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🎥 | Netflix new title summary in October 2021!Academy Award-winning work, "Army of the ...

Photo "THE GUILTY" will be exclusively distributed on Netflix from October 2021, 10 (Friday) / "Army of Thieves" will be distributed worldwide on Netflix on October 1, 2021 (Friday) / "Night Teeth" will be exclusively distributed on Netflix from October 10, 29 (Wednesday)

Summary of new Netflix titles in October 2021!Academy Award-winning work, "Army of the ...

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Yuki Nomura, MIYAVI, Daisuke Hirakawa, and Shion Wakayama will be the voice actors for the Japanese version.

Netflix announced the latest content in October 2021.Netflix starring Jake Gyllenhaal ... → Continue reading


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Shion Wakayama

Shion Wakayama(Wakayama Shion,1998 May 2 -) isJapanWomanVoice actor, OriginalA child.ChibaBackground[1].Troupe sunflowerBelongs.


Joined the theater company Himawari at the age of 3[2]..It is said that he was scouted when he went to accompany his sister who was already a child actor[2]..In junior high school, I had a longing for a voice actor from my experience playing video games.[2].

Belonging to the art club in high school[2]..I also attended an art prep school to take the entrance exam for the Faculty of Education[2].

When I was in college, I belonged to a light music circleベ ーIn charge of[2].. 『You know the blueness of the skyAoi Aio, the character who played in 』, was set to play the bass, but Wakayama did not talk about himself playing the bass at the time of the audition, but told the staff after recording.[2].


Practical English Proficiency TestHave a second grade[1].

He says he is not good at high places[2].

2019 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,MetLife DomeHeld atSaitama Seibu LionsversusFukuoka Softbank HawksBefore the matchOpening ceremonyServe and be one-boundcatcher OfMori TomoyaWas caught by[3].


TV drama

Television Animation


Theater animation


Web anime


  • World Flipper (2021, Sariha[13]



  • Take Flight (2007)-Amelia Earhart (Childhood)

Web radio


Other contents


Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
October 2019th, 10Those who know the blue sky Original soundtrackAoi Aio (Shion Wakayama"Aoi Singing Narrative"
"Gandhara --Aoi'
Theater animation "You know the blueness of the sky] Song in the play
October 2021th, 7SSSS.DYNAZENON CHARACTER SONG.1Minami Yumebu (Shion Wakayama"Yumegen. GREEN DAYS"Television Animation"SSSS.DYNAZENON] Related songs


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外部 リンク

Hirakawa Daisuke

Daisuke Hirakawa(Hirakawa Daisuke,1973 May 6[4][7] -) isJapan OfMaleVoice actor,singer.NiigataNiigataBackground[3].free[6].


Katsuta Voice Actor Academy11th graduate.To synchronizeHideki Ogiwara,Katsuyuki Konishi,Emiko HagiwaraThere is.Long time agoDojinsha Production[1],Media force[5]Belonged to.

debutThe work is "Seven Years in Tibet』Man A andTibetBit parts such as monks.at firstdubbingWas mainly active, but in 2004, "Gan Cave KingAfter playing Franz Depine, one of the main characters inAnimeSince then, he has been widely active in dubbing and anime.

The roles played are mainly for adult male roles, from boys to adolescents.悪 役Various.

In dubbing,Orlando BloomToLord of the RingSince then, I have been in charge almost exclusively.Other than thatト ム · ​​ヒ ド ル ス ト ン,Jang Keun SukI am also in charge of many dubbing.


I like playing with my relatives and friends' kids, and in the old daysChildminderHe said he wanted to be.However, one day I suddenly thought, "I will be a voice actor."The reason is, "If you can appear in a children's program like anime, you can entertain a lot of children. So, even with the same job of" acting "Drama,stageLike appearing inAn actorI didn't think I would become a voice actor, "he said." Thinking now, "he said, motivating him to become a voice actor.[8].

Tomoyuki MorikawaWas on the stage several times in the theater unit that was chaired by.In addition, I used to participate as a staff member in the event "For you" held by Morikawa.

Even once until October 2008airplaneAlthough I had never been on a plane, I appeared at an event held in South Korea in November 2008 and realized my first airplane and my first overseas dream (at the end of 11). South KoreaI tried to go to, but gave up because of work).

"Neo Angelique Abyss ~ Welcome to Hidamari House ~』Will decide the nickname, also personalityOno DaisukeIt became established when he was called "Onii-chan".

It is also known that the original thing is the type that goes to the actual production after reading the original. Broadcasted from April 2014, "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders] InNoriaki KakyoinHe plays the role, but Hirakawa says "Until the appearance is decided.JojoA set of paperback books presented as a "birthday gift" by Daisuke Ono, who has never read "Jojo" and professes to be a "JoJo" fan (actually, several months after Hirakawa's birthday). I was supposed to read the gift that was given late)[9].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation

2000 era
2010 era


  • On the Way to a Smile EPISODE DENZEL FINAL FANTASY VII (Arkham) * "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete" bonus original animation
  • Saint Seiya THE LOST CANVAS Hades Myth(Aquarius Degel
  • (White
  • Nozoki Ana(Tatsuhiko Kido) * Original book bonus DVD
  • Nozoki Ana Sexy Increased Edition (Tatsuhiko Kido
  • Alien(Koji Tanaka[108]) * Comics Volume 9 Limited Edition with OAD
  • OVAStar-MuVolume 1 and Volume 2 (Hiiragi Tsubasa[109]

Web anime

2010 era
2020 era


Unknown time
  • FEVER7 SANKYO Official Pachinko Simulation (Gauge Wax)
  • FEVER8 SANKYO Official Pachinko Simulation (Gauge Wax)
  • Lord of the Ring series(Legolas
  • Baldr Force Exe(Yosuke Kashiwagi)
  • Bistro/Cupitto 2 Special Edition (Dill Bergamot) * Appeared on the special edition enclosed special CD "Celery" (PS2 version) and "Nemesia" (Xbox version)
  • Alice in the Country of Toy Boxes ~ Wonderful Wonder World ~ (Ace
  • GARNET CRADLE Portable-Princess Key Princess Miko (Teruichiro Sakurazawa
  • Garuzu ★ Paradise ~ Reverse Harlem Editorial Department ~ (Tomoya Tsubaki[121]
  • Kuon no Kizuna Re-appearance Full Voice Version(Mikihisa Ashiya,Fujiwara no Michitsuna[122]
  • Starry ☆ Sky ~ in Winter ~ Portable (Aozora Soto
  • Zettai Labyrinth Grimm Director's Cut Edition -The Seven Keys and the Maiden of Paradise- (Wilhelm Grimm
  • Tsukurimono(Yoshito Okuhara)
  • Scarlet Fragment Favorite Edition ~ Recollection of Akaneiro ~ (Large snake table
  • Hiiro no Kakera New Tamayorihime Tradition-Piece of Future- (Ryo Oja
  • Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom(Bamapana)
  • Alice in Spade Country ~ Wonderful Black World ~ (Ace[242]


  • Co-sleeping boyfriend ~ Weekly co-sleeping CD ver. ~ (Sho[243]
  • The app "Misasa" that you can use on your smartphoneMisasa[244]
  • Co-sleeping boyfriend Weekly co-sleeping CD "Sho" ver. (Sho
  • Nego Men's Live Wallpaper Daisuke Hirakawa
  • Novel app "RENT HEAD" (Yoshi Toya[245]
  • Scarlet Fragment iOS / Android (Large snake table[246]
  • Voice app healing stone (Cao[247]
    • ~ For you who are not good at morning ~
    • ~ For you who want to have a good dream ~
    • ~ To you who worked hard today ~
    • ~ To you who want to be kindly cared for ~
    • ~ To you who want encouragement ~
  • Healed by the heavenly people Voice (Aizen Meio[248]
    • 8 Aizen Meio (CV: Daisuke Hirakawa)
    • XNUMX ~ Myo
  • Electronic manga Rain cocoa(Koga Zion[249]
  • [Free voice app] Taisho blood-sucking strange story (Aran Syuri[250]
  • Picture book studio[251]
    • The Wolf and the Seven Young Snow Goats
    • Jack and blister vine
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Shirayukihime


Responsible actor

Orlando Bloom
James McAvoy
Yoo Seung Ho
  • (Yeo Un)
Jang Keun Suk
ト ム · ​​ヒ ド ル ス ト ン
Paul Dano




Special effects

puppet show

Live action

TV program

* IsInternet distribution.

Video products

  • SSDS
    • SSDS 2011 Autumn Plenty of Medical Examinations
    • SSDS 2012 Thorough Examination Meeting 4
    • 17th Medical Examination Meeting SSDS Kayo Festival
  • Original Entertainment Paradise
    • Original Entertainment Paradise “Orepara” 2009 LIVE DVD
    • Original Entertainment Paradise 2011 ~ Tsune, Teru, Tsugu, Hikari ~ LIVE DVD
    • Original Entertainment Paradise 2012 PARADISE @ GoGo !! Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan
  • Otomate
    • Otomate party ♪ in Mielparque Hall Live DVD
    • Otomate Party ♪ 2009 --2013, 2015 --2017
  • QuinRose
    • QuinRose MIX. ~ 2008.May ~ Event DVD
    • QuinRose MIX. ~2009.February~ Event DVD
  • Theatrical company K-Show 8th.PRODUCE Theatrical DVD When the sword Ranma is cut off
  • Theatrical company Kuroji 12th performance "Hiruko" DVD
  • JAPAN Maiden ♥ Festival
  • JAPAN Maiden ♥ Festival 2
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Event DVD
  • Saint Beast XNUMXth Anniversary Thanksgiving Video Letter
  • Hiro Shimono's hospitality SEAMO!
  • Hiro Shimono's Awakening Vol.2
  • Human Wolf Battle ~ Human Wolf VS Hero ~
  • Dance with Devils Special Concert Curtain Call
  • Koku no Otokogumi TARO FESTIVAL 2011
  • Daisuke Namikawa is crazy! It's getting fun! Vol.2
  • Neo romance series
    • Neo Romance ♥ Festa 9-11
    • Neo Romance ♥ Ala Mode 2 -4
    • Neo Romance ♥ Live 2006 Autumn
    • Neo Romance ♥ Live 2008 Summer
    • Neo Romance ♥ Live 2009 Summer
    • Neo Romance ♥ Live 2011 Autumn
    • Neo Romance ♥ Live ROCKET ★ PUNCH! 4
    • Neo Romance ♥ Festa Angers Ball
    • Neo Romance ♥ Festa Neo Angelique Continental Festival (Arcadia Carnival)
    • Neo Romance ♥ 15th Anniversary
    • Neo Romance ♥ 20th Anniversary
    • Neo Romance Starlight ♥ Christmas
    • Neo Romance Starlight ♥ Christmas 2010/2012
    • Neo Romance ♥ Event 10 YEARS LOVE
    • Neo Angelique Special Continental Holiday (Arcadia Holiday)
  • Hana-HANA- LIVE DVD Digest Version
  • Spring sky, breeze, Otomeiro DC Girl's Symphony Pocket Holidays with you
  • Beads Log TV Love Bancho, Third Semester After School (Older Brother Bancho)
  • Daisuke Hirakawa Thank you very much for your continued support.
  • Free! -Eternal Summer- Iwatobi / Shark Pattern Joint Cultural Festival
  • Hotaena !! ~ Who Killed Ryoma? ~
  • Recitation drama style -KAZE- LIVE DVD digest version
  • Recitation drama Maoyu Maoyu Hero Human Declaration ~ An unnamed girl shouts for the liberation of the soul ~
  • Koji Yusa's Bright Family Plan Vol.2
  • Evening night Morinohime Machiyotsuki no Enbukyoku
  • Code: Realize Fantastic Party!

