...Nana Mori, an actress whose media exposure has decreased significantly due to transfer troubles, recently ... → Continue reading

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Matsumura Hokuto

Hokuto Matsumura(Matsumura Hokuto[2],1995 Heisei7 years>May 6[2] -) isJapan OfIdol,An actorAndMale idol group- SixtonsIs a member of[5].

Shizuoka[2]Shimada[3]I'm fromJohnny's OfficeBelongs.


August 2009, 2,Tomohisa YamashitaLonging forJohnny's OfficeAdmission to[6]..The day after the audition, "Because this world is made of surprises."Janie KitagawaPrompted by "The Shonen Club』(NHK BS Premium) Participate in recording[7].ABC-Z OfKoichi GosekiTaken to[7]First appearance in "Junior Q"[8]..He revealed that the day before was an audition and was the moderator at that time.NEWS OfKeiichiro KoyamaKAT-TUN OfYuichi NakamaruSurprise.Later appearance work "Apollo on the slopeWhen asked about "my life" in the stage greeting on the first day of the release, he revealed that the costume he was wearing at that time was plain clothes.White leather jacket with fur on plain clothes because the costume is more sober than Johnny Kitagawa[9]He talked about the episode that he was recommended to appear in, and said that the plain clothes he wore at this time were "a lifetime thing" because I kept it as something that I could not throw away even after decluttering.[10]..This outfit is also a symbol of the beginning of his turbulent Johnny's life, and he says he still looks at it from time to time even after it has worn out and worn out.By doing so, it has been so long since that time, but it is said that he is doing his best, or he can return to the origin and remove anxiety and pride.[9]..This topic is also mentioned in "Popolo" released in February 2020.The song on the back of the dayTOKYOof"AMBITIOUS JAPAN!'[8].

July 6st of the same year,Nakayama Yuma,Kento Nakajima,Fuma Kikuchi,Yugo TakachiYuma Nakayama w/BI ShadowFormed.Three days later, June 3th, "New Forum Record !! ︎Johnny's Jr. I'll do 1 performances a day! ”[11]so,Hey! Say! JUMP OfRyosuke Yamada,Yuri ChinenLimited time unit with 7 people includingNYC boysFormed, "WomenVolleyball World Grand PrixBecame a special supporter of "2009"[12].

On July 7, the same year, as a member of Yuma Nakayama w / BI Shadow and NYC boys, both A-side singles "Devil Love/NYCCD debut with[13]..On New Year's Eve this year, as a member of NYC Boys,The 60th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』(NHK) For the first time.

On September 2011, 9, BI Shadow members Kento Nakajima and Fuma KikuchiSexy ZoneBecause it was announced that they will make their CD debut in November with the formation of[14], BI Shadow will be virtually dissolved[15]..With the dissolution, I had no work for a while, but "I'm sorry to end up losing. To my surroundings and to myself."[16]"No matter what you do, there is nothing more to lose"[15]Thinking that, he appeared as a back junior at the ABC-Z concert.With some juniorsKinKi KidsI challenged the adult-like sexy song and showed a different side from BI Shadow so far.The performance at this time was the TV drama "Private Bakalea High School』(Nippon TV) Caught the eyes of the producer and was selected as Tetsuya Asada.[15].

On April 2012, 4, she made her debut as an actor in the role of Tetsuya Asada in the TV drama "Private Bakalea High School".[17]..Continue"Black female teacher』(TBS), He was selected as the "first mover" of the student role and the quasi-leading role in the second appearance.Johnny Kitagawa told me, "I brought you a great role, so do your best."[18].. afterwards,"Piece』(Nippon TV) for the third consecutive drama appearance.

On September 9th and 8th of the same year, six Jr. members who appeared in "Private Bakalea High School" spoke directly to Johnny Kitagawa.[19], Commonly known as Bakalea group main concert "Johnny's Jr. Johnny's Dome Theater ~ SUMMARY ~" held[20].

