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🧑‍🎨 | Understand why Sanrio has been loved for over 60 years !? “Kawaii Culture” Exhibition


Find out why Sanrio has been loved for over 60 years !? "Kawaii Culture" Exhibition

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A photo spot where you can take pictures alongside the illuminated Tokyo Tower at night.

"The history of Sanrio is the history of Japanese fancy culture. And the subculture that Japan sends to the world," kawaii "... → Continue reading


"Anan" has always created the "era", transmitted the "topics", and created the "trend" of women.
The web version of "anan" such as "ananweb" is aimed at women in the late 20's to 40's with great curiosity. We deliver "real".

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    light up

    light up(Irradiation,Mapping,British: light up) Is a historic building at night,Monument,bridge,tower,TreeEtc.FloodlightEquipment such asLight emitting diode(LED lighting) Etc.照明What creates a night view by doing[1][2].. Apply lighting to create a different look than in the daytime. Generally, it is often done as a means of revitalizing the city.

    Held as an event, similar to a light-upElectric spectacularsThere is a method of.各地のクリスマス・電飾や神戸の大震災を期に始まったIt started with Christmas and illuminations in various places and the great earthquake in Kobe.Luminarieand so on.

    Street lightEffectively on the object instead of brightening the surroundings likeLightThe purpose is to make it stand out beautifully by hitting.JapanglishAndEnglishThen it is expressed as be verb + illuminated.Also, because it is often used, it is also expressed as flood lighting, architectural flood lighting, etc.

    The opposite word is "Light down", This iscityBy turning off the lighting as much as possibleEnjoy the stars in the night skyこと.


    When the lights are lit up in various places in the city space, it leads to the charm of the city, and the planned lighting up of the entire city is also called "city lighting".


    JapanBuilding illumination in1963/Completed inKobe port towerIt is said that it spread from.

    Oil shockAfter a period of stagnation due to the influence ofMikiko IshiibyTokyo Towerlight up(1989/) Has become popular and has become established as a culture that shapes the cityscape at night.

    In recent years,FranceIt is a light-up art created by Kobe in 2001.Former settlementThe entire city has been systematically lit up at festivals, such as being shown in the area.

    natural environment

    In some cases, it is applied to the natural environment instead of artificial objects.Niagara FallsThen it has a history of about 100 years.

    In addition, Cherry-blossom viewing,Autumn leavesThere is an example that is also performed at famous places in Japan.


    Such lightingEnergyIt ’s a waste of money照明Some people question the beautification of the landscape as excessive.

    In addition, natural environmentThe impact on the situation is also regarded as a problem.

    For living thingsDaylight hoursTheCircadian rhythmThere are many cases where it is used to regulate the growth stage, for example, in plants, the flowering time is often regulated by the day length (Long day plant-Short-day plant) However, the possibility that artificial lighting affects these cannot be ignored.

    A series of problems like thisLight pollutionCalled.

    Illumination example

    Example of facility alone

    Area-wide example



    The following is a light-up event that is held for a limited time.

    (In the Randen Sakura tunnel and the Eizan Electric Railway autumn leaves tunnel, the interior lights are temporarily turned off when the train runs on the same section during the light-up time.)



    Shrines and Temples


    Public architecture

    Other buildings



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    注 釈
    1. ^ Upper left: Modern architecture (Kobe old settlement), Upper right: Bridge (Rainbow Bridge)
      Center left:Cherry Blossoms(Lake Biwa Canal), Center right:Autumn leaves(Otaguro Park)
      Bottom left: Tower (Tokyo Sky Tree"Stylish"), bottom right: waterfall (Niagara Falls)
    1. ^ Architectural Institute of Japan, "Architectural Glossary 2nd Edition, Popular Edition", Iwanami Shoten, p.753 1999
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    Tokyo Tower

    Tokyo Tower(Tokyo Tower,British: Tokyo Tower) IsTokyoMinato-kuShiba ParkComprehensive inradio towerIs. The official name isJapan Radio Tower(Nippon Dempagumi[3]).

    1958/(Showa33 years)12/23Completion.Tokyo Ofsymbol,Attractions.


    The founderHisakichi MaedaAlso known as "Dr. Tower" in JapanNaito TanakaDesigned bydesignSee).

    Height is 333 meters[1]It is publicized thatAbove sea levelThen 351 meters.The distance between the tower legs is 88.0 meters with respect to the center of the tower legs.The total construction cost was about 30 billion yen, and it took one and a half years (1 hours / 197 days) and a total of 4,015 people to complete the project.[4]..125 meters above sea level (about 150 meters above sea level) and 223.55 meters (about 250 meters above sea level)ObservatoryHadTruss structureRadio tower[5].

    Daytime obstacle signAs yellow-red from the apex (International orange) And white are arranged alternatelyPaintingIt has become.tv setandFM radioBroadcast radio waves are transmitted as an antenna for#Transmission frequency / outputSee also)East Japan Railway(JR East)Protective radioIn addition to transmitting an emergency signal as an antenna forTokyo Environment BureauVarious measuring instruments are also installed.

    Highest in Japan when completedBuildingHowever, the height was the highest in Japan1968/6/26ToOgasawara IslandsWas returned to JapanMinamitorishima Loran TowerとIwo Jima Loran TowerIt took about nine and a half years to be overtaken byTsushima(Nagasaki)ofOmega TowerAfter being dismantledTokyo Sky TreeIt's been about 11 years before I was overtaken. As far as the self-supporting tower is concerned, it was the highest in Japan for about 51 and a half years before being overtaken by Tokyo Sky Tree. As of 2020, it is the second tallest building in Japan after Tokyo Sky Tree. The weight is said to be about 2 tons.


    TOKYO TOWER Co., Ltd.(British: TOKYO TOWER Co., Ltd) IsTokyoMinato-kuShiba ParkHe is the owner of Tokyo Tower, which is headquartered in Tokyo, and manages and operates it.

    Corporate Profile

    July 1957, ``OsakaCalled the "King of Newspapers" at that timeSokoku Shimbun,Osaka Broadcasting(Radio Osaka) Served as president of each company, laterKansai TV broadcasting[Annotation 2]Also became the president ofHisakichi Maeda Nippon Television City Corp.(Nippon Denpa,British: NIPPON TELEVISION CITY CORPORATION) Established.久吉はタワーの完成とほぼ同時の1958年、産経新聞社を国策パルプ工業(現・In XNUMX, almost at the same time as the completion of the tower, Hisakichi established the Sankei Shimbun as a national policy pulp industry (currentlyNippon Paper Industries) Of the presidentMizuo NaruoAlthough he withdrew from the management of the company, he continued to be involved in the management of Japan Radio Tower (Tokyo Tower) and Radio Osaka.この結果、日本電波塔は当時の産経新聞グループはもちろん、その後のAs a result, the Japan Radio Tower was not only the Sankei Shimbun Group at that time, but also after that.Fuji Sankei GroupIt was completely separated from the company and became a family-owned company led by the Maeda family.In October 1957, just before leaving the Sankei Shimbun group due to its remnants,Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Central radio and television, which was launched together withHealth insurance associationTo[Annotation 3]It is still a member as of 2019 as one of the core companies[6][7]..また、ラジオ大阪もAlso, Radio Osaka2005/Until he joined the Fujisankei Group, he had his own management under the leadership of the Maeda family.

    HisakichiChibaFuttsuKanoyamaTo1962/,Mother ranchIn 2009, an affiliated company of Mother Farm and Japan Radio Tower was established in Kisarazu City, the same prefecture.Community FMIsKazusa FMIn addition to acquiring and operating the shares of[8][9], The cityKimitsuIt was developed in the area centered on the city and went bankrupt in January 2010.Kazusa Academia ParkReconstruction sponsor of Japan Radio Tower, Mother Farm, from August of the same yearHotel Okura・ Green core companies are working to rebuild management[10].

    1964/On the premises of the Tokyo Tower Broadcasting Center (currentlyTokyo Tower Media Center) Was constructed and opened in the same year.Japan Science and Technology FoundationIt was rented to the TV Business Headquarters (Tokyo 12 channel).この建物は、事業を承継したThis building took over the businessTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. 1985/It was used as the head office until.TV Tokyo Tennozu StudioAfter completion2000/It became an independent operation by Japan Radio Tower, and was transferred to the subsidiary "Tokyo Tower Shibakoen Studio" (later Tokyo Tower Studio) in July 2005.2012/Until it is closedTV studioWas used as.After the closure of Tokyo Tower Studio, the interior was renovated and the name was changed to "Tokyo Tower Media Center", and it is still open as of January 2019.

    Also, in the 1960s, as an access to Tokyo Tower, the Japan Radio Tower itself reached 1.2 km between Hamamatsucho and Tokyo Tower.monorailPlanned to lay, but this did not happen[11].

    Tokyo TowerNational FM Broadcasting Association(JFN) key stationFM Tokyo(TOKYO FM) Major Shareholder (Tokai UniversityIt is also the second place after).In addition to this, a new company due to the bankruptcy of Kiss-FM KOBE, an affiliated station of JFNHyogo FM BroadcastInvested 19.2% in (Kiss FM KOBE) with TOKYO FM[12]..Also, JFN member stationsFM Osaka20% to (FM Osaka)[Annotation 4], JFN Special Member BureauInterFM8979.4%[Annotation 5]Have each invested[13].

    2018/12/23, Changed the trade name of the operating company to Tokyo Tower Co., Ltd. on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Tower[14].. Next day2019/10/1Changed to TOKYO TOWER Co., Ltd.[15].


