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🎥 | "Rogue One" The day before the drama shooting ended!Familiar faces will also appear

Photographs from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Photofest / Getty Images

The day before "Rogue One", the drama shooting ended!Familiar faces will also appear

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In the drama series, it is reported that the surveillance robot K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) and the rebel leader Mon Mothma (Genevieve O'Reilly) will reappear from "Rogue One", except for two people. There is a possibility that the main characters of will show up.

The day before the movie "Rogue One / Star Wars Story", the drama series "Star Wars: Ando ..." → Continue reading

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反 乱

反 乱-Rebellion(Hanran,English: rebellion, insurgency, uprising) IsCountryThe controlled group expresses some dissatisfaction with violent, destructive, or demonstrative actions, and urges the cause of the dissatisfaction to be resolved, or the controlled group's own hands. It is an act of trying to solve the cause of dissatisfaction.

Also, in history, during this act, the campflagIs always raised, and this flag is "Anti-flagAnd that flagWindFrom the appearance of fluttering, "RebellionIs said to have been born[1].

In the historical rebellion of the Kanji area, "...RemorseSome are called only "Ran", but "Ran" has no meaning of rebellion, and "Ran" in this case simply means "the world is disturbed".[2].

By the way, even if it is not a national scale, it is also called a rebellion when members of the army and crew of a ship collude and openly oppose the authority of superiors.In English, the rebellion in this case is "mutinyIs applied.

In addition, this word is just an expression of the "causing side" of the rebellion, and the "causing side" does not actually call it a rebellion.[Source required]It is called "raise".

In fiction, not only human beings, but also creatures that do not have the same intention and intelligence as humans such as animals other than humans, and inanimate objects such as artificial intelligence are treated as rebellion.

The oldest rebellion

It is not known when and where humanity first caused the act of rebellion, but rebellion has always occurred from the time of the four major civilizations that built civilizations and began to form "society" in group life. I've done it.

SumerAbsorbed the dynasty and established in the northern Mesopotamia regionAccadThe Second King of the Empire,RimushAlready in the 2300 BC when he lived, the city-state of the former Sumerian dynastyUrKing ofwriteIt is recorded that the forces centered on Rimush rebelled against Rimush and "fought fiercely against Sumer. They killed 8742 soldiers, destroyed the city, and destroyed the walls."

The cause of this rebellion is due to the former Sumerian dynastyCoup d'etatIt is not known if it was a typical one or the result of some persecution of the former Sumerian dynasty by the Empire, but looking at the records of the subsequent rebellion by mankind that began to spell out history in more detail, It can be read that the ruling class of the rebellious nation always has some problems in the public part.

Background of the rebellion

The problem is sometimes some sort of thing to the controlledCrackdownOr food shortages due to poverty, non-political and relatively primitive.The controlled people are facing these temporary or chronic problems.election,demo, A petition or other peaceful claim can be filed, and if the ruler is a nation that accepts the lawsuit, a rebellion is unlikely to occur.Alternatively, if the ruler is competent and does good politics in consideration of the lives of the controlled people, it is unlikely that a rebellion will occur.

On the contrary, a nation that does not recognize the appeal from the controlled layer to the ruler as a right, a nation that suppresses the appeal, or a nation that can sue by peaceful means, but the ruler always silences it. In a problematic nation that is too serious and beyond the peaceful dimension, the likelihood of rebellion increases.

Historically, peaceful claims such as elections, petitions, and demonstrations have been dominated by the controlled.rightIt is necessary to wait for the 19th to 20th centuries when democracy began to take root, and in a world where the imperial and royal governments before that were the mainstream, the ruled people criticized and dissatisfied the rulers. Unless good luck brings a competent ruler, the controlled may continue to accumulate dissatisfaction with the ruler, resulting in a rebellion, as there was no way to express it and was unaware of its rights. It can be said that it was a very high time.

There are many synonyms and approximations of "rebellion" in both Japanese and English, so it is a little difficult to find the boundary when thinking about "what is a rebellion".In English, the rebellion is big rebellion And if the people are unarmed nonviolent resistance(Civil disobedience), If armed uprising Call.

Rebellion and leader

The rebellion sometimes argues that the status quo must be corrected and is either active orcharismaA sexual leader may appear and lead the controlled class.Since the leader is a symbol and center of the rebellion, the rebellion may stall and end as soon as the leader collapses.

From the latter half of the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century, as nationalism in the Asian and African regions increased, India's independence movement against the colonial rule by the West was part of the rise of India.Mahatma GandhiThere are few leaders in history such as, but when the rebellion has to win the independence of the nation from the hands of oppressors, "ethnic pride" is more than one leader for the whole masses. Can move strongly.

From the point of view of the ruling party, regardless of the size or the cause, all the actions of those who have been looking down to pull the bow upwards look like a rebellion. ..The British side called the Indian independence movement "Indian Great RebellionThe Indian side called "First Indian Revolutionary WarIs very symbolic.

List of major rebellions

List of wars,List of civil warsandList of wars of independenceSee also

Multi-year rebellions are listed only in the year of the uprising.


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