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🎥 | "The Last Duel" Focus on the rising star Jodie Comer Book poster & scene photo arrived 

Photo Movie "The Last Duel" Poster (C) 2021 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

"The Last Duel" Focus on Nova Jodie Comer Book poster & scene photo arrived 

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In the background, dark clouds are set in, and the figure of two people dressed in armor fighting is also depicted, and it is a visual that makes us think about the future of the duel trial.

Ridley Scott's latest film, "The Last ..." starring Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and Ben Affleck. → Continue reading

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Duel trial

Duel trial(Ketousaiban,German: Gerichtskampf, English: trial by combat, trial by battle) Lack of witnesses and evidenceChargesBoth the plaintiff and the defendant parties settle the caseduelI doGermanic lawOne method of[1][2].


501 ToKing Burgundy(French version"You may deny the defendant's alleged crime and state that if the plaintiff is not satisfied with it, he will reveal the truth with his sword. If the defendant still denies, the argument is a sword. "Everyone should keep the truth he is trying to prove with his sword and be prepared to accept this judgment." Institutionalized.This method of trial spread throughout Europe, and duels were held as trials for a long time in medieval Europe.[3]..The background of these trials was the Christian belief that "God is on the right side" and "the result of the duel is God's judgment."[4][5].. HoweverFeudalismSince it was an era, only aristocrats and free people could be the target of duels.[4].

Such a trial method10st centuryから12st centuryReached its heyday,1215 ToLateran CouncilBanned by1258 OfLouis XVIAlso banned by the edict of[4]..The legitimacy of the trial has come to be questioned[6], In France and England14st centuryAfter that, this form of duel almost disappears[7].

Trial by combat has decreased, but instead16st centurySince then, "duel for honor" has increased as a means of rehabilitating individuals.Duels for honor were particularly active among the upper classes[4][8].


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