    • 1957/(Showa32 years)
    • 1958/(33)
      • 10/9 --The nickname "Tokyo Tower" was decided at the judging committee.
      • 10/14 --Installed an antenna (80 meters).
      • 12/7 --Open to the public (pre-open).
      • 12/23 --The completion ceremony was held and officially opened.当時の住所は、東京都港区芝公園内20号地The address at that time was No. XNUMX in Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo.[16].
      • 12/24 --Open to the public from 9 o'clock.
    • 1959/(34)
    • 1960/(35)
      • 1/17 --Radio Tokyo (currentlyTBS TV)ButAkasakaThe main transmission station will be relocated from its own site (transmission is VHF6ch before the relocation).
      • 5/16 --NHK Educational Television transmission stationKioi TownMore relocated (transmission is VHF3ch from before relocation).
    • 1962/(37)3/29 --Emperor Showa and Empress visit Tokyo Tower.This is the first time the emperor has visited since it was completed in 1958.
    • 1963/(Showa 38)- returnPrevious TokyoOgasawara VillageMinamitorishimaAt a height of 411.48 metersMinamitorishima Old Loran TowerWill be completed.
    • 1964/(39)
      • returnFormer Tokyo Ogasawara VillageIwo JimaThe Iwo Jima Loran Tower, which is 411.48 meters high, will be completed.
      • 4/12 --The Japan Science Foundation TV Business Headquarters (currently TV TOKYO) started the main broadcast on VHF12ch.
    • 1965/(40) December 12-Illuminations will be lit every night.
    • 1966/(41)1/2 ――The number of visitors to the tower will be 3,000 million.
    • 1967/(42)7/28 --Special observatory opened.
    • 1968/(43)6/26 --The Ogasawara Islands will be returned, the Loran Tower (411.48 meters) on Minamitorishima and Iwojima will be the tallest building in Japan, and the Tokyo Tower will be the third tallest building in Japan.
    • 1970/(45)
      • 3/20 --Tokyo Tower Wax Museum opens on the 3rd floor.
      • 3/23 --Wax Museum owners George Drucker and Vicky Crawford will have a wedding ceremony in Japanese clothes at the special observatory[Annotation 7].
      • 4/26 - FM TokaiFM Tokyo, which took over the business from, is 80.0 Mc (currentlyMHz) To start the main broadcast.
      • 10/3 - NHK-FM broadcastingThe transmission station was relocated from Kioicho (transmission was 82.5 Mc before the relocation).
      • 11/10 - Nippon Television Network KojimachiThe main transmission station will be relocated from its own site (transmission is VHF4ch before the relocation).As a result, the transmission stations of TV stations in Tokyo will be unified.
    • 1971/(46)8/18 ――The number of visitors to the tower will be 5,000 million.The person in question was a 23-year-old male student in Tokyo who came to the tower thinking that he might be the 5,000 millionth person, and was given a refrigerator, color TV, gift travel ticket, motorcycle, etc. as a souvenir.
    • 1973/(48)10/10 - Sports DayStarted a physical fitness test to run up the outer stairs to the large observatory.
    • 1975/(Showa 50) --Nagasaki PrefectureKamiagata districtKamitsushima TownLarge increase (currentlyTsushima cityThe Omega Tower with a height of 454.830 meters will be built in Kamitsushimamachi Omasu), making it the fourth tallest building in Japan.
    • 1977/(52)6/1 - Radio wave dayOn this day, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications at that time said that he made a great contribution to the spread of broadcasting and communication of important wireless communications through the maintenance and operation of the radio tower.Shigeshiro KomiyamaWill be commended more.
      • 7/11 --The Great Shinto Shrine was built (the highest shrine in the 23 wards).
    • 1978/(53)4/28 --Tokyo Tower Aquarium opened (the world's first ornamental fish aquarium. Closed on September 2018, 9.[17])
    • 1984/(59)11/1 - Open UniversityWill start broadcasting TV on UHF 16ch and FM radio broadcasting on 77.1MHz at the same time for the opening of the university (classes will start on April 1985, 60)[18].
    • 1986/(61)
      • Aviation lawDue to the revision, the yellow-red and white colors were changed from 11 equal parts to 7 equal parts, and the yellow-red redness was strengthened.
      • The former Loran Tower in Minamitorishima is dismantled and returns to the third tallest building in Japan.
    • 1988/(63)
      • Change the logo mark.
      • 10/1 --FM Japan (currentlyJ-WAVE) Started the main broadcast at 81.3MHz.
    • 1989/(Showa 64HeiseiFirst year)
      • 1/1 ――It illuminates the whole from the lighting of only the outline so farlight upHas started.
      • 7/25 ――The number of visitors to the tower will be 1 million.
    • 1991/(3)3/3 ――On "March 3, 3", a number of events will be held such as the sale of commemorative observation tickets, gifts of badges and postcards, and quizzes to invite to the Eiffel Tower to commemorate the overlap of three.
    • 1994/(6)
      • April-"Tokyo Tower Trick Art Gallery" will appear on the 4th floor of the Tower Building.
      • October-Iwo Jima Loran Tower is shut down and dismantled to return to Japan's second tallest building.
    • 1995/(7)
      • January-A campaign will be held to commemorate the number of visitors to the tower, which is 1 million, and the number of people equivalent to the total population of Japan.
      • August 11- Tokyo Metropolitan Television(Tokyo MX TV, TOKYO MX) started the main broadcast on UHF 14ch as the first commercial TV station in Tokyo.
    • 1996/(8)4/1 --FM Interwave (currentlyInterFM) Started the main broadcast at 76.1MHz.
    • 1998/(10)
      • December --Changed the outer wall of the large observatory from yellow-red to white.
      • 12/23 --Birth of Noppon.
    • 1999/(11) --The Omega Tower (Tsushima Omega Bureau) is dismantled and returns to the tallest building in Japan.
    • 2002/(14)3/19 --The special observatory and the large observatory have been reopened.Business hours extended to 22:XNUMX throughout the year.
    • 2003/(15)
    • 2005/(17)
    • 2006/(18)
      • 9/29 --The number of visitors to the tower will be 1 million.
      • December 12-The Open University of Japan Launches Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in UHF Band[18].
    • 2009/(21)
      • 5/8 --Change logo mark[Annotation 8].
      • 10/16 --The number of visitors to the tower will be 1 million[19].
      • 12/31 ――The tower restaurant, which has been open since its opening, has closed.
    • 2010/(22) March 3-Because the Tokyo Sky Tree under construction has reached a height of 29 meters, it will be the second tallest building in Japan.
    • 2011/(23)
      • 3/11 - Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake), The antenna for terrestrial analog broadcasting at the tip of the tower bends east twice.[20]Damaged (shaken violently by a strong earthquake)[21]..The spectators at the observatory went down the stairs and evacuated, and no one was injured.タワーの営業は同月The tower is open in the same month18 daysWill be canceled until[22][Annotation 9].
      • 3/31 --Practical application test of terrestrial digital audio broadcasting Ended transmission with the end of broadcasting.
      • 7/24 --The terrestrial analog television broadcast ended at noon on that day, and the transmission of the terrestrial analog television broadcast was stopped at 24:XNUMX.
    • 2012/(24)
      • 2/1 --Started removal of analog transmitting antennas except for some.At the same time, the tip bent by the previous earthquake will be replaced and earthquake-resistant reinforcement will be performed at the same time.工事終了はThe end of construction2014/Scheduled for December[23]..With the renovation work of the elevator to the special observatory,29th of the same monthThe special observatory is closed until[24].
      • 4/22 --On this day, the transmission of FM radio broadcasts of J-WAVE and NHK Tokyo FM will end.next dayThe transmission stations have moved to Tokyo Sky Tree.Even after the move, NHK Tokyo FM will continue to be a backup transmission station.
      • 7/10 --At the tipST antennaStart removal at night[25]..長さ約25メートル、直径約37センチの空洞の支柱を17分割に輪切りにして下から順に取り除くCut a hollow pillar with a length of about XNUMX meters and a diameter of about XNUMX cm into XNUMX pieces and remove them in order from the bottom.[26]At that time, a ball for softball is found from the bottom of a pillar 306 meters above the ground.[27].
      • 8/3 --The replacement work of the antenna support at the tip, which had been carried out since July 7, was completed in the morning, and the tower, which was 10 meters at one time, will return to its original height.ColumnThe prop wasQuadrangular prismAnd the earthquake resistance is improved[26].
      • October 10-To switch the physical channel of TOKYO MX's terrestrial digital TV broadcasting, with Tokyo Sky TreeSimul broadcastingStart[28].
      • 11/12 --Implemented the first reduction of radio waves from Tokyo Tower of TOKYO MX[29]..以後、2013å¹´1月14日、2月4日、2月25日、3月18日に分けて段階的に減力を実施するAfter that, the power will be gradually reduced on January XNUMX, XNUMX, February XNUMX, February XNUMX, and March XNUMX, XNUMX.[30][31][32][33].
    • 2013/(25)
      • 2/11 --The transmission antenna of TOKYO FM was newly installed and moved to the top of 333 meters that was vacant at the end of analog TV broadcasting, and started operation.[34].
      • 5/12 ――At noon of this day, by switching the physical channel of TOKYO MXSimul broadcastingStopping transmission from Tokyo Tower due to the end[35].. Next day13 daysTransmission from Tokyo Tower ends at 18:XNUMX.
      • 5/31 ――At 9 o'clock on that day, the transmission stations of 7 terrestrial digital television broadcasting stations excluding the Open University of Japan moved to Tokyo Sky Tree.[36][37]..Initially it was scheduled to move in JanuaryRadio disturbanceSince measures were required, the move was made after taking the measures.After the transfer of transmission, Tokyo Tower will be used as a backup radio tower for NHK and five commercial broadcasting key stations.
      • 6/21 - country'sRegistered tangible cultural propertyRegister with[38].
      • 11/23 -2020Tokyo Olympics bidWith the support of, it was decided to draw the symbol mark of the invitation with flowers using the location of the Antarctic Research Expedition Karafuto dog statue, so the bronze statue of Taro and Jiro was drawn in Tokyo.Tachikawa OfNational Institute of Polar ResearchMoved to[39].
    • 2015/(27)
      • 6/26 --InterFM at new frequency 89.7MHzTest broadcastStart[40].
      • 6/30 --From 18:89.7 on this day, InterFM will start the main broadcast on the new frequency XNUMXMHz[41].
      • 7/13 --For VIP Co., Ltd.V-Low bandMultimedia broadcastingIssued a preliminary license for the Tokyo Bureau[42].
      • 10/5 --Started launching test radio waves for V-Low band multimedia broadcasting in the Tokyo area[43].
      • 10/31 --End of operation of InterFM at the old frequency of 76.1MHz[44].
      • 12/7 --V-Low band multimedia broadcasting Tokyo station license issued to VIP Co., Ltd.[45].
    • 2016/(28)
      • March 3-V-Low band multimedia broadcast from noon on this day "i-dioThe main broadcast of the Tokyo station started[46].. Initially positioned as a pre-broadcast period, the same year as the content provider started broadcasting7/1Mainly opened in[47].
    • 2018/(30)
      • 1/25 --The number of visitors to the tower exceeded 1 million[48].
      • March 3-Renamed the special observatory to "top deck" and the large observatory to "main deck"[49].
      • September 9-The Open University of Japan's terrestrial digital television broadcasting and FM radio broadcasting will end at 30:23.[50](However, the terrestrial broadcasting license itself is valid until the end of October). Tokyo Tower Aquarium is closed.[51]
      • December 12-Changed the trade name of the operating company from "Nippon Television City Corp." to "Tokyo Tower Co., Ltd."[14].
    • 2019/(ReiwaOctober 10st-Changed the trade name of the operating company from "Tokyo Tower Co., Ltd." to "TOKYO TOWER Co., Ltd."[15].
    • 2020/(Reiwa 2nd year) March 3-The i-dio broadcast ended at 31:23 on that day.


    Before the construction of Tokyo Tower, each broadcaster's station individually constructed a radio tower with a height of 153 to 177 meters and broadcast from its own tower. At these heights, broadcast radio waves reach only a radius of about 70 km, 100 km.[Annotation 10]DistantKanto PlainEastern endChoshiAnd northeastern Kanto Plain[Annotation 11] OfMitoI couldn't receive the radio waves satisfactorily. Also receiveantennaToDirectivityTherefore, there is an inconvenience that the direction of the antenna must be changed to the direction of each radio tower each time the channel is changed.

    In addition, the towers are not a favorable situation in the cityscape.[52],at that timeMinistry of PostWas the director of the radio wave management stationShigenori HamadaWith Hisakichi Maeda, who focused on the future of the broadcasting business, as the momentum for a comprehensive radio tower that unifies the radio tower is increasing among the parties concerned.Nobutaka Shikauchi[Annotation 12]Planned by each of them, and soon both plans were unified.

    There were other plans, but the only plan that exceeds 300 meters in height is Tokyo Tower, and the next tallest is the 200-meter class, which uses the existing limited land of broadcasters, so it is an observatory. It was slim without any.HamadaParis OfEiffel towerI thought that if I built the world's largest tower, which exceeds the number of towers, and set up an observatory there to attract customers, the construction cost would be recovered in 10 years.[Source required]

    Construction site

    The construction site has a large area and solid ground where a huge radio tower can be constructed to supply stable radio waves, and the smoke from factories does not obstruct the landscape due to the attractive observatory. Strict conditions were required.

    at firstUeno ParkConstruction in the vicinity was also considered, but the Shibakoen district in Minato Ward, which is located on a hill 18 meters above sea level, is for driving the foundation.Tokyo gravel layerThe ground was shallower, and the location was blessed with both news and tourism, such as being close to the central government agencies and broadcasters.

