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🎵 | Regal Lily to release 2nd single "Alchemilla"!

Photo Regal Lily

Regal Lily to release 2nd single "Alchemilla"!

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In addition, the artist photos released at the same time are by Shiori Ikeno, a cameraman who has worked on live photos and portraits of Regal Lily, and the costumes of the three people wearing pure white are smoked. The result is a photo that stands out in the light.

Regal Lily has announced that they will release their 2nd single "Alchemilla" on November 11th (Wednesday).new… → Continue reading


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Regal Lily

Regal Lily(English: Regallily) Is composed of three people, Takahashi Honoka, Umi, and Yukiyama.Japan OfGirlsThree-piecebandIs[2][3].. It was formed in 2014, and after withdrawing from one person in 2017, it will reach the current system with new members in 1.

My label isKiune music.


* Unless otherwise specified, it conforms to the "profile" on the official website.[4].

Current member
Old member
  • Haruka Shiraishi(Haruka Shirai) --Base
    Withdrawal in 2017. Since January 2018, he has been performing music activities as a bassist of Mele.[5].


Formed in July 2014 by Takahashi and Yukiyama.After the support period, Shiraishi became an official member in October.[4].

"Unconfirmed Festival 2015Won the semi-grand prix[6].

In March 2016, Takahashi released a narration album at the venue only.[7].. First overseas performance in MayカナダParticipated in "Next Music From Tokyo vol.8" at.The mini album "the Post" was released on October 10th of the same year.

The band's first national tour "Long-distance relationship tour" was held from June to July 2017.Tour 6 locations nationwide. The second mini album "the Radio" will be released on July 7th.[8].. Shiraishi announces suspension of activities due to poor physical condition on August 8[9], Withdrawal on September 9[10].

At the final performance of "Long-distance relationship tour" held at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO on July 2018, 7, it was announced that the sea, which was accompanied as a support member from this tour, will be officially welcomed as this member.[11].



Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rank
Venue limited2015/5LycanthropeCD--
Venue limitedNovemberRecantropeCD--
1stNovemberHana HikariCD + goodsKSCL-3197 / 8 (First Press Limited Edition)59 bit
CDKSCL-3199 (Regular Edition)
2ndNovemberAlchemillaCD + goodsKSCL-3335 / 6 (First Press Limited Edition)TBA
CDKSCL-3337 / 8 (Limited Edition)

Distribution limited single

Release datetitle
NovemberBuranko (Lycanthrope)
NovemberReach in the wind
NovemberCollect the wind


Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rank
-Novemberreagal lily[Annotation 1]CD--
Biotope records
1st miniNovemberthe PostCDBIOTOPE-001103 bit
2nd miniNovemberthe RadioCDBIOTOPE-00256 bit
3rd miniNovemberthe TelephoneCDBIOTOPE-00353 bit
Kiune music
1stNovemberbedtime storyCDKSCL-320527 bit
1st EPNovemberthe worldCDKSCL-3297
KSCL-3295 / 6
41 bit

Participating works

ArtiststitleCollection work
Various Artists"Mustang""AKG TRIBUTE"
Ceiling"It will be September"[Annotation 2]"Dystopia"
Takahashi Honoka × Pa's Lam System"Beyond the sky"[Annotation 3]N/A
SUNNY CAR WASH"Teenage Bruce"[Annotation 4]"Teenage Bruce"
Sentochihiro Chicchi / Aina The End"Prince of the Night and Princess of the Moon / Don't Listen""Night Prince and Moon Princess / Don't listen"
Aki Sakiyama"Excess / Abnormal"『』

Collection work

Release datetitlerecorded musicRemarks
NovemberUnconfirmed Festival 2015"witch"Unconfirmed Festival 2015Album by contestants
NovemberShimokitazawa SOUND CRUISING 2017"Swing"
NovemberTsuta Rock DIG Vol.7"Rickenbacker"TSUTAYARental limited album



  • Regal Lily ?! (2017,FM Tokyo) * "RADIO DRAGON -NEXT-] Monthly change corner[16]
  • Hello, this is Regal Lily (2018, FM Tokyo) * Monthly change corner in "RADIO DRAGON -NEXT-"[17]
  • Regal Lily's "Bedtime story" (2020, FM Tokyo) * Monthly change corner of "RADIO DRAGON -NEXT-"[18]

Internet radio

Tie-up list

Song titleTie-up
Hana HikariPhantom filmDistribution movie "The Flowers of Evil] Theme song
witchPhantom film distribution movie "Flowers of Evil" insert song

Music video

release datedirected bySong titleNumber of viewsRemarks
2016/09/20Rickenbacker450 millionCamera. Katsuichi Oguchi, Saki Hashizume, koko, Yuichiro Murai, zaki27, RAY
2018/02/28Yuko Otsukathe tokyo tower (Live Video)Photo: Katsuichi Oguchi, Saki Hashizume, Ryo Nakano, tkfx
2018/03/25Eisuke NaitoBuranko (Lycanthrope)
2018/06/03SquashMy lily
2018/06/29Eisuke NaitoBeautiful person
2018/09/01Yuko Otsukaoverture
2019/09/24Okita MasatakeHana Hikari


One-man live/sponsored event

NovemberRegal Lily High School Graduation Project "First Sunrise"
NovemberRegal Lily Summer Vacation Project "Come ?! vol.3" -Summer Pollution Countermeasures-
2016 year 11 month 6 day to 11 month 21 dayRegal Lily 1st mini album "the Post" Tour from record "Will you go ?! Vol.1" ~ Higashi-Meihan Quest ~
NovemberOne-man live "Mustang vol.1"@ Shimokitazawa SHELTER
2017 year 7 month 12 day to 7 month 23 day"Would you like to go ?! vol.2" ~ Children starting to run ~
NovemberOne-man live "Mustang vol.2"@ Shibuya WWW
NovemberRegal Lily presents "" Come on ?! vol.4 "-Honoka Takahashi, the last day of her teens-"
NovemberRegal Lily presents "Thank you, JAM"
NovemberRegal Lily presents "The night sky, the open windowsill"
2018 year 6 month 6 day to 7 month 5 dayRegal Lily 3rd mini album "the Telephone" "Long-distance relationship tour" from the record
NovemberRegal Lily "the Telephone" in-store event Takahashi Honoka bullet talk live@TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku
NovemberRegal Lily presents "333" ~ Takahashi Honoka Birthday Festival ~@ Fussa UZU
NovemberRegal Lily presents "333" ~ HappyNewRegalLily !! In OSAKA ~
NovemberRegal Lily presents "333" ~ HappyNewRegalLily !! In TOKYO ~@ Tokyo Kinema Club
2019 year 3 month 20 day to 4 month 14 dayRegal Lily presents "Spring is Akebono Tour"
NovemberRegal Lily presents "Marine Day" -Children with fire-@ Shibuya WWW
2019 year 11 month 22 day to 12 month 10 dayRegal lily presents "emerge"

Appearance event


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注 釈

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  3. ^ Keisei Skyliner CM Bird Eye "Straight, fast. ] CM original song, Takahashi participated in the lyrics and chorus[15].
  4. ^ Takahashi participates in the chorus.


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