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🎥 | "Masquerade Night" No. 2 for 1 consecutive weeks!Kei Tanaka & Miki Nakatani "First Gentleman" starts in 2nd place [Movie weekend entertainment ...

Photograph From the movie "Masquerade Night" – (C) 2021 Keigo Higashino / Shueisha / Movie "Masquerade Night" Production Committee

"Masquerade Night" No. 2 for 1 consecutive weeks!Kei Tanaka & Miki Nakatani "First Gentleman" starts in 2nd place [Movie weekend entertainment ...

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Miki Nakatani will play the wife who became Japan's first female prime minister, and Kei Tanaka will play her husband, a bird nerd ornithologist.

Takuya Kimura & Nagasawa ... → Continue reading

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Nakatani Miki

Miki Nakatani(Miki Nakatani,1976 May 1 -) isJapan Ofactress,singer.TokyoI'm fromCreate Japan AgencyThroughStardust promotionI belonged to[2],2015 May 7Leaving the company, private office / affiliation[3]..Her husband is a German viola player Thilo Fechner[4].


Before the actress debutTV Asahi"Sakurakko Club』Idol group inSakurakko Club SakuragumiAs a member of1991 から1993 I was doing music activities until.Also,1993 ToBeing OfDaiyuki NagatoProduced and released a single "I don't know you".It was popular and booming at the timeMaki OguroIt was a song on the line.

1993 years,TV drama"Under one roof』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Debuted as an actress.After that, many TV dramas, movies, and evenNippon OilBecame known for his commercial appearances.1996 , MusiciansRyuichi SakamotoReleased a single CD "MIND CIRCUS" produced by, and resumed music activities.Next time1997 In March, it was released under the name of "Miki Nakatani with Ryuichi Sakamoto".Sand fruitIs the firstOricon Single ChartIt entered the top 10 and sold 33 copies.

1998 と1999 To thering''Ring 2Became a hot topic in the role of Mai Takano1999 , His first starring TV drama "KaizokuWas broadcast, and after that, "Mibu Yoshishiden''About thirty lies''train man''Hatred Matsuko's life''Zero focus』And appear in.

2004 From the next year to the women's magazine "mother』(Magazine House) wrote the first serialized essay" Men's Ban !? "[Note 1]. Also,IndiaTraveling aloneTravel notes, "India Travel Report" (Gentosha Bunko)2006 Published by.

2005 In the movie "train man』,heroine"HermesI played the role.In the novel "Train Man", which was the original of this movie, there is a description that "Hermes is similar to Miki Nakatani", so there is a history that Nakatani will play the role of Hermes even in the live-action film. , This work, which can be said to be a rare pure love item in Nakatani's appearance history, became a long hit that exceeded the initial expectations.

2011 ,stage"Hunting gun], And challenged three roles per person.I didn't expect to get it at all at the audition, soNo makeupI challenged with a rough pants style[5],Pass.The performance was praised for its freshness, saying, "I was first surprised by the clearness of the lines that I couldn't think of as the first stage."[6], 46thKinokuniya Theater AwardReceived an individual award.

2014 OfTaiga drama"Military officer officer] InHikari KurodaWas played from the role of a teenager in his thirties.

2018 May 11,GermanyI'm fromVienna State Opera OrchestraとVienna Philharmonic OrchestraでviolaRevealed that he has been internationally married to player Thilo Fechner[4].


"JINSince co-starringAyase HarukaHave a friendship with[7].

Called an orthodox Japanese beauty,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHe has a good reputation for his dignified beauty, and he often shows off his kimono in commercials, dramas, movies, and magazines.He also likes kimono, and says, "Wearing a kimono stretches your spine and tightens you."[8]..As a point to choose a kimono, he says, "I dare to wear a simple kimono."Noh brushIt is also famous for being, and he is showing off his handwriting in the handwritten comments of the marriage announcement etc.[9].

Speaks English and French fluently[10][11].

Obtained a driver's license for living abroad, and will be able to drive up to about 100 km where there is no speed limit in Europe[12].

Living in the countryside in Salzburg, Austria for half a year.From morning, cleaning, washing, cooking, shopping, learning German, gardening at home, weeding.He cherishes the beauty of Japan, saying, "I want to protect the name of the Chinese characters and the identity of the Japanese people. I was praised by the local bank for the sign of the Chinese characters as" How beautiful "."[13].




TV drama



Taizi Thestarring.