    The precincts of Zojoji Temple are designated as a park divided into 25 sections, and Nippon Television City Corp. is called "Mt. Autumn Leaves" before.MomijikanI bought a section where there was a high-class restaurant. Land acquisition is at Zojoji TempleDanyaMaeda is the presidentNippon Kogyo ShimbunI have had a friendship since I was president ofShotaro IkegaiHe worked with Zojoji Temple to make a successful land acquisition. In addition, the area around the Shibakoen 4-chome area indicates "a town with a relatively low risk" in the area's risk characteristic evaluation (conducted in 2002 in Tokyo), which indicates the risk of building collapse, fire risk, and evacuation risk. It was evaluated by AAA, and it was later found that it was suitable for the location of the radio tower in terms of disaster prevention.

    From the towerWestResidents on the side, plane collision,Traffic jam,garbageincrease of,EnvironmentHe was opposed to the tower construction, thinking that it would worsen and adversely affect children.to East MalaysiaThe side was at that timeNational railwayHamamatsucho StationI expected it to be moistened by the customers heading to the tower.


    Prior to the construction of this tower, "Nippon Television City Corp." was established. And of architectural designStructural mechanicsA scholar who specializes inBattleship YamatoSteel towerNagoya TV TowerAnd OsakaTsūtsukenHas a track record of designing dozens of radio towers, and is a leading expert in tower design in Japan.Naito Tanaka,andNikken DesignThe corporation jointly designed the tower. Naito was providing a topic at that timeGermany OfStuttgart TV Tower (English version)Refer to (216.6 meters)Reinforced concreteConduct a study assuming the tower of[Annotation 13]But especiallyBasicsFrom the judgment that there will be considerable difficulties such as the relationship with the siteSteel towerIt became a policy to proceed with the calculation[54].

    Hisakichi Maeda said, "It is meaningless to build it unless it is the tallest tower in the world. It is a magnificent tower that is already 1300 meters high 57 years ago.Five-storied pagoda) Was made by Japanese people. Even more so, now that science and technology have advanced, we can definitely do it. " As a condition of the design, the height of the tower including the antenna is 380 meters, an observatory is installed at a high place, and a five-story science museum is built under the tower. It was estimated that a height of 5 meters was required to send radio waves throughout Tokyo, but if you calculate assuming 380 meters, it is calculated that the antenna will shake a few meters due to the influence of the wind, and the image may be disturbed. Because it was high, the shaking of the antenna at the tip was suppressed to about several tens of centimeters, there was no adverse effect on broadcasting, and various calculations were made for the size as much as possible within the defensive range of the entire Kanto region, and the number "total height 380 meters" was It was derived, and by chance it became a height like a word match followed by "333". This height isFrance-Paris OfEiffel tower312 meters (2000 meters as of 324)[55]) 21 meters higher, at that timeFreestanding towerIt met the condition of being the best in the world.The design is inspired by the Eiffel Tower, but it's easy to see from an aircraftDaytime obstacle signPainted in orange and white as[56].

    Initially at the topwind speed90 meters, strong wind and large wind speed of 60 meters at the bottomEarthquake(Considered in the seismic design of the towerHorizontal seismic intensityIs 0.99GGreat Kanto EarthquakeSometimesOdawaraEstimated in the vicinityAccelerationIt is advantageous for weight reduction so that it is safe to encounter (equivalent to about twice as much as)Electric weldingRather, it is heavy, but as a reliable technology at that timerivetThe structural design was made by joining with. The wind power coefficient is the Ministry of Construction at that timeArchitectural InstituteI asked Professor Isamu Kamei toWind tunnel experimentWas done. Seismic force is still in the age of static analysis, and wind pressure was dominant in towers.Building Standards LawK = 0.16 + h / 400 was applied as the horizontal seismic intensity according to the seismic force calculation method of. All analysis and calculation are done by hand.trussWith the Cremona illustration method, which was a common solution forCastiliano's theoremWas used.

    Structural calculationThe final check of is with Nikken Sekkei of my own design officeAtamiIt is inWaseda University OfSanatorium"SogakishaIt was done in a canned state for 3 days. Naito, who finished the design, said, "Well, there is no such wonderful view."[57].. Later, the proof stress was verified with the three-dimensional frame model stress analysis software "FRAN", but they matched with considerable accuracy.[58]. AlsoTsutomu Kato(Tokyo UniversityHonorary professor・ "Structural Safety of Tokyo Tower" by (Chairman of Welding Research Institute) (2007/) Has received a third-party evaluation that the structure of Tokyo Tower is highly reliable.[59].. At the timeBuilding Standards LawThen the height of the building is up to 100ShakuIt was decided that it would be less than (about 31 meters), but the towerWorkpieceIt was considered that construction was possible. Initially, the plan was to set up a beer restaurant about 66 meters above the ground, but this was never realized. It is believed that this is because the restaurant violated the Building Standards Act.


    In about 1957 days from May 5 to the end of JuneBoring surveyThe design was incomplete at the time of this, but it must be completed in a short period of time, so on June 6th.Zojoji TempleThe construction of the foundation, which had already been decided, was started by demolishing a part of the graveyard. The final blueprint was completed on July 7th, and the steel frame assembly began on September 15st.

    construction TheGeneral contractor OfTakenaka Corporation..Tower body processing is new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (currentlyMitsubishi Heavy Industries),Matsuo Bridge..The tower construction was undertaken by Miyaji Construction Industry (currently Miyaji Engineering).The field commander just beforeNHK Matsuyama Broadcasting StationThe company that was in charge of the radio tower (31 years old at that time)[60].. The colors of the helmets at the site were color-coded according to white: supervision and management, yellow: Takenaka Corporation employees, green: tower construction, and gray: equipment.

    The foundation was dug down to a gravel layer at 0 meters above sea level, and concrete was driven in and eight concrete columns with a diameter of 2 meters, a length of 15 meters and a bottom diameter of 3.5 meters were struck on one leg (later digital antenna expansion). Sometimes two more). A Carlson-type stress meter is embedded in the tower legs, and columns are provided to support the legs.Oil jackIt is used to measure the weight applied to each tower leg, such as when lifting with and adjusting the inclination of the leg. Since the tower has legs spread out, the weight exerts a force to spread the legs outward, but 5 steel rods with a diameter of 20 cm are tied diagonally underground to each leg to prevent it. Are[61].

    40 meters long to the top of the 63 meter high arch lineGuy DerrickThen, in order to assemble up to 80 meters, Guyderrick was raised to a mammoth beam 53 meters above the ground and the steel frame was assembled. Using the assembly from 80 meters, the steel frame lifted inside the elevator shaft[62].

    It was December 4 that the four tower legs were assembled in an arch shape 40 meters above the ground, but the central part of the arch was sunk 1957 mm from the design at the processing stage, and the beam could not be joined and the cause was investigated for a week. Spent time on. However, this problem was solved by shifting the hole for inserting the rivet in the steel frame by 12 mm.

    The move to a high place was dealt with by three 80-meter square gondola that climbed to an 4-meter scaffolding in 2 minutes.

    Assemble with rivets up to a height of 141.1 meters (H.14), and use it as a member to prevent rust.zinc platingBy doingboltIt is a joint. After tightening the bolts, they were welded and hardened, but the tower in the summer rose to 40-50 degrees Celsius, which afflicted the jumpers. 16 rivets and 8,000 final tightening bolts are used for on-site joining of galvanized parts.[63].

    Initially, the antenna was installedNagoya TV TowerIt was planned to lift the inside of the tower like Tokyo Sky Tree, but the antenna constructiontyphoonSince it was started in September, the construction was delayed and the elevator installation work had to be started before raising the antenna, or the construction period could not be completed. For that purpose, the antenna is a 9-meter temporary tower built on the tower body, one side of the temporary tower is opened, and the antenna members (maximum 30 tons) divided into eight are placed in order from the outside of the tower from the bottom. I lifted it. Inside the tower, the suspended members were sequentially bolted and assembled, and at 8:14 on October 1958, 10, the antenna was installed at the top of the tower.

    on siteTobi craftsmanIs 20 people at the beginning. As the number of jobs increased, 60 people were constantly assembling, and 6-7 people were assembling at the top of the tower. The young head was Goro Kiryu, who was 25 at the time.[Annotation 14].. Kiryu had a wedding ceremony with a woman who met during construction the day after the tower was completed.[60].. Migratory craftsmen also participate in the construction. The average daily salary of the black kite at that time was 500 yen, and that of the tower was 750 yen. As the height increased, I suffered from strong winds, but due to the deadline, I worked up to a wind speed of 15 m / s. But under construction 19586/30At 10[60]In addition, one of the rising swordsmen fell to death from a height of 1 meters due to strong winds, and at Zojoji Temple at the foot of the mountain.FuneralIt is carried out.

    Completed on December 1, 3, one year and three months after the start of construction (543 days), with a total of 1958 people, the names of the 12 engineers involved in the construction are engraved on the top of the tower body. Made of sown metalNameplate[Annotation 15]Was set up[64].. The total construction cost was 30 billion yen at that time.

    Total about 4,000 tons[63]Steel material (steel tower body: SS41 (old)JIS..In the current JISSS400..SurrenderStrengthIs 240N (Newton) / Mm2[65]), Antenna support: SHT52 equivalent[63] Yield strength 325N / mm2[66]) Was used, but among them, the raw material for the iron material used in the upper part from the special observatoryKorean WarLater scrapped U.S. militarytankAbout 90 units are used[Annotation 16][67].. This is because Japan was not blessed with good quality steel at that time, and it was more advantageous for the United States to sell old tanks and manufacture new tanks than to repair them.[67][68].. This is the variety show "Trivia Fountain-Wonderful Waste Knowledge-It was described as "the top of the special observatory of Tokyo Tower was even more special" when it was taken up in[67].

    0 meters above the ground

    The height of the towerelevation18.000 metersgroundBecause it is a surface (GL / Ground Line)Tokyo Bay Middle TideThe value from (TP / TOKYO Peil) is used.[5].

    The towerHilly areaThe front is located on the 1st floor and the parking lot entrance is on the 2nd floor. Therefore any part difficult to do is to understand is based on the, is not found in particular mark that serves as a reference also to visit the tower.

    Meanwhile, the elevation of the tower[69]Looking at, the ground surface looks the same as the floor on the first floor of Foot Town.


    The name of "Tokyo Tower" was decided at the name examination committee held just before the completion. Names were solicited in advance, and 8 applications were finally received.

    The most common names were "Showa Tower" (1,832 letters), followed by "Japan Tower" and "Peace Tower". Besides, at that timeAmericaとUSSR Artificial satellite"Space Tower", Crown Prince because he was competing for the launch ofAkihitoThere was also an application name "Prince Tower" because (Emperor Akihito) was about to get married (1959).

    However, I participated in the name examination committeeTokugawa dream voiceHowever, he recommended that "there is no other place to express" Tokyo Tower "perfectly", and as a result, it was decided to be "Tokyo Tower" on October 1958, 10.

    223 applications were submitted at "Tokyo Tower" (0.26% of the total, 13th place)[70]) And by lotteryKanagawaA prize of 5 yen was given to a 10th grade elementary school girl.

    Radio tower consolidation

    NHK General Television, Nippon Television Network (NTV, hereinafter "Nippon Television"), Radio Tokyo (renamed to Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) in 1960, hereinafter "TBS Television", which was opened prior to the completion of Tokyo Tower. ) Constructed a radio tower on the site of their own station and broadcasted on TV.

    For this reason, NHK Educational Television (opened in January, 1959ch at that time), Japan Educational Television (NET, now TV Asahi, opened in February), Fuji Television (CX, opened in March), which was newly opened in 1. "Fuji TV") was using[Annotation 17](NHK exchanged channels for general TV and educational TV in April of the same year). The following year, in 4, TBS TV in Akasaka (January) and NHK Educational TV (May), which had been changed to transmission from Kioicho, also joined.