October 10, the same year "Movie version Private Bakalea High School』Debuted in the movie.Of the same workTakashi KubotaFrom the director, "Matsumura-kun is a very serious and pure person. He played Tetsuya, a difficult role that you have to have a picture just by standing. It became a picture because of the original beautiful standing figure. Was[21]", And the 2014 broadcast"SHARK』(Nippon TV) will be teaming up again.Also, of "The Female Teacher in Black"Hidenori IyodaThe producer said, "Mr. Hokuto had asked for an honor student role in a drama before, and that image is strong, but the strength of his eyes at that time left an impression on me.[22]Was recognized for its ability, and the 2013 broadcast "TAKE FIVE-Can we steal love?(TBS) Episode 7, selected as Kazuma Dojo.Play a guest appearance.

March 2013, stage "Live House Johnny's Ginza],JesseAnd double-starring performance[23],At the time"Nikkei Entertainment!"magazine(Nihon Keizai Shimbun) Said, "Two people who can be said to be two tops of Johnny's Jr."[24].. TV drama"Pintokona』(TBS) from Johnny's Jr. and Jesse and Jesse, the main activity of the duo was," I have formed various units so far, so I feel like one of them? "I'm happy if I can make my debut, but to tell the truth, the duo are a little scary (laughs)."[25]Also, in November 2014, "Myojo』(Shueisha) Then, "I instinctively told the choreographer,'I miss four people.'"[26]He revealed the complicated feelings at that time.

April 2014, Midnight Variety "Gumshala!』(TV AsahiAppeared in[27][28].. "Hokuto Matsumura's Hokuhoku Hokuto"[29]"Fist of the North Star"[30]It has a single corner such as, and its surrealistic production becomes a hot topic.He also regularly appears in the live "Gamshala J's party !!"EX theaterIt ’s a one-shot J! ”[31]Then,pole dance[32],三味 線[33]In a short period of time and show off.In addition, he was the leader of "Team Ra" for the second consecutive year in the summer competition event of the same program, "Gamshala Sexy Summer Festival !!" in 2014 and "Gamshala! SUMMER STATION" in 2015.Double dutchShow off[34][35].. Leaving the saying "I'm feeling tired!", I was ranked 2015th in the buzzword category of the "TV Grand Prix 4" voting project for "Myojo" the following year.[36]..Matsumura's remarks on the program were often telops, and were described by the program staff as "speaking memorable words."[37].

October 2015, 5, stage "Johnny's Ginza 2015Jesse, a member who appeared in the TV drama "Private Bakalea High School" during the performanceKyomoto Oita,Ju Tanaka,Morimoto Shintaro, Along with Yugo Kochi and others, a 6-member unit "Sixtons(Stones) ”announced formation[38].

In September 2016, with SixTONES members, Jesse, and Juri Tanaka, the triple-starring movie "Vanilla Boy Tomorrow Is Another Day』Appeared.Played the clear and confident Shuta Hayashi[39]..He said that he was often asked for ad lib, and that it was a site where the three leading members could communicate well.[40].

"" Held on April 2017, 4Johnny's Large Athletic Meet 2017''[41]Participated as a member of SixTONES.In the final competition "200m selection relay", KAT-TUN's selection from "50m dash battle"Tatsuya UedaSelected as a "J-RED" runner to lead.With all the strong players, the team won first place and won the MVP of this tournament with SixTONES member Yugo Kochi and others.[42].

Appeared in "Kids on the Slope" in March 2018.I respect you even if you are a passerbyTakahiro Mikidirected by[43]Auditioned to appear in the movie, and was selected as the role of Seiji Matsuoka[44]..Perform a song at the audition[44]..Also, I was given a script in standard language, but when I was asked to speak in a dialect, I acted by imitating the appearance.[45]It is said that the director praised the dialect familiar to the locals[46]..In the role making, the band who acts as the vocal in the play will coverGroup sounds OfOxResearch to create the atmosphere and movement of the time by watching (OX) videos and listening to music.It has been stretched to accommodate any hairstyle, even for a Showa-era appearance, and was popular at the time.Mushroom cutChallenged with[47]..Also, read the script and the original, and consult with the director that he wants to make it a character that lives only in this work.[46]..Plays a hated role that sticks to the nose, which is different from the cuteness of the original.Objectively capture your character and draw the role to a distance where you can play naturally[47], Left a strong impression on the work despite the short scene[44]..Following the movie appearance, in November with SixTONES members Jesse, Juri Tanaka, and Yugo Kochi, "Tales of the Unusual Story '18 Autumn Special Edition -Appeared as Ochi in "Masmatic Dusk"[48].. In December, the third installment of the popular drama series "Crossroads 3 crowd justiceWas selected and appeared in the role of Shin Iizuka[49].