TV drama


Delivery drama




Television Animation

Documentary program

  • ETV feature "HIVLive with "(July 2010, 7,NHK education) - Narration
  • "The 99-year-old poet's words to save the heart" (December 2010, 12,NHK) - Narration
  • History Special "Unwavering Predecessor-Chasei Sen no Rikyu~ ”(May 2010, 12,TV OsakaProduction·Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.System) --Narration
  • Spring high valleyCoaching Caravan "Let's Make Serious Flowers Bloom" 214 Days of Bonds (January 2011, 1,Fuji Television Network, Inc) - Narration
  • JakuchuMiracle World (April 2011-4, 25, 28 times in total,NHK BS Premium) - Narration
  • (October 2012, 4-March 6, 2013,BS Nippon Television) --Narration * Winner of the 12th French Reportage Awards in the TV category
  • Nonfiction W "Being borderless-a genius in the fashion world Nicola Formichetti~ ”(May 2012, 4,WOWOW) - Narration
  • The Nonfiction "Bankruptcy Piero-The End of Dreams. And ...-" (July 2012, 7, Fuji TV) --Narration
  • The power of travel "Extreme Dolphins-Ryohei Miyata Bahamas-" (August 2012, 8, NHK BS Premium) --Narration
  • Miki Nakatani Nihon no Treasure, Mitsuke Masita (November 2012, 11, 3, NHK BS Premium) --Navigator
  • Miki Nakatani Turkey Travel Genius Architect SinanMiracle left by (March 2013, 3, BS Nippon Television) --Navigator
  • Special Program Secret Story of the Draft Constitution "Gender Equality" Born of 22-year-old Tears (May 2013, 5,TwellV) - Narration
  • Sunday Museum "Miki Nakatani's" Art Journey "-Setouchi / Naoshima Edition-" (May 2013, 5,NHK E Tele)-Navigator
  • Document 20min. "Goodbye, Coco-College Students Facing Life-" (January 2014, 1, NHK) --Narration
  • Human art travelogue Miki Nakatani to Paris, Kamakura ~ Artists who keep walking ~ (May 2015, 5,BS Fuji)-Navigator
  • Non-fiction W "French chef Hideki Takayama Set the world with a Japanese spirit"Bocuse d'Or"Struggle" (September 2015, 9, WOWOW) --Narration
  • The Premium "Wind God Raijin FigureThe man who drew the genius painterTawaraya SotatsuThe identity of "(October 2015, 10, NHK BS Premium) --Navigator
  • Nonfiction W "Muse with a camera ~Indian moviesCinematographer Keiko Nakahara ~ "(June 2017, 6, WOWOW) --Narration
  • Miki Nakatani Encounter with Belgian character (September 2017, 9,BS Asahi)-Navigator
  • Living in this love-the day I cried- (November 2018, 11,BS-TBS) - Narration
  • BS1 Special"Surely Revived-Soul Orchestra One and a Half Years of Fighting-" (September 1, 2021)NHK BS1) - Narration[36]


Music works

* I was active as a unitKEY WEST CLUBThe works of the eraKEY WEST CLUB #DiscographySee.


#Release datetitleSide BRecord companyRemarks
11993 May 12I fell in love with it too muchBMG RoomsTV Asahisystem"Tea and UN"Ending theme
21996 May 5-Four life record --gütRe-debut single.Nippon TVDrama seriesWatch out for us."Insert song
3 1996 May 7TATOOITO EN"Oh teaCM song
41997 May 3Sand fruit[Note 2]〃 (larmes ameres)Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Sister MJapanese version of "The Other Side of Love".
5 1997 May 5〃 (X-STATIC MIX)Ito En "Oi Ocha" CM song
61997 May 9Bird cage universe"Bufferin ~ Miki Nakatani ~ "CM song,Fuji Television Network, Incsystem"Coming area"Ending theme
7 1999 May 2Chronic loveFetish
Warner Music JapanTBSDrama seriesKaizoku] Theme song
81999 May 7all this timeNippon Television Drama "Female doctor] Theme song
92000 May 5Broken heart ~ Jikan-
10 2001 May 5CHELSEA GIRLSTV Asahi drama "R-17] Theme song


#Release datetitleRecord company
1st1996 May 9Food chainFor Life Records-güt
2nd 1997 May 9cycle
Remix1997 May 11
3rd 1999 May 11Private lifeWarner Music Japan
BEST 2001 May 9PURE BEST[Note 3]Four life record
2001 May 11MIKIWarner Music Japan

Video work

#Release datetitleRecord companyRemarks
LIVE 1997 May 5
2000 May 10(DVD)
For Life Records-güt1997 Shibuya CLUB QUATTRORecorded the live performed at.
PV 1998 May 8
October 2000, 10 (DVD)
Includes a music video of 5 singles from For Life.
2000 May 10Warner Music Japan
2002 May 2

* Music videos (PV) for "I don't know you", "Chronic Love", and "Frontier" have been produced, but they have not been released yet.

Participating works

  • "Smoochy(Smoochy) (1995)
    • "I love you, I don't love you" Miki Nakatani and Ryuichi Sakamoto's duet song, recorded in Ryuichi Sakamoto's original album released on October 1995, 10.
  • "Movie "Memories of Matsuko" soundtrack(2006)
    • "Happy Wednesday" "Stretch out"
    • Participated in two movies starring himself.It was the first time in five years that Nakatani himself released a song.
  • "Nihon no Uta Vol. 2007" (XNUMX)
    • "I found a small autumn (Ryuichi Sakamoto + Miki Nakatani)"
    • Co-starring with Ryuichi Sakamoto for the first time in five years, this song is now Nakatani's last musical work.

CM song

  • (Title unknown) Meiji Confectionery"Porte" (October 1997-January 10)
    • Lyrics and composition: Aiichirou * Not yet released
  • Fetish (CM Version) Meiji Confectionery"Porte" (October 1998-January 10)
    • Lyrics: Aiichirou / Composition & Produce: Ryuichi Sakamoto * Lyrics and arrangements different from the CD.This version has not been released yet.


Photo album

Participating books

  • Virgin Voyage-Ken Hara (October 2001, Gentosha,ISBN 9784344001244)
    • <Miki Nakatani picture> Design "black" frontispiece "white"
  • Dear Sir, A letter to a loved one written by a celebrity (June 2007, Magazine House,ISBN 9784838717781)
    • <Miki Nakatani> "Dear Mari"
  • Beauty collection- Kiyokawa Asami Written by (April 2012,Kodansha,ISBN 9784062177290)
    • <Miki Nakatani model> "Miki Nakatani x Toki"



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