    Initially, the antennas of NHK and 6 commercial broadcasters were supposed to be unified into Tokyo Tower, but at the stage of adjustment, NTV did not participate because it was "unprofitable" and "the antenna distribution was unsatisfactory". .. But in reality, they compete for supremacy in the television industry.Sankei ShimbunHisakichi Maeda, the founder, and the founder of the Yomiuri Shimbun, the founder of Nippon Television.Masataro MatsuriIt is said to be a conflict with.

    Even after the completion of Tokyo Tower, NTV continued to emit radio waves from the antenna on its own premises in Kojimachi, but it was undeniable that the broadcasting area was inferior to other stations.So the bureau is owned by the companyShinjuku(CurrentTokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line-Toei Subway Oedo LineHigashi Shinjuku Stationnear. Shinjuku XNUMX-chomeShinjuku East Side SquareIn 2, we planned to construct a radio tower "Positive Tower" that is twice as high as Tokyo Tower.5/10Announced in.He has submitted a boring survey and a building application to Tokyo.

    In addition, NHK said, "NHK has never rented a permanent establishment for commercial broadcasting. The listener is not responsible for doing so."1969/7/2Announces plans to build a 600-meter-high radio tower on the premises of the NHK Broadcasting Center in Shibuya.In response to this, it was the supervisory authority of the broadcasting businessMinistry of PostInstructed to discuss with interested parties Nippon Radio Tower (Tokyo Tower company), but NTV announced that it would "do it to the last"[71].

    However, in 1970, the day after his death, the main antenna was moved from the Kojimachi head office to Tokyo Tower.[Annotation 18]..At that time, TBS has secured the space for the main antenna by transferring its spare space to NTV.[Annotation 19].. As a result, all broadcasting stations were consolidated in Tokyo Tower.


    Painting at the time of construction is done at the factory from the ground to H.14 (141.1m above the ground)sand blastAfter that, I painted the undercoat, and when I brought it to the site, I applied the second undercoat. The rivet head and member edge of the joint are pre-applied with an undercoat, and are used for intermediate coating and top coating.Phthalic acidSix steps were performed using resin-based paint. From H.6 to H.14 (27m above the ground), after pickling the steel material at the factoryHot-dip galvanizedAfter the on-site delivery, construction, and final tightening bolt jointZinc chromateI painted a rust preventive paint. The middle coat and top coat are the same as steel materials.[63].. Also at the time of constructionInternational orangeAnti-rustLead tanSome people were mistaken for it and thought that it was still in the process of painting what the final color would look like after it was completed.

    Tokyo Bayfromsea ​​breezebycorrosionPrevention and international orangeWhitening phenomenonIn order to keep the appearance conspicuous, the exterior painting is repaired almost once every five years for about one year. Isobe painting is in charge of the first time (5) and Hiraiwa after the second time (1). Painting is consistently undertaken. Every time Hisakichi Maeda meets, the chairman of Hiraiwa Paint says, "I don't want iron to rust. Please protect it carefully."[72].

    The painting area of ​​the main body of the tower is divided into two parts with the large observatory as the boundary, and the upper part is constructed in autumn and the lower part is constructed in the spring of the following year. The working hours were limited to 2 o'clock when the business starts from sunrise, but now that the number of commuters increases after 9 o'clock, the work is done in 7 hours from 2 o'clock to 7 o'clock.

    Scaffolding is made with wooden logs in order from the top of the tower body of H.27 excluding the antenna at the top, and first a pre-work called keren removal is performed, and three processes of undercoating, intermediate coating, and topcoating are performed, but all of thisBrushIs painted by the hands of the servant. Since the upper antenna transmits radio waves, it is not possible to build a scaffolding, and a craftsman climbed up the antenna and worked at the time when the broadcast radio waves stopped. Total painting area 94,000m2The amount of paint used for this is 34,000 liters, and a total of about 4200 people will work. The paint used isCan of canIf you replace it with and stack it vertically, it will be twice as high as Tokyo Tower.[73].. The reason for using wooden logs instead of metal is to provide soundproofing to the neighborhood and to avoid the influence on radio waves, and the total number of logs will be 1 or more. beforeFiberglassI have tried to use the pipe of the joint partClampIt's not easy to use, and it's settled on a wooden log. In addition, the light-up during the painting period creates a shadow on the tower as shown in the photo on the right.

    On the final day of the painting work, the tower mark and the name of each craftsman were engraved.XNUMX yen coinA large commemorative medal was handed to the craftsman.

    The first repainting was in 1, the second was in 1965, and the third was1976/, 4th in 1980, 5th in 1986, 6th in 1991, 7th in 1996, 8th2001/, The 9th was done in 2007, but since it is repainted each time, the painting is about 9 mm thicker than when it was completed in the 1th work.[74].. After that, the 2013th repainting was done around 10, and the 2018th repainting is scheduled from March 3 to the summer of 2019. Due to the improved performance of the paint, the repainting will be extended to a 11-year cycle in the future.[75].

    By aviation lawstrobeWhite likeAviation obstruction lightsIt is possible to change the current paint by constantly blinking, but there are houses and surroundingshighwayConsidering the inconvenience to residents and the safety of drivers, it is unlikely that the painting will be changed. As of 2008, it was divided into 7 equal parts, but from the time of construction until 1986, it was divided into 11 equal parts. The outer wall of the large observatory is currently white, but until 1996 it was an international orange.

    As part of the painting workBeat takeshiKikujiro Kitano, his father, was involved.

    Tokyo Tower as a tourist facility

    The sales of this towerTourismRevenue exceeds 5%. Destination near TokyoSchool excursionIt has been established as a standard destination in such places. At that time in 1959, the year after the openingUeno ZooSignificantly surpassed the annual attendance record of 360 million, and recorded 513 million visitors (January-December)[59].. Although there was a temporary decline, 300 million people visit the tower every year.

    The towerRegion,OverseasMany tourists from Tokyo Tower use it, and some local Tokyo residents have never climbed "Tokyo Tower is where" Nobori-san "goes." Therefore, Nippon Television City Corp. has changed the mindset of its employees and younger employees.DesignerTo increase the number of visitors by planning illuminations etc.[76].

    2008/In conjunction with the 12th anniversary of the opening of business on December 23, the following businesses were carried out.

    • Connecting Foottown and the Great Observatory from December 2007 to August 12ElevatorWas repaired one by one. Each of the three units has a theme, and the first unit we went to was "LightRubik's CubeThe theme is "UNIVERSE" for Unit 2 and "UFO" for Unit 1, and the ceiling has a mechanism that changes color when moving.In addition, the operation speed was slightly increased and the required time was shortened from 1 minute to 45 seconds.
    • The Tower Hall, which was located on the 1st floor of Foot Town and was used as a resting place and dining space for visitors, was renamed to "Tokyo Tower Hall" and the entire space was renovated into a multipurpose hall.
    • 2008/8/5A part of the 3rd floor of Foot Town was renovated and opened as "Tower Gallery 3", with 3 facilities of exhibition space, shop and cafe.


    Main deck (formerly known as Large observatory)
    The main deck is located on the second floor above 120m above the ground.[Annotation 20][Annotation 21], The ascending elevator from the 1st floor of Foot Town arrives at the 2nd floor of the large observatory and unloads customers. When returning, you will board the elevator down from the 1st floor of the main deck. Evacuate to 53 and 88 metersCorridorIf the elevator stops, you can drive to the corridor at low speed and evacuate. Connecting Foottown and Main DeckStairs(590 steps) is open to the public on Saturdays, holidays, and holidays, and the number of steps is indicated in the middle of the steps.SignboardIs installed. You cannot board the elevator on the way, and there is a note near the stairs entrance saying "If you are not feeling well, please refrain from using the stairs." When you climb up the stairs, you will be handed a "Noppon official climbing stairs certificate" with a serial number. The down stairs are open even on weekdays. The stairs connecting the main deck and the top deck are for emergency use and cannot be used by the general public. Previously there was a charge for the observatorytelescopeWas installed, but now it has been removed and binoculars have begun to be rented. There used to be a small hole under the glass window, from which some passengers flew paper planes, but now that hole does not exist. In addition, the large observatory had advertisements at the bottom of the signboard at the viewing point until the renewal in April 2002. To the main deckwheelchairAvailable,AEDIs installed on the first floor of the main deck. Observatory layoutBrailleIn addition to the notation, there is also a Braille notation for the view.

    The concept is "a magnificent view of Tokyo that you can relax and enjoy." As of June 2018, it is being reformed in stages.

    • Lookdown window (1st floor)
      160 cm x 60 cmTempered glassThe floor where you can see directly below.There are two places on the front side of the tower.The old 2 cm square is on the Hamamatsucho station side (east side)Akabanebashi StationIt exists on the side (south side).Workers changing illumination bulbs may walk here to see if they can work in high places.
    • Club333 Special Stage (1st floor)
      Held every Wednesday, Thursday and FridayconcertAnd in the request programHome PageYou can make more requests.
    • CAFE la TOUR (1st floor)
      OutlookCaféThe floor is 60 cm higher than the floor of the observatory. Since the observatory cannot handle fire, food isElectricalIt is warming up with.coffee,ミ ル ク,beer,cake,Brioche, With a branding iron on the towerDorayakiAre sold.
    • Goods shop (2nd floor)
    • Rental scope (2nd floor)
      VixenMagnification of 10 timesbinocularsIs rented for 500 yen.
    • towerOjingu(2st floor)
      Located at the highest position in the 23 wards of TokyoShrine..In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of Nippon Television City Corp., it was dedicated on July 1977, 7, praying for the prosperity of the business and the safety of visitors.祭神はThe deity isAmaterasu Okami(Amaterasume Okami).

    The "Great Observatory" was renovated on March 2018, 3 and renamed to "Main Deck".

    Top deck (formerly known as Special observatory)
    The special observatory is located 223.55m above the ground[Annotation 22][Annotation 23], The workbench that was originally installed is left as it is.開業から10年間程、放送設備や機材のAbout XNUMX years after opening, broadcasting equipment and equipmentWarehouseIt was used as an opening since July 1967.特別展望台からはFrom the special observatoryCity centerIf the weather is nice, you can get a panoramic view of the cityscape of Tokyo.Kanagawa-埼 玉-千葉The cityscape of each prefectureMount FujiYou can also see mountains such as, but the business may be closed due to weather or other reasons.Previously, the entrance method was different, and the entrance fee had to be paid in addition to the entrance fee for the large observatory (currently the main deck).入場チケットには番号が振られており、大展望台2階の天井に備え付けられているThe admission ticket is numbered and is installed on the ceiling on the XNUMXnd floor of the large observatory.Liquid crystal display"We are informing people up to the reserve ticket number XX. If you purchase a ticket from now on, XX minutes" will be displayed and admission will be restricted.Currently it is a reservation system.

    Of the special observatory (currently the top deck)WCIs Western style and is available for men and women.Public phoneThere are shops and vending machines.There is a trash can, but the hole is about the size of a can, so basically trash is taken home.かつては大展望台2階からは「風と光のOnce from the XNUMXnd floor of the large observatory, "Wind and lightprologueWith the stairs decorated with the themeescalatorI went to the elevator hall for the top deck using, but now it's different.Therefore, wheelchairs cannot be used. AED is installed. At the time of the large-scale repair in March 2018, the "Special Observatory" was renamed to "Top Deck".

    After the remodeling, it is beautifully finished with geometric mirrors and LED lighting.またチケットは事前にTickets are available in advanceBook onlineOr make a reservation at the ticket office on the 1st floor.When sightseeing, in the form of a tour, "Top deck tour".


    It is a five-story tourist and entertainment facility under the tower, and was formerly called the "Tower Building" and was also a science museum.Designed as a tower weight.過去にはTEPCOタワーランドやフジテレビタワープラザといったIn the past, such as TEPCO Tower Land and Fuji TV Tower PlazaTEPCOAnd Fuji TV's showroom was also occupied.

