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🎥 | Kei Tanaka, Kana Kurashina's handling is miscellaneous? "I want to make fun of you"

Photograph Ken Yasuda, Kei Tanaka, Kana Kurashina who were the chief of the press conference of the drama "Spiral Labyrinth" – Provided by: TV TOKYO

Is Kei Tanaka and Kana Kurashina mishandled? "I want to make fun of you"

If you write the contents roughly
This work, which is a drama of the mystery manga (written by Natsumi, drawn by Hiroyuki Kikuta) serialized in Shogakukan's "Big Comic Special Issue", is a drama by a genius genetic scientist, Hitoshi Jimbo, who is a hot-blooded detective, Genji Ando (written by Genji Ando). A human mystery that unravels difficult cases with Yasuda) and Rina Ranhara (Kurashina) of the Kaseiken, and approaches the human work behind the genetic investigation.

On the 11th, actors Kei Tanaka, Ken Yasuda, and Kana Kurashina will start the drama "Spiral Labyrinth ..." on TV Tokyo on the 15th. → Continue reading

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Detective cartoon

Detective cartoon(Suiri Manga) isJapanInComicIn one of the genres ofMystery(OrSuspense) Is a work that deals with.Mystery cartoon(Mystery Manga),Suspense cartoon(Suspense Manga),Detective cartoonAlso called (Tantei Manga).


The monthly manga magazine "", which was first published in 1956, is subtitled "Detective Butuku".ThrillerMainly short stories and detective short stories, mainly long stories with more than 100 pagesRental book cartoonInnovative in the era of the magazine, due to the magazine's blockbusterWakagi Shoboof"",Central Publishingof"",Rabbit ShoboMagazines with many detective novels, such as "" and "" (deca), were launched in succession.[1]..The movie series "Taraobanai, The radio program "" where the criminal was guessed, and the variety show "Only I know",TV drama"Mr. Himana jumps out], [Boy DetectivesThe background was the detective boom that came from the existence of radio dramas and movie series.[2]..In mangaKazuo Umezuof"",Joji Enamiof"",Joya Kagemaruof"",Saito Takao"" Etc. were popular[3].. From the 1950s to the 1960s, not only comic books for rentCartoons for younger agesDetectives were mass-produced in magazines, and although mystery solving was not the main thing, it spread a full-fledged mystery style.[4].

Until the 1980s, there were few comics dealing with mysteries.[5].. The original isNovelIn comicalizeFujio Fujiko Aof"Phantom Twenty Faces(1959-1960) and Joya Kagemaru's "" (1968-1969), the latter of which was in the 1970s.Kadokawa Bunko OfYokomizo MasashiIt was the catalyst for the revival boom of the work, but it was mainly action ones in which detectives and spies were the main characters.[5].. It seems to have been inspired by "Hachitsu Tomb Village"Mitsutaro OguriIn the originalOsamu Tezuka,Mizuki Shigeru,Yokoyama Mitsuteru,Jiro KuwataEt al.Foreign demons』(Boy king, 1969) and the detective characters were mass-produced, but they are different from the main orthodox school that solves the mystery.[6], The mystery that is interesting with the foreshadowing, logical, and surprising solutions that are common in novels was a sidestream[5].

After that, in the mangaKosuke KanedaThere are few characters that line up with, and the comicalization of Yokomizo's work has established that mystery works become manga.[7]Published between 1984 and 1985 across multiple publishersKodanshaAlthough the manga series is in an important position in the detective novel manga work[8], It can be said that the attempt to make the novel into a cartoon was a series that could not allocate sufficient resources because it was stopped at the experimental stage.[9].Yoshihisa Tagamiof"NERVOUS BREAKDOWN』(1988-1997) with some exceptions[10], In a detective novel in the late 1980sNew authenticMovement happened, but it did not reach the manga world[11]..Around this time, there were few detective comics, which is a mystery field in a broad sense.Horror cartoonThere is also a boom, "Halloween』(Asahi Sonorama), "Susperia』(Akita Shoten), "Horror M』(Bunkasha) Became a saucer, and when the century changed and the boom subsided, it moved to mystery manga magazines one after another, and it can be said that it was the forerunner of magazines that actively comicalized mystery.Ohzora Publishing, 1996-2005)[11], The aforementioned "Suspiria" (later renamed "Suspension Mystery", 1987-2012)[12]Others"Mystery DX』(Kadokawa Shoten, 1992-2003), "" (Gentosha, 2002-2003), etc., all of which were suspended, but were at the peak of mystery manga magazines.[13]..Although it was short-lived, the spread of mystery manga magazines made it possible to enjoy mystery novels in manga.[13].

Boy cartoonA few years earlier than the magazine,Girl cartoonThe field of mystery comics is advancing in the magazine[14], In the 80sYoko Matsumotoof"Hello murder"" After school "(both originalJiro Akagawa), "Strawberry Detectives], [Sukuranburu Alliance],Yahiro Moritsuguof""[15],Izumi Kawaharaof"Gateball murder],Kubota Naokoof""[16],Atsuko Fujitaof"Glittering star seriesIs serialized[17].. 1990年代に入るとIn the XNUMXsYu Kamiyaof"Kyo & Ippei series],Aki Morinoof"Kamibayashi & Kirika series』The two works gained popularity and established an entertainment style with a wide frontage, taking mystery manga to a new stage.[18].

And in 1992Weekly Shonen Magazineof"Kindaichi Shonen Case Files』Appearance causes ripples and echoes[5]..In an eerie closed space, impossible crimes continue among the dubious characters, answering the needs of mystery fans and shōnen manga fans in an old-fashioned style that reveals tricks and true criminals with strange monster names, solving mysteries from classic mysteries It was an epoch-making work that took out the fun of[19]..Introduced and hit a style of bringing the elements of full-scale mystery, which had been few until now, to the manga and conducting a quiz in a kind of prize format before the answer edition.[5]..Following the success of this workWeekly Shonen SundayBut"Detective Conan』Serialized, hit[20][21][22]..Taking this opportunity in other magazinesMasaru MiyazakiOriginal,Ken ObataDrawing of "Doll souvenir Ayatsuri Sakon(1995-1996),Kaoru Tsukishimaof"Psychological Investigator Aoi Kusanagi(1996-1997),Shinginof"Boy detective Q(1998, aboveWeekly Shonen Jump) AndKoji Ogawa"" (1997-1998,Monthly Shonen Jump[23],of"Detective Bose 21 Kyu(1997-1998,Weekly Shonen Champion) Has started, but none of them was a big hit[5]In particular, it meant that the jump series couldn't produce a mystery manga comparable to Kindaichi Shonen and Conan.[24]..At that time, he was the editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Jump.Kazuhiko TorishimaHad a sense of crisis while being pressed by Weekly Shonen Magazine in terms of number of copiesShueishaInstructed by an executive to do a detective manga that is not in Shonen Jump, Torishima thought that it was rude to Kazuhiko Kaneda and Conan to start because it was popular rather than a simple story, but he had to accept it and returned to his seat. Torishima kicked the trash box once and then instructed the deputy editor to start making detective comics, and as a result,It was discontinued in 15 episodes[25].

Perhaps because the number of manga about mystery increased in the same age, the mystery itself is made into a story with manga.Hisaichi Ishiiof"",Yuuki Masamiof"Saturday wide murder case』(1995-1997) appeared[26]..Also as a saucer for mystery comicsMahjong cartoonDemonstrate its existence,Kindai Mahjong OriginalPublished inHiromi AoyamaThere are a series of works "Kurenho Murder Case", "Daisangen Murder Case", "Daishiki Murder Case", and "Kokushi Musou Murder Case".Kenta FukuiMahjong cartoons have a high degree of freedom, but it was natural that a full-scale mystery section was created in a huge group of works dealing with games.[27].

With the birth of the mystery manga magazine, female cartoonists became active after the 1990s, and from 90 to 2004, many Yokomizo works were made into manga.JET, 1991, 92Evil island''Queen bee''Woman in a cageThere is a person from the assistant of Joya Kagemaru who made multiple comics of Yokomizo's work from 2001 to 2006.[28]..Yokomizo's work, which has a famous character, an interest in solving mysteries, and a bizarreness even from the trigger of the revival boom, was a subject that was easy to make into a manga.[29].

In addition, many detective comics were released in the latter half of the 1990s, but among them, the work with the highest standard is "Kindaichi Shonen Case Files''Detective Conan''End of QED certificationIs said to be[22].

A few years after the time when mystery comics did not last very long in the jump series,Tsugumi ObaBased on the original work by Takeshi ObataDEATH NOTE(2003-2006) was a hit, and Shonen Jump, who was not good at mystery, was a successful work that appointed Obata, who has a good reputation for drawing power, and attacked from a reluctant hand.[30].

In the 2010s, "expert detectives" became established as a way to incorporate the savings, and analyzed the personality and environment of people by looking at the refrigerator.Endo AyamiThe original, manga "Refrigerator detective(2010-2011), a home appliance serviceman approaches the truthYasutaka FujimiOriginal and drawing "The consumer electronics detective whisper quietly.(2011-2013)[31], A script and drawing by a girl with a genius math background to solve a caseGirl in love with Wasan(2011-2014), a humor mystery of a high school girl who is a zoo principal and has a wealth of animal knowledge.Miyazaki KatsuraOriginal and drawing "Animal Detective Madoka's Reasoning Diary(2013-2014)[32], Masaru Miyazaki's original work, in which a master of observing discovers crimes and everyday mysteries with psychology and observing power.Tomo AokiThere is a drawing "" etc.[33].


In the case of a novel, when describing the room layout and person layout to create a trick, it is necessary to present the drawing in a different form separately from the letters.[Note 1], I had to mention in writing that I would put important evidence even in the scene of the case.[Note 2]..In the case of manga, it is natural to insert drawings such as room layout and person layout in the process of arranging the frame pictures.[Note 3]In addition to casually describing important evidence in the field in the process of drawing the manga, it is possible for the reader to read it carefully.[34]..The description of the criminal before the case was clarified is that the author of "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo" blackened the criminal.SilhouetteI came up with a method to express with, and it is also adopted in other detective comics.

In detective comicsSherlock HolmesThere are many comicalized and borrowed names, due to their high profile and ease of tampering.[35].


The following is the order of announcement.Works based on media other than manga (Comicalization) Is omitted[22].. * Is a manga whose magazine has changed many times.

Works on the subject of reasoning

Works with strong elements other than reasoning

Works with strong other elements and not the subject of reasoning

Stupid,Crime cartoon,Science fiction cartoon,Fantasy cartoonIncluding works with strong elements such as.

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  3. ^ Weapons can also be inserted as images that the characters have in mind.


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