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🤖 | [mora anime song TOP10] "Uma Musume" game song is exploding!Hoshimachi Suisei 1st album is also available ...


[Mora Anison TOP10] "Uma Musume" game song is exploding!Hoshimachi Suisei 1st album is also available ...

If you write the contents roughly
VTuber group "Holo Live" affiliation, "Hoshimachi Suisei" first nationwide distribution full album "Still Still Stellar".

* Including anime songs / voice actors / Vocaloid / game theme songs This week's mora anime song ranking is Offici ... → Continue reading


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Holo Live Production

Holo Live Production(Hololive production)coverOperated by a stock companyJapan OfVirtual youtuber(Hereafter, VTuber) Office.


"Enthusiasm for fans all over the world with virtual talent IP from Japan"VisionAnd

The name of the office is the representative idolWhen the sky of the skyIt is derived from the live distribution service "hololive" with the image character.

Initially, the name "Hololive" was used for the female VTuber office, but from December 2019, 12, the female VTuber group "Hololive", the male VTuber group "Holostars", and the music label "INNK MUSIC" were integrated. The generic name of the office is "Holo Live ProductionUnified to[1].

In addition, for overseas expansion, we established "Hololive Indonesia" and "Hololive English", which will be the overseas base offices of Hololive Production.[2].



On September 2017, 9, Cover Co., Ltd.'s first virtual YouTuber "Tokino Sora" will be released.Nico Nico DougaStarted activities at[3]..Initially, it was distributed on Nico Nico Douga, and the archive was published on YouTube, so the activity started in earnest on YouTube from December 12, the same year.[4]..At the same time that Tokino Sora started activities on YouTube, the audition for "Roboco-san" will start.[5]..At that time, Hololive Production and Hololive did not exist yet. "Sakura Miko", which will start its activities on August 2018, 8, is also under the jurisdiction of a project called "Sakura Miko Project" regardless of Hololive.[6].

On May 2018, 5, on the audition page of the official website, 2 of the current Hololive 1st gen members, excluding "Yozora Mel", and 4 including "Hitomi Chris", whose contract is currently canceled. Audition recruitment starts[7]..Yozora Mel debuted on May 5 in the form of a preliminary debut[8]..The five auditions made their debut on June 5st.[9]..However, of the five people who made their debut, "Hitomi Chris" stopped working due to trouble with his own related parties.[10], The contract was canceled on June 6, considering the impact on other VTubers.[11].



Unless otherwise specified, the numbers in parentheses areYouTubeThe day when the activity started.

Holo Live Affiliation

Holo Live XNUM X students

Although it is not official because the start time and circumstances are different, it may be referred to as "0th generation" "Mujirushi group" "Solo debut group" etc. for convenience as the number of members increases[15]..We may also include AZKi here[16].

Holo Live XNUM X students

Performers were recruited from May 2018nd to May 5th, 2, and were selected from May 5th to May 13th.[7]..Four people, excluding Yozora Mel, who made their debut in advance, started their activities on June 4st.[9].

  • Night Sky Mel(Yozora Mel)(September 2018, 5[8])
  • White Fuuki(Shirakami Fubuki)(June 2018, 6, also serves as Hololive Gamers)
  • Summer color festival(Natshiro Festival)(2018 6 å¹´ 月 日 1)
  • Aki Rosenthal(2018 6 å¹´ 月 日 1)
  • Akai is at last(After the red)(2018 6 å¹´ 月 日 2)

Holo Live XNUM X students

Holo Live Gamers

A unit that focuses on live games.

Holo Live XNUM X students

The members' designs were announced on June 2019, 6, and performers were recruited from the same day to June 13 for the three members except Pekora Usada and Uruha Rushia.[28]..From the beginning "Hololive fantasyIs nicknamed.

Holo Live XNUM X students

From the end of June 3, when the 2020D model was unveiled, "HollowThe nickname is used.

Holo Live XNUM X students

"HorofaibuIt was a nickname, but after graduating from one member, it took the acronym of the remaining member's name.NeporaboIs used by the nickname.

Holo Live XNUM X students

"Secret societyholoX(Holox)The debut was announced on November 2021, 11 under the concept of "[33].

  • La + Darknesss (September 2021, 11[33])
  • Rui Takamine(Takane Louis) (September 2021, 11[33])
  • From Hiroi Koyori(From Hakuiko)(September 2021, 11[33])
  • Sakasashi Kuroe(Sakamata Chloe) (September 2021, 11[33])
  • Kazema Iroha(Kazama Iroha) (September 2021, 11[33])


HolstersIs a male virtual YouTuber office established by Cover Co., Ltd., which has been supporting only female distributors so far. The audition recruitment was done on May 2019, 5, and three people have debuted since June 27rd. From December 6, 3, due to the office integration, it was integrated into the male VTuber group division of Hololive Productions[1].

1st generation Hollostars

  • Hanazaki Miyabi(Hayabusa Miyabi)(September 2019, 6[34])
  • Player(Kana Izu)(September 2019, 6[35])
  • Arlandis (September 2019, 9[36])
  • Allowed(Ricca)(September 2019, 10[37])

2st generation Hollostars

  • Astel Reda (December 2019, 12[38])
  • Kishido Tenma(Kishima do Tenma)(September 2019, 12[39])
  • Evening rober(Yukoku Robert)(September 2019, 12[40])

3st generation Hollostars

The unit name was "Tri Nero", but after the contract of one member ended, the unit name was not given, and it was simply "1rd generation".

  • Kageyama Shien(Kageyama Cien)(September 2020, 4[41])
  • Rough bite ogre(Araga Ogre)(September 2020, 5[41])

Inonaka Music

INNK MUSIC. A label specializing in music activities. From December 2019, 12, Seisei Hoshigai will transfer from Inonaka Music to Holo Live[42].. From December 12 of the same year, it was integrated into the music label division of Holo Live Production due to the office integration.[1].. The project was completed at the end of March 2022, and AZKi, to which he currently belongs, will be transferred to Holo Live.[43][44].

  • AZKi(Azuki)(September 2019, 5[20]) From February 2019upd8Also participate.

Holo Live Indonesia

Holo Live Indonesia belongs to Holo Live Production.

Holo Live Indonesia 1st gen

  • Ayunda Risu(Ayunda Squirrel)(September 2020, 4[45])
  • Moona hoshinova(Muna Hoshinova)(September 2020, 4[45])
  • Airani Iofifteen(Irani Iofifteen)(September 2020, 4[45])

Holo Live Indonesia 2st gen

  • Kureiji NaCl(Crazy ollie)(September 2020, 12[46])
  • Anya Melfissa(Anya Melfissa)(September 2020, 12[46])
  • Pavolia Reine(Pavoria Reine)(September 2020, 12[46])

Hololive English affiliation

Belongs to Hololive English under the umbrella of Hololive Production.Unlike other groups, it is not called the XNUMXth grade (○ is a number).

hololive English -Myth-

The concept is "VTuber from the legendary world: hololive English -Myth-"[47].

Project: HOPE

V Singer recruitment was held from November 2020, 11 to January 30, 2021[49].

  • IRyS(Iris) (February 2021, 7[50], VSinger)

Hololive English -Parliament-

"Hololive English -Council-May be used[51].. Recruitment was conducted from February 2021, 2 to March 12, 2021.[52]..Prior to the debut, PV videos of all three volumes have been announced[53][54][55]..They are titled "Introduction," "Signs," and "Parliament," respectively.[Annotation 4].

The talent that used to belong to


  • Hitomi Chris(Hitomi Chris) (June 2018, 6-June 3, 2018, former 6st gen member. After suspension of activities[10], Contract cancellation[11])
  • Mano Aloe(Mano Aloe)(September 2020, 8[32] --August 2020, 8, former 31th gen member.After being dismissed, graduated due to personal reasons[61])
  • Kiryu Coco(Kiryu Coco)(September 2019, 12[31] --July 2021, 7, former 1th gen member.Graduation at the request of the person[62])

Hololive China

  • First grade
  • night fog(Yogiri)(September 2019, 9[63] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[64])
  • Nozomi(Civia)(September 2019, 10[65] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[64])
  • Black peach shadow(Spade Echo)(September 2019, 10[66] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[67][68])
  • Second generation
  • Akira(Doris)(September 2020, 3[69][70] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[64][71])
  • 媂娅(Atia, Artia)(September 2020, 3[69][70] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[64][68])
  • Sasakurin(Rosalyn)(September 2020, 3[69][70] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[64])


  • Yakushiji Suzaku(Yakushiji Suzaku)(September 2019, 9[36] --March 2020, 3, former 6st gen member.Graduation as a result of discussion[72])
  • Kaoru Tsukasa(Attached Kaoru)(September 2020, 4[41] --July 2020, 7, former 28rd gen member (TriNero).As a result of discussions with the person himself, it was judged that future activities would be difficult, and the contract was terminated.[73])
  • Kasami Kira(Kagami Kira)(September 2019, 6[34] --November 2020, 11, former 30st gen member.Graduated due to an offer that it is difficult to continue activities in terms of mental and physical condition[74][75])


Here, we will post media in which non-existent talents or multiple talents appear without individual articles.For individual appearances of the talents to which individual articles exist, refer to each individual article.


Hosted event

  • Holo Live x Joypolis HAPPY PARTY (Tokyo Daiba / Joypolis, January 2021th-February 1th, 9)[76]) Collaboration event, event "Holo x Match"
    • Starring: Tokino Sora, Shirakami Fubuki, Natsuiro Matsuri, Yozora Mel, Akai Haato, Aki Rosenthal
  • Net Chatting Festival on Valentine (Zoom, February 2021, 2) Cast: Holosters
  • Holosters 2nd Anniversary Event "Our Rally 2021" (SPWN, June 2021-6, 25) Cast: Holosters
  • Weiss Schwarz & Reverse presents Hololive Production Festival (Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall D, October 2021-10, 9[77])
    • October09th Stage appearance: Tokino Sora, Nekomata Okayu, Shirogane Noel, Omaru Polka
    • October 10 Stage appearance: Tokino Sora, Roboco-san, Yukihana Lamy, Shishiro Botan
  • hololive SUPER EXPO 2022 Supported By Weiss Schwarz (Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1-3 Hall, August 2022-3, 19[78])

Joint event



Whole live

  • hololive 1st fes. Nonstop story
  • Toyosu PIT,Year 2020May 1
  • Starring: Holo Live 0-3rd generation, Holo Live Gamers, INNK Music[82]
  • hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the Stage Supported By Bushiroad
  • Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, SPWN[83]
  • Appearance on both days: Kanata Amane, Tsunomaki Watame, Kiryu Coco, Towa Towa, Luna Himemori
  • STAGE1: December 2020, 12 Cast: Tokino Sora, AZKi, Sakura Miko, Yozora Mel, Akai Haato, Minato Aqua, Yuzuki Choco, Murasaki Shion, Pekora Usada, Uruha Rushia, Marine Houshou
  • STAGE2: December 2020, 12 Cast: Shirakami Fubuki, Natsuiro Matsuri, Roboco-san, Aki Rosenthal, Ozora Subaru, Hyakuki Ayame, Ogami Mio, Nekomata Okayu, Inugami Korone, Hoshimachi Suisei, Shiranui Flare, Silver Noel
  • hololive IDOL PROJECT 1st Live. "Bloom,"
  • Nico Nico Live Broadcasting / SPWN[Annotation 6][84], August 2021, 2
  • Starring: Roboco-san, Yozora Mel, Aki Rosenthal, Fubuki Shirakami, Summer Color Festival, Akua Minato, Murasaki Shion, Ayame Hyakuki, Yuzuki Choco, Subaru Ozora, Mio Ogami, Sakura Miko, Pekora Usada, Junba Rushia, Shiranui Flare, Silver Noel, Treasure Bell Marine, Amane Kanata, Towa Towa, Yukihana Lamy, Shishiro Botan, Omaru Polka
  • HOLOSTARS 1st ACT "JOURNEY to FIND STARS !!" Supported By Bushiroad
  • hololive 3rd fes. Link Your Wish Supported By Weiss Schwarz
  • Makuhari Messe Event Hall, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, SPWN[86]
  • DAY1: Appeared on March 2022, 3[87]: AZKi, Sakura Miko, Hoshimachi Suisei, Akai, Shirakami Fubuki, Natsuiro Matsuri, Ozora Subaru, Inugami Korone, Shirogane Noel, Houshou Marine, Amane Kanata, Towa Towa, Himemori Luna, Momosuzu Nene, Omaru Polka, Ichiina Hoshimachi, Gawr Gura, Watson Amelia, Muna Hoshinova
  • DAY2: Appeared on March 2022, 3[87]: Tokino Sora, Roboco-san, Yozora Mel, Aki Rosenthal, Minato Akua, Murasaki Shion, Nakiri Ayame, Yuzuki Choco, Ogami Mio, Nekomata Okayu, Usada Pekora, Junba Rushia, Shiranui Flare , Kakumaki, Yukihana Ramii, Lion White Botan, Mori Calliope, Kotori Yu Chiara, Ayunda Risu, Airani Iofifteen

Individual live

  • VARK Presents. Hololive Virtual LIVE series in VARK "Cinderella switch ~ Hololive to see with two people ~"
VARK / VR virtual live. Serial number live where one person watches live next to the viewer while one person plays live on stage
  • vol.1 --September 2020, 9 Cast: Kanata Amane (starring partly), Marine Houshou (starring part 27)[88]
  • vol.2 --October 2020, 10 Cast: Roboco-san (starring partly), Towa Tsuneyami (starring part 24)[89]
  • vol.3 --November 2020, 11 Cast: Tsunomaki Watame (partially starring), Shiranui Flair (starring part 28)[90]
  • vol.4 --March 2021, 3 Cast: Luna Himemori (partially starring), Natsuiro Matsuri (starring part 27)[91]
  • vol.5 --April 2021, 4 Cast: Shirakami Fubuki (partially starring), Ookami Mio (second part starring)[92]
  • vol.6 --May 2021, 5 Cast: Yukihana Lamy (partially starring), Shishiro Botan (starring part 29)[93]
  • vol.7 --June 2021, 6 Cast: Momosuzu Nene (partially starring), Omaru Polka (second part starring)[94]
  • VARK Presents. Hololive Virtual LIVE series in VARK "Cinderella switch-new act- ~ Hololive made by two people ~"
  • vol.1 --July 2021, 7 Cast: Yuzuki Choco (starring partly), Subaru Ozora (starring part 31)[95]
  • vol.2 --August 2021, 8 Cast: Noel Shirogane (partial appearance), Ayame Hyakuki (second part appearance)[96]
  • vol.3 --September 2021, 9 Cast: Sakura Miko (partial appearance), Hoshimachi Suisei (second part appearance)[97]
  • vol.4 --October 2021, 10 Cast: Tokoyami Towa (partial appearance), Amane Kanata (second part appearance)[98]
  • vol.5 --November 2021, 11 Cast: Aki Rosenthal (partial appearance), Yozora Mel (second part appearance)[99]
  • hololive 1st Generation 3rd Anniversary LIVE "from 1st"
  • SPWN[Annotation 7][100], August 2021, 5
  • Cast: Hololive 1st gen member (Yozora Mel, Aki Rosenthal, Akai Haato, Shirakami Fubuki, Natsuiro Matsuri)
  • TOKYO DOME CITY HALL・ SPWN[101], August 2021, 11
  • Cast: Hololive 3rd generation (Pekora Usada, Uruha Rushia, Flare Shiranui, Noel Shiranui, Houshou Marine)

Internet radio

  • Holo Live presents V's otaku live! (Hibiki -HiBiKi Radio Station- 2020/5/6[102] -, Expanded from biweekly delivery to weekly delivery from November 2020, 11)
    • Main personality: Shirakami Fubuki, Houshou Marine
  • IDOL PROJECT presents Hololive Idol Road Radio-Listen to our songs! (Super! A & G +, April 2021, 4-)
    • Moderator: Friend A


  • Sakura Color Dreamer (Windows, delivered on December 2020, 12, produced by Alcot) Starring: Sakura Miko
  • hololive ERROR (Windows, delivered January 2022, 1)


Source (excluding Holosters):[103]

cover corp.

Cover Co., Ltd. owns its own label "cover corp.", And most of the publications including the songs of Hololive Production are this label.
Here, the songs of the talents who have individual articles from the "cover corp." Label are excluded.

titleMembersspecificationStandard product numberDelivery dateRemarks
Shiny Smily Storyhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 8]Music distributionCVRD-0012019/9/16[104]
To the dream skyhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 9]CVRD-0022020/2/17[105]
Kirameki Rider ☆hololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 10]CVRD-0032020/2/24[105]
hololive 1st Fes. "Nonstop Story"HOLO LIVEBlu-rayHOLOBD-012020/7/24
Tonight is Halloween Night!hololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 11]Music distributionCVRD-0112020/10/22Floral Circlet 1st
BLUE CLAPPERhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 12]CVRD-0172020/12/24Floral Circlet 2st
Hundred flowershololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 13]CVRD-0182020/12/31Floral Circlet 3st
Supreme Principle Ad Trackhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 14]CVRD-0192021/1/7Floral Circlet 4st
Candy-Go-Roundhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 15]CVRD-0212021/1/14Floral Circlet 5st
Deiri ~ Daiari ~!hololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 16]CVRD-0222021/1/21Floral Circlet 6st
Suspecthololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 17]CVRD-0252021/1/28Floral Circlet 7st
STARDUST SONGhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 18]CVRD-0272021/2/4Floral Circlet 8st
Dreaming Dayshololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 19]CVRD-0282021/2/11Floral Circlet 9st
Asuiro Clear Skyhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 20]CVRD-0312021/2/19
Hololive English -Myth- Image Soundtrack (ft. Camellia)Hololive English -Myth-CVRD-0362021/3/14soundtrack
Delivery limited EP
id: entity voiceshololive Indonesia[Annotation 21]CVRD-0392021/4/7Hololive Indonesia 1st Anniversary Song
Bouquethololive IDOL PROJECTCD
Music distribution
HOLO-0012021/4/21No. 4 on the Oricon chart
Nationwide distribution full album
Bouquet (Midnight ver.)hololive IDOL PROJECTMusic distributionCVRD-0432021/5/7Limited distributionRemixalbum(Off vocal)
Plasmagic Seasons!Yozora Mel, Aki Rosenthal, Akai Haato, Shirakami Fubuki, Natsuiro MatsuriCVRD-0452021/5/151st gen member debut 3rd anniversary song
Kiseki knotKanata Amane, Coco Kiryu, Tsunomaki Watame, Towa Towa, Luna HimemoriCVRD-0492021/6/254th generation music
Just Follow StarsHOLOSTARS[Annotation 22]CVRD-0512021/6/28
hololive music studio --Sunshinehololive music studioCVRD-0592021/8/7Distribution limited remix album (off vocal)
Of existing holo live songsBossa novaWind·jazzWind remix[106]
Erosion !! All over the globeUMISEA[Annotation 23]CVRD-0772021/9/19
hololive meets DJ'TEKINA // SOMETHING remixhololive music studioCVRD-0902021/11/17YuyoyuppeLimited delivery remix EP by
Intaku and FantasiaHololive fantasy[Annotation 24]CVRD-0912021/11/22
hololive music studio --Twilighthololive music studioCVRD-0922021/11/27Distribution limited remix album
Jazz-style remix of existing hololive songs[107]
PentasHOLOSTARS[Annotation 25]CVRD-0932021/12/1
Magic Word OrchestraHOLOSTARS[Annotation 26]CVRD-1012021/12/21
JOURNEY to FIND STARSHOLOSTARS[Annotation 27]CVRD-1052021/12/27
OnikemodansuIrohanihohetto Ayafubumi[Annotation 28]CVRD-1102022/1/1
Journey Like a Thousand Years Millennium JourneyHololive English -Myth-[Annotation 29]CVRD-1132022/1/14

Other labels

For the discography of the talents to which individual articles exist, refer to each individual article.

Holo Live Production

Describes publications published on a label different from cover corp.

titleArtistsLabelspecificationStandard product numberRelease dateOricon weekly ranking(Highest)
Music DVD
・ Blu-ray
hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the Stage [108]hololiveBushiroad musicBlu-rayHOXB-100022021/6/238 bit[109]1 bit[110]1 bit[111]
hololive 1st fes. "Nonstop Story" [112]HOXB-100012021/7/288 bit[113]3 bit[114]3 bit[115]
hololive IDOL PROJECT 1st Live. "Bloom," [116]hololive IDOL PROJECTHOXB-100032021/8/254 bit[117]2 bit[118]3 bit[119][120]


A unit consisting of Minato Akua, Ozora Subaru, and Momosuzu Nene.

titleLabelspecificationStandard product numberRelease dateRemarks
In other words, I'm always stuck!RK MusicMusic distribution-2021/8/1TV animationJahy-sama won't be disappointed!The 1st Cool Ending Theme "In other words, I'm always stuck! 』\
Normal EditionQECR-12021/9/1



  • Yomiuri Land(October 10th-October 4th, Hololive / Inonaka Music) Collaboration with attractions and food. A special hall event will also be held on the 10th[121].
  • Atre Akihabara(February 2-February 15, Holo Live) Holo Live members appear on the in-store broadcast[122].
  • Bushiroad(June, Holo Live)Re Bath for you27 Hololive members appeared in[123].
  • Bandai(December 12, Holo Live) Limited Holo Live Acrylic Swing Collection released at "Gashapon Online"[124].
  • Lawson(December 12, Hololive) "Hololive Production Card Chocolate" is on sale[125].
  • Tokyo Joypolis(January 1th-February 9th, Holo Live) Collaboration event "Holo Live x Joypolis HAPPY PARTY" will be held[126].
  • Kinki Nippon Tourist(January 1th-April 16th, Holo Live) Travel planning "Holo Izumu" is held.Limited voice at tourist attractions,Izu Hakone Railway OfWrapping trainEtc. are deployed[127].
  • Bandai (February 2th-March 8th, Hololive) "#Hololive Summer Collection Vol.3" will be held at the shop "Gasha Depa" in "Premium Bandai".[128].
  • Atre Akihabara (August 8st-August 1th, Hololive Production) special exhibition[129].
  • Shueisha(August 8, Holo Live)Weekly Young Jump"No.36 / 37 Merger Extra Large Issue" has a gravure image of a hololive talent on the cover, beginning, center, and end of the book.[130].
  • BANDAI SPIRITS(August 8th / September 13rd, Hololive) Development of the prize original series "#hololive IF" based on various situations under the Banpresto brand[131][132].
  • pixiv(September 9-October 13, Hololive English / Omegaα) Collaboration event "hololive English Art Battle" will be held[133][134]..Bonus and illustration contests will be held based on the number of views of Holo Live English works.
  • Pacific League(October 10, Shirakami Fubuki / Natsuiro Matsuri / Aki Rosenthal / Ozora Subaru / Inugami Korone / Usada Pekora / Uruha Rushia / Shirogane Noel / Treasure Bell Marine / Amane Kanata / Tokuyami Towa / Shishiro Botan) Special logo and original goods production[135].. Hololive sponsored on October 10rdOrix BuffaloesVSFukuoka Softbank Hawks"Hololive day" is held[136].
  • E-DINER (November 11rd-November 3th, Holosters) In addition to the menu devised by the members, original goods will be sold and the interior will be decorated.[137].
  • "Trading Rubber Strap" and "Trading Can Badge" by "Petan Musume", a newly drawn illustration by Penguins Parade (November, Holosters), are on sale.[138].
  • E-DINER (November 11th-December 18th, December 12th-December 5th, Hololive 12rd gen member) A collaboration cafe based on the world view of live performances will be held.Original goods are also sold[139].
  • Consulate-General of Japan in New York(November 11-19, Hololive English) Co-sponsored exhibition at "Anime NYC", an anime competition, has been decided.[80][140].
  • OMOCAT(December 12, hollowive English -Myth-) Apparel goods with the motif of 4 people of hollowive English -Myth- are on sale[141].
  • Lawson(December 12, Hololive) Limited products and goods in collaboration with Hololive talent are on sale[142]..In-store broadcasting by Hololive lottery and Shirakami Fubuki[143].
  • Bushiroad(December 12, Holo Live[Annotation 30]) Local goods limited to that area are sold all over Japan.The first is sold at souvenir shops and general stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.[144].
  • Tokyo Joypolis(January 1-February 27, Roboco-san / Holo Live 2nd gen member) Held events such as Holo x Match where you can have a one-on-one dialogue[145]
  • PACIFIC RACING TEAM (April-November, Holo Live) Collaboration with "PACIFIC RACING TEAM" of the team participating in the Super GT GT4 class.Produced special illustrations and goods of talents[146].

Official plan

Holo anime
A short 3D animation produced and directed by Hololive.The world view is composed of unique things that are different from individual activities.
  • The first "Mikoto Tsutome! 』\
Sakura Miko was broadcast on this official YouTube channel from December 2018, 12 to February 7, 2019.All 2 episodes (8 episodes including CM and PV).The performer is Ms. Sakura Mikoto Roboco (only in episodes 10 and 12). As of April 2021, all times are closed.
Each story listEpisode listSee.
  • The second "Holo no Gurafiti"
Delivered from April 2019, 4 on the official YouTube channel of Holo Live[147]..Unlike the first installment, the talents belonging to Holo Live other than Sakura Mikoto Roboco will also appear, but the appearance is limited to talents with 3D models.
In the hollowive 2020st fes. "Nonstop Story" held at Toyosu PIT on January 1, 24, a feature film was screened as "Theatrical version of Hololive Production", which became an element to liven up the live venue.[148].
Each story listEpisode listSee.
Good morning holo live
A Twitter-only video that has been distributed daily on the official Twitter since June 2019, 6. The members will be presenters for one week each week. The main corners are "Mainichi weather Holo weather" and "Tell me! Holo Fortune”[149].. Officially ended on April 2020, 4 due to difficulties in providing weather and fortune telling[150](From March 2020, 3, the members' NG collection will be posted.[151], The corner has ended on March 3th ahead of time.[152]).
In addition, on April 4th, the day of the end notice, the 5st gen memberWhite FuukiHas posted an unofficial video of the same name on his Twitter that mimics this video.[153].
A video project that cuts out and edits the videos of the members being distributed on the official YouTube channel of Holo Live from April 2020, 4[154].
Holo's good mood
Variety talk program distributed monthly from April 2020, 4[155]
From the 1st to the 6th, the first half was held for free on the official Hololive YouTube channel, and the second half was held on the official Niconico Live channel for members only, but after the 7th, all the official Hololive channels for NicoNico Live. Is done in[156]..The first half is free and the second half is for members only.
Wachawacha Holosters
The first official program of Holosters, which has been distributed on the official YouTube channel of Holosters since March 2021, 3.
Holo Live Alternative
Another world creation project announced in February 2021. We plan to develop a media mix based on the "Holo Earth Chronicles" distributed at the 2 Winter Comiket.
Game shop ◯ △ (Maruyama) station square
The store opening preparations were released on May 2021, 5.[157], The official program that has been distributed every Thursday since June 6th.
The game titles played with the guests are different each time, but four regular members, Ozora Subaru, Marine Houshou, Towa Towa, and Tokoro "Manager" appear.[157].
The guest episode of Momosuzu Nene was delivered on August 8th.[158], After this time, delivery was suspended due to schedule reasons[159]..Season 2 is scheduled to air in the fall of the same year.
hololive ERROR
Horror project where the teaser video was released on August 2021, 8[160][161].
Since it is a project as a fiction to the last, the settings such as the concept and characters of this project do not match those of the actual Hololive Production.[162].
Each story is released as a 360-degree panoramic video on YouTube[163].
A music project that remixes the original songs of the talents belonging to Holo Live. TwitterhashtagIt is a project that utilizes functions, and the name is named after this.Hololive collaborates with track makers and other musicians to distribute remixed songs to promote the recruitment of remixes produced as derivative works.[164]..In addition, these secondary creations are the secondary creation guidelines established by Hololive Production.[165]It is based on.


Trouble with affiliated talent

Live2D information leak
In August 2020, Mano Aloe had his own before his debutLive2DWas dismissed for leaking to the outside, and then graduated on August 8st.[166].
Cancellation of live due to DDoS attack
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNissin FoodLive platform operated byNISSIN FOODS POWER STATION [REBOOT]Minato Aqua's solo live "Minato Aqua SEASIDE AQUA FES", which was scheduled to be held at, will access the server in large numbers from a third party.DDoS attackIt was announced on the official website of NISSIN FOODS POWER STATION [REBOOT] on August 8 that it could not be held normally due to the occurrence of[167]..Currently, there are no prospects for a re-performance of the live.It is said that no unauthorized access involving information leakage has occurred.

Trouble with affiliated office and operation (COVER Corporation)

Uproar over China
In July 2019, the person in charge of the partner company in Hololive China expansionKyoto Animation Arson Murder CaseInappropriate remarks about this were spread through SNS, protests were raised from Chinese fans, volunteers in charge of bilibili translation went on strike, and the leader resigned from his job.As a result, Cover canceled the contract with the company and reviewed the operating system in China.[168].
In the delivery of Choko Heizuki on June 2020, 6, the answer option for the quiz "Where is the country without cats in the zodiac?"TibetIncluded, causing a backlash from bilibili listeners.In response to this, the cover apologized for inappropriate content on the same day, and decided to educate the affiliated talents about China as a measure to prevent recurrence.[169].
Video sharing site in China from September 2020bilibiliTrouble occurred multiple times, mainly for distribution on. On September 9th, Akai talked about the number of viewers in each country based on YouTube analytics in both the later distribution and the next morning's Kiryu Coco distribution.TaiwanAs a single nation[Annotation 31]The problem recurred in the form of, and both were subject to invalidation / suspension of the mirror distribution function in bilibili. On September 9, Cover announced Akai Haato and Kiryu Coco's decision to suspend their activities for three weeks, and in a statement to China.One chinaAlthough he expressed his support for the principle of, these responses and statements have led to further opposition from listeners in each country.[170][171].. On September 9, Cover issued a statement again, apologizing for the lack of consideration and explaining that it was strongly mentioned as an emergency measure to protect the safety of those involved.In response to the situation, Cover will pay close attention to the representative director and voluntarily return the salary, and will establish a compliance committee as a measure to prevent recurrence.[172][173][174][175]..In addition, after setting an NG word in the distribution comment, it is said that there is no political intention in the response of the cover and the remarks of the talents belonging to it.[176].. On October 10, with the return of Kiryu Coco, the official subtitle group involved in bilibili announced their resignation all at once and deleted a large number of videos.[177].
On November 11, Cover announces the graduation of five members of Hololive China[64]..It will be a de facto withdrawal from the Chinese market.Regarding the member's black peach shadow, although the graduation date was undecided, the intention to graduate is conveyed to the cover.[178] Was announced on November 11th.
On June 2021, 6, the graduation of Kiryu Coco was announced, and journalist Shuji Shinohara said, "To Kiryu Coco, which seems to be due to the Chinese.VandalismIsn't it related to the fact that the act continues? "[179].
Annoying acts by employees to talent
On May 2020, 5, it was reported that the talent Yozora Mel had been suffering malicious inconvenience (slandering and sexual harassment) from cover employees from around October 16.[180].. The assailant is a former employee of Yozora Mel who is performing harassment in the form of abusing his authority, and although he was removed from his charge, he said that he made further contact outside the management of the cover and developed into a nuisance.[181].. On this matter, Yozora Mel hired a lawyer to refer a friend because she could not receive proper care and support from the cover and settled with the perpetrator.[180].. The cover is completely denial, and it is trying to prevent recurrence and strengthen the system.[181].
Unauthorized distribution of Nintendo copyrighted works, etc.
August 2020, 6,NintendoThe guidelines for the use of copyrighted works have been updated to clarify the organizations that have signed comprehensive contracts that do not require individual permission.However, since the cover was not included in this, there was suspicion that the live game distribution by the affiliated talent was at least unlicensed and monetized to Nintendo.[182].. On the 5th of the same month, Cover acknowledged that several companies, including Nintendo, were in a similar situation. Cover is a business type that supports sole proprietors, so it is said that it is due to incorrect reference to individual guidelines[183].. However, even after the announcement of this statement, the content that was used without permission remains, and by Mio Ogami on July 7th.Ghost trickThe live distribution YouTube distribution archive (delivered in January 2020)CapcomDeleted due to alleged copyright infringement[184][185]..In response to this, Cover issued a statement again on the same day, voluntarily deleting or making the distribution archive private, and republishing only the licensed content.[186].
The guidelines for using Nintendo's copyrighted works were updated again on August 8, and a comprehensive contract was signed with the cover, and Nintendo officially obtained permission.[187][188].

Other trouble

YouTube monetization deprivation problem
From around the end of 2019, the monetization of YouTube channels (advertising, super chat, membership, etc.) of virtual YouTubers including Holo Live members has been suspended one after another.It is speculated that YouTube's monitoring AI misidentifies the cut-out video as reused content, and in response to this, a famous overseas YouTuber distributes a video that appeals to the current situation, and YouTube also confirms this matter. Was tweeting[189].. After that, the monetization of members who had been stripped from the end of January 2020 is revived from time to time.[190].
Stop accepting gifts for talent
On August 2021, 8, it was announced that it will not accept gifts after that, except for the talent who was accepting gifts at that time.[191]..The cause is "(English edition)It is misused for products sold under various names such as "", which are supposed to know the location information when an item is lost (hereinafter referred to as "loss prevention tag").[192]..For loss prevention tagsAppleSold by "Air TagHowever, there are news articles about these products that may be abused before and after their release.[193][194]..It is also related to the fact that "LiverCity" of a different VTuber office has already taken the same measures, and as a result of conducting an independent security test, the result was that the existence of the loss prevention tag was not noticed.[195]..In addition, VTuber office "Bisonji sjiIs also closed, but this is not because of the loss prevention tag[196]..Since we have not announced whether the loss prevention tag has actually been damaged, the details are unknown, and we will not touch on such details here.

Comprehensive contract regarding the use of copyrighted material

In response to the troubles of the above Nintendo copyrighted works, COVER Corporation has signed a comprehensive contract as follows.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,NintendoConcluded a comprehensive contract with[187].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,SegaConcluded a comprehensive contract with[197]..The Covenant does not include Atlas copyrighted material.
  • Signed a comprehensive contract with Extreme on December 12th[198]..The relevant copyrighted work is the game brand "Messiah / Messiah Games”Is also included.


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