May 2019,Tokai WalkerIn response to the offer of serialization from the April issue, he has been in charge of serializing the essay "Before Atelier", which mainly explores museums and spells out his thoughts and love for his works.The title of the series is the painting "Atelier of Corot", which became the origin of his own artistic feeling and world view.Camille Corot) Was named in honor of[50]..In the first installment of the series, he said, "I secretly dreamed that my words would be beautiful and reach someone as attractive." "I want to be a part of something, and I want to be an attractive part." I spelled out my dream of writing[51].

Broadcast in April of the same year "Perfect world』(Cantere) Then the role of Haruto Watanabe[52]Selected for.There is a request from the director that Haruto should look young[53], Revealed that he dyed black hair that had never been dyed brown to make a role[54]..I was told by the people around me that I was young as I aimed, and I feel comfortable with myself.[53]He also said that the members said that it became very bright even if the number of words increased.The character is pulled by brown hair, but it is all for making roles, and I thought that it was not comfortable to suddenly enter a bright role even though I was silent at the scene coolly, Matsumura He said that he is trying to be on the scene while drawing out the part that is close to Haruto while being Hokuto.[55]..In this work, he challenges the difficult role of a young man with a disability and an artificial limb on his left foot.[56],Wheelchair basketballAlso challenge.He started practicing in February of the same year, but when he moved the tires by hand, his palms were burned by friction and his hands were peeled off, and it was difficult to get used to the heat and pain.I couldn't make a shot form or a trajectory of the ball, and it was extremely difficult to shoot with just my strength, but I practiced with a professional team of wheelchair baskets, saw the lively play of the players, and caught it negatively. He says that his values ​​for things that tend to end up have changed.[57][56].Basketball magazine"Monthly basketball』June issue (Japanese Culture Publishing), And talked about the results and impressions of experiencing wheelchair basketball and repeating special training.[58]..Also, as a member of the "Perfect World" team, "" broadcast on the 11th of the same monthVS Arashi』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Appeared. As a story about the origin of the name of SixTONES and the help of the members at work, "Johnny's Countdown』(Fuji TV) showed off the miracle that happened and surprised the venue[59].

July 8st of the same year,Tokyo DomeThe CD debut was announced at "Johnny's Jr. 8/8 Festival-Starting from Tokyo Dome-" held at Tokyo Dome.[60].

Broadcast in April 2020 "10 secrets』(Fuji TV) was selected as the role of Tsubasa Date[61]..He revealed that he had learned the piano for about two months when he performed the piano in the play.[62]..This is the last drama appearance as Johnny's Jr.

On January 1, the same year, he made his CD debut as a member of SixTONES.


"I want to be recognized by anyone and anyone. Only my feelings are second to none-Hokuto Matsumura"
-ELLE japon No.347 SEP.2013,144 page

First stage "ABC Theater Star TheaterWhen I appeared inTeru IwamotoHe said that the line "Kamikaze Meteor Group, I'm going to sortie from now on!" Is an unforgettable word.[63]After that, the serial drama "Private Bakalea High School』(Nippon TV) He said that he had a strong ambition for acting, saying, "I want many people to know my existence" by showing acting that exceeds expectations as an artist.[64].

"Is it the power to convey" what you want to express "in that person? That's what I aim for, so I don't want to throw away all the songs, dance, acting, and MC. All in all," self-expression I want to learn something like that[65]"I'm most interested in acting. I can feel my existence, and I have a stronger desire to do it than any other field."[66]"Although it's singing and dancing, the actor definitely wants to continue and wants to succeed in the field of play.[67]Because of the world of Johnny's, who is always required to perform every performance regardless of his own taste, all of them are connected to what he wants to express through the medium of acting. Isn't it based on the idea[68].