    Current facility

    There is a direct staircase to the large observatory and a ticket office.When the weather is fine, the elevator that comes down from the large observatory drops customers on the rooftop.
    • Rooftop amusement park
    • Glass Square-Outdoor event square.
    4 floor / 5 floor
    There is a TV / radio transmission station on the 5th floor.Outsiders are off limits.
    3 floor
    • Japan Information Industry Newspaper
    • TOKYO TOWER OFFICIAL SHOP GALAXY (directly managed shop)
    • Mother Farm Cafe
    • Tower Taiyaki
    • Tokyo Tower Tourist Information Center- JTB Communication DesignInformation center for tourists from overseas operated by.It consists of tourist information, foreign currency exchange, Wi-Fi spots, PC space where you can use the Internet, and event space in Tokyo and neighboring areas.
    2 floor
    There is a direct entrance to the parking lot and a west entrance on the Mos Burger side.
    • Various souvenir shops
    • restaurant
    • convenience store(Lawson)
    • Caricature Corner-Previously on the large observatory, it has moved to Foottown.
    • You can charge your smartphone etc. for free on the street corner using the power of the solar panel, but it is installed near the doorway[Annotation 24]Has been done.
    1 floor
    There is a front entrance and the ticket office is outside.
    • Tower hall
    • Various souvenir shops
    Management office.No outsiders are allowed.The staff cafeteria is on the second basement floor.医務室にはIn the medical officenurseIs resident and twice a weekJikei University School of Medicine OfDoctorIs coming.

    Past facilities

    • Science museum
    • TEPCOTower land
    • Fuji Television Network, IncTower plaza
    • Mammoth telescope (rooftop)
    • Noppon Square (4th floor)
    • Game corner (4th floor)
    • How is the TV? (4th floor) --A device was installed to experiment with how the image quality of the TV actually being broadcast would be disturbed.
    • Wax figureBuilding (3rd floor) --First opened in JapanAsiaThe largest permanent wax museum.後にlaterJapan McDonald'sFoundingFujitaHowever, it was realized in collaboration with International Leisure Corporation, which had the know-how of wax museums in the United States.蝋人形発祥の地であるThe birthplace of wax figuresUnited Kingdom-UKDirectly from the workshop輸入Was done. Renewed in 2001.キ リ ス ト,The Beatles,Mori,Chiaki MukaiEtc. are exhibited.Some shooting is not possible. Closed on September 2013, 9.
    • SPACE WAX (3rd floor)- 3D image.. Closed on September 2013, 9.
    • Guinness World Records Museum TOKYO(3rd floor) --August 2005, 8-August 5, 2010
    • Tokei Plaza,How do you feel(3rd floor) --November 2005-March 11, 2009
    • Trick artGallery[Annotation 25](3st floor)
    • Gallery DeLux (3rd floor)
    • Exhibition of antennas actually used at the top of the tower[78](3st floor)
    • LOVE SPO TOKYO (Running Salon, 3rd floor)
    • TOWER GALLERY 333 (3rd floor)
    • Animate JMA Tokyo Tower(3rd floor) --Closed on February 2019, 2.
    • Tower restaurant (tower restaurant) (1st floor) --- December 2009, 12
    • FamilyMart(convenience store)(1st floor)
    • Tokyo TowerAquarium (1st floor) -We were selling the fish we were raising. 2018å¹´9月30日閉館Closed on September XNUMX, XNUMX[51].
    • Tokyo One Piece Tower(4th floor) --March 2015, 3-July 13, 2020. "ONE-PIECE] Themed attraction facility.

    light up

    Illuminations 195812/21It was lit experimentally and was lit every night for 20 days after opening.その後は日曜、祝日の前夜に点灯し1964年のAfter that, it lights up on Sundays and the eve of public holidays in XNUMX.Tokyo OlympicsThe inside lights up every night.Due to its popularity, it has been lit every night since Christmas Eve in 1965 light bulbs were placed at the four corners of the tower at 5m intervals, but the number increased as needed. In 250, there were 1976 light bulbs (696 towers, 384 antennas, 88 special observatory, 96 large observatory). became.電球が切れた場合はその都度交換しに行くのは手間がかかるため、ある程度切れたら交換していたが所々光が途切れている部分は目立ち、ある芸能人から「地方から東京に帰ってきてタワーを見ると、電球が切れていて気になる」と指摘を受けているWhen the light bulb burns out, it takes time to replace it each time, so I replaced it when it burned out to some extent, but the part where the light was interrupted was conspicuous, and a celebrity said, "I came back to Tokyo from a rural area and opened the tower When I look at it, I'm worried that the light bulb is out. "[79].

    Landmark light
    It is a light-up that uses a method that makes the tower stand out by shining light directly on the tower, and has been implemented since New Year's Day 1989.時間はthe time is日 没From midnight to midnight.開業0周年記念により照明デザイナーのLighting designer's commemoration of the 30th anniversary of openingMikiko IshiiIt is said that the night is more beautiful than the daylightingIt was designed with the aim of.We also aimed for half the electric capacity of the Eiffel Tower without adding extra weight.照明はデジタルアンテナ部分12灯、特別展望台上部16灯、特別展望台から大展望台まで40灯、大展望台下部16灯、大展望台からタワービル屋上まで84灯、塔脚部12灯の計180灯で構成There are XNUMX digital antenna lights, XNUMX lights at the top of the special observatory, XNUMX lights from the special observatory to the large observatory, XNUMX lights at the bottom of the large observatory, XNUMX lights from the large observatory to the roof of the tower building, and XNUMX lights at the tower base. Consists of a total of XNUMX lights[80]Before that, the daily electricity bill was about 1-2 yen.The color of the lights is changed according to the season, and spring, autumn, and winter (10/2Night-) is a warm light colorHigh pressure sodium lampIllumination, summer (2010)7/17 - [81]) Is a cool whiteMetal halide lampIt becomes the lighting of.In addition, it may be lit up in a different color at an event.Koyo Electric was in charge of replacing the light bulbs at that time, but it was disbanded in 1998.After that, Kasaki Electric Works was launched,KandenkoWe are doing maintenance as a contract.Light bulb replacement starts at 8:16 and ends at XNUMX:XNUMX, and it will be disbanded after checking if there is any burnt out part.取り替えた電球は次のThe replaced light bulb is nextSeasonI am using it for.
    Diamond veil
    2008/12/1Consistent with the 50th anniversary project with new lighting up.Designed by Motoko Ishii as well as Landmark Light. 17段ある光の階層それぞれが7色に発色することができるEach of the XNUMX levels of light can develop XNUMX colorsLEDIs used, and each color contains a message. It is a 20-hour limited light-up from 22:2 to XNUMX:XNUMX, and the light-up schedule isHome PageYou can check at. From sunset, the landmark light turns on and turns off at 20:XNUMX. Slowly the diamond veillight upIt was turned off at 22:XNUMX. The landmark light is turned on again. A radio program with the theme of this light-up is produced and broadcast on TOKYO FM ("Tokyo Tower Presents Diamond Veil").

    Electricity charges are as of December 2008FloodlightDue to the improved accuracy and the use of low power consumption LEDs for the lighting fixtures in the middle part, the power consumption is about 1 yen, which is about 8520%.[82].

    In the past"Breast cancerEradication campaign (Pink ribbonDay) "in pink,movies"Matrix Reloaded"ofpromotion,IrelandTo commemorate the 50th anniversary of Japan's diplomatic relations with green, terrestrial digital broadcasting promotion and the worldDiabetes mellitusI also had a blue light up on the day.

    From 2000New Year's HolidayFrom the end of Christmas to mid-JanuaryWindow glassOutside ofADDecorating the numbers. The time is 16:30-until 8:0 the next morning. However, on New Year's Eve, it will be lit from 8:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX due to the work of switching the year display.

    In the promotion of terrestrial digital broadcasting in December 2005, the characters "terrestrial digital" and2016/ OfTokyo Olympic Games bidでOlympicThere was a time when I was decorating the letters "Tokyo" and "2016" using the colors of. At Christmas, a pink heart is lit on the large observatory.

    2007 yearsThe 58th NHK Red and White Singing BattleThen, in deciding the overall victory, the team with the most votes for each conventional examination category is counted with the ball.BowlInstead of using the "method", we tried to determine the final result based on the illumination of Tokyo Tower.

    During Christmas 2008 (December 2010, 12- 26 days), The landmark light-up turns off at 19:XNUMX every day, and the large observatory is pink.Heart markThe flashlight that connects to the ground from the large observatory will develop a light show "Tokyo Tower Christmas Light Down Story" along with the Christmas song.

    There are times when we support Japan at sports competitions, and when we win, special illuminations are held, and in summer and winterOlympic-ParalympicJapanese players / teamsgold medalWhen you get[83], 2009World Baseball ClassicでSamurai japanWhen he decided to win the championship in a rowJapan national football team FIFA World Cup South Africa TournamentWhen I decided to participate, and even in 2011FIFA Women's World Cup Germany TournamentでJapan national soccer teamWhen he won the championship, he lit up the celebration.

    2011/In addition, in order to support Japan, which was depressed by the Great East Japan Earthquake at the suggestion of Ishii, the character decoration of "GANBARO NIPPON" was added to the large observatory with 8400 LEDs.4/11から16 daysWent up to[84].. The electricity was supplied by solar power generation, and then the heart mark was decorated. Also,6/20According toUnited NationsIt was lit up in the color used for.

    2013/The four days from July 7th to July 18st will be held from the same month 7th to October 21th.Fujiko F. FujioBased on blue, red, and yellow to match the exhibitionDoraemonIlluminated in color (blue is body color, red is collar, yellow is bell)[85]. Also,9/3It was lit up again in the same color for three days from September 9nd to September 2th of the same year to coincide with Doraemon's birthday.[86].

    2015/11/15Occurred 2 days agoParis terrorist attacksWith the meaning of condolences to Tokyo Sky TreeFrench flagIlluminated in the same blue, white, and red as[87].

    2017/9/23Reached the end of the program on the dayTV Asahi"SmaSTATION !!Was lit up in blue, which is the theme color of the program, from 16:22 for a limited time of 30 hours, with the meaning of gratitude for giving the opening greeting with Tokyo Tower in the background for 2 years from the start of the program.[88][89].

    In addition, a predetermined annual calendar is used for lighting up.[Annotation 26]It is done through the supervision and programming of specialists such as designers.As for the window letters of the large observatory, it takes about 10 days because the craftsmen need to put LED panels on the windows and work such as wiring.[91].

    Light down

    The lights were turned off at 0 o'clock except when night work such as facility inspections and construction was performed, but "I watched the moment when the lights of Tokyo Tower went out together.CoupleRumors spread that "will get eternal happiness", and many couples trying to see the moment of light down gathered before midnight.[92].. This is the manga "Director Kosaku Shima』Stand on a cake for your lover's birthdayろ う そ くThere is a scene in which the main character, Kosaku Shima, who made a mistake in the number of candles, makes the tower light look like a huge candle and blows it out at the same time as the lights go out at 1 o'clock, which is likely to be the origin of the legend.[93].

    As for the light down, the staff of the electricity section of the facility management department operates the switch, but because there is equipment inspection and construction of the antenna, if the light down is not done after midnight, every time there is an inquiry "Why does it not disappear today?" Is 0 o'clock[Annotation 27]It is supposed to turn off at and turn on again around 0:XNUMX. The switch is a rotary type, and the top and bottom of the large observatory can be operated separately. You can also see the light down when switching from the landmark light to the diamond veil.

    Also in 20113/12Since then, voluntary light-down due to the Great East Japan Earthquake (Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake)[94]Was held all day until May 5 of the same year[95].5/11から13 daysA white diamond veil (light of mourning) was held for three days, and after that, efforts were made to further save energy by incorporating natural energy and the lighting was resumed.

    Photo Summarized video

    The tower, which is a tourist destination in central Tokyo and is a tower of light over 300m above the ground写真photographThere is no end to the people who do it. When shooting people and the tower together, some people bend down to shoot because the tower is too close and huge on the premises.childrenSome people lie down when it comes to shooting. For this reason, a signboard for commemorative photography is installed on the left side of the front entrance of Tokyo Tower. This photo was taken near the 2nd floor entrance on the 2nd floor entrance side, and a group photo of group guests is also taken near the 2nd floor entrance.

    In daytime shooting from the front entrance side,BacklightBecause my face is crushed blackflashIs required. However, in that case, it is necessary to be careful because the tower looks dark, but recent cameras have models that automatically correct the backlight.HDRIt is also a hand to shoot with or auto.

    Digital terrestrial broadcasting

    Digital terrestrial broadcasting started

    For information on where to install the transmitting antenna for terrestrial digital broadcasting, see the Tama area, Ueno area,AkihabaraProposals for invitation were made by the district. Howeverservice area,AirwayNeither is decisive in terms of relations with, and the facility of Tokyo Tower, which has traditionally performed analog television broadcasting as a temporary measure to respond to the start of terrestrial digital broadcasting in the Kanto area from December 2003, 12. It was decided to be installed in the form of expanding. For this reason, a transmission equipment room was added to a height of 1-135 m directly below the large observatory, and a tubular antenna with a diameter of 145 m and a height of 13 m was installed at the top of the tower above the special observatory.

    Problems associated with the transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting

    デ ジ タ ルTV radio wavesanalogCompared to TV radio wavesTransmitting stationArea close to (strong)electric fieldReceive in area)Radio disturbanceHowever, in areas far from the transmission station (medium and weak electric field areas), failures occur in the same way as analog TV radio waves.[96].

    Until 2013 (Heisei 25), at Tokyo TowerDigital terrestrial broadcastingWe were transmitting waves, but this is a provisional measure, and after the full transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting on July 2011, 23, we will continue to do so in the future.SkyscraperIt is said that the height of Tokyo Tower cannot solve the problem of reception radio interference, and (as of 2009) it cannot cover the entire metropolitan area (analog TV broadcasting area). Was there.

    Construction of Tokyo Sky Tree

    This problem,the 2000sIt was already expected from the beginning, but it was not in time for the start of terrestrial digital broadcasting on December 2003, 15. However, around that time, construction of a new radio tower to replace Tokyo Tower began to be considered, and in the same year.12/17In order to eliminate the radio interference of Tokyo Tower, the "New Tower Promotion Project of 6 Companies in Tokyo" consisting of NHK and commercial broadcasting key stations was launched. About the candidate siteTokyo 23 WardAnd as a result of repeated discussions by several neighboring cities2006/The planned construction site for the new towerSumidaPush upIt is inTobu RailwayCargoMarshalling yardIt was decided on the site and here is the new tower "Tokyo Sky Tree(Previously it was called "2nd Tokyo Tower", "New Tokyo Tower", "Sumida Tower", etc.). 20087/142012 after the start of construction and the full shift to terrestrial digital broadcasting2/29Completed in the same year5/22に開業した。高さは634mで電波塔としては世界一を更新し地上350m地点に展望デッキ(第1展望台・フロア340-350)、450m地点に展望回廊(第2展望台・フロア445-450・最高地点451.2m)を設置[97]To do. Construction cost 400 billion yen. Total project cost is about 650 billion yen[98].. This broadcast2013/5/31It started at 9 o'clock (switching the transmission station from Tokyo Tower).

    About the treatment of Tokyo Tower

    On the other hand, the Japan Radio Tower, which manages Tokyo Tower, removed the current super turn-style antenna for analog TV at the top of the tower on September 2007, 19, after the complete transition of digital TV to each broadcasting station. , By installing an antenna for digital TV at that location, we proposed a countermeasure against Tokyo Sky Tree (Tokyo Tower Innovation Plan) centered on the policy of moving the antenna position 9 to 21 m upward, and consulted with each TV station. .. In the case of the 80m renovation plan, the height of the tower does not change, the cost is said to be about 100 billion yen, and the broadcasting equipment of each station can be used as it is, which is overwhelmingly lower than the construction of Tokyo Sky Tree. It was suppressed. The material is lightweightCarbon fiberIn the case of using such as, the cost of large-scale reinforcement work was not necessary, and the renovation cost could be further reduced.[99][59].

    On September 2010, 22, after the transition of TV transmission (NHK includes FM) to Tokyo Sky Tree with NHK and five private TV key stations, in the event of a disaster, etc. Concluded a contract to use Tokyo Tower as a backup radio tower when radio waves cannot be sent from Tokyo Sky Tree[100].

    Tokyo Tower as a broadcasting facility

    Broadcast area

    The transmitted radio waves fall within a 100km radius of the entire Kanto Plain.

    • Both TV and FM are basically in the Kanto plain area. Other areas are received by nearby relay stations or cable TV. The coverage of TOKYO MX (moved to Tokyo Sky Tree) was limited.
    • Other than that, the reception sensitivity is inferior,Yamanashi-Nagano-Niigata-Miyagi-Fukushima-ShizuokaIt can also be received in some areas of the Middle East.
    • Due to a disaster etc.Tokyo Sky TreeIn case the broadcast wave cannot be transmitted fromRedundancyUse Tokyo Tower as a spare radio tower in the event of a disaster as collateralbackupContract with Nippon Television City Corp. on September 2010, 22NHK-Key station in TokyoConnected with 5 companies[100].. In addition to terrestrial digital TV, NHKFM broadcastIs also included.


    Analog TV broadcasting transmitter from the beginning of construction (TransmitterRoom) is on the 5th floor of the tower building. However, since the 5th floor is a machine room where the transmission equipment of each broadcasting station is placed, it is off limits to anyone other than those involved, and from the perspective of security and safety (prevention of electric shock accidents, etc.), general public tours are not allowed. Can not.

    In addition, "FNN Super TimeFrom Kawadacho on Fuji TV to OdaibaMoving radio wavesWhen the news was broadcast or in September 2008Fuji TV ONE (at that time: Fuji TV 739)Was broadcast onRose』, In addition to broadcasting a part of Fuji TV's analog TV transmission equipment, in March 2011NHK General-NHK BS2Was broadcast onBratamori(2nd series), a part of the analog TV transmission equipment of NHK Educational TV is broadcast.Also, on July 2011, 7 at midnight (before dawn on the 24th), "ANN NEWS & SPORTSAnd "" broadcast on NHK General TV on the morning of July 7, the same year.NHK News Good morning JapanHowever, when the news of the complete wave stop work of analog broadcasting by technical staff was reported, a part of each analog TV transmission equipment was broadcast (NHK is a general TV equipment). Furthermore, at the time of the complete relocation of the transmission station of terrestrial digital broadcasting to Tokyo Sky Tree at 2013 o'clock on May 5, 31, the moment when the radio wave from Tokyo Tower was stopped was broadcast on Kanto Local News. At that time, some of the digital transmission stations of each station were broadcast.

    Transmitter for terrestrial digital broadcasting

    The transmitter is installed using two layers, for two NHK television broadcasts on the upper floor, for practical test broadcasting of the Open University of Japan and terrestrial digital audio broadcasting (the latter one has been discontinued), and on the lower floor.Commercial broadcastEquipped with transmitters for 5 television broadcast stations. The TOKYO MX was installed independently (shared with the analog transmitter) (relocated). The transmitter is a solidified water-cooled type designed based on common specifications and can obtain a maximum output of 10 kW.

    The terrestrial digital broadcasting transmission equipment room can only be entered from the stairs connecting Foot Town and the large observatory. As mentioned above, stations other than the Open University of Japan have been reserved transmission stations since 2013:5 on May 31, 9.

    Antenna for terrestrial digital broadcasting

    A cylindrical antenna with a diameter of 260m and a height of 280m was installed at a height of 13-12m between the special observatory and the analog broadcasting antenna. This is "3-element type 2LTwin loop antennaIt is called "5 stages, 15 sides, 4 systems", and the elements that make up the loop antenna are arranged on 10 stages and 30 surfaces. Then, 5 waves from the upper 3 steps painted in red and 5 waves from the lower 4 steps painted in white are transmitted. As mentioned above, this antenna was initially used as the master station, but for stations other than the Open University of Japan, it is a spare antenna when transmission from Tokyo Sky Tree becomes impossible after 2013 o'clock on May 5, 31. It has become. Since the Open University of Japan will also be integrated into BS digital broadcasting, terrestrial broadcasting has ended in September 9, and since October of the same year, terrestrial digital broadcasting that operates Tokyo Tower as a master station There is no.

    The antenna for terrestrial digital audio broadcasting is a plate at a height of about 245 m, just below the special observatory.parabolic antennaHas been installed (the antenna was removed in June of the same year due to the closure of all stations on March 2011, 3). It was announced that the weight of the tower had increased by 31 tons due to the addition of these facilities. In 6, structural safety was reexamined with the installation of the antenna and transmitter room in the tower, and the structural material of the tower was reinforced with steel plates from 420 to the spring of 2001.[102]And a concrete stake per tower leg (Earth drill method・ Two additional foundation piles with a diameter of 3 m and a depth of approximately 18.5 m)[103]Was done.

    At the beginning of operation in 2003, output was suppressed and directional to avoid interference with analog TV.Ana-ana conversionBy 2005, when the countermeasures were completed in this area, the output was omnidirectional and prescribed.

    Antenna for terrestrial analog broadcasting

    Antennas for analog broadcasting are from the top of the tower to NHK General and Education (double power supply with 6 stages of ST antenna), TV Asahi, Fuji TV, TBS and Nippon TV (attached), TV Tokyo and Broadcasting University (attached, but the Open University of Japan) UHF transmitting antenna is skewed[Annotation 28])(that's allWide area broadcasting, NHK education onlyNationwide broadcasting), It was installed in the gain tower from the top of the tower to H.27 (27th steel horizontal member above the ground, girder). However, TOKYO MX was opened after the Open University of Japan.Prefectural broadcast(Broadcast only in Tokyo), so it was in a lower place. It was maintenance and managementElectric industry.. The design was a young team of newcomers such as Toyoji Suzuda (25 years old at the time) of the company. Since the antenna cannot be made thick due to the transmission wavelength, a stainless steel round bar with a diameter of 17 cm was welded. The radio waves transmitted from here are 160 km awayTochigiNasu YumotoArrived to[104].

    With the end of terrestrial analog television broadcasting, transmission was terminated at midnight on July 2011, 7, and the terrestrial analog broadcasting antenna was removed by July 25.

    FM broadcast antenna

    The antennas of these broadcasting stations are installed in the order of TOKYO FM at the top, NHK-FM (preliminary transmission station) directly under the special observatory, and InterFM.

    As for the antenna directly under the special observatory, NHK-FM, TOKYO FM, and J-WAVE shared one antenna, but for NHK-FM and J-WAVE, the transmission equipment was moved to Tokyo Skytree. TOKYO FM has also moved to the top as described below. NHK-FM will continue to be a backup transmission station, but J-WAVE will have its headquartersRoppongi Hills Mori TowerNot used for continued use of the rooftop backup transmission station. Previously, the antenna of the Open University of Japan was installed between NHK-FM and InterFM, but as with the TV broadcasting mentioned above, terrestrial broadcasting will end in September 2018 due to unification to BS digital broadcasting. are doing.

    From February 2013, 2, the antenna of TOKYO FM has been released.NHK TokyoNewly built at the top of the tower where the analog TV was[34]..The original plan was to divert the antenna of the conventional NHK analog TV for transmission in January 2012, but due to the damage to the antenna caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake mentioned above, the old antenna will be removed and a new one will be installed. rice field[105].

    InterFM has a late opening time, so initially it was located at a low position just above the large observatory 150m above the ground.Radio NIKKEIIt was in the same place as the relay antenna of. After that, the reception environment deteriorated with the increase of high-rise buildings in the metropolitan area, so the antenna was raised higher than before and at the same frequency.interferenceTherefore, it was decided to change the transmission frequency of 76.1MHz at the same time. Received change permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on June 2015, 6[106], Start test broadcasting from 26th of the same month[40], The main broadcast started from 30:18 on the XNUMXth[41].. With old and new frequencies as a transition period until October 10stSimul broadcastingAnd unified the transmission frequency to 11MHz from November 1st.

    In addition to this, formerly AM radio directly under the large observatoryNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.There was an antenna for radio broadcasting.

    TV relay line equipment

    In addition to broadcasting antennas for general viewers, TV stations collect materials from distant interviewees.Playing roomHas a microwave relay system for sending to. Antennas that receive the transmitted microwaves are installed in this tower from directly under the FM transmitting antenna group to the large observatory, and can be remotely controlled toward the interview site. In addition, since the tower itself creates a blind spot, it is operated as a set of two opposing locations. The radio waves received by these antennas are sent to the performance stations of each broadcasting station through a line dedicated to video.

    In addition, key stations may exchange materials through joint coverage, but in the analog broadcasting era, video material can be distributed to each station using the backup line of the relay line to the transmission station by a work called "tower branching". It was supposed to be. After the start of digital broadcasting,NexionMoved to the video transmission service "Nexion HD Branch" provided by.

    Incidentally,Optical fiberBecause the large-capacity transmission line network covered all over Japan, the microwave line for mutual broadcasting stations (NTT relay line) Has been abolished.

    Transmission frequency / output

    Terrestrial digital television broadcasting

    For spare

    The following 7 stations that have migrated from analog VHF2003/12/1I have been broadcasting this from2013/5/31At 9 o'clockTokyo Sky TreeDue to the relocation of the main transmission station to Tokyo Sky Tree, it was moved to a backup transmission station when transmission became impossible.

    リ モ コ ン
    Key ID
    Broadcasting station namecallsignphysical
    Antenna powerERPBroadcast target areaBroadcast area
    Number of households
    JOAK-DTV[107] 27 ch 10kW[107][108][109][110][111][112][113]48kW[107][108]Kanto wide area
    (Ibaraki,Tochigias well as the GunmaDoes not include)[114][115]
    About 1400 million households
    JOAB-DTV[108] 26 ch Nationwide broadcasting
    Nippon TV
    JOAX-DTV[109] 25 ch 49kW[109]Kanto wide area
    TV Asahi
    JOEX-DTV[110] 24 ch 48kW[110][111][112][113]
    TBS TV
    JORX-DTV[111] 22 ch
    Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.
    JOTX-DTV[112] 23 ch
    Fuji Television Network, Inc
    JOCX-DTV[113] 21 ch
    • Callsigns are for the main broadcast only.
    • NHK Tokyo General Antenna Power2003/At the beginning of the operation, it was 300W, and then the output was gradually increased from 400W → 820W → 2.5kW → 5kW.2005/It became the prescribed 10kW in October.
    • NHK東京教育および広域民放5局の空中線電力は2003年の開始当初は15.5Wで、その後700W→1.2kW(広域民放5局のみ)→2.5kW→5kWと段階的に出力を上げて2005å¹´10月に所定の10kWとなった。
    • Even after the transition to the backup transmission station, the technical specifications remain the same as before the transition.

    FM radio broadcast

    Commonly used

    Broadcasting station namecallsignAntenna powerEffective radiant powerBroadcast target areaBroadcast area
    Number of households
    Operation start date
    80.0TOKYO FM
    FM Tokyo
    JODW-FM[117]13kW[117]Focusing on the area where the special wards of Tokyo exist
    Being able to receive broadcasts of the same broadcast program at the same time
    Areas separately determined by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications as areas deemed appropriate[114][115]
    • Callsigns are for the main broadcast only.
    • 2013/2/11ERP of TOKYO FM before 4:55 is 44.1kW[119].

    For spare

    2012/4/23Since the main transmission station was moved to Tokyo Sky Tree from the start of broadcasting, it was moved to the backup transmission station when transmission from Tokyo Sky Tree became impossible.[120].

    Broadcasting station namecallsignAntenna powerEffective radiant powerBroadcast target areaBroadcast area
    Number of households
    Operation start date
    • Callsigns are for the main broadcast only.
    • The start date of NHK-FM broadcasting is the start date of the national broadcast.

    Abolished broadcasting station

    Terrestrial digital television broadcasting

    Abolition date: May 2013, 5 (due to relocation to Tokyo Sky Tree), October 12, 2018 (due to transition to BS digital broadcasting)

    Remote control key IDBroadcasting station namecallsignPhysical channelAntenna powerEffective radiant powerBroadcast target areaNumber of households in broadcasting areaOperation start date
    Tokyo Metropolitan Television
    JOMX-DTV 20 ch [121]3kW[121][122]5kW[122]TokyoAbout 690 million households2003/12/1
    12Open UniversityJOUD-DTV[123] 28 ch 5kW[124]19kW[125]Kanto wide area

    (Scheduled class area[126][127])

    1319 households2006/12/1
    • Callsigns are for the main broadcast only.
    • The antenna power of TOKYO MX was 2003W at the beginning of 29, and then increased to 700W to reach the prescribed 2005kW in August 8.
    • TOKYO MX is to smoothly change the frequency due to the relocation of the transmission station to Tokyo Sky Tree.2012/11/12The broadcast wave from Tokyo Tower was gradually reduced from 2013.5/12Transmission from Tokyo Tower ended at noon[Annotation 29][35].
    • The Open University of Japan2006/12/1Main broadcast started[128]Then,2018/10Abolished at the end[129].

    Terrestrial analog television broadcasting

    Abolition date: July 2011, 7 (due to the expiration of the simultaneous license under the Broadcast Law)

    ChannelBroadcasting station namecallsignAntenna power
    (Video / audio)
    (Video / audio)
    Broadcast target areaNumber of households in broadcasting areaOperation start date
    1NHK Tokyo GeneralJOAK-TV50kW[121]/ 12.5kW240kW / 60kWKanto wide area[121][130]Unknown1959/4/6
    3NHK Tokyo E-TeleJOAB-TV270kW / 69kWNationwide broadcasting[121][130]1959/1/10
    4NTV NTVJOAX-TV370kW / 94kWKanto wide area[121][130]1970/11/10
    380kW / 95kW1960/1/17
    8CX Fuji TVJOCX-TV370kW / 92kW1959/3/1
    10EX TV AsahiJOEX-TV370kW / 91kW1959/2/1
    12TX TV tokyoJOTX-TV370kW / 93kW1964/4/12
    14TOKYO MXJOMX-TV10kW[121]/ 2.5kW17kW / 4.2kWTokyo[121]1995/11/1
    16Open UniversityJOUD-TV50kW[121]/ 12.5kW330kW / 81kWKanto wide area
    (Scheduled class area[121][130])
    • Callsigns are for the main broadcast only.
    • NHK initially opened on 1ch for educational television (E-tele). A few months later, the channel was replaced with the general TV broadcast from the Kioizaka transmission station, and the educational TV transmission from the tower was temporarily terminated. The following year, broadcasting from the tower started again in line with the relocation of the TBS transmission station.
    • The operation start date of NTV is the date when the transmission station was moved from the head office in Nibancho, Kojimachi at that time. On October 2012, 10, "Preparation for the split of NTV" inherited the license from "(old) NTV", which was transferred to the holding company, and on the same day, the trade name was changed to "(new) NTV".
    • TBS TV opened on April 1955, 4 as "Radio Tokyo TV". Renamed to "Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)" on November 1, 1960. With the step-by-step split-off and transition to a holding company system2001/Change the callsign on October 10st. On April 1, 2009, "TBS Television" took over the license from "Tokyo Broadcasting System," which will become a holding company.
    • TV Asahi was initially opened as "Japan Educational Television (NET)".1977/On April 4, the company name was changed to "National Asahi Broadcasting (ANB)" and the popular name "TV Asahi" was started. The official company name was used when the origin was restored due to the completion of the redevelopment of Roppongi Hills, including the former head office. On April 1, 2014, "Preparation for TV Asahi split" took over the license from "(old) TV Asahi", which was transferred to the holding company, and on the same day, the trade name was changed to "(new) TV Asahi".
    • TV TOKYO was initially opened as "Japan Science Foundation TV Station" and used as "Tokyo 12 Channel" as a popular name. Due to business restructuring and cancellation of the Education Bureau1973/Relaunched as a new commercial broadcaster "Tokyo 11 Channel" on November 1st1981/It became the current company name on October 10st.
    • The Open University of Japan is the opening date of the broadcasting station, not the start date of classes at the university. Also, the license was given to the corporation that runs the university, not the university. This also applies to digital TV and FM stations in operation.

    Terrestrial digital radio broadcasting practical test

    Abolition date: March 2011, 3 (due to the end of practical test broadcasting)[131]

    LicenseecallsignAntenna powerERPBroadcast areaNumber of households in broadcasting areaOperation start date
    190.214286[Annotation 30]Digital Radio Promotion Association
    (Current:Broadcast wave shielding measures promotion association)
    JOAZ-FM2.4kW3kWPart of South KantoAbout 490 million households2003/10/10

    FM radio broadcast transmission equipment

    Abolition date: 20124/23(J-WAVE for relocation to Tokyo Sky Tree), 201510/31(InterFM due to the end of operation of the following frequencies), October 2018, 10 (The Open University of Japan due to the transition to BS digital broadcasting)

    Broadcasting station namecallsignAntenna powerERPBroadcast target areaNumber of households in broadcasting areaOperation start date
    76.1InterFMJODW-FM[117]10kW[117][118][116]11.5kW[132]Focusing on the area where the special wards of Tokyo exist
    Being able to receive broadcasts of the same broadcast program at the same time
    Areas separately determined by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications as areas deemed appropriate[114][115]
    77.1Open UniversityJOUD-FM[133]38kW[134]Kanto wide area

    (Regional area where classes will be held)[135][136]

    • The station name is written as an abbreviation or nickname.
    • Callsigns are for the main broadcast only.

    Multimedia broadcasting

    Abolition date: March 2020, 3 (due to the end of operation)[137]

    Broadcasting station namecallsignAntenna powerERPNumber of households in broadcasting areaOperation start date
    105.428571[Annotation 31]i-dioJOLZ-MM3[45]10kW[45]70kW[45]About-XNUMX households2016/3/1[45]


    For buildings outside Japan, only major buildings that exceed the height of Tokyo Tower are listed.


    Around Tokyo Tower

    Previous photo

    Night view / light up

    Companies using the name "Tokyo Tower"

    1963/4/15"Tokyo Tower Sightseeing Bus" was established as a company name using Tokyo Tower.同社は1969年10月2日にThe company announced on October XNUMX, XNUMXInternational businessWas acquired by1972/It was merged on April 4st.

    Related Companies
    • Tokyo Tower Studio Co., Ltd.
    • Tokyo Tower Parking Center Co., Ltd.

    Works dealing with Tokyo Tower

    Tokyo Tower has appeared in a wide variety of novels and video works since its construction as a symbol to explain the era and the geographical background of Tokyo.This section introduces some of the many works.

    TV dramas, movies, novels

    Manga / Anime / SFX

    • Moonlight mask --A TV program broadcast in 33.In the second episode, there is a scene in which the Tokyo Tower under construction is reflected.
    • Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward --There is "Our Tokyo Tower Volume" recorded in 136 volumes of the book and "Kochikame Senryo Box".
    • Magic Knight Rayearth ――It is set as a place where the three leading girls meet at the beginning of the story, and in Chapter 3, it will appear as a place where the three girls will meet again.Also,"XAnd 'Card Captor Sakura』And otherCLAMPIt also appears as an important stage in works and original anime works.
    • Kamen Rider Kabuto --The Tokyo Tower is used as if it were a symbol of urbanity, and appears in all episodes.There is also an episode that used the inside of the office of the Japan Radio Tower for location.
    • Crayon Shin-chan Calling a Storm Moretsu! Counterattack of the Adult Empire ――The tower of "20th Century Expo" that appears in the work is modeled after Tokyo Tower.There is also a scene of running up the stairs of the tower at the end.
    • Tokyo Marble Chocolate - Tokyo Tower("Red") And Tokyo Sky Tree (tag) Appears.
    • Daimon TAKE2 --It is destroyed by terrorists and damages the Soviet embassy (at that time).In addition, one of the terrorists misunderstood that "I saw him defeated in a Godzilla movie," which will be described later.
    • Meter Tokyo Race --Appeared as a goal of public road races.タワー内部はInside the towerSpiral roadIt has become.
    • Cars 2 --A little appeared in the first scene of Tokyo tour.上記のものとは違い、アンテナ部分がUnlike the above, the antenna part isplugIt has become.
    • Usogui --Makume Baku gambles at the "Imperial Tower" that imitates Tokyo Tower.A wax museum will also appear.
    • Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 --Damage caused by a large earthquake with its epicenter in the northern part of Tokyo Bay, exposing the foundation.The next day, after the concrete pillars of the foundation collapsed and collapsed, debris is being removed during restoration work.
    • Detective Conan Jet Black Tracker --Appeared under the name "Tokyo Tower".At the end,Black tissue OfAttack helicopterBe chased byConan EdogawaThere is also a scene where he runs up the tower from the large observatory on the stairs.
    • Girl ☆ Opera Review Starlight -Appeared in almost all stories as a place promised by the main character.In addition, it appears upside down, penetrating the building from the side.作中では東京タワー内にあるIn the work, it is in Tokyo TowerAquariumThere is a description of, but it is now closed.It is unknown whether the crown Valletta and Hikari Valletta that the character in the works purchased at Tokyo Tower were actually sold at Tokyo Tower. (It is unknown whether it was sold at Tokyo Tower, and it actually exists.) Also, at the opening of the anime, there is a scene where the characters appearing in the song fight in a place that seems to be Tokyo Tower.また、同アニメのキャラクターで結成されたユニットIn addition, a unit formed by the characters of the same animeStarlight XNUMX pairsIn the song "Yakusoku Tower", Tokyo Tower is used for the jacket.
    • Protect my earth ――It is treated as an important point in the work.
    • Professional golfer monkey --In Episode 9 "Nebula"Paris OfEiffel towerFromArnold PalmerThe main character, Monkey, appears in a program inspired by a project to experiment with how long he flew, and shoots the ball far away from the observatory of Tokyo Tower.
    • Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters THE MOVIE Protect Tokyo Ene Tower! --Appeared as "Tokyo Energy Tower" in the play.We are fully cooperating with the shooting, and Noppon is also making a special appearance.
    • Flower of eden -Appeared at the place where the main character, Midori Wakatsuki, reunited with her brother, Tokio Wakatsuki, who had died 13 years ago.There is a scene where Tokio, who took over Midori, shows a picture of his parents climbing up to Tokyo Tower with two young children.In addition to this, there are many scenes that appear as important points in the work.

    Monster stuff

    monsterAnd Tokyo Tower have a deep connection.最初に東京を襲った大怪獣はThe first big monster that hit TokyoGodzillaHowever, at that time, Tokyo Tower was not destroyed (the first work was released in 1 and has not even been completed).[Annotation 32]..However, after the completion of Tokyo Tower in 1958, it appeared in many monster movies, and it was frequently destroyed, especially after the monsters began to flow on TV.

    The impression that Godzilla, the star of Japanese monster movies and the first movie monster, has defeated Tokyo Tower is widespread.For example, the following novel by Sakyo Komatsu also says "As usualIt is written that the Tokyo Tower was destroyed.As a similar exampleKiyohara NatsuIn the shojo manga work "Godzilla Sandwich Hiyori", a scene depicting a former couple who went to see Godzilla in revival is depicted as Godzilla smashing Tokyo Tower with a shout of "Urya". There is.These at least show that the image that "monsters destroy Tokyo Tower" actually existed.

    • Mothra - MothraMake cocoons because the larvae become adults.The first example of Tokyo Tower being destroyed by a monster.However, some people interpret the direct cause of the destruction of Tokyo Tower as "the bombardment of the Self-Defense Forces aimed at Mothra."劇中場面で見る限り確かにタワー自体の倒れる方向が若干不自然だが、種々の書籍資料As far as the scene in the play is concerned, the direction in which the tower itself collapses is a little unnatural, but various book materials[Detailed information for identifying documents]Then, it is said that "it could not bear the weight of Mothra and collapsed" or "Mothra was destroyed".
    • Counterattack of King Kong --A monster movie by a collaboration between Japan and the United States.キ ン グ コ ン グとMechani-KongFight while climbing each other's Tokyo Tower.This battle destroys part of the observatory and part of the antenna at the top.
    • Gamera the Great Monster --Overrun TokyoGameraDestroys from the root.In addition, this scene is the sequel "Gamera vs Space Monster Vilas』Also appears.
    • Gamera large monster aerial decisive battle --MonsterGaosWas fired aiming atSDF OfType 81 short-range surface-to-air missileIs accidentally exploded and destroyed, and Gyaos builds a nest there.漫画家のCartoonistYuuki MasamiTakes this scene as the most beautiful scene in the Heisei monster movie.In this series, Tokyo Tower was not rebuilt, and the next work "Gamera 2 Invasion of Legion], Only one scene is drawn as it is broken.
    • Godzilla x Mothra x Mechagodzilla Tokyo SOS - Godzilla seriesThe only ofGodzillaA work in which the Tokyo Tower is destroyed by.The heat rays of Godzilla fired at Mothra are avoided, and the tower behind it is hit directly.
    • Ultra Q - Tsuburaya Production.. The first fantasy special effects series produced in 1966.第1話「19年の挑戦」において巨大化した誘拐怪人The kidnapped monster that became huge in the 2020th episode "Challenge in XNUMX"KemurThe "X channel light wave" emitted from the "K mini ode" invented by Dr. Kanda is radiated from the Tokyo Tower and defeated.これはthis isThe only example of a monster being defeated by Tokyo TowerIt is said.Also, in episode 16, "GaramonIn "Counterattack", he was defeated by Garamon.なお、東京タワーは他のIn addition, Tokyo Tower is anotherUltra seriesMany have appeared in the work.
    • - Sakyo KomatsuShort story.A man who has the ability to transform into anything transforms into Godzilla as a distraction and destroys it.
    • Ultraman Trigger NEW GENERATION TIGA --Tsuburaya Productions A special effects program produced in 2021.In the 25th episode (final episode), it collapsed due to the fierce battle between Ultraman Trigger & Trigger Dark and Megarosoa.

    In addition, "The Biggest Battle on Earth''Earth Attack Command Godzilla vs. Geigan''Godzilla FINAL WARS''Giant soldier appears in Tokyo] And many other monster movies, Tokyo Tower has appeared and has been destroyed.


    Olive Related Products

    Tokyo Tower has the nature of a tourist facility from the beginning, and is a miniature (tower model)Plastic model,pennant, Postcards and other souvenirs were prepared, but in recent years, they have been attracting attention in other ways such as "Tokyo Tower", "Tokyo Tower-Okan and I, and sometimes Oton-", and "ALWAYS Sanchome Sunset". Now, related products at general stores have appeared.

    • Heavy Industry / Showa Big Project Series Great Construction Tokyo Tower Construction Record (DVD)-20077/25, Recorded footage of Takenaka Corporation released by Geneon Entertainment.You can see it from the place where you build the foundation. 33 minutes.All color.
    • Tokyo Tower 2007 --Released in June 2007SEGA TOYSTokyo Tower 1/500 model with a height of 66.6 cm,LEDAlthough it has a mechanism to reproduce the light-up, the obstruction lights and elevator lights are not reproduced.The list price is 1 yen.同年3330月には限定Limited to November of the same yearEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euReleased version.Designed by Takehiko Kato, an employee of the company.Since the actual shape is sharper than I imagined, there is a difference in how it looks when looking up at the tower from the ground, so I redesigned it to have a wider hem.製品をタワー建設に携わったInvolved in tower construction of productsEagleWhen I showed it to the craftsman Goro Kiryu, I squinted and sighed, "Beautiful things are good."[139].
    • Tokyo Tower Story-In April 2008タ カ ラ ト ミ ー1/2000 closed box released byEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSo, various forms of Tokyo Tower such as when it was built in 1958 are reproduced.Some rare items are equipped with a light emitting mechanism with a built-in LED.



    Transit Bus


    • Tokyo Tower Parking Center (50 cars, first 60 minutes 580 yen, then 30 minutes 200 yen)
    A total of 100 or more cars can be parked in nearby parking lots.

    Successive image girls

    Successive Tokyo Tower Ambassadors

    "Tokyo Tower" from 2011 as a new campaign character to replace "Image Girl" until 2012AmbassadorIs established.

    Offer program

    In both cases, the Tokyo Tower Image Girl Ambassador is in charge of personality.

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    symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName
    Tokyo Tower


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

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    6. ^ The foundation built a memorial statue at Tokyo Tower, which was just opened at that time and was a hot topic, as a symbol of "animal protection" because "I do not want such an incident to happen again".
    7. ^ The wedding at the tower was a one-time event, and there have been other offers since then, but there is no wedding service at the tower.
    8. ^ The letters "TOKYO TOWER" are arranged in an arc, imagining the small hill (Shiba Park) where Tokyo Tower is located and the earth. Only the T in the center is orange and large, reminiscent of Tokyo Tower. The green circles lined up above the letters are images of contribution to the global environment and coexistence with nature. Designed by Masaaki Omura and Kotaro Taketsuru. On the day of the event, the first 1000 visitors to the tower were presented with a clear folder with a new logo.
    9. ^ 2012/2/2"Bura Tamori" 2nd series "Tokyo Tower Shiba" broadcast on NHK (main broadcast: 2011)3/10In the rebroadcast of), the tip of the antenna that was bent due to the "Great East Japan Earthquake" that occurred the day after the main broadcast was shown at the beginning of the program.
    10. ^ From NHK Broadcasting Center in ShibuyaChoshi102km to the government office, Mito104km to the government office.
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    24. ^ Because of the increasing number of tourist services at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and because it will become a symbol of Tokyo as an eco-friendly city in the future.TokyoAnd Sharp and others cooperated to start the service on October 2015, 10 at the foot of Tokyo Tower for the first time in Japan.
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    28. ^ Since the Open University of Japan is UHF, one wavelength is smaller than the width of the tower, and it is difficult to make the directivity circular even if antennas are installed on four sides like VHF, and the antenna of TV TOKYO has already installed it. Therefore, it became a skew array.
    29. ^ Initially 20133/31Ended transmission from Tokyo Tower4/1I was planning to unify the transmission station into Skytree,2012 Governor of Tokyo Electionas well as the 46th House of Representatives general electionWith the implementation ofPolitics broadcastBecause it was necessary to ensure the fairness of Tokyo Tower, the originally planned power reduction of Tokyo Tower could not be done, so the transition schedule was delayed.
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