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🎥 | Boogeyman's mask is finally removed! ?? The final notice of "Halloween KILLS"


The Boogeyman mask is finally peeled off! ?? The final notice of "Halloween KILLS"

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Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards), a child who was still a babysitter in the 1978 Halloween edition, and Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens), the first nurse to be attacked, are also cut out. ..

The horror movie "Ha ...", which will be released in theaters from October 10, was released nationwide in 29 and recorded the number one hit. → Continue reading

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babysitter(English: Babysitter) Means on behalf of the parent乳 幼 児A person who takes care of.


The United Kingdom OfVictorianIn a wealthy family, of infantsParentingThe habit of hiring young women in charge was widespread, and they were called nurses or child nurses (Maids # Types of maids in England (mainly Victorian)reference).The child is attached to distinguish it from the nurse who cares for the sick.It may be used properly as a wet nurse or a dry nurse. "Wet" is a nurse who takes care of infants (because there are many opportunities to touch wet things such as diapers and milk).These English expressions for nurses16st centuryUp toNannyMeansFlorence NightingaleWas used before the establishment of the Nursing School of Modern Nursing,nurseIt is misleading to translate it as it is.The above nurses often lived and worked in upper class homes.

Later,NannyA British babysitter profession called, was established, and a training school was established.nurse,ChildminderIt was around the time when the specialized education of the school started, and the educational curriculum was created while stimulating each other.It's quite different from a girl in the neighborhood coming in at night for a few hours just to earn some pocket money and watching her toddler while her parents are out.

In Japan as well, in recent years, due to the demands of social conditions, companies that develop new services in the form of concurrently serving as special tutors such as music and physical education and conventional babysitters, and transportation services using walking or public transportation There is a diversification of services, such as those who carry out the work together with babysitter work.

About the actual situation and incidents in Japan

Childcare quality issues

However, in Japan, there is no babysitter qualification system at all, and anyone can open a business by registering on the Internet matching site, causing occasional incidents and accidents.[1]..This is because the absolute number of public childcare facilities is insufficient and the rise in income is suppressed against the ever-increasing prices and taxes, so we have to choose to work together to maintain and improve our lives, which is dangerous. There are also circumstances of parents who have to leave their children with their knowledge.[2].

Controversy over sexual harm and measures to prevent sexual damage to children

Babysitters for childrenSex crimeIt is important to eliminate babysitters who target children for sexual exploitation and maintain the quality of childcare in order to prevent childcare and protect children from sexual damage.[3]..However, in Japan, no mechanism or system has been established to prevent sexual crimes against children, and the reality is that babysitters are entrusted with measures to prevent sexual crimes by private companies.[3]..In addition, regarding specific preventive measures, companies that have taken measures to "stop accepting new babysitters only for men"Sex discriminationThere are some that have been criticized from such a viewpoint and have developed into controversy.[3][4].

Babysitter qualification

As of 2020, Japan does not have national qualifications for babysitters, only private qualifications.

Since 2000 (Heisei 12), a public interest incorporated association has been working as a professional in home-based childcare (individual childcare) to enhance the specialty of babysitters.Certified babysitterWe have a qualification system that grants qualifications[5]..There are two ways to get it, one is to take a training session sponsored by the association and take a certification exam.The other is designated by the association as a "certified babysitter qualification designated school"ChildminderIn addition to the designated courses for acquiring childcare worker qualifications, students who take courses related to "home-based childcare" to earn credits and graduate (including prospective graduation) will be granted the "certified babysitter" qualification. ..

Ltd.PoppinsHowever, the Poppins Nanny School (educational babysitter training course), which is being conducted as an in-house business, and its graduates are certified.Poppins Nanny TestThere is[6]..This was known as the Nanny Training School in EnglandNorland CollegeIt is based on the training program of. The name "nanny" is the name of a babysitter who graduated from Norland College.

You can be certified by attending school / correspondence courses such as "Babysitter Skill Certification" and (ACE) certification "Babysitter" conducted by a general incorporated foundation.

NPO corporationIs training child-rearing supporters.


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