The musical "SixTONES member" has been appearing since 2015.Boys』, It is said that the way of being on the stage is important for acting[69][70]..The story and lines are not always everything on the stage, and various emotions are always moving in the mind of the performer, and sometimes rather than explaining them through the lines, the acting that exudes from the whole body without the lines is shown firmly He says that things can convey that feeling more strongly.[69]..He said that it always appears in his appearance and gestures, and he wants to aim for a way of being able to enter the role he plays at every moment and live that role with all his might.[70]..As for how to use the script, I always have it at hand as a guide, and because I do not remember the lines well, I say that there are many creases on the page to repeatedly check the parts that are hard to get into my head even after grasping the whole once.[71]..On the eve of the shooting day, be sure to read the script after taking a bath and before going to bed.TEAM NACS OfKen YasudaI love the green script cover produced by me.[56] Also, the 2013 drama "TAKE FIVE-Can we steal love?』(TBS), The co-starYasuko Matsuyuki,Toshiaki KarasawaI was shocked to see the play[72]..Until then, there were many co-stars with Johnny's Jr. of the same agency and actors of the same generation, so Toshiaki KarasawaInagaki GoroIn the field surrounded by these big seniors, the tension was constantly unknown,[63]By co-starring, I experienced the play of a big senior, and even if I didn't say a line, I could look like a role just by being there, and I talked about my goal to be like that one day.[72].

Background of admission

Although he lived a lonely life in the entertainment world, when he was in the fifth grade of elementary school, the TV drama "Black heron』(TBS), starringTomohisa YamashitaLonging for the human power and talent power of [65][51], Become keenly interested in your agency [73]..That yearNEWSI went to the concert and was attracted to the coolness of the opening song "Stand Up!"Johnny's OfficeDecide to enter[74]..The mother, who was drunk with the delusion of "I want to be Tomohisa Yamashita" and wanted to bring Matsumura back to the world of realistic goals, taught him the existence of an audition and had him write a resume.Matsumura, who did not receive a reply from the office but believed that he could enter Johnny's office, mailed his resume for the second time.But again, there was no reply.At the beginning of the first year of junior high school, I set a time limit of "this is the last" on April 2st of the second year of junior high school. Send a book[51][75]..The office staff who noticed Matsumura's resume at the top of the bundle that was supposed to be piled up and disposed of directlyJanie KitagawaI also worked on[76][77], Johnny & Associates will contact you for an audition on your third challenge[75].. "At that time, if there was even one other resume on top, I wouldn't be here now," he said, saying that the events at that time were a fateful encounter.[77]..On the way from Shizuoka to an audition in Tokyo by a car driven by his father[78]The idea that such an experience would not normally be possible came across my head, and the expectations, anxiety, and tension for the future that began in the future overlapped, and large tears overflowed and I couldn't stop.Looking back on those days, I felt strangely the tears that flowed even though I didn't receive or fall.[75]..I was told to go to Tokyo on February 2th, the day after the audition, but my father was working on weekdays, so I took the Shinkansen alone and went to Tokyo.It is said that he went to Tokyo with his bag in a bun with a special skill such as karate dogi so that he could respond to whatever was requested.This day,"The Shonen Club』(NHK BS Premium) Participate in recording[9]..Says this event was the greatest adventure in life[78].

Origin of the name

The name of "Hokuto" isBig DipperIs the origin.The seven stars shining in the northern skyPolarisIt has been popular since ancient times as a pole star when searching for[78]As if the traveler had been traveling with the Polaris, which did not move from the center of the sky, as a landmark when he lost his way.[79], Attached by parents with the desire to grow up as a human being who can be a guidepost for people[80][78].



On TV when I was in the first grade of elementary schoolkarateI was strongly attracted to the beauty of the expression technique of "karate" as well as a means of fighting, and started going to the dojo, the first stage of karate (Black belt) Get[81]..In the first year of junior high school, he finished second in the Shizuoka prefectural tournament and participated in the national tournament that winter.[82]..He says that karate has trained his mental strength to confront a new high wall that stands up immediately after crossing.[81]..Show off karate at the audition for admission[83].


TV drama"SHARK(Nippon TV) Rock band SHARK in the playkeyboardandDJ Ayumu Tatsuzaki[84]Was the trigger.At first, I didn't know what the "do" was on the keyboard, but after practicing intensively for 1 to 10 hours a day, I became able to play.[85].. May 2016, stage "Johnny's Ginza 2016』Performance solo song" SHARK "drama song" SMILE "will be performed by playing[86].


stage"SUMMARY Practice for 2010 ”BackflipAnd master the Roundoff backflip[87]..In addition, he said that during the practice period of "Gamshala Sexy Summer Festival !!"[88], In the next year's "Gamshala! SUMMER STATION"Double dutchIncorporating Foria, which dynamically kicks up and flies, in the performance[89].



I used to have a print phobia[90],2015"Boys The dream of the world ... Children who do not know the war』Performance period, overcoming typographic phobia by reading through 6 novels in about a month.Reading became my hobby[91]..Reading, which gives knowledge and trains imagination, is a fertilizer for acting.[90][92]..Love readingAkio MorisawaBy "Nijinosaki Cafe"[93]Minato KanaeBy "Round-trip letter"[91],Nishikawa MiwaBy "Long excuse"[94],Nishi KanakoAuthor "About Kiriko"[51]In addition,Riku Onda[95],Harada Maha[95],Keigo Higashino[95],Haruki Murakami[96],Kotaro Isaka[96]Read works such as.

Watching movies

What's your favorite movie"Shawshank in the sky"[97]",Other"Octover Sky"[98] "Jersey boys"[99] "Spotlight Century Scoop"[100]I like movies made based on true stories such as.Also deeply interested in French films[101],Forbidden play"[66]''Full of sun"[66]"Piano lesson"[102]You can also watch classic masterpieces such as DVD.Other "About Time-About my beloved time-"[103]''Shore trip"[93]From single-building cinemas such as the anime "Zootopia"[104]"Crayon Shin-chan Storm Up! Sengoku Great Battle"[105](Based on this workTakeshi KusagiStarring work "BALLAD Nameless love song"[106]Also watched), a movie based on a popular novel "Knitting a boat"[107]''I will date with you yesterday tomorrow"[108]I am watching movies in a wide range of genres.


Proclaiming that he must be the number one TEAM NACS fan in the entertainment world[109].. I've watched all the stages on DVD, and especially in "WARRIOR ~ Singing Samurai Romance", I watch it repeatedly enough to remember the lines.I want to co-star with TEAM NACS on stage someday[110], Member ofHiroyuki MorisakiI want you to write a script for the stage of SixTONES[111]He is a fan who talks about goals such as.Oizumi HiroshiI'm longing for a multi-talented talent who can sing and act[112].. When recording the 2018 `` The Shonen Club'' Christmas special program, Oizumi and the dressing room were next to each other, so I took the plunge and went to say hello, got a photo shoot and signed the TEAM NACS goods I brought with me, and dreamed of co-starring. Say they recruited[113]. 2020'sThe 71th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』, And after singing, he was praised by Oizumi as" Matsumura-kun is also good ".[114]. Also,Ken YasudaHe is also a fan of, and says he likes the play and remarks.Yasuda's essay on love reading[109]Yasuda's father's words in "XNUMX-XNUMX, Honmachi, Muroran-shi, Hokkaido" "Moderately, so much to bathe"[115]It's a motto, and even if you try to restrain yourself against your favorite things, it's hard to do.[116], Empathize with the stance of "spoiling yourself, but doing your best"[117].. May 2019 issue of "SODA" (Pia Corporation), I fulfilled my dream of a dialogue in Yasuda's dialogue series "Yasuda Koda House".[109]..Before, when I got a job in a play, I brought a green script cover produced by Ken Yasuda, which I bought with the determination that "I want to connect it next time and be able to use it more and more", and when I showed it to Yasuda himself, he was pleased. That[56].."" Starring Oizumi and YasudaWhat about Wednesday』(Hokkaido Television Broadcast) Also love[118], Watching this program repeatedly with the whole family[119].

ミ ニ チ ュ アCollecting miscellaneous goods

I like miscellaneous goods, especially collecting miniatures[120]..There is a small bay window with wooden blinds in my room, and the wooden shelf in front of it is a space to display miscellaneous goods.[121]..You can put a small foreign liquor bottle or tin screw on a palm-sized wooden school chair.[120][122],DollhouseI enjoy the delicate angle of placement by decorating a miniature lunch box of pottery side by side with a transparent small bottle.My mother used to display antique toys from overseas in her living room, so she said, "Your hobbies have become similar to me."[123]..In addition, foreign books that are aroma and accessory cases when opened[122],TinplateCar, miniature chocolate cookie[124]It is decorated with a wide variety of miscellaneous goods such as, and it is said that he has played with a tin car running for XNUMX hours in his room.[125]..I've been touring various shops thinking that it would be cute if there were antique accessories such as tin miscellaneous goods in the room casually, but I feel that the vintage ones are filled with the thoughts of various people. Therefore, I try to buy new antique style items instead of genuine items.[126].

Art appreciation

After entering university, he was influenced by the Western art and literature he majored in, and his interest in art increased.[127][128]..Introduced in a university lectureNicolas Bernard LépicierI was moved by "The Boy Who Draws" and became interested in painting.[128]..He said that he felt that he had stepped into something by encountering this painting, and that this work was exhibited by a university teacher.Louvre MuseumI was taken to the exhibition[129]Was exhibited thereCamille CorotIt is said that he met "Koro's Atelier" and was deprived of his lust with a feeling close to love.[128]..After that, I started to visit when there was a large-scale exhibition.[78]I went to see it aloneMonetexhibition[120]I enjoy painting, such as reading the art book of[130]..Also, including the postcard of "Atelier of Corot"[128], The bay window of the room is decorated with postcards purchased at the museum.[131], It is said that he occasionally watches. In 2019,Tokai Walker』June issue (KADOKAWA) Mainly explores museums, and is in charge of serializing the essay "In front of the atelier" that spells out his thoughts and love for his work.[51].

He says that he feels "beauty" as a human soul, such as prints, works, and through beautiful scenery, fashion, books, movies, and theatrical performances, as well as paintings.In terms of self-expression, I want to be impressed by what I express.He says that he feels that the emotional experience he has accumulated in himself will surely live somewhere, and that he wants to store it in his heart as much as possible and express his "beauty".[128].


I like cooking and when I was in high school I made lunch boxes 2-3 times a week[132]..It is said that carrots are cooked while paying attention to the color of the lunch box, such as heating in the microwave without frying.[133]..When my parents are absent, I prepare dinner, and I mainly eat Japanese food in the refrigerator, as well as simmered radish and grilled fish.Soup CurryAnd so on[134].FlambeTo doHob TheGas stovesend[135], The lesson I'm interested in is a cooking class centered on Japanese food[136]ButItalian,FrenchThere is also a desire to challenge[120].


He says that clothes are a medium that reflects oneself at that time and a tool that polishes one's senses.Also, in the costumes for the performances, he has teamed up with the costume staff to show his commitment.He says that he wants to study by himself so that he can flexibly absorb various things without being tied up at work like combining clothes and make use of his love for clothes in his work.[9].

Once my owndenimOr paint onParkerDecorate the spider web, etc.RemakeAs a hobby, SixTONES membersYugo TakachiI used to decorate my denim pocket with a leopard print and give it to me.[137]Now that he has thrown away his tools, he has graduated from remake.[138]..Until high school, regardless of your tasteleatherI was conscious of the royal road fashion that can be recognized as Johnny's at a glance, such as damaged denim.[138]He says that he has come to feel that he is not suitable for his own face, which is not strongly assertive, and now he is choosing items with his own sense.[139].

Although he sensuously selects what he likes and says that he is not particular about it, he pursues his own personality with the principle of mixed coordination of used clothing, high brands, and petit price items.[140]..He loves old clothes that you can find patterns and one-of-a-kind bargains that are hard to find in new products, and he sometimes visits many stores a day.[9]..He said that there are many items with patterns and flashy colors.[139]For sporty fashion, such as matching dress shoes with vintage tops and showing particular attention to the pattern of socks.Leather shoesCoordination to match is a standard[141]. Also,Shirt inThere are many styles to do, and he prefers the style of waist-marking with a belt or bandana with design.[141]..Ladies are also in the defensive range, and they go to shops for women alone and take time to try on them.[142][138]..He also likes eyewear, and when he lost his favorite glasses, he bought the exact same one.[143]..Gradually increase new eyewear and in the futureGlasses Dresser AwardHe said he would be happy if it led to the award.[144].

The control song "We are Blacks" performed at the SixTONES performance of "Kimi tachi ga ~ KING'S TREASURE" held in August 2017.[145]Then, the catch phrase "The sense of plain clothes is unknown, the private is missing" is sung.[146], Members often say "I don't know the sense", but I don't want someone to understand my sense, and I want to choose with my own sense without being dyed in the same fashion as others. Talking about the idea of ​​fashion[139].

Also, as a big event in 2017, "Best Jeanist Award JapanI bought a high-brand denim with a long hem that I always worried about as a memorial, and I use it habitually.[147][148][138].


2015 year 3 month,Horikoshi High SchoolGraduated from[149], Go to college.Business AdministrationMajor[150], Also talks about a relationship with a university professor who took me to the "Louvre Museum Exhibition"[129].Graduation thesisIs managementElectric carWriting on the theme [151].


  • Myojo"19th Jr. Grand Prize of Your Choice" ―― 1st place[152].
  • ViVi No. 1 in the national treasure-class handsome ranking
    • First half of 2019, NEXT division[153]
    • 2021st half of XNUMX ・ NOW division[154]


TV drama

Delivery drama



Music program




  • Forum new record !! Johnny's Jr. will perform 1 performances a day! Concert (June 4, 2009,Tokyo International Forum)[11]
  • Johnny's Jr. Summer Vacation All-Member Assembly 1 Performances a Day !! (August 4, 2009, Tokyo International Forum Hall A)[194]
  • Year-end Young East-West Song Battle! East-West Jr. Selection Grand Assembly 2010! (November 2010-11, 26,NHK Hall)[195]
  • MUST 2011 (August 2011, 8-September 7, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL)[196]
  • Johnny's Dome Theater 〜SUMMARY2012〜 (September 2012-9, 8,Tokyo Dome City Hall)[20]
  • Fresh Johnny's Jr. IN Yokohama Arena (December 2012, 12,Yokohama Arena)[197]
  • JOHNNYS'World Thanksgiving in Tokyo Dome (March 2013-3, 16,Tokyo Dome)[198]
  • Gamshala J's Party !! Vol.1 (February 2014-2, 1,EX Theater Roppongi[199]
  • Gamshala J's Party !! Vol.2 (April 2014-3, 26, EX Theater Roppongi)[200]
  • Gamshala J's Party !! Vol.4 (April 2014-5, 13, EX Theater Roppongi)[32]
  • Gamshala J's Party !! Vol.5 (April 2014-6, 4, EX Theater Roppongi)[201]
  • Gamshala Sexy Summer Festival !! [Team Ra] (July 2014, 7, August 31, 8-2, 4-5, EX Theater Roppongi)[202][203]
  • Gamshala J's Party !! Vol.6 (April 2014-12, 17, EX Theater Roppongi)[204]
  • Gamshala J's Party !! ︎ Vol.7 (January 2015, 1-January 23, 1st copy only, EX Theater Roppongi)[205]
  • ガムシャラ! サマーステーション [チーム羅](2015年7月25日、27日、29日、31日、8月7日、11日、12日、14日、EXシアター六本木)[206]

original song

Unit song

Kyomoto Oita
  • You-"1ST] <First Edition B: Tone Edition>


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