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🎵 | Nishina releases the song "Night" that has been warmed up before her debut

Nishina in the photo

Nishina releases the song "Night" that has been warmed up before her debut

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GMO Click Securities' CM song "U +" and the drama "If you meet your ears", which reached its final episode last week.

Singer-songwriter Nishina announces that she will release her new song "Night" on October 10th (Wednesday) ... → Continue reading


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GMO Click Securities

GMO Click Securities, Inc.(GMO CLICK Securities, Inc.[1]) Is a Japanese financial instruments business operator[1].

GMO Financial HoldingsIs a wholly owned subsidiary ofGMO InternetCorresponds to the grandchild company of[2][3].

Company Overview

  • August 2005, 10,TSEPartly listedGMO InternetGroup ofsubsidiary・ Established as GMO Internet Securities Co., Ltd. In July 2005, nowCEOIsHideyuki TakashimaJoined GMO and then in less than a yearSecurities industry OflicenseAcquired and built a system, and launched online securities from scratch.
  • In August 2007, following the withdrawal of GMO Internet's financial business, GMO InternetThe president OfMasatoshi KumagaiHas personally purchased all of GMO Internet's stake, and the capital relationship with GMO Internet has disappeared.Therefore, 2007May 12WithCompany nameClick changed to securities.
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTokio Marine & Nichido Fire InsuranceandJAFCOBut,2008 On March 3, Co., Ltd., Co., Ltd., Co., Ltd.Full speed,Yasuda Enterprise DevelopmentCo., Ltd.Resona CapitalCo., Ltd. participated in capital participation and joined the shareholders.
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayExcitementFrom Excite FX (laterForex Trade) Was purchased and acquired, making it a subsidiary.
  • From January 2009, 9SwimmingServe as the official partner of the Japanese national team[4].
  • On October 2010, 10, it became an affiliated company again by forming a capital and business alliance with GMO Internet, and in the same yearMay 11ToStock exchangeAnnounced that it will become a wholly owned subsidiary.This effectively re-enters the financial business of GMO Internet.


  • October 2005, 10- GMO Internet Securities Co., Ltd.Was established (establishment preparation room).
  • 2006
    • March 3-Registered as a securities business.
    • May 5-Securities business begins.
    • August 10- Forex margin tradingStarted handling (FX).
    • August 11- Nikkei 225 Futures, Nikkei 225OP is now available.
  • 2007
    • March 3-Japan's first stock tradingAPI("Web serviceI call it) has been released.
    • August 8-Announced the achievement of a single month profitability in July 7.
    • September 9-Night Trading (Night Trading)Japan Next PTS) Started.
    • August 12- Click Securities, Inc.Changed the trade name to (due to the withdrawal of GMO Internet).
    • August 12- Third-party allotmentTokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance and JAFCO took a stake in the project.
  • 2008
    • August 1- eWarrantStarted handling.
    • March 3-Third-party allotment of shares was implemented, with capital participation by Nikko Ant Factory Co., Ltd., Aozora Investment Co., Ltd., Full Speed ​​Co., Ltd., Yasuda Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Resona Capital Co., Ltd., etc.
    • June 6-FX virtual trading event "Cistre FX Grand Prix 2"Kadokawa SSS CommunicationsHeld jointly with.
    • August 8-Headquarters relocated.
    • October 10-Excite FX Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary.
    • August 10- insuranceStarted handling.
  • 2009
    • February 2-API is no longer available.
    • July 7-FX spread changed from "17 sen or more" to "0 sen or less in principle" in US dollar / yen.As a result, the spread, which was about 1 sen in the early morning, became less than 4 sen in principle.
  • April 2011, 4-Company nameGMO Click SecuritiesIt was changed to (by making it a subsidiary again by GMO Internet), and the foreign exchange margin trading business of the subsidiary Forex Trade was succeeded by the method of absorption-type split.
  • January 2012, 1-due to stock transferHolding company・ GMO Click Holdings Co., Ltd. (currentlyGMO Financial HoldingsCo., Ltd.) was established. GMO Click Securities will become a wholly owned subsidiary of GMO Click Holdings.

Business features

Handling financial products


  • Stock trading
  • Investment trust
  • Futures / options trading
  • Forex Margin Trading (FX Trading)
  • Stock Index Binary Options
  • CFD
  • Bond

Cheap commission

Make a new entry as a subsidiary of GMO Internet, an online company on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and focus on low fees.2006 May 5Started trading at.again,2007 Since AprilMargin tradingAnnounced that it will be uniformly 150 yen.

  • 2006 May 10Started FX (Foreign Exchange Margin) trading.Here, too, the commission is free, and the dollar / yen spread is 0 sen ~, euro / dollar 1 pips ~, which is an exceptional condition for both securities companies and FX specialists.
  • 2006 From November, we started handling Nikkei 11 futures and OPs, and announced a fee of 225 yen per 225 futures.
  • 2008 In 9 monthNikkei 225 miniThe commission has been reduced to 48 yen.

The futures commission is also at the lowest level.

In all fields of entry, at an exceptional price, which is also described as "breaking the jade tactics", enter the industryPrice breakdownIs waking up[6].

Trade competitions (trade islands) that compete for rankings in actual transactions of customers other than price,BlogIt is different from other online securities such as a service (trade diary) that outputs transaction results as an image so that transaction results can be obtained.

Due to the transfer of shareholders in September 2007, the trade name was changed to Click Securities in December 9. At the media round-table conference held on December 2007, 12, we announced a unique route to focus on system trading after 2007.

Introduction of single sign-on

Normally, IDs / passwords for stocks, FX, and futures are different.Single sign-onThis allows you to use all transactions with one ID password, freeing you from the hassle of managing multiple transactions.[7] Even in this respect, it sets it apart from other securities companies.

API disclosure

2006 May 12More named Web Service Development KitXMLDisclosure of interface specifications.2007 May 3The specifications for stock orders have been released, and at the same time, the connection to the API server has started.However, the degree of perfection is very low, and there are some parts that are clearly considered to be design mistakes (since the execution information does not include the order number, it is not possible to determine whether or not the order placed by oneself has been executed).In addition, the API for acquiring the essential stock price is not provided.This is explained as a measure to reduce the load on the server.[8]..Therefore, it is difficult to develop software that handles all transactions using only the provided API.Some developers have given up on such APIs andScrapingUsing a technique calledHTMLWe are taking an approach such as analyzing.

2009 May 2In 2009May 2There was a notice of the end of the service, and the service was terminated.However, the contest using the API of the Systre FX Grand Prix was held in 2009.May 3The service has been discontinued even though the contest is being held.However, therefore, the demo account for the Systre FX Grand Prix continues to provide API services.


Internet online trading systemFull scratchDeveloped in.

All are developed by our own employees without outsourcing, and the architecture is designed by the president himself.Web 2.0Advocating fashion in Japan, rare for a financial system,Open SourceとIA serverUse, alsoObject-orientationDevelopment processFDDIs adopted.Utilizing system development capabilities, securities company versionGoogleIs the goal.

As of May 2010, it has the largest number of engineers in online securities and is boasting that it is putting the most effort into the system.[9]..However, there are many times when the system goes down during the rough spot.

Below system configuration [10]

Night trading

SBI E-Trade Securities,Rakuten Securities,ORIX Securities,Goldman Sachs SecuritiesI was doing night trading jointly with.

Related Companies


Administrative sanctions / scandals

2012 (24)May 10, Business improvement order was issued as an administrative disposition[11].

Crown sponsorship program

CM model


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  1. ^ a b I wore a bodycon that was conscious of space suits.
  2. ^ Wednesday until September 2011.


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