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🎵 | Riria. , The MV of the new song "It wasn't me" starring actress Riko was released on YouTube.

Photo "It wasn't me." MV

Riria. , The MV of the new song "It wasn't me" starring actress Riko was released on YouTube.

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Attention was focused on who the leading cast was produced in the first live-action film, and it became clear that the leading role was Riko, an actress who is extremely popular with young people, and Kazuto Mokudai, an actor.

Riria.The latest song "It wasn't me." Was released for distribution, and the MV for the song was official YouTube ... → Continue reading


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Kazuto Moriyo

Kazuto Mokudai(Mokudai Kazuto,2004 May 5 -) isJapan OfAn actor,singer..Dance vocal unit "The cause lies with me.Member of.TokyoBackground[1].Stardust promotionProduction 3 division[1].


Stardust promotionI have been scouted several times, but at the time I was scouted, I didn't find anything I wanted to do, so I thought "let's go in for the time being" and belong to it.[3].

EBiDANAfter joining, dance vocal unitBATTLE BOYSAnd BATTLE STREET, nowThe cause lies with me.I am active as a member of.


My hobbies are watching movies, fashion and dancing.[1].

Special skill isCuisine[1].

look up toAn actor TheKimura Takuya[3].


TV drama


Web show

  • YouTube "SSS ~ Special Short Story ~" 2020th "#Itsumonokoto" (August 8nd-August 2th, 8, Stardust Promotion Production Part 16 OfficialYouTubeChannel)
  • God angle!Ideal curry rice (September 2020-,cookpadLive)
  • Don't be fooled by love and wolf(July 2021, 2-September 14, 5,AbemaTV)[6]
  • smash. Original drama series "Smartphone" "I'm watching" (April 2021, 4-, smash.)-Takashi

short film

  • Beyond that sky-Natsugumo- (2018)[7]



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