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🎥 | Moriyama Miki starring "We couldn't all grow up" Scene photos that color the changes of the times

Photo Netflix movie "We couldn't all grow up" Scene photo (C) 2021 C & I Entertainment

Starring Moriyama Miki "We couldn't all grow up" Scene photos that color the changes of the times

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Other than that, Sato's profile, which appears with the glittering neon of bartender Sue (SUMIRE) who appeared in front of Sato who had just lost love in the 2000s, and Kaori after exchanging the last words with Sato in the 1999s. Various encounters and farewells centered around are included as the times change.

From the Netflix movie "We couldn't all grow up" starring actor Miki Moriyama, the main character, Sa ... → Continue reading

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2000 era

2000 era(I don't care)

  1. AD(Gregorian calendar) 2000 years from 2009 to 10Decade.Detailed in this section.
  2. It refers to 2000 years from the year 2099 to the year 100.21st centuryIt has almost the same meaning as, but the start and end years are one year apart.
  3. It refers to 2000 years from the year 2999 to the year 1000.3nd millenniumIt has almost the same meaning as, but the start and end years are one year apart.

It's a big break in the 20th and 21st centuries[Note 1], In the early 21st century,00 era(I'm sorry)0'sSometimes called (Zero Nendai). This section describes the 2000s from an international perspective.














Science and technology

Computer and internet


Culture and art


Skyscrapers / structures

Popular culture

Computer games



United States and Europe


Thought and philosophy




Movies and entertainers

Science and technology

Russia and the former Soviet Union

Latin America

Sub-Saharan Africa

Central/West Asia



The event of fiction

  • First half-The "October incident" occurred. The earth suddenly hits in the first half of OctoberLow orbitCovered by a jet-black "shield" that occurs below, all celestial bodies except the sun, which appears to be forgery, become unobservable, and everythingArtificial satelliteAlso disappears. 5 years laterNASAARVExploration vesselData collected by the company reveals that 1 years have passed outside the shield in one second on Earth.This temporal inclination due to the shield is presumed to be due to the control of the unidentified intelligent body "hypothetical body". (novel"(English edition)])[1][2]


注 釈

  1. ^ 2000 years from 2099 to 100 (centuryPerspective), or 2000 years from 2999 to 1000 (MillenniumFrom the 2000's to the 21's, but in the beginning of the 2000st century from 2009 to 10 (DecadeThe point of view) is the general usage.


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  1. ^ Robert Charles Wilson"On time block"Tokyo Sogensha, 2008, 16 --39, 46 --48, 67, 76 --82, 91, 116, 170, 227 --229, 254, 271 pages.ISBN 978-4-488-70603-6.
  2. ^ Robert Charles Wilson, "Under the Time Block", Tokyo Sogensha, 2008, p. 83.ISBN 978-4-488-70604-3.

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