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📺 | Sakurako Ohara and Motohiro Hata will be given a personal quiz! What do you say "resonates with your heart"?


Sakurako Ohara and Motohiro Hata will be given a personal quiz! What do you say "resonates with your heart"?

If you write the contents roughly
From October 10th (Wednesday), he will star in the drama Paravi "In other words, I want to say I like it" (TV Tokyo).

Actress Sakurako Ohara gave a quiz about her favorite accessories to Motohiro Hata.The program in which Ohara appeared ... → Continue reading


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Drama Parabi

"Drama ParabiIs2018 May 10From (midnight on the 3rd) to every Thursday 1:35-2:05 (midnight on Wednesday)Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.It is a serial drama frame broadcast on.2021 From the January period, "Drama Paravi』Mark[1][Annotation 1].

From April 2020, the broadcast frame will be advanced by 4 minutes, and will be Thursday 37:0-58:1 (Wednesday midnight).

From April 2021, the broadcast frame will be advanced by another 4 minutes, and will be Thursday 18:0-40:1 (Wednesday midnight).In line with that, all affiliated stations became simultaneous nets.

From October 2021, the broadcast frame will be advanced by another 10 minutes, and will be Thursday 10:0-30:1 (Wednesday midnight).


Video distribution serviceParaviIs linked with, and advance delivery is being done on Paravi[2].. In the case of the "drama paravi" mark, the handakuon symbol of "pa" in the logo of the same frame is the Paravi mark, and in the "drama Paravi" notation, a mark is inserted between "drama" and "Paravi".

principle,4KAlthough it is produced in, the broadcast in the 4K production version is delayed only for the net station BS TV Tokyo 4K.[Annotation 2], Production stations and other internet stations broadcast down-converted to 2K.


The Paravi original drama (re-edited for terrestrial broadcasting) broadcast in the same time frame is also described for convenience.

titleBroadcast periodstarringOriginalRemarks
1A good boy on Tenwa StreetMay 10 - May 12Goro KishitaniFukumoto Nobuyuki
2A wandering hot spring ♨ Kenichi EndoMay 1 - May 4Kenichi Endo(None)
3A man who wants to be healedMay 4 - May 6Kosuke SuzukiTsukishima Toji
4Drenched Detective Haori MizunoMay 7 - May 9Sakura Ohara(None)
5Million JoeMay 10 - May 12Hiromitsu Kitayama(Kis-My-Ft2)Ryoto Tenguchi-Ichimaru Iroha
specialTen Akagi Shigeru Funeral Edition "Akagi and the Seven Men"May 12(0:55-2:50)Goro KishitaniFukumoto NobuyukiSpecial drama (single)
6I will do it properly in the next worldMay 1 - May 3Uchida RioItsumachan
7Tatsuya Fujiwara's Third RoadMay 4 - May 5Tatsuya FujiwaraEntertainment shows[Annotation 3]
-Net rise and fallMay 5 - May 6Shingo Fujimori(Oriental radio)Takashi Sugimoto (Nikkei Inc.)Paravi original drama
-love ⇄ distanceMay 7 - May 7Mizukawa Asami-Kiyohara Sho-Keisuke Watanabe
Racecourse ふみか-Mizuo Itagaki-Masaki Nakao
8Flora!May 7 - May 8Sakurai HinakoYukio Katayama
9Those who do not workMay 8 - May 10TakedaSarenda Hashimoto
10So I make upMay 10 - May 11Megumi KanzakiShibata Hikari
1138-year-old bachelor
Result diary of trying matching app
May 11 - May 12Yamaguchi SayakaChiaki Matsumoto
12Uncle and catMay 1 - May 3Kusakari MasaoUmi Sakurai
13Ideal manMay 4 - May 5Misako RenbutsuChika
14Nibun no Ichi coupleMay 6 - May 7Aimi HigaYukino Natsukawa
15I will do it properly in the next world 2May 8 - May 9Uchida RioItsumachan
16I mean, I want to say I like itMay 10 - May 12Sakura OharaEnjoji Maki
specialI will do it properly in the next world New Year's Hatsuyume SPMay 1(0:50-1:50)Uchida RioItsumachanSpecial drama (single)
17The love between the director and the company animal is frustratingMay 1 -Yurika NakamuraShimo


Regular net station
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast date and time (JST)Net situationRemarks
Kanto wide areaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.TV Tokyo seriesThursday 0:40-1:10 (Wednesday midnight)Production Bureau
OsakaTV OsakaSimultaneous netSimultaneous net from "I will do it properly in the next world"
AichiTV AichiSimultaneous net from "Ideal man"
HokkaidoTV Hokkaido
Okayama-KagawaTV set
FukuokaTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting
All over JapanBS Tele(2K)TV Tokyo series
BS digital broadcasting
Friday 0:00-0:30 (Thursday midnight)Delay net[Annotation 4]
BS Tele4KBroadcast in principle 4K production version[Annotation 2]
Other broadcasting results
  • A pleasant boy on Tentenwa-dori-TV Osaka (TXN),TV Wakayama,Biwako Broadcasting(that's allIndependent station)
  • A wandering hot spring ♨ Kenichi Endo- TV Hokkaido(TXN),TV You Yamagata(JNN),Fukushima Central Television(NNS),Kagoshima TV broadcast(FNS), TV Wakayama, Biwako Broadcasting (above independent station)
  • A man who wants to be healed-TV Hokkaido,TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting(TXN), TV Wakayama (independent station),Kagoshima Broadcasting(ANN)
  • Soaked Detective Hagoromo Mizuno --TV Wakayama, Nara TV (Independent Station)
  • Million Joe-TV Hokkaido, TV Aichi, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting (TXN), TV Wakayama, Nara TV (independent station),Shinetsu Broadcasting(JNN),Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting(ANN)
  • It will be fine in the next world-TV Aichi (TXN), TV Wakayama, Biwako Broadcasting (above independent station), Kagoshima Broadcasting, Nagasaki Culture Telecasting (above ANN),Hokuriku Broadcasting,TV Kochi,Shizuoka broadcasting(JNN)
  • Tatsuya Fujiwara's Third Road-TV Hokkaido, TV Aichi (TXN), TV Wakayama (Independent Station)
  • Furo Girl! --TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting (TXN), TV Wakayama (independent station)
  • Those who do not work-TV Aichi (TXN), Biwako Broadcasting, TV Wakayama (above independent station)
  • That's why I make it-TV Aichi (TXN), Biwako Broadcasting, TV Wakayama (above independent station)
  • A diary of the results of a 38-year-old batuichi single woman trying a matching app-TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido (TXN), TV Wakayama, Nara TV (independent station),TV Niigata(TeNY)
  • Uncle and Cat-TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting (TXN),Kumamoto citizen TV, Fukushima Central Television (above NNS), Biwako Broadcasting, Nara Television, TV Wakayama (above independent station)
  • Ideal Man-TV Wakayama (Independent Station)
  • Nibun no Ichi Fellow--TV Wakayama (Independent Station),Akita TV(FNS)
  • I will do it properly in the next world 2 - Sanin Broadcasting(JNN), Biwako Broadcasting (Independent Station)
  • In other words, I want to say I like it, but-TV Wakayama (independent station)

Online delivery

  • Paravi (Flat rate) Will be delivered all at once until the final episode after the first episode is broadcast[4][5]Or, step-by-step distribution every few episodes[6]However, "I will do it properly in the next world" (January 2020)[7]Each episode is delivered one week in advance.In addition, Paravi-exclusive original episodes may also be delivered.[8].
  • Other companies' online distribution services will also deliver a flat-rate unlimited viewing with a delay of about half a year, but Paravi limited episodes will not be delivered.
  • Net is also TV Tokyo (TVer,GYAO!)[Annotation 5]After the broadcast on TV TOKYO[Annotation 6]You can watch the latest episode for free.


注 釈

  1. ^ In "Uncle and Cat", only the page title of the official website is [Drama Parabi].
  2. ^ a b Some episodes of "So I make up" are up-converted to 4K and broadcast.
  3. ^ In 2018Wood Dora 25A sequel to "Tatsuya Fujiwara's Second Road," which was broadcast in the frame. On April 4th, "SP just before broadcasting" (summary of "9st road" and "XNUMXnd road") will be broadcast.[3].
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  5. ^ Nico Nico ChannelIt was delivered, but closed on September 2021, 9.[9].
  6. ^ "I will do it properly in the next world" and "Tatsuya Fujiwara's third road" were after the end of broadcasting on BS TV Tokyo.


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Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Thursday 1:35-2:05 (Wednesday midnight)
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Drama Parabi
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Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Thursday 0:58-1:28 (Wednesday midnight)
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Drama Parabi
Ö 2020.4.9 - 2021.3.25 Õ
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Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Thursday 0:40-1:10 (Wednesday midnight)
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Drama Paravi
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