Benefits / Appendix DVD

  • Kamisama Kiss ◎ Special Event Mikage Company Annual Festival Best Selection Video DVD
  • Gan Cave King Volumes 1, 5, 7, and 9 DVD video benefits
  • Kimista-Kimi to Study-Official Visual Fan Book Appendix DVD
  • QuinRose MIX. ~ 2008.May ~
    • Event Pamphlet Talk DVD
    • Event DVD Maker Mail Order Bonus Talk & Drama DVD
  • B's-LOG May 2006 issue Appendix DVD "VOICE OF PRINCE" corner
  • Hiiro no Kakera tradition of Tamayorihime Limited Edition Cast Roundtable DVD
  • Scarlet Fragment DS Limited Edition Bonus Digital Data DVD
  • Neo Angelique -Second Age- 1 Limited Edition Bonus DVD 
  • Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age- 3 Limited Edition Bonus DVD


  • TroupeKuroji12th performance "Hiruko" (October 2013-10, 2) W cast
  • TroupeKurojiThe 15th performance "Kinto" (August 2016-8, 24)
  • Theater company K-Show 12th PRODUCE "When you cut off the swords" Guest performance (January 2011, 1-February 26)
  • Theater company Hero Hero Q Kampanie The 26th performance "Hotaena !! ~ Who Killed Ryoma? ~" (December 2011-12, 14) W cast


* IsInternet distribution.

