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🎥 | Timothee Chalamet version Wonka, first look released! The day before "Charichoco"

Photo Timothée Chalamet version Willy Wonka, first look released! (C) AFLO

Timothee Chalamet version Wonka, first look released! The day before "Charichoco"

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In addition, Simon Farnaby of "Paddington 2" will participate as a joint script.

The movie "Wonka (Hara ...)", which depicts the day before the British children's novel "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl. → Continue reading

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Paddington 2

"Paddington 2] (Original title:Paddington 2) Is2017 ProductionUnited Kingdom-France OfFantasy movie.Michael bondThe original children's literature "Bear PaddingtonThe movie "PaddingtonSequel to.


PaddingtonUKLives with the Brown family in Windsor Gardens.Paddington has supported people's hearts in many ways and has become a favorite of the local people.

Paddington decided to buy a pop-up book about the city of London, which he found at Samuel Gruber's antique shop.I wanted to give it as a present for my 100th birthday to Aunt Lucy, who had always wanted to see London.So Paddington decided to wipe the windows and save money to buy a picture book.

Paddington witnessed a bearded thief stealing the picture book from the store that night, when he could get enough money to buy it the next day.He chased the thief but escaped and was accused of stealing Paddington.Mr. Gruber didn't think Paddington had stolen, but he couldn't find any evidence of what Paddington said was the thief.In the end, Paddington was unfairly convicted and sentenced to imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the thief disguised himself when he returned home, but he was former actor Phoenix Buchanan, who lives across from the Brown family.The opening ceremony of the traveling amusement park was held a few days ago, where Buchanan heard about a picture book popping out of Paddington.It was actually a picture book that I thought I couldn't find Buchanan anymore.

In prison, Paddington was able to quickly make friends with many prisoners.Among them was the cook Knuckles, who was afraid of being short-tempered.Knuckles was impressed with Paddington's marmalade sand and made Paddington his assistant.

Around the same time, the Browns were working to instigate Paddington's stigma.Buchanan was looking for clues to the hidden treasures of Buchanan's grandfather in the pop-up book.In fact, long ago, Buchanan's grandfather tried to kill a female acrobat in the circus and steal his fortune.However, all I found was a flying picture book.

The Brown family, who saw Buchanan as suspicious, invited Buchanan to the outside, and Marie (a housewife of the Brown family) sneaked into Buchanan's house.Although I couldn't find the picture book itself, I found a hidden room in the attic, where Paddington's costume of a thief was found.

The Browns, obsessed with Buchanan's pursuit, forgot Paddington's visit time.Paddington, who misunderstood that he had been abandoned by the Brown family, was disappointed and decided to escape from prison at the invitation of fellow prisoners such as Knuckles.Knuckles and others invited him to jailbreak to help him get rid of Paddington's stigma, but he said he would fly abroad if he succeeded in jailbreaking.Paddington decided to stay alone in London.

Paddington called the Brown family to say goodbye, when the Brown family learned that Buchanan had been identified as the culprit.The traveling amusement park, where treasures are believed to be hidden, departs from Paddington Station by train, so he promises to meet the Browns at Paddington Station.

Buchanan was also on a train carrying a traveling amusement park.Paddington also succeeded in boarding the train and saw Buchanan open the treasure chest based on the clues in the pop-up book.After that, with the help of the Brown family, I was able to recover the picture book and get Buchanan, but Paddington's freight car fell into the river and sank.A fellow prisoner, Knuckles, came to the place where he was helping and was able to rescue Paddington.Knuckles and others didn't feel like running away with Paddington.

Paddington was acquitted, but unconscious for three days and finally woke up on the morning of Aunt Lucy's birthday.Paddington was very sorry that he couldn't send a pop-up book to Aunt Lucy, but instead of sending a picture book, the Browns and neighbors invited Aunt Lucy to London.

After that, Knuckles opened a sandwich shop after his release, and the shop flourished.Buchanan is sentenced to 10 years in prison, where he plays musicals with guards and prisoners.



Voice- Ben Wishaw, Japanese dubbing- Tori Matsuzaka[4]
A bear that lives with the Brown family. Worked to buy a pop-up book for Aunt Lucy, who turns 100, but struggles.
Aunt Lucy
Voice- Imelda Staunton, Japanese dubbing- Horikoshi Masaki[5]
Paddington's aunt. Turn 100 years old.
Uncle Pastuso
Voice- Michael gambon, Japanese dubbing- Houki Katsutoshi[5]
Paddington's uncle.deceased.

Brown family

Henry Brown
Performance- Hugh Bonneville, Japanese dubbing- Shinta Furuta[6]
The main pillar of the Brown family.Mary's husband and father of Judy and Jonathan.I have a risk management job.I'm enthusiastic about healthy food and starting chakra exercises.
Mary Brown
Performance- Sally Hawkins, Japanese dubbing- Rie Ishizuka[6]
Henry's wife and mother of Judy and Jonathan.An illustrator of adventure stories.I practice swimming to France on a daily basis.
Judy brown
Performance- Madeleine Harris, Japanese dubbing- Natsume Mito[6]
The eldest daughter of the Brown family and Jonathan's sister.He finds an old printing press at school and is devoted to making newspapers for girls only.I broke up with Tony who was dating in the previous work.
Jonathan Brown
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing-Mitsutaka Nishida[6]
The eldest son of the Brown family and Judy's younger brother.He is a junior high school student and is called "J dog" at school.I like SL so much that I play with SL models all the time on holidays, but I haven't made it public because it's awkward.
Mrs. Bird
Performance- Julie Walters, Japanese dubbing- Sayuri Sadaoka[6]
Relatives of the Brown family.Live-in housekeeper.

Neighbors and acquaintances of the Brown family

Phoenix Buchanan
Performance- Hugh Grant, Japanese dubbing- Saito Ko[7]
An actor who was active on the West End stage living in the neighborhood of the Brown family.Right now, I'm sick, and I've only appeared in commercials for dog food.Narcissist.Disguised as various figures to get a pop-up book, he is fiercely hostile to Paddington.
Mr. Curry
Performance- Peter Capaldi, Japanese dubbing- Mutsumi Sasaki[6]
A neighbor of the Brown family cynic.Grumpy personality. Watch Paddington as the leader of the "City Vigilant" (members are only Curry).
Mr. Gruber
Performance- Jim Broadbent, Japanese dubbing- Shozo Sasaki[6]
Mary's friend at an antique shop. Think of a gift for Aunt Lucy, who is 100 years old, with Paddington.
Mademoiselle Dubois
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing-Yuki Wa[5]
A woman whose daily routine is to ride a bicycle in front of the Brown family.Every morning, I eat marmalade sand made by Paddington.
Mr. Jaffli
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing- Masashi Nogawa[5]
A doctor who lives in the neighborhood of the Brown family.It's easy to forget the key.
Colonel Lancaster
Performance- Ben Miller, Japanese dubbing- Tetsuo Kanao[5]
A former soldier living in the neighborhood of the Brown family.Unfriendly.
Performance- Jessica Hynes, Japanese dubbing-Haruki Chikusa[5]
A woman who runs a newspaper shop near the Brown family.I have a parrot called Feathers.
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing- Takayuki Nakatsukasa[5]
Garbage truck driver.I'm preparing for the exam, and I'm having Paddington ask me a question.

刑 務 所

Performance- Brendan Gleeson, Japanese dubbing- Naoki Kusumi[6]
The most ferocious prisoner in prison.I'm in charge of the chef and serve very bad food.Converted by eating marmalade sand and became supportive of Paddington.
Performance-Aaron Neil, dubbed in Japanese- Hiroshi Iwasaki[6]
A prisoner with glasses.Teach Paddington how to survive in prison.I know how to make chocolate cake.
Performance- Noah Taylor, Japanese dubbing- Atsuyoshi Miyazaki[5]
Clownish prisoner.
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing- Amada Masuo[5]
A warlike prisoner.Encourage Paddington to fight Knuckles.I know how to make strawberry panna cotta.
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing- Atsushi Hasegawa[5]
One of the prisoners.
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing- Masanori Takeda[5]
Black guard chief.


Madame Kozlova
Performance- Irene Atkins, Japanese dubbing- Kiyoko Miyazawa[5]
A fortune teller and organizer of a traveling amusement park.Sell ​​pop-up books to the groover.
Judge Gerald Bigglesweed
Performance- Tom Conti, Japanese dubbing- Urayama Xun[5]
The judge in charge of Paddington's trial.When Paddington worked at a hairdresser, he had a weird hairstyle.He has a wife named Gertrude.
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing- Umezu Hideyuki[5]
St. Paul's CathedralDeputy Chief of Security.Take a frivolous attitude.In the previous work, he worked for the Geographical Society.
Felicity Fan Show
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing-Mari Shoji[5]
President of "Actor Agent".I manage Buchanan.


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