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🤖 | "Black Rock Shooter DF" will be broadcast on TV in the spring of 22!1st key visual release

Photo "Black ★★ Rock Shooter DAWN FALL" 1st Anime Key Visual (C) B ★ RS / Black ★★ Rock Shooter DAWN FALL Production Committee

"Black Rock Shooter DF" will be broadcast on TV in the spring of 22!1st key visual release

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In addition, the main staff was announced, and the animation production was handled by Bibury Animation Studios and Bibury Animation CG under the direction of Tensho of the "Grisaia" series and "Azur Lane".

"Black Rock Shooter" new animation project "Black Rock Shooter DAWN FAL ... → Continue reading

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Bibury Animation Studio

GK Bibury Animation Studios(British: Bibury Animation Studios GK) IsJapan OfAnime production company.


WHITE FOXThroughFreelanceso"Kiniro MosaicAnd 'Grisaia"series,"Rewrite』Directed animationDirector-directed by OfMotoki Tanaka 2017 Established in May.2019 , As the first work in the TV anime series, "Azure Lane』I worked on.

Mainly produces CG for TV and theater animation as a sister studioBibury Animation CGhave[2].


Television Animation

Start yearBroadcast periodtitleRemarks
2019 October-FebruaryAzure Lane[Note 1]
2020 OctoberEpisodes 11 and 12
2021 October-FebruaryThe Quintessential Bride ∬The first periodTezuka ProductionsProduction
2022 SpringBlack ★★ Rock Shooter DAWN FALLCo-production: Bibury Animation CG

Theater animation

Release yeartitle
2019 Grisaia: Phantom Trigger
2022 The movie The Quintessential Quintessential


Year of releasetitleRemarks
2020 BATON = RELAYIn-game animation

Production cooperation

YearstitleProduction contractorRemarks
2021 Shin Evangelion Movie versionカ ラ ーVideo cooperation
Holo Live AlternativeShooting cooperation


2018 Summer pocketsAnimation part in PV
2019 Visual artsAnimation for official website
2021 Seiryo Junior High School/High School"Dormitory life at GROW DORM"


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  1. ^ Currently, the work done by WORKS on the official website has been deleted, but it is described on Twitter.The reason for deleting the official website is unknown


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