Radio Drama


Drama CD

  • Beast of love, devour the forbidden fruit against the commandments of God ~ Whisper of lust to invite you ~ (Haruki God Kujo
  • Redhead anne(Narration)
  • CD that you can enjoy in the bath ~ Anthropomorphic hot spring collection full drama ~ DOKI ☆ DOKI hot spring tour Part XNUMX / Part XNUMX (Misasa
  • Animate Concierge series(Mio Ren
    • Animate Concierge Voice Section I (Animate Card Point Exchange Freebie)
    • Animate Concierge MINI Voice Section I Special Training (Summer 2009 AV Festival Freebie)
    • Animate Concierge MINI Voice Section II Rest Edition (Point exchange prize)
    • Animate Concierge MINI Voice Section III Test Edition (Winter 2009 AV Festival Freebie)
    • Animate Concierge MINI Voice Section IV Replacement Edition (Point Exchange Freebie)
  • Sweet flower kin ~ light blue bouquet (Chihaya Takatsuka
  • Rainy Cocoa -Rainy Memories- (Koga Zion
  • Ceres, Celestial Drama CD The Heavenly Voice(Subordinate)
  • Alabana Pirates The dawn begins with a storm (Sharma
  • Ultima Blood Half-serving with just a sweet bite-The established vampire volunteers for a warrior- (Yuri Adamov)[285]
  • Under the Moon Drama CD "Love Letters" (merchant)
  • Cheating Expo 1-3 (Moth
  • Suddenly cohabitation series Healing fairy Serapia Vol.3 (Smartphone
  • Handsome ☆ Album Club AIR GRACE Edition (Noble
  • Play with My Master Drama CD "To meet someday" (Kinosaki flame / フ ラ ン ツ
    • Tweaking My Master Franz Character Song & Mini Drama (Kinosaki flame / フ ラ ン ツ
  • Mischievous Kiss series(Naoki Irie
    • Mischievous Kiss Chapter 1 -Graduation-[286]
    • Mischievous Kiss Chapter 2-Proposal-[286]
  • Yin-Yang Training Kitan Series Yin-Yang Shobu Shrine Omikuji CD Volume XNUMX ~ A story about Yuya Enami's fear ~ (Munekatsu Tsuchimikado
  • Vie Durant series (弑)
    • Vie Durant 4 Prince Noir -avant-
    • Vie Durant 5 Prince Noir -apres-
  • Sing! Heiankyo (Ono Komachi)
  • Song drama Why did you like you? (Yuya Kamizuki
  • Rumored Midori!! Revenge of the two princes and Princess Hadaka !! (Kaoru Sugamo
  • Eternal Field Volume XNUMX Hitomi Nozawa Story (Clerk / Man from the next eaves)
    • Eternal Field Volume XNUMX Mariko Tanaka Story (Manager)
  • The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Chapter 4-Creeping Wisdom- (Tsao)
  • I want to be a hero! (Nephilim)
  • SSDS Love Live Drama Hour THE ☆ LIVE (Mitsutaka Sanjo
  • SSG ~ Prestigious Boys' School Blood Wind Record ~ ​​(Ryunosuke Kasuga[287]) *Comic Volume 1 Special Edition with Drama CD
  • Eternal Legend ~ Genealogy of Inheritance ~ Volume XNUMX / Volume XNUMX (Griffith)
  • The prince is currently migrating ~ Battle royale without luck at the time of intelligence and physical strength ~ (Giscard)
  • Prince's proposal (Butler Zen)
  • The wolf (Okami Ashmori[288]
  • Oz and secret love (Hult[289]
  • Ojisama Senka Vol.15 I love Hospital ~ Koi no Nooruk Pass ~ ~ (Yoshinori Urawa)
  • Oz and the secret loveHult
  • Weather Squadron Howweather Series (Snow
    • Weather Sentai Howweather
    • Weather Sentai Howweather 2
    • Weather Squadron Howweather-Sunny, Rain, Cloudy, Snow, Thunder-
    • Weather Squadron Howweather ~ Summer vacation! Everyone gathers! ~
    • Weather Sentai How Weather ~ New Year! Program Reorganization orz ~
    • Weather Squadron Howweather (Explosion)
    • Weather Squadron Howweather ~ Smoke Smoke Great Operation! ~
    • Weather Squadron How Weather ~ Weather Chu Announcement Chu !! ~
    • Weather Squadron Howweather ~ New Year! KT-2 Daisakusen! ~
    • Weather Squadron Howweather-Hero running through time-
  • Fairy Musketeer Little Red Riding Hood Drama & Soundtrack Chapter 1-3 (Hansel)
  • Maiden love revolution ★ Love Revo!! series(brotherHawk〉)
    • Girly love revolution ★ Love Revo !! ~ Second Stage ~
    • Maiden-like love revolution ★ Love Revo !! GO! GO!
  • Our Steps STEP-2 ~ We'll have no choice but to laugh! ~ (Mario Bellrich)
  • The Ending Chronicle Drama CD (Sayama ・ word
  • Cocktail Stories-On a sleepless night-
  • Carnival Series (candle)
    • Carnival Reno
    • Carnival wind
    • Carnival Smoke House
    • Carnival Chronomey
    • Carnival each time
    • Carnival Two people's ritual
  • Kaleido Eve Wedding CD Vol.3 (Koichiro Tsukishima
  • GANRNET CRADLE Drama CD "Precious Holidays!!" (Teruichiro Sakurazawa
  • Garuzu ★ Paradise / Reverse Harlem Party 2 (Tomoya Tsubaki
  • Karin(Shigeru Yoshimura)
  • Gan Cave King audio drama A variant nobleman (Franz Depine
  • KI-FOMM Volume 1 (Kanji Chikuni
  • You and me. Akira and Ko-chan Edition & Hidamari Kindergarten Edition (Chairman)
  • Kimi to Wonder ★ Kiss! Drama CD ~ Welcome! To the Wonderland of Love and Fantasy! ~ (YumaYuma Kurashiki〉)
  • You are my captive(Yoshitsune Kuchina
  • Candy pop nightmare(Ren Uehara[290]
  • Cucumber x sandwich (Akira Mikado
  • Kyoka Ayakashi SecretSeries (Kyoka Izumi)
    • Mermaid pearl
    • House of ghosts
    • Eternal sake
  • Horizon on the border Drama CD Horizon HR on the Borderline (Noriki, Nenji)
  • Forbidden ☆ After-school lover 2 ~ Two lessons ~ (Hibiki Touma
  • Clanoa series(Chihiro Sawaki
    • Kuranoa Hello Again
    • Kuranoa yesterday once more
    • Kuranoa another girl
    • Kuranoa Less than Awakening the second volume It's our catharsis
    • Clanoa Blow up
    • Clanoa close to you
    • Kuranoa ~ cry no more, smile for me
  • Christian Dream Story-To the Sleeping King of El Deo- (Prince of El Deo)
  • QuinRoseMIX. ~ 2008.May ~ (Ace
    • Daytime Version
    • Night Version
  • Alice in Clover's Country(Ace
    • Drama CD Volume 2 Alice in the Forest of Oblivion
    • Drama CD Volume 3 Alice in the Magic Forest
  • Kengan Ashura(Kaolan Kaovichi) * Volume 0 Special Edition with Drama CD
  • Phantom Beast Advent (Shenan)
  • From 5 to 9 o'clock Volume 11 Melting Climax VOICE ♥ Limited Edition with Drama CD (Takamine Hoshikawa
  • Code: Realize ~ Sousei no Utahime ~ Drama CD London LOVE Story ~ Don't call me your father-in-law ~ (Saint-Germain
  • Lesson series in love (Fumiya Nashimoto
    • Fumiya Nashimoto's Platinum Lesson
    • Glitter lesson by Mitsuyo Sakurazawa
  • The feeling of love is a reverse harem-a day at the Taga detective agency. ~ (Takashi Seo
  • Steel shell regios(Karian Loss)
  • Ice demon story(Cain)
  • From 5 to 9(Takamine Hoshikawa[291]) * Drama CD with limited edition of Volumes 11 and 12
  • Mr. Ninomiya-kun(Mikihiko Tsukimura)
  • Shotgun from Kobato Town Volumes 1 and 2 (Ester Xerez von Craiad)
  • When in trouble, ask the stars!(Natsuki Aso)
    • Ask the stars when you are in trouble! -How many real friends do you have?-(Natsuki Aso)
  • Sound Story Grandique Complete Edition(Gate soldier)
  • Kill him-Satsukare-(Kotaro Mochizuki
  • Sangokushi LOVERS Drama CD 1 Shuu (Ryu-bi
  • Butler's favorite 1-4 (Seiki Sendou)
    • Butler's Favorite Volume 21 First Limited Edition with Drama CD
  • Butlers' love affairs ~ A special luxury vacation ~ (Yuto Kashihara
  • Boy Princess Volumes 1 and 2 (Olivier
  • Shirokuma Cafe Animate Limited Edition cafe.12 Original Drama CD Penguins Cafe (Gentoo Penguin)
  • Jizo Engi 〜Birth of the Three Kingdoms〜 Drama CD The Sweetheart of Three Kingdom ~ Midnight Castle Feast ~ (Yuan Shao)
  • Beast God Fantasy Otogi Zoshi Volume XNUMX (cat
  • Summoner Maria (narration)
  • JINKI: EXTEND Drama CD Vol.1 ・ 2 (Hiroshi Kawamoto)
  • New theoryHeart((I.e.
  • Father and the Devil Series (Ophiel
    • Father and the Devil Carpt Regis Vampire
    • Father and Devil Silver Forest Werewolf
    • Father and the Devil The Incubus of the Glass Labyrinth
    • Father and the Devil The Great Devil of Purgatory
  • New Kyoka Ayakashi Secret series(Izumi Kyoka
    • Shinshaku Kyoka Ayakashi Secretary Mermaid Pearl
    • Shinshaku Kyoka Ayakashi Secret Secret House of the Shadows
  • School Days Original drama CD Vol.1 ・ 2 (Makoto Ito
  • Starry ☆ Sky series(Aozora Soto
    • Constellation Boyfriend Series Starry Sky ~ Virgo ~ (Virgo)
    • Constellation Husband Series Starry ☆ Sky ~ Virgo & Libra ~
    • Starry ☆ Sky ~ in Winter ~
    • Starry☆Sky ~After Winter~
    • Starry ☆ Sky ~ in Winter ~ Starry Sky-in Winter
    • Starry ☆ Sky ~ in sweet season ~
    • Starry ☆ Sky ~ 13constellation ~
    • Starry ☆ Sky ~ sweet graduation ~
  • Starry Sky ~ Zodiacsing ~ Series
    • Tears of the Polestar
    • The presence of fellow
    • Zodiac sign
  • Star-Mu First Drama CD ☆☆ Eternal ★ STAGE ☆☆ (Hiiragi Tsubasa
    • Star-Mu Second Drama CD
    • Star-Mu Melancholia BOX
  • Snow Dance ☆ Chopin (Claret Wordsworth)
  • Saint Beast Series (Gabriel)
    • Saint Beast Chapter of Enlightenment-Seal Beast Seal-Volume 3
    • Saint Beast Angel Chronicles 1 Awakening ~Awakening~
    • Saint Beast Angel Chronicles 2 Wandering ~Wandering~
  • SOUND DRAMA Absolute Tuninger NoAH XNUMXst movement, XNUMXnd movement (Toya Naono
  • Funeral shop riddle(Anthem
  • DAISUKE! series(Kurokawa Daisuke
    • DAISUKE! ~ To you I met in Ariake in winter ~
    • DAISUKE! ~ Sacred Valentine and us only for you ~
    • DAISUKE! ~ Dreadful Birthday! The guy who came to Revenge ~
    • DAISUKE! ~ Ariake souvenirs and a little strange us ~
    • DAISUKE! Winter Lover ~ To the unforgettable you and beyond the snow ~
  • Checkmate(White warrior)
  • Super slippery god transizer(Coral
  • Little Sister series(Haruma Kawagoe
    • Anchoco 1st book (Under Chocottosister File.ONE)
    • Anchoco 2nd book (Under Chocottosister File.TWO)
    • Anchoco 3rd book (Under Chocottosister File.THREE)
    • Anchoco 4th book (Under Chocottosister File.FOUR)
  • Tsukurimono Drama CD bastard story (Yoshito Okuhara)
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS series(Sakamaki light) (The completely new series "DAYLIGHT" will be released for 2021 consecutive months from March 3 <Light edition will be released on August 13, 2021>)
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS de S Blood Sucking CD Vol.4 Light Edition
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS Blood & Love Sweet
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS de S blood-sucking CD VERSUS2 light VS Subaru
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS Do S Blood Sucking CD MORE, BLOOD Vol.7 Light Edition[292]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS Do S Blood Sucking CD VERSUSⅡ Vol.1 Ayato VS Light[293]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE Vol.2 First quarter chapter[294]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS Do S Blood Sucking CD BLOODY BOUQUET Vol.10 Light Edition[295]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS de S blood-sucking CD VERSUSⅢ Vol.2 Light VS Shin[296]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS LOST EDEN Vol.1 Sakamaki[297]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS Para-Selene Vol.5 Laito Sakamaki[299]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS de S blood-sucking CD VERSUS IV Vol.6 Light VS Yuma[300]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Floor.11 Laito Sakamaki CV. Daisuke Hirakawa[301]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS MORE, MORE BLOOD Vol.11 Laito Sakamaki CV. Daisuke Hirakawa[302]
  • Genius Family Company 1 and 2 (Katsuyuki Natsuki
  • Angel x Devil 2nd Season Drama CD 2 (ラ フ ァ エ ル
  • train man Vol.1 (train man
  • Legend of the Legendary Hero(Sion Astal)
  • Heaven is on the banks of the red river Sound Theater 8 (Captain Schbas Archer)
  • Tokyo Knight Kingdom Series (Professor Fam Fau / Leonid)
    • Tokyo Knight Kingdom
    • Tokyo Knight Kingdom 2 ~ Holy Ballad ~
    • Tokyo Knight Kingdom 3 ~ Sweet Garden ~
  • The second "Koku no Otokogumi (Toki no Superhero)" "Hetareme ☆ Urashima Taro" (Urashima Taro
  • Dot Kaleshi -We're 8bit Lovers!-II ~ Tenku no Kiss ~ (ナ イ ト
  • With my lord 1 and 2 (Akechi Mitsuhide, Kanichi Yamamoto)
  • Nakayoshi Park 1 and 2 (Toru Torii)
  • Nanairo DREAMS Nijiirocho Miracle Drama Album(Friend <man>, station announcement, announcer, clerk)
  • Neo Angelique series(Bernard
    • Neo Angelique ~ Silent Doll ~
    • Neo Angelique ~ Sunshine Melody ~
    • Neo Angelique ~ Romantic Gift ~
    • Neo Angelique ~ Knight of Twilight ~
    • Neo Angelique ~ Angel of Akatsuki ~
    • Neo Angelique Abyss Variety CD vol.1 Arcadia Paradise
    • Neo Angelique Abyss Variety CD Vol.2 Arcadia Paradise 2
    • Neo Angelique Special ~ silver tone ~
    • Neo Romance ♥ Trillion Aromatic Autumn
    • Neo Romance ♥ Trillion Wonder Winter
  • Nekokissa(Brave, old man)
  • NOBU series
    • NOBU (wise
    • HIDE (Mitsuhide
    • YASU (??
    • NOBU Gakuen (Mitsuhide
    • NOBU Gakuen ~ Second period ~ (Mitsuhide
  • Hakuoki series (Shintaro Nakaoka
    • Hakuouki-Akatsuki no Kenkyu-Tachimachitsuki Uproar
    • Hakuouki Shinkai Drama CD ~ Rare Guest Staying ~
  • Alice in the Country of Hearts(Ace
    • Radio excerpt & drama CD vol.1-4
  • Crawling! Nyaruko(Nyaru and his brother)
  • Count and Doctor's Blood Group Fatalism -New Edition- (DoctorVictor〉)
  • First Koshien(Principal)
  • Happy ☆ Magic! ~ Hapi ☆ Seriously! ~ (Hyuga Navy
    • Happy ☆ Magic! Love x 2 Date CD Hinata Navy
  • Stormy weather Drama CD Volume 1 Scarlet Flower of Condemnation Bloom (Illron Seichen, Ortin Nathan)
  • CD vol.3 produced by Sei Hayami "Shuffle High School Student Time Travel -Shinsengumi-" (Okita Soji
  • Paniponi Drama CD Vol.3 ~ School trip close contact 24 o'clock! ~ Edition (announcement)
    • Pani Poni Drama CD Second Season Vol.3 ~ Love and Youth Theater Festival! ~ Hen (Kazuya Takase)
  • Papampa (gladiolus)
  • Handsome Rakugo ~ Chinese talk ~ (Wolf
  • PAPUWA Welcome to Papwa Island! (Miyagi)
  • Scarlet Fragment series(Large snake table
    • Dramatic CD Collection Scarlet Fragment Ichi / II
    • Scarlet Fragment Drama CD ~ Sakurabana no Kakera ~
    • Scarlet Fragment Drama CD "Notes Dedicated to the Wizard"
    • Otomate CD BOOK Blue Black Wedge Scarlet Fragment 3 Gaiden
    • Dramatic CD Collection Blue Black Wedge Scarlet Fragment 3
    • Scarlet Fragment XNUMXth Anniversary Drama CD ~ Forgotten Things in the Medicine Dormitory ~
  • Hiiro no Kakera New Tamayorihime Traditional Drama CD [Suwa Produce / Guardian Development Plan] (Ryo Oja
  • Beans Kingdom Drama CD Secret Royal Prince (Luther)
  • Kuro carrying a coffin. ~ Pocket trip story ~ Drama CD (Gustav)
  • Hinata's Wolf ~ Shinsengumi Kidan ~ 1 (Toshizo Hijikata
  • Scarlet Dress (Ginji) *Comics Volume 10 Limited Edition[303]
  • humANdroid ~ Mica Nosengen! ~ Vol.2 TypeM (Makabe Osamu
  • Daisuke Hirakawa 20th Anniversary Drama CD "20DH"
  • Phantasm (Kazuma Kurodo (Director))
  • Prince of Stride Audio Drama Series Be My Steady (Shizuma Mayuzumi
  • Devil Nueko Dori Naruita 5 CD attached to the library (Shiro Takemi
  • BROTHERS CONFLICT series(Asahina Ukyo
    • BROTHERS CONFLICT Character CD (6) with Hikari & Ukyo
    • BROTHERS CONFLICT Drama CD Brothers (I) Everyday
    • BROTHERS CONFLICT Character CD 2nd Series 6 with Ukyo & Kaname
  • Free! Drama CD Iwatobi High School Swimming Club Activity Diary 1 and 2(Ryugasaki Rei[304]
  • Free! Drama CD Iwatobi / Shark Pattern Swimming Club Joint Activity Diary 1 and 2 (Ryugasaki Rei
  • FULL SCORE series (Tsutomu Hyodo
    • FULL SCORE 02 -side Classic-
    • FULL SCORE 04 -Mixture-
    • FULL SCORE the 2nd season 01 --03
  • Boyfriend (provisional) character CD series vol.3 Manabu Ichinose & Kyoichiro Mayama & Ikuto Wakasakura (Manabu Ichinose
  • After school colorful * step ~ Track club ~ (Ikkiichi[305]
  • Dialect Love Volume 3 (Keigo Oshimi
  • Dialect Boys ★ Dormitory life is a gourmet party! (Echigo
  • Bogle (Kiyoshi Tokunaga)
  • Poe clan Edgar and Alan (Machias[306]
  • I'm an otaku man. (Moriyama-kun)
  • Our miracle(Eugene) * Comics 7/8/9/11/13/15 Limited Edition CD
  • Our Miracle Drama CD Book with Our Previous Life (Eugene)
  • Star-colored gift series (Muneya Narutaki
    • Star-colored gift character song & drama CD ~ Seigo Narutaki ~
    • Star-colored gift character song & drama CD ~ Shin Akito ~
    • Star-colored gift character song & drama CD ~ Muneya Narutaki ~
    • Star-colored gift character song & drama CD ~ Takashi Inafune ~
  • Poisson Davril -magie-
  • Marvelous Twins(Small fish child
  • Mao Yu Maou Brave(Winter Prince)
  • Drama CD Mafia ★ Darling (Taichi Morishima
  • MANSHIN-so secret service series (Kataya
    • MANSHIN-so secret service Karte.1
    • MANSHIN Zhuang Secret Service Anthology
    • MANSHIN Zhuang Secret Service Karte.2 Fear! Rush into an abandoned hospital!
    • MANSHIN Zhuang Secret Service Karte.3 School x Scramble! Infiltrate Hoshinomori Gakuen!
  • Lawless Zone-Free-range Zoo- (Tsumaya, Prairie Dog)
  • Masterpiece literature (laughs) VS series Rabbit VS Turtles(カ メ
  • Young Gun Carnaval VOL.2 ~ Blood Diamond Princess ~ (Yukiya Ise)
  • How to kill a gentle dragon(mercenary)
  • Yandere Heaven ~ Shinsei Gakuen Hospital Edition ~ (Takaaki
  • Rakugo CD drama Noriyuki HamanoKinbei, Shinkichi, Matsugoro, Wakasaya Jinbei
  • LOVE★DON!!★QUIXOTE Vol.6 (Roy senior[307]
  • LOVE STAGE !! Drama CD "SUMMER STAGE !!" (Rei Sagara
  • Love presenter (Hiratsuka Kyosuke
  • Love Recipe ~ Weird Essence ~ (Ayato Mido
  • Landreaallseries(Gentiana scabra
    • Landreaall
    • Landreaall 2 Academy Seven Mysteries
    • Landreaall 3 Academy Arts Festival
    • Landreaall -Welcome to Museum Bar-
    • Landreaall Book with Drama CD Goddess Cookie Quest
    • Landreaall * Comics Volume 27 Special Edition with Drama CD & Booklet
  • Ranran Comic Drama CD (one〉)
  • LIP ON MY PRINCE VOL.5 Norio ~ Kiss of the mellow darkness ~ (Norio Ban[308]
    • MOTTO ♥ LIP ON MY PRINCE VOL.4 Norio ~ Shining Darkness KISS ~ (Norio Ban[309]
  • RE:BORN-Masked Man and Ribbon Knight-(Nylon[310]) *Comics Volume 1 Drama CD included version
  • Flowers flow in the wind of lapis lazuli Series (King Akane)
    • Flowers flow in the wind of lapis lazuli Volume 1 Black Crown Prince
    • Flowers flow in the wind of lapis lazuli Volume 2 Nobleman of Purple City
  • Naraku Castle, Kazu Ichiyanagi, Second Passion Drama CD Kazu Ichiyanagi, Introduction to Confusion (Arnold von Leroy)

