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🎵 | KANA-BOON to release new song "Re: Pray" in advance


KANA-BOON to release new song "Re: Pray" in advance

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This work, which will be released prior to the national one-man tour "KANA-BOON Re: PLAY TOUR 10-30" which will be held from October 3th for the first time in about 2021 years, is hopeful with the theme of "Pray". It is a song that sings the days of connecting each other, and it is also an answer song to the fans who have been waiting for the return of member Maguro Taniguchi (Vo & Gu).

It was announced that KANA-BOON's new song "Re: Pray" will be pre-distributed on October 10th (Wednesday). ... → Continue reading


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Answer song

Answer song(English: answer song) Is a song created as a response to an existing song.ode in reply.Different from the original songsinger・ Although most of them are by artists, there are also examples of making answer songs in the sense of "sequel".

hip hopIn, critical responses to ready-made songsdisAnswer songs are often made in response to.


The United States of AmericaThen,1930 era OfCountry musicThe existence of the answer song has been confirmed in.


At the latest in Japan1951 "Lil on the way back from Shanghai" (answer song for "Shanghai Lil")[1] Can be traced back to.

1969 Akiyo Mori (""Black cat tangoThe jacket of "Answer Song" is accompanied by a copy of "Japan's First Answer Song".[2], This is the first case in Japan that the publisher called "Answer Song" in a big way.After thisPopular songMany similar answer songs were born in.

In the 1990s, when hip-hop music became popular in Japan, many answer songs were born in Japan as a response to dis. 2007,RSPBut"Lifetime Respect -Woman Edition-"(Dozan MikiAnswer),DREAMS COME TRUEBut"Sign of Ai Si Te Lu ~ Our Future Forecast ~”(My answer) was released and made a hit, which attracted attention to the answer song.[1].

Main answer songs in Western music

Main answer songs in Japanese music

The tip of the arrow is the answer song, and the song is based on the root.

1950 era

Answer by yourself
  • Can you find Lil? ・ Lil in my heart Why is it so far (Ken Tsumura) ← Lil on the way back from Shanghai (same)
  • Aiyo What is Saburo-kun (Ichiro Wakahara) ← Hey Nakamura (same)[5]

1960 era

Answer by yourself

1970 era

Answer by yourself

1980 era

Answer by yourself

1990 era

Answer by yourself
Answer by yourself

2000 era

2002 『Castle Laputa in the Sky] Campaign theme song when it was made into a DVD. It is also peculiar that the answer song was created 1986 years after the theatrical release in 16, but it is also a very different work that the lyrics created from the viewpoint of the main character 16 years later are put on the same song as the original song. ..
Answer by yourself

2010 era

  • Char's Rhodie (Char, Album "Rock +") ← Char no fendar (Group soul
An extremely rare example of "the person in charge of writing and composing the original song provides an answer song to the person who appears in the lyrics of the original song."Nippon BudokanChar's concert at Char was the vocal of the group soul when this song was played.Abe SadaThe video that appeared was played.
Answer by yourself

2020 era

Answer by yourself

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