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🤖 | “Lupin Music” has been unsubscribed.About 1,200 songs by Yuji Ohno


"Lupin Music" has been unsubscribed.About 1,200 songs by Yuji Ohno

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To commemorate the release of the distribution, a special playlist of "Lupin III" songs has been released on various services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

The latest TV series "Lupin III PART50" commemorating the 6th anniversary of "Lupin III" animation will be released on October 10th ... → Continue reading


It is a site "PHILE WEB" (file web) that delivers daily news, reviews, bargain information, etc. on AV / audio / gadgets. First published in 1999.

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Apple Music

Apple Music(Apple Music)AppleIt is a music and video distribution service developed by.Users can select music to stream on demand to their devices and listen to existing playlists.Also, for this service,Internet radio stations"Apple Music 1", "Apple Music Hits", and "Apple Music Country" are included, and it is broadcast live to more than 24 countries 200 hours a day.The service was announced on June 2015, 6 and started on June 8.New subscribers have a 6-month free trial period before they need to use the service monthly[1].. (Currently it is 3 months.)


Apple MusicJapanThen, you can listen to all-you-can-eat music for 980 yen for individuals and 1,480 yen for family plans.For the first time, you can use it for free for 3 months[2](auThen there is a free service for 6 months)[3].. To use Apple Music, you need an Apple ID,iPhone,iPad,iPod touch OfiCloudYou need to turn on your music library.StreamingCan also be played withDownloadIt is also possible to save and listen.However, for downloaded songsDRMBecause it is attached, you cannot hear it after canceling the service.The distribution format is iTunes Plus (AAC 256kbps).iTunes StoreYou can listen to most of the songs distributed on. If you downloaded Apple Music songs from iTunes, they will be saved in the Apple Music folder inside your iTunes folder.

Around 2015, when it started, there were few options for streaming services, so it was a popular service from the beginning, but in the late 2010s, it competes.SpotifyWith the rise of high-quality sound streaming services such as Amazon Music HD and mora qualitas, Apple Music was also forced to support high-quality sound.

On May 2021, 5, Apple will release the entire spatial audio and catalog of Apple Music by Dolby Atmos from June 17.Apple LosslessAnnounced that it supports lossless audio by.In addition, the service will be renewed by keeping the price unchanged.

Delivery quality on Apple Lossless ranges from 16-bit 44.1kHz CD quality to 24-bit 48kHz.Some high-quality songs are up to 24-bit 192kHz supported by Apple Lossless. Regarding the playback of music with quality exceeding 24-bit 48kHz, the sound card is originally compatible with high resolution and the iTunes and Music apps themselves can read high resolution sound sources, so it can be played without problems, but it can not be played as it is on iPhone etc. , A compatible USB-DAC is required separately.

On the other hand, it supports Apple Music as standard.HomePodIs attracting attention for its future development because the unique functions installed in it are supported by some users.

iOS and iTunes

Apple Music on iOS and iTunes is divided into the following items.

ラ イ ブ ラ リ

You'll see your iTunes library (synced songs for iOS) and iCloud Music.

Listen now

Check out playlists created by Apple Music experts, discover albums that might suit your taste, and find music your friends are listening to.Some albums have a star icon next to the most popular songs.

f i n d

Recommended music that suits your taste,Music video, You can find playlists.


You can listen to three channels: Apple Music 1 (formerly Beats 1), Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country.Listen to radio shows, the latest music, and exclusive interviews. It is broadcast 3 hours a day.

メ ン バ ー シ ッ プ

There are the following plans.

  • Personal membership
Access to the entire Apple Music catalog, expert recommendations, and on-demand radio stations.
  • Family membership
A family of up to six can access and enjoy Apple Music as much as they want on their devices.
  • Student membership
Services equivalent to individual membership are offered at a discounted price for students.
  • Voice plan
On Apple devicesCrabA plan where you can enjoy playlists that match the music and scenes you want to listen to only by calling on.It is an inexpensive plan that specializes in the needs of listening to music, and is positioned as a function-limited version of individual membership. Scheduled to be released around the fall of 2021.



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