Reading/Situation CD

  • I LOVE PET !! Vol.7 Shepherd (Sosuke)
  • Aino Kotoba Part 5 [Daisuke Hirakawa]
  • Word Attack with Love Poem CD Vol.3 Aristocratic Detective's Oshioki Casebook
  • CD that you can put up in the bath ~ Anthropomorphic hot spring collection ~ 3rd "Misasa" (Misasa)
  • CD that you can enjoy in the bath ~ Anthropomorphic hot spring collection ~ Mixed bathing ~ 3rd "Misasa & Yuhara" (Misasa)
  • Interrogating You in a Closed Room 3rd CD ~ Forensics Division Akihisa Nagimoto ~ (Akihisa Nagimoto)
  • Abuna-e, aburi voice ~ tribute ~
  • Aroma Boyfriend vol.4 Tea Tree (Masachika Yanagi)
  • Escort Voice CD Yoyogi Manabu (Yoyogi Manabu)
  • Beginner boyfriend straight office worker ~ Kazuki edition ~ (Kazuki Igarashi)
  • SM Town 2nd ~ White Coat Teacher Takahiko Senoo & Morimura Michi Hen ~ (Takahiko Seno / Morimura Michi)
  • Uncle Factory Vol.1 ~ 3 Arabesque ~ (Senior <Soji Shiraishi>)
  • Do it for me? Do it for me? ~ The ultimate choice during good night !? ~ (Kiyoto)
  • Yin-Yang Training Kitan Series Yin-Yang Shobu Shrine Omikuji CD (Munekatsu Tsuchimikado)
  • Conflict CD ~ Angel and Devil Whisper Battle ~ Volume XNUMX Rainy Day (Angel & Devil etc.)
  • Cafe Cuyère Premier souvenirs III ~ Ki & Kyohei ~ (Sakikuma Ki)
  • Kabedon! SONG ♪ Series 3rd That boyfriend, Aohide Inami (Aohide Inami)
  • CD ~ Evening ~ (Kosei) that flirts with a boyfriend
  • Karepetto Character CD "Devil / Herbivore / Older"
  • Sensitive time 7 ~ Spring hymn and spirited away Iwaya ~
  • Sensual Old Story 6 ~ Sengoku Koi Emaki ~ (Tadaoki Hosokawa)
  • KISS x KISS collections Vol.19 "Oni-chan Kiss" (Yuki Ishikawa)
  • Taisho Black Kazoku Chapter XNUMX Allen (Allen Mishima)
  • Criminale!Series (Nero[311]) (The first work is being released on the official YouTube channel "Rejet Archive")
    • CD "Criminale!" Vol.48 Nero CV. Daisuke Hirakawa who escapes for 5 hours with boyfriend[312]
    • CD "Criminale! F" that hides for 48 hours with boyfriend Vol.5 Nero CV. Daisuke Hirakawa
    • CD "Criminale! X" that escapes with boyfriend in 48 hours Vol.8 Nero CV. Daisuke Hirakawa
    • CD "Criminale! DUELLO" that survives 24 hours with boyfriends Vol.4 Nero & Kara CV. Daisuke Hirakawa & CV. Hiro Shimono
    • CD "Criminale! R" that reveals the truth with boyfriends in 24 hours Vol.3 Tempesta & Nero CV. Toshiyuki Morikawa & CV. Daisuke Hirakawa
    • CD "Criminale! T" that runs through 48 hours with boyfriend Vol.5 Nero CV. Daisuke Hirakawa
  • Monthly Men's Encyclopedia Prince Edition Black Edition (Prince Asuka)
  • Monthly Men's Picture Book Sports Edition White Board (Kendo)
  • In love, Miss Kyaba vol.3 (Ryunosuke Asakura)
  • Sariel in love -Reaper's stay-
  • A heartwarming story Vol.5 (~ Family edition ~ "Mother smiles")
  • A heartwarming story gaiden part 3 ("ideal mother")
  • Situation CD vol.7 I want to be exhausted
  • Situation Voice CD After school beside me ~ Happy people at Yukishiro Gakuen ~ (Ryojiro Yanagi)
  • Weekly bed-sharing CD Vol.1 Sho (Sho)
  • Shinsengumi Hibane Roku Forget-me-not Volume XNUMX (Kashitaro Ito)
  • Shinsengumi Akatsuki Furoku Vol. XNUMX (Kashitaro Ito)
  • Story of 365 days ~ chapter.DIA (Diamond Jack)
  • Story of 365 days ~ floriography chapter.DIA (Diamond Jack)
  • Zero no Tsukaima F Delusion CD4 Talent & Giesch & Julio (Julio)
  • Sequel, Tori Ai Brothers vol.2 (Riku Fujiki, Ren Fujiki)
  • Taisho blood-sucking story (Aran Shuri)
  • Double Score ~ ​​Narcissus ~: Rui Saiga & Holy Night (Rui Saiga / Holy Night)
  • Double Score ~ ​​quarrel × love ~ In the case of Rui Saiga (Rui Saiga)
  • Double Score ~ ​​quarrel × love ~ In the case of Holy Night (Holy Night)
  • Dance with Devils-EverSweet- vol.4 (Shiki Natsuzaka)
  • Husband Catalog Vol.1 This Month's Special Feature: Forcible Husband VS Gentle Husband (Yuo Husband, Kobe Hitoshi)
  • Super Close-up Whisper Adhesion CD3 ~ Bartender Mitsuru Kutsugi's Cocktail Recipe ~ (Mitsuru Kutsugi)
  • Healed by the heavenly people CD Volume XNUMX ~ Meio Aizen Meio Edition ~ (Aizen Meio)
  • Escapee ~ Ryo ~ (Ryo)
  • Tsukiyasha Beni Kisaragi no Maki (Ryoma)
  • Which one do you like better? Vol.3 (Izumi Shinomura, Tomoaki Mori)
  • Seven Mysterious Family Volume XNUMX Juichiro (Juichiro)
  • Nadenade CD Vol.5 Onii-chan is good (Reiichi)
  • Navicare! ~ Come to me ~
  • Nego Boys No. XNUMX
  • Nego Boys Part XNUMX
  • Neo Romance Situation CD Vol.1 Brother Edition-White Brother / Black Brother- (Bernard)
  • The story of the late Shogunate-Samurai / Opening of the country- ("Yoshiki Tokugawastory")
  • Bakumatsu Shishi Monogatari Gaiden ~ 14 Tosa & Samurai / Opening of the Country ~ ("Tokugawa Yoshinobu Monogatari Gaiden")
  • HONEY BEE Good night with sheep series Vol.10 "Can I count?"
  • Honeymoon vol.1 (Yuto Hanamori)
  • Paradise o'Whisper Vol.6 Ru
  • Monopoly series In a hospital room ... ~ Doctor Suo Ichitomo ~ (Suo Ichitomo)
  • Period Cube Quest5 Zain (Zain)
  • FRESH KISS 100% 4th Twinkle Aoba (Takao Aoba)
  • Private Tactics CASE 3 Chris
  • Room of parallel world and box garden vol.1 (Kiyoto Tsuji, Kiyoto Tsuji)
  • Dialect romance Volume 3
  • Embrace CD "Gyutto." Vol.1 Tsukasa Serizawa (Tsuji Serizawa)
  • I decided!Kiyoto's territory.
  • My Sweet Hubby vol.2 Yuichiro Kirishima (Yuichiro Kirishima)[313]
  • Bee voice medicine "Froskin" (Kawana)
  • LOVE x EXERCISE vol.2-CD that teaches your diet with candy and whip- (Kagura Soichiro)
  • Love on Ride ~ Commuter Boyfriend Vol.4 Reito Kurosawa (Reito Kurosawa)
  • RUNLIMIT -CASE4 -Keito Shiba- (Keito Shiba)
  • Healing stone 02 (Sou)
  • Wakiden Ai ~ Nomaki Red Wing ~ (Red Wing)
  • Wakiden Ai "Miyano Monogatari Part XNUMX-The Life of the World-" (Red Wing)
  • Wakiden Ai "Miyano Monogatari Part XNUMX ~ Uncertain Immortal ~" (Red Wing)
  • Wakiden Ai Eikyu Koi Poetry ~ Mannoki ~ (Red Wing)
  • Phantom Romantica The Mystery of the Second Samurai Inugami Toneri (Toneri)
  • Phantom Romantica Ecstatic Seventh Mystery Inugami Toneri (Toneri)
  • Phantom Romantica True Value Second Rumors Bakeneko Arahagi / Inugami Toneri (Toneri)


  • Melancholy morning 1 ・ 2 ・ 3 ・ 4 ・ 5 ・ 6 (Tomoyuki Katsuragi
  • Maybe love-Yamada YugiBamboo Selection CD2- (Suzuki)
  • I love you (Harutomo Aiba)
  • Lost in love! (Toshitaka Kurihira)
  • Fall into the nest of love! (Kabuto)
    • Get the judgment of love!
    • Rare in a love trap!
  • Akai Tobira (Tachibana)
  • I want to fall in love with you (Kazuhiko Satake)
  • Older brother (relatives)
  • Aya Man-Brothers- (Takashi Fukami)
  • Arisugawa family bride (Kamio)
  • Ambassador whispers at night (Boyer)
  • YES IT'S ME (Touma)
  • Cat hair (Chifuyu Kitahara)
    • Cat hair 2
  • A dog and a policeman. (Fukami Yanagita)
  • Dog love series (Yoritomo Imai)
    • If a dog walks, it will fall in love
    • Dogs also run and fall in love
    • Dogs dream and fall in love
  • Beautiful person (Tomoya Shirakawa)
  • Umi ni sleep le flower(Shintaro)
  • YEBISU CelebritiesSeries (Yukitsugu Tojo)
  • Prince ☆ Game(Li Ren)
  • Male Pregnancy (Husband Keigo) (JUNK! BOY 2013 Summer Vacation Appendix CD Appendix)
  • Adult experience value (Marui)
    • Koibito standard value (comic drap applicant service drama CD)
  • When the old man enters the chest of drawers (Masumi Kuramoto)
  • Alternative (Keisuke Takeo)
  • Extracurricular lessons (Asakura)
  • Gakuen Emperor ~ I love you !! (Lion Emperor)
  • Fuka (Shunichi Tokiwa)
  • One-winged butterfly (Kazuyoshi Hayami)
  • Katekyo! 1, 2, 3 (Kaede Sumizome)
  • Cathedral love (Ama)
    • Cathedral bondage
  • Cute Kakurenbo (Professor Tanaka) * Original drama CD recorded to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the bi-monthly publication of "Rutile"
  • How to raise a cute servant (Rei Kutsumi)
  • Kikyoan Flower Thief and Aristocrat (Muneatsu Ashina)
  • Dangerous health doctor counselor (Satoshi Nakano)
  • Oni Kizuna Leave this shadowy roar (Tsukiya Koguma)
  • If you are at the end of the world (Nosegawa)
  • A supplement that works for your heart (Toru Kashima)
  • Vampires and funny friends 1 and 2 (Albert Irving)
  • Occupations suitable for vampires (Nosegawa)
  • Warrior of the Goryo (Ai Fuki)
  • Brothers only! BROTHER x BROTHER 1 and 2 (Soichiro Sonooka)
  • Recommendation of camouflaged romance (Maki Ashihara)
  • How to love Kuroneko boyfriend (Eugene)
    • How to overflow Kuroneko boyfriend
  • Black affection (Tomoki Fushimi)
  • Beautiful Moonlight Angel (Yuya Hayami)
  • I'm fine! ~ Be ☆ Yell ~ (Shuichiro Kadokura)
  • Koitomo! ?? (Kaede Sumizome)
  • Kemono ears where love begins (Ren Shimizu)
  • Drops of love (Reiji Takase)
  • Love spell (Satoshi Mihara)
  • Pessimist in love (Yukiya Sasaoka)
  • The Tyrant Falls in Love(Hiroto)
  • Black feathers in the heart of love (two gods)
  • Koi no Hana 1 and 2 (Ryo Asahina)
  • Negotiator series (Akira Mebuki)
    • Negotiator does not shut up
    • Negotiators do not doubt
  • Public and private love (Hikari Yoshimoto)
  • Arrogant and unwavering desire (Morning Shinomiya)
    • Arrogant and cruel innocence
  • Frozen scorching (Naruki Takashima)
    • Frozen Burning II
    • Frozen scorching, extra edition, gentlemen's agreement
    • Frozen scorching / special CD book service for all
  • Gokudo Series (Hiroya Enokida)
    • Gokudo likes suits
    • The gangster tears the suit
    • Tailors also like gangsters Not for sale * Yuhi AZ NOVELS Spring Ore-sama attack fair All applicants service
    • The pole road is stamped on the suit
  • Kokoro Sawaide (Kosuke Hirasawa)
  • Husband and dog 1 and 2 (Chiharu Asada)
  • Individual professor (Shunichi Nagae)
  • Kotonoha no Sekai (Yukitaka Fujino)
  • Children know everything (Tatsuya Nihonki)
  • When in trouble, ask the stars!(Natsuki Aso, doctor)
  • Such a man is loved (Shogo Kaji)
    • Don't even know the words of love
  • Saudade before and after (Robert Blanca Serrano)
  • A distant person next to 3 houses (Toshimitsu Kishimoto)
  • The end of love for XNUMX years (Scarlet)
  • Chopin Series (Claret Wordsworth)
    • Kitten waltz
    • Starlight Chopin
    • Cherry Night Chopin
    • Beachside Chopin
    • Snow Dance ☆ Chopin
  • Shinobu Kokoroha(male student)
  • Cat on the G line 2(Saki Narukawa)
  • Ruler's love (Keiichi Todo)
    • Temptation love (Keiichi Todo)
  • The president's uncle. (Mutsumi Nagasawa)
  • JUNK! BOYS (Tsukasa Sakuma)
    • JUNK! BOYS ~ Find Cinderella! ~
  • Passion of Mr. Kurashina, Private Shoei Gakuen Men's High School (Takashi Asano)
  • Frustrated lips (Sei Taniguchi)
    • The temptation of the eyes
  • Snake's Blood (Nagito Enjo)
  • Innocent 1 and 2 (Keisuke Tozaki)
    • Junjou ~ Contact ~ (Daria August 2009 Special Appendix CD)
    • Junjo 2 ~ Sweety Start ~ * "Daria" August 2010 Special Appendix Mini Drama CD
    • Unexpected love
  • STRAY SHEEP Stray Sheep (Kiyoji Tachibana)
  • Sexual harassment brothers (excellent Tanigawa)
  • It's not straightforward (Ichi Yukimura)[314]
  • Spirits Tea (Kyohei Kayama)
  • Slaver's Lava Part XNUMX (Tsukui)
  • SEX PISTOLS 2 (Shiro Fujiwara)
  • World's First Love-Hatori x Chiaki-(Reiji Takayashiki)
  • Yes -ZE- Series (Himi)
    • Ze -ZE- 2 Genma & Himi
    • Ze -ZE- 3 Moriya & Takanari Hen
    • Ze -ZE- ~ If the pheasant doesn't ring, you won't be shot. ~ * "Dear +" December 2008 issue appendix
    • Ze -ZE- ~ Protect the Night ~ * "Dear +" May 2010 issue appendix
    • Ze -ZE- ~ Spring Evening ~ * Ze -ZE- Fan Book Appendix
    • Ze -ZE- ~ Even if the words are over ~ * Yuki Shimizu 15th Complete All Service Premium Drama CD
    • Ze -ZE- ~ FINAL ~
  • Absolute series (Shinji Suwanai)
    • Love is the absolute love
    • You are my absolute
    • Love is tomorrow's absolute
  • Dormitory Sakurarinkan Gakuin-Romanesque- (Hodaka Hakura)
  • And the open door (Shingo Madokoro)
  • That voice moves me (Tetsuya Ozaki)
    • That voice burns me
  • The dragon's singing voice (Shrey) echoes in the sky
  • DARLING (Onoda, Diaz)
    • LOVE LOVE afternoon (Voice of broadcasting) * "Dahlia" December 2007 issue appendix mini drama CD
  • Corruption (Yoshikawa)
  • Flowers at twilight (Yasunori Odawara)
  • Tamaki (Toraichi Tachibana)[315]
  • Tsukiyado (Naoya Mogami)
  • Sin-making you -against LOVE- (Minori Yutsuki)
  • Sinful revenge (Keiji Hasegawa)
  • Who knocks on the door? (Yorihisa Saito)
  • Tokyo Barbarians (Kijima)
  • Blood of togainu ANOTHER STORY ~ RIN (Kazui)
  • Special lesson at midnight (Nagito Sanjo)
  • Younger boyfriend's love management habit 1, 2, 3 (Osamu Onozuka)
  • Troublemakers 1 and 2 (Kenichi Sakaki)
  • Dramatic love contract (Koji Sakuraoka)
  • Dropout Sweet claw marks (Shuya Nose)
  • With the prince in a captive paradise (Narumi Riku)
  • Squared love bargaining (Yujin, Kite)
    • 3rd power love bargaining * BE ・ BOY GOLD December issue All service CD
  • Table manners of carnivorous beasts (Kishida / Okouchi [dual role])
  • Wait until it gets slimy (Shunpei)
  • Wet Toro 3P Sex Toy Monitor (Shin Asahina)
  • Hakidame and Tsuru (Sumikawa Kaoru)
  • The stupid dog is so cute (Satoshi Naruse)
  • Series (Butterfly)
    • At the end of the evil love you don't even know
    • The innocence of the night
    • Junjou of the night that is sullen with love Extra edition * 2007 novel Hanamaru Haru issue All applicants service
    • The pure feelings of the night when you are sick with love * The 2010 novel Hanamaru Winter issue appendix
    • Night book, ephemeral soft skin
    • Hana screaming, sin to be broken
    • Far away from the flower garden ~ Flirt flower ~
    • Far away from the flower garden ~ Koiji & Doting ~
    • A night of laughter
    • Aya's wetness of my beloved nails
    • Hanafuro Extra Edition "Secret under the Scarlet Undershirt"
  • Bride-kun (Shinji Muta)
  • Bride series (Saionji Kaioh)
    • Get the Bride !! ~ Southern Island Proposal Daisakusen ~
    • The bride is messing around ~ Prince's Proposal Daisakusen ~
    • I was constricted by the bride-Prince's transformation strategy-
  • Happiness (Junji Ryumizu)
  • Rose tree Ni Rose no Hanasaki~ Mizukawa Hogetsu no Jikenbo (Shogo Tachibana)
  • Class B gourmet club (Eisuke Yoshino)
  • A man with a big gun-disturbed in the morning and evening- (Robert-Cannon)
    • A man with a big gun-tied up with a chain of roses-
  • VIP series (Hajime Miyahara)
    • VIP
    • VIP -Thorn-
    • VIP -Envy-
  • Monopoly theory (Nishioka)
  • If you meet at a glance, flowers in love (Sakurai)
  • Provocation of good looks (Ikuto Tsudayama)
  • Don't be cruel (teacher)
  • Piyotan ~ Housekeeper is a cute detective ~ (Mitsunori Yamazaki)
  • Finder series
    • Finder target (Chinese A, Hong's subordinate)
    • Finder's wing (Kou)
  • How to soothe a moody boyfriend (Eugene[316]
  • Ball notebook (Kiki Kura)
  • Nightless Castle Dandyism (Toshihiro Sakai)
  • Black or White (Yasu)
  • Brothers 1 and 2 (Watabe Wataru)
  • Please Mr. Policeman! (Naruto Rojo)
  • Tyrant's Kajo Affection (Makoto Toyama)
  • My love story, Himegoto (Ryuji Mizue)
  • Demon King Series (Mika)
    • Real love sin
    • Shiawase's Temptation
  • Pure love of a substitute prince (Vice Minister Murai)
  • Miss Cast 06 Refusal of coverage (Taichi Nakayama)
  • Michizure Policy (Nishioka)
  • Honey and the cross (rook)
  • Moonlit hunting (Suma)
  • Glasses bomb (Seno)
  • Mailboy (Toshio Kuroda)
    • Mail Boy 2 The road ahead is difficult
  • MOMO ♥ CAN II ~ Peach Can 2 ~ (Librarian)
  • Gentle and thorny SWEET ~ Honeymoon begins with training ~ (Kikyou)
    • Gentle and thorny DANGER ~ Love competes for everything ~ (Shinnosuke Goto)
  • Silver that cuts through the darkness (Nishinomiya Guren)
  • Yandere Heaven BL ~ Shinsei Gakuen Men's Dormitory ~ (Masato Nabari)
  • Guilty (Yoshikawa, driver)
    • Atonement
  • Temptation Decameron-Drowning in the love of a thousand and one night- (Episode 2: Shingo Madokoro, Episode 4: Haruki Muroi)
  • Yuigadokuson Man (Riichi Oki)
    • Yuigadokuson Man Extra
  • Dreaming constellation (Dreaming constellation: Kuze, but beautiful days: Chairman)
  • I have no time to dream (Isao Morishita)
  • Paradise Song Volumes 1 and 2 (Akira Tsukishima)
  • Lovin'you (Masa Iwamura)
  • LOVE SEEKER 1-3 (Higuchi)
    • Kazuto Tatsukawa Special Set * Comic drap All applicants service
  • Love & Trust (Speech)
  • Ideal lover (Yoshimi Kosaka)
  • Little Romance (Katsumi)
  • Repeat After Me? (Atsushi Imai)
  • Reload (Sosuke Kunii)
  • Rin -RIN-! (Yamato Kobayakawa)
  • Lesson series (Fumito Aso)
    • Sweet lesson
    • Secret lesson
    • Lovers lesson
  • Theory of love (Kengo Hasegawa)
  • Love DAYS ~ Under One Roof ~ (Emperor Nogizawa)
  • Your familiar relationship with me (Takashi

