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🎥 | Disney musical "The Lion King" Ariake Shiki Theater Kokeraotoshi & indefinite long run!


Disney Musical "The Lion King" Ariake Shiki Theater Kokeraotoshi & Indefinite Long Run Continued!

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<Simba role: Keita Yamashita> I am very happy to be able to perform at this Ariake Shiki Theater, which will be a new start for The Lion King.

Ariake Shiki Theater opens on September 2021, 9!Disney musical "The Lion King", indefinite Ron ... → Continue reading

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Ariake Garden

Ariake Garden(Ariake Garden)TokyoKoto WardAriakeIt is inComplex facilities.National Strategic Special ZoneIn large-scale development certified bySumitomo Real Estate(Hereafter Sumitomo Realty & Development) worked on the business.


Sumitomo Realty2010 In (22), we acquired more than 10 hectares of development land from the capital in Ariake, and initiallyResidenceIt was supposed to be a central development,Great East Japan EarthquakeI couldn't decide on a concrete plan because[1]..But in AriakeCompetition facilityCan be manyTokyo OlympicsBid decision, etc.WaterfrontThe development momentum ofApartmentofficeWe have decided to develop a complex facility with hotels, commercial facilities, hot spring facilities, theaters, tower condominiums, and event halls, which is rare for Sumitomo Realty & Development, which focuses on development.[1],2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) It was scheduled to open on April 4th.However,Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionDue to this, the opening was postponed to June 6 (AEON STYLE Ariake Garden store etc. will open in advance on May 17)[2][3], Hotels, etc. opened even later.

Shopping City Ariake Garden

the mall

It is the first large-scale commercial facility developed by Sumitomo Realty & Development, with 1 basement floor and 5 floors above ground.As an anchor tenantAEON styleAriake Garden store enters, 203 stores open[4].. Ariake, Koto-ku on the 1st floorChild and family support centerIs placed and there is a roof terrace on the 5th floor[4].

Aeon Style Ariake Garden Store

Entering the first floor, the store area is approximately 1㎡.The shopping city Ariake Garden opened its grand opening on June 2285, 2020, but the AEON STYLE Ariake Garden store, which is responsible for the food department, opened in advance on May 6.cash registerIs a semi-self-checkout, with 8 checkout machines in 17 checkouts.The characteristic is dedicatedSmartphoneIntroduced "Regigo", which is a self-scanning payment method, for the first time at a store in Tokyo.[5].

Mall & Spa

1 departments can be examined in a corner of the garden promenade on the 7st floorclinicthe mallThere is.

MUJI Tokyo Ariake

Entered the 1st to 3rd floors and opened on December 2020, 12[6]..The store area is about 4600㎡.The largest store in KantoVegetables,Rice,Frozen foodからStationery,underwear,bedding,CosmeticsHandles almost all products[7]..The biggest highlight isMujiThe world's firstFood,detergentSold by weight.In addition to the consultation counter for improving living conditions and the remodeling of the entire dwelling unit, which we have been working on in the past, we will also start a new service to undertake the remodeling of a part of the dwelling unit.[6]. AlsoKoto WardIn cooperation withOld clothes OfRecyclingWith a plan to work on such things asEnvironmentConsideredSustainable Development GoalsIt is a type store[7].

Ariake Garden Conference Center

4 on the 9th floorRental Meeting Room, The garden lounge is located on the 5th floor.

Izumitenku no Yu

A hot bath facility open on the 5th to 6th floors. It opened in June 2020, but due to the influence of the coronaSpaPumping upAuthorizationOf the capital to examineCouncilAs a result of the delay in holding the hot springs, the hot springs will be provided from October 10.[8]..Hot wateramberThe color has a heat-retaining and moisturizing effect, and it is suitable for both men and women.Outdoor bathCan be enjoyed at[8].

Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Ariake

Due to the corona wreck, the opening was postponed and opened on August 2020, 8.[9]..1 basement floor and 16 floors above ground.There are 749 guest rooms, and 11 types of guest rooms are available.

Tokyo Garden Theater

A theater with a capacity of about 1 people that can hold international conferences and live music on the 6st basement floor and 8000th floor above ground.[10].stageEven the seat farthest from the seat has a distance of about 54m, and a three-dimensional structure that makes it easy to see the stage from any seat is adopted.AlsoFoyerIs also equipped with about 4,000 lockers[11].

Ariake Shiki Theater

JR EastByOimachi StationAroundHiromachiClosed on June 2021, 6 due to the progress of the "District Development" planFour Seasons Theater [Summer]As an alternative toShiki Co., Ltd. BlockThe theater maintained inside[12]..It is a facility different from the above-mentioned Tokyo Garden Theater.

EclipseThe performance is "ラ イ オ ン キ ン グ』IndefinitelyLong runHas been[13].

Performance record

City Towers Tokyo Bay

Three buildings with 32 to 33 floors above ground built on the southeast side of the blockTower mansion..A total of 1539 units were set up, and occupancy began at the end of February 2020.[17]..In development projects that include commercial facilities, it is said that the royal road is to build a shopping center closest to the station, but Ariake Garden has a residential building near the station for residents.Toyosu StationAlso prepare a private bus to[10]..Also on the premisesMusashino UniversityAriake Children's Garden (Ariake Children's Garden)Authorized child institution・ Capacity 280 people) is also open[10].

Event Space

"Sports Entertainment Square" with an area of ​​about 8,000 mXNUMX outdoors,grassThere is "Ariake Garden Park" of about 6,800 mXNUMX with laid.



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