Radio talk cd

  • Cheating Expo Tei Radio Kawaraban
  • DJCD Omamori ☆ HR(The guests)
  • Clanoa Broadcasting Committee Radio CD Vol.2 (guest)
  • Monthly Garsta Radio Secret Bag Binding Secret ♥ Fighting CD
  • Monthly Garsta Radio Secret Bag Binding More Secret ♥♥ Competitor CD
  • Hero Radio in Love vol.3
  • Takashi Kondo's Momonga CD Daisuke Hirakawa's issue
  • CBC, Rush Out II !! ~ Viva La Fiesta ~ LIVE CD digest version
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Orao Radio! Vol.0 ・ Vol.4 (Guest)
  • DJCD Starry Sky ~ Hoshizuki Gakuen Newspaper Club ~ Volume 1 (guest)
  • Neo Angelique Abyss ~ Welcome to Hidamari House ~ Radio CD vol.1 "First Gift"
  • Neo Angelique Abyss ~ Welcome to Hidamari House ~ Radio CD vol.2 "Second Gift"
  • Radio CD Scarlet Fragment ~ Koryo Gakuin Broadcasting Room ~ Masahiro and Tamaki, Sometimes a Mystery
  • Scarlet Fragment ~ Koryo Gakuin Broadcasting Room ~ Masahiro and Tamaki, Parents' Table
  • Hirakawa and Shimono will do their best together! DJCD ~ Ani-Con Radio VOICE Charavii in Osaka ~
  • Delivered by Hirakawa and Shimono! Ani store limited express special run
  • Hirakawa / Shimotsuke Ani Store Limited Express Special Project 2012 Summer
  • Free! Radio CD Iwatobi Channel vol.2 (guest)
  • Free! Radio CD Rockhopper Penguin ES Vol.1 ・ 2 (Guest)
  • BROTHERS CONFLICT WEB Radio DJCD Sun Radio Residence vol.1-2
  • BROTHERS CONFLICT WEB Radio DJCD Sun Radio Residence Returns
  • Hozuki's Coolheadedness WEB Radio "Hito ni Strict" DJCD
  • Peach Talk2. Harahara CD
  • Momotto Talk Special CD 1
  • Momotto Talk CD Daisuke Hirakawa
  • Radio Girl's Symphony ~ Love Letter for You ~ (Guest)
  • Alice in the Country of Radio ~ Wonderful Wonder Radio ~ DJCD Volume 1-3 (Ace)
  • Love Revo !! ~ Maiden Love Revolution ★ Radio CD 1-6
  • Love Revo !! Revolution !! ★ Radio CD 1, 3-6

Voice over

  • TBS I'll tell you! Broadcast on May 2007, 5 (Orlando BloomDubbed)
  • TBS Water savings! "Flying nobleman Peter Marby shock 3rd! Europe's No. 1 magician super miracle barrage SP!" Broadcast on June 2007, 6 (dubbed by Peter Marby)
  • TV Asahi "Information variety that you can get to know and see Shiru Shiru Mi Shiru's DaySpecial Edition 3 Hours SP "Broadcast on August 2013, 8
  • Quire Boys Series (Gareth Malone
    • NHK Education Earth Dramatic Quire Boys Can you sing because it's not cool!
    • BS1 Chikyu Dramatic Quire Boys Complete Edition All 4
    • BS1 BS World Documentary Series Quire Boys Special Edition Revisited Lancaster School
  • South Oxhey Chorus Series (Gareth Malone
    • NHK Education Chikyu Dramatic Chorus with everyone in the town! ~ British tears and laughter special training ~
    • NHK Education Chikyu Dramatic Chorus with everyone in town! ~ Road to the cathedral ~
    • NHK Education Chikyu Dramatic Chorus with everyone in town! ~ The last big stage ~
    • BS1 BS Let's make a world documentary series choir (choir)
    • Hibiki Town's Singing Voice 1st Sunny Stage is a shopping street
    • Singing voice of the town
    • Hibiki Town Singing Voice 3rd Challenge Latin
    • Singing voice of the town of sound The 4th choir (choir) is our pride
  • The power of series music (Gareth Malone
    • Mr. Gareth Challenges Youth Opera! The 1st goal is a prestigious theater
    • Mr. Gareth Challenges Youth Opera! The 2nd Days of Special Training
    • Mr. Gareth Challenges Youth Opera! 3rd Finally to the Dream Stage
  • BS1 BS World Documentary Gareth Malone and the Military Married Choir! (Gareth Malone
  • NHK Education Chikyu Dramatic "No matter where you are-The wives of Afghan dispatched soldiers sing" (Gareth Malone
  • BS1 BS World Documentary Series Let's sing at Gareth Malone's workplace! (Gareth Malone
    • 1st Lewisham Hospital Chorus
    • The 2nd Royal Mail Choir
    • 3rd Manchester Airport Choir
    • The 4th Severn Trent Water Company Chorus
    • The 5th serious game
    • Aiming for the best harmony in the final round
  • NHK E Tele Earth Dramatic Wildlife Rescue Frontline 1st "Decision"
  • NHK Education Earth Dramatic "Mars Landing Operation-Dream on Spacecraft Phoenix" (Chris Ruwicky)
  • BS1 The light and shadow of the soccer world
  • BBC Earth Legend Wild Weather Earth Weather
  • BS1 Sweat, tears and applause US cheerleader struggle
  • BS1 World Documentary "At the site of buying Germany" seen by Europe and the United States (Liu Guo Heng et al.)
  • LaLaTV Shining Brands-The Secret of Their Success-Swarovski(Swarovski)
  • Martha Stewart Living (Mark Morone)
  • WOWOW Project Runway 3
  • Dlife Jamie & Jimmy Food Fight Club (Orlando Bloom)


  • Discovery Channel "I see Encyclopedia TV" "I see Encyclopedia TV 2"
  • National Geographic Channel Threat of the Earth from Space
  • National Geographic Channel "The Infiltration!"Lord of the Ring・ On stage
  • Fuji TV series Saturday Premium"Desperate Crisis-The moment life was saved!-"
  • WOWOW latest cinema jack "Chicken Little"
  • WOWOW Still in time! Korean drama "Air City"Choi Ji WooSpecial close contact with Japan!
  • TBS series "Queen of Jealousy"


  • Aban beads (Wakamoto Pharmaceutical)
  • Weekly Mansion Tokyo
  • Cool Misty Fan (Takarajimasha)
  • Marimo
  • Cool gel refreshing sheet (Takarajimasha)
  • Government public relations-Beware of illegal financial companies
  • Government Public Relations-Disaster Prevention: Importance of Earthquake-Resistant Housing
  • "High riseJapanese version theater trailer
    • "High Rise" Theater Manners CM
  • Glacier Warrior Guy Slugger Complete DVD
  • "OurDVD Volume XNUMX
  • Radio CM "KENWOOD"
  • "Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger THE MOVIEBlu-ray & DVD
    • JAGUAR F-PACE vs. Kei Nishikori
  • God ☆ Darling 4 & God ☆ Honey
  • Aqua Clara Holdings CM
  • Disney Plus "WandaVision" CM Narration


Live-action movie

Video package

  • Nissan Gakuen Kyoto Automobile College / Basics of customer service


  • AnimiX DVD Finder Target (Kou)
  • ComicsDeluxe Dash! (Akimoto
  • ComicsDeluxe Superb Lover 1 (Yoshimi Suda
  • Digicomi special DVD "I devote my first love to you(Ritsu Suzuya) * "Girl comic2008 No. 12-14 No. XNUMX Service for all applicants
  • Movie Comic DVD PEACE MAKER Aburanokoji Hen ANiMiX ver. (Kashitaro Ito)



  • Dengeki Girl's Style "Daisuke Hirakawa should try it!"

Pachislot and pachinko


  • Planetarium in love with the prince (Toru Kisaragi,North TopiaPlanetarium Hall on the 6th floor, January 2013, 1, February 19, 2[317] [Revival Screening] March 2014st and 3nd, 1)


  • Titan MAX "Mune Kyun Butler Coaster" (Butler Ogura,Space world: April 2015, 7-April 18, 2015[318]
  • Titan MAX "Ikemen Voice Coaster Summer Festival Date ver" (Butler Ogura, Space World: July 2016, 7-September 23, 2016[319]

Voice guide

  • Palace of Versailles << supervision >> Marie AntoinetteExhibition (Felsen・ NarrativeOther Roppongi Hills Mori Tower52nd floor, Mori Arts Center Gallery: October 2016, 10 --February 25, 2017[320]
  • Suspicious Painting Exhibition The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo March 3 (Tue) --May 23 (Sun), Osaka Museum of History July 5 (Sat) --August 16 (Sun)

Home appliances

  • Mondale Head Spa Plus iD1260 Voice actor model limited version Daisuke Hirakawa ver (Valtex Co., Ltd .: 2011)
  • Voice actor original personal computer "Type: YOU" TYPE20 Daisuke Hirakawa model (SmashCore: 2014)



Release datetitleStandard product numberOriconHighest rank
1stOctober 2012th, 12Identity +LACM-1404143 bit
2ndOctober 2013th, 4Identity -LACM-1406745 bit

Mini album

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon highest rank
1stOctober 2009th, 6HikarinotobiraLACA-591839 bit
2ndOctober 2011th, 11saysLACA-1516246 bit

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 5Neo Angelique ~ My First Lady ~Bernard (Hirakawa Daisuke"HAPPY DATE"
May 11Girly Love Revolution ★ Love Revo !! Character Song 4Onii-chan (hawk) (Hirakawa Daisuke"Sky of beginnings"
May 2Neo Angelique ~ Romantic Gift ~Jade (Masaya Onozaka) & Bernard (Hirakawa Daisuke"Dear My Princess"
May 5Alice in the Country of Hearts ~ Wonderful Wonder World ~ Image Album Eternal Alice ~ Eternal Alice ~Ace (Hirakawa Daisuke"Reminiscences -Alt Lyrics-"
May 7Scarlet Fragment Character Song Series vol.3 "Taku Oja & Shinji Inukai"Large snake table (Hirakawa Daisuke) & Shinji Inukai (Hiroki Shimowada"Do The Best"
"Gentle Moonlight"
May 12Neo Romance ♥ Trillion Wonder WinterBernard (Hirakawa Daisuke"Ceremony in a snowy city"
May 2Neo Angelique ~ Angel of Akatsuki ~Bernard (Hirakawa Daisuke"Farewell Smile"
May 3Marvelous TwinsSmall fish child (Hirakawa Daisuke"Whisper wind ~ Call of fate ~"
May 5Alice in the Country of Clover ~Wonderful Wonder World~ Alice in deep forest ~ Alice in deep forest ~Ace (Hirakawa Daisuke"Bubble"
May 5Neo Angelique Abyss ~ Welcome to Hidamari House ~* HB * (Ono Daisuke,Hirakawa Daisuke"SUNSHINE PARTY"
May 6Neo Angelique Abyss CHARACTER SONGS SCENE 02 Bernard RocheBernard (Hirakawa Daisuke"Kimiiro Film"
May 9Neo Angelique Special Trajectory ~ the brilliant daysrain(Hiroki Takahashi), Nix (Toru Okawa), Jade (Masaya Onozaka), Hyuga (Ono Daisuke), Rene (Kappei Yamaguchi), Bernard (Hirakawa Daisuke), Matthias (Kusunoki), Ellen Fleet (Irino freedom),jet(Yuichi Nakamura), Roche (Ryohei Kimura"Trajectory ~ the brilliant days"
May 10DC Girl's Symphony ~ Da Capo ~ Girls SymphonyVocal albumSide Girls Complete DiscTakaaki Kojo (Hirakawa Daisuke"I'm here ~ forever here"
May 11Neo Angelique Abyss Variety CD vol.1 Arcadia ParadiseBernard (Hirakawa Daisuke"Wardon Times Company Song"
Star-colored gift character song & drama CD ~ Muneya Narutaki ~Muneya Narutaki (Hirakawa Daisuke"Dummy Pride"
May 1Mischievous Kiss Original Soundtrack & MORE Itakis STATIONNaoki Irie (Hirakawa Daisuke"Blue heartbeat"
May 1Neo Angelique Abyss Variety CD Vol.2 Arcadia Paradise 2Hirakawa "Bernard" Daisuke (Hirakawa Daisuke"Narikiri * HB * SUNSHINE PARTY Duet ver."
May 1Neo Angelique Special ~ silver tone ~Bernard (Hirakawa Daisuke) & Roche (Ryohei Kimura"The beating heartbeat is Allegrissimo"
May 1Play with My Master Franz Character Song & Mini DramaFranz (Hirakawa Daisuke"Secret eye"
May 9Maria of conviction Character song album
gran jubilee vol.3 Heavenly Cradle
Devil Uriel (Hirakawa Daisuke"Rondo of hope and illusion"
May 10Neo Romance FriendsErnst (Tomoyuki Morikawa) & Bernard (Hirakawa Daisuke"Real Change"
May 2Hiiro no Kakera New Tamayorihime Tradition Character Song AlbumRyo Oja (Hirakawa Daisuke"Message"
May 3BLEACH BREATHLESS COLLECTION 06: Byakuya Kuchiki with Senbonzakura and MuramasaByakuya Kuchiki (Ryutaro Okiayu) With Senbonzakura (Hirakawa Daisuke"BLOSSOM"
May 3Omamori Himari Both cats and shakushi character song albumsYuto Amakawa (Hirakawa Daisuke"End of the slope"
May 9Absolute Labyrinth Grimm Character Concept CD Vol.10 Princess of the Kingdom of Grim ~ Wilhelm Grimm ~Wilhelm Grimm (Hirakawa Daisuke"Princess of the Kingdom of Grimm-Wilhelm Grimm-"
May 10Handsome ☆ Album Club AIR GRACENoble (Hirakawa Daisuke"As you are, beside me"
May 12Neo Angelique & Love φ Summit B & RBernard (Hirakawa Daisuke"Ceremony is forever"
May 12FULL SCORE04 -Mixture-Yohei Baba (Koji Yusa), Otaro Oki (Hiroyuki Yoshino), Tenki Kondo (Mamoru Miyano), Tsutomu Hyodo (Hirakawa Daisuke), Masaru Fujisawa (Ono Daisuke"Borderless Music !!!"
May 9Ani Con Radio VOICE Charavi OPAnimate Concierge (Hirakawa Daisuke), (Naoki Koshida), (Horie Kazuma), (Yuudai Sato"For you"
May 11Love singing series Vol.3 Kero-MitzMitsutaka Sanjo (Hirakawa Daisuke"Nice to Meet You!"
May 7Carnival Character Song Vol.3 Hiramon & CandleHiramon (Daisuke Ono), candles (Hirakawa Daisuke"La fin de l'éclipse"
"La fin de l'éclipse candle PART Ver."
May 7TV anime "BROTHERS CONFLICT" ending themeASAHINA Bros. + JULI[Member 1]"14 to 1"
DIABOLIK LOVERS Character Song Vol.3 Laito SakamakiSakamaki Light (Hirakawa Daisuke"Blood secret meeting"
May 9Free! Character Song Vol.5 Rei RyugazakiRyugasaki Rei(Hirakawa Daisuke"DIVE & FLY"
"Multi-faceted approach in underwater flight theory"
May 9TV Anime "BROTHERS CONFLICT" Character Song Concept Mini Album (1) "Oh To Na"Masaomi (Kazuyuki Okitsu) & Ukyo (Hirakawa Daisuke) & Kaname (Junichi Suwabe) & Hikari (Nobuhiko Okamoto) & Tsubaki (Kenichi Suzumura) & Azusa (Kosuke Toriumi) & Natsume (Tomoaki Maeno) Ukyo & Hikari (Nobuhiko Okamoto)"Oh to na breakout"
Ukyo (Hirakawa Daisuke) & Hikari (Nobuhiko Okamoto)"Gossip"
May 10Free! Original Soundtrack Ever Blue SoundsSTYLE FIVE[Member 2]"EVER BLUE"
May 12Anime "DIABOLIK LOVERS" Limited Edition II Bonus CDSakamaki Light (Hirakawa Daisuke"Silver Rose -Laitolyrics-"
May 1Free! Character Song Duet Series Vol.2 Nagisa Hazuki & Rei RyugazakiNagisa Hazuki (Tsubasa Yonaga) & Rei Ryugazaki (Hirakawa Daisuke"Summer high tension ☆"
"End of summer evening"
TV anime "Free!" Related songs
May 2Free! Character Song Duet Series Vol.3 Rin Matsuoka & Rei RyugazakiRin Matsuoka (Mamoru Miyano) & Rei Ryugazaki (Hirakawa Daisuke"VISION"
May 3SSDS ~ Super Stylish Doctors Story ~ Vocal Album Romantic PulseMitsutaka Sanjo (Hirakawa Daisuke"Eyes for you"
"Nice to Meet You!"
May 8FUTURE FISHSTYLE FIVE[Member 2]"FUTURE FISH"TV anime "Free!" Related songs
May 9TV Anime Free! -Eternal Summer- Character Song Series 05Ryugasaki Rei(Hirakawa Daisuke"Coming Soooon !!"
"Beautiful Impressions"
May 11DIABOLIK LOVERS MORE CHARACTER SONG Vol.5Sakamaki Light (Hirakawa Daisuke"QED"
May 1OVA "BROTHERS CONFLICT" ending themeASAHINA Bros. + JULI[Member 1]"I can't hear I LOVE YOU"
May 2Kaleido Eve character image song albumKoichiro Tsukishima (Hirakawa Daisuke"Engagement"
May 3Kamisama Kiss ◎ Character Song 05 ~ Kurama Tengu ☆ Men's Festival ~Midori (Hirakawa Daisuke), Jiro (Wataru Hatano"Kurama Sotengu"
"Always forever"
May 8Boyfriend (provisional) character CD series vol.3 Manabu Ichinose & Kyoichiro Mayama & Ikuto WakasakuraManabu Ichinose (Hirakawa Daisuke"A story that thinks of you"
May 8DIABOLIK LOVERS Bloody Songs -SUPER BEST II- Sakamakiya verSakamaki Ayato (Hikari Midorikawa), Laito Sakamaki (Yuki Kaji), Laito Sakamaki (Hirakawa Daisuke), Shu Sakamaki (Kosuke Toriumi), Rage Sakamaki (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakamaki Subaru (Takashi Kondo"Bloody★Mayim★Mayim"
May 10Musical Song Series CD ☆ SHOW TIME 2 ☆ Hanasakurakai & OtoriKasakurakai[Member 3]"We, Ayanagi Gakuen Kasakurakai"
May 10Madomo AzelPENTACLE ★[Member 4]"Madomo Azel"Television Animation"Dance with devils"Ending theme
Shihuang Gakuen Student Council[Member 5]"Evolution of the Revolution-"TV anime "Dance with Devils" related songs
May 11Dance with Devils Character Single 5 Shiki NatsuzakaShiki Natsuzaka (Hirakawa Daisuke"Fantasy Kyrie"
"Pity song"TV anime "Dance with Devils" insert song
May 11Kabedon! SONG ♪ Series 3rd That boyfriend, Aohide Inami (Inami Souei)Aohide Inami (Hirakawa Daisuke"Melting in the mouth rather than words"
May 12Musical Song Series CD ☆ SHOW TIME 9 ☆ Fengju x Hiiragi Tsubasa & Hiiragi TsubasaFengju (Junichi Suwabe) x Tsubasa Hiiragi (Hirakawa Daisuke"Stand by Dreams"
Hiiragi TsubasaHirakawa Daisuke"Uncontrol"
May 12Musical Song Series CD ☆ SHOW TIME 10 ☆ team Otori & HanasakurakaiKasakurakai[Member 3]"SING A SONG! MUSICAL!"
May 12Dance with DestiniesShihuang Gakuen Student Council[Member 5]"We Shiki Gakuen Student Council"TV anime "Dance with Devils" insert song
Urie Sogami (Takashi Kondo), Mage Nanashiro (Mage Nanashiro)Kimura Subaru), Shiki Natsumezaka (Hirakawa Daisuke"EMOLIAR"
Grimoire all star cast[Member 6]"EMOLIAR"
May 2Prince of Stride Alternative ED Theme "Be My Steady"Galaxy standard[Member 7]"Be My Steady"
"You're My Courage"
Boyfriend (provisional) Character Song Album vol.1Manabu Ichinose (Hirakawa Daisuke), Kyoichiro Mayama (Toshiyuki Morikawa), Ikuto Wakasakura (Kosuke Toriumi)"If you are"
May 2Taisho x Symmetrical Alice Character Song Series Vol.1 Cinderella "Garasu no Rondo"Cinderella(Hirakawa Daisuke"Garasu no Rondo"
DIABOLIK LOVERS LUNATIC PARADE "Fanatic of Night"Sakamaki Ayato (Midorikawa Hikari), Sakamaki Kanato (Hirakawa Daisuke), Sakamaki Light (Daisuke Hirakawa), Shu Sakamaki (Kousuke Toriumi), Rage Sakamaki (Katsuyuki Konishi), Subaru Sakamaki (Takashi Kondo)"Fanatic of Night"
May 3sunArS[Member 8]"Reach out!"
"Wait a minute, Give me a break!"
DIABOLIK LOVERS VERSUS SONG Requiem (2) Bloody Night Vol.VI Shu VS LightShu Sakamaki (Kosuke Toriumi), Laito Sakamaki (Hirakawa Daisuke"camouflage"
"Camouflage -Light Ver-"
May 7Code: Realize ~ Sousei no Utahime ~ Character CD vol.5 Saint-GermainSaint-Germain (Hirakawa Daisuke"Traveler of Destiny"
May 7Twin Wizard Rico and Guri "Magical Sinfonia Stein & Bis Jr."Stein (Atsushi Tamaru), Bis Jr. (Hirakawa Daisuke"Melt Luck"
May 8Aichu creation 03.ArSArS[Member 8]"We are I ★ CHU!"
"Here we go !!"
May 9Eat Your GListen to Rin [KON = BU (Prince Hachi), TA ☆ CT (Takuya Sato), Tu-BASA (Dai Yongyi), @TuSHI (Atsushi Abe), Dai-chang (Hirakawa Daisuke)]"Eat Your G"
May 10Dance with Devils Unit Single 3 Mage Nanashiro vs Shiki NatsumezakaMage Nanashiro (Subaru Kimura), Shiki Natsuzaka (Hirakawa Daisuke"×× in the dark"
May 1Dream kingdom and 100 princes who can sleep Sound 100 Series ~ Vol.2 Wonderland 1 ~Mad Hatter (Hirakawa Daisuke) & Capita (Kenji Hamada) & Hearts (Kaji Yuki"The beginning is eternal"game"Dream kingdom and 100 princes who can sleep] Related songs
May 2PS Vita version DIABOLIK LOVERS LOST EDEN OP "Evernight KNOW UNDERSKIN"Ayato Sakamaki (Hikaru Midorikawa), Kanato Sakamaki (Yuki Kaji), Laito Sakamaki (Hirakawa Daisuke), Shu Sakamaki (Kosuke Toriumi), Reiji Sakamaki (Katsuyuki Konishi) Subaru Sakamaki (Takashi Kondo)"Evening KNOW UNDER SKIN"Game "DIABOLIK LOVERS LOST EDEN" opening theme
May 2DIABOLIK LOVERS Sadistic Song Vol.3 Laito SakamakiSakamaki Light (Hirakawa Daisuke"CHAOS ★ PARTY""DIABOLIK LOVERS" related songs
May 3iceArS[Member 8]"Very Berry Lovers"
"Star light trip"
Game "I-Chu" related songs
May 4DIABOLIK LOVERS Bloody Songs -SUPER BEST III-Sakamaki Ayato (Hikari Midorikawa), Laito Sakamaki (Yuki Kaji), Laito Sakamaki (Hirakawa Daisuke), Shu Sakamaki (Kosuke Toriumi), Rage Sakamaki (Katsuyuki Konishi), Subaru Sakamaki (Takashi Kondo)"camouflage"
"Fanatic of Night"
"Cage of love"
"DIABOLIK LOVERS" related songs
May 5☆ 2nd SHOW TIME 6 ☆ Mae Hanasakurakai & Akatsuki x Kaede x RenKasakurakai[Member 3]"WONDER FUL WONDER!"TV anime "Star-Mu" third season insertion song
May 6☆ 2nd SHOW TIME 10 ☆ Hoshiya x Otori x Hiiragi & Yangu x Hachiya x Kitahara x NanjoYuta Hoshitani (Natsuki Hanae), Fengju (Junichi Suwabe), Tsubasa Hiiragi (Tsubasa Hiiragi)Hirakawa Daisuke"Miracle Catcher"
May 6☆ 2nd SHOW TIME 12 ☆ team Otori & team Hiiragi & Yangu × Hachiya × Kitahara × Nanjo & AllcastAll cast[Member 10]"Gift ~Curtain Call~"
I-Chu ~ Shuffle Unit Mini Album ~Grandmaster[Member 11]"Masheri of the moment"Game "I-Chu" related songs
May 7Movie version Free! -Timeless Medley- Original soundtrackSTYLE FIVE[Member 2]"RISING FREE"Theater animation "Movie version Free!-Timeless Medley-] Theme song
May 9Boyfriend (provisional) project Music Album Fujishiro Gakuen #01Manabu Ichinose (Hirakawa Daisuke), Aoi Kuwamon (Satoshi Hino), Saionji Lotus (Jun Fukuyama), Tsukiyomi Rikyo (Ishida Akira"Sakura no Yakusoku-The place of beginning-"game"Boyfriend (provisional) Glitter☆Note] Related songs
May 11FREE-STYLE SPIRIT / What Wonderful Days !!STYLE FIVE[Member 2]"FREE-STYLE SPIRIT"Theater animation "Special Edition Free!-Take Your Marks-"Opening theme
Happy friends from Iwatobi[Member 12]"What Wonderful Days!!"Theatrical animation "Special Edition Free! -Take Your Marks-" ending theme
May 12Twin Wizard Rico and Guri Solo Series Bis Jr. "Share The New World"Bis Jr. (Hirakawa Daisuke"Share The New World"
"Sweet Memories ~ What you gave me ~"
Character CD "Twins Wizard Riko and Guri" related songs
May 1Dance with EternityKamenuki Rem (Souma Saito), Lind Tachibana (Wataru Hatano), Urie Sogami (Takashi Kondo), Mage Nanashiro (Subaru Kimura), Shiki Natsuzaka (Shiki Natsuzaka)Hirakawa Daisuke), Loen (Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Jeki (Hiroto Suzuki), Marius (Toyonaga Toshiyuki"Sweet Grimoire!"Theater animation "Dance with Devils -Fortuna-"Opening theme
May 4flowerArS[Member 8]"Gayjutsu Sentai Ars Ranger"Game "I-Chu" related songs
May 5Movie version Dance with Devils-Fortuna- BD/DVD bonus CDPENTACLE ★★[Member 9]"Glow CAROL"Theme song for the game "Dance with Devils My Carol"
SHOOT THE STARSNight[Member 13]"SHOOT THE STARS"The game "Produce the Demon King! 〜七つの大罪 for GIRLS〜』主題歌~ The Seven Deadly Sins for GIRLS ~ ”Theme Song
May 6Code:Realize -Sousei no Hime-kun- Character Song Mini AlbumSaint-Germain (Hirakawa Daisuke"A place where happiness is born"Television Animation"Code:Realize ~Sousei no Utahime~] Related songs
May 8GOLD EVOLUTIONSTYLE FIVE[Member 2]"GOLD EVOLUTION"Television Animation"Free! -Dive to the Future-"Ending theme
May 9Twin Wizards Riko and Guri Swiiiiiits! Unit Song "Swiiiiiitest Party!!"Swiiiiiits![Member 14]"Swiiiiii test Party!!"Character CD "Twins Wizard Riko and Guri" related songs
May 10Deep Blue HarmonyHaruka Nanase (Nobunaga Shimazaki), Makoto Tachibana (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), Rin Matsuoka (Mamoru Miyano), Asahi Shiina (Toshiyuki Toyonaga), Ikuya Kirishima (Ukiyama), Nagisa Hazuki (Tsubasa Yonaga), Rei Ryugasaki (Hirakawa Daisuke"Blue Destination"TV anime "Free! -Dive to the Future-" ending theme
May 10Twin Wizard Rico and Gris Mix Unit Series "Rouge Noir"Noir Révolution[Member 15]"Rouge Noir"
"Rouge Noir -Remix-"
Character CD "Twins Wizard Riko and Guri" related songs
May 10Free! -Dive to the Future- Character Song Mini Album Vol.1 Seven to HighRyugasaki Rei(Hirakawa Daisuke"Kizuna Progressive"Songs related to the TV anime "Free! -Dive to the Future-"
May 12Free!-Dive to the Future- Character Song Mini Album Vol.2 Close Up MemoriesAsahi Shiina (Toshiyuki Toyonaga), Rei Ryugazaki (Hirakawa Daisuke"Living in a miracle"
May 3I-Chu BEST ALBUM Eye EditionArS[Member 8]"What was No. 1"Game "I-Chu" related songs
May 3Yumeiro Cast GENESIS Vocal Collection ~ Storm of Vengeance ~Kuroki Ryosuke (Shin Furukawa), Takuma Ashiwa (Soma Saito), Yutaro Aizawa (Kenichi Suzumura), Rei Shiragura (Daiki Yamashita), Mt.Hirakawa Daisuke"Phantom Rain"
"Dears for Fears"
game"Dream color cast] Related songs
Shudodake (Hirakawa Daisuke"Resonance in storm"
May 7Forward Blue WavesSTYLE FIVE[Member 2]"BRAVE DREAM"Theater animation "Movie version Free!-Road to the World-Yume] Theme song
May 8Good Luck My Wave!Nagisa Hazuki (Tsubasa Yonaga), Rei Ryugazaki (Hirakawa Daisuke"GOLD EVOLUTION"Songs related to the TV anime "Free! -Dive to the Future-"
May 8Starry ☆ Sky ~ Song in 4 seasons ~Aozora Soto (Hirakawa Daisuke"SILVER MOON""Starry ☆ Sky] Related songs
May 11KING OF FIRENagi (Hirakawa Daisuke), Yomi (Shin Furukawa),Billy Khan(Haruki Ishiya"LAST HEAVEN"game"THE KING OF FIGHTERS for GIRLS] Related songs
May 8In a far-off space-time 7 vocal collection Crimson songIshida Mitsunari (Hirakawa Daisuke"Resistance to fate"game"In a far-reaching space-time 7] Related songs
May 12OPENINGArS[Member 16]"Dance All Right !!!"Songs related to the game "I-Chu Étoile Stage"
May 2IchibanboshiAichu[Member 17]"Ichibanboshi no Uta-Future Legend Legend-"TV anime "I-Chu" opening theme

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
October 2008th, 1Hyakuka Voice 爛 -Male Voice Actor- IIHirakawa Daisuke"Gamba's song ~
Time Bokan ~
Ballad of their footsteps ~
Mysterious Adventure ~
Carrying you~
A lot of memories ~
Brave Raideen ~
Galaxy Express 999~
Pegasus fantasy ~
Become the wind "
October 2008th, 8Sugarbeans Broadcasting Station Opening & Ending"Good-night-call"
October 2012th, 4Glitter star"Yowamushi